Astrology For The Week Of Oct 28th-Nov 3rd 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in Scorpio, where we had a New Moon on Sunday. Here, the Moon sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune, and later, conjuncts Venus. With the Sun in Scorpio still holding a brown note in opposition to Uranus in Taurus, we are forced to adapt to various unpredictable extremes and unknowns that could be a part of our longterm picture for some time to come. This requires having strategies in place, forming plan b’s, and being prepared to innovate. With lunar contact to Venus in the afternoon, this could see comfort levels increase, and later towards evening, lunar contact to Mercury (which is in it’s shadow phase preparing to station retrograde on the 31st), could see some news come in that perhaps swings us back towards a more positive end of the pendulum. The new Moon in Scorpio brought various extremes to the surface, but today could see some more positive and stabilizing trends developing out of what may have been some unusually destabilizing circumstances. This day can also see much empathy for the suffering of others as well, and people can extend their compassion and understanding through tangible gestures. There is a stark determination to perservere and overcome, and much resilience, toughness, and adaptability available under these configurations, with evening lunar contacts to Pluto. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Scorpio still conjunct both Mercury and Venus, and beginning to form a steadily building trine to Chiron, which Venus and Mercury also chime in to trine to. This can create a feeling of coming out on the other side of something, but with Mercury about to station retrograde in Scorpio, we know we haven’t quite seen the last of certain things, and that more innovation and adaptation will be required of us in the future. With trines building to Chiron today, our confidence and strength can feel to once again be on the increase, and in the afternoon, this can be felt more poignantly as the Moon enters optimistic, broad minded Sagittarius, perhaps revealing a silver lining to any tribulations recently endured. This can see the remainder of Tuesday feel mostly optimistic, even though the tensions of the Mars/Saturn square, and the Sun/Uranus opposition, and the impending Mercury retrograde in Scorpio still loom in the background. Something can have us feeling somewhat fortified and more confident, perhaps even adventurous, about whatever challenges lie ahead. 

Today see’s the blue skies thinking Sagittarius Moon square up to Neptune and conjunction to Jupiter, which can definitely see our imaginations stimulated, and perhaps things feel very “in flux” or as of yet, very ungrounded and uncertain. There could be a myriad of possibilities to consider, which can have our thinking all over the place, or lacking in realism, but at least it seems we have a multitude of options or directions that we can go in, thanks to the power of positive thinking. As the day wears on, there can be some positive networking opportunities, and actions can be taken which involve contacts with others, with a lunar sextile to both Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Saggi. This can see us driven towards initiating mutually beneficial arrangements, and there is a bit of a cosmopolitan/networking feel to these configurations. We could be widening our social pool or expanding our horizons through our contacts with others. Perhaps innovating around or through certain blockages or challenges see’s us doing things or talking to people we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of or come into touch with. There’s an adventurous streak running through Wednsday’s skies that could be driven by necessity. In spite of many unknowns, or uncertainties, there is an underlying expansiveness and courage to explore new terrain and take things as they come. 

Happy Samhain/Halloween! Mercury stations retrograde at 27 degrees of Scorpio at 8:41 AM PST this morning.  It seems apropos that this occurs under a Sagittarius lunation, as we definitely need the assistance of mutability as we step into Mercury’s 3 week backward sojourn. Scorpio is do or die, all in or all out, and tends towards black and white thinking, but under a Mercury retrograde in this all or nothing sign, it’s important to remain flexible, open ended, and open minded, and to try to avoid overcommitting to things, people, or situations that either haven’t been properly shit tested, or that you simply haven’t uncovered all the variables involved. This backtrack through this intense and brooding sign can see a lot come to the surface, and can provide us all with an opportunity to make peace with inner demons, skeletons in closets, matters regarding intimacy, merging, trust, bonding, sharing, boundaries, fears, traumas/trauma programming, obsessions, compulsions, dominance, submission, power, and control, unsolved mysteries, all things taboo, transformations, transmutation, rebirth, and the darker, sometimes uncomfortable or scary side of life. This isn’t necessarily a good time to forge totally new commitments (or intimate bonds), but is a great time to reflect upon and analyze deeper matters, and go over old ground, in order to fully graduate from some bullshit. This can see people, issues, feelings, fears, obsessions, compulsions, or fixations we thought were done and dusted, resurface for some kind of acknowledgment, resolution, reckoning,  revolution, evolution, or transformation. Thursday evening see’s the Moon enter serious Capricorn, bringing with it a swift reality check and a need to improvise. With a lunar trine to Uranus in Taurus, and a square to Chiron, someones cool, detached,  independent or difficult to pin down  demeanor can cause someone else to feel wounded, slighted, or sensitive. It probably isn’t even personal, but practical. Needless to say, this weekend can see some interesting developments, and things can stray from the established norm, but this may have been an entirely planned detour that was agreed to behind the scenes. Some people can be kept on a “need to know” basis, or people can simply be more conservative, reserved, strategic or private regarding their plans or communications, which can leave certain others taking it rather personally, or caught by surprise by a display of independence detachment, and autonomy that has perhaps been long simmering below the surface amidst a myriad of complex, sensitive, private, or difficult to discuss feelings.


