Friday, November 27, 2020




This week begins on a poignant note with a Full Moon eclipse in Gemini. The lunar square to imaginative Neptune suggests that certain things are still in an ideas phase, and there can be a lot of speculation, fantasy, and creativity around whatever is unfolding. Minor lunar aspects to Saturn and Jupiter suggest a desire to make dreams a reality in some regard and to actualize something that we perhaps thought about before but had shelved for one reason or another. Mid morning see’s the Moon sextile Mars in Aries which can see the pace of things pick up significantly and there can be motivation to get things moving in a progressive direction. This can see a busy atmosphere with more than one pot on the boil, and more than one thing to pay attention to. With the solar trine to Mars, there is a definite emphasis on expanding our terrain, horizons, learning new skills and graduating to new levels of activity. The lunar eclipse occurs within the wee hours of the AM, 1:30 AM PST. A decided shift and new activity/new cycles will be unfolding in the house Gemini rules in your personal natal chart. The results of this won’t be seen immediately of course, but each one of us is preparing to embark upon a learning journey and make some significant changes within the area that Gemini rules in our chart. This depends upon what your rising sign is in your *whole house natal chart.* Full Moon eclipses usher in an evolution and offer us an opportunity to release emotional patterns, experiences or attachments that have run their course and are no longer serving us. Consider it an opportunity to sort of press the “reset” or “refresh” button. In Gemini, much of this can revolve around communications, as well as how we mentally process our emotions. This can be a time of becoming conscious of our own personal blockages, hang ups, or patterns, and taking decisive initiatives to grow beyond them, release them, learn from them, and evolve. Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, will change signs tomorrow, moving into expansive Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposite sign. This can see communications become much more forthright and people can be more inclined to say what they’re really thinking. Full Moons typically involve the ending of a cycle, a closing of a chapter or door, and the opening of a new one. With the North/South node activated, this can involve the shedding of old beliefs, specifically anything that has prevented us from seeing a different perspective. The Sun in Sagittarius beckons us towards expansion, encourages us to remain open minded, and to view everything and everyone as our teacher. We can be embarking on a major learning curve. The lunar square to Neptune doesn’t have to be sad, debilitating or confusing. This can be a good time to make some resolutions, release attachment to what’s outside of our control, and focus on strengthening our mastery over what is within our control. The Moon in Gemini sextile Mars can see the mind and emotions stimulated and there can be enthusiasm and optimism about the future, even if there are a lot of unknowns. 


This morning begins with a void of course Gemini Moon, and Mercury entering Sagittarius just before noon PST. Mercury here will go on to conjoin the Sun in Sagittarius, and this can see a lot coming to light and being revealed. With Mars also in trine to the Sagittarius luminaries, there can be a strong push towards truth, knowledge, wisdom, learning, and expansion, and an insatiable curiosity. Under the Mercury in Sagittarius cycle, people can definitely shoot from the hip, and be more apt to tell it like it is. This can also see people eager to learn new things or open their minds to something new or foreign to them. We can really enjoy interactions where there is a lot to be learned from them, or there is a teacher/student dynamic, on either or both sides. (It’s always both, we are all always both teacher and student simultaneously.) Optimism can increase under this cycle. With the Moon in Gemini for majority of the day only making a couple of minor aspects, one being a sesquisquare to Venus in Scorpio, this can see our minds on our money but also our relationships. Joint assets, investments and involvements. The Gemini Moon can see the day focused on various comings and goings, thinking, planning and communications, small errands, seeking out information, and the like. At 7:33 PM PST, the Moon enters the more emotionally sensitive realms of Cancer, making a square to Chiron, which can see some feelings of vulnerability or sensitivity arise. With both the Sun and Mercury sextile to Chiron in Aries now, it points to the value of talking it out, as well as taking things in philosophical and open minded stride, and gaining perspective on emotional processes. There’s a lot of growth, optimism, generosity, and expansiveness available in these configurations, and people can be surprisingly receptive if you open up to them. 


