We begin the week with the Moon in Gemini conjunct Mercury, square Neptune and Juno and trine Saturn. This can see a busy and disciplined energy, while there may be some confusion, uncertainty or misunderstandings interpersonally, especially as Neptune slows down and will station retrograde tomorrow. The Moon later goes on to sextile Mars, which gives more energy, drive, and determination to focus on the tasks at hand and get things done in spite of potentially distracting elements. There can be a lot of communications to manage. With Uranus sextile Juno, relationships can be points of illumination and can be changeable, exciting and very independent.  With the Sun in security oriented Cancer squaring Jupiter in Aries, this can see a challenge to integrate new ways of creating security or dealing with the emotions. New chapters are being started, and with Uranus sextile Juno and conjunct the North Node, fated changes are underway. Relationships that aren’t fostered on mutual independence, individuality and shared values could be a bit challenged, or call for overhaul, revision or adaptability. Relationships in general can be points of growth spurts or challenge people out of their comfort zones, which can be a catalyst to emotional growth. The Moon goes void of course at 7:38 PM PST, seeing a good time to reflect prior to the energy of the New Moon in Cancer tomorrow.


The moon enters comfort seeking Cancer at 4:53 AM PST, where it conjuncts the Sun, and opposes Jupiter. This can see some big feels, and with Venus sextile Jupiter, optimism can be felt around social, interpersonal, financial or creative endeavors. Mars sextile Saturn see’s a driven and ambitious energy. Look to the area of your whole sign natal chart ruled by Cancer to see what area you are making way for a new beginning and writing a new chapter. The New Moon is exact at 7 degrees Cancer at 7: 52 PM PST. This decan of Cancer is ruled by the 2 of cups in the tarot. This decan speaks of mutually nurturing relationships, where neither party is depleted, but both are nurtured, enhanced and exalted into their highest forms and potential selves. Both are complete in and of themselves, and come together in mutual vibrational synnergy, complimenting the gifts, strengths and weaknesses of the other. The Moon is in her dignity here, and this can bring to light buried hungers. Neptune stations retrograde today, which can see some confusion around a buried but deeply cherished dream, ideal, or fantasy, with Neptune sextile Pluto. With Mars also tightly squaring Pluto, to be exact in a couple days time, desires can be strongly felt, and there is a relentlessly driven energy that is laser focused on it’s goal. This can also see compulsivity, or something about our goals or desires can both hypnotically entice, frighten and intimidate us. This energy is intended to facilitate deep transformations for completely new chapters. The New Moon squaring Jupiter, while Venus is sextile Jupiter can see a great deal of optimism, expansiveness, courage, and motivation to clear the decks and pioneer into new, adventurous territory. This can be socially, interpersonally, creatively, or financially. Certain emotions can come to the surface or be a point of focus at this New Moon. 


The Moon in Cancer still conjunct the Sun, sextile’s Uranus today while squaring Chiron in Aries and trine Juno. This can see some surprising revelations, or certain feelings or instincts can surface or be more difficult to ignore. There can be a nervous excitement here, but also some vulnerability as there may be something new or unprecedented going on. There can be a drive here to take a calculated risk emotionally or something can come up that can be illuminating or exciting, but perhaps catch us off guard. There’s an element of surprise and the unexpected here. As the day progresses, the Moon forms a sextile to Neptune which can see ESP highly active, and the sensory perceptions highly attuned. This can lower defenses or dissolve barriers or there may simply be a lot to take in and reflect upon. Ideals are highly activated, and this math is highly sensitive to nuance. Jupiter conjunct Chiron gives more courage and adventurousness around issues that previously made us feel weak or vulnerable, and this can be very conducive to healing. The evening see’s the Moon squaring Mars and opposite Pluto. This can see some underlying intensity, and passions can border on frustration, or there can be a thick tension underlying certain interactions that catalyzes movement or taking some kind of action. Desires can be intensely felt, and there can be a drive to make something happen.


The Moon spends the majority of today in Cancer until early evening, seeing a build up of tension and drive around things that may be deeply buried or sublimated (Moon trine Neptune and opposite Pluto). This shadow must be openly confronted and integrated. With the Moon sextile Pallas, this can see planning and strategy in play around a cherished hope or dream. The Moon enters Leo at 5:40 PM PST, seeing courage and optimism build. Here, the Moon trines Jupiter, seeing intense drives or strong pulls feel more comfortable to come to the surface and find an outlet. This can see the weekend begin on a fun seeking, brave and optimistic note, making it easier to be warm, expressive, playful and to take some positive risks. Mars and Pluto perfect their square tonight and tomorrow at 27 degrees. This can see strong, buried drives and passions seek an integration.


The Moon in Leo sextile’s Venus, trine’s Jupiter, and Chiron, going on to square Uranus. Needless to say, this math looks exciting and fun, and there may be some very encouraging trends. There’s a more daring energy available here and there can be encouragement around things that maybe have been a bit intimidating to us. Mars and Pluto are in a perfected square at 27 degrees today, which can see repressed drives and shadows come to the surface demanding an outlet or seeking acknowledgement, expression, and integration into the conscious will. These maths can see people feeling less held back and constrained by fears, insecurity or inhibition. There can be some celebrations going on as well, or in the very least, something to feel very happy about, with the Moon in playful Leo making such gorgeous aspects to Venus and Jupiter. Some very pleasant surprises can also be a part of the picture. These maths are pretty spicy, creative, fun, and even flirtatious. It’s a let your hair down, “yolo” kind of vibe that can feel very freeing and encouraging around things that there was maybe some fear around. With the Sun squaring Chiron amidst all this, there is still some vulnerability, but these maths are encouraging and can cause people to enjoy the challenge of being more playful, courageous and brave. Overall, this looks to be a pleasantly exciting day, with some unexpected but perhaps very happy surprises. 


The Moon in Leo opposes Saturn, sextile’s Mercury, squares Uranus and trine’s Mars and Chiron today. There may be a bit of inhibition, or it’s possible that certain boundaries are being laid down while other avenues are being opened up. Another way of articulating this math is an “extended release”, or a controlled release. If something has been buried, denied or sublimated a long time, it carries quite a lot of power, so perhaps there’s a lot of restraint going on in the midst of what’s also a motivated push forward. This is another unpredictable and surprising day. The lunar/Saturn opposition can also see an unexpected retreat or halt after a brave or courageous move, or some other blockages that may cause some temporary doubts or inhibitions, but the Moon in Leo trudges onward like a brave little toaster. The Moon/Mercury aspect can see it easier to express the feelings or even the affections, but conversely, it’s important to have a sense of others boundaries and try not to ignore warning signs that something may not get a desired response, or in the very least, an instantaneous one. On the other hand, this can see a forward motion in certain dynamics or initiatives with a simultaneous halt on others, or a need to balance responsibility with fun, enjoyment or pleasure. 


The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 5:31 AM PST, squaring Venus in Gemini. This can see an evaluation of priorities, projects, or relationships and a sort of “taking stock”. There can be a nervous perfectionism to this configuration, and there can also be a motivation to be of service to others somehow. The Moon in Virgo squaring Venus can also see some critical evaluations of ourselves as well, or a desire to make improvements. The Moon goes on to sextile the Sun, shedding light on problem areas or things that require our nurturing and attention, within ourselves, environments, or relationships to others. There is a humility here that can be very self effacing and self sacrificing. This can allow for new approaches and perspectives. In some cases, these configurations can have people wondering if they are “good enough” for this or that, or whether they are truly deserving. There may also be some preparations underway for some changes and transformations that are unfolding socially or interpersonally. Don’t let perfectionism trip you up. 


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