We begin this week with the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and square Venus in Capricorn. Vulnerability and weaknesses can be highlighted around relationships, money, and Venus ruled matters.  With Venus sextile Mars, trine Uranus, but squaring Chiron, there can be strong passions that require a certain degree of detachment or high mindedness, or there can be unusual or unconventional situations or dynamics going on interpersonally or financially that require everyone just “go with the flow”. There can be a lot of changes to adapt to very quickly, and it’s possible the experimental or changeable nature of certain things can be a source of vulnerability or insecurity. We begin a family of eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis this Friday, which highlight issues of self worth, self esteem, self sufficiency, earned income, what we have, what we bring to the table, our own personal karma-v.s- our energetic exchanges with others, merging, gifts, energy or resources that come to us via others, but also what we offer in return for those gifts, intimacy, sex, karmic enmeshments, inevitabilities, taxes, death, inheritances, legacies, and the like. So this nodal axis can bring up some complicated issues and bring attention to power and energy dynamics for everyone. It’s possible that everyone is navigating their own personal version of the Lovers and the 3 of swords, as there can be difficult choices to contend with in regards to our dealings with others, whether that be interpersonally, socially, or in regards to business, finance, investments, contracts, or commercial enterprises. Naturally, the more self sufficient and self validating a person is, the easier such transits will be, as the karma involved is relatively simple and self limiting.  The fact that Venus will station retrograde right on top of Pluto indicates some pretty major transformations and powerful turning points in regards to love and money related matters. The trine Venus makes to Uranus speaks to the experimental nature of all of this, which on the one hand can feel profoundly liberating or even exciting, but on the other, can also feel unpredictable, unsteady, or in the very least, highly unusual, experimental, or simply…..unprecedented. A lot of people are navigating their own “I’ve never done this before” situation in their lives, so it’s important to be kind to ourselves and others. The Moon in Aries squares Pluto this evening, which can see an obsessive drive and determination around something. Perhaps to execute some radical changes. Whatever this is, it can require a great deal of discipline, determination, patience, consistency and focus.


Today begins with the Moon in assertive Aries squaring Pluto, sextile Jupiter while trine Juno. This can see a boost in optimism, confidence and courage around something. Perhaps we are more supported in our goals than we had thought, or perhaps there’s a particular relationship (Juno) we feel very driven about or encouraged by. Regardless, we can feel motivated and driven, and there can be an emotional generosity, but also an undercurrent of intensity and power in the air. In the evening, the Moon squares up to Saturn, and moves into Taurus at 6:18 PM PST to conjoin Uranus, indicating a need to get things done in real life, and put in the practical work required to radically change things. Perhaps we’re adapting to completely new things here, and we have to do it very quickly and think on our feet. (Mercury/Mars.) Another possibility is having to adapt and improvise in the face of blockages, challenges, or really unusual situations or power dynamics. Whether you’re implementing a new routine, adjusting to new tech, learning a new skill, or navigating some other circumstance that requires adaptation or conditioning, or even just planting some new ideas, it’s important to have patience and not expect instant or overnight results, as such things take time and consistency to bear fruit. With the Moon square Saturn while trine Juno, we can also come to appreciate the quiet durability, loyalty, or consistency of certain friendships or other interactions, that may not be overtly showy or demonstrative in nature, but they are always …there, being quietly supportive. Perhaps this quiet dependability provides more motivation and courage than we previously estimated, or perhaps we are simply getting better at being thankful for the small things, as Venus in Capricorn has learned to get by with less and to extract sustenance, pleasure, joy, and meaning from very little, but is very good at making it last, and making it matter. 


Today looks….interesting. The Moon in earthy Taurus trine’s the “master of delayed gratification”, Venus in Capricorn, while opposite Mars in passionate Scorpio, square Saturn, and conjunct Uranus. Mars and Uranus are in an exact opposition today.  It’s possible there’s certain epiphanies or realizations occurring, but perhaps we are in a bit of an inner battle with ourselves about it or we feel blocked in some way by circumstances or other factors, which can see patience being very low. Maybe something or someone we find enjoyable is a bit outside our comfort zone, zip code, or income bracket, or there is some other internal or external blockage that has to be confronted in regards to the passions, drives, or executing our true will.  Maybe we need to find a way around, under or through some sort of blockage, or we need to release something. It's possible that some intense transformations are being processed or new milestones are being reached and adjusted to. Stealth, strategy, or a low key, under the radar approach may be involved, or there could be a need to adapt to intense changes. Later, the Moon opposes Mercury, which suggests communications, news or something or someone coming to our attention. Regardless of how this day transpires for you, it can see some interesting dynamics, and perhaps some surprising news, actions, or communications. For some this may seem out of the blue, but whatever it is, it’s been simmering a long time, or a long time coming. Even if there aren’t direct discussions that take place today, certainly something has stirred us or got us thinking along particular lines or coming up with new ideas and approaches to something that needs to be metabolized, adapted, or responded to. It’s also possible that today see’s us having to say something, maybe we are prompted by something externally, but more than likely it’s something suppressed that simply can’t be anymore. Something comes to a head, or certain feelings require attention. This could see some impulsive desires and/or communications, and it can be harder to keep a lid on anything that’s been unconsciously simmering. Maybe we’re trying to be reserved, but it’s hard, or we get a wild hair up our ass to open up some kind of a pandoras box, or there's simply intense feelings to adapt to. Whatever the case, even with the Moon in easy going, practical Taurus and Venus in “all business” Capricorn, today is not a boring day. There’s definitely more than “just business” going on, and there can be intense news of endings, beginnings, or milestones, or impulsive or surprising communications. Watch for knee jerk, self sabotaging reactions, and maybe try to slow down, but otherwise, simply enjoy this sparky, exciting, if somewhat risqué, taboo, or ..unusual mathscape. 