This morning see’s the Moon in emo Cancer square to Chiron in Aries, trine Venus in Scorpio, and sextile Uranus in Taurus. This can see some surprising or unexpected moments interpersonally and even materially. There can be some shocks, or something or someone can function as a motivating and inspiring catalyst or at least inspire us to continue on the path we are already on. In some cases there can be some butthurt in the atmosphere. Simulataneously, we could receive some gifts or some other sort of blessing or leg up that makes life more beautiful and pleasant. There can be some interesting and pleasant connections and happenings today. The Moon goes on to square Mars in Aries and trine Neptune in Pisces. Moon/mars aspects can sometimes see irritability or “crotchety vibes”, but in the case of the square they can also indicate action and initiative. There's the potential for emotional intensity that can be too much for people that prefer a more self contained and practical focus that emphasizes shared humanity, forward movement, humor and optimism, and minimizes petty squabbles, resentments, corrosive attacks, or emotional extremism.  There’s a lot of inspiration available within these configurations, there’s also a lot of compassion, creativity, acceptance, and understanding. Compassionately releasing what's not within your control and what no longer serves you and focus on what is within your control and what best serves your personal growth, inner peace, productivity, and healing, and you can't go far wrong. The emotional impulsiveness of the Moon/Mars square is tempered by the passive and more retiring, introverted trine to Neptune. These configurations can produce an interesting effect of “liquid courage”, even if you don’t drink. There is something disinhibiting about this math that can sort of loosen people up, but can also see a healing and cathartic release. Careful not to emotionally unload on others too much under the Cancer lunation, you could be coming off more overpowering or intense than you realize, although there's quite a forgiving atmosphere, it doesn't negate the potential for there to be some emotional clashes. With the Moon in trine to Venus all day, we can be more in touch with and at home with our deeper instinctual side. We might also be subtly at war with it (Moon square Mars.) Perhaps we want something or someone we feel we shouldn’t, or is somehow out of reach in some way, or we experience others who are pushy, willful or demanding of us and it doesn't sit well. Our own wills could be at odds with others somehow. This intense energy has to go somewhere, even if it’s felt to be pleasant and enjoyable, which is entirely possible. The lunar square to Mars definitely catalyzes action, and one way or another, an intense momentum builds to make huge strides towards transformations. It’s possible that these configurations can prompt us to learn more about what it is that’s motivating us, and/or others. Also possible is an emphasis the art of boundaries and of saying "No." The Moon goes on to oppose Pluto in the late evening hours, bringing the more Plutonic elements of certain dynamics into play. Power dynamics, power, control, and it's abuse, love/hate relationships, obsessions, compulsions, taboos, what is submerged, various fears and desires. There is an understated intensity whenever the Moon enters Cancer and aspects the Capricorn stellium. There are changes and transformations occurring, and this energy can be excellent when funneled into constructive projects. Otherwise, take care to avoid emotionally manipulative people or dynamics as there can be a tendency for people to exhibit or provoke extremes. Give emotional roller coasters a wide berth, as people can have less restraint, impulse control, and tend to go overboard emotionally or in communications. In some cases, this can be positive and cathartic. In others, in can be intense and exhausting. Choose your battles. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Cancer trine Venus and Juno in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, square Mars in Aries, and opposite Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Something can be stirring interpersonally and or materially, at least in the depths of the unconscious, and in general, some intense situations and transformations are unfolding that can have a fated or deeply impactful, or serendipitous quality. However, the major stars of todays show are the lunar oppositions to the Cap stellium. It’s clear that some pretty major shifts are happening here, and there is a huge emphasis on metamorphosis and transformation. There can be a serious tone to the day, with the possibility for some impatience, challenges, or frustrations. Even if we feel left to our own devices or thrown into a tailspin in a certain sense, or there is a serious or somewhat somber tone to events, there are certain others backing us in our process of transformation or right of passage 100 percent. Even if we’re unaware we are supported, we are definitely supported.  There is a sort of tunnel vision about this energy that can see us very emotionally invested in a goal, or very present to a process, with a strong desire to level up or see something through. There can also be some impulsiveness or simply a lot of activity going on. The lunar opposition to Saturn suggests that emotional considerations can be temporarily taking a back seat to practical necessity or long-term goals. It also can suggest that serious and weighty matters are bringing people together and are at the forefront of events, and it might be necessary to slow down. Things can call for patience, fortitude and emotional resilience. The lunar trine to Juno in Scorpio however, suggests that a commitment to bossing up, or exhibiting maturity and stability isn’t lost on everyone, and there can be powerful people quietly cheering us on or lending their support, shoulder, and encouragement, or matching our energy, even unknowingly. It could be that certain milestones are being reached, or are about to be. There can also be a lot of emotional pressure felt under these aspects, and there can be some intense situations going on. In the micro and macro dynamics, the potential for certain parties attempting to use guilt, pressure, shame, withholding, bitterness, resentments, power imbalances, bribes, manipulation, or to otherwise attempt to exert undue, or excessive control or erosion of boundaries or rights of other parties will need careful observation and handling. It's a slippery slope, but there's a lot of powerful energy available that can obviously be used positively as well. Intensity is the keyword, and this can take on many forms. It's also simply possible that something really heavy is going on that requires emotional presence and empathy. In spite of this somewhat intense background energy facilitating drastic breakdowns and breakthroughs, there's some really positive things unfolding, especially if people can rise above petty control issues, and cultivate Agape love, compassion, empathy, and prioritize inner and outer peace and stability amidst great change, along with faith in the process. Fate is at work here in one way or another.  Later in the evening hours, the Moon goes on to trine Mercury in Sagittarius, and optimism can be growing, and levity can be brought to weighty or rather intense matters. It’s possible we could receive some good news or a broader perspective over the next few days, some of which can all be quite unexpected. This weekend can see some excitement in the air as positive and healing changes are set into motion. An inner and/or outer adventure can be unfolding and we can be embarking on some kind of journey.  



Friday morning see’s the Moon enter showy, playful, and theatrical Leo, trine the Sun and Mercury in optimistic Sagittarius and Chiron in courageous Aries, while squaring Uranus in Taurus. There can be some “upgrades” to celebrate, perhaps some good news has been received that increases confidence and ushers in some revolutionizing practical changes. There can be a lot of excitement and exuberance under these configurations, and even a lot of healing potential. Communications are definitely highlighted, and it can be easy to build enthusiasm by bouncing creative ideas back and forth. A lot of passion and enthusiasm here, a somewhat celebratory atmosphere in spite of the more somber influence of a lingering lunar opposition to Saturn in late Capricorn until afternoon.  Evening see’s the potential for some really healing conversations and people can be more transparent and open with one another. There’s an erratic nature to the day with a lunar square to Uranus, people are definitely flying their freak flags and doing their own things, but the fun they are having or the courage and confidence they are exhibiting can be infectious. Saturday the 5th see’s the Moon in Leo trine the Sun in broadminded Sagittarius and Mars in Aries, while squaring Venus in sensitive Scorpio. There is a lot of passion, drive, motivation, energy, enthusiasm and initiative here, but with the Moon in Leo square Venus and Juno, there is a small potential here for some petty squabbles or personal dramas. The signs involved with this particular aspect can sometimes indicate jealousy, envy, power plays or competition. Equally however, there can also be some recognition coming in, but there can also be some interesting initiatives going on interpersonally or financially. All of the above is possible. Sunday the 6th see’s the Moon enter detail oriented Virgo around noon PST, to square Mercury in Sagittarius and trine Uranus in Taurus. It’s possible some critical communications can come in or be dished out after a highly exuberant, rather playful and expansive weekend that contained the potential for some drama. Conversely, it could be that the details of expansive initiatives are being discussed, planned or thought out. The lunar trine to Uranus suggests a bit of an experiment is underway in regards to new initiatives. These configurations look like the artist critically examining their own work and seeking to make improvements where necessary. Try not to get deflated by your own (or others) criticisms. It takes a lot of courage to create and to put yourself out there in any way, but it’s really easy to be a critic. Next week can see us inching towards entering into uncharted territory either personally, creatively or financially. This will take courage and bravery, but it looks set to be very beneficial and have longterm potential. 

