Saturday, November 24, 2018

Jupiter In Sagittarius: What To Expect.


So here we are, kicking off Sagittarius season. I figured I would pay some more homage to Sagittarius’ planetary ruler having it’s royal birthday (from November 8th 2018 to Dec 2nd 2019,) by giving a general break down of the potential trends we can anticipate in the coming 13 months, on a more broad scale. I did a similar article, (though didn’t give it it’s own blog post) when Jupiter entered Scorpio in 2017.
For a more personal look at Jupiter in Sagittarius by sun sign, go to my archives and click on the blog titled "Happy Birthday Jupiter!" You will be greeted by captain planet and will see before you Jupiter horoscopes for all of the 12 signs.

Let's move along now, shall we?

Traditionally, Jupiter is (one) of the most important planets astrologers monitor when it comes to predictive astrology. Here are some things we may begin to notice as Jupiter settles into it’s sign of natural rulership.

Ahhhh….it’s like a breath of fresh air for anyone allergic to bullshit, denial, dishonesty, …and anything other than the plain ‘ol truth…. If Sagittarius is known for one thing, it’s honesty. Uncomfortable, and socially awkward amounts of honesty. Jupiter is no different, and being a planet of Truth, wisdom, higher learning, and consciousness expansion, -this will be doubly emphasized. It is nothing short of glorious. We could begin to see an emergence of previously denied facts, and a collective acceptance of long denied realities, however reluctant. (Who knows, among the many things that require honest confrontation and acceptance, perhaps one of the things that could come out of this by the end of Jupiters transit in Sagittarius, could be Columbus Day and Thanksgiving in America finally being abolished for the racist regalia and collective denial/perpetuation of, and collusion with, white colonial genocide that it actually, in fact, is.)

Broadly speaking, we can only hope humanity can shake off as much of it’s denial as possible, and this transit is the perfect opportunity for just this sort of purging. It would be amazing to see humanity finally come to the collective realization that we actually need trees and forests in order to breathe, (while we still have some left), for instance.

In the media, this transit could express itself as a sort of “confessional.” We could see an increasing emphasis on truth, in all it’s facets. Speaking it, getting “at” it, coming to terms with it. The same old bullshit, and “the runaround” simply is not going to cut it anymore. There are certain things that can no longer be denied, skirted around, or ignored, and Jupiter plans on doing it’s damndest to make sure that everything that needs to be said and acknowledged is said and acknowledged. Naturally, there could be some resistance to this emphasis on Truth, particularly from special interest quarters who are threatened by it. Jupiter in Sagittarius doesn’t really care about special interests, and is concerned with the larger picture, justice, human (and animal) welfare, and the good of all. (This could get… interesting… for corporations who’s profits depend solely upon the continuous raping of the environment, as playing that down and maintaining “plausible deniability” is going to be difficult to do while Jupiter is totally “feeling’ itself.” All around, and generally speaking, it’s going to become grossly obvious what can no longer be shoved under the carpet and denied any longer. Elephants in the room everywhere will have a giant spotlight shown on them in ways that can no longer be contested, debated, or simply denied. This is good news.

Sagittarius can also be a bit evangelical, and “preachy”, when passionate about something, Jupiter is also not known for “moderation” (in any regard), so there will most certainly be a “turning up of volume” on any previously “merely simmering” ideological debates. No one will really want to back down from their viewpoint, as Jupiter in Sagittarius adds an almost religious fervor to everything, and this will only intensify convictions. However, there is also a higher likelihood of an unusual amount of open-mindedness with this transit, as Sagittarius and Jupiter are both philosophy buffs. Needless to say, the truth will ultimately win out, but be on the lookout for a certain amount of hubris. Whether or not we will find ourselves dealing with a stubborn, fitful, overzealous hubris of “the sore losers” who refuse to accept reality or admit they are wrong-or *gasp* confronting our own prideful hubris, is yet to be determined, but is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, considering the sheer magnitude of Jupiter’s powers of expansion and amplification. Such ideological fervor essentially being doubled by it’s mere presence in it’s sign of rulership increases the potential for “debate city.”

