We begin this week with the Moon still in sensitive and imaginative Pisces, trine Mercury and the relationship asteroid Juno, in Scorpio, conjunct boundary dissolving Neptune, and going on to sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.  This can see a reflective, compassionate, and impressionable atmosphere, and some deep conversations or thoughts, amidst a backdrop of  “solid duty, responsibility, and longterm goals. With an emphasis on Pisces/Neptune at the moment, some things may feel out of reach, intangible, sacrificed or sublimated to broader goals or the larger picture. Nonetheless, there are various opportunities throughout today that can allow for some deeply human communications and compassionate, perhaps implicit understandings. There is a great deal of emotional generosity in todays configurations, along with a strong capacity for self reflection. The Sun in Sagittarius forming a trine to Chiron in Aries can lend a growing feeling of buoyancy, optimism, strength, and confidence. A feeling that there is the ability to rise above any problems or challenges. The evening ends on a reflective, forward looking, determined and philosophical note. There is a definite structured plan unfolding, and when the Moon enters Aries tomorrow, another push forward in taking actions and making power moves towards the realization of long term goals occurs. Sally forth, and godspeed.


The Moon enters Aries early this morning, conjoined Chiron, trine the Sun in Sagittarius, and sesquisquare Mercury in Scorpio. Erring on the side of counting to 10 before reacting to any emotional situations isn’t a bad idea here, otherwise this aspect can make people feel frustrated in trying to get their point across or simply misunderstood. A lunar quincunx to Venus suggests a need to balance getting along in simpatico with others while also remaining true to ourselves. Venus opposite Uranus now can see an oddly contradictory energy that is simultaneously close yet distant. A “radically detached attachment” may be required to accommodate shifting circumstances and people. It’s possible people may need a lot of breathing space in pursuit of their individual goals under this aspect. Positively, this aspect can provide the opportunity and space for people to explore their deeper authentic selves, desires, needs,  hidden emotional processes, and instinctual individuality. It can produce some “shocking,” “unorthodox”, “experimental”, or highly unusual situations, interpersonally and even economically/fiscally. This aspect produces a highly unpredictable atmosphere, and this can manifest itself both interpersonally and financially. It’s quite a wild card. Today see’s an active and energetic day, with the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars and trine the Sun in Sagittarius, travel, study, higher learning, open mindedness, growth and expansion are highlighted. There’s a lot of optimism, courage, motivation, and drive available in these configurations. 


Today see’s the Moon in impulsive Aries holding it’s conjunction to Mars. This can kind of see everyone on their own personal missions, and it can also see a somewhat emotionally impulsive atmosphere. The feelings of others can be an afterthought under this aspect, but fortunately, Mercury in Scorpio in trine to Neptune can lend sensitivity and implicit, even unspoken understandings. Later this afternoon the Moon goes on to square Pluto, which can see some emotional intensity. This isn’t a problem if you have a constructive goal to chip away at and can funnel any excessive or intense psychic or emotive currents into a creative or constructive project. If you have a longterm goal to funnel this bad boy into, kick ass. Otherwise, this aspect also carries the potential for interpersonal dramas, power struggles, petty personal squabbles, and things that simply do not lead to a peaceful, quiet, simple, or tranquil life. The Moon also goes on to square Jupiter as well, which can certainly magnify and multiply the drive and intensity in the atmosphere. There can be an intense focus on a goal, person, or situation here. Energy wise, there is a lot of resilience, with deep reserves to tap into, and a lot of ground can be covered and much can be accomplished under the Aries lunation. Squares are best utilized to facilitate breakthroughs as they function as a catalyst towards taking action. 


Today begins with the Moon in the later degrees of Aries, conjunct Mars, and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Things can require patience, endurance, maturity, and resilience now. Any obstacles encountered can be improvised around during the Taurus lunation, and with some unexpected ease. However, it’s possible our own goals, needs, feelings, values, habits, or idiosyncrasies etc.. are somewhat out of sync with those of certain others, or there’s simply a very unpredictable or highly unusual interpersonal environment to navigate. Today is another action oriented day with more opportunity to cover a lot of ground in regards to longterm objectives. Consistency, focus, and discipline is key, as drive and energy are abundant. Around 8 PM PST, the Moon moves into tactile and physical Taurus, to oppose Venus and conjoin Uranus, still holding a square to Jupiter and Saturn. This can see some changes in approach, terrain or trajectory, and a decisive contraction in one area and an expansion in another. A subtle lunar semisquare to Neptune can suggest some sacrifices are made in pursuit of a goal. There can be some surprises. The Taurus lunation over the weekend highlights the delicate balancing act of our own needs and goals and those of others. As long as we are staying true and honest to ourselves, and our ‘Tegrity(TM), ultimately everyone else benefits as well.



