Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jupiter Direct: Harnessing your inner Number One Super Instant Success Forever.

I kicked off this blog in backwards times. Some astrologers might even say it's a foolish time. They could be right, but to me, it's a now or never sort of thing, and I'm rolling with it. One of the reasons I named the blog Number One Super Instant Success Forever, is that the primary drive behind my practice of astrology is the fact that I derive enjoyment from empowering others toward healing and succeeding in life, assisting others to maximize their inner potentials and harmonize with the music of the spheres, working with, rather than against the currents of the cosmos. I recognize the cosmos as a living, breathing, thinking, intelligent entity, rather than a lifeless void filled with useless chunks of meaningless, arbitrary, and "randomly" placed matter, simply waiting for human kind to impose their own will and utility upon it. I don't view the cosmos as an indifferent host or bystander, and feel very deeply that it is always several steps ahead of humanity, with a solution to every problem human kind initiates, always communicating to us and through us, and through Earth and all living beings. Considering the maths of 2016, the heavy Martian/Saturn emphasis it has connoted, and all of the retrogrades happening at once, I thought everyone could do with some positive news, and some tips on getting the best out of what we've been given to work with in 2016. The good news I'm referring to is that come May 9, the planet of luck, expansion, abundance, positivity, generosity and wisdom, goes direct, after being retrograde for a spell. This is excellent news for everybody all around. I'd like to focus on Jupiter for all of the signs, because to me, Jupiter is where we find relief and positive transmutation of tense planetary aspects (such as squares.) You will never eradicate tension generating aspects, they are there to purposefully generate a lot of energy inside of us, in order to accomplish things we would otherwise be too complacent to attempt,  and can sometimes manifest as a feeling of frustration, being "blocked",  or restlessness.. Looking to where Jupiter is in your chart is an excellent way to be able to see where the Universe wants this planetary tension to execute itself, what it is trying to create and manifest through you. The Universe is the greatest musician that has ever lived, it is an absolute artistic genius-if it's getting a disharmonious note out of you, than you probably just need to be tuned a little bit better, to the spheres. Looking at your own personal chart (natal and progressed) and noting what house Jupiter is in is a great way to help you get through any and all tense aspects, and you will start to notice a theme, "Wow, this whole time, the universe has been trying to help me become the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and all those times that I've been miserable I was ignoring it, shutting it out, and fighting against my own best interests." Jupiter is where all the luck comes pouring in. The area/house of your chart that it occupies is your golden ticket, your winning strategy, and the more you behave like your Jupiter sign (the sign Jupiter was in when you were born), the more luck you bring into your life.  Now, because I don't have everybody's personal chart, I'm going to do the next best thing and go over Jupiter's remaining journey in the sign of Virgo,  for each sun/rising sign, and where each sign can best maximize this generous planet's gifts.

Aries/Aries Rising: Aries, your magic elixir and alchemical antidote to tension, frustration, difficulties, and sorrows while Jupiter traverses the remainder of it's time in Virgo is…well…..workaholism….Jupiter has definitely hooked you up with work, and plenty of it, blessing up your 6th house of work, service, health, routine, diet, fitness, regiment, details, and yes, ..pets. Any and all of these activities will magically solve your problems, alleviate suffering, and open doors to solutions for you. It sounds boring sure, mundane, but dotting the i's and crossing the t's when it comes to all of the above mentioned 6th house issues is loaded with nerdy promise. If you already have a job, how's your daily fitness regiment doing? How is your approach to eating? Is there something you've always wanted to do or become good at, but couldn't get past the amount of boring details involved with actually following through with it? Typical. You have all summer to dive in to it, Jupiter moves into Libra, blessing your 7th house of partnerships starting Sep 9th. (Oooooooh!) Until then, when you find yourself frustrated by some pesky squares (planetary aspects, or actual people) do some pushups, go for a run, water your plants. Organize your sock drawer, change the trucks on your skate deck. Walk your dog. Pluck your unibrow. File your nails into claws. Make a smoothie. Your health, organization, work ethic, service to others, and attention to detail is your wealth for this duration. 

Taurus/Taurus Rising: Your ticket out of square-ville and antidote to frustration is your creative drive. Until Sep 9, Jupiter encourages you to focus on the details (Virgo) of children, creative projects, parties, joy and sex. So when you feel frustrated, your lucky door is door number 5-that is, the 5th house. Making art, music, (or babies if that's yo' thang), however you do it, nurture this creative side, it is your gateway to the promised land. Because Virgo is all about details, in this sector, Jupiter expands the details needing attention in this area. It's great for finalizing a vision you've been nurturing, putting together a portfolio for instance, coming up with elaborate projects or even planning your own fun event complete with R.S.V.P. The 5th house is one of fun, fun, fun, and I can't think of a more happy way to transmute the energy of tense aspects than to rock out with finger paints, plan a photo shoot, play dress up, play with your kids if you're a parent, attend parties and get togethers, play an accordion, or produce a mix tape.  All of this stuff is golden for you, so if you feel frustrated or down at certain points, head for a piano. Sing a song. Write a poem. Paint happy trees. It's where the magic is at for you. Your lighthouse. 