Monday, November 23, 2020




We begin this week with the Moon still in sensitive and imaginative Pisces, trine Mercury and the relationship asteroid Juno, in Scorpio, conjunct boundary dissolving Neptune, and going on to sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.  This can see a reflective, compassionate, and impressionable atmosphere, and some deep conversations or thoughts, amidst a backdrop of  “solid duty, responsibility, and longterm goals. With an emphasis on Pisces/Neptune at the moment, some things may feel out of reach, intangible, sacrificed or sublimated to broader goals or the larger picture. Nonetheless, there are various opportunities throughout today that can allow for some deeply human communications and compassionate, perhaps implicit understandings. There is a great deal of emotional generosity in todays configurations, along with a strong capacity for self reflection. The Sun in Sagittarius forming a trine to Chiron in Aries can lend a growing feeling of buoyancy, optimism, strength, and confidence. A feeling that there is the ability to rise above any problems or challenges. The evening ends on a reflective, forward looking, determined and philosophical note. There is a definite structured plan unfolding, and when the Moon enters Aries tomorrow, another push forward in taking actions and making power moves towards the realization of long term goals occurs. Sally forth, and godspeed.


The Moon enters Aries early this morning, conjoined Chiron, trine the Sun in Sagittarius, and sesquisquare Mercury in Scorpio. Erring on the side of counting to 10 before reacting to any emotional situations isn’t a bad idea here, otherwise this aspect can make people feel frustrated in trying to get their point across or simply misunderstood. A lunar quincunx to Venus suggests a need to balance getting along in simpatico with others while also remaining true to ourselves. Venus opposite Uranus now can see an oddly contradictory energy that is simultaneously close yet distant. A “radically detached attachment” may be required to accommodate shifting circumstances and people. It’s possible people may need a lot of breathing space in pursuit of their individual goals under this aspect. Positively, this aspect can provide the opportunity and space for people to explore their deeper authentic selves, desires, needs,  hidden emotional processes, and instinctual individuality. It can produce some “shocking,” “unorthodox”, “experimental”, or highly unusual situations, interpersonally and even economically/fiscally. This aspect produces a highly unpredictable atmosphere, and this can manifest itself both interpersonally and financially. It’s quite a wild card. Today see’s an active and energetic day, with the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars and trine the Sun in Sagittarius, travel, study, higher learning, open mindedness, growth and expansion are highlighted. There’s a lot of optimism, courage, motivation, and drive available in these configurations. 


Today see’s the Moon in impulsive Aries holding it’s conjunction to Mars. This can kind of see everyone on their own personal missions, and it can also see a somewhat emotionally impulsive atmosphere. The feelings of others can be an afterthought under this aspect, but fortunately, Mercury in Scorpio in trine to Neptune can lend sensitivity and implicit, even unspoken understandings. Later this afternoon the Moon goes on to square Pluto, which can see some emotional intensity. This isn’t a problem if you have a constructive goal to chip away at and can funnel any excessive or intense psychic or emotive currents into a creative or constructive project. If you have a longterm goal to funnel this bad boy into, kick ass. Otherwise, this aspect also carries the potential for interpersonal dramas, power struggles, petty personal squabbles, and things that simply do not lead to a peaceful, quiet, simple, or tranquil life. The Moon also goes on to square Jupiter as well, which can certainly magnify and multiply the drive and intensity in the atmosphere. There can be an intense focus on a goal, person, or situation here. Energy wise, there is a lot of resilience, with deep reserves to tap into, and a lot of ground can be covered and much can be accomplished under the Aries lunation. Squares are best utilized to facilitate breakthroughs as they function as a catalyst towards taking action. 


Today begins with the Moon in the later degrees of Aries, conjunct Mars, and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Things can require patience, endurance, maturity, and resilience now. Any obstacles encountered can be improvised around during the Taurus lunation, and with some unexpected ease. However, it’s possible our own goals, needs, feelings, values, habits, or idiosyncrasies etc.. are somewhat out of sync with those of certain others, or there’s simply a very unpredictable or highly unusual interpersonal environment to navigate. Today is another action oriented day with more opportunity to cover a lot of ground in regards to longterm objectives. Consistency, focus, and discipline is key, as drive and energy are abundant. Around 8 PM PST, the Moon moves into tactile and physical Taurus, to oppose Venus and conjoin Uranus, still holding a square to Jupiter and Saturn. This can see some changes in approach, terrain or trajectory, and a decisive contraction in one area and an expansion in another. A subtle lunar semisquare to Neptune can suggest some sacrifices are made in pursuit of a goal. There can be some surprises. The Taurus lunation over the weekend highlights the delicate balancing act of our own needs and goals and those of others. As long as we are staying true and honest to ourselves, and our ‘Tegrity(TM), ultimately everyone else benefits as well.



