Sunday, November 28, 2021



This week begins with the Moon in diplomatic Libra, sextile the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius while trine Saturn in Aquarius, opposite Chiron, and square Juno. This could see a balancing act between our own needs and those of others as expansive changes are navigated and new foundations are being laid down.  With Venus and Pluto getting closer and closer together this week, there are some pretty significant power moves being initiated. Working cooperatively and harmoniously with others is important, but the Libra lunation also emphasizes tact and diplomacy, to mitigate the potential for our own agenda or priorities being taken personally or perceived as a slight to others. Venus in ambitious Capricorn sextile Mars in obsessively driven Scorpio can see some excellent partnerships and collaborative efforts taking shape that can be mutually beneficial and really make an impact. Whether in business or personal relations, these configurations have a lot of stamina, will power and reliability. These configurations can see some intense pushes ahead, onward and upward, that can leave our respective positions on the playing field of life transformed in some kind of game changing way. Power moves and power dynamics are emphasized under these placements. The Libra lunation can see some beneficial agreements being set in stone, but can also assist in smoothing things over with others who may be reading from a different hymn sheet or have different lives or backgrounds than ourselves. It can forge alliances in which each party compliments one another nicely and usefully.


Today see’s the Libra Moon square Venus and Pluto in Cap while trine Jupiter in Aquarius. This can see some significant turning points in regards to certain initiatives, business, personal, financial, social, romantic, or creative ventures can see some powerful boosts due to beneficial alliances and cooperative efforts. With discipline, consistency, and dedication combined with networking, teamwork and beneficial contacts, a positive trajectory can be set into motion that can see some significant and encouraging progress. These configurations can bring an almost obsessive focus on something, and there is a raw power, ambition, and persistence subtly driving things. Our focus on a goal of some kind can be all consuming at this time, and there can be encouraging trends propelling us forward. The Libra Moon’s contacts to both Pluto and Venus can see some intense undercurrents interpersonally or financially or in regards to partnerships and values. People can be making an impact upon us, but it looks largely beneficial, but intense transformations are in play interpersonally or financially. Powerful alliances can be formed that can be very beneficial, and we can feel very driven to succeed around a goal. Friendships, community, social networking or social media can play a role somehow, and there can be some intense undercurrents or even power plays under the surface that bring out a spicy determination. 


The Moon enters intense Scorpio in the wee hours, and Neptune, the planet of boundless compassion, psychic impressions, synchronicity, ESP, illusions, fantasy, confusion, delusions, deception and escapism stations direct this morning as well. The Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus, squares Saturn, and sextile’s Juno, and this can see an obsessive drive towards a goal, and if there are any blockages or challenges, this only increases resilience and determination. There can be some shocks or surprises, or some unexpected curve balls today with the Moon/Uranus opposition, and there can be some nervous excitement in the air. There’s a quiet power to these maths, and it’s possible we have some behind the scenes support or an ace up our sleeve. The Moon/Saturn square can have us feeling somewhat strapped to our ambitions, responsibilities or duties, perhaps a bit bogged down, but with Venus sextile Mars in Scorpio, our eyes can be on the long game, and on the fact that any work put in now and any delay of gratification that might feel cumbersome in the moment will reap rewards down the line. There can be some radical changes under way now, and in some cases, it might require a fiercely independent attitude or a certain detachment from emotions. The focus of these configurations is empowerment, and there may be some radically new or innovative approaches being deployed or a lot of new things to adapt to. This being an eclipse week, we are sure to see some significant differences in some area of our lives by the time we reach the other side of it. 


Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio sextile Venus in Capricorn, conjunct Mars, square Jupiter, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto. Boy howdy, this is some passionate math. There could be some really beneficial contacts or collaborations going on, and it’s possible that we are already seeing our efforts in some area reap some pretty major rewards, or in the very least, there is some sort of encouraging sign appearing. These configurations are excellent for people in creative lines of work, it also bodes well for partnerships and collaborations, both in love and in business. There could be some significant power moves or turning points in finances, creative efforts, -as well as in love and romance, as it’s possible that some powerful feelings are activated that make us do a double take. The Moon/Jupiter/Pluto/Venus/Neptune contacts could see everything magnified x 500. For some, it’s possible these configurations could see people rubbing their eyes in disbelief about something (or someone?), but the Moon connecting to Venus in realistic Capricorn suggests that whatever this is, it’s real, and our eyes aren’t lying to us. Whatever positive growth, point of manifestation, or signs of optimism and encouragement we may see under these configurations, this is not an indication to sit on your laurels. Make hay while the sun shines as they say. The Moon/Pluto/Venus contacts can indicate some powerful-and perhaps empowering-shifts that can be really encouraging and game changing, and can increase our drive and motivation, although the Moon/Jupiter contact can make it really tempting to sit back and bask in some of the fruits our labors have yielded. Pat yourself on the back, by all means, glow baby glow, -but keep going! This is just the beginning.


Early morning hours begin on an optimistic note with the Moon in adventurous and happy go lucky Sagittarius. Perhaps we are still sort of reeling or enjoying the morale boost indicated in yesterday’s configurations. The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs late in the evening tonight on the West Coast, and in the wee meth head hours on the East Coast. Today we see the Moon conjunct the Sun, Mercury, sextile Saturn and trine Chiron. This indicates positive news, commercially, socially or otherwise, that sets the stage for laying down some solid foundations for the future, perhaps in regards to a cherished goal. A lunar quincunx to Uranus indicates nervous excitability, and a lunar semi square to Pluto indicates intense feelings under the surface that may be difficult to verbalize. Feelings can be heightened, and we can be more sensitive to things than others may realize, and others can be more sensitive to things than we may realize. People can be playing certain emotional cards close to their chest. Nonetheless, there are morale boosting and encouraging signs around particular endeavors, and the lunar sextile to Saturn is happy to rise to the occasion. It can feel good to put our efforts into something knowing that it will actually be worthwhile and perhaps even appreciated by others. These are some thoughtful configurations, with a good blend between optimism and realism. The lunar link to Mercury can see intuition and imagination heightened, and there can be a desire to grow in wisdom and maturity, or to expand our worldview. The New Moon Solar eclipse occurs at 11:43 PM PST, with strong links to Mercury and Chiron, the wounded healer. We can feel encouraged around something, and there is also compassion here as well. Communications, learning, study, consciousness expansion, and people and places from other cultures, different walks of life, or with different educational backgrounds than our own are highlighted under this eclipse. There’s something very bohemian about it, and new foundations are being set in place that will be relevant for a long time to come. This New Moon also sextile the Vertex, which indicates fated encounters, fated turning points or experiences. Under these configurations, people crave meaning and substance, and there is a desire to grow beyond limiting paradigms. It won’t be satisfying to remain involved in anything that stagnates our growth or only skims the surface of things. Vapid conversation and small talk fails to satisfy our desire for growth, expansion, meaning, and gnosis. It’s Sagittarius season for fucks sake. Shed the exoskeleton of all you’ve outgrown, plant meaningful seeds that will sprout from your 3rd eye and be merry my friends!