Gemini/Gemini Rising: Ahhhhhhh……home sweet home. Jupiter in Virgo blesses up your home life until Sep 9. When life is hectic, or frustrations mount, open the door to the 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, foundations. Call your mom. In virgo, Jupiter expands the amount of details in these 4th house related areas. You might actually find an odd release through simply doing the dishes while wearing a snuggie. Health is another Virgo domain, so maybe an exercise room, some kind of routine around the home that nourishes your sense of rootedness and stability. Organizing, cooking, having meals with your family, loved ones, or roommates, pottering around the house, sifting through emotions, feelings, photo albums, memories, attending to family functions, all of these 4th house activities are filled with luck, promise, and relief from worldly tension for you. When you feel the inevitable overwhelm of being human, seek the comfort of home and family. Slippers. Robes. Snuggles. Vegan pancakes. Story time. Comfort in general is a bed of luck for you. Wrap yourself in it. A soothing balm to have as your escape hatch and antidote to the cosmic "brown notes." A nap and a blanky. Sweet relief, luck, and abundance are found within the details of home, family, feelings, and nesting.

Cancer/Cancer Rising:  For you, communications is where all your luck pours in while Jupiter finishes up it's tour de Virgo until Sep 9. Thoughts, talks, text messages, letters, phone calls, chats, siblings, short trips, walks through the neighborhood, all of these 3rd house issues. It's Mercury's domain, so even electronics are lucky for you. When the frustration of tense math-specs culminates in you, seek release and transmutation through the Mercurial activities, people, and devices. Even paying attention to the lesser acknowledged communications in our day to day lives such as the appearance of birds and animals-the universe is constantly talking to us through every medium it can, none of it is meaningless, so keep your mind keen and your eye's and ears open and pay attention to the details, it all holds promise for you. Did I mention siblings? They are also highlighted here. Brothers and sisters and what they have to say, ideas they spark, keep the banter going here, it's good stuff. Virgo is all about details, health, routine, minimalism, organization, and purity, so Jupiter here expands your area of thoughts, transportation, and day to day communique, while simultaneously providing an opportunity to sort and sift, extract the gold from the dross from your ideas. Mercury (the Messenger) favors movement, you could find a lot of your best and clearest thoughts, ideas, and even written/spoken/(or feathered)communications come while on the move, walking, biking, traveling, or even just chilling with your phone in your pocket. You could come up with some great ideas. Write down your thoughts. Share them with others, in real life, and even online social networks. This back and forth banter is blessed.

Leo/Leo Rising: You find your luck and expansion flowing to you any time you focus on the details (Virgo) of increasing your sense of self worth, values, and material and spiritual piggy bank. Feeling frustrated with life? Do something that makes you feel good about yourself and increase your self worth. Until Sep 9, Jupiter in Virgo blesses up your 2nd house of "money",values, self esteem, and material comforts. Now, "money" and "currency"  and "self esteem" come in many forms, we could receive "likes" on the internet for our profile picture, or, for something we have written, said or done. Regardless, in real life, and online, whatever makes you feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back, whether it's raking in more income, or jogging everyday, your self esteem is where the luck is at, so get that confidence boosted when you feel the less pleasant planetary aspects grating on your reality. Virgo rules details, routine, service, pets, and health, so in this 2nd house of self worth and money, cleaning up your diet and having a good fitness routine (with your dog perhaps?) is an excellent way to feed your confidence wallet. Jupiter in Virgo is more about serving others as opposed to self aggrandizement, so anything selfless, kind, healthy, and pure, is favored here. When you feel down, or frustrated, (or less than good about yourself) head for healthy ways to boost feelings of self worth. Your self worth is your golden ticket out of square-ville, so keep it tip top. A cruelty free menu is always a good start, it helps the world, and helps you look and feel your best from the inside out…Boost your wallet and your self esteem with self worth affirming actions and quality accruements any time you feel like pulling out your hair/mane. Treat yo'self. 

Virgo/Virgo Rising: It's all about YOU. Your luck, and release from life's less pleasant vibrations, your ticket out of square-ville- is YOU. Do You Boo…You're known for your attention to others needs, your selfless services to the world around you, but Jupiter's journey through your sign has been saying it's time for you to be a little more self involved and start focusing more on what it is that YOU want to be doing. When you find yourself confounded, frustrated by others, or by life, left hanging wondering "Now what?"..your luck and blessings flow toward you when you look to yourself as your leader. Forming your identity and locating your truest calling, even if it means going it alone or drifting from the pack a little, you are a beacon.  All the things you've put on hold for so long to play a supportive role in the lives of others are now begging to be set loose on to the world. Your very identity is your golden ticket. Run with it. Wear it loud and proud. Be a little selfish (ultimately it's best for everyone if you are.) Hosting Jupiter in your own sign has been lending you a broader vision about who you are and why you're here. You, my friend, are a walking lucky streak, for yourself, and for the people's lives in which you touch. Don't underestimate yourself. You Virgo's can sometimes be humble to a fault. Don't doubt yourself right now, take this broader vision into yourself and beam it out into the world. When life becomes crazy, focus on how your very identity could impact the world for the better. The fact that it really all boils down to YOU, who you are and what you do. You have more influence than you may realize. We can't change other people, but we can change ourselves and have a massive ripple effect of positivity on the world. Jupiter is all about optimism, so keep that positivity cultivated and flowing, it's good for you and the world around you. Self investment, self cultivation. Let these be your go-to mantras when things get a little whacklesauce from time to time.

