Monday, June 27, 2022



We begin the week with the Moon in Gemini conjunct Mercury, square Neptune and Juno and trine Saturn. This can see a busy and disciplined energy, while there may be some confusion, uncertainty or misunderstandings interpersonally, especially as Neptune slows down and will station retrograde tomorrow. The Moon later goes on to sextile Mars, which gives more energy, drive, and determination to focus on the tasks at hand and get things done in spite of potentially distracting elements. There can be a lot of communications to manage. With Uranus sextile Juno, relationships can be points of illumination and can be changeable, exciting and very independent.  With the Sun in security oriented Cancer squaring Jupiter in Aries, this can see a challenge to integrate new ways of creating security or dealing with the emotions. New chapters are being started, and with Uranus sextile Juno and conjunct the North Node, fated changes are underway. Relationships that aren’t fostered on mutual independence, individuality and shared values could be a bit challenged, or call for overhaul, revision or adaptability. Relationships in general can be points of growth spurts or challenge people out of their comfort zones, which can be a catalyst to emotional growth. The Moon goes void of course at 7:38 PM PST, seeing a good time to reflect prior to the energy of the New Moon in Cancer tomorrow.


The moon enters comfort seeking Cancer at 4:53 AM PST, where it conjuncts the Sun, and opposes Jupiter. This can see some big feels, and with Venus sextile Jupiter, optimism can be felt around social, interpersonal, financial or creative endeavors. Mars sextile Saturn see’s a driven and ambitious energy. Look to the area of your whole sign natal chart ruled by Cancer to see what area you are making way for a new beginning and writing a new chapter. The New Moon is exact at 7 degrees Cancer at 7: 52 PM PST. This decan of Cancer is ruled by the 2 of cups in the tarot. This decan speaks of mutually nurturing relationships, where neither party is depleted, but both are nurtured, enhanced and exalted into their highest forms and potential selves. Both are complete in and of themselves, and come together in mutual vibrational synnergy, complimenting the gifts, strengths and weaknesses of the other. The Moon is in her dignity here, and this can bring to light buried hungers. Neptune stations retrograde today, which can see some confusion around a buried but deeply cherished dream, ideal, or fantasy, with Neptune sextile Pluto. With Mars also tightly squaring Pluto, to be exact in a couple days time, desires can be strongly felt, and there is a relentlessly driven energy that is laser focused on it’s goal. This can also see compulsivity, or something about our goals or desires can both hypnotically entice, frighten and intimidate us. This energy is intended to facilitate deep transformations for completely new chapters. The New Moon squaring Jupiter, while Venus is sextile Jupiter can see a great deal of optimism, expansiveness, courage, and motivation to clear the decks and pioneer into new, adventurous territory. This can be socially, interpersonally, creatively, or financially. Certain emotions can come to the surface or be a point of focus at this New Moon. 


The Moon in Cancer still conjunct the Sun, sextile’s Uranus today while squaring Chiron in Aries and trine Juno. This can see some surprising revelations, or certain feelings or instincts can surface or be more difficult to ignore. There can be a nervous excitement here, but also some vulnerability as there may be something new or unprecedented going on. There can be a drive here to take a calculated risk emotionally or something can come up that can be illuminating or exciting, but perhaps catch us off guard. There’s an element of surprise and the unexpected here. As the day progresses, the Moon forms a sextile to Neptune which can see ESP highly active, and the sensory perceptions highly attuned. This can lower defenses or dissolve barriers or there may simply be a lot to take in and reflect upon. Ideals are highly activated, and this math is highly sensitive to nuance. Jupiter conjunct Chiron gives more courage and adventurousness around issues that previously made us feel weak or vulnerable, and this can be very conducive to healing. The evening see’s the Moon squaring Mars and opposite Pluto. This can see some underlying intensity, and passions can border on frustration, or there can be a thick tension underlying certain interactions that catalyzes movement or taking some kind of action. Desires can be intensely felt, and there can be a drive to make something happen.


