Monday, October 28, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Oct 28th-Nov 3rd 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in Scorpio, where we had a New Moon on Sunday. Here, the Moon sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune, and later, conjuncts Venus. With the Sun in Scorpio still holding a brown note in opposition to Uranus in Taurus, we are forced to adapt to various unpredictable extremes and unknowns that could be a part of our longterm picture for some time to come. This requires having strategies in place, forming plan b’s, and being prepared to innovate. With lunar contact to Venus in the afternoon, this could see comfort levels increase, and later towards evening, lunar contact to Mercury (which is in it’s shadow phase preparing to station retrograde on the 31st), could see some news come in that perhaps swings us back towards a more positive end of the pendulum. The new Moon in Scorpio brought various extremes to the surface, but today could see some more positive and stabilizing trends developing out of what may have been some unusually destabilizing circumstances. This day can also see much empathy for the suffering of others as well, and people can extend their compassion and understanding through tangible gestures. There is a stark determination to perservere and overcome, and much resilience, toughness, and adaptability available under these configurations, with evening lunar contacts to Pluto. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Scorpio still conjunct both Mercury and Venus, and beginning to form a steadily building trine to Chiron, which Venus and Mercury also chime in to trine to. This can create a feeling of coming out on the other side of something, but with Mercury about to station retrograde in Scorpio, we know we haven’t quite seen the last of certain things, and that more innovation and adaptation will be required of us in the future. With trines building to Chiron today, our confidence and strength can feel to once again be on the increase, and in the afternoon, this can be felt more poignantly as the Moon enters optimistic, broad minded Sagittarius, perhaps revealing a silver lining to any tribulations recently endured. This can see the remainder of Tuesday feel mostly optimistic, even though the tensions of the Mars/Saturn square, and the Sun/Uranus opposition, and the impending Mercury retrograde in Scorpio still loom in the background. Something can have us feeling somewhat fortified and more confident, perhaps even adventurous, about whatever challenges lie ahead. 

Today see’s the blue skies thinking Sagittarius Moon square up to Neptune and conjunction to Jupiter, which can definitely see our imaginations stimulated, and perhaps things feel very “in flux” or as of yet, very ungrounded and uncertain. There could be a myriad of possibilities to consider, which can have our thinking all over the place, or lacking in realism, but at least it seems we have a multitude of options or directions that we can go in, thanks to the power of positive thinking. As the day wears on, there can be some positive networking opportunities, and actions can be taken which involve contacts with others, with a lunar sextile to both Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Saggi. This can see us driven towards initiating mutually beneficial arrangements, and there is a bit of a cosmopolitan/networking feel to these configurations. We could be widening our social pool or expanding our horizons through our contacts with others. Perhaps innovating around or through certain blockages or challenges see’s us doing things or talking to people we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of or come into touch with. There’s an adventurous streak running through Wednsday’s skies that could be driven by necessity. In spite of many unknowns, or uncertainties, there is an underlying expansiveness and courage to explore new terrain and take things as they come. 

Happy Samhain/Halloween! Mercury stations retrograde at 27 degrees of Scorpio at 8:41 AM PST this morning.  It seems apropos that this occurs under a Sagittarius lunation, as we definitely need the assistance of mutability as we step into Mercury’s 3 week backward sojourn. Scorpio is do or die, all in or all out, and tends towards black and white thinking, but under a Mercury retrograde in this all or nothing sign, it’s important to remain flexible, open ended, and open minded, and to try to avoid overcommitting to things, people, or situations that either haven’t been properly shit tested, or that you simply haven’t uncovered all the variables involved. This backtrack through this intense and brooding sign can see a lot come to the surface, and can provide us all with an opportunity to make peace with inner demons, skeletons in closets, matters regarding intimacy, merging, trust, bonding, sharing, boundaries, fears, traumas/trauma programming, obsessions, compulsions, dominance, submission, power, and control, unsolved mysteries, all things taboo, transformations, transmutation, rebirth, and the darker, sometimes uncomfortable or scary side of life. This isn’t necessarily a good time to forge totally new commitments (or intimate bonds), but is a great time to reflect upon and analyze deeper matters, and go over old ground, in order to fully graduate from some bullshit. This can see people, issues, feelings, fears, obsessions, compulsions, or fixations we thought were done and dusted, resurface for some kind of acknowledgment, resolution, reckoning,  revolution, evolution, or transformation. Thursday evening see’s the Moon enter serious Capricorn, bringing with it a swift reality check and a need to improvise. With a lunar trine to Uranus in Taurus, and a square to Chiron, someones cool, detached,  independent or difficult to pin down  demeanor can cause someone else to feel wounded, slighted, or sensitive. It probably isn’t even personal, but practical. Needless to say, this weekend can see some interesting developments, and things can stray from the established norm, but this may have been an entirely planned detour that was agreed to behind the scenes. Some people can be kept on a “need to know” basis, or people can simply be more conservative, reserved, strategic or private regarding their plans or communications, which can leave certain others taking it rather personally, or caught by surprise by a display of independence detachment, and autonomy that has perhaps been long simmering below the surface amidst a myriad of complex, sensitive, private, or difficult to discuss feelings.