Libra/Libra Rising: Libra, you'll find your luck and relief from life's cosmic "brown notes" while Jupiter traverses Virgo until Sep 9, in complete and utter solitude. The spiritual. The mystical. The selfless. The etherial. The 12th house is a deeply psychological one. With Jupiter here, it is your personal ashram. In Virgo, it can feel even more self sacrificing than would perhaps normally be the case. Being as detail oriented as Virgo is, you derive a lot of luck from sifting through the details of your own psychic baggage. It doesn't have to be completely alone, there could be a confidante or two, even if it's just the pages of a journal or an esoteric text. Speaking of books, it's also a great opportunity for spiritual study, perhaps a spiritual discipline you've always been fond of (such as astrology, numerology, yoga, or some other obscure spiritual matter) calls to you, and you would like to know more about it. This is all lucky for you. Contemplation in solitude, quiet out of the way places, time alone, candles, secrets, deep, psychological healing work, "shadow work", selflessness, atonement, spirituality, mysticism, esotericism,..these are all where you find your antidote to the less pleasant cosmic vibrations. Don't fight it. When going off alone is "good luck", fighting it will only create suffering and discomfort for yourself and the people around you. Sometimes that's just the way it is. The universe is trying to assist you by presenting you with an opportunity to sort through your "shadow self", transmute your sorrows and self undoings into angelic beings, and anoint your personal demons with "holy oil". Embrace your time alone in the dark with a candle. Embrace the spirit realm, the occult (i.e the hidden, the secrets) this is all blessed for you. If it means staying up all night in a basement while the family/children/or significant other sleeps, so be it, it is your doorway to the promised land, luck, and sweet relief. Embrace the cosmos and the details therein. 

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: You find your luck and relief from life's frustrations pour in through your 11th house of friendships, groups, tribes, hopes, wishes, humanitarianism, social networks, etc…You get by with a little help from your friends while Jupiter traverses Virgo here until Sep 9. This is all filled with luck for you. The 11th house is Uranus/Aquarian domain. Uranus is all about the future, humanitarian activism, universalism, fighting for the underdog, and yes, being a little bit "weird" and erratic. You find relief from life's "brown notes" by dancing to the beat of a different drum, uniting with like minds, joining weird groups, hanging out with weird people, and nurturing your hopes and wishes for the future. Being a bit weird yourself is also favored, but the emphasis here is on humanitarianism, so don't let your weirdness become harmful or alienating to others. In Virgo, Jupiter here wants to sort the gold from the dross. Virgo is health, routine, and service focused. Are your friendships healthy? Are your goals healthy? If they are, you're in luck! When things become stressful, placing your focus here is an excellent way to transmute frustrations into good causes and bright futures. If the present is dull or dreary, look no further than your social networks and groups for inspiration, luck, and opportunity. With Virgo's discriminatory eye, be choosy, aim for quality over quantity. Radical activism, that which challenges the status quo, (with a focus on simplicity and purity) is all good luck for you. Go ahead and be a bit weird, and share this weird vision of the future with your friends.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: You find your antidote to the frustrating and less than fun vibrations through your 10th house of mastery, reputation, public recognition. Until Sep 9, working on the details of your public persona, career, life purpose, and achievements, are all filled with luck for you. That pat on the back for a job well done, or a milestone reached, a mountain climbed, brings sweet relief from any uncomfortable planetary square the cosmos can throw at you.  Moving on up in the world, and getting more achievements under your belt, mastering a skill, promoting your public persona, having your contributions and message recognized, and all the details (Virgo) that this involves, are an excellent remedy to direct your attention away from frustrations or any feelings of "lack" in your life. This opens up opportunities for you later on down the line, so put yourself out there, be seen and heard, recognized. The 10th house is Saturn's domain, and is all about Mastery, discipline, achievement, and reputation. Having Jupiter in Virgo here provides you with the opportunity to get down into the details of mastering and achieving something that means a lot to you. Milestones can be reached. So when you're feeling down, isolated, lonely, or frustrated, get back to your "masterpiece", whatever it is, focus on your "career"/life's purpose. Discipline of any kind is also good luck for you. You've also had Saturn in your own sign, so this can't be emphasized enough. Hard work pay's off. In Virgo, Jupiter speaks of humility, selflessness, service, and health. The more your achievements can help others, spiritually, psychologically or otherwise, the more blessed they can be. Stand on your platform, pick up your microphone, and use your voice to help the vulnerable, speak up for the exploited, or serve the public in some kind of way, large or small, and you will find a soothing balm on your own soul. Self mastery is your good luck mantra.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: You will find your lucky, healing balm anoints you in your 9th house of higher learning, other cultures, philosophy, far off lands, and people far away. When life becomes frustrating or you're feeling the tension of say…a T-sqaure, step into the 9th house and travel in the mind or body. Foreign influence, foreign people, foreign food, foreign languages and ideas, philosophy, religion/spirituality, travel, study, teaching, and higher learning are all good luck for you while Jupiter traverses Virgo until Sep 9. Sometimes, opening a book (or a pdf) is all it takes to journey to a distant land. This is Jupiter's home, and is very expansive in nature. Expanding your horizons is par for the course. In Virgo, the emphasis on details, health,  (and the earth element), getting down into the details of higher learning, and applying it to reality in practical (Virgo) ways is emphasized. Earth bending anyone? Ancient permaculture? Learning another language? No matter what way you go about it, you'll find much joy, luck, and release through inviting more culture, open mindedness, philosophy, and learning into your life. You could even be teaching it to others, or applying wisdom you've accumulated over the years in new, innovative (and practical) ways. Luck shines on you and relieves any tension you experience when you learn, teach, study, and expand your horizons. Having Jupiter in it's native house is a double blessing, and in Virgo, an opportunity to really get into the details of things, ideas, people, other cultures, spiritual disciplines, and teachers, that have always fascinated you. Follow this instinct any time frustration mounts. It opens up everything and let's in the fresh air. 