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius still conjunct Mercury in the first half of today, while square Neptune. This could see communications emphasized. There could be some confusion or uncertainty. A sextile to generous Jupiter as the day progresses can see a lot of optimism and emotional generosity. Minor aspects to Saturn and Uranus can see the excitement of change and new foundations still making some waves. We may find ourselves on foreign shores in a certain regard, but it’s an expansive and adventurous time in which new possibilities and potentials are unfolding. Venus and the Vertex are at 22 degrees, and along with Venus’ proximity to Pluto, this can see some fated turning points or transformations occurring interpersonally, financially, or in regards to creative endeavors or love. With Mercury squaring Neptune which is now direct, powers of discrimination may be low, so take care if you happen to be gullible, as this is a highly impressionable aspect. It’s also possible that our own thoughts around something are muddled or confused, or there is vagueness present between ourselves and others. This aspect can create misunderstandings, but on a positive note we can be very sensitive and imaginative while this aspect plays out. But if you know you don’t have all the facts about something or someone, don’t make assumptions. Overall, today’s math is optimistic and emotionally generous. There are things to feel excited and passionate about. Mars and Venus both contacting Pluto are passionate and obsessively determined to execute a transformation and seduce their goals into submission. 


The Moon enters stoic and sensual Capricorn in the wee hours, to square Chiron and trine Uranus, while making some minor aspects to Mars and Jupiter. There may be some slight vulnerability present with the lunar square to Chiron, but equally there is passion, drive and excitement to ring in some changes. Today can see some surprises, or perhaps just some excitement for the week ahead. We can be rearranging things or making some overhauls in order to let in some fresh new blessings into our lives. With the Sun conjunct Mercury, we may be learning a lot of new things and expanding our perspectives around something, or perhaps studying or seeking to reach new points of understanding around something. A lunar sextile to Pallas emphasizes strategy and retreat to formulate a plan before taking a leap that requires courage. Today has a low key, preparatory feel, and there can be some excitement about the week ahead, as we can feel pleasantly motivated by something or someone. Monday will certainly begin on an idealistic -but realistic-note, which can see us obsessively driven around a goal. Venus and Pluto inch closer and closer together, and this can see intense feelings around love, money, finances, merging, goals, and power dynamics. Venus and Pluto represent the power of love, the power it has to transform, but on the other side of the coin, it also represents a love of power. This configuration can be very compulsive and even obsessive in nature, and can compel people to flirt with entering taboo or edgy territory. An apt tarot card for this configuration would be The Devil. The dark side of this card, and what it represents is “sensation without understanding.” So, the more conscious you are of what is driving you, the more deeply you understand yourself, and human motivations and behavior in general, the more this particular configuration can be utilized to effect a powerful and positive transformation in your life and in those around you. One potential of this configuration is obsessive, one sided love, or what's known in psychology as "limerence". If you're unfamiliar with the term, but suspect you or someone you know is grappling with something akin to this, I highly recommend researching the topic of limerence. Such a state could really only be experienced as "desirable" if it happened to be mutually reciprocated, -and functionally transmuted in a constructive, life enhancing way into other aspects of life, as opposed to an all consuming obsession that retards the growth and development of the individuals involved. Other potentials could be jealousy, power plays, love and money mixing in manipulative ways, control issues, possessiveness, compelling attractions that feel outside our control or are "taboo", "forbidden", "undesirable", or "dangerous" in some type of way, excessive, compulsive preoccupations with fears around relationships, -or an excessive preoccupation with relationships in general. "NOW OR NEVER. DO OR DIE." These particular potentialities of this aspect aside, if positively utilized, this configuration, as it tightens and perfects it's conjunction, will be a positive and powerful catalyst for some major transformations in regards to money, finances, goals, self worth, values, and self empowerment. On a positive note, it could also see some power couples forming, and could result in some fated and powerful unions, epic love stories, or a powerful merging of forces. This applies to business relationships as well as personal ones, so those of us who may be voluntarily "forever alone" for whatever reason can expect to get something good out of this too. 

Monday, November 22, 2021



 Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer squaring Chiron, trine Mars, sextile Uranus and opposite Venus. This can see a determination and resilience to push forward despite obstacles, vulnerabilities, or even deliberate discouragement disguised as constructive criticism. This math can see a sort of pokerface syndrome going on. It can be hard to express how we feel, or there’s a need for detachment but a simultaneous need for comfort. There may have been encouraging news or strides forward, or signs or news intimating that some sort of expansion is nigh, financially, interpersonally, socially, or in relation to creative or commercial endeavors. The Moon/Mars/Venus contact can be excellent for getting things done, and provides motivation to pull things together, and keep forward momentum going.  Mars trine to Neptune helps take the edge off of the volatility of Mars opposite Uranus. Things are changing fast, and deep transformations are occurring at subtle levels of awareness, and there is a need to avoid polarization, so Neptune helps to soften things and to avoid power dynamics or bullying from getting out of control when too many people believe they are in the right. The Sun in freedom seeking Sagittarius seeks to expand world views, vistas, and horizons, and this is a good time to remember that the world and it’s inhabitants are our teachers, and every encounter is an opportunity to expand our awareness beyond previously limited beliefs or perspectives. Socrates said “ I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” In spite of the Moon being in a more domestic, sensitive, and comfort seeking sign, today can see surprises occurring, perhaps our lives are being shaken up in some way on subtle levels that are pleasant and exciting. The Cancer lunation can feel emotionally adventurous.


