Monday, September 26, 2022



The Moon is in Libra trine Mars and Saturn and opposite Chiron, while Mercury is conjunct Venus and opposite Neptune. There can be a floating feeling of uncertainty and dreaminess that permeates the background, with a lot of little things to look after and address. The Moon trine Mars and Saturn is helpful here, in that it’s focused and productive, and able to hone in on what’s within it’s control. The Sun opposite Jupiter see’s a focus on growth and expansion. Partnerships are strongly highlighted, but so is simply bringing things into balance. This is the final week of Mercury retrograde, as it stations direct on Sunday. There will still be a shadow phase to wade through, but things can finally start to get back on track. The week get's better as it progresses, and Venus' entry into Libra on Thursday helps to create more harmony and balance. 


Today kicks off with an even more concentrated effort, with the Moon trine Mars and Saturn in the early morning hours, but also square Pluto. With Venus and Mercury both trine Pluto, there’s a desire here to tie up loose ends and make way for some sweeping changes, clearing the path for easier, or more balanced times that can see more opportunities for growth. The Moon enters Scorpio at 4:15 PM PST, seeing a reflective and strategic atmosphere take hold as it makes trines to both Pallas and Juno. Mercury and Venus both opposite Neptune and trine Pluto can see a lot of dreaming and visualization, but also letting go and releasing of what’s no longer workable, making way for radical change and clearing out.


The Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus and squares Saturn, while making a semisquare to Venus in 29 degrees of Virgo today. Emotions can be up and down, and there can be a certain restlessness or unpredictability to manage. This can see a desire for change, illumination, or to shake things up, but there can be an inner conflict around how to best go about something. The Sun opposite Jupiter doubles down on the theme of striking a balance between stability and adventure, but there can be some things to look forward to and things can feel more positive by the days end. Venus in 29 degrees Virgo can see peak productivity, but simultaneously, a desire to break free from being too trapped in the process of ones own success and enrichment. This can see something being successfully wrapped up, or a rut of some kind being broken out of, which can see a lot of optimism.


Venus enters Libra at 12:49 AM PST, seeing the planet of love, money, beauty, peace, and pleasure kicking off a cycle where she is in her element. At it’s zenith degree, Libra is still very much chipping away at things, somewhat doubtful about the decisions being made, and still trying to get things “just right”. Opposite Jupiter however, there’s a lot of optimism, positivity and expansiveness, a lot to look forward to. There can be a feeling that a new era is kicking off. The Moon in Scorpio is sextile Mercury Rx in Virgo, emphasizing loose ends and taking care of last minute details. The earlier part of the day can be more challenging than the later part, as the Moon goes on to trine Jupiter and enters Sagittarius at 9:03 PM PST, seeing a whole lot of optimism and an adventurous atmosphere. 


The Moon in Sagittarius sextile the Sun in Libra and forms a trine to Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. This can see some feelings of relief, with reasons to feel reinvigorated, energized and optimistic. It's like the wind is returning to our sails. Although a lunar semisquare to Pluto can see some underlying intensity, this can be accompanied by positive breakthroughs. People can be more sensitive than they appear, but this is a generous atmosphere with plenty of kindness to go around, in spite of the fact that Mercury about to station in Virgo can have people feeling pressed or stretched to the limit. These configurations can see people embarking into new, expansive territory somehow, and Venus in Libra opposite Jupiter can be excited and eager to position itself in such a way so as to reap the most benefits from the cycle. There’s a child like enthusiasm here. The Moon goes on to oppose Mars, which can see a lot of energy, excitement, impulsiveness, or impatience, but it can be a well needed burst of vitality. Morale can be high, and there can be things to feel encouraged about, but there is also a lot still left to do.


