The week kicks off with the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, sextile Saturn and goes on to square Pluto. The Sun also makes an awkward quincunx to Saturn today. This can highlight a need to remain steady amidst potential obstacles or frustrations during the first half of the day. With Mercury now retrograde, this strengthens a theme of reevaluation rather than starting new initiatives. The Full Moon in Pisces showed certain cycles closing out, but also provided some breakthroughs, and an opportunity to look back and see just how far we have come. The Moon square Pluto can see intense preoccupations in the background, perhaps some challenges, fears, desires, major changes, or other things that may have a grip on the psyche. There may be a need to cut back on certain responsibilities or activities for the time being to make things more streamlined. 


The Moon enters Taurus (exalted) at 4:39 AM PST, where it will form a stabilizing trine to Venus, a semisquare to Neptune, and a quincunx to Mercury. These are some creatively inspired configurations. There’s a focus here on going with the flow, and making things easier and more efficient. Venus in Virgo seeks to improve things, while the Moon in Taurus seeks to beautify, enjoy, and increase comfort. There may be some indecisiveness at certain points to grapple with, but for the most part, these maths are focused on making improvements that can make things more pleasant, comfortable, and harmonious, and there can be a creative streak to these configurations. The Moon goes on to conjunct Uranus in the evening, seeing some flashes of inspiration.


Today can see some surprises, perhaps pleasant ones, or perhaps there’s a need to innovate around obstacles or challenges with the Moon squaring Saturn and conjunct Uranus growing in strength as the day wears on. Perhaps this is just a need for resilience. People can need more freedom under these aspects, and things can feel a bit in flux. We still have the lunar trine to the Sun and Venus to work with for the first half of the day. Evening see’s a lunar sextile to Neptune and trine to Pluto, and this can see a drive to make some inspired changes, or something can make a deep impression on us. 


The Moon is in late Taurus during the early morning hours, and enters curious Gemini at 1:16 PM PST, to trine Mercury Rx in Libra. This places a focus on communications, news, and certain conversations that may be being revisited. Perhaps a bit of playing “catch up.” The Sun also conjoins Venus, highlighting love, money, creative projects, partnerships, and social situations. With the Sun also trine Uranus, Pluto, and opposite Neptune, getting on the same page as certain others may have felt like a game of tag. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter Rx in Aries as well, suggesting there may be some good news, or something to be optimistic about in the very least. The Moon in Gemini may keep people on their toes, with a lot to do, a lot of communications to keep up with, but this looks to be largely positive and beneficial.


Today can see a lot going on, with the Moon trine Mercury, square Venus, sextile Chiron, and conjunct Mars. This can see a lot of motivation, energy, movement, and passion. Venus perfects a square to Mars at 14 degrees, and this may see certain things coming to a head. If you’ve encountered delays or frustrations socially, romantically or otherwise, try not to take it personally, as Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini can tend to bring up things that are largely out of people’s control, (such as work issues, health issues, or crises of one kind or another to manage) so the root of certain frustrations can be mostly arbitrary.  Some people have simply been overwhelmed. In the same vein, try to be patient with yourself as well. Today can see certain plans or discussions revisited, or in the very least, there can be an attempt to get on the same page with certain others. There may be a lot going on, so try to pace yourself or pair back where you can so not to overwhelm (or overbook) yourself. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn as the day progresses into early evening, seeing something accomplished or more stability around certain plans or discussions, although things can still be pretty open ended and up in the air. 


The Moon in Gemini squares the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, while trine Saturn and conjunct Mars. This may see a desire to see tangible progress, or nail something (or someone) down, or get a certain conversation started. Not in a bad or confrontational way, just in the sense that certain things or people have been a challenge to get on the same page with. Today see’s a push towards more stability and clarity, or there can be a desire to dip a toe into something. There may be sensitivity and maybe some nervousness around something, and maybe some inner conflict around how to approach something or someone. Trust your feelings, and don’t be afraid to be a little assertive. 


The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 12:59 AM PST, squaring Mercury Rx in Libra and Jupiter Rx in Aries, while conjunct Pallas, and trine Juno. These configurations can see a desire to hunker down and form a strategy. There may be some indecision around relationships, how to approach them or integrate them, and how to best strike a balance between independence and interdependence.  The Sun enters partnership oriented Libra next Thursday, followed by a New Moon in Libra next Sunday, so reflecting upon these things is apropos to the season. The Sun and Pluto perfect a trine today at 26 degrees, and this can see a desire to tune out distractions and focus in on a mission or a clearing out process. This aspect brings major preparation vibes to the table, and can be thorough in it’s focus in spite of any distractions.


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