We begin this week with the Moon in Sagittarius trine Mars and square sensitive and impressionable Neptune. This can be a curious atmosphere prone to private reflections and bold explorations of confusing feelings, unconscious processes, behaviors, and actions. The Sagittarius lunation emphasizes gaining space and perspective to sort out the sheer complexity brought about by the other configurations. Having just experienced a New Moon in Scorpio in which everyone certainly benefited in some way, this doesn’t negate the fact that there has been instability, and that the social and interpersonal sphere has been rife with an overpowering complexity. Venus in Libra in tension to Jupiter and Pluto can easily feel overpowered and find it difficult to speak her piece. There can be social/interpersonal/structural (Saturn) imbalances that people feel in their relationships. This feeling can be exacerbated under the Capricorn lunation, so using the beginning of the week to reflect, explore feelings, and gain some much needed space and perspective under the Sagittarius lunation can be helpful in attaining harmony, even amidst limitations, differences, confusion, and radical shifts. Evening see’s a lunar link with Venus, with minor tense aspects to Mercury and Uranus. This could see some opportunities to talk more openly about difficult or sensitive topics, there is at least a desire to do so that is implied here with these configurations. In the very least, a desire to seek some kind of understanding or compromise and find some sort of harmony within radically shifting terrain, dynamics, and perspectives.


Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn, trine Uranus in Taurus, square Chiron in Aries, and eventually sextile Mercury in Scorpio. There’s an opportunity here to express our thoughts and feelings, but there could also exist a tremendous pressure to do so, whether that pressure be internally or externally derived. Regardless, there's the potential for unique insights, and surprising conversations or revelations, and opportunities to connect in unexpected ways or learn more about ourselves and others. It’s important to exercise care in what is said or done or how we come across, as we can all be feeling more sensitive or vulnerable than we are letting on. The Moon in Cap put's on a good game face. The lunar square to Chiron may not be the easiest thing to navigate with it's potential to trigger old wounds. It can have the potential of making us feel misunderstood, or can simply have us experiencing some pretty unorthodox, or unusual situations, circumstances, dynamics, or feelings, -but positively it can also assist in being more understanding towards the vulnerabilities, pain, or weaknesses of others, (as well as our own). The final hour of evening see’s the Moon in Cap go on to square Mars, which can see some restlessness, irritability, impatience, crabbiness, or overall emotional tension that can perhaps be the result of some highly pressurized circumstances that are requiring that we reign ourselves in a bit for the sake of compromise and being an adult, while Mars in Aries wants to burst through walls like the Koolaid man.  It can certainly create some visceral energy that will desire an outlet. Scream into the void. Rearrange the furniture. Clean out a closet. Drop and do some push ups. The Capricorn lunation and stellium is well suited to push any intense energy into something practical and constructive that will serve your long term goals and aims. 

  WED NOV 18.

Today see’s the Moon in somber and serious Capricorn squaring Mars, sextile Neptune, and conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This combined with Venus in tension with Saturn means that certain energies require a constructive outlet. Interpersonal exchanges can feel somewhat constrained, shy, or inhibited, as no one wants to ruffle the feathers of anyone with Venus in people pleasing Libra in tension with Saturn. So there can be a somewhat “business like” formality to exchanges, but with the lunar link to Neptune there is also the presence of a lot of emotional understanding, subtle and unseen spiritual links, love, and compassion, even if much is unspoken. With the Sun in Scorpio now in a lone sextile to Saturn, the emotions and instinctual natures as well as the boundaries between ourselves and others are more clearly delineated and more tightly under control. Things are more subdued, careful, measured, and slowed down in regards to energetic exchanges and mergings with others. Ethics can be an issue. Still, even with the Moon in formal, serious, business like Capricorn, with Saturn pumping the breaks and slowing things way down, there is still sensitivity, compassion, and a lot of feeling present, even if it’s inhibited or not really externalized. It’s perhaps this very slowness, formality, or ethical restraint that can give the more subtle realms a chance to be perceived and experienced. The evening see’s the Moon square up to Venus along with it’s square to Mars. This can definitely see some interesting interpersonal tension, not necessarily unpleasant, as the Moon sextile to Neptune appears to want to ease and smooth over the rough edges of an extremely large basket of transformations, and sweeten the taste of some reality checks brought in by some very intense personal and relational lessons. The lunar conjunction to Jupiter creates a lot of generosity, openness, optimism, and helps keep silver linings visible, providing a philosophical attitude to major shifts, while the lunar conjunction to Saturn can make us feel painfully shy and inhibited, and very aware of how consequential our every move is. This can also manifest itself as a clamping down in one area, while expanding in another. The lunar conjunction to Pluto makes things extremely personal, and it’s clear that interactions (both with ourselves as well as others) are having a very intense impact on us right now in one way or another. The measured, and pragmatic Capricorn lunation combined with the Saturnian influence can actually be of some assistance in distilling everything.