 Moderation could in general, could also be more of a challenge than usual during this transit. Neither Jupiter nor Sagittarius are classically known for their ability to sense when “enough is enough.” Saturn, another planet of wisdom, specializes in the worldly wisdom of restraint, of discipline, karma, of cause and effect, and the maturity of being able to set limits. Jupiter however, is known for all kinds of worldly wisdom, but it is primarily a wisdom of expansion, as well as the perhaps lesser appreciated “wisdom through excess.” You know, the type of wisdom you gain from eating your body weight in pie, or hitting rock bottom as an alcoholic or something. That type of retroactive wisdom that comes with exceeding your limits. Both Sagittarius and Jupiter have a penchant for excessiveness. As William Blake aptly said, The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom...You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.” …

Hopefully though, Saturn, who is also in it’s sign of natural rulership, Capricorn, and (conveniently) next to Pluto in Capricorn, will keep a healthy check on this excessive streak in order to keep humanity from drunk driving into the worlds oldest tree and killing the Lorax, thereby unleashing a league of demons and all the plagues of hell or something. With Saturn still next to Pluto, we have a strong chaperone that imposes strict rules, and punishes harshly, so if things get out of hand, the consequences could be pretty severe, in order to induce fast learning. Hopefully this system of checks and balances the cosmos are deploying like an ingenious chess move, will facilitate a long needed wake up call and breakthrough within humanity that can prevent any further catastrophes from worsening. (The Lorax is very weary, and is quite traumatized and upset enough as it is).

Regardless and in spite of the dark times we have been in, Jupiter in Sagittarius has a persistent optimism, and optimism-as-a-matter-of-survival mechanism about it. Sagittarius is known as the zodiacs “class clown”, and will find (or make) humor out of even the most dire of circumstances. This is extremely useful, as the current global circumstances are looking pretty grim. We are going to need to keep our humor about us, and Jupiter in Sagittarius will help to pull some balloon animals out of Satan’s unforgivable asshole for the next 13 months. Amidst whatever apocalyptic scenarios transpiring on Earth, anticipate messages of hope, faith, reasons to be optimistic, and perhaps even a few “last minute saves.”

Yup. Everything. It’s all going to be a little bit on the “extra” side for a while. People. News. Politics. Weather. Circumstances. World events. It’s all going to be magnified and blown up to billboard proportions. Jupiter and Sagittarius are essentially “go big or go home” types. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It doesn’t do anything on a small or moderate scale. It goes all out and get's extra fancy, extra everything. It’s not really the drama, fanfare and theatrics of say, Leo, ...but it still has the fiery nature, wild enthusiasm, excessiveness, and infinite, child like curiosity of Sagittarius. Everything is going to be blown up as “kind of a big deal,” -and perhaps for good reason, -because it probably actually is a big deal and maybe recognizing it and dealing with it all has been a long time coming…Who knows, maybe this will be fun?

Ok, maybe this one is a stretch, and maybe it’s the fact that I’m a Sun sign Sagittarius who is clinging to a hope and a prayer because I happen to also live in California, (which has essentially been the front lines of the apocalypse, if you were unaware of the significance of my location.)

 Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, and good faith. In Roman mythology, (Zeus in Greek mythology), Jupiter was the King of Heaven and Earth. He was also known as the God of Justice, (hence the Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house association with law.) Justice is pretty sweet. Divine justice though? Please, and thank you, I’ll take 12 of them. 

If there was a time where divine intervention is needed on planet Earth, IT IS NOW.  

Perhaps, just when we think “the bad guys are going to win and do us all in, and ruin the cool party we are trying to have on Earth, and all hope is lost and we’re all doomed,”-a giant bearded dude wielding lightning bolts of Divine Justice will burst into “The Situation”, riding a massive, legendary centaur, who is also wielding a bow and arrow of Divine Justice to compliment the lightning bolts of Divine Justice, and they will simultaneously hurl their instruments of Divine Justice directly into all of “The Problems”, -killing them instantly. All to an epic, metal guitar solo. (Metaphorically speaking of course.) Although literally would be epic AF, it is sadly, scientifically much less likely.) 
Jupiter is a planet of optimism, solutions, breakthroughs, growth, justice, truth, abundance, consciousness expansion, learning, wisdom, philosophy, expansion, wide open horizons, freedom, silver linings, and lucky breaks-that is having it’s birthday in a sign that is also about all of these things. Something good has to come out of this.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sun Enters Sagittarius/Full Moon In Gemini

With Venus in Libra still lurking in her shadow phase after her long retrograde journey, many of us are still catching our balance. The Sun enters Sagittarius, and late this evening/early tomorrow AM see's the full moon climax in Gemini, after an earthy, soothing, sensual and stabilizing build up in Taurus. This places the pique of the full moon in direct opposition to the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Jupiter, -all in Sagittarius.