The traditional “Day Of The Dead” see’s the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, trine Uranus, sextile the Sun in Scorpio, and square Chiron in Aries. If anything, it is revelatory, sobering, and refreshing all at once. As noted in the previous day’s astrology, there could be a bid for independence, apparent change of plans, or a cool, detached demeanor that perhaps rubs someone the wrong way, catches them off guard, or causes a certain awkwardness or sensitivity. The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune, so compassion, understanding, and empathy is available, so if you have to let someone down, do your best to do so with sensitivity. With so many planets in Scorpio, and having dipped freshly into a Mercury retrograde in this sensitive sign, it isn’t difficult to trigger peoples insecurities and they can be very close to the surface. Even if there is a strong facade, be sensitive to the undercurrents and don’t be fooled into feeling that due sensitivity need not be applied. With a lunar conjunction to Saturn and square to Chiron, someone could be feeling the cold sting of reality extra much this weekend, so apply compassion and empathy as much as is practically feasible, but don’t be a martyr or break your back carrying the burdens or insecurities of others. Venus at 29 degrees of Scorpio with Mars still square to Saturn suggests some could be feeling an urgency, impatience, compulsivity, insecurity, or some other extreme emotions that require resolution, so best to tread on the side of compassion this weekend as people reach key breakthroughs. Venus enters freedom and wide open spaces loving Sagittarius at 1:25 PM PST today, placing emphasis on a more “philosophical”, expansive, broad, and open ended approach to relationships (business and personal) and money, for a cycle. This leaves a lot of room for people to think and to maneuver themselves while they go over and ruminate over the deeper issues that Mercury in Scorpio intends to sift, sort, and analyze, while Venus in Sagittarius seeks meaning, broad horizons, freedom to explore and learn (and freedom to fumble.) In the early evening, the Moon squares Mars and conjuncts Pluto, which can see some irritability, frustration, crankiness, and some rather intense, miffed feelings, (potentially even submerged hostilities). Mars in Libra tends to want to avoid confrontation as much as possible, and someone could be impossible to pin down one way or the other, which can create some rather intense undercurrents. A lunar sextile to Neptune can provide a modestly soothing ointment to the burn in the PM hours. 

This morning begins on a somewhat tenuous note, with the Moon in Cap still square Mars and conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. Someone is definitely miffed or disappointed. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and the Suns contact to Neptune and opposition to Uranus suggest some sort of “escape plan.” It bears mentioning that Pluto has also joined Saturn in a square to Mars, so intense frustrations around blockages have begun to get under the skin and reach potentially obsessive degrees that seek resolution and want to get to the bottom of things in an all or nothing way. With Mars in partnership oriented Libra, this can be in regards to relationships to others, and sussing out our own and/or other peoples motives or intentions. But with the Sun in opposition to Uranus and trine Neptune, people (ourselves included), can be slippery, elusive, difficult to pin down or define. This can make those of a more definitive temperament feel insecure or uneasy. Yet the more you seek to control or define others, the slipperier they become. Mars in Libra is still weighing things out, the Mercury retrograde in deep and probing Scorpio will assist in our ability to follow our instincts to their natural conclusions, while Venus in Sagittarius will keep our heads up and horizons open, lest we get too much of a one track mind or obsess/fixate unhelpfully on one specific person, conversation, or situation. In the afternoon, the Moon in late Capricorn  makes a sextile to Mercury Rx in Scorpio, helping to ease tensions through having private discussions, perhaps with trusted confidants. This see’s the evening rather absorbed by intense, serious, or somewhat taboo, secretive, or private discussions or plans. Maybe some needed truth telling, or certain confessions or submerged facts come to the surface. Superficiality won’t really be appreciated under these configurations, as it isn’t the most frivolous mathscape, but ripe with privileged intel and substantive contact.

