We begin today with the Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus which highlight taking care of all the little details around rapid change. Minor lunar aspects to Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron indicate there could be some vulnerability involved in all this, as we may be outside of our comfort zones a bit, and a lot has to be adapted to. The majority of the day can be focused on getting more organized and completing tasks that will make a process of adaptation easier. With Uranus involved there may be a need to innovate or spontaneous whims to address routine or arbitrary essentials. It's clear our routines have been affected. The Moon in Virgo can be somewhat anxious or tightly wound, and although the aspect to Uranus is a harmonious one, it indicates that the dust of huge changes is still settling, which can create a rather changeable atmosphere. There may be a lot of things that need to get done, and the Virgo lunation draws attention to unfinished tasks and anything that requires improvement, but the general trend in these configurations is a shift in our routines that is requiring both practical and emotional adaptability. The final aspect the Moon makes this evening is an opposition to Neptune which can highlight many unknowns and in some ways can make people feel a bit at sea with the intense transformations that have been taking place. Tomorrow, Mercury changes signs from diplomatic Libra to the more intense Scorpio, to return to the place it was when it stationed retrograde. Massive changes may have transpired between then and now, and this can be a lot to take in and bring up some anxiety (Virgo) around unknowns (Neptune/Pisces), and a need to innovate and sort of make things up as we go along. The square between Mercury and Saturn can make it feel difficult communicating our thoughts and feelings to others as certain realities set in and continue to shift.


Today see’s the Virgo lunation sextile the Sun in Scorpio, trine Jupiter and Pluto, and opposite Neptune. Early morning hours hold the last bit of the lunar/Uranus trine, emphasizing the shake up to the routines that a period of adaptation have brought upon us. The Virgo lunation combined with the steady stellium in Capricorn indicate a serious “get your shit together” vibe, and makes it very easy to see the flaws in everything and what needs to be improved upon, perfected, and nipped in the bud. Mercury, gaining forward momentum and preparing to leave it’s shadow phase, enters intense and probing Scorpio 1:55 PM PST. This, combined with the other configurations can illustrate a desire to come to grips with huge shifts, and maintain control over huge transformations that possess a lot of unknowns, huge shifts, major upgrades, and lunges forward, some of which have taken us out of our comfort zones and require huge shifts, adjustments, compromises, and collaborative efforts. The tensions between Venus and Mars continue to be a very strong influence and indicate a delicate balancing act between our own needs and those of other people, the differences between others in style, temperament, habit, perception, manner, pace, culture, character, feeling, or opinion, and the need to coexist, merge, blend, compromise, and harmonize. It’s quite a download. On an interpersonal level this can be in the form of negotiating and absorbing various spoken or unspoken terms, agreements, sentiments, needs, arrangements, boundaries, and happenings. On a macro-personal level, this can be in the form of major societal shifts as certain boundaries attempt to dissolve. This can be reflected in polarized temperaments attempting to reconcile themselves as certain collective terms, agreements, cultures and customs shift. Geo-politically, this is classic divide and rule, so it’s important for people to take care not to surrender too much to divisive and polarizing tropes and narratives and resist "otherizing" and dehumanization, -either of yourself or others. Stay human. Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t change others, you can only change and control yourself, and work toward harmony from within and work towards that without. Transmutation. The Moon in Virgo is perfectionistic, and opposite Neptune in Pisces there is a need to be more realistic. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn as well, emphasizing the fine art of patience, mastery, self control, -and slowing the fuck down, in triplicity, and that certain alchemical shifts and integrations will take time, learning, and with Mercury back in real talk Scorpio, fearless communication about taboo  or otherwise occulted, secretive or intimate topics. Scorpio rules the merging of forces, as well as power dynamics, spoken and unspoken agreements, joint assets, energetic exchanges, the swapping of spit, assets, money, secrets, the sharing of power, or the use and abuse of it. In the micro as well in the macro sense, it’s important to be very clear and unafraid to have real conversations. Mercury in Scorpio=real talk. Scorpio energy in general can be fiercely uncompromising about what it wants. Venus/Mars opposition indicates opposing wills or differing cultures. These are very interesting and intense times, as we have Saturn, Venus, Mars, and Neptune all in the signs that they rule.


This morning see’s the Moon move into partnership oriented Libra, to oppose Chiron and eventually Mars. There can be a lot of sensitivity in the air around partnerships. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus shows some impulsivity and excitability as well as instability. The lunar opposition to Mars builds as the evening wears on and this accentuates the Venus/Mars opposition. This sheds light on polar opposite views, temperaments, style, pace, etc. There may be some massive differences that may be a source of underlying tensions. Mercury going forward in sensitive Scorpio now squaring Saturn can make certain things difficult to talk about openly as there can be a lot of inhibition, fears, obstacles, that can have people feeling somewhat tongue tied or in over their heads via the sheer momentum of events. The lunar opposition to both Mars and Chiron show the potential for a lot of sensitivity and tension. Libra doesn’t like to upset the apple cart so there may be a diplomatic veneer of everything being fine while there are deeper worries or concerns below the surface and a larger disparity of viewpoints, perceptions, goals, pace, desire and temperaments to circumvent, navigate, and mitigate than may be apparent on the surface. There may also be some butt hurt in the atmosphere as well. Needless to say, not everyone is on the same page or reading from the same hymn sheet. Late in the evening, the Moon goes on to conjunct Venus which can assist in harmonizing through some awkward tensions, but can also increase the potential of “going along to get along” as Venus/Libra like to smooth things over and this often times can come at the expense of authenticity or telling it like it is. The lunar opposition to Mars certainly illustrates some pressure and tensions around issues of partnerships and collaborations, but with the Moon conjunct Venus, there is a determination to navigate things as smoothly as possible. The weekend may bring certain things to the surface once the Moon enters do or die, Scorpio to conjoin Mercury, certain taboo or uncomfortable topics will be more challenging to sweep under a rug. Nonetheless, Mercury’s hard aspect to Saturn still in play today is pretty inhibiting and indicates that certain things aren’t easy to talk about, but necessary. This square between Mercury and Saturn let’s up tomorrow, leaving only the opposition between Mercury and Uranus, which may open some floodgates and make it easier to talk about or disclose more sensitive or uncomfortable issues and can see some shocking or surprising disclosures. Everything is very much experimental right now, and situations, circumstances, and people are not easy to pin down, or make sense of, as many people are very far our of their comfort zones. 


The Moon in Libra is conjunct Venus and opposite Mars this morning, and later goes on to square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Given the Moon’s recent opposition to Chiron, it would be kind of an understatement to say that there has been a thick undercurrent of vulnerability and tension, with massive changes and shifts at the center of it. Mercury in Scorpio breaks it’s square to Saturn today, leaving only it’s opposition to Uranus. This can see some very unpredictable moods, communications, and people potentially out of step with one another or reading from different hymn sheets. The differences between others temperaments, personalities, goals, and needs can be very evident under these configurations, and cognitively and emotionally (Mercury in Scorpio), we can be very much out of a comfort zone and subject to a rather unpredictable, highly unusual atmosphere. Simultaneously, there is also a driven energy that can see some productive results if there is the ability to transmute certain tensions and not allow what is out of step with your goals distract from the ability to follow through with them. The Cap stellium brings the importance of intentionality to the fore, and