Today see’s the Moon in pleasure seeking Taurus trine intense Pluto, sextile dreamy Neptune, square Jupiter, and opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. It can be easy to get lost in fantasy today and our thoughts and communications can be driving us to distraction. There’s an indulgent, and easy going energy to this math that can see some enjoyable feelings and experiences. Maybe even some powerful, or cathartic discussions. It can be harder to resist temptations with this energy as Jupiter errs on the side of adventure and “fuck it, why not”, Pluto compels, and Neptune seeks surrender. With the Moon opposite Mercury, we could feel somewhat at odds with this but also seeking to integrate our experiences somehow. We are building up to the Full Moon/partial lunar eclipse in Taurus, so this is a somewhat “wolfy”, and very earthy and physical energy. The Full Moon is exact at 12:37 AM PST, half past witching hour, and is technically on Friday, but I’m sure the general intensity of the full moon can be felt now. With Full Moon’s being about completions of a cycle, there’s an emphasis here on communications with the Moon opposite Mercury in Scorpio, and the Sun and Moon both squaring Jupiter. Certain conversations, dialogues, ideas, or dynamics reach an inevitable juncture, subtle shifts, or turning points. With Jupiter involved, this can be about expanding on a notion, entering new, adventurous, or philosophical territory, or embarking upon a bogus learning journey that broadens our life experience somehow. This Full Moon can definitely open up certain discussions, or deepen and widen our own internal dialogue and quest for gnosis, metamorphosis, or transformation, but it can also see an ending or completion to certain cycles or dead ends as well. 


Today begins with the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus at 12:37 AM PST. Pluto’s involvement can see us quick to get to the point, or down to the essence of things, and has an investigative, penetrating depth that isn't afraid of the dark but seeks integration. Jupiter’s involvement can see a sort of brazenness, emotional courage, thirst for growth, wisdom, buoyancy and adventurousness. This Full Moon is all about “real talk.” Confronting intense, buried, or taboo seeming things, situations, or dynamics in a very matter of fact, “yo, so this is how it be” type of way.  This can be some really disinhibiting math for a lot of people. In the very least it allows people to be frank with themselves. There's a focus here on finances, practical gains, money, possessions, physical and energetic exchanges- and perhaps navigating the various power dynamics and inevitabilities that this involves.  The Moon enters talkative Gemini at 6:33 AM PST to trine serious and stable Saturn and sextile Chiron. It’s possible something communicated or discussed quietly boosted our morale and sense of stability somehow.  Mars begins a trine to Neptune today as well, and this can see a subtle build in creative inspiration and it can be a good time to follow our instincts and passions as opposed to fight against them. The Venus/Uranus/Mars/Neptune contacts are excellent for artists, musicians, and creative types, and this can see some unusual insights into ourselves and others. 


The Venus/Mars sextile is exact at 14 degrees at exactly 5:02 AM PST this morning. This is peak energy right here in relation to the passions, desires, and wants,- interpersonally, carnally, financially, and otherwise. With Venus in the goal oriented goat, this can revolve around longterm ambitions somehow. This energy can see a renewed drive, passion, motivation, and determination around something or someone. The Moon in multitasking and talkative Gemini trine Jupiter and square Neptune, optimism can be high, even in the face of doubts, confusion, or uncertainty. Others energy can feel very encouraging, and there can be a lot of generosity and good will in the air. This math can see people talking or thinking about some adventurous plans that break monotony or expand opportunities for joyfulness, frolicking, learning, expansiveness, and growth, with the Moon trine Jupiter, -especially as the Sun enters adventure seeking, eternally curious Sagittarius tomorrow. 


Today begins with the Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter and square Neptune, getting the day off to a sleepy, loopy, and squirrelly start, but there’s an expansiveness in the air. Today can see thinking, planning, communicating, and dreaming, and we can feel optimistic and hopeful. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into adventure seeking, playful, and eternally curious Sagittarius at 6:34 PM PST, kicking off a cycle of exploration, learning, discovery, expansion, adventure, study, travel, higher learning, and freedom seeking.  The Moon enters cozy, emo Cancer at 7:33 PM PST, seeing the remainder of Sunday focused on creature comforts and things that make us feel snuggly, safe, comfy and secure. 


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