This morning see’s the Moon enter emotionally detached Aquarius, to sextile Venus in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries, and square Uranus in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. The emphasis is on FREEDOM, (in all caps.) Has someone made a break for it? It appears to be for the best. If you have a possessive or controlling nature, this could be a somewhat uncomfortable time, as people can be feeling a need for more personal space, freedom, and independence, and can rebel against anything that feels too confining or binding. This can also see things be shaken up, and some new, unexpected, or interesting variables can be thrown into the equation that can create a bit of a shock or a need to adapt/acclimate to whatever this “new normal” is going to be. It could be extremely refreshing and exciting to some, but a bit unsettling to others. Someone could go “full feral,” or behave in ways or do or say things that depart from the usual or what’s normal to them, but maybe this is what’s needed, and will introduce just the right wild cards that wind up producing truly therapeutic results. With Both Venus and Mercury Rx in trine to Chiron, beneficial contacts or discussions can be made/had that put us in the right place, at the right time, and in touch with the right people, even if we have to venture outside our comfort zone or shake up the status quo a little bit. These are some ultra liberating, (if somewhat destabilizing) configurations that can see us positively catalyzed into action and initiation, particularly in regards to relations with others (business and personal), next week. It won’t be entirely without it’s tensions to navigate, but there’s signs of some positive longterm developments.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Oct 21st-27th 2019.

This morning starts out with the Moon in late Cancer, where there were perhaps some rather tense situations or awkward power dynamics to navigate, things to process and integrate, and/or deep rest over the weekend. Things could be slowly coming to a head, and require a strategy. Around 10 AM PST, the Moon enters Leo and the pace/mood shifts considerably, lightening up a bit, and bringing a bit more playfulness to the table. A lunar square to the Sun in late Libra, Uranus in Taurus, and a trine to Chiron in Aries suggests some interpersonal tensions requiring us to improvise, adapt, and overcome. There will certainly be some surprises in store, dirt uncovered, or totally unexpected/unanticipated shifts going down in the next few weeks, that can keep us on our toes. Today can see some efforts towards compromises, healing, and diplomacy, in spite of, and perhaps because of a subtly competitive, diva like, petty, or even theatrical backdrop or set of interpersonal dynamics, where perhaps some rather odd, or even downright shitty compromises have been/are being made, that simply can’t continue any longer. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio demand authenticity, sincerity, -even if it’s dark and uncomfortable, while Mars in Libra in increasing tension with Saturn feels pressured towards interpersonally “correct” behavior. As this square between Mars and Saturn strengthens over this week, it’s like driving with the E break on, and it slows things down, enforces boundaries between ourselves and others, creates resistance, and gives reason for pause and due consideration. Nothing needs to move too fast.

This morning see’s the Moon in Leo square Venus in Scorpio and sextile Mars in Libra. This can see an increase in pep, self assurance, and assertiveness, but also some subtle undercurrents of tension, drama, over idealization, intrigue, or resistance. A lunar trine to Jupiter ramps up the energy to make for some pretty bold moves, confident or even generous gestures or dramatic displays, whereas some people can be feeling more shy, timid, cautious, vulnerable or reserved. Maybe it’s hard to be real or express something? Conversely, this could see some people get things off their chests, purge, or unload some things they’ve carried around for too long. It can be a creative, theatrical energy, and with the Sun at 29 degrees Libra, decisive turning points with others can be underway. Saturn’s increasing tension with Mars civilizes and tames the demons of Venus in Scorpio’s boundary dissolving, if somewhat intimidating contacts to Neptune and Pluto. 