The Moon is in emo Cancer opposite Venus and Pluto, while trine Mars and Neptune. This can see some subtle but significant emotional shifts and/or shifts in values or power dynamics occurring, possibly prompted by interpersonal dynamics or other transformative and reflective experiences that have been facilitated via Scorpio season. This can see a questioning or challenging of certain boundaries or limited bandwidths. This can see a gentle but powerful prompting towards a more creative, humanistic, and fulfilling exploration of things. If a stoic, cold, hardened, limited, or overly rigid exterior or partition wall of some kind has been maintained, it's integrity or even it's continued usefulness or healthiness, socially, interpersonally, politically, or otherwise- can be thrown into question. The Moon/Pluto/Neptune contacts can see some intense or powerful undercurrents, perhaps around the sharing of power, energy, time, or resources in some way. It can be possible to get more insight into the inner workings of ourselves or others,- or ourselves in relation to others, and we can be gently encouraged to reflect upon our habituated emotional responses, defenses, dynamics, or perspectives. Perhaps there’s plans being loosely formed that could create some significant shifts between ourselves and others, socially, interpersonally, -or in relation to finances/money/values/pleasure/ and possessions. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury in the afternoon placing the emphasis on thought, travel, learning, perspectives, and communications, and this could see some deep talks or thoughts, perspective shifts, or the barriers between ourselves and others become somehow more permeable. With Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio, this could see pinnacle moments in news, commerce, plans, strategies, and communications, on both the macro and the micro. On the one hand, it can be easier to be a little more vulnerable with others, (or even just with ourselves), or go where we typically fear to tread. With Mercury heading into adventure seeking Sagittarius tomorrow, we can feel more inclined to entertain new, perhaps more brave or adventurous perspectives, and a widening of our horizons somehow. Even if this mathscape doesn’t see any sort of significant interpersonal or emotional exchanges or conversations happen externally, -internally, it can prompt a lot of reflection, shifts, and dip people more into the feelings and instincts, while also making them much easier to verbalize than usual. If not via direct expression, than indirectly through art, music, subtlety, and creative expression. 


The Moon enters playful and fun seeking Leo today at 7:59 AM PST, and Mercury shifts into perspective expanding Sagittarius shortly beforehand. The Moon trines the Sun, Mercury and Chiron and opposes Saturn.  We know we’ve got to widen our perspectives or horizons in order to bring more joy into our lives. Later, the Moon squares Uranus, and yes, we could shake things up or they can be shaken up for us. People gathering with family for the purposes of holiday celebrations can see some interesting discussions take place at the dinner table, or some last minute get togethers with others. With the exuberance of the Leo Moon and Sagittarius Sun and Mercury, and the Moon clashing with Saturn and Uranus, -try not to alienate anyone with hubris. Discussions or meet ups could be valuable learning opportunities, and there could be some shocks, surprise visitors, or unanticipated news. The Leo Moon seeks joy and exuberance, period, and the clash with Saturn can bring out a feeling of being alone, cut off, misunderstood, burdened by responsibilities, restricted by commitments, or alienated from fun by needing to keep a nose to the grindstone , while the square to Uranus can prompt some spontaneous or rebellious act, or last minute revisions to plans in order to seek mental and creative refreshment and keep things fun. Maybe we just need to experiment with new ways to enjoy ourselves, or innovate around a rather pressed schedule. Conversely, surprise opportunities or communications could arise that could bring some fun into an otherwise tedious experience that is probably meant to be enjoyable, -but it could all be a lot to balance, so try to get some rest and grounding. 


Todays general exuberance could require some patience and grounding, as the Moon in Leo squares Mars and opposes Saturn, while also squaring Uranus, there’s a squirrelly sort of excitement to “get to the good parts” already. There could be a lot going on, generally speaking, and there’s an impulsiveness and nervousness to this energy, it's a bit "pressed"- but morale and confidence is boosted, and there's a desire to take advantage of opportunities for enjoyment while they're available. Later in the day, the Moon opposes Jupiter, which see’s some of the restraints or burdens of responsibilities come off, and there can be darting here, there, everywhere, and there’s an excitement and expansive sort of indulgence in the air. The lunar square to Mars and opposition to Jupiter wants it all and it wants it yesterday, so take care not to let impatience or overdoing things, or trying to squeeze in too much into your day sabotage your plans. Otherwise, the evening and this weekend in general looks set to be enjoyable and even somewhat exciting and pleasantly stimulating. There could be some sidewinders or unexpected plot twists.


Today begins with the Moon in late Leo opposite Jupiter and going on to square Mercury in Sagittarius as it get’s closer to Virgo. This could see some plans in the works, or communications can be under the spotlight somehow. There can be slight tensions or overwhelm to navigate. This is a very expansive time, and there can be a lot to take in, perhaps a lot to talk about or a lot clamoring for our attention. The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 6:12 PM PST, and adjusting our schedules to that of others, or while traveling or accommodating visitors can be a theme somehow here, and it can feel overwhelming and a bit draining at times. With Mercury and the Sun almost perfectly conjunct, there can be significant meetings or turning points occurring, or about to occur. This can also be true of learning experiences, commercial enterprises or points of dialogue. Our world, our initiatives, contacts, or our perspective can be pleasantly expanding, perhaps in surprising or unexpected ways. Tomorrow can see more excitement and change, or some surprising news, travels, or communications. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo squaring the Sun, Mercury, and trine Venus, Uranus and Juno. This see’s an exciting first half of the day, and there may be a lot of things to attend to. Travels, visiting others, or being en route could see some pleasant diversions or spontaneous meetings that are surprisingly pleasing. There can be a lot of nervous excitement this weekend, and a lot of details to attend to, which can get kind of overwhelming at times, but things are positively expanding. The Moon goes on to oppose Neptune later on, seeing the rest of the evening focused on pleasant pastimes in private or enjoying unusual, exciting encounters or get togethers with others. There could be a desire to get back on track with good health routines, exercise, organization, and a need to attend to the body and organization. Developing better work/life balance can be a focus and there could be a need to recuperate. The Moon sextile Mars very late at the last hour of this evening, see's energy pick up in the wee hours, and this could see a really enjoyable, if somewhat nervous but very pleasant energy, possibly spent with others, or in the very least, on some highly enjoyable passion projects on into Sunday. 