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: You receive your good luck and relief from life's harsher vibrations through your 8th house of sex, death, and other people's money, until Sep 9 when Jupiter moves on into Libra. This is Pluto/Scorpio domain. Depth, transmutation, death, destiny, intimacy, merging, compulsions, instincts, sex, shared monies, taxes, energetic exchange, inheritances are just a few of the things this domain rules. It's all your ticket out of square-ville. Luck pours in when you get up close and personal with others, and merge, either fiscally, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above. When life (or cosmic aspects) become frustrating, take a dive into the depths of life. It's not always comfortable terrain for emotionally detached, cerebral Aquarius, but this is where luck and sweet relief open up to you. Jupiter in Virgo here is positive, expansive, but painstakingly detail oriented. Going over deep emotions, sharing them with someone you trust, depth psychology, the details of deep intimacy, these are all areas and activities that will benefit immensely from the detail oriented, earthy, simple, and purifying energies of Virgo. Don't be scared, Jupiter here means you could be well taken care of by some kind benefactor who has merged forces with you. Luck pours in when you embrace the depths of life, sometimes that means the parts of life that aren't always easy to talk about with others, or share. This kind of thing requires trust-but if you open up to the right people, you will find sweet relief, and an expansion of opportunities. Sometimes life and what/who we are drawn to isn't rational, objective, or able to be intellectualized, resisted, or compartmentalized- and that's ok. Follow your instincts into the deep, dark depths-it's good for you. 

Pisces/Pisces Rising: You derive your luck, and relief from life's more frustrating vibrations through your 7th house of Partnerships, diplomacy, significant others, and partners in crime, until Sep 9. When life becomes hectic, you feel stressed, frazzled, out of sorts, or the vibes get weird, look no further than your partner. This includes business partners, prospective partners,-the Others in your life, that you feel a close kinship to, all bring you luck, opportunity, and sweet relief. Rub them on you like lotion, a soothing balm for life's more testing frequencies. Jupiter here in Virgo speaks of the details (and perfection) of partnership. Setting dates on calendars with the important others in your life, remembering anniversaries, birthdays, making sure your communication with them is up to par, being as good for them as they are for you, thoughtful gestures, pure of heart. This is all filled with luck for you, and provides a wonderful antidote for less comfortable influences the cosmos can challenge us all with from time to time. The Other. They are there for you and you for them. Provided you don't express the Virgo energy as nitpicking one another over who snores louder, this area of life is your safe haven of luck and abundance. This includes your partners in crime, such as a BFF or business partner. Together, you can weather any storm and count on someone to lean on, (or let you know you have spinach in your teeth.) It's nice to know you always have someone you can count on for good advice, love, honest appraisal, assistance, or a once over on your thesis, website, portfolio, or project, before you present it to the world. Your partner in crime has your back and is your lucky charm. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016



The full Moon in Scorpio this week opposes the Sun in Taurus. This polarity reflects where we need balance in our lives between differing (even competing) priorities, responsibilities, and drives. The sheer amount of retrograde planets we are and will be experiencing all at once is..well….noteworthy to say the least…I  write these horoscopes in the shadow of an impending Mercury retrograde in practical, see- it- and- hold- it- in- my- hand- to- believe- it Taurus, and my power has been out all morning/day. Below you will find the full moon horoscopes for all 12 signs, where I address the general themes of this particular Lunar climax, the retrogrades, and the general sagas playing out as per sun and rising sign. *Note:  These are just based on your sun sign. For more accuracy and insight, read for your rising sign as well. Horoscopes for sun and rising signs can be fun, helpful, and informative, but nothing beats the accuracy and insight gleaned from a full, personalized reading based on all of your birth data, exact time, and location. 

*Further Note: Please feel free to leave your feedback/hate/irritation/annoyance/ lack of interest and indifference in the comments! You can express your disdain anonymously on this blog! Have a great Fool Moon! 

...It's All Math….and so it goes...