The Moon spends the majority of today in Cancer until early evening, seeing a build up of tension and drive around things that may be deeply buried or sublimated (Moon trine Neptune and opposite Pluto). This shadow must be openly confronted and integrated. With the Moon sextile Pallas, this can see planning and strategy in play around a cherished hope or dream. The Moon enters Leo at 5:40 PM PST, seeing courage and optimism build. Here, the Moon trines Jupiter, seeing intense drives or strong pulls feel more comfortable to come to the surface and find an outlet. This can see the weekend begin on a fun seeking, brave and optimistic note, making it easier to be warm, expressive, playful and to take some positive risks. Mars and Pluto perfect their square tonight and tomorrow at 27 degrees. This can see strong, buried drives and passions seek an integration.


The Moon in Leo sextile’s Venus, trine’s Jupiter, and Chiron, going on to square Uranus. Needless to say, this math looks exciting and fun, and there may be some very encouraging trends. There’s a more daring energy available here and there can be encouragement around things that maybe have been a bit intimidating to us. Mars and Pluto are in a perfected square at 27 degrees today, which can see repressed drives and shadows come to the surface demanding an outlet or seeking acknowledgement, expression, and integration into the conscious will. These maths can see people feeling less held back and constrained by fears, insecurity or inhibition. There can be some celebrations going on as well, or in the very least, something to feel very happy about, with the Moon in playful Leo making such gorgeous aspects to Venus and Jupiter. Some very pleasant surprises can also be a part of the picture. These maths are pretty spicy, creative, fun, and even flirtatious. It’s a let your hair down, “yolo” kind of vibe that can feel very freeing and encouraging around things that there was maybe some fear around. With the Sun squaring Chiron amidst all this, there is still some vulnerability, but these maths are encouraging and can cause people to enjoy the challenge of being more playful, courageous and brave. Overall, this looks to be a pleasantly exciting day, with some unexpected but perhaps very happy surprises. 


The Moon in Leo opposes Saturn, sextile’s Mercury, squares Uranus and trine’s Mars and Chiron today. There may be a bit of inhibition, or it’s possible that certain boundaries are being laid down while other avenues are being opened up. Another way of articulating this math is an “extended release”, or a controlled release. If something has been buried, denied or sublimated a long time, it carries quite a lot of power, so perhaps there’s a lot of restraint going on in the midst of what’s also a motivated push forward. This is another unpredictable and surprising day. The lunar/Saturn opposition can also see an unexpected retreat or halt after a brave or courageous move, or some other blockages that may cause some temporary doubts or inhibitions, but the Moon in Leo trudges onward like a brave little toaster. The Moon/Mercury aspect can see it easier to express the feelings or even the affections, but conversely, it’s important to have a sense of others boundaries and try not to ignore warning signs that something may not get a desired response, or in the very least, an instantaneous one. On the other hand, this can see a forward motion in certain dynamics or initiatives with a simultaneous halt on others, or a need to balance responsibility with fun, enjoyment or pleasure. 


The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 5:31 AM PST, squaring Venus in Gemini. This can see an evaluation of priorities, projects, or relationships and a sort of “taking stock”. There can be a nervous perfectionism to this configuration, and there can also be a motivation to be of service to others somehow. The Moon in Virgo squaring Venus can also see some critical evaluations of ourselves as well, or a desire to make improvements. The Moon goes on to sextile the Sun, shedding light on problem areas or things that require our nurturing and attention, within ourselves, environments, or relationships to others. There is a humility here that can be very self effacing and self sacrificing. This can allow for new approaches and perspectives. In some cases, these configurations can have people wondering if they are “good enough” for this or that, or whether they are truly deserving. There may also be some preparations underway for some changes and transformations that are unfolding socially or interpersonally. Don’t let perfectionism trip you up. 