The Moon in Sagittarius is square Mercury Rx in Virgo and Neptune Rx in Pisces, opposite Mars, and sextile Saturn. The first half of the day can see a bit of catch up going on, with a desire to wrap up responsibilities, but there are a lot of distractions, or many things to keep in balance all at once. It can feel like herding cats. The mind can meander here and there, and there may need to be some lines drawn or boundaries laid down in order to prioritize some self care or stay on track with personal goals. Even though it’s Libra season, -it’s still ok to say the word no, especially the day before Mercury stations direct in crisis management Virgo. Releasing a need to be at peak performance right now can actually be really helpful, and allow the necessary breathing room for reorientation The Moon square Neptune is sensitive, empathic and imaginative, so it’s a good day to give yourself time to dream, and get acclimated and aligned with desired changes.  Mercury is at it’s loopiest when it’s about to station, and tomorrow it stations direct, so it’s a good time to hold off on any earth shattering proclamations or major moves, giving time for dust to settle. Steer clear of demanding too much from yourself or others or unnecessarily stressing yourself out with an itinerary that's just flexing way too hard. "Easy turbo."


Mercury resumes direct motion at 2:07 AM PST. (*Children cheering.) The Moon enters practical Capricorn in the wee hours at 12:38 AM, giving a nice, grounded, pleasantly ambitious feeling that's also realistic. These configurations are cautiously optimistic and minimalist. There can be a desire to get organized and take care of down to earth, practical things in order to make room for dynamic, positive changes, to keep the beneficial trends flowing. Mercury at 24 degrees Virgo is surprisingly creative and even mystical, and this direct station can be desirous of time alone to think, plan, prepare, and to get things into order for the week ahead. There can be a desire here to engage with others, but there’s also a humble peevishness to these configurations, in spite of a growing sense of optimism, excitement, and anticipation. It's evocative of images of garden gnomes tending to their enchanted gardens and taking leisurely breaks under large mushrooms. Venus is getting comfortable in her new easy going position, and can take pleasure in improving the style and aesthetics of things, bringing more harmony and balance into the picture. Mercury in Virgo adds the finishing touches and makes some final tweaks to perfect things. Monday can see some surprising news, downloads, or communications. 

Monday, September 19, 2022



The week begins with the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer sextile Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, while squaring Chiron. It also goes on to trine Neptune and oppose Pluto. This can see some pleasant deviations to routine, and comfort, support, or reassurance can come from unusual places or via unusual routes. This can be helpful, as Mercury Rx opposite Jupiter Rx, which perfects at 4 degrees this early AM PST, can see some indecision or overwhelm, with a lot of things to consider. There can be a desire to bring more order to an otherwise “chaotic good” expansion. Progress has been made, but there may be some mess to clean up and balance that needs to be restored. There can be something or someone exciting that can make quite an impact, change the game significantly, or in the very least, give us something to reflect on. The lunar square to Chiron can feel a bit vulnerable about entering into new territory, or about feeling between worlds or in limbo, but there’s an opportunity to do things differently or make refreshing changes. There’s a receptivity here to fresh inspiration and creative innovation.


This morning the Moon in sensitive Cancer is trine both Neptune and Jupiter, while opposite Pluto and sextile the Sun in Virgo. This can see feelings heightened, and while major transformations and changes are taking place, there’s an expansive and dreamy atmosphere that can be highly absorbent and seem to open up worlds. There can be a growing enthusiasm as the Moon enters creative Leo at 1:38 PM PST to strengthen it’s trine to Jupiter. There may be positive feedback or good news that uplifts the spirit or provides courage, happiness, and confidence. This is a generous and expansive atmosphere, and in some cases, something can feel like it’s a pretty big deal. The Sun opposite Neptune can see energy levels a bit low or create a feeling that there are a lot of demands or changes to keep up with, and a need to streamline and simplify. In either case, there may be something to smile about. 


The Moon squares Uranus and opposes Saturn today, while making a sextile to Mars in Gemini and a trine to Chiron. Although there are some encouraging trends, there’s also a lot of work to do and certain things that need to be wrapped up or attended to. Mars trine Saturn see’s a controlled expansion and a focused determination with a definite goal in mind, and there may be a need to pair back in certain areas to make way for a lot of changes and ensure the momentum of progress continues. Things can feel exciting and challenging all at once, and there may be some unexpected surprises, delays, or schedule changes to accommodate. With the Sun at 29 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus, changes happening now can be largely beneficial to overall well being, even if there’s some uncertainty and stress from needing to yield to them (Sun opposite Neptune). There’s something a new to get used to, and Libra season will prioritize bringing more balance, harmony and peace.