The traditional “Day Of The Dead” see’s the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, trine Uranus, sextile the Sun in Scorpio, and square Chiron in Aries. If anything, it is revelatory, sobering, and refreshing all at once. As noted in the previous day’s astrology, there could be a bid for independence, apparent change of plans, or a cool, detached demeanor that perhaps rubs someone the wrong way, catches them off guard, or causes a certain awkwardness or sensitivity. The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune, so compassion, understanding, and empathy is available, so if you have to let someone down, do your best to do so with sensitivity. With so many planets in Scorpio, and having dipped freshly into a Mercury retrograde in this sensitive sign, it isn’t difficult to trigger peoples insecurities and they can be very close to the surface. Even if there is a strong facade, be sensitive to the undercurrents and don’t be fooled into feeling that due sensitivity need not be applied. With a lunar conjunction to Saturn and square to Chiron, someone could be feeling the cold sting of reality extra much this weekend, so apply compassion and empathy as much as is practically feasible, but don’t be a martyr or break your back carrying the burdens or insecurities of others. Venus at 29 degrees of Scorpio with Mars still square to Saturn suggests some could be feeling an urgency, impatience, compulsivity, insecurity, or some other extreme emotions that require resolution, so best to tread on the side of compassion this weekend as people reach key breakthroughs. Venus enters freedom and wide open spaces loving Sagittarius at 1:25 PM PST today, placing emphasis on a more “philosophical”, expansive, broad, and open ended approach to relationships (business and personal) and money, for a cycle. This leaves a lot of room for people to think and to maneuver themselves while they go over and ruminate over the deeper issues that Mercury in Scorpio intends to sift, sort, and analyze, while Venus in Sagittarius seeks meaning, broad horizons, freedom to explore and learn (and freedom to fumble.) In the early evening, the Moon squares Mars and conjuncts Pluto, which can see some irritability, frustration, crankiness, and some rather intense, miffed feelings, (potentially even submerged hostilities). Mars in Libra tends to want to avoid confrontation as much as possible, and someone could be impossible to pin down one way or the other, which can create some rather intense undercurrents. A lunar sextile to Neptune can provide a modestly soothing ointment to the burn in the PM hours. 

This morning begins on a somewhat tenuous note, with the Moon in Cap still square Mars and conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. Someone is definitely miffed or disappointed. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and the Suns contact to Neptune and opposition to Uranus suggest some sort of “escape plan.” It bears mentioning that Pluto has also joined Saturn in a square to Mars, so intense frustrations around blockages have begun to get under the skin and reach potentially obsessive degrees that seek resolution and want to get to the bottom of things in an all or nothing way. With Mars in partnership oriented Libra, this can be in regards to relationships to others, and sussing out our own and/or other peoples motives or intentions. But with the Sun in opposition to Uranus and trine Neptune, people (ourselves included), can be slippery, elusive, difficult to pin down or define. This can make those of a more definitive temperament feel insecure or uneasy. Yet the more you seek to control or define others, the slipperier they become. Mars in Libra is still weighing things out, the Mercury retrograde in deep and probing Scorpio will assist in our ability to follow our instincts to their natural conclusions, while Venus in Sagittarius will keep our heads up and horizons open, lest we get too much of a one track mind or obsess/fixate unhelpfully on one specific person, conversation, or situation. In the afternoon, the Moon in late Capricorn  makes a sextile to Mercury Rx in Scorpio, helping to ease tensions through having private discussions, perhaps with trusted confidants. This see’s the evening rather absorbed by intense, serious, or somewhat taboo, secretive, or private discussions or plans. Maybe some needed truth telling, or certain confessions or submerged facts come to the surface. Superficiality won’t really be appreciated under these configurations, as it isn’t the most frivolous mathscape, but ripe with privileged intel and substantive contact.

This morning see’s the Moon enter emotionally detached Aquarius, to sextile Venus in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries, and square Uranus in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. The emphasis is on FREEDOM, (in all caps.) Has someone made a break for it? It appears to be for the best. If you have a possessive or controlling nature, this could be a somewhat uncomfortable time, as people can be feeling a need for more personal space, freedom, and independence, and can rebel against anything that feels too confining or binding. This can also see things be shaken up, and some new, unexpected, or interesting variables can be thrown into the equation that can create a bit of a shock or a need to adapt/acclimate to whatever this “new normal” is going to be. It could be extremely refreshing and exciting to some, but a bit unsettling to others. Someone could go “full feral,” or behave in ways or do or say things that depart from the usual or what’s normal to them, but maybe this is what’s needed, and will introduce just the right wild cards that wind up producing truly therapeutic results. With Both Venus and Mercury Rx in trine to Chiron, beneficial contacts or discussions can be made/had that put us in the right place, at the right time, and in touch with the right people, even if we have to venture outside our comfort zone or shake up the status quo a little bit. These are some ultra liberating, (if somewhat destabilizing) configurations that can see us positively catalyzed into action and initiation, particularly in regards to relations with others (business and personal), next week. It won’t be entirely without it’s tensions to navigate, but there’s signs of some positive longterm developments.


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