The Sun moves into Scorpio today at 10:20 AM PST, shifting the emphasis into deeper waters, and further intensifying and shedding light to the threads that Mercury and Venus have started. Here, things can take a decisive shift, and certain things can begin to come to light. There can be a somewhat dramatic flair to Wednsday’s skies. Around 1 PM the Moon moves into anxious, perfectionistic, and earthy Virgo, to trine Uranus in Taurus. This can be a busy, somewhat nervous, scattered energy, that brings excitement, innovation, unpredictability, independence, and unconventionality to the fore. Shit is getting real. Shit is getting weird. Shit is getting real weird. Not necessarily “bad” weird. Just.. unusual to whatever “the norm” has been. Glitches or upsets in routine can be a factor. Curve balls. Unpredictability. Surprises. Randomness. Lots of little annoyances or things to manage and obstacles to improvise around. Expect the unexpected, and try to stay grounded.

Today can see some unusual experiences, and lunar contacts to Saturn and Pluto can create some inner and outer stability, even if there are some frustrations or vague uncertainties. Around 3 PM PST, the Moon in Virgo sextiles Venus in Scorpio. Combined with the Moon’s opposition to Neptune and square to Jupiter, this can create a pleasing, somewhat indulgent, artsy, and charming vibe, but can also see a lack of realism, rose tinted glasses, or over idealization. Slow down on the edibles, turbo. The Sun’s opposition to Uranus can create some unpredictable circumstances or elements that throw wrenches into things, and this can see every day matters like routine, health, diet, work, hygiene, pets, fitness, details, nuts, bolts, and regiment (Virgo ruled stuffs), thrown off, or just need to be completely rearranged, worked around, adjusted, and adapted to. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. There might even be some pleasant diversions from the norm.


Today can see some juicy details come out in conversation, with a lunar trine to investigative and probing Pluto, a square to generous Jupiter, and a sextile to Mercury, it can be easy to overshare. Take care not to hurt peoples feelings, as there can be some (hyper)sensitivity in the air with a potential towards harshness (ironically), as the Moon enters Libra to conjunct Mars and oppose Chiron in Aries in the afternoon. Otherwise, for better or worse, Friday can be very focused on interactions with others. Handle with Care.

Today adds in a lunar square to Saturn alongside it’s Mars conjunction, which can call for some maturity, wisdom, diplomacy, and restraint. As the Mars/Saturn square becomes more exact (becoming exact tomorrow at 15 degrees) certain energies have been building up and something’s got to give. Same warning applies as yesterday, in that it’s best to avoid being overly harsh, brash, rash, impulsive, or punitive. There could be intense feelings, instincts, and power dynamics under the surface with Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, and lunar squares to Saturn and Pluto. The tightening Mars/Saturn square goes to battle with demons.

Sunday morning kicks off with the Moon in late Libra sextile to Jupiter, offering a more generous assessment of others, and an ease to tensions or challenges, even in the face of intense weirdness or emotional disquiet. Around 2 PM PST, the Moon enters deep and secretive Scorpio in the lead up to the New Moon that occurs this evening at 8:39 PM. This new Moon can feel a bit destabilizing as it heavily involves Uranus, emphasizing shock, change, and unpredictability. Nothing is certain, except uncertainty, and there can be inner conflict experienced, as well as emotional changeability. The Mars/Saturn square is exact today, adding a push/pull dynamic where part of us wants to lunge forward and part of us wants to hold back, and the Moon in Scorpio can see intense feelings, instincts and urges involved. 

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a number one super instant success forever type of week. See you next Monday. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Oct 14th-20th 2019.

We begin the week still reeling but “coming down” from the full Moon in Aries. With Mars in Libra in stark opposition to Chiron, there is a lot of vulnerability at stake and things must be weighed carefully. The Moon moves into earthy Taurus at 9:24 AM PST, to oppose Venus in Scorpio and conjunct Uranus. This can bring some surprises or revelations, or buried feelings or information can come to light. There can be some profound and surprising exchanges, or an unexpected detour from previous plans. There can be a desire for more creature comforts under this lunation, and energy levels can be more erratic. Finding a balance between our needs and those of others is a real life video game today. Much transpired between ourselves and others at the full Moon, and it can take some time for everything to “settle”and find a groove. Mars isn’t as comfortable taking action in Libra, and prefers to prevaricate and weigh things up before making decisive or irrevocable moves. There may be some vulnerability or insecurity with the opposition to Chiron that impedes a more decisive confidence or causes us to second guess ourselves. But with Mercury and Venus both in deep and probing Scorpio, it’s an excellent time for gathering intel, sussing out the ‘lay of the land’, having honest, private exchanges, reflecting, and forming a strategy.