Monday, June 20, 2022



We begin the week with the Moon conjunct Neptune and Juno in Pisces, while squaring the Sun in Gemini and sextile Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is trine Pluto now, an aspect which perfects tomorrow as the Sun enters comfort and security oriented Cancer. This indicates some powerful and persuasive forces are at work, and Mercury sextile Pluto is optimistic but very agile, light on it’s feet, and difficult to pin down. The Moon spends the majority of today in sensitive Pisces, where there can be high hopes and ideals with deeper emotions or instinctive drives running under the surface. This can be particularly the case interpersonally, socially, creatively, and/or in regards to finances, investments and values. Pleasure, beauty, compassion, art, music, love, and high level aesthetics can be a driving theme for much of the day, and there can be a preoccupation with certain unsolved mysteries or things or people that exert a powerful pull. On a subtle level, deep transformations are occurring, and intangible desires can exert a powerful and transformative effect upon the psyche and body. The Moon enters dynamic and assertive Aries at 8:37 PM PST, where it conjoins Jupiter, seeing a build up of optimism, passion and courage.


The Sun enters cozy Cancer in the witching hours at 2:14 AM PST, marking the Summer Solstice. The Moon in Aries is sextile curious Mercury in Gemini, and conjunct Jupiter and Chiron, seeing communications highlighted today in a big way. For some this can mean good news that boosts morale and increases courage and motivation. There is an eagerness here to learn, and an adventurousness that drives things. Venus in Taurus perfects the trine to powerful Pluto in the early morning hours, seeing powerful and magnetic pulls that are natural and organic. There may be a lot going on, but with this aspect perfecting, there can be some positive transformations going on under the surface, and even some fortunate occurrences. This aspect is strong for making financial and/or relationship decisions. With the Sun now in Cancer, there is a spotlight on the inner life, cultivating an inner circle, support system, and sense of security. Venus will enter a new chart sector tomorrow in the early evening, ending her square to Saturn, which will see certain blockages and inhibitions lessen, and increase curiosity. This can sweeten communications and make them a bit easier, taking the edge off of what may have felt intimidating previously. Energy builds as the day progresses, as the Moon in Aries conjoins Mars, which can see action and initiatives, and more courage and bravery. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars and Chiron while squaring Pluto. This can see an assertive energy, driven by powerful pulls and a desire to see change at a deep level. In some cases, this can see some spicy, competitive feelings or situations. There’s an excitement here around getting something into the bag or reaching a new level of success around something we feel strongly about with the Moon going on to sextile Saturn. Venus enters talkative Gemini at 5:34 PM PST, entering a new chart sector, and ushering in a cycle that is curious, communicative, and light on it’s feet. This will see the square Venus held to Saturn ebb off, which can feel freeing, like there is less in the way or less blockages and inhibitions socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially. The lunar square to Pluto can see intense feelings driving things, and we can be surprised by the strength, tenacity and endurance of our own and/or others emotions. 


The Moon enters sensual Taurus at 4:58 AM PST, seeing much of the day focused on practical things. There can be a subtle build up of excitement or an inkling that change and surprises are around the corner. The Moon later goes on to conjoin Uranus in the evening, which can see us primed to shake things up or in the very least, form some sort of strategy to set some sort of positive change in motion. Venus ceases her square to Saturn today, which can see less inhibition around exploring an avenue socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially we’ve been curious about. This can involve communications, opening up dialog, or things going on in our local environment or neighborhood. With the Sun in Cancer squaring Jupiter and semi square Uranus, there’s a strong desire here to expand and get more out of life, particularly in regards to emotions, or things close to home, the inner life, and inner circle. There’s a bravery here as well, and an optimism that things will turn out for the best. There may be something exciting, weird, or just unprecedented about whatever possibilities lay before us that can make us slightly risk averse or make us question what’s driving us, but with Venus now curious to learn, certain avenues can seem irresistible to pursue, and it can feel natural to want to learn more. 


The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Uranus, which can see some low key excitement and openness to calculated risk taking. There can be a lot of changes unfolding now on a subtle and even practical level. With the Moon conjunct the asteroid Pallas, there’s a strategic approach to certain things. The Moon goes on to square Saturn while making a semi square to Jupiter, which can see a quiet optimism and a need to be resilient and maintain a focus on maintaining the basic structure and integrity of our lives while we reign in small but perhaps exciting changes. The lunar conjunction to Uranus is more open to taking risks, but the other signatures indicate that this is gone about thoughtfully and with premeditation, planning and foresight. 