Aries/Aries Rising: You could be feeling the cosmic tug of war between your money/self worth/values (your material and spiritual wallet) and your desire to merge with someone else…a specific someone if you're partnered, or…anyone deeper than "kiddie pool" if you're not. You've got some big ideals, dreamy visions, and deep feels about intimacy, swapping spit, sex, and secrets, merging with another, but are also really focused on having to make money, be practical and grounded, and build a strong, indestructible foundation/inner and outer shrine of self worth that authentically reflects your values. Uranus makes you naturally even more independent also. Maybe you want more time for snuggles or heavy breathing in a tree fort, but your wallet is nagging and pressuring you to feed it. Maybe the whole concept of money is really pissing you off and you want to drop out of society and live as a unicorn, preferably with another unicorn, that likes all of the same things you do, doesn't impinge on your freedom or independence, and doesn't mind the theory and praxis of starting a revolution with you.  In either case, you're on a Venus/Uranus buzz, enjoy it while it lasts, Venus leaves Uranus behind and moves on to make you more money and self worth once she moves into Taurus. Mars and Saturn have been placing a huge energetic emphasis on your beliefs, philosophy, and deep intimate relationships this year, and maybe even your beliefs and philosophy *about* intimate relationships. A refinery process is happening here. Mars is the horse, Saturn is the reigns, and you are Doc from back to the future. Although your daily routine could be cramping your style, you could hear or read something, or receive some news from a colleague at work or in your daily life that makes you feel good about your reputation and how you're seen in the public eye.  Maybe you get a pat on the back, or some kind of acknowledgment, or you learn or read something that restores your faith in yourself or humanity. It'd be nice eh?  Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends actually seems promising. The Sun in Taurus sings a song of "Patience", to the tune of several retrogrades at once. Best to learn the words and sing along...

Taurus/Taurus Rising: You could be feeling the solar/lunar tug of war between "self and others" this full moon. Maybe an internal battle of wills going on. Hosting Venus in the 12th house can create some shyness, secretiveness, sometimes some insecurities, a love of solitude and solace tends to predominate, to nourish the self, and the spiritual center. "I love you, but I need to meditate." Sometimes it can manifest as loving someone who isn't available, or is as demonstrative as you might like. Maybe they are busy, also, sometimes life just get's in the way. You could just be stoically navigating your own private hang ups. You're willing to see the best in others and be idealistic, understanding and self sacrificing. Having Uranus in this same sector doesn't make for the most stable, psychological state. One minute you're up, next minute you're down, and it goes on like that, and the people close to you just have to deal with it- but make no mistake, you're healing from the inside out, even if you feel lost sometimes. The cosmic spotlight is on you now, as the sun joins Mercury, casting it's golden rays on your earthy, plodding ways, making us all dance to a slower, more methodical tune…to the tune of several retrogrades at once…You could be feeling frustrated creatively, I'm looking at this chart and it's painting a picture of several possible scenarios: Either kids are getting in the way of intimacy (5th house/8th house), or if you don't have kids, maybe there's a lot of creative stuff going on in your life and around you but you're missing…the depth…substance….true connection, deep merging, and you really crave that, the whole image over substance thing just really doesn't cut the mustard for you, but maybe you aren't sure how to go about scratching that itch., but perhaps you have a few creative musings you want to try out. This could even just be classic sexual frustration, regardless-the joy joy feelings are most certainly there. You could receive creative inspiration from a child, artist, piece of art or music, that transforms your beliefs in a positive way.  Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication/or idea portends seems to be promising. The Sun in your sign demands patience from us all…including you. Mars and Saturn have been placing a huge emphasis on deep intimacy, merging, and partnerships in your life this year. It's a refinery process, and it's all or nothing. You want this to be perfect, and you want to be perfect. Just remember that you and your loved ones are human. 

Gemini/Gemini Rising: You could be feeling the solar/lunar standoff between your work, service and daily routines, and your need for spiritual nourishment, seclusion, solitude, and time alone. Maybe you're having to recuperate from something physically or psychologically, and you're not feeling as spritely as usual, and don't necessarily want to be alone or under the radar, but circumstance and/or mortal limitations demand it of you. It could be entirely voluntary. Maybe you're plotting you're big comeback into the work scene after some time away, or something about work or daily life is exhausting you, either physically or psychologically. Health could be an issue. The connection between psychological and physical health should never be underestimated. Perhaps you've been bogged down in details and you long for an escape to some secret ashram where no one will bother you. You could receive a secret communication, a message from a spiritual person, or receive a spiritual impression from something you read, hear, or see en route to somewhere, or browsing online, that has a deep impact on your emotions and your feelings about intimacy, sexual/emotional merging/ 8th house matters of destiny, in a positive way. Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems promising. Under the Taurus Sun, we all need to adopt a more patient, measured approach.
 Mars and Saturn have been placing emphasis on your sectors of partnerships and work/health/routines this year, refining and managing your approach between the two to perfect the Dharma that is your crazy, colorful life, and eclectic social circle, while Pluto continues to transform your approach to swapping spit, secrets, and sex with another person. The retrogrades will continue this intense distillation process.  

Cancer/Cancer Rising: You could be feeling the solar/lunar tug of war between your sector of friendships, hopes, goals, wishes, social network, and your creative projects, kids, or desire to let your hair down, create, and rock out with your bad self. Maybe you've been spending a lot of time with your kids or on a creative project and your friends miss you, or you miss them, or maybe your friends don't really understand your need to create a certain way, and/or spend time with your kids and you're feeling torn or pressured to live up to certain social expectations. Maybe they are pressuring you to hang out with them and be more personable and you aren't really feeling it, maybe you think some of your friends are actually kind of lame, not all of them of course, but perhaps there are a few folks you know in your social network that just effortlessly get on your nerves without trying. Regardless, Venus has been blessing up your reputation, and how you're seen in the world, so you can really do no wrong. Your communications sector is still being blown up by lucky Jupiter, so continue to respond, talk, and listen, take short distance trips, it's all good luck for you. Speaking of communications, you could receive some good words through a friend, or a social network, or read, listen to, or watch something humanitarian in nature, that transforms or affirms how you feel about partnerships in a positive way.  Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems to be promising, from a purely alchemical standpoint. Under Taurus Sun, everyone needs to adopt a slower, more patient pace.  Mars and Saturn have been placing heavy emphasis on your sectors of work, routines, health, service, and children, creativity, recreation, and joy, while Pluto continues to powerfully transform your partnerships area, emphasizing your already super deep deepness. This campaign continues and is putting things in slo-mo to really make sure certain lessons sink in, so strap in for the long haul. Your idealism is undeniable, and you're not sure how people see you (or how your see yourself,) in relation to the eyes of the world, from one minute to the next, but does it really matter? Do you, boo. 

