The week begins with the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer sextile Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, while squaring Chiron. It also goes on to trine Neptune and oppose Pluto. This can see some pleasant deviations to routine, and comfort, support, or reassurance can come from unusual places or via unusual routes. This can be helpful, as Mercury Rx opposite Jupiter Rx, which perfects at 4 degrees this early AM PST, can see some indecision or overwhelm, with a lot of things to consider. There can be a desire to bring more order to an otherwise “chaotic good” expansion. Progress has been made, but there may be some mess to clean up and balance that needs to be restored. There can be something or someone exciting that can make quite an impact, change the game significantly, or in the very least, give us something to reflect on. The lunar square to Chiron can feel a bit vulnerable about entering into new territory, or about feeling between worlds or in limbo, but there’s an opportunity to do things differently or make refreshing changes. There’s a receptivity here to fresh inspiration and creative innovation.


This morning the Moon in sensitive Cancer is trine both Neptune and Jupiter, while opposite Pluto and sextile the Sun in Virgo. This can see feelings heightened, and while major transformations and changes are taking place, there’s an expansive and dreamy atmosphere that can be highly absorbent and seem to open up worlds. There can be a growing enthusiasm as the Moon enters creative Leo at 1:38 PM PST to strengthen it’s trine to Jupiter. There may be positive feedback or good news that uplifts the spirit or provides courage, happiness, and confidence. This is a generous and expansive atmosphere, and in some cases, something can feel like it’s a pretty big deal. The Sun opposite Neptune can see energy levels a bit low or create a feeling that there are a lot of demands or changes to keep up with, and a need to streamline and simplify. In either case, there may be something to smile about. 


The Moon squares Uranus and opposes Saturn today, while making a sextile to Mars in Gemini and a trine to Chiron. Although there are some encouraging trends, there’s also a lot of work to do and certain things that need to be wrapped up or attended to. Mars trine Saturn see’s a controlled expansion and a focused determination with a definite goal in mind, and there may be a need to pair back in certain areas to make way for a lot of changes and ensure the momentum of progress continues. Things can feel exciting and challenging all at once, and there may be some unexpected surprises, delays, or schedule changes to accommodate. With the Sun at 29 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus, changes happening now can be largely beneficial to overall well being, even if there’s some uncertainty and stress from needing to yield to them (Sun opposite Neptune). There’s something a new to get used to, and Libra season will prioritize bringing more balance, harmony and peace.


Happy Autumn Equinox! The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Libra this evening at 6:04 PM PST.  Until then, we spend the day with the Sun in the final and most urgent degree of Virgo, which can feel like “crunch time.” Today highlights a lot of change and perhaps some excitement, yet with so many planets retrograde, and the Sun opposite Neptune, it may all feel like a lot to keep up with and maintain. The Moon opposite Saturn can see a lot of work to do. The fact that the Sun and Mercury switch places can call attention to a new era opening up with a lot of expansive potential, while at the same time, a whole lot of little details need to be wrapped up or attended to. If something is being dropped now, something new is immediately taking it’s place or assuming more prominence. Mercury Rx backing into Virgo tomorrow morning will bring attention to things that have been neglected or overlooked in order to tie up loose ends and work out the kinks. Libra season could highlight the sweet payoffs for hard work, but certain things could take some time to bear fruit as Mercury is backtracking.


The Moon enters Virgo at 12:53 AM PST. The Sun having officially harkened in Libra season last night meets Mercury for a quick fist bump this morning as they exchange places and Mercury backtracks into Virgo at 5:04 AM PST to help clean up the mess and close up shop, while the Sun settles in to highlight a new area. As above, so below, as this can be the case in many peoples lives under these configurations. The house in your chart ruled by Libra gains an increasing amount of prominence, energy and focus as a new seed is being planted here, while the part of your chart ruled by Virgo is subject to reevaluations, changes, improvements, greasing squeaky wheels, reading of fine print, tying up lose ends, making diplomatic departures, cut backs, tweaks, or eliminations,- in order for something in the chart area ruled by Libra to finally find it’s legs and grow. Mars trine Saturn is determined, and the area’s in your chart ruled by Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius will only increase in significance as time goes on, as it’s in these life sectors that a juggling act will take place that can be challenging as well as extremely rewarding, depending of course upon how it’s used. The heart beat, or the kick drum of this scenario of course, is Saturn. Having a good relation with this planet and an understanding of the lessons of it’s current transit in your chart will help you get the most out of these configurations. The current maths strengthen a desire to bring it all into a cohesive balance, make it all gel, and write a recipe for success and fulfillment. 


The Moon conjoins Venus and Mercury in Virgo, squares Mars, while trine Uranus and opposite Neptune and Juno. These are some strange maths. There’s also a quincunx to Saturn thrown into the mix. There can be a sort of nervous tension in the air and a desire for good times, but there could also be some risk averse, shy, anxious energy that may need to be busted through. There can actually be some interesting experiences today, and it could put a pleasant spin on a routine that’s maybe become monotonous. Something different can happen if a risk averse or shy attitude can be challenged. Venus and Mercury are both also making a potent trine to Pluto which can see an earthy, focused and driven energy that can feel really good. This is a very intentional energy that can see a clearing out or reshuffling process to make way for new, beneficial trends. Tomorrow see’s the New Moon. 


Early this morning see’s the Moon, Mercury Rx, and Venus all conjunct, which can see a laser focus on changes we’d like to see happen. This can highlight a strong desire to get organized and get into alignment, and it’s an earthy and somatic energy that can get a lot of pleasure out of making improvements and getting into the physical body. There can be an element of perfectionism to these aspects, or a desire to get things “just right” can border on obsessive. There may be something or someone motivating us that feels really important or highly desirable to us. Regardless of what is driving us, there is a strong desire to restore balance, peace, and harmony to our lives and the various systems that support it. The Moon enters Libra at 9:43 AM PST, and the New Moon perfects at 5:55 PM PST at 4 degrees Libra, opposite Jupiter, and sesquisquare Saturn and Uranus. This degree of Libra is associated with the Two Of Swords in the tarot, which has symbolic ties to the major arcana Justice, and mythological, esoteric ties to Ma'at. There is a need here to restore balance and peace, -but not a synthetic peace at any cost that is achieved and maintained via people pleasing or an excessive desire to be accepted by a particular person or an “in-group”. This particular degree can be associated with being overly concerned with gaining the acceptance of others, going too far to gain their approval,- and too much dithering and indecision based upon an anxiousness to please and a desire to be seen as doing things “correctly” or being “enough”. Emanating a try hard, "pick me" energy is not only counterintuitive, but can also attract predatory energy and see missed opportunities that were more organically in alignment with who you are. Any 'peace' which has been built upon inauthentic compromises and a synthetic, aspartame premise that isn't really serving your growth will be weighed against the feather of Ma'at and phased out like the empty calories or unnecessary flex that it is. This drastically simplifies things. What is truly intended for you is actually surprisingly easy, comfortable and natural. It comes effortlessly to you when you recognize your own self worth, radiate self assurance, and decide that you deserve to feel good.  This New Moon is about removing blockages to harmony and balance, and can highlight opportunities to get on the same page with others without sacrificing core values or mission statements. 


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