Today see’s the Taurus Moon in opposition to both Mercury and Venus, trine Saturn and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. Balancing our needs with those of others, and between head and heart, is still a primary focus, but today brings a bit more stability, -and we can relish the challenge. With a lunar sextile to Neptune, we can also literally be “feeling things out”, and our sensitivity to aesthetics, beauty, and our environment, as well as cues from others, can be increased. There can be some empathic or compassionate exchanges. In spite of some latent self doubts, or potentially lingering sensitivities, it’s a cozy, down to earth vibe with a focus on making life more pleasant through simple things and humble gestures. Food, music, dancing, hugs, and pleasure through the 5 senses, all make life a little sweeter, and work feel a little less like “work”. The positive lunar connections to Saturn and Pluto stabilizes and enhances things.

Wednesday can see some “fated” feeling occurrences, due to a lunar/Vertex conjunction. Situations involving others can alter the course of things, and there can be much to consider. With both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio trining up to Neptune, there is a dreamy quality that can be rather intoxicating to the senses. Drug like even. Maybe everyone gets blasted today. I don’t know. I’m an astrologer. Not a pharmacist. But if you do imbibe, take care not to have a case of foot in mouth disease, as a Mercury sesqisquare to Chiron can see some people forgetting to think before they speak, -but maybe this is a good thing that is simply meant to happen. Mercury forming a sextile to Pluto suggests some privileged information coming to light, or some deals being struck. Discussions can tread into deeper waters with talks of merging assets or energy in some beneficial way. In either case, this day injects some interesting and pleasant diversions from the norm, and cuts right to the chase. The imagination can be pleasantly stirred and there can be some healing experiences. At 7:30 PM PST, the Moon shifts into curious and talkative Gemini, to sextile Chiron in Aries. Conversations had now can be compassionate, healing and edifying. There can even be discussions of physical and emotional healing modalities that transpire, with fortunate results. A lunar trine to Mars in Libra can see us driven to communicate with others. 

With the Moon still in talkative, multitasking Gemini today, trine Mars in Libra, we can be chatty Cathys with others, and our confidence and motivation is increased when it comes to wanting to open up and talk with others. This is a rather busy energy, that can easily see people spread rather thinly with a need to be here, there, everywhere.  Mercury and Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune also suggests some sort of disinhibition occurring that loosens peoples tongues and gets them wanting to talk, talk, talk, and break through limitations. It can be healing to do so. Make sure to remember to tend to yourself and your well being, as this energy can sweep us up in fervent interaction or communication with others, so remember to pause in order to do things like breathe, drink water, practice self care, etc. It can be a busy time, but there is definitely some optimism, passion and enthusiasm. With a lunar opposition to Jupiter later on, there can be some indulgence in the air, but a lunar quincunx to Saturn can also make us cautious about trying new things or taking things too far, or there can be certain factors that simply don't allow for the levels of indulgence we actually desire, (nervous exhaustion, or an under the weather feeling), which creates some temperance, moderation, and reigns us in a bit. A Venus sextile to Saturn can see some positive, stabilizing energy with good long term trends in regards to partnerships, money, self worth, and the pleasures of life. It’s a cooperative, “building” and powerful merging type energy that is mutually beneficial.


Friday can see some fated discussions, news, or communication, with yet another lunar/Vertex conjunction, this time in Gemini. A quincunx to Pluto can see some obsessive focus, perhaps to the point of losing objectivity. So if you find yourself fixating or ruminating on something excessively to the point where it’s depriving you of peace, or leaving you frayed around the edges, try to take a step back from it, slow down your thinking and speaking, expand your reference points, soothe the nervous system, and broaden your horizons. But most importantly, just ...slow down... and make sure you’re present to the moment that is right now. With the Moon trine the Sun, there is a laid back, easy going energy available. A lunar square to Chiron that forms Friday evening can see people working things out in themselves privately within their own minds, or via discreet communications with others. Perhaps there's just a lot going on all at once and the nervous system is a bit overwrought. Try not to overthink things.