Leo/Leo Rising: Your solar/Lunar conundrum could manifest as competing urges between your emotional foundations, security, home, and your ambitions, career, reputation, and how your seen in the eyes of the world. Maybe you want to put yourself out there more, get out there more, make more of a mark on the world, but are uncertain about how this will affect your security, emotions, home and hearth. Maybe you're feeling pressure to perform., but I'll tell you right now, "all you need for a bikini body is a body and a bikini." Perhaps you're world weary, but simultaneously feeling the pressure to "achieve", to "be somebody." Well, you are some body, but more than just a body. Venus has been hanging out with revolutionary Uranus in your 9th house of philosophy and higher learning, and you've been making the word "nerd" cool again. You've really got nothing to worry about when it comes to reputation, she'll be moving into your 10th house in no time. You can afford more exposure, catch some vitamin D from your ruling planet and prepare to step into the sun. You could receive a communication from a boss, higher up, person in authority, that makes you feel good about your self worth, your earnings, income, values, in relation to work, service, health, routine, fitness, diet,- that transforms and affirms all of this in a positive way.  Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems promising, from a purely alchemical standpoint. Mars and Saturn have been placing a heavy cosmic emphasis on your sectors of creative expression, sex, recreation, children, joy, and your emotions, security, foundations, while Pluto continues to transform your approach to health, work, diet and fitness. The retrogrades will slow everything down so that steady, longterm gains are made in all of these areas. Winning at life.

Virgo/Virgo Rising: You could feel the Solar/Lunar dichotomy in your area of communications, siblings, cars, short distance travel, V.S your area of philosophy, far distance travel, higher learning, and beliefs. Maybe you're just feeling hemmed in, held back, or limited by mode of travel. Perhaps there are people afar that are pressuring you to go see them and you hate the fossil fuel industry, or can't drive for some other reason/don't own a car, and are trying to solve this issue of limited mobility ASAP. Or you are hosting people from afar in your home and they are grating on your last nerve. Your nervous system in general is highlighted here., so given the entrance of the Sun in Taurus, do make it a point to slow down and relax, luxuriate a bit if you can. You're feeling idealistic, understanding, and spiritual in general, so that helps. The need to expand your horizons is definitely there. You could receive a communication from far away, a foreigner, a traveler, (or a Sagittarius), or read something philosophical, jubilant and expansive, that directly affects you, widening your horizons in a positive way, and transforms your approach to creativity, sex, love relationships, children, fun and recreation for the better. Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems promising. Under Taurus, everyone needs to adopt a slower, more patient pace. Venus has been along side Uranus, blessing your 8th house of deep merging, sex, death, and destiny, to help take the edge off of some of the shock therapy you've been receiving in that department. Saturn and Mars have been placing a heavy cosmic emphasis on your emotional foundations, security, family, home and hearth, and your communication, transportation, siblings, and short distance travel this year, while Pluto continues to transform your approach to creative expression, sex, recreation, children, and fun. Something is refining, distilling, and culminating here, and the work is not yet finished. The retrogrades, combined with the Suns shift into Taurus puts things on the slo-mo setting, so we can all prepare to collect the "winnings" of karma sewn, energy expelled, and efforts invested. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Libra/Libra Rising: You could experience the solar/lunar push and pull between your areas of self worth, money, values, and deep, intimate, sexual merging's with others. Maybe you're feeling emotional about your self esteem, maybe someone is pressuring you to get intimate and you aren't ready due to insecurity, or some deeper issues are eating at your general self worth. You want to get close to people, but you have certain stipulations (and even human limitations) that you feel pretty intense about. You feel idealistic about your self worth and values too. You deserve the best, they deserve the best. Is it them? Is it you? Are you running from something here? Are they? Who knows.  Let it be.  At least your pleasant ruling planet Venus has joined Uranus who's been dosing you with shock therapy in your 7th house of partnership. Diplomacy is always a huge plus. You could actually receive a communication, or hear or read something of a deep, intimate nature that reaffirms your faith in a deeply, metaphysical, spiritual way, positively transforming the way you approach your emotions, security, family, home and hearth.  There could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems to be promising, from a purely alchemical standpoint. Pluto has been transforming your approach to your emotions, home, family, and security for a long time now. This trend continues, along with Mars and Saturn heavily emphasizing your communication and self worth sectors this year. The retrogrades continue this ongoing saga. This is a process of refinery and bullshit distillery. Removing, purging, and transmuting all the soggy rot, fear, negativity, and redundant self destruction that stands in the way of you feeling good about yourself, authentic, accepted, supported, and deeply connected to others. 