Happy Autumn Equinox! The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Libra this evening at 6:04 PM PST.  Until then, we spend the day with the Sun in the final and most urgent degree of Virgo, which can feel like “crunch time.” Today highlights a lot of change and perhaps some excitement, yet with so many planets retrograde, and the Sun opposite Neptune, it may all feel like a lot to keep up with and maintain. The Moon opposite Saturn can see a lot of work to do. The fact that the Sun and Mercury switch places can call attention to a new era opening up with a lot of expansive potential, while at the same time, a whole lot of little details need to be wrapped up or attended to. If something is being dropped now, something new is immediately taking it’s place or assuming more prominence. Mercury Rx backing into Virgo tomorrow morning will bring attention to things that have been neglected or overlooked in order to tie up loose ends and work out the kinks. Libra season could highlight the sweet payoffs for hard work, but certain things could take some time to bear fruit as Mercury is backtracking.


The Moon enters Virgo at 12:53 AM PST. The Sun having officially harkened in Libra season last night meets Mercury for a quick fist bump this morning as they exchange places and Mercury backtracks into Virgo at 5:04 AM PST to help clean up the mess and close up shop, while the Sun settles in to highlight a new area. As above, so below, as this can be the case in many peoples lives under these configurations. The house in your chart ruled by Libra gains an increasing amount of prominence, energy and focus as a new seed is being planted here, while the part of your chart ruled by Virgo is subject to reevaluations, changes, improvements, greasing squeaky wheels, reading of fine print, tying up lose ends, making diplomatic departures, cut backs, tweaks, or eliminations,- in order for something in the chart area ruled by Libra to finally find it’s legs and grow. Mars trine Saturn is determined, and the area’s in your chart ruled by Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius will only increase in significance as time goes on, as it’s in these life sectors that a juggling act will take place that can be challenging as well as extremely rewarding, depending of course upon how it’s used. The heart beat, or the kick drum of this scenario of course, is Saturn. Having a good relation with this planet and an understanding of the lessons of it’s current transit in your chart will help you get the most out of these configurations. The current maths strengthen a desire to bring it all into a cohesive balance, make it all gel, and write a recipe for success and fulfillment. 


The Moon conjoins Venus and Mercury in Virgo, squares Mars, while trine Uranus and opposite Neptune and Juno. These are some strange maths. There’s also a quincunx to Saturn thrown into the mix. There can be a sort of nervous tension in the air and a desire for good times, but there could also be some risk averse, shy, anxious energy that may need to be busted through. There can actually be some interesting experiences today, and it could put a pleasant spin on a routine that’s maybe become monotonous. Something different can happen if a risk averse or shy attitude can be challenged. Venus and Mercury are both also making a potent trine to Pluto which can see an earthy, focused and driven energy that can feel really good. This is a very intentional energy that can see a clearing out or reshuffling process to make way for new, beneficial trends. Tomorrow see’s the New Moon. 


Early this morning see’s the Moon, Mercury Rx, and Venus all conjunct, which can see a laser focus on changes we’d like to see happen. This can highlight a strong desire to get organized and get into alignment, and it’s an earthy and somatic energy that can get a lot of pleasure out of making improvements and getting into the physical body. There can be an element of perfectionism to these aspects, or a desire to get things “just right” can border on obsessive. There may be something or someone motivating us that feels really important or highly desirable to us. Regardless of what is driving us, there is a strong desire to restore balance, peace, and harmony to our lives and the various systems that support it. The Moon enters Libra at 9:43 AM PST, and the New Moon perfects at 5:55 PM PST at 4 degrees Libra, opposite Jupiter, and sesquisquare Saturn and Uranus. This degree of Libra is associated with the Two Of Swords in the tarot, which has symbolic ties to the major arcana Justice, and mythological, esoteric ties to Ma'at. There is a need here to restore balance and peace, -but not a synthetic peace at any cost that is achieved and maintained via people pleasing or an excessive desire to be accepted by a particular person or an “in-group”. This particular degree can be associated with being overly concerned with gaining the acceptance of others, going too far to gain their approval,- and too much dithering and indecision based upon an anxiousness to please and a desire to be seen as doing things “correctly” or being “enough”. Emanating a try hard, "pick me" energy is not only counterintuitive, but can also attract predatory energy and see missed opportunities that were more organically in alignment with who you are. Any 'peace' which has been built upon inauthentic compromises and a synthetic, aspartame premise that isn't really serving your growth will be weighed against the feather of Ma'at and phased out like the empty calories or unnecessary flex that it is. This drastically simplifies things. What is truly intended for you is actually surprisingly easy, comfortable and natural. It comes effortlessly to you when you recognize your own self worth, radiate self assurance, and decide that you deserve to feel good.  This New Moon is about removing blockages to harmony and balance, and can highlight opportunities to get on the same page with others without sacrificing core values or mission statements. 

