This week begins with the Moon in diplomatic Libra, sextile the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius while trine Saturn in Aquarius, opposite Chiron, and square Juno. This could see a balancing act between our own needs and those of others as expansive changes are navigated and new foundations are being laid down.  With Venus and Pluto getting closer and closer together this week, there are some pretty significant power moves being initiated. Working cooperatively and harmoniously with others is important, but the Libra lunation also emphasizes tact and diplomacy, to mitigate the potential for our own agenda or priorities being taken personally or perceived as a slight to others. Venus in ambitious Capricorn sextile Mars in obsessively driven Scorpio can see some excellent partnerships and collaborative efforts taking shape that can be mutually beneficial and really make an impact. Whether in business or personal relations, these configurations have a lot of stamina, will power and reliability. These configurations can see some intense pushes ahead, onward and upward, that can leave our respective positions on the playing field of life transformed in some kind of game changing way. Power moves and power dynamics are emphasized under these placements. The Libra lunation can see some beneficial agreements being set in stone, but can also assist in smoothing things over with others who may be reading from a different hymn sheet or have different lives or backgrounds than ourselves. It can forge alliances in which each party compliments one another nicely and usefully.


Today see’s the Libra Moon square Venus and Pluto in Cap while trine Jupiter in Aquarius. This can see some significant turning points in regards to certain initiatives, business, personal, financial, social, romantic, or creative ventures can see some powerful boosts due to beneficial alliances and cooperative efforts. With discipline, consistency, and dedication combined with networking, teamwork and beneficial contacts, a positive trajectory can be set into motion that can see some significant and encouraging progress. These configurations can bring an almost obsessive focus on something, and there is a raw power, ambition, and persistence subtly driving things. Our focus on a goal of some kind can be all consuming at this time, and there can be encouraging trends propelling us forward. The Libra Moon’s contacts to both Pluto and Venus can see some intense undercurrents interpersonally or financially or in regards to partnerships and values. People can be making an impact upon us, but it looks largely beneficial, but intense transformations are in play interpersonally or financially. Powerful alliances can be formed that can be very beneficial, and we can feel very driven to succeed around a goal. Friendships, community, social networking or social media can play a role somehow, and there can be some intense undercurrents or even power plays under the surface that bring out a spicy determination. 


The Moon enters intense Scorpio in the wee hours, and Neptune, the planet of boundless compassion, psychic impressions, synchronicity, ESP, illusions, fantasy, confusion, delusions, deception and escapism stations direct this morning as well. The Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus, squares Saturn, and sextile’s Juno, and this can see an obsessive drive towards a goal, and if there are any blockages or challenges, this only increases resilience and determination. There can be some shocks or surprises, or some unexpected curve balls today with the Moon/Uranus opposition, and there can be some nervous excitement in the air. There’s a quiet power to these maths, and it’s possible we have some behind the scenes support or an ace up our sleeve. The Moon/Saturn square can have us feeling somewhat strapped to our ambitions, responsibilities or duties, perhaps a bit bogged down, but with Venus sextile Mars in Scorpio, our eyes can be on the long game, and on the fact that any work put in now and any delay of gratification that might feel cumbersome in the moment will reap rewards down the line. There can be some radical changes under way now, and in some cases, it might require a fiercely independent attitude or a certain detachment from emotions. The focus of these configurations is empowerment, and there may be some radically new or innovative approaches being deployed or a lot of new things to adapt to. This being an eclipse week, we are sure to see some significant differences in some area of our lives by the time we reach the other side of it. 


Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio sextile Venus in Capricorn, conjunct Mars, square Jupiter, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto. Boy howdy, this is some passionate math. There could be some really beneficial contacts or collaborations going on, and it’s possible that we are already seeing our efforts in some area reap some pretty major rewards, or in the very least, there is some sort of encouraging sign appearing. These configurations are excellent for people in creative lines of work, it also bodes well for partnerships and collaborations, both in love and in business. There could be some significant power moves or turning points in finances, creative efforts, -as well as in love and romance, as it’s possible that some powerful feelings are activated that make us do a double take. The Moon/Jupiter/Pluto/Venus/Neptune contacts could see everything magnified x 500. For some, it’s possible these configurations could see people rubbing their eyes in disbelief about something (or someone?), but the Moon connecting to Venus in realistic Capricorn suggests that whatever this is, it’s real, and our eyes aren’t lying to us. Whatever positive growth, point of manifestation, or signs of optimism and encouragement we may see under these configurations, this is not an indication to sit on your laurels. Make hay while the sun shines as they say. The Moon/Pluto/Venus contacts can indicate some powerful-and perhaps empowering-shifts that can be really encouraging and game changing, and can increase our drive and motivation, although the Moon/Jupiter contact can make it really tempting to sit back and bask in some of the fruits our labors have yielded. Pat yourself on the back, by all means, glow baby glow, -but keep going! This is just the beginning.