Today begins with the Moon in tactile Taurus trine Pluto, sextile Neptune, and square Saturn, while building a conjunction to Venus. This suggests a powerful, perhaps hidden, buried or secret longing, that has a sort of “extended release” to it as it slowly trickles to the surface to be explored. There’s a strategic and intuitive approach guiding things. Curiosity can grow as the day progresses. The Moon enters communicative Gemini at 4:13 PM PST, conjunct Venus while still holding trine to compelling Pluto, and going on to sextile Jupiter. This can see a persuasive energy, and there can be some encouraging trends around innocently exploring new avenues socially or interpersonally. There is an eagerness here to learn and uncover certain things, or to follow a certain curiosity to it’s natural conclusion. This can see the evening, witching hours and tomorrow brimming with curiosity, communications, and perhaps even something to smile about. 


Today see’s the Moon in multitasking and curious Gemini conjunct Mercury, Venus, and sextile Jupiter. Curiosity is boundless, and there’s an eagerness to learn, exchange communication, good news, or open up dialog that can open up worlds. This can see a fun, feel good vibe with a lot going on all at once, and perhaps some things to feel rightfully excited about on the social, interpersonal, creative or financial fronts. This math screams “positive news”, so hopefully everyone has something to feel optimistic about today. The Moon squares Juno while holding hands with Mercury and Venus, so relationships can be a catalyst here that make things more pleasant and entertaining. Something about the day to day life can feel more alive with variety, and discussions, banter, and clever back and forth can be highly entertaining. These are morale boosting configurations. Venus also has a growing sextile to Jupiter, suggesting a positive expansion is underway, socially and interpersonally. This aspect is also promising for creative and commercial endeavors as it strengthens over the coming days. 


Sunday, June 12, 2022



We begin this week with the Moon in adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius in trine to Mars, Jupiter and Chiron, while opposing the Sun and squaring Juno. This can see the early morning hours brimming with hope, passion, enthusiasm, and wide eyed possibility. Mercury enters Gemini at 8:27 AM PST, seeing the planet of talk and thought back in it’s domicile and focused on communications, witty banter, and clever clap backs. There’s an expansiveness and motivation to this math that can be really encouraging around entering uncharted territory somehow. This can see a lot of drive, desire and curiosity, and the configurations suggest a build up of courage and an eagerness to explore something. There can be a passion around learning, higher knowledge and vistas here. With Mercury now direct and back into the area of your chart ruled by Gemini, things can begin to reset and get back on track, although many people will note that something is different in this area, and perhaps certain facts came to light during the retrograde that beg to be explored, accommodated or made room for. Mercury is strong in this face of Gemini, and eager to learn and gather information, so this cycle of Mercury can see increased curiosity and opens up channels of communication. Talking can become a bit easier now, and there is a desire here for lightness and shedding things that weigh down the heart and mind. Tomorrow early AM see’s the Full Moon in Sagittarius at 23 degrees. This may mark a closing out of something, perhaps a necessary separation from something or someone, in order to more fully enter into a period more tailored to our true will and destiny. 