Friday see’s the Moon in earthy Taurus, conjunct Uranus, and opposite Venus in Scorpio. This can highlight a balancing process between our own needs and those of others, under a period of change, transformation, and transition. The Moon in Taurus highlights the practical side of life, as well as slow and deliberate progress. With Uranus involved in each Taurus lunation, this brings to the fore what can really only be termed as “uncommon common sense.” Oftentimes, solutions to our most pressing challenges or problems are very simple and can involve things that are right under our noses. Small tweaks and adjustments can make all the difference in the world. It’s clear that adjustments will need to be made to accommodate the transformations we would like to see unfold in our lives, and that in the future, we will be managing our time, energy, and commitments very differently. With Venus and Mercury now rolling through Scorpio, the intense and instinctual side of life is brought to fore, but regardless of what we may desire, it is practical reality that ultimately has all of the trump cards. For some, it can be that what we desire on the deepest and most instinctual levels is somehow clashing with the necessity of practicality. If you can somehow utilize the intense and transformative energies of the Scorpio transits to manifest a solid foundation for yourself, as opposed to seeing the necessity of practical reality to be out of step with your deeper needs, so much the better. Otherwise this can see people fighting a current, or at war with themselves. The weekend highlights the practical shifts that need to occur in order to facilitate a much larger, longterm transformation. Saturday see’s the Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, while sextile to Neptune and opposite Mercury. Neptune, the planet of dreams, dissolution, fantasies, mysticism, universal compassion, and the unconscious, also stations direct today. There can be an abundance to work with at our disposal, these configurations bring to mind the card of the Magician in the Tarot, particularly with Mercury’s involvement. A process of manifestation can be underway, and there is some powerful ideals behind this. There can be some fortunate encounters here, and with Mercury now sextile Jupiter, Pluto, AND Saturn (as of today), certain plans are coming closer to being nailed down and actualized. Previous instinctual processes or dynamics can begin to be harnessed for positive and practical aims, and will no longer feel so out of control or too overwhelming to marshal and direct. Even if there are some disagreements or conflicts in values, desires, or emotional needs/styles, there is a lot of cooperation and common values that can bring disparate elements together into a purposeful, mutual advancement with long range benefits. Sunday the 29th see’s the Moon enter curious and multitasking Gemini, placing an emphasis on communications and things going on in the local environment. This places the Moon in opposition to the Sun in broadminded Sagittarius, in preparation for tomorrows Full Moon eclipse. We are preparing for a rather fated juncture here, as the north and south nodes involvement will indicate. A sort of learning curve. Today the Moon in Gemini sextiles Chiron, adding to the Sun in Sagittarius’ trine to the wounded healer, emphasizing the impetus towards healing. We are entering a sort of learning curve. A lunar trine to Saturn in the final degrees in Capricorn as well emphasizes a sort of “resolution” going forward, a sort of completion process is underway, and we can be making commitments to ourselves as both Saturn and Jupiter prepare to enter a new area of our natal chart in December. Today can see us talking and thinking about this process, and can highlight things like time management for the longterm. With a Full Moon eclipse tomorrow, we can be closing out a cycle and preparing to take initiatives in kicking off a new one. This may increase our commitments in certain areas, and there can be something experimental about the terrain we are entering, which can mean there are a lot of unknowns. With Saturn and Jupiter still in Capricorn, the lesson is still very much an “internal locus of control.” Focusing on what it is that you personally have control over. Jupiter and Saturn here also emphasize simplicity, minimizing any unnecessary over complication, to make for a more clean and streamlined itinerary going forward. Having definite and self directed (Mars in Aries) goals in mind can help make the best of these transits and the transits to come.  

Monday, November 16, 2020




We begin this week with the Moon in Sagittarius trine Mars and square sensitive and impressionable Neptune. This can be a curious atmosphere prone to private reflections and bold explorations of confusing feelings, unconscious processes, behaviors, and actions. The Sagittarius lunation emphasizes gaining space and perspective to sort out the sheer complexity brought about by the other configurations. Having just experienced a New Moon in Scorpio in which everyone certainly benefited in some way, this doesn’t negate the fact that there has been instability, and that the social and interpersonal sphere has been rife with an overpowering complexity. Venus in Libra in tension to Jupiter and Pluto can easily feel overpowered and find it difficult to speak her piece. There can be social/interpersonal/structural (Saturn) imbalances that people feel in their relationships. This feeling can be exacerbated under the Capricorn lunation, so using the beginning of the week to reflect, explore feelings, and gain some much needed space and perspective under the Sagittarius lunation can be helpful in attaining harmony, even amidst limitations, differences, confusion, and radical shifts. Evening see’s a lunar link with Venus, with minor tense aspects to Mercury and Uranus. This could see some opportunities to talk more openly about difficult or sensitive topics, there is at least a desire to do so that is implied here with these configurations. In the very least, a desire to seek some kind of understanding or compromise and find some sort of harmony within radically shifting terrain, dynamics, and perspectives.


Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn, trine Uranus in Taurus, square Chiron in Aries, and eventually sextile Mercury in Scorpio. There’s an opportunity here to express our thoughts and feelings, but there could also exist a tremendous pressure to do so, whether that pressure be internally or externally derived. Regardless, there's the potential for unique insights, and surprising conversations or revelations, and opportunities to connect in unexpected ways or learn more about ourselves and others. It’s important to exercise care in what is said or done or how we come across, as we can all be feeling more sensitive or vulnerable than we are letting on. The Moon in Cap put's on a good game face. The lunar square to Chiron may not be the easiest thing to navigate with it's potential to trigger old wounds. It can have the potential of making us feel misunderstood, or can simply have us experiencing some pretty unorthodox, or unusual situations, circumstances, dynamics, or feelings, -but positively it can also assist in being more understanding towards the vulnerabilities, pain, or weaknesses of others, (as well as our own). The final hour of evening see’s the Moon in Cap go on to square Mars, which can see some restlessness, irritability, impatience, crabbiness, or overall emotional tension that can perhaps be the result of some highly pressurized circumstances that are requiring that we reign ourselves in a bit for the sake of compromise and being an adult, while Mars in Aries wants to burst through walls like the Koolaid man.  It can certainly create some visceral energy that will desire an outlet. Scream into the void. Rearrange the furniture. Clean out a closet. Drop and do some push ups. The Capricorn lunation and stellium is well suited to push any intense energy into something practical and constructive that will serve your long term goals and aims. 

  WED NOV 18.

Today see’s the Moon in somber and serious Capricorn squaring Mars, sextile Neptune, and conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This combined with Venus in tension with Saturn means that certain energies require a constructive outlet. Interpersonal exchanges can feel somewhat constrained, shy, or inhibited, as no one wants to ruffle the feathers of anyone with Venus in people pleasing Libra in tension with Saturn. So there can be a somewhat “business like” formality to exchanges, but with the lunar link to Neptune there is also the presence of a lot of emotional understanding, subtle and unseen spiritual links, love, and compassion, even if much is unspoken. With the Sun in Scorpio now in a lone sextile to Saturn, the emotions and instinctual natures as well as the boundaries between ourselves and others are more clearly delineated and more tightly under control. Things are more subdued, careful, measured, and slowed down in regards to energetic exchanges and mergings with others. Ethics can be an issue. Still, even with the Moon in formal, serious, business like Capricorn, with Saturn pumping the breaks and slowing things way down, there is still sensitivity, compassion, and a lot of feeling present, even if it’s inhibited or not really externalized. It’s perhaps this very slowness, formality, or ethical restraint that can give the more subtle realms a chance to be perceived and experienced. The evening see’s the Moon square up to Venus along with it’s square to Mars. This can definitely see some interesting interpersonal tension, not necessarily unpleasant, as the Moon sextile to Neptune appears to want to ease and smooth over the rough edges of an extremely large basket of transformations, and sweeten the taste of some reality checks brought in by some very intense personal and relational lessons. The lunar conjunction to Jupiter creates a lot of generosity, openness, optimism, and helps keep silver linings visible, providing a philosophical attitude to major shifts, while the lunar conjunction to Saturn can make us feel painfully shy and inhibited, and very aware of how consequential our every move is. This can also manifest itself as a clamping down in one area, while expanding in another. The lunar conjunction to Pluto makes things extremely personal, and it’s clear that interactions (both with ourselves as well as others) are having a very intense impact on us right now in one way or another. The measured, and pragmatic Capricorn lunation combined with the Saturnian influence can actually be of some assistance in distilling everything.


This morning begins with the Capricorn lunation in square to Venus and still conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. The emphasis here is on striking a balance and finding a sweet spot with others as we go about achieving our goals and embarking on some hugely transformative processes. The afternoon see’s the Moon head into emotionally detached and cerebral Aquarius, to square Uranus, and sextile Chiron. It holds a square to Venus and conjunction to Saturn, but this square shifts to one with Mercury as the day wears on into evening, bringing attention to communications, as well as yet more imminent change and emotional, cognitive, and environmental shifts. The lunar sextile to Chiron suggests that certain conversations can provide some healing even if things can feel subtly tense, erratic, painfully impersonal via some kind of necessity, emotional handicap, or some other unusual experiences, dynamics, or reactions to a succession of events. The lunar sextile to Chiron ensures compassion is available. Even though the Moon in Aquarius get’s a sort of bad rap for being cold or detached, the lunar sextile to the wounded healer brings out it’s humanitarian side. Even Spock has a soft spot, and is able to be understanding of the utter weirdness, awkwardness, and vulnerability that being human, (instead of vulcan), entails. 


FRI NOV 20-SUN 22 2020.

What's up everybody. Writing this from a new laptop, you can tell by the font. We begin Friday with the Moon in detached Aquarius square Mercury in emotionally intense Scorpio, and unpredictable, wild card Uranus. There’s a lot going on all at once. This can make it feel like the epitome of “personally impersonal”, due to the sheer momentum and acceleration of events, and the amount of ground and terrain covered. Venus, in the final degree of Libra, squaring both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, is at a crossroads, preparing to expand in one area and contract in another, before entering the instinctual realms of Scorpio. Midmorning see’s the Moon in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries, this can see the nervous system revving in high gear, perhaps by necessity.  There are things to do and dreams to chase. This can see a rather active energy and momentum building, with a lot of changes happening, -and rapidly. By Saturday the 21st,, things are in a radically different space, with Venus shifting into passionate, instinctual, do or die Scorpio at 5:22 AM PST, and the Suns annual entrance into adventurous Sagittarius in the afternoon. The Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun freshly in Sagittarius while forming a trine to Venus in zero degrees Scorpio.  Shifts in consciousness, scenery, terrain, and perspective can feel like wishes granted, that make it possible to delve more deeply into something pleasurable and embark on a bogus learning, healing, and investigatory journey, chase some dreams, and manifest some ideals. Sunday see’s a classic “Sunday vibe”, with some Zang(TM) thrown on it, with the Moon in retiring, dreamy, and imaginative Pisces trine Venus in intense Scorpio, and sextile Uranus in Taurus, while squaring the Sun in explorative and extremely curious Sagittarius. It’s an adventurous and expansive time, and optimism can be growing. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury in Scorpio around noon, which can see some pleasant, and unexpected communications, thoughts, or day dreams. This pleasant reverie is enhanced further with a lunar conjunction to mystical and idyllic Neptune, finishing Sunday on an enjoyable, restful, and reflective note, with much to look forward to. 