Early morning hours begin on an optimistic note with the Moon in adventurous and happy go lucky Sagittarius. Perhaps we are still sort of reeling or enjoying the morale boost indicated in yesterday’s configurations. The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs late in the evening tonight on the West Coast, and in the wee meth head hours on the East Coast. Today we see the Moon conjunct the Sun, Mercury, sextile Saturn and trine Chiron. This indicates positive news, commercially, socially or otherwise, that sets the stage for laying down some solid foundations for the future, perhaps in regards to a cherished goal. A lunar quincunx to Uranus indicates nervous excitability, and a lunar semi square to Pluto indicates intense feelings under the surface that may be difficult to verbalize. Feelings can be heightened, and we can be more sensitive to things than others may realize, and others can be more sensitive to things than we may realize. People can be playing certain emotional cards close to their chest. Nonetheless, there are morale boosting and encouraging signs around particular endeavors, and the lunar sextile to Saturn is happy to rise to the occasion. It can feel good to put our efforts into something knowing that it will actually be worthwhile and perhaps even appreciated by others. These are some thoughtful configurations, with a good blend between optimism and realism. The lunar link to Mercury can see intuition and imagination heightened, and there can be a desire to grow in wisdom and maturity, or to expand our worldview. The New Moon Solar eclipse occurs at 11:43 PM PST, with strong links to Mercury and Chiron, the wounded healer. We can feel encouraged around something, and there is also compassion here as well. Communications, learning, study, consciousness expansion, and people and places from other cultures, different walks of life, or with different educational backgrounds than our own are highlighted under this eclipse. There’s something very bohemian about it, and new foundations are being set in place that will be relevant for a long time to come. This New Moon also sextile the Vertex, which indicates fated encounters, fated turning points or experiences. Under these configurations, people crave meaning and substance, and there is a desire to grow beyond limiting paradigms. It won’t be satisfying to remain involved in anything that stagnates our growth or only skims the surface of things. Vapid conversation and small talk fails to satisfy our desire for growth, expansion, meaning, and gnosis. It’s Sagittarius season for fucks sake. Shed the exoskeleton of all you’ve outgrown, plant meaningful seeds that will sprout from your 3rd eye and be merry my friends!


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius still conjunct Mercury in the first half of today, while square Neptune. This could see communications emphasized. There could be some confusion or uncertainty. A sextile to generous Jupiter as the day progresses can see a lot of optimism and emotional generosity. Minor aspects to Saturn and Uranus can see the excitement of change and new foundations still making some waves. We may find ourselves on foreign shores in a certain regard, but it’s an expansive and adventurous time in which new possibilities and potentials are unfolding. Venus and the Vertex are at 22 degrees, and along with Venus’ proximity to Pluto, this can see some fated turning points or transformations occurring interpersonally, financially, or in regards to creative endeavors or love. With Mercury squaring Neptune which is now direct, powers of discrimination may be low, so take care if you happen to be gullible, as this is a highly impressionable aspect. It’s also possible that our own thoughts around something are muddled or confused, or there is vagueness present between ourselves and others. This aspect can create misunderstandings, but on a positive note we can be very sensitive and imaginative while this aspect plays out. But if you know you don’t have all the facts about something or someone, don’t make assumptions. Overall, today’s math is optimistic and emotionally generous. There are things to feel excited and passionate about. Mars and Venus both contacting Pluto are passionate and obsessively determined to execute a transformation and seduce their goals into submission. 


The Moon enters stoic and sensual Capricorn in the wee hours, to square Chiron and trine Uranus, while making some minor aspects to Mars and Jupiter. There may be some slight vulnerability present with the lunar square to Chiron, but equally there is passion, drive and excitement to ring in some changes. Today can see some surprises, or perhaps just some excitement for the week ahead. We can be rearranging things or making some overhauls in order to let in some fresh new blessings into our lives. With the Sun conjunct Mercury, we may be learning a lot of new things and expanding our perspectives around something, or perhaps studying or seeking to reach new points of understanding around something. A lunar sextile to Pallas emphasizes strategy and retreat to formulate a plan before taking a leap that requires courage. Today has a low key, preparatory feel, and there can be some excitement about the week ahead, as we can feel pleasantly motivated by something or someone. Monday will certainly begin on an idealistic -but realistic-note, which can see us obsessively driven around a goal. Venus and Pluto inch closer and closer together, and this can see intense feelings around love, money, finances, merging, goals, and power dynamics. Venus and Pluto represent the power of love, the power it has to transform, but on the other side of the coin, it also represents a love of power. This configuration can be very compulsive and even obsessive in nature, and can compel people to flirt with entering taboo or edgy territory. An apt tarot card for this configuration would be The Devil. The dark side of this card, and what it represents is “sensation without understanding.” So, the more conscious you are of what is driving you, the more deeply you understand yourself, and human motivations and behavior in general, the more this particular configuration can be utilized to effect a powerful and positive transformation in your life and in those around you. One potential of this configuration is obsessive, one sided love, or what's known in psychology as "limerence". If you're unfamiliar with the term, but suspect you or someone you know is grappling with something akin to this, I highly recommend researching the topic of limerence. Such a state could really only be experienced as "desirable" if it happened to be mutually reciprocated, -and functionally transmuted in a constructive, life enhancing way into other aspects of life, as opposed to an all consuming obsession that retards the growth and development of the individuals involved. Other potentials could be jealousy, power plays, love and money mixing in manipulative ways, control issues, possessiveness, compelling attractions that feel outside our control or are "taboo", "forbidden", "undesirable", or "dangerous" in some type of way, excessive, compulsive preoccupations with fears around relationships, -or an excessive preoccupation with relationships in general. "NOW OR NEVER. DO OR DIE." These particular potentialities of this aspect aside, if positively utilized, this configuration, as it tightens and perfects it's conjunction, will be a positive and powerful catalyst for some major transformations in regards to money, finances, goals, self worth, values, and self empowerment. On a positive note, it could also see some power couples forming, and could result in some fated and powerful unions, epic love stories, or a powerful merging of forces. This applies to business relationships as well as personal ones, so those of us who may be voluntarily "forever alone" for whatever reason can expect to get something good out of this too. 


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