This morning at 4:52 AM PST, the Full Moon culminates in Sagittarius at 23 degrees. This face of Sagittarius is ruled by the 10 of wands in the tarot (“the 10 of dicks”-I hope you read that in my voice). This card represents the last hurdle, the last mile in a marathon. It’s a labor of love and is passionately, even obstinately driven to see something through. This decan also speaks of sacrifice based on necessity, in order to achieve that which is desired. Knowing what you want is the first step, for here is where the will is perfected and the necessary sacrifices are made in order to actualize it. This Full Moon is sextile Saturn and square Neptune, which further emphasizes an element of sacrifice and a binding of energies to a desired and satisfactory end. This math can see people having a sort of tunnel vision and determination, and yes, this can be to the detriment of other things, but if you know yourself and know what you want, then what is sidelined by this math is inconsequential to your further self actualization. What endures is substantive and is not only essential to spiritual growth and initiation into higher levels of mastery, but to feeling good about who you are. The Moon also squares Jupiter once it enters Capricorn around 3 PM PST. This shows a fervent curiosity and enthusiasm, a thirst for gnosis and an obstinate drive to explore what we feel passionate about. This may mean may mean cutting out extraneous distractions and whatever is superfluous to our aims. Mars and Chiron also perfect a conjunction in Aries today at 15 degrees. This can see some vulnerability, perhaps due to our will and those of certain others not being in alignment, but this configuration shows a great deal of sensitivity and empathy, and does not indicate ill will or malicious intent. Mars in this face of Aries shows excellent leadership capacity and handles conflicts of interest skillfully and in ways that generate a win, and the conjunction to Chiron throws in the addition of empathy and sensitivity in the case of any raw feelings involved in decisive actions or energetic prioritization. Anything or anyone that is placed on a back burner or cut out now is simply a casualty of necessity. What and who remains in periphery does so due to being imperative to- (or in the very least conveniently adjacent to) your upward ascension and full self actualization. The Full Moon being in Sagittarius suggests an element of personal growth, learning, study, philosophy, freedom, and mental and spiritual expansion is involved here, which implies a draw towards interactions and endeavors that widen our lens on the world and have something to teach us. 


Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn squaring Mars, Jupiter and Chiron, while trine Uranus. This earthy lunation can see a lot of passion, but there may be some sensitivity, frustration, or vulnerability as these configurations indicate a sort of tunnel vision that may have certain others feeling sidelined or less prioritized. There’s a strong desire here for change, and a sense that something simple or humble contains worlds within it unknown to us. The lunar trine to Uranus suggests there’s something strangely liberating about this sort of economization and prioritization of our passions, energies or attentions. The Moon goes on to trine Venus and conjoin Pluto as well, indicating some pleasant surprises and/or some strong draws. In the very least, it can actually feel good to be simple, consistent, and sensible and (maybe surprisingly), what’s simple, consistent and sensible can feel good or have a powerful draw. A lunar sextile to Juno and trine to Venus suggests an interpersonal element to all this. However, the lunar square to Mars, and Mars and Chiron so close together shows the possibility of certain people being disgruntled, unhappy, or feeling vulnerable, frustrated or impatient. Venus is trine Uranus and Pluto and is also squaring Saturn, which can see a compelling draw to unusual people or situations outside our typical comfort zone. There can be a bit of an inhibition to combat, along with the possibility of having to mediate the fact that such intense preoccupations or fixations may limit our attentions or point of interest to whatever has us fascinated or engaged, which can see an almost guilty feeling around simply following organic instincts or innate pulls. It’s also highly possible we’re frustrated by our own inhibitions and shyness. Venus square Saturn has difficulty asserting itself or being confrontational, so this can see a shy violet kind of thing going on where there might be a strong point of fascination, or a strong desire, but perhaps a lack of confidence or something else in the way of doing anything about it.  Venus is also conjunct the North Node in Taurus, emphasizing the importance of self worth and the role that it plays in relationships, values, and acquiring what we desire. The pull, desire, or point of fascination or intrigue will only grow stronger as the trine between Venus and Pluto strengthens at the end of the week. As long as it’s something or someone who adds to and reinforces rather than detracts from and takes away from your sense of self worth and security, it’s a friendly rabbit hole that’s worthy of such fervent interest. 