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: You could feel this solar/lunar climactic showdown acutely and immediately between yourself and others. The burden of compromise is emphasized here. Maybe you really want to relate to others, but you're shy, or feeling excruciatingly sensitive and touchy. Or, conversely, maybe you're feeling the pressure of having to conform to others wishes in order to meet them halfway, or are frustrated/pissed as urinal cakes that they won't conform to yours. There is an idealism here that acts as a soothing balm. Whatever the case, it's a full moon, just try and hunker down for 48 hours and let it blow over. Everyone wants to love and be loved, just focus on BEING love- and all else follows. Maintain that subtle, selfless idealism and don't let it die. You could receive a communication from a partner in crime (business or romantic) that has a positive and transformational impact on your goals, friendships, hopes and wishes for the future, that could transform your approach to communications, siblings, and short distance travel. Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems promising. Pluto has occupied your 3rd house of communication for a while now, completely and utterly changing your approach to these matters in powerful and subtle ways. Mars and Saturn have placed a heavy emphasis on your self worth, money, values, and well..your very self, and this trend of mojo and moxie continues onward, backward,  in slow motion, to further refine these areas and go back over old ground. Venus has been hanging out next to Uranus to take the edge off of some of the more electrifying shocks you've received in your general day to day routine, health, work, service, fitness, and details. A good sound system and an even better sound track helps calm the nervous system, even in the absence of total stability, not to mention, health is wealth. Kid's and/or creative projects continue to run the gamut between delusional/overly idealistic, to ideal, either way, you're inspired. More order in your day to day life would be nice, but don't worry, you'll break on through to the other side. 

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: You could be experiencing the solar/lunar dilemma between your work, health, routine, and details sector, and your area of retreat, solitude, secrets, mysticism, and psychological health. Something's got to give here. You're definitely feeling a beam of idealism and otherworldliness about spiritual matters. Maybe you're struggling with one foot in the ethers and the other on Terra Firma. Living in two worlds at once is never easy. You could be feeling the demands of work, service, health, fitness, and the body acutely and maybe just want to go meditate under a waterfall or something to hide away from it all. You could just be feeling sensitive in general. (It's a thug life). Mars is retrograde in your sign, so you could be feeling a lack of energy, and are perhaps second guessing yourself on many fronts. Maybe you set yourself up with a bunch of work, or projects that your enthusiasm is waning for, and are recognizing a need to take better care of your physical and psychological health, in small ways, such as getting regular sleep and exercise, or forming a functional routine like those adults you hear so much about seem to have. It would be entirely appropriate and understandable if you feel a need for more reflection, actual hiding out, and downtime than usual. There's a lot to process, (and a lot to gear up for in the future.) You could receive a communication from a work colleague, in your day to day, routine communications, (or from a Virgo), involving your work, service, health, or routines, that positively impacts your self worth, income, earnings, and public standing/reputation. There could be a frustrating catch, or some kind of blockade or delay to progress, but try not to let it get to you, this is all energy, and can be channeled into absolutely anything. Patience, minimalism, mastery, and humility are wonderful mantras for anyone hosting Saturn in their Sun sign….Consider this your very own personal Dojo/Akhara, where you practice your cage fighting skills and sharpen your arrowheads.  Pluto has been sending subtle and powerful waves of transformation into your house of self worth, self esteem, money, and values for quite some time now, and you are making a lot of healing changes in these areas, not all of them have come easily. Mars and Saturn continue to heavily emphasize your sectors of self assertion out in the world, and your secret, solitary, spiritual life, the struggles no one sees or knows about, the solitude, the utterly aloneness, and the magic, otherworldly mysticism you come into contact with because of it. Saturn asks that you master this magic, and bring it more solidly into the world in a constructive, and practical way, free of illusions and delusions. Keep it humble. Keep it real.  Venus has been kicking it with electric, revolutionary Uranus in your 5th house of creativity, sex, romance, recreation, children and joy, so that's taken a bit of the edge off of the shock therapy you've been receiving in this area. Keep creating, strokes of genius are noted when Uranus visits this house, and while venus is there, you're in your element when you're creative, expressive, and child like. Spread the love.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: You could be feeling the solar/lunar cosmic pressure cooker dilemma between your responsibility to your creative projects, kids, desire to let loose, and your social life, friends, goals, hopes and wishes for the future. You're certainly idealistic (and rightfully so) about friends, goals, humanitarian pursuits, and hopes for the future. Maybe your kids (or a lover/romantic prospect/or someone that behaves like a kid) are directly conflicting with your wishes and goals. Maybe you're feeling pressure to reconcile the areas of creative expression and friendship, or children and social life, friends and lovers. Blending the two isn't always easy. If you don't want to upset anyone, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing, it's always said. Sometimes awkward times call for authentic vibes. Perhaps kids or lovers have a hard time understanding that you've got goals of your very own, apart from them? It's tough to say…You could receive a communication from "the mouths of babes", or hear a song, see an art piece or read a poem or some kind of creative expression that expands your horizons and broadens your vision in a positive way, that transforms the way you approach yourself, and your general persona out in the world. Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems to be promising, from a purely alchemical perspective. Patience is the mantra of Taurus, the sign we are now in, and it is the mantra of the great lord Saturn. A mantra you know better than most…Refer to that mantra now. Mars and Saturn continue to place heavy cosmic emphasis on your psychological 12th house of solitude, secrets, and mysticism, as well as your house of friendships. The saga continues as the retrogrades put the entire broadcast into slow motion, running it backward. You will be shooting whatever secrets and otherworldly knowledge you have crystalized into your friendship circle, once Mars backtracks into Scorpio.  With Pluto in your own sign and sector of self, heaven help the light weights or the faint of heart should you have to throw down any home truths when this occurs, they will be particularly loaded. It's all in the name of healing and truth. Neptune in your communications sector softens the blow with an idealistic, rose colored fugazi of compassion and selflessness. Just continue to be wary of scammers, con artists, or delusional people not ready to face themselves or reality-(and try not to become one of those yourself.) Your emotional sector is lit up by Venus and Uranus in Aries, so some pleasantries have smoothed the vibe of "shock therapy" going on in your root system/family/emotions/security/home and hearth. Home is an exciting and pleasant place to be. Enjoy that. Let it feed your creativity for when Venus moves on later to bless your 5th house. Totally winning. 