Monday, September 12, 2022



The week kicks off with the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, sextile Saturn and goes on to square Pluto. The Sun also makes an awkward quincunx to Saturn today. This can highlight a need to remain steady amidst potential obstacles or frustrations during the first half of the day. With Mercury now retrograde, this strengthens a theme of reevaluation rather than starting new initiatives. The Full Moon in Pisces showed certain cycles closing out, but also provided some breakthroughs, and an opportunity to look back and see just how far we have come. The Moon square Pluto can see intense preoccupations in the background, perhaps some challenges, fears, desires, major changes, or other things that may have a grip on the psyche. There may be a need to cut back on certain responsibilities or activities for the time being to make things more streamlined. 


The Moon enters Taurus (exalted) at 4:39 AM PST, where it will form a stabilizing trine to Venus, a semisquare to Neptune, and a quincunx to Mercury. These are some creatively inspired configurations. There’s a focus here on going with the flow, and making things easier and more efficient. Venus in Virgo seeks to improve things, while the Moon in Taurus seeks to beautify, enjoy, and increase comfort. There may be some indecisiveness at certain points to grapple with, but for the most part, these maths are focused on making improvements that can make things more pleasant, comfortable, and harmonious, and there can be a creative streak to these configurations. The Moon goes on to conjunct Uranus in the evening, seeing some flashes of inspiration.


Today can see some surprises, perhaps pleasant ones, or perhaps there’s a need to innovate around obstacles or challenges with the Moon squaring Saturn and conjunct Uranus growing in strength as the day wears on. Perhaps this is just a need for resilience. People can need more freedom under these aspects, and things can feel a bit in flux. We still have the lunar trine to the Sun and Venus to work with for the first half of the day. Evening see’s a lunar sextile to Neptune and trine to Pluto, and this can see a drive to make some inspired changes, or something can make a deep impression on us. 


The Moon is in late Taurus during the early morning hours, and enters curious Gemini at 1:16 PM PST, to trine Mercury Rx in Libra. This places a focus on communications, news, and certain conversations that may be being revisited. Perhaps a bit of playing “catch up.” The Sun also conjoins Venus, highlighting love, money, creative projects, partnerships, and social situations. With the Sun also trine Uranus, Pluto, and opposite Neptune, getting on the same page as certain others may have felt like a game of tag. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter Rx in Aries as well, suggesting there may be some good news, or something to be optimistic about in the very least. The Moon in Gemini may keep people on their toes, with a lot to do, a lot of communications to keep up with, but this looks to be largely positive and beneficial.


Today can see a lot going on, with the Moon trine Mercury, square Venus, sextile Chiron, and conjunct Mars. This can see a lot of motivation, energy, movement, and passion. Venus perfects a square to Mars at 14 degrees, and this may see certain things coming to a head. If you’ve encountered delays or frustrations socially, romantically or otherwise, try not to take it personally, as Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini can tend to bring up things that are largely out of people’s control, (such as work issues, health issues, or crises of one kind or another to manage) so the root of certain frustrations can be mostly arbitrary.  Some people have simply been overwhelmed. In the same vein, try to be patient with yourself as well. Today can see certain plans or discussions revisited, or in the very least, there can be an attempt to get on the same page with certain others. There may be a lot going on, so try to pace yourself or pair back where you can so not to overwhelm (or overbook) yourself. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn as the day progresses into early evening, seeing something accomplished or more stability around certain plans or discussions, although things can still be pretty open ended and up in the air. 