The nervous system could be in overdrive, a bit overstimulated. Wrapping up loose ends, picking up where we left off, multitasking, and gathering information, and momentum, gaining speed and traction towards new horizons. Thoughts and communications could be overblown, filled with enthusiasm, and/or overexaggerated, or simply numerous..
Expression could be forthright, shooting from the hip, blurting things out, perhaps with an evangellical sort or zeal. The intellect and nervous system is stimulated with the Moon reaching her climax here, but unstable and prone to distraction. There could be a lot to mentally process and assimilate, and a rather flighty tendency to avoid heavier issues we would rather not deal with or be burdened by. There are tasks to complete, conversations to catch up on, and many loose ends dangling that could make going in one steady direction a little more challenging, with a generally "all over the place" kind of feeling, though not necessarily unpleasant.

With a strong conjunction to the Sun and Mercury from Jupiter, there are noticable improvements across the board. Faith and optimism restored. Sure, maybe not everything is absolutely perfect yet, and there are still lingering, perhaps life altering issues to navigate that could feel unfathomable. But, there is definitely enthusiasm, jubilance, and a feeling of brighter times around the corner. For this, we should be grateful.  The tense squares that Mars in Pisces forms to the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, suggest perhaps a longing frustration or idyllic desires that seemingly cannot be met at this particular moment, -but continue to be strived for. There is a tremendous enthusiasm to push for better conditions, and a sextile from Saturn in Capricorn to Mars gives us patience, determination, resillience, and endurance to "hang in there", and handle any necessary sacrifices and "waiting it out" in good faith, with grace and dignity. The full moon places the emphasis on communications, and the mental processes, perhaps creating a rather "frenzied" nervous energy.

Mars isn't exactly comfortable in Pisces, but if anything, it can create a determination to "let go" or "shake off" trying times, less than ideal circumstances, and "dream a better dream." It can feel rather frustrated in Pisces, as if a carrot on a stick has been perpetually hanging just out of reach, which can make us vacillate between feelings of idealization, faith, voluntary sacrifice,- to feelings of a kind of deflated "why bother" type of lack of motivation, defeat, futility, longing or escapism. Here, Mars is in "preparatory" form. Preparing the stage behind the scenes and readying itself for a new cycle. The stabilizing and soothing sextile to Saturn can also create a sort of feeling of "unity through adversity." Making it easier to weather the storm. Although Mars in Pisces is less suited for bold moves, direct action and taking the initiative, the squares Mars forms can actually spur us into action, or at least generate palpable inspiration to get the ball rolling in a better direction, -away from and out of an overall "stale type of funk", and towards a more "fresh type of funk", and with the help of a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius:  A funky freshness. Using our dreams and idyllic fantasies to fortify our motivational reserves would be a good use of this energy. With the Sun now in Sagittarius, things are beginning to look more promising, it's contacts to Jupiter and Mercury boost optimism and faith levels.

Venus in Libra (still in her shadow phase until approx Dec 17th), continues to face off in opposition to Uranus, retrograde in Aries. So again, we are still very much finding our footing and navigating rather unstable energies as the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure slowly regains her full strength after her "beauty rest." She enters Scorpio once again on Dec 2nd, creating an opportunity to plunge back into the depths with the trials, tribulations, and reevaluations of the retrograde behind her. She reaches full strength again when she enters the degree she went retrograde in, 10 degrees Scorpio, where her powers of attraction and manifestation, and her deep desires for intimacy, can be more fully realized, a second time around, -with the benefit of hindsight. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Jupiter!

With a new moon yesterday next to the Sun and also Jupiter in the final degrees of Scorpio, we have literally and symbollically reached the end of the tunnel of an intense transformation.
As of today, Nov 8, Jupiter's entry into it's sign of rulership, Sagittarius, next to Mercury, -with the moon bounding along side them, creates a feeling of expansive optimism, as if reaching a light at the end of a long and harrowing tunnel.

A new era dawns, and we are under a rare and unique skyscape at the moment, with 4 planets in their places of rulership, representing all the elements. Saturn in Capricorn (earth), Venus in Libra (air), Jupiter in Sagittarius (fire), and Neptune in Pisces (water). The song "Everthing In It's Right Place" by Radiohead comes to mind. 
The optimism felt is considerable, and the shift, -palpable. The jolly giant celebrates it's "birthday" in Sagittarius until December 2nd 2019, restoring our faith in the universe, in human nature, and in ourselves. Below is a brief synopsis of where each of the Sun signs will  experience the gifts of this Jupiter transit.