Today looks awesome. Even though the Virgo Moon can be a somewhat nervous energy, with a focus on organization and taking care of practicalities, this looks like a highly pleasurable time going on, in the very least some pleasant detours. The Moon is trine Venus, sextile Mars, opposite Neptune and trine Pluto. This could see some really enjoyable hang out sessions, and/ or some humble milestones having been reached. We could be drawn to some unusual people or situations that wind up being highly enjoyable or even paradigm shifting. The Sun and Mercury are exactly conjunct at 6 degrees and sextile Saturn, so some significant meetings, communications, or learning experiences could transpire this Sunday that really get us thinking and feeling some type of way and thinking passionately about the future, but also really enjoying the present. There’s a lot of earthy passion, dreaminess, creativity and nervous energy in the math this Sunday. Enjoy it as much as you can. 

Monday, November 15, 2021



We begin this week with the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and square Venus in Capricorn. Vulnerability and weaknesses can be highlighted around relationships, money, and Venus ruled matters.  With Venus sextile Mars, trine Uranus, but squaring Chiron, there can be strong passions that require a certain degree of detachment or high mindedness, or there can be unusual or unconventional situations or dynamics going on interpersonally or financially that require everyone just “go with the flow”. There can be a lot of changes to adapt to very quickly, and it’s possible the experimental or changeable nature of certain things can be a source of vulnerability or insecurity. We begin a family of eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis this Friday, which highlight issues of self worth, self esteem, self sufficiency, earned income, what we have, what we bring to the table, our own personal karma-v.s- our energetic exchanges with others, merging, gifts, energy or resources that come to us via others, but also what we offer in return for those gifts, intimacy, sex, karmic enmeshments, inevitabilities, taxes, death, inheritances, legacies, and the like. So this nodal axis can bring up some complicated issues and bring attention to power and energy dynamics for everyone. It’s possible that everyone is navigating their own personal version of the Lovers and the 3 of swords, as there can be difficult choices to contend with in regards to our dealings with others, whether that be interpersonally, socially, or in regards to business, finance, investments, contracts, or commercial enterprises. Naturally, the more self sufficient and self validating a person is, the easier such transits will be, as the karma involved is relatively simple and self limiting.  The fact that Venus will station retrograde right on top of Pluto indicates some pretty major transformations and powerful turning points in regards to love and money related matters. The trine Venus makes to Uranus speaks to the experimental nature of all of this, which on the one hand can feel profoundly liberating or even exciting, but on the other, can also feel unpredictable, unsteady, or in the very least, highly unusual, experimental, or simply…..unprecedented. A lot of people are navigating their own “I’ve never done this before” situation in their lives, so it’s important to be kind to ourselves and others. The Moon in Aries squares Pluto this evening, which can see an obsessive drive and determination around something. Perhaps to execute some radical changes. Whatever this is, it can require a great deal of discipline, determination, patience, consistency and focus.


Today begins with the Moon in assertive Aries squaring Pluto, sextile Jupiter while trine Juno. This can see a boost in optimism, confidence and courage around something. Perhaps we are more supported in our goals than we had thought, or perhaps there’s a particular relationship (Juno) we feel very driven about or encouraged by. Regardless, we can feel motivated and driven, and there can be an emotional generosity, but also an undercurrent of intensity and power in the air. In the evening, the Moon squares up to Saturn, and moves into Taurus at 6:18 PM PST to conjoin Uranus, indicating a need to get things done in real life, and put in the practical work required to radically change things. Perhaps we’re adapting to completely new things here, and we have to do it very quickly and think on our feet. (Mercury/Mars.) Another possibility is having to adapt and improvise in the face of blockages, challenges, or really unusual situations or power dynamics. Whether you’re implementing a new routine, adjusting to new tech, learning a new skill, or navigating some other circumstance that requires adaptation or conditioning, or even just planting some new ideas, it’s important to have patience and not expect instant or overnight results, as such things take time and consistency to bear fruit. With the Moon square Saturn while trine Juno, we can also come to appreciate the quiet durability, loyalty, or consistency of certain friendships or other interactions, that may not be overtly showy or demonstrative in nature, but they are always …there, being quietly supportive. Perhaps this quiet dependability provides more motivation and courage than we previously estimated, or perhaps we are simply getting better at being thankful for the small things, as Venus in Capricorn has learned to get by with less and to extract sustenance, pleasure, joy, and meaning from very little, but is very good at making it last, and making it matter. 


Today looks….interesting. The Moon in earthy Taurus trine’s the “master of delayed gratification”, Venus in Capricorn, while opposite Mars in passionate Scorpio, square Saturn, and conjunct Uranus. Mars and Uranus are in an exact opposition today.  It’s possible there’s certain epiphanies or realizations occurring, but perhaps we are in a bit of an inner battle with ourselves about it or we feel blocked in some way by circumstances or other factors, which can see patience being very low. Maybe something or someone we find enjoyable is a bit outside our comfort zone, zip code, or income bracket, or there is some other internal or external blockage that has to be confronted in regards to the passions, drives, or executing our true will.  Maybe we need to find a way around, under or through some sort of blockage, or we need to release something. It's possible that some intense transformations are being processed or new milestones are being reached and adjusted to. Stealth, strategy, or a low key, under the radar approach may be involved, or there could be a need to adapt to intense changes. Later, the Moon opposes Mercury, which suggests communications, news or something or someone coming to our attention. Regardless of how this day transpires for you, it can see some interesting dynamics, and perhaps some surprising news, actions, or communications. For some this may seem out of the blue, but whatever it is, it’s been simmering a long time, or a long time coming. Even if there aren’t direct discussions that take place today, certainly something has stirred us or got us thinking along particular lines or coming up with new ideas and approaches to something that needs to be metabolized, adapted, or responded to. It’s also possible that today see’s us having to say something, maybe we are prompted by something externally, but more than likely it’s something suppressed that simply can’t be anymore. Something comes to a head, or certain feelings require attention. This could see some impulsive desires and/or communications, and it can be harder to keep a lid on anything that’s been unconsciously simmering. Maybe we’re trying to be reserved, but it’s hard, or we get a wild hair up our ass to open up some kind of a pandoras box, or there's simply intense feelings to adapt to. Whatever the case, even with the Moon in easy going, practical Taurus and Venus in “all business” Capricorn, today is not a boring day. There’s definitely more than “just business” going on, and there can be intense news of endings, beginnings, or milestones, or impulsive or surprising communications. Watch for knee jerk, self sabotaging reactions, and maybe try to slow down, but otherwise, simply enjoy this sparky, exciting, if somewhat risqué, taboo, or ..unusual mathscape. 