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: You could feel the solar/lunar push and pull between your foundations, emotions, home and hearth, family, security, and the need to achieve out in the world and mark your territory, be known. Maybe you feel pressured to hunker down and stay home, stay safe, and secure, but feel an emotional pull outward into the world of achievement, mastery, and recognition. To be seen, heard, known, recognized. Perhaps you're feeling intense about how you're perceived by others? Or the pull toward achievement or to the top of some mountain competes with security some how? A balance must be struck. You like security, but not to the degree of complete and total stagnation. You seem to have big ideas and high ideals about something you'd like to achieve out in the world. You know more than most that status isn't real, but you're here with a mission, a purpose. You came here to make some awesome shit happen.  You could receive a communication from family or in the home, or an emotional intimation or disclosure, that deeply affects you intimately in a spiritual way, in relation to merging with others emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially or otherwise. This has a powerful, positive, if subtle effect on your own psychology and deep unconscious.  Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems to be promising. Teamwork is important, as are deep, and trustworthy bonds. The benefit of others perspectives can be helpful (or hindering) with Neptune in the 2nd house of money and values. Having an idealistic planet in a realistic house isn't always easy. Don't be swindled, and try and stay grounded and skeptical of "too good to be true" proposals, or unrealistic schemes- but don't be entirely closed off as to become isolated or insular. These are backwards times, combined with the Sun in Taurus, patience and a slower determination is (demanded) of us all. Venus has been hanging out with your ruling planet Uranus in your communications sector, sweetening the session of shock therapy you've been receiving in this department. Mars and Saturn continue to place heavy emphasis on your sector of friendships, hopes, wishes, goals for the future, and humanitarian activism, along with your reputation, ambition, and achievement area when Mars inevitably backtracks into Scorpio (yes..again.) You are sharpening your arrowheads, refining something, distilling the bullshit, and choosing your friends, hopes and goals more wisely. The lessons at times have been harsh, and the path often a solitary one, at least in feeling, but not entirely barren. This distillation process continues onward, and backward, going over old ground, and seizing any opportunities you may have missed to refine these areas to a sharp point that will hit the sweet spot. Pluto continues to completely transform your psychological 12th house. Immense changes have occurred, and continue to unfurl.... for a while yet. Strap in. Lock and load. The adventure is just beginning. 

Pisces/Pisces Rising: You could experience the solar/lunar dichotomy in your area of communication, siblings, text messages, errands, trivia, sudoku, and short distance travel, V.S your area of higher learning, philosophy, teaching, beliefs, studies, other cultures, foreign people and ideas. Maybe you're trying to focus on your studies, teach, and learn, and communications about more "practical" or mundane matters are distracting or competing with this, something lame and practical like money (practical??HA!) or picking up groceries, running errands to and fro, responding to every single "how are you?" seems to take up a lot of space and time. The Micro of Mercury's domain competing with the Macro of Jupiter's. You're feeling idealistic, intense, and determined about said Macro anyway.  You could receive a communication or learn something en route to the grocery store or while scrolling through your online social networks that has a positive impact on your partnerships and your circle of friends, or goals/ hopes for the future, that perhaps transforms your approach in some way in these areas. Now, there could be some kind of frustrating glitch, obstacle, catch, or blockade/delay to immediate progress, but the overall nature of longterm trends this communication portends seems to be promising, from a purely alchemical standpoint anyway. Patience..patience..and more patience.. Mars and Saturn have tirelessly continued to place emphasis on your reputation, public standing, mastery and recognition sector, combined with your sector of higher learning, philosophy, other cultures, and mental/physical travel, (when Mars backtracks into Scorpio….again….)..You are refining, distilling, and bit by bit, showcasing your mastery of all things worldly, well rounded and well travelled, and carving a status in the world for yourself.  Pluto continues to transform your friendships, subtly and dramatically. You exude power in your circle, and you draw power from it. If it weakens you, cut it from you. Venus stands proudly in Aries next to Uranus in your 2nd house of self worth, bringing pleasantries, a touch of luxury, comfort, praise, and (GASP!) actual physical money…(or is it bit coins at this point?) to an area that's been receiving large doses of "shock therapy." Oh the glamor of it all...Rake in the praise and tokens of appreciation, bask in your own light a little. You've earned this. These are solid gains. There will be more to come. Prepare to communicate with even more effortless grace than usual when Venus moves into Taurus.. Glorious.