Saturday morning begins with the Moon entering sensitive, and comfort seeking Cancer. This creates an… interesting set of aspects, with a square to Chiron in Aries, and Mars in Libra, a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a trine to Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. There is definitely something intense and catalyzing about this lunation. Perhaps it’s best not to judge or deny whatever it is we are experiencing today. There can be some epiphanies or instant revelations, or an opportunity to express our individuality in some way. Maybe some emotional experience functions as some kind of catalyst and touches us deeply. With lunar/Saturn opposition, and Saturn trine to Venus, and the Moon trine Venus as well, it’s possible someone or something has lowered our defenses and sparked some sort of change and a positive transformation is underway, but there's still some less glamorous, practical reality checks to deal with. There could be some irritability, perhaps some grumpiness, some people could be feeling a bit quick tempered, cut off, under the weather, lonely, mildly bummed, disappointed  or frustrated with limiting circumstances, with the Moon square Mars and opposition Saturn. There is a lot going on under the surface. Fortunately, a trine to Venus and Neptune provides enough sensitivity, intuition, empathy, diplomacy and compassion to help to balance out the typically rougher edges of the Cancer lunation. 

Sunday we see the Cancer Moon trine Mercury, Venus, and Neptune, and oppose both Pluto and Saturn, and square the Sun in Libra, while the irritable square to Mars fades out. A good day to apply unconditional love, nurturing, care and compassion, liberally, to the self and to others. Perhaps also a good day to examine the ways in which you limit yourself, or limit life. This can present an opportunity to let go of ingrained habits or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential, or at least make us aware of what it is we need to take care of in order to more fully expand our joy. The lunar trine to Mercury can see emotions communicated with more ease than usual, and the mind and heart can be more in sync. But the opposition to Pluto can see a potential for some drama, conflict, or intensity, so again, if you encounter others who are feeling threatened by change, apply compassion and empathy liberally. If you yourself are feeling intense or threatened by change, or  and find tryyourself dwelling on more intense matters or "taboo" topics that provoke fear or uncertainty, maybe channel the intensity into a creative project to calm and steady the emotions and work on feelings of acceptance around things you can’t control. The potential to talk intense feelings out or discuss otherwise rather uncomfortable issues is high as well, and can create opportunities for soothing and reassurance, so don’t be afraid to reach out to others. 

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Oct 7th-13th 2019.

The majority of Monday see’s us absorbing some shocks to the system, (not necessarily negative,) just a series of intense downloads to the nervous system that introduced some new, exciting elements into our situations. Upgraded and optimized via the pressure of the Moon rolling in Capricorn next to Saturn and Pluto all weekend that continues to push us to new levels. This may have made it hard to squeeze in time for fun and pleasure, but didn’t stop the push towards new alliances forming. With the Moon in Aquarius forming a trine to the Sun and Mars in “other oriented” Libra, we kick off the week with our nervous systems pleasantly keyed up, and the focus is very much on new alliances and/or simply new situations involving others, and adapting and acclimatizing accordingly, but it seems a pleasure and beneficial to do so. The Moons square to Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus suggest that some major transformations are under way, that have potentially deeper implications than we may be aware of on the surface, but that we may sense, and there can be a desire to dig deeper and learn as much as possible. Monday evening can see communication, reading, writing, investigating, or learning under the spotlight, and our curiosity can be piqued. 

This morning begins on a pleasant note, with the Moon trine the Sun in Libra and sextile to Jupiter. Venus moves into deep and probing Scorpio around 10 am PST, shifting the focus on to deepening new or existing alliances.  Some new elements introduced by others, or new alliances formed can be having us feeling that our worlds are pleasantly expanding, and there is a general optimism and excitement in the air, and a desire to merge forces. Later in the afternoon, this jubilant energy doubles, as the Sun in Libra also forms a sextile to Jupiter. There is definitely some kind of pleasant expansiveness being emphasized that involves deepening our connections and alliances with others. With the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Libra, “new alliances” is a phrase I’m peppering into this a lot, because Libra rules partnerships and Aquarius rules all things new, untried, untested, unorthodox, futuristic. So a lot of what is happening now involves people and situations that represent “new territory.” A lunar trine to Venus Tuesday evening puts a cherry on top of the already generous, expansive, and optimistic vibe, seeing Tuesday close out with an emphasis on pleasant exchanges and connections with others.