The Moon in Gemini squares the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, while trine Saturn and conjunct Mars. This may see a desire to see tangible progress, or nail something (or someone) down, or get a certain conversation started. Not in a bad or confrontational way, just in the sense that certain things or people have been a challenge to get on the same page with. Today see’s a push towards more stability and clarity, or there can be a desire to dip a toe into something. There may be sensitivity and maybe some nervousness around something, and maybe some inner conflict around how to approach something or someone. Trust your feelings, and don’t be afraid to be a little assertive. 


The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 12:59 AM PST, squaring Mercury Rx in Libra and Jupiter Rx in Aries, while conjunct Pallas, and trine Juno. These configurations can see a desire to hunker down and form a strategy. There may be some indecision around relationships, how to approach them or integrate them, and how to best strike a balance between independence and interdependence.  The Sun enters partnership oriented Libra next Thursday, followed by a New Moon in Libra next Sunday, so reflecting upon these things is apropos to the season. The Sun and Pluto perfect a trine today at 26 degrees, and this can see a desire to tune out distractions and focus in on a mission or a clearing out process. This aspect brings major preparation vibes to the table, and can be thorough in it’s focus in spite of any distractions.

Monday, September 5, 2022



The week begins with the Moon in ambitious Capricorn, trine the Sun in Virgo, square Mercury in Libra and Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, and eventually going on to trine Uranus in Taurus. Along with Venus in Virgo, these configurations are dedicated to making improvements, and the Sun and Venus in Virgo place a focus on health, healing, organization, elimination, self care, self improvement, and all of the little, humble things that amount to glory and fruitful harvest when properly attended to.  Pallas, asteroid of strategy, moves into sensitive and emotional Cancer today as well, emphasizing issues of security. The Moon squaring Chiron is very aware of weakness, while the Moon trine the Sun and Uranus is eager to make improvements, strengthen ones position and constitution, and change situations for the better. Venus in Virgo has a talent for seeing flaws and excesses, and this cycle is helpful for making systems of all kinds run more efficiently. 


The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto and sextile’s Neptune. This can see people very motivated by a dream. This is very goal oriented, ambitious energy. The Sun in Virgo trine Uranus Rx is eager to level up, clear out, streamline, and get into inner alignment with goals we’d like to achieve or changes we’d like to see happen. The Moon conjunct Pluto today can see a certain tunnel vision around this. The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:41 PM PST to trine Mercury in Libra, emphasizing communications, social networks, and happiness goals. There may be some good news on it’s way, but also a lot of distractions and a lot going on. With Mercury stationing retrograde on Friday, make sure to leave wiggle room for last minute changes or little things that can come up that require an adaptable approach. 


The Moon in Aquarius is trine Mercury in Libra, Mars in Gemini, and is sextile Jupiter Rx in Aries in the early morning hours, which can see the day kick off on an enthusiastic, motivated and perhaps busy note. Our goals can excite us, and there can be a lot of back and forth between ourselves and others that can include good news, positive feedback, honest discussions, or surprising reveals.  There's a lot of authenticity in the air, and it can be easier to just tell it like it is or drop any kind of front. As the day wears on, the Moon makes an awkward quincunx to the Sun in Virgo, conjoins Saturn and squares Uranus, seeing a certain serious tone or a need to be realistic around unexpected, wild card elements. There may be a need to attend to certain matters that might disrupt routines, or escalate out of control if not dealt with. It’s possible certain matters are tugging at our consciousness lest we forget about them. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Better to deal with small problems while they’re still small than to wait until they’ve escalated to less manageable levels. 


The Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus today, and with the Sun in Virgo trine Uranus and opposite Neptune, this can see some confusion around how to (and perhaps even whether to) address certain problems that may have cropped up. Getting a clear picture around the severity of certain issues, or whether or not certain issues require acting immediately, or if they can be corrected with time, patience, and making simple adjustments and changes may be up for examination. Mercury will station retrograde tomorrow at 8 degrees Libra, backing it’s way into health and efficiency oriented Virgo. Partnerships, working together with others in cohesion, and the balancing of various systems of our lives can be up for a review and a fine tuning. The Moon enters dreamy and sensitive Pisces at 9:42 PM PST, to oppose Venus in Virgo, which can see a spotlight on relationships and all Venus ruled matters (money, possessions, values, beauty, self worth, etc),- of course, all with a Virgo undertone. So this includes matters of health, wellness, healing, routines, efficiency, self care, self improvement, crisis and crisis prevention. Getting clear on how to handle certain issues may be a theme here, and right now, there may be a certain lack of clarity. Maybe solutions are actually surprisingly simple.


The Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun and Venus in Virgo and squares Mars in Gemini, while in the early morning hours, trine Pallas in Cancer. There’s a bit of a worry prone tendency here, and certain things going on in the environment or in everyday routines, and for some, even within the physical body, can keep people on their toes. Maybe it's just a busy and distracting atmosphere. With the Moon trine Pallas, there’s a desire here to escape into sanctuary or form strategies that will generate the most security down the line. The Moon in Pisces intuitively gauges things as they unfold. Problems (or potential problems) can be highlighted here, but it’s possible that there’s a lack of clarity around the ideal approach to solutions. Mercury stations retrograde at 8:38 PM PST at 8 degrees Libra, while trine Mars in Gemini, highlighting various communications, negotiations, collaborations, and juggling acts going on that will need to find a balance. With so many planets retrograde, and with this being Virgo season, it’s best to simplify routines and situations as much as possible, and avoid adding unnecessary complexity, too many distractions, or biting off more than you can chew. You’ll thank yourself later for keeping things simple. The Moon opposite the Sun and squaring Mars can feel a bit jangled and potentially irritable so creating space for yourself to think and just breathe in between tasks and zooming around can be helpful, especially considering the Full Moon in Pisces occurs in the wee hours of Saturday, and the Mercury station can often be the most hectic and mischievous.


The Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces occurs at 2:59 AM PST. This degree of Pisces is associated with the 9 of Cups in the tarot, a card of inner contentment, wish fulfillment and happiness that is achieved on ones own. This is a card of inner riches, the vibration one wants to be on in order to achieve the 10 of cups. This degree also speaks of a delicate balance around ensuring one is not overly dependent on externals or particular people for satisfaction and happiness, so there is an element of emotional self sufficiency highlighted by this degree of Pisces. The Full Moon opposite the Sun in Virgo, conjunct Neptune and Juno, while sextile Uranus highlights unique spiritual bonds that are quietly supportive, although they are not suffocating, smothering, or binding in nature, they are deeply felt and contribute a great deal of inspiration to our lives. These configurations are interesting, and can see new insights and represent certain turning points. The Full Moon sextile to Uranus can see a quiet excitement, ESP experiences, telepathic links, psychic downloads, or other epiphanies . This aspect, along with the lunar conjunction to Neptune also emphasizes emotional independence, creativity, and detachment from outcomes, along with highly unusual, perhaps supernatural experiences and bonds (Juno.) Creating space for quiet reflection, meditation, and spiritual or creative pastimes can yield surprising insights. This Full Moon also being on the wellness axis highlights the need to strike a balance between body and mind, work and rest, and it’s possible that some people are preparing for an exciting venture this weekend. The Moon enters assertive Aries at 11:47 PM PST, seeing a conjunction to Jupiter Rx. This can see something to feel enthusiastic and optimistic about. 


The Moon in Aries is opposite Mercury Rx in Libra, conjunct Jupiter and Chiron. There can be a bit of a scramble, but this day can highlight teamwork or working together with certain others to make something awesome happen. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars in Gemini, suggesting movement, busyness and communication. The Sun in Virgo forms a trine to Pluto today, suggesting a growing focus on making lasting improvements. Although the Moon in Aries is strongly autonomous, self directed and independent, the lunar conjunction to Chiron is sensitive and caring, and adept at looking after others, sometimes at the expense of it’s own needs. The Moon opposite Mercury Rx in Libra in the early part of the day can feel a bit conflicted. Even though certain initiatives promise fun and adventure, it’s possible to feel a bit at odds with it all initially, as there may be a part of peoples psyche that craves having time to just chill and nurture foundations (Moon square Pallas in Cancer). The Lunar sextile to Mars however is ambitious and motivated, and sets internal conflicts aside to make something happen.