Friday see’s the Moon in earthy Taurus, conjunct Uranus, and opposite Venus in Scorpio. This can highlight a balancing process between our own needs and those of others, under a period of change, transformation, and transition. The Moon in Taurus highlights the practical side of life, as well as slow and deliberate progress. With Uranus involved in each Taurus lunation, this brings to the fore what can really only be termed as “uncommon common sense.” Oftentimes, solutions to our most pressing challenges or problems are very simple and can involve things that are right under our noses. Small tweaks and adjustments can make all the difference in the world. It’s clear that adjustments will need to be made to accommodate the transformations we would like to see unfold in our lives, and that in the future, we will be managing our time, energy, and commitments very differently. With Venus and Mercury now rolling through Scorpio, the intense and instinctual side of life is brought to fore, but regardless of what we may desire, it is practical reality that ultimately has all of the trump cards. For some, it can be that what we desire on the deepest and most instinctual levels is somehow clashing with the necessity of practicality. If you can somehow utilize the intense and transformative energies of the Scorpio transits to manifest a solid foundation for yourself, as opposed to seeing the necessity of practical reality to be out of step with your deeper needs, so much the better. Otherwise this can see people fighting a current, or at war with themselves. The weekend highlights the practical shifts that need to occur in order to facilitate a much larger, longterm transformation. Saturday see’s the Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, while sextile to Neptune and opposite Mercury. Neptune, the planet of dreams, dissolution, fantasies, mysticism, universal compassion, and the unconscious, also stations direct today. There can be an abundance to work with at our disposal, these configurations bring to mind the card of the Magician in the Tarot, particularly with Mercury’s involvement. A process of manifestation can be underway, and there is some powerful ideals behind this. There can be some fortunate encounters here, and with Mercury now sextile Jupiter, Pluto, AND Saturn (as of today), certain plans are coming closer to being nailed down and actualized. Previous instinctual processes or dynamics can begin to be harnessed for positive and practical aims, and will no longer feel so out of control or too overwhelming to marshal and direct. Even if there are some disagreements or conflicts in values, desires, or emotional needs/styles, there is a lot of cooperation and common values that can bring disparate elements together into a purposeful, mutual advancement with long range benefits. Sunday the 29th see’s the Moon enter curious and multitasking Gemini, placing an emphasis on communications and things going on in the local environment. This places the Moon in opposition to the Sun in broadminded Sagittarius, in preparation for tomorrows Full Moon eclipse. We are preparing for a rather fated juncture here, as the north and south nodes involvement will indicate. A sort of learning curve. Today the Moon in Gemini sextiles Chiron, adding to the Sun in Sagittarius’ trine to the wounded healer, emphasizing the impetus towards healing. We are entering a sort of learning curve. A lunar trine to Saturn in the final degrees in Capricorn as well emphasizes a sort of “resolution” going forward, a sort of completion process is underway, and we can be making commitments to ourselves as both Saturn and Jupiter prepare to enter a new area of our natal chart in December. Today can see us talking and thinking about this process, and can highlight things like time management for the longterm. With a Full Moon eclipse tomorrow, we can be closing out a cycle and preparing to take initiatives in kicking off a new one. This may increase our commitments in certain areas, and there can be something experimental about the terrain we are entering, which can mean there are a lot of unknowns. With Saturn and Jupiter still in Capricorn, the lesson is still very much an “internal locus of control.” Focusing on what it is that you personally have control over. Jupiter and Saturn here also emphasize simplicity, minimizing any unnecessary over complication, to make for a more clean and streamlined itinerary going forward. Having definite and self directed (Mars in Aries) goals in mind can help make the best of these transits and the transits to come.  


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