This morning begins with the Capricorn lunation in square to Venus and still conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. The emphasis here is on striking a balance and finding a sweet spot with others as we go about achieving our goals and embarking on some hugely transformative processes. The afternoon see’s the Moon head into emotionally detached and cerebral Aquarius, to square Uranus, and sextile Chiron. It holds a square to Venus and conjunction to Saturn, but this square shifts to one with Mercury as the day wears on into evening, bringing attention to communications, as well as yet more imminent change and emotional, cognitive, and environmental shifts. The lunar sextile to Chiron suggests that certain conversations can provide some healing even if things can feel subtly tense, erratic, painfully impersonal via some kind of necessity, emotional handicap, or some other unusual experiences, dynamics, or reactions to a succession of events. The lunar sextile to Chiron ensures compassion is available. Even though the Moon in Aquarius get’s a sort of bad rap for being cold or detached, the lunar sextile to the wounded healer brings out it’s humanitarian side. Even Spock has a soft spot, and is able to be understanding of the utter weirdness, awkwardness, and vulnerability that being human, (instead of vulcan), entails. 


FRI NOV 20-SUN 22 2020.

What's up everybody. Writing this from a new laptop, you can tell by the font. We begin Friday with the Moon in detached Aquarius square Mercury in emotionally intense Scorpio, and unpredictable, wild card Uranus. There’s a lot going on all at once. This can make it feel like the epitome of “personally impersonal”, due to the sheer momentum and acceleration of events, and the amount of ground and terrain covered. Venus, in the final degree of Libra, squaring both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, is at a crossroads, preparing to expand in one area and contract in another, before entering the instinctual realms of Scorpio. Midmorning see’s the Moon in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries, this can see the nervous system revving in high gear, perhaps by necessity.  There are things to do and dreams to chase. This can see a rather active energy and momentum building, with a lot of changes happening, -and rapidly. By Saturday the 21st,, things are in a radically different space, with Venus shifting into passionate, instinctual, do or die Scorpio at 5:22 AM PST, and the Suns annual entrance into adventurous Sagittarius in the afternoon. The Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun freshly in Sagittarius while forming a trine to Venus in zero degrees Scorpio.  Shifts in consciousness, scenery, terrain, and perspective can feel like wishes granted, that make it possible to delve more deeply into something pleasurable and embark on a bogus learning, healing, and investigatory journey, chase some dreams, and manifest some ideals. Sunday see’s a classic “Sunday vibe”, with some Zang(TM) thrown on it, with the Moon in retiring, dreamy, and imaginative Pisces trine Venus in intense Scorpio, and sextile Uranus in Taurus, while squaring the Sun in explorative and extremely curious Sagittarius. It’s an adventurous and expansive time, and optimism can be growing. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury in Scorpio around noon, which can see some pleasant, and unexpected communications, thoughts, or day dreams. This pleasant reverie is enhanced further with a lunar conjunction to mystical and idyllic Neptune, finishing Sunday on an enjoyable, restful, and reflective note, with much to look forward to. 


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