We begin today with the Moon in Capricorn trine both Mercury and Venus, sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. It goes void of course at 11:41 am PST, seeing a lot to reflect on. Something or someone can have our attention, and we can feel pleasantly rapt and somewhat daydreamy. Security and consistency can be more important. A lunar trine to the North Node and the asteroid Pallas highlights reflection and strategy, so the wheels can be turning around something humble, meaningful, close to home, and important to you. The Moon enters cerebral and surprising Aquarius at 2:44 PM PST, where it forms a trine to Mercury, which can see communications highlighted. There may be some positive news in fact, as the Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter in Aries. This can see more courage, adventure, bravery and expansiveness in communications, and things can feel more friendly. There may be surprise visits or spontaneous gatherings. Maybe they’re planned for, but regardless, there can be friendly, perhaps even exciting or unexpected exchanges that can shake things up a bit, but in a way that boosts morale. It may even be very informative and illuminating, with a focus on high minded or out there “fringe” topics. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius square Uranus and Venus, conjunct Saturn, sextile Mars and Chiron. This has excitement, change , and surprise written all over it. This can see some restlessness in some cases, and the nervous system can be revved up. There’s a desire here for excitement and change. It’s possible to anticipate some out of the box or uncharacteristic behavior from certain people today. In the very least, it’s a spunky vibe. The Moon sextile Mars and Chiron is assertive, independent, brave, and ambitious, while the squares to Venus and Uranus suggests that relationships (personal, social, and business) can somehow be a catalyst for these drives. The lunar conjunction to Saturn however is another story. It’s painfully shy. Painfully so. Venus is also still square Saturn, and doesn’t shake free of this inhibition until next week. Venus is also now sextile Neptune, which takes the edge off a little bit from this square, and increases sensitivity, compassion, appreciation for art, beauty, music, nuance and subtlety, so in spite of inhibitions, this can see psychic links or make it easier to pick up on subtle cues, hints, and impressions. In some cases, these configurations actually increase the odds of people communicating indirectly for whatever reason, in spite of the otherwise spunky, assertive, freak flag flying configurations, because Saturn crunching the Moon and Venus for the time being induces cowardice and clings to safety. Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn on the other hand is compelling and transformative, and settles for nothing less than fearlessly authentic interactions. This aspect enjoys the frightening challenge that standing naked before another, both body and soul, poses, and desires a sort of deep transmutation, karmic retribution and mutual empowerment through a clean slate of justly conducted human relationships. Venus is also conjunct the North Node, which emphasizes the element of fate, destiny, and inevitability to whatever is unfolding right now for people socially and interpersonally. All in all, todays math can see some weird and interesting experiences, drives, downloads and impressions.


This morning see’s the Moon in unorthodox Aquarius trine the Sun in Gemini, conjunct Saturn and square Venus in Taurus. This can see some interesting discussions, or new channels of communication or weird topics being tentatively ventured into. It can all feel a bit weird and even a bit intimidating in some way, and there can be a lot of shyness, but there’s also a strong curiosity here, a desire for learning and gnosis is present with Mercury sextile Jupiter. Things can be very dynamic, and although Mercury in Gemini desires to keep things light and airy, the sextile to Jupiter craves intellect, wisdom, philosophy, expansiveness, and meaning in life. This can see a draw to spiritual and esoteric topics. The Moon enters ethereal and reflective Pisces at 4:02 PM PST, squaring Mercury, which can see a dreamy, escapist and reflective mode take hold. There can be some indecisiveness and a lot of sensitivity to the atmosphere. A lunar semi square to Mars can make it hard to know how (or whether) to act. There might be some emotional blocks that need to be busted through. A good time to just chill and meditate. 


Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy’s out there! Today begins with the Moon in sensitive Pisces squaring Mercury, seeing a dreamy, hazed out, moody, and wishy washy atmosphere that’s highly sensitive to stimuli, mystery, nuance and what’s left unsaid. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus and conjoin Neptune and Juno, which can bring some psychic downloads, epiphanies, or points of illumination and insight, particularly around relationships. This can see an increase in synchronicity, serendipities, and amplify the microphone of the universe. A great time for meditation, divining, and tuning in to the unspeakable galactic funk for insight and guidance. The trine between Venus and Pluto is almost exact, so issues of love, sex, intimacy, relationships, merging, money, possessions, natural born gifts, values, self worth, security, and energetic exchanges can be preoccupying topics for many as this aspect plays out and perfects tomorrow. Next week, it’s possible for some good news to roll in or for some conversations to get rolling, or for beneficial mutual agreements or arrangements to be struck that can come into alignment like a math equation and just make sense. A fresh page is turned next week as we head into Cancer season on Tuesday and Venus heads into talkative and busy Gemini to join Mercury on Wednesday. Look to the area of your whole house natal chart ruled by Cancer and Gemini to see which area of your life will be highlighted and blessed up during these transits. Communications can get a whole lot easier (and sweeter.)