Monday, November 9, 2020




We begin today with the Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus which highlight taking care of all the little details around rapid change. Minor lunar aspects to Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron indicate there could be some vulnerability involved in all this, as we may be outside of our comfort zones a bit, and a lot has to be adapted to. The majority of the day can be focused on getting more organized and completing tasks that will make a process of adaptation easier. With Uranus involved there may be a need to innovate or spontaneous whims to address routine or arbitrary essentials. It's clear our routines have been affected. The Moon in Virgo can be somewhat anxious or tightly wound, and although the aspect to Uranus is a harmonious one, it indicates that the dust of huge changes is still settling, which can create a rather changeable atmosphere. There may be a lot of things that need to get done, and the Virgo lunation draws attention to unfinished tasks and anything that requires improvement, but the general trend in these configurations is a shift in our routines that is requiring both practical and emotional adaptability. The final aspect the Moon makes this evening is an opposition to Neptune which can highlight many unknowns and in some ways can make people feel a bit at sea with the intense transformations that have been taking place. Tomorrow, Mercury changes signs from diplomatic Libra to the more intense Scorpio, to return to the place it was when it stationed retrograde. Massive changes may have transpired between then and now, and this can be a lot to take in and bring up some anxiety (Virgo) around unknowns (Neptune/Pisces), and a need to innovate and sort of make things up as we go along. The square between Mercury and Saturn can make it feel difficult communicating our thoughts and feelings to others as certain realities set in and continue to shift.


Today see’s the Virgo lunation sextile the Sun in Scorpio, trine Jupiter and Pluto, and opposite Neptune. Early morning hours hold the last bit of the lunar/Uranus trine, emphasizing the shake up to the routines that a period of adaptation have brought upon us. The Virgo lunation combined with the steady stellium in Capricorn indicate a serious “get your shit together” vibe, and makes it very easy to see the flaws in everything and what needs to be improved upon, perfected, and nipped in the bud. Mercury, gaining forward momentum and preparing to leave it’s shadow phase, enters intense and probing Scorpio 1:55 PM PST. This, combined with the other configurations can illustrate a desire to come to grips with huge shifts, and maintain control over huge transformations that possess a lot of unknowns, huge shifts, major upgrades, and lunges forward, some of which have taken us out of our comfort zones and require huge shifts, adjustments, compromises, and collaborative efforts. The tensions between Venus and Mars continue to be a very strong influence and indicate a delicate balancing act between our own needs and those of other people, the differences between others in style, temperament, habit, perception, manner, pace, culture, character, feeling, or opinion, and the need to coexist, merge, blend, compromise, and harmonize. It’s quite a download. On an interpersonal level this can be in the form of negotiating and absorbing various spoken or unspoken terms, agreements, sentiments, needs, arrangements, boundaries, and happenings. On a macro-personal level, this can be in the form of major societal shifts as certain boundaries attempt to dissolve. This can be reflected in polarized temperaments attempting to reconcile themselves as certain collective terms, agreements, cultures and customs shift. Geo-politically, this is classic divide and rule, so it’s important for people to take care not to surrender too much to divisive and polarizing tropes and narratives and resist "otherizing" and dehumanization, -either of yourself or others. Stay human. Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t change others, you can only change and control yourself, and work toward harmony from within and work towards that without. Transmutation. The Moon in Virgo is perfectionistic, and opposite Neptune in Pisces there is a need to be more realistic. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn as well, emphasizing the fine art of patience, mastery, self control, -and slowing the fuck down, in triplicity, and that certain alchemical shifts and integrations will take time, learning, and with Mercury back in real talk Scorpio, fearless communication about taboo  or otherwise occulted, secretive or intimate topics. Scorpio rules the merging of forces, as well as power dynamics, spoken and unspoken agreements, joint assets, energetic exchanges, the swapping of spit, assets, money, secrets, the sharing of power, or the use and abuse of it. In the micro as well in the macro sense, it’s important to be very clear and unafraid to have real conversations. Mercury in Scorpio=real talk. Scorpio energy in general can be fiercely uncompromising about what it wants. Venus/Mars opposition indicates opposing wills or differing cultures. These are very interesting and intense times, as we have Saturn, Venus, Mars, and Neptune all in the signs that they rule.