The Moon moves from detached Aquarius into sensitive Pisces at 9:06 AM PST, trining both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. This could see some bonding moments between ourselves and others, mutual dependence, or simply a lot of empathy and implicit understanding. People helping people. An afternoon lunar sextile to Uranus could show some pleasant surprises, clever innovations, or refreshing, revealing, or enlightening personal exchanges, outings, or occurrences that could have a serendipity about them. Pluto squaring the Sun in Libra show some deep transformations occurring that revolve around our interactions with others, or others being a catalyst in our lives for transformation. This can also be a challenging energy that requires cooperation with powerful forces, and our worlds could be totally transformed by what is unfolding. A lot of what has been transpiring has been totally and completely unexpected, -but in a positive way, that has perhaps thrown us for a loop and required us to spontaneously adapt. It could be challenging, but is ultimately for the good.

Thursday we see the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, trine Mercury, sextile Saturn, and square Jupiter, and later goes on to sextile Pluto. Perhaps we can’t believe our own luck, but the stability implicated by the lunar trine to Saturn has us rubbing our eyes and doing a double take at the fact that yes, this is really your life, this is really actually happening. This can see our ideals piqued, and our imaginations can be reeling with hopes, fears, fantasies, and the infinite possibilities that are placed before us. The lunar square to Jupiter can be rather indulgent, and boundaries can certainly blur as the Pisces Moon and Mercury and Venus in Scorpio melt and penetrate walls and defenses as we lead up to the Aries Full Moon on Sunday.


Friday see’s the Moon in Pisces until the PM hours. This can see an indulgent, spaced out, imaginative, idealistic and sensitive day for the most part, and the feelings are very much engaged and involved. There can be a hint of romanticism under these configurations, as well as a keen sense of aesthetics, so excellent for artists and creative folk, and for wistful daydreaming in general, but the day itself has a rather passive vibe. In the PM hours of Friday, at 9:46 PM PST, the Moon shifts into Aries, seeing a much more assertive energy take hold. This see’s the Moon conjoin Chiron and oppose Mars in Libra, creating a sort of “ready or not here I come” vibe. It can feel challenging to feel vulnerable, but someone’s confidence or assertiveness can be disarming, and the pressure to come out of our shells, or to go along with the wishes of others can feel too great to withstand or resist. Finding a balance between our own needs or pace and those of others can be the challenge at this lunation, and the emphasis is very much on adapting ourselves to others.

Saturday can be rather energetic, and see some mild irritation and/or vulnerability. In the afternoon, the Aries Moon squares up to Saturn, perhaps putting the brakes on initiatives or assertiveness somehow, and there could be some impatience or a conflict of pace or style, or simply some inhibitions, but it doesn’t seem significant, as the Mercury/Neptune trine, and the Mercury/Saturn sextile creates room for a lot of empathy, patience, and understanding. In an unspoken, silent way, defenses are being penetrated, and certain things may all be a simple matter of timing.
The Mars/Chiron opposition however, can see us taking certain differences of pace/style/timing rather personally. Fortunately, we see the Moon form a trine to Jupiter which positively energizes and enthuses, even as old vulnerabilities are triggered. It’s happening in a way that is beneficial that suggests that perhaps we want to give into others, and there could be some adventurous plans in the making. As the Moon is waxing to culmination here, feelings can be over exaggerated, so it’s important to maintain perspective, and repeat often to yourself and others “The moon is full.” Perhaps even howl if you can get away with it without being evicted or fired.

Sunday see’s the Full Moon in Aries culminate at 2:08 PM PST. Pluto is very much involved in the proceedings, so this signals some powerful, intense and transformative stuff.  With a lunar opposition to the Sun, trine to Jupiter, and Saturn and Pluto holding squares to the Sun and Moon, major stuff is going down between ourselves and others, and in spite of the apparent tension present, it looks to ultimately be verythe machinations of positive breakthroughs, as Jupiter places a stamp of approval on whatever or whoever we’re dealing with, so if you’re a bit nervous, or even if things feel a tad "major", it’s understandable, but it looks set to be the foundations for something positive with longterm implications that include stable growth, even if there are certain heavier undercurrents going on in the background or under the surface.