Today see’s the Moon in pleasure seeking Taurus trine intense Pluto, sextile dreamy Neptune, square Jupiter, and opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. It can be easy to get lost in fantasy today and our thoughts and communications can be driving us to distraction. There’s an indulgent, and easy going energy to this math that can see some enjoyable feelings and experiences. Maybe even some powerful, or cathartic discussions. It can be harder to resist temptations with this energy as Jupiter errs on the side of adventure and “fuck it, why not”, Pluto compels, and Neptune seeks surrender. With the Moon opposite Mercury, we could feel somewhat at odds with this but also seeking to integrate our experiences somehow. We are building up to the Full Moon/partial lunar eclipse in Taurus, so this is a somewhat “wolfy”, and very earthy and physical energy. The Full Moon is exact at 12:37 AM PST, half past witching hour, and is technically on Friday, but I’m sure the general intensity of the full moon can be felt now. With Full Moon’s being about completions of a cycle, there’s an emphasis here on communications with the Moon opposite Mercury in Scorpio, and the Sun and Moon both squaring Jupiter. Certain conversations, dialogues, ideas, or dynamics reach an inevitable juncture, subtle shifts, or turning points. With Jupiter involved, this can be about expanding on a notion, entering new, adventurous, or philosophical territory, or embarking upon a bogus learning journey that broadens our life experience somehow. This Full Moon can definitely open up certain discussions, or deepen and widen our own internal dialogue and quest for gnosis, metamorphosis, or transformation, but it can also see an ending or completion to certain cycles or dead ends as well. 


Today begins with the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus at 12:37 AM PST. Pluto’s involvement can see us quick to get to the point, or down to the essence of things, and has an investigative, penetrating depth that isn't afraid of the dark but seeks integration. Jupiter’s involvement can see a sort of brazenness, emotional courage, thirst for growth, wisdom, buoyancy and adventurousness. This Full Moon is all about “real talk.” Confronting intense, buried, or taboo seeming things, situations, or dynamics in a very matter of fact, “yo, so this is how it be” type of way.  This can be some really disinhibiting math for a lot of people. In the very least it allows people to be frank with themselves. There's a focus here on finances, practical gains, money, possessions, physical and energetic exchanges- and perhaps navigating the various power dynamics and inevitabilities that this involves.  The Moon enters talkative Gemini at 6:33 AM PST to trine serious and stable Saturn and sextile Chiron. It’s possible something communicated or discussed quietly boosted our morale and sense of stability somehow.  Mars begins a trine to Neptune today as well, and this can see a subtle build in creative inspiration and it can be a good time to follow our instincts and passions as opposed to fight against them. The Venus/Uranus/Mars/Neptune contacts are excellent for artists, musicians, and creative types, and this can see some unusual insights into ourselves and others. 


The Venus/Mars sextile is exact at 14 degrees at exactly 5:02 AM PST this morning. This is peak energy right here in relation to the passions, desires, and wants,- interpersonally, carnally, financially, and otherwise. With Venus in the goal oriented goat, this can revolve around longterm ambitions somehow. This energy can see a renewed drive, passion, motivation, and determination around something or someone. The Moon in multitasking and talkative Gemini trine Jupiter and square Neptune, optimism can be high, even in the face of doubts, confusion, or uncertainty. Others energy can feel very encouraging, and there can be a lot of generosity and good will in the air. This math can see people talking or thinking about some adventurous plans that break monotony or expand opportunities for joyfulness, frolicking, learning, expansiveness, and growth, with the Moon trine Jupiter, -especially as the Sun enters adventure seeking, eternally curious Sagittarius tomorrow. 


Today begins with the Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter and square Neptune, getting the day off to a sleepy, loopy, and squirrelly start, but there’s an expansiveness in the air. Today can see thinking, planning, communicating, and dreaming, and we can feel optimistic and hopeful. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into adventure seeking, playful, and eternally curious Sagittarius at 6:34 PM PST, kicking off a cycle of exploration, learning, discovery, expansion, adventure, study, travel, higher learning, and freedom seeking.  The Moon enters cozy, emo Cancer at 7:33 PM PST, seeing the remainder of Sunday focused on creature comforts and things that make us feel snuggly, safe, comfy and secure. 

Monday, November 8, 2021



We begin this week with the Moon in earthy and serious Capricorn conjunct Venus, sextile Mars, trine Uranus, and square Chiron. There may be some slight vulnerability here, as with the Moon and Venus are in the reserved sea goat, a pruning back of the superfluous is happening, and the emphasis is on self control. It’s a serious, “get your shit together” vibe, but the universe insists you seek to enjoy the process somehow.  With Mars in tension with Saturn, there can be a lot of holding back going on, or a lot of blockages. A sort of refinement and transformation process is occurring, and only what is genuine will be left when it’s over.  Mars and Saturn are like having one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the break. It can be a frustrating experience to feel an urge to lunge forward or advance something while also feeling held back from doing so or deprived of our desires. Perhaps the desires themselves are undergoing some refinement. Perhaps they are there simply to spur us on towards our next phase of evolution and are never meant to be gratified at all. Such thoughts can be somewhat depressing, as people require hope and something to aspire towards to go on, even if it lacks realism. The Moon and Venus in Capricorn emphasize the long game, an upward climb, and enjoyment of the little things. The Cap lunation can make it easy to see all the work that has to be done, and the fact that we will only get out of things what we put into them. It also highlights the benefits of delayed gratification, patience, hard work, discipline, and consistency, which to many, is nothing to be overjoyed about. Tension between certain life areas may be calling for restraint and boundaries, and these aspects indicate the need to keep our eye on certain situations or dynamics that could inevitably raise awkward issues or spiral out of control if not approached with some maturity, self control, and wisdom. This could particularly be the case socially or interpersonally. Later, a lunar sextile to the Sun, Neptune, while trine Uranus and conjunct Pluto can see a reflection upon powerful instincts, and perhaps the need to surrender to something higher, as certain drives or desires are frustrated or only cause friction. Conversely, there can be some intense spiritual downloads or some unexpected insight into a situation. 