Sunday, June 5, 2022



The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 2:22 AM PST, to trine Venus in Taurus as we kick off the week. With Venus conjunct Uranus, this can see a sort of preparatory energy, and there can be some shocks, (some of them very positive) to ground and absorb.  The Moon trine Venus can see an ambiance of feeling pleasantly motivated to make improvements. With Mercury now direct and Saturn now retrograde, and the two still in a sharp square, there’s a whittling down process going on around priorities, thoughts and communications. The combined alignments are humble and practical in nature, and it can feel good to simplify situations to their basic and practical elements and eliminate what is superfluous or insensible. These configurations bring people back into the body and bring attention to their own backyards so to speak, and there is much to be appreciative of. Saturn going retrograde brings attention to what’s been missed, overlooked, neglected, taken for granted, ignored, or not given it’s proper due. Squaring up to the North and South nodes, there’s an element of fate, destiny and karma in play. Pluto Rx in the sign that Saturn rules is sextile Neptune. This gently encourages Pluto to disarm, soften, concede, but also brings otherworldly and subtle but profound experiences that can touch people at a soul level. Mercury direct in Taurus is also trine Pluto, producing laser focus. Today can be pleasantly focused on practicalities, and joy can be found in humble places. The Moon later squares the Sun and trine’s Uranus as well, which can see some surprises, nervous energy, problem solving, and multitasking. There may be a lot of changes happening or things to adapt or adjust to or make room for, and this can see a lot of plate spinning or improvisation. 


The Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini while trine Venus, Uranus, and the asteroid Pallas, while opposite Neptune. This can see a strategy being formed around an aim or desire, or a need to improvise. We can be drawn to unusual people or experiences, and the Moon opposite Neptune can see a lot of sensitivity. There can be a lot going on in the local environment, or in regards to communications or transportation that keeps people on their toes. There can be pleasant distractions, but also a temporary need to make some sacrifices for the time being, and take a more strategic, reflective or laid back approach. With the Sun sextile Chiron, there’s a natural sensitivity, empathy and understanding for others, even if certain things prevent them from being on exactly the same page as ourselves for the time being. The Moon trines Mercury and Pluto, emphasizing Mercury’s trine to Pluto, and this can highlight communications, perhaps around working out the details about something, making loose plans, testing the waters, or getting to the bottom of something compelling. There can be a need to follow an instinct, hunch, mystery or strong pull to it’s natural conclusion, but with the Moon trine Pallas there’s also a gentle, measured, organic and strategic approach. 


The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra this morning at 8:23 AM PST, where it will oppose Mars and Jupiter in Aries. It can feel like something is building up or reaching a crescendo, and there can be a feeling of optimism. Interpersonal, social, and partnership matters, both business and personal, can seem brimming with possibility or on the verge of turning a fresh page. There can be a lot of enthusiasm around this. As the lunar opposition to Mars grows more intense in the evening, excitement can turn to impatience and stir crazy, so take care to channel the energy constructively in your favor, and don’t allow impatience or frustration sabotage the very things you desire. Whatever is unfolding now is fated and intended to accelerate your evolution and ascension with Saturn Rx squaring the Dragons head and tail. There’s no reason to rush what is meant for you, because it’s already yours. 