This morning see’s the Moon move into partnership oriented Libra, to oppose Chiron and eventually Mars. There can be a lot of sensitivity in the air around partnerships. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus shows some impulsivity and excitability as well as instability. The lunar opposition to Mars builds as the evening wears on and this accentuates the Venus/Mars opposition. This sheds light on polar opposite views, temperaments, style, pace, etc. There may be some massive differences that may be a source of underlying tensions. Mercury going forward in sensitive Scorpio now squaring Saturn can make certain things difficult to talk about openly as there can be a lot of inhibition, fears, obstacles, that can have people feeling somewhat tongue tied or in over their heads via the sheer momentum of events. The lunar opposition to both Mars and Chiron show the potential for a lot of sensitivity and tension. Libra doesn’t like to upset the apple cart so there may be a diplomatic veneer of everything being fine while there are deeper worries or concerns below the surface and a larger disparity of viewpoints, perceptions, goals, pace, desire and temperaments to circumvent, navigate, and mitigate than may be apparent on the surface. There may also be some butt hurt in the atmosphere as well. Needless to say, not everyone is on the same page or reading from the same hymn sheet. Late in the evening, the Moon goes on to conjunct Venus which can assist in harmonizing through some awkward tensions, but can also increase the potential of “going along to get along” as Venus/Libra like to smooth things over and this often times can come at the expense of authenticity or telling it like it is. The lunar opposition to Mars certainly illustrates some pressure and tensions around issues of partnerships and collaborations, but with the Moon conjunct Venus, there is a determination to navigate things as smoothly as possible. The weekend may bring certain things to the surface once the Moon enters do or die, Scorpio to conjoin Mercury, certain taboo or uncomfortable topics will be more challenging to sweep under a rug. Nonetheless, Mercury’s hard aspect to Saturn still in play today is pretty inhibiting and indicates that certain things aren’t easy to talk about, but necessary. This square between Mercury and Saturn let’s up tomorrow, leaving only the opposition between Mercury and Uranus, which may open some floodgates and make it easier to talk about or disclose more sensitive or uncomfortable issues and can see some shocking or surprising disclosures. Everything is very much experimental right now, and situations, circumstances, and people are not easy to pin down, or make sense of, as many people are very far our of their comfort zones. 


The Moon in Libra is conjunct Venus and opposite Mars this morning, and later goes on to square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Given the Moon’s recent opposition to Chiron, it would be kind of an understatement to say that there has been a thick undercurrent of vulnerability and tension, with massive changes and shifts at the center of it. Mercury in Scorpio breaks it’s square to Saturn today, leaving only it’s opposition to Uranus. This can see some very unpredictable moods, communications, and people potentially out of step with one another or reading from different hymn sheets. The differences between others temperaments, personalities, goals, and needs can be very evident under these configurations, and cognitively and emotionally (Mercury in Scorpio), we can be very much out of a comfort zone and subject to a rather unpredictable, highly unusual atmosphere. Simultaneously, there is also a driven energy that can see some productive results if there is the ability to transmute certain tensions and not allow what is out of step with your goals distract from the ability to follow through with them. The Cap stellium brings the importance of intentionality to the fore, and the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn is having to strengthen and maintain itself through a number of destabilizing changes and unpredictable, or unusual situations. Later the Moon goes on to conjoin Mercury as well, indicating that communications can happen that can assist with getting others more on the same page, which can require some back stepping, innovating, or rearranging. Even under challenging, chaotic, vulnerable, or high pressure circumstances. This year continues to be a helluva download. Mars stations direct in Aries tomorrow after a long slumber, which can see stalled momentum begin to pick up.


Mars stations direct at 15 degrees Aries on Friday the 13th while the Moon is in sensitive, deeply feeling Scorpio making a radically detached opposition to Uranus in Taurus and a conjunction Mercury in Scorpio. This see’s Friday holding some change of plans or innovations to accommodate highly unusual circumstances. The feelings are very involved and engaged here but there is a simultaneous detachment from them that can make for an unstable or unsettling atmosphere. With the Venus/Mars opposition having played a major role this week, it’s possible that differences in pace, values, style, or preferences may have had people out of step with one another or getting off on the wrong footing. Saturday see’s this pesky Venus/Mars opposition begin to weaken and let up. Thank glob. Saturday see’s some comparatively pleasant, if rather emo, or at least deeply felt configurations, with the New Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio, going on to sextile Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, while trine Neptune and conjunct the Sun. There will definitely be compassion, sensitivity, and emotional receptivity in these configurations, and it’s possible that some understandings can be reached. With Venus in partnership and collaboration oriented Libra squaring up to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, it’s no doubt that this area of life has felt under some intense pressure and has been seeing some huge changes, transformations, breakthroughs, and challenges. Now that the Venus/Mars opposition isn’t playing a front and center role, this removes some (but not all) pressure from situations or dynamics. Sunday see’s the Moon enter philosophical Sagittarius to trine Chiron and eventually Mars in Aries, suggesting that a more broadminded and philosophical out look or approach can help bring healing to a situation or increase confidence, optimism, and motivation. The Sagittarius lunation will eventually also go on to square Neptune while in trine to Mars, (Monday)- indicating a tinge of sadness, confusion, disillusionment, or lack of clarity about the journey or adventure were on at the moment, which can see some tendencies towards escapism. The lunar trine to Mars is determined to keep the vibe high, maintain a positive outlook, and keep the faith, and finding something positive to light the way, even if we aren’t exactly clear about our destination, or others are on a different track than ourselves. We can still make the best of the here and now.