This morning see’s the Moon still sextile Neptune, indicating a dreamy, reflective mode revolving around something we feel a bit obsessed around. The Moon in void of course for much of the day, indicating planning, preparation, and reflection. The day takes on a rather serious, obsessive and perhaps a bit of a severe tone as the Moon enters detached Aquarius and squares up to Mercury and Mars in emotionally intense, reactive Scorpio, all while conjunct Saturn and Pluto. There may be some tension brewing from certain quarters, perhaps it’s even a bit of confrontational atmosphere. Positively, this math can be funneled intensively and obsessively into something constructive and worthwhile. Negatively, this can see some subtle power struggles or awkward tensions, perhaps around shared resources, emotions, desires, or energetic exchanges, or perhaps something more buried, instinctual or taboo is a bone of contention somehow. This could see some intense conversations. The coolness and detached nature of the Aquarian planets clash with the emotional extremes and deep instinctual desires of the planets in Scorpio. Here, desire meets reason, and we either need to detach ourselves from our own desires, or those of others. In either case, it appears to be a management of sticky situations or a controlled explosion/implosion going on. Perhaps some rather complicated undercurrents socially or interpersonally are going on that requires careful handling, observation, reason, and boundaries. All this energy has to go somewhere, such is the nature of squares. Powerful transformations are at work here, so if you have something to funnel these energies into, good for you. If not, you’re being called to discipline and focus your drives to accomplish something that benefits your future.


Today see’s the Aquarius Moon squaring Mercury, Mars, Uranus, conjunct Saturn, and trine Chiron. Interestingly, even if there is tension, there is a boost to morale. Although there is a certain cool severity in the atmosphere there is reason and compassion. The Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus and trine Neptune recognizes the depth of weirdness, the unusual peculiarity of circumstances and dynamics, and brings with it a wellspring of unconditional love and understanding. Simultaneously, there may be a certain liberation happening, where we are energetically detaching ourselves from whatever is impeding our authenticity. This isn’t a simple process, and it may in fact be somewhat difficult to navigate such an individuation process amidst the complexity of social, interpersonal, economic, and energetic enmeshments. A bit of a minefield even. These configurations highlight where our own desires differ from those of others or from what may be expected of us in return for the energy and resources of others. This can see some highly unusual situations going on, and the less attached you are to others behaving in a particular way, the easier this will be. Venus sextile Mars can see some deep desires and passions, but Venus square Chiron suggests there’s something sensitive or even wounding about this. Perhaps what we want inadvertently hurts others, or perhaps someone’s restraint, coolness, or seeming indifference triggers wounds or sensitivities. With Mars square Saturn and opposite Uranus, perhaps something or someone is so outside of our norm we don’t know what to make of it/them. Whatever the case, boundaries, laying them down, sensing them, figuring them out, will be an important part of navigating these aspects. Ultimately, a refinement process is happening. As if the universe is saying, “How bad do you want what you want?” Ultimately, everyone will fare best if they can enjoy the process, and make peace with the potential that they may not ever get what they want, but if they can enjoy being motivated towards refinement by what they want, they will certainly wind up much better off than they would have had they given up entirely altogether and succumbed to settling for joyless, stagnant complacency, or nihilistic self destructive patterns driven by a hopeless resignation to mediocrity. People need hope and inspiration in order to grow and fulfill their potentials. The Moon conjoins Jupiter late this evening, bringing a boost in optimism, good will, and generosity.


The Moon in detached and cerebral Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio while conjunct Jupiter. Even if certain boundaries have to be established  and there is perhaps an intellectualization of our own or others desires, there is still overall goodwill and generosity. Venus forms a trine to unconventional Uranus, while sextile Mars, square Chiron, and trine the asteroid Pallas. This can see some highly unusual or outside of the box attractions, arrangements, or dynamics, and relationships can be a great source of intellectual and spiritual stimulation and growth. Things may not fit into any cookie cutter box, and whatever people are experiencing interpersonally right now is way outside their own or others definition of “normal.” The universe is bringing people into our lives or our awareness right now in order to facilitate growth, refinement, liberation, and to further activate the promise of our own personal natal charts. The less judgmental you are about this process the better off you will be. Your attraction or pull towards particular people is based upon what they are meant to activate, refine, heal, or “unlock” within your own math. There’s no use being upset over it, or in some kind of a fight with it. It is what it is. We’re all just neurons in a much bigger brain. Venus trine Uranus can bring excitement, change, unpredictability, and awakenings, interpersonally, socially and financially. People will need more independence and freedom to explore their own authentic desires under these dynamic aspects, so it’s best to abandon any latent desire to pin yourself or others down, but to also remain aware of and sensitive to the vicissitudes and complexities of interpersonal karma, -without rigidly or oppressively moralizing everything, and hence, cutting yourself off from everything and everyone that makes you feel alive, out of some misguided sense of virtue, dogmatism, or fear. The Sun in investigative Scorpio that is already trine mystical Neptune conjuncts Mercury this evening, highlighting hidden things, communications, telepathic links, synchronicities, dreams, supernatural and instinctual pulls. This can see deepened curiosity, reflectiveness, inner searching, and a focus on spirituality, sexuality, psychology, the occult and all things hidden, unconscious, or mysterious. 


The Moon heads into sensitive Pisces today, to trine Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, sextile Uranus, and conjunct Neptune. With the Sun in Scorpio also conjunct Mercury, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto, this could actually see some rather profound, pleasant experiences. It’s an almost confessional atmosphere, and there can be psychic experiences, serendipities, downloads, or secrets shared that really make an impact. The universe itself can be very loud today, even if everything is quiet on the surface. We can feel very deeply tuned in, and our intuition can be spot on, so pay attention to your inner guidance system and internal promptings. Some surprising things can come to light or be revealed if you follow your souls guidance. We can be having some unexpected but profound insights into ourselves or into particular situations or dynamics. Someone may confide in us or us in them. It’s possible that a topic, person, or conversation long avoided or shoved under the carpet is finally approached, or walls come down in some way that can take us by surprise. In either case, something about today changes the landscape and enhances our experience. Perhaps new channels of communication are opened with ourselves or others, or we are let into the secret world of another in some way or let them into ours,, or we explore something buried, occulted, or obscured. Maybe we just perceive something we hadn’t before, or something we’ve stuffed down into our unconscious is finally consciously acknowledged. Maybe we are swallowed by a delicious portal and enter into a different dimension. Perhaps we share or discuss spiritual experiences or secrets with others. Maybe we are helped or healed by someone, maybe we help or heal others. Maybe we help or heal ourselves. Whatever is the case, we can be highly attuned and sensitive to the environment, beauty, and the language of the universe today. There’s a lot of love, passion, creativity and beauty of a highly spiritual and etheric variety in these configurations, it’s a very high vibe that also taps into some of our deepest instincts. It can be satisfying, cathartic, and liberating to let something go, let something in, or simply embrace what we feel joyfully in the moment without judging our experience. Mostly a solitary, reflective, private sort of day best spent in peaceful surroundings. Great math for spiritual and creative pursuits, freestyles, etc. Wishing everyone a beautiful day today.