The Moon in Libra forms a trine to the Sun and opposes Mars and Chiron today. This can see vulnerability and sensitivity in communications. It’s a fluttery, nervous, but extremely driven, possibly even competitive feeling. Ambitions can be lit up as the lunar Mars contacts highlight our desires and drive to go after what we want. Maybe a certain conversation needs to be had. There can be a desire to get on the same page with others, communicate something sensitive or important, or get something in the bag. There can be a lot of communications to keep up with, making people sensitive to timing or what is said or not said (or what may be only implied.) The Moon opposite Chiron is sensitive, compassionate, and psychic. Sometimes this configuration is hypersensitive however, and the Moon opposite Mars is spicy, reactionary, passionate and impulsive. So if something has you feeling vulnerable (or just really passionate), avoid reacting immediately to any perceived slights or dismissals, and take five. These maths suggest an opportunity to find common ground with others and get on the same page through tact, finesse, and diplomacy. 


Today begins with the Moon in Libra, forming a trine to Saturn Rx in Aquarius, which the Sun also forms a trine to. The Moon is also square Pluto and quincunx Mercury, which can see mystery and intensity. Something can be quietly stabilizing, and foundations can be laid that have more significance than may be initially apparent. With Saturn Rx trine the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Libra, there can be a social, community, or interpersonal/partnership element to foundations being laid down now. New communication patterns or establishing new, more harmonious dynamics can be a theme. This can be in the local, everyday environment, community, and/ or via the internet. There can be a strong pull around whatever is unfolding now. The Moon enters intense and reflective Scorpio in the afternoon PST, suggesting there’s a lot to privately metabolize. Something about what is happening now can feel exciting, even somewhat thrilling or intense. Strangely, there may be something low key about it, or we may feel a desire to simply be low key about it and keep it to ourselves, but there can be an inner smile or feeling of excitement and anticipation.


The Moon in Scorpio opposes Venus and Uranus in Taurus, which both perfect a conjunction today at 16 degrees. This can see a certain restlessness and an intense preoccupation with certain things. The Venus/Uranus conjunction can see surprising decisions, revelations, breaks from routine, or highly unusual connections. This conjunction signifies a major upgrade and ascension, but is surprisingly humble or subtle in nature, but exciting. It's an unstable, electric and exciting energy that can keep people on their toes or on the edge of their seats. This can see calculated risks being taken that may have been thought about for a while. Relationships can be under the spotlight somehow, with the Moon trine Juno. This is a reflective, broody, instinctual and lusty energy with intense and electric undertones. The Moon opposite Venus can see people feeling unsure of themselves or awkward or uncomfortable in social situations, so this energy is more prone to slinking off under a nice rock to fantasize and strategize about certain things. The Moon squares Saturn and trine’s Neptune later on, seeing the evening even more prone to private contemplation and allowing oneself to experience a wide array of emotions and instincts. The lunar square to Saturn implies some bashfulness or even blushing around intense instincts or feelings. The lunar trine to Neptune enjoys the process and subtle energies. This can see a preparation for release of certain blockages to make way for a transformation. There is a Full Moon right around the corner that takes place in the wee hours of next Tuesday, so this reflective lunation assists in making way for what is to come.


Today begins with the Moon in Scorpio opposing Mercury, squaring Mars, trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. This energy is like the Golem hiding himself away from intruders in order to dedicate more time and space to pine and scheme over procuring the Precious.  There is a dedication and resilience to these configurations. The drives and desires are strong. The nervous system can be sensitive to external stimuli and the psyche highly attuned to the most subtle impressions and nuance. There can be some self doubt with the lunar opposition to Mercury, but the powerful pulls of whatever is driving us can propel us to enter the hypnotic vortex that both mystifies and frightens us. In the very least, these configurations can assist us in transmuting self doubt into power and personal agency. The Moon enters adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius at 3:31 PM PST, where it forms a trine to Jupiter, and eventually, Mars. This boosts enthusiasm, confidence and a sense of “fuck it" considerably. Self doubt gives way to faith, and there is an embrace of whatever is going on in the higher, spiritual dimensions (which is quite a lot).  The Sagittarius lunation gives way to a charmed “fuck yes” attitude and is eager to dive into the hypnotic, magnetic vortex to emerge renewed and reinvigorated.