You will experience the luck, abundance and blessings of Jupiter's "birthday" transit via your 9th house of higher learning, study, travel, philosophy, consciousness expansion, the law, libraries, nerds, and people, places and matters at a distance and from other cultures. Enjoy times abroad, study, learn another language, take a course in underwater basket weaving, fly a magic carpet, wear fez, burn some nag champa, and indulge in philosophical discourse with people outside of your usual stomping grounds for the next 13 months. This is a freedom loving and expansive energy where your desire to expand your horizons and increase the space that you can move about in will be through the roof. You will not want to be hemmed in and will derive luck via travel, study, and even publishing ebooks about under water basket weaving.

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 8th house of sex, death, freaky naughty deepness, intimacy, investigations, transformations, mystery, the taboo, the macabre, taxes, joint assets, inheritance, and other peoples money. Taurus, you could actually strike it rich this year, so utilize this to the fullest. Shamelessly explore your depths, spill your guts, reveal your freaky skeletons to a close partner, or go into business or embark on a joint venture together that you've always dreamed about but never had the confidence to try. For the next year, taking a calculated risk in this arena or finally pressing "send" on those nudes could work out very positively for you. Merging deeply with others, intimately or financially, or bearing your soul, confessing some intense but deeply felt feelings, broaching taboos, and researching yours and others psychological depths, compulsions, skeletons, connecting deeply with others and the dark underbelly of life could bring a lot of luck and abundance your way. Enjoy working passed previous sexual and psychological hang ups, connecting deeply and intimately with other deep souls, delving into the depths, and letting your freak flag fly (even if under the radar somehow) for the next 13 months.

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 7th house of partnerships (business and/or personal), marriage, and significant others. Your relationships will be an area of joy for you during this transit, and will bring you luck, abundance, and valuable connections. If you've been having a hard time finding worthy prospective partners, the next 13 months will improve this scenario quite a bit. If you're already spoken for, expect to enjoy the fruits of your partnership more thoroughly in the next year. This area of life will make you smile and expand your world and your opportunities for the better. You will grow through your connections and may even enjoy learning and travelling together, or perhaps meet someone from a distance. 

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 6th house of work, health, service, routine, diet, fitness, details, organization, hygeine, self improvement, and the daily machinery of existence. You will derive a lot of joy and perhaps even learn new skills around your daily life, your health, diet, routines, and the services you provide to others. Luck and abundance will flow to you through selfless acts, and by taking a keen interest in details, purity, health, diet, and learning new ways to improve upon things. Go ahead and be a little perfectionistic, it'll work out well for you to pay attention to those tiny details for the next 13 months. Your daily work could be a source of joy and luck for you as well for the next year. Taking more of a keen interest in diet, health, rations, and fitness could also serve you well and improve your quality of life greatly in aome fashion.

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 5th house of fun, flirting, creativity, light heartedness, expression, dating, sex, parties, recreation, playful competition, sports, and children for the next year. Have a blast with this. Take life less seriously, let your hair down, put yourself out there, glam yourself up, as you could enjoy yourself more than you anticipate and feel more confidence than usual under this transit for the next year. Take risks, have fun, and express yourself more, as this could open up your world and bring you luck and abundance Leo. This transit could make you feel more "yourself." This could be a really fun year for dating and exploring your options in love, or simply exploring your creativity and diva like nature with more gusto. Embrace your inner rockstar for the next 13 months. Attend parties, contact your inner child, play dress up, and get creative. It will bring you luck and happiness.

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, foundations, the past, comfort, and.. your mom. You will derive much joy from the simple pleasures of home and hearth for the next year, perhaps expanding upon your home and making it a more jovial atmosphere, adding worldly touches to your abode, or purchasing a new wardrobe and furniture for your pet rocks. Comfort, coziness and safety will make you feel a deep joy for the next year, and feeling rooted will actually expand your world and consciousness. Luck and abundance will flow to you through family, old dusty boxes, and people from your past. This could be a joyfully retiring phase for you, where you really appreciate those quiet, cozy moments in slippers and pajamas, pouring over old photographs and vacation photos with close ones and connecting to your roots. You will enjoy potatoes in new and unusual ways that you never dreamed possible. Anything that enhances your sense of security, comfort and safety will bring you joy, luck, and oppprtunities in the coming 13 months.