Today see’s the Moon in boundless Pisces conjunct Neptune, trine the Sun, and sextile Pluto. Recent realizations, reflections, or communications have definitely made an impact, and will continue to. The aspects favor some deep soul searching, reflection, self honesty, compassion, and creative pursuits. The Sun and Moon both sextile penetrating Pluto in Capricorn highlight a compelling pull towards deep, transformative experiences. There may be something hidden or mysterious about this, but whatever it is, it’s powerful. Maybe there’s a sort of “giving in” to something going on here, a case of “what you resist, persists.” In either case, with Pluto involved, there is something fated or inevitable about whatever is happening. The soul is stirred for reasons we would be foolish to pretend to understand, but the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and Mars will leave no stone unturned in an effort to do so. The solar square to Jupiter as well see’s a boundless curiosity and sense of adventure and consciousness expansion, and it’s sextile to Pluto see’s a near obsessive, relentless focus. It’s possible to have some pretty deep conversations with others right now, but equally and more likely, it’s possible to have some deep talks with ourselves. This is more good math for creative, artistic and spiritual pursuits. Maybe we are just observing and thinking about things right now, internally aligning, releasing, transforming. 


Today see’s the Moon in self reliant Aries, conjunct Chiron, and square Venus, while sextile Saturn. This could see a lot of empathy and compassion, but it might not be easy to express our feelings with the Moon squaring Venus in reserved Capricorn. Actions taken to bring a sense of stability to our own and others energy can be a good use of this math. The Moon/Venus/Saturn/Chiron combo isn’t particularly “romantic”, glamorous, or exciting -but it’s thoughtful, caring, and responsible. Moon in Aries square Venus in Capricorn will typically throw itself into work/duties/self mastery as a way of dealing with the feelings. With Venus squaring Chiron and the Moon poking at it, there can be a sensitivity to rejection present in certain dynamics, possibly due to instability, excitement, change, inconsistency, changeability,- and the Moon is uncomfortably aware of this particular vulnerability today. Saturn isn’t the warmest at reassurance, -but it’s stable, reliable, dependable. You might not be able to singlehandedly allay all of someone else’s fears or insecurities, just as no one else is capable of doing that for you, (it’s not anyone’s job to regulate somebody else’s emotional state), but we can always focus on cultivating an unshakable inner stability and radiate that outwards and let people know they’re important to us in small, thoughtful ways, without promising more than we’re able to deliver. Saturn may not be warm, over the top, extravagant, or idealist, but it’s genuine and sincere. Changes being navigated now or the state of flux that many people are in socially, interpersonally, financially, creatively, and otherwise, can be making a lot of people feel somewhat shaken. Doing what we can to cultivate an inner sense of stability can go a long way to help ease through dynamic changes-and changes in dynamics.

Monday, November 1, 2021



Today begins with the Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune, and square Venus and Juno in Sagittarius, while trine Pluto. This can see a certain meandering attention span that is somewhat driven by compulsivity. It can still be productive, and can be pleasant for social interactions. However, some anxiousness, confusion, idealism, or uncertainty can be subtly surrounding relationships, money, and Venus ruled matters. The aspects indicate a desire to get to the bottom of certain things, to organize what doesn’t make sense, and to make improvements- and that’s good. However, certain processes underway now may not see their completion, resolution, or feel fully “settled” until March 2022.  Today’s aspects can also see some loopiness in general, but using the Moon/Pluto trine to ground, focus and center upon what you personally have control over can result in better focus and constructive ways to manage any potential feelings of uncertainty.  The Moon enters harmony seeking Libra at 4:11 PM PST,  to trine Saturn, seeing the remainder or the day and evening focused on efforts of diplomacy, harmony, stability, and working together with others constructively. The Libra lunation’s opposition to Chiron suggests that there could be sensitive dynamics or issues with others to navigate over the coming days.


Today begins with the Moon in Libra trine Saturn and opposite Chiron. This can see an inner resolve building to talk through any potential misunderstandings or approach sensitive, perhaps even “taboo” subjects. With Mars now finally in Scorpio, last week, the edginess of the Mars/Pluto square perfecting, followed by Mars reaching the last, most urgent degrees of Libra, this may have brought certain things to a head. Perhaps buried issues, suppressed drives, or feelings made their way to the surface somehow thanks to the tension of these two “malefics” combined with the planet of passion emphatically screaming about interpersonal issues/desires, -lest they be forgotten forever.  Even though Mercury is currently in Libra, the square to Pluto may have resulted in certain truths being spoken or in the very least, subtle power dynamics may have been in activated in communications with certain others. This aspect can also tend towards a certain obsessiveness around things. Needless to say, Mercury square Pluto perfects today at 24 degrees, so there could be some intensity under the surface of things and it can be easy to get obsessed with one train of thought or with our own opinions or way of doing things. One manifestation of Mercury in Libra square Pluto is that people may try to use power, flattery, or ultimatums to persuade you of things under this aspect. It’s a classic “hard sell” aspect, in business, social situations, and interpersonally. So take care if you find yourself trying to force anything, and if confronted with others who may be coming across as particularly pushy or heavy handed with you, handle with care, as the lunar opposition to Chiron indicates a great deal of sensitivity or vulnerability is behind this. Later, the Moon trines Jupiter and this lightens the mood considerably. It’s possible good news is received or communications come in that boost morale, faith and positivity. The lunar/Jupiter contact is emotionally generous, optimistic, and philosophical.