Monday, November 2, 2020



We begin this week with the Moon in talkative, busy, and multitasking Gemini in trine to Venus in Libra and sextile Chiron in Aries. In the early morning hours there’s also an out of sign lunar trine to Saturn in late Capricorn that suggests some serious talks and negotiations, and planning ahead sensibly. The lunar trine to Venus in Libra highlights unions, and harmonious cooperation. With Mercury stationing direct in Libra tomorrow (on election day) necessary compromises are under the spotlight, and with Venus also in this diplomatic sign, there is also a willingness to do so. Things can be a pretty frazzled scramble the week Mercury stations either direct or retrograde, and this week is no exception, although this week looks to end on a note of celebration. The Full Moon in Taurus has definitely signaled change, and with Mercury squaring up to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto heading in to direct motion tomorrow, the organizational details and collaborative negotiations behind this push for change can begin to pick up a forward momentum. This momentum will increase even further next week when Mars also stations direct in Aries on Friday the 13th. So this week see’s a steady build up into entering a new phase, era, or territory. With the Sun now firmly in Scorpio territory this has brought the conscious awareness into more serious territory and can see a tendency to take notice of heavier topics, such as our own or others motivations, the ramifications of merging energies with others, "do or die" scenarios, life's inevitabilities and other such extremes. It can be tempting to take extreme positions or put all your eggs in one basket so to speak, but it may be more wise to assume a more flexible stance as more facts come to light in the coming weeks and months.  Today see’s a harmonious focus on partnerships, compromise, and collaborations, and there can be some pleasant exchanges, and with communications emphasized under the Gemini lunation, there can be an impetus and desire to seek common ground, compromise, and balance. With Mercury making squares to the focused and disciplined stellium in Cap there is a need to focus the energies towards completing a goal.


Today marks election day in the US. The Moon in Gemini trines Mercury in Libra which stations direct at 9:50 AM PST. The Moon also sextile Mars in Aries and squares Neptune. So there can certainly be a drive towards taking decisive actions or getting your opinion across, but the square to Neptune suggests some fuckery, confusion, deception, delusion, uncertainty, or straight up denial in the atmosphere. The Sun opposite Uranus can show a tendency towards extremism or radical positions fueled by utopic (or dystopic) idealism that can attempt to drown out more reasonable voices or undermine unity. Nonetheless, people can be determined to have their say, in the voting booth and elsewhere today, and there is certainly a push to do so, it’s just uncertain how much of an effect this is actually having on determining an outcome. Venus and Mars also engage in a rare opposition as of today, with Chiron also involved. This opposition, which will color the backdrop of November, highlights the need to strike a balance between our own needs and those of others. The desire for closeness, companionship and cooperation will have to find a balance with the equally powerful desire for independence, self determination, and freedom. On the macro scale this can see concepts such as “the social contract” come up against individual sovereignty, and the need to strike a balance and find an acceptable, reasonable consensus around how much individual rights and freedoms a person should be expected to resign in order to participate in society. On the interpersonal note, naturally this can highlight independence or freedoms we are willing to compromise in order to enjoy the benefits of partnerships, collaborations, or cohabitations. This transit can mark a period of adaptation and negotiation. Venus is at a point of unity in Libra, bringing people together, and the opposition to Mars highlights the ways they will have to adapt, compromise and move forward in order to reap the mutual benefits of this unification without sacrificing too much of the individual will.  You can already see the macro manifestations of these contrasts in the form of binary narratives that pit marxism against capitalism (as if these are the only paradigms that exist.) The opposition between Venus and Mars will challenge any black and white thinking and make it impossible to avoid the benefits of acknowledging nuance, because life, -and relating to and living harmoniously and happily with others- is simply not a black and white, binary issue. The (rather unsuccessful) attempt to institutionalize human relationships is a prime example of the complexity and nuance of human nature, and the equal complexity and nuance of the social, economic, and interpersonal fabric. Balance must be struck, and we must figure out a way to enjoy the benefits of cohesion and collaboration while also maintaining our freedom of self determination and self actualization, so that cohesion, unity, and cooperation is mutually beneficial to all parties, and the wills and potentials of each individual are enhanced rather than handicapped by being forced into making shitty, inauthentic compromises for the sake of people pleasing.


This morning begins with the Moon in sensitive Cancer trine the Sun and Juno in Scorpio, square Venus in Libra and Mars and Chiron in Aries, and sextile Uranus in Taurus. This is some pretty “revelatory”, “no bullshit” math. Although there’s some tensions and vulnerability present, some surprising things can surface, and some liberating actions can be taken that may ruffle a few feathers. It’s a feisty, emotionally charged energy that has a hard time being emotionally inauthentic. Later, lunar oppositions to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and a trine to Neptune amplify things in a big, idealistic way, and indicate some major power moves and collaborative efforts are underway. This can also see someone trying to make a hard sell or up the ante somehow.  The lunar square to Mars is definitely agitating and instigating action, and major transformation, and this can be a somewhat irritable, pushy, and emotionally excitable aspect. Again, it’s feisty and has a bit of a “bite” to it, particularly in the morning hours, as there may be a feeling that certain concessions are not acceptable any longer and there’s no desire to pretend that they are. Attempts to appeal to people’s people pleasing capacities, guilt, shame, fear, weakness, insecurity, etc, will fall flat. Better to simply let people be themselves. The morning hours lunar sextile to quircky, non conformist Uranus can add some rebelliousness into the mix and people won’t be put into a box, backed into a corner. A lunar and solar trine to Neptune subtly softens things later on, but these configurations also indicate that a lot is going on under the surface, below the radar, and behind the scenes. Perhaps there's a lot to reflect on. One thing is clear, and that is that MAJOR shifts are happening, and we haven’t even begun the final eclipse season yet (Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini is on the 30th of Nov). With Mercury slowly picking up forward momentum and making powerful squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, much is coming to light and coming full circle, and much will continue to surface. Communications, news, and the written and spoken word can continue to have a huge impact, and today, can be really provocative, but the solar/lunar/ Neptune trine today is generally easy going, and prefers tranquility, beauty, reflection, self soothing, and peace, as a lot of big change is happening both without and within. There can be some interesting serendipities, synchronicities, and impressions today. Although there may be a lot to get done that requires taking action, there is also the temptation to take it easy and be indulgent and self soothing to help manage the pressure and make a transition period more gentle.