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 3rd house of communications, short distance travels, siblings, neighbors, locals, text messaging, emails, phone calls, transportation, errands, rote learning, crossword puzzels, comic books, and the written and spoken word. For the next year, you will really enjoy intellectual stimulation, witty banter, communication, and running around to and fro. Your mental state in general could be more optimistic overall. You will derive luck and abundance through all these avenues as well, so keep your head high, your gift of gab handy, your cell phone charged at all times, and make sure you have a spare tire in your trunk, as you could be doing a lot of running around. You could hear a lot of good news or your world could open up through communications for the next 13 months. Everyone will be blowing up your phone. Your everyday world certainly won't be boring, and there will be plenty to talk about and learn about during this transit. Being communicative in general could bring you joy, luck, and opportunities.

Just because Jupiter has left your sign does not necessarily mean the party is over, it's just shifting gears. You'll experience Jupiters birthday in your 2nd house of earned income, money, values, possesions, self worth and self esteem for the next year. You'll derive joy, luck, and abundance through making yourself feel secure, worthy, and improving your self esteem. You could be expanding upon new ways to make money. Flexing in the mirror and feeling good about yourself will bring you luck and abundance, so know your worth Scorpio. Focusing on your values and what you stand for and perhaps getting really philosophical about this could bring you a feeling of joy in the coming year. Expanding upon what you own or appreciating it in new ways could really make you feel optimistic, like your world is expanding, and you could get lucky trying new ways of earning income in the next 13 months. 

You'll be crowned Jupiter's "teachers pet" for the next 13 months. You'll be in your element with Jupiter in your 1st house of self, ego, and identity. Enjoy the boundless optimism, (just try not to get too carried away, and don't get too cocky about it.) After a long period of seclusion, you'll be coming out of your swampy hermit shell and will really be "feeling yourself." A feeling of restriction melts away in the coming year and the possibilities seem more infinite than before. It's kind of like that scene at the very end of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka takes Charlie up in to the glass elevator. You're Charlie, and Jupiter is Willy Wonka. It's like that...It's kind of a big deal, because this is your ruling planet. Make the most of it, but don't become unrealistic. Do your best to remain grounded and humble, and keep moderation in mind, and you'll derive the most luck from this transit without sowing any unsavory karma for yourself later by acting like any of the other shitty kids in that movie. You don't want any Oompa Loompa's singing songs about you at the end of your Jupiter transit, -but you DO want to enjoy this for everything that it's worth. Take your golden ticket and be like Charlie for the next 13 months-

-(not those other gluttonous little twerps).

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 12th house of seclusion, solitude, psychological health, privacy, secrets, healing, endings, escapism, spirituality, letting go, altered states, and self undoing. For the next 13 months, tou could really enjoy personal down time alone in quiet and peaceful surroundings or in nature. Study and spiritual practices or quiet contemplation or simply just having time to explore your inner workings could appeal to you and bring you much joy in the coming year. You will relish any time you get to just forget that time exists at all and just meander wherever your mind and soul take you. Quiet soul searching, healing, recovery, and recuperation, or anything done behind the scenes could be very rewarding for you and expand your world somehow and bring you luck and abundance. You could be feeling much psychological resillience and people will sense your inner bliss and connection to source energy. Alone will not necessarily mean "lonely" for you in the next year, as you'll experience much joy in your own company or in quiet company. Behind the scenes matters or things done in secret or simply in a quiet, unassuming fashion will bring you great joy. Not everyone will know whats making you so happy, at least, not until you let the cat out of the bag.

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 11th house of friendships, community, hopes, wishes, goals, dreams, and the future. Luck, joy and abundance will flow to you via involvement in groups, social networking, likeminded people, and even the internet. This is where you shine. Inspiring and being inspired by others. You could create a youtube channel and get involved in a global online community, or you could become more socially active in general in your local environment via a more "in the flesh" sort of fashion. In either case, friends and likeminded groups who share your ideals and vision will expand your world and bring you luck in the next 13 months. Fighting the good fight and spreading the good word, perhaps about a social justice cause you are passionate about, or just something you feel will be beneficial to humanity and the planet and create a sense of community and belonging will be an arena you derive much joy from.


You'll enjoy Jupiter's birthday in your 10th house of achievement, reputation, mastery, career, public image, fame, and recognition. You'll derive much joy, luck and abundance through your public life, and a sense of accomplishment. You could enjoy being recognized for what it is you do. You'll derive luck via putting yourself into the public eye more and displaying your work, being recognized for your areas of mastery and expertise. Your dealings with authority figures, VIP'S, higher ups, father figures or other influential men (or matrons) in your life could open up your world and bring you luck and opportunities. You cpuld be recognized as an authority in your line of work, and people could be looking up to you for the next 13 months. Use your influence with care, but by all means, - get known, and enjoy the recognition.