Today see’s the Moon in partnership oriented Libra conjunct Mercury, sextile Venus and Juno, conjunct Mars, trine Jupiter and square Pluto. Wow….This could be a particularly eventful day interpersonally, socially, with business contacts, partnerships, agreements, and with regards to news and communications. Something is brewing here, that’s for sure. There can be some pleasant discussions and exchanges but perhaps they’re intense in some way. There can be an intense focus upon interactions with others or perhaps business or creative endeavors of some kind.  Something is a bit “game changing” about today’s configurations. Perhaps certain things are revealed or the floodgates of communication burst open in some way, or a joint venture takes off in a positive direction or shows signs of growth. Later, the Moon enters Scorpio, and a lunar square to Saturn may show a need for some emotional resilience and determination. Something is shifting, perhaps radically, and we may need to prepare for how this shift will impact other areas of our lives or other dynamics. The New Moon in Scorpio tomorrow is …well…it’s pretty radicalized, …like a Tower moment. That doesn’t have to be negative, but it could be experienced as very, very surprising.


It’s my dad’s birthday today! Happy Solar Return dad! Today see’s the New Moon in Scorpio, exact at 2:15 PM PST.  The Scorpio lunation first conjoined Mars while squaring Saturn, indicating a lot of passionate and intense energy, perhaps even a subtle combativeness or competitiveness. It’s extremely driven. This drive is increased by the fact that Saturn poses a challenge, a blockage. These fiercely authentic energies require an outlet, and hence, the New Moon opposes shock rocker Uranus. This can see some intensely charged, highly unconventional situations or dynamics unfolding. It’s no longer about “playing nice,” or appeasing people. This is about authenticity. There could be something liberating, even freeing about these configurations as certain blockages or fears are released or prompt us outside of a comfort zone in some way. The Moon’s dynamic with Saturn and Uranus add even further nuance to this New Moon, that will have a ripple effect into the following weeks and months. In the Macro situation, perhaps efforts to control other people, pin them down, force them to play by certain rules, or box them in are met with rebellion and non conformity. In the Micro situation, -perhaps it is much the same. In either case, the New Moon in Scorpio can bring certain power dynamics to the fore, or in the very least, see some very “outside of the box” situations or dynamics. Much of which could be completely unexpected, perhaps even shocking. There may be unexpected “wrenches” thrown into plans, or perhaps unexpected, innovative solutions to complex problems. Some might even see a little bit of both, like taking some sort of L or accepting some sort of less than perfect reality, followed by being able to receive some sort of unexpected blessing that is intended for us. This New Moon plants a seed in the area of your chart ruled by Scorpio (determined by your whole house rising sign). Whatever this area is, one thing is certain: Living authentically is not for the feint of heart. This kicks off some highly experimental energy that will pair itself with a full moon eclipse in Taurus. This will be the first in a series of eclipses that will occur on the Taurus/Scorpio axis between now and Oct 2023. Your approach to the impacted life areas ruled by Taurus and Scorpio will be getting a major overhaul over the coming two years. In the evening, the Moon conjunct the Sun in powerful and reflective Scorpio trine’s Neptune while still opposite Uranus, closing out the day on a reflective, inspired, creative and unusual note. 


Venus, planet of love, money, beauty, pleasure, and values, heads into ambitious Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning (3:44 AM PST), where this planet will remain until March 2022 due to a retrograde that will begin in December. Venus in the sign of the Sea Goat is sensual, downright lusty even, -yet slow, cautious, and reserved. Venus Cap natives don’t give their heart away exclusively or open up to just anyone, because they’re too focused on their goals, ambitions, and self mastery. They typically seek out those who can match (or at least appreciate and not devalue, impede, or sabotage) that same energy. Venus here will make a series of planetary contacts, a big standout being when it stations retrograde EXACTLY on top of Pluto. Another standout being the trine to Uranus. Needless to say, the fates are at work here, and the retrograde will force some kind of reevaluation over the fact that some compelling, and perhaps difficult choices will need to be made. This could see some highly unusual situations, alliances, and dynamics. Maybe it’s best to give yourself as well as others a bit of leeway here, as many will need room to experiment and explore their desires at their own pace to discover what they truly feel or want for themselves. Today begins with the Moon in powerful Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius while trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. These are some deep, reflective and somewhat indulgent energies. Mercury also enters Scorpio in the afternoon, taking the planet of communication into taboo territory. Mercury here is intense, investigative, secretive, obsessive, and determined to get to the bottom of any mysteries. The Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius in the early evening, where it forms a trine to Chiron and sextile to Saturn. Confidence or morale can be quietly boosted.


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron, and making contact to the Vertex (a mathematical point in astrology associated with fated events and interactions), and Juno the relationship asteroid, while making hard minor aspects to Mercury and Mars, and a square to Neptune. There could be a lot of sensitivity in the air, and these aspects can make it easy not to be judgmental of other people or of ourselves. There could be a lot of optimism, faith, idealism, and it also brings forth the need to be open minded and philosophical. Interesting twists can be happening interpersonally now. Venus in Capricorn goes on to sextile Mars in Scorpio in the evening, and this aspect can see the potential for some really pleasant interactions unfold. A lot of natural chemistry with this aspect. Overall, today can see heightened feelings and reflectiveness, some people might be given to mood swings, escapism, or confusion with the lunar square to Neptune, but positively, this aspect can be excellent for the creative arts and for spiritual and healing modalities, and for seeking out comfort and inspiration.


Today begins with the Moon in late Sagittarius conjunct Juno and also Venus in Capricorn. Today can see the emphasis on pleasure, enjoyment, and there can be a curious focus on relationships with others here. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus suggests a subtle atmosphere of change, excitement, or unpredictability. The Moon enters down to earth Capricorn at 5:03 PM PST, increasing the potency of the lunar/Venus contact in the evening hours of Sunday, while also seeing the Moon sextile Mercury in Scorpio. This can see the evening hours hold some pleasant communications where a little goes a long way. Even if not much is said, much is conveyed, and it’s genuine. Both Scorpio and Capricorn placements are strong silent types, that place more value on actions as opposed to words. The final hour of Sunday see’s the Moon sextile Mars as well, throwing passion into the mix. Boy howdy. This could see a pretty passionate, sultry, and earthy atmosphere. In the very least, it’s energizing and stimulating. A word of warning though: If you feel an urge to apply pressure or bend anyone to your will, do be prepared for people to act squirrelly, with both Mercury and Mars square Saturn and opposite Uranus. There is a lot of passion and earthly desire in this mathscape, but there are also a lot of tense aspects present that add complexity to things.  A little can go a long way, but if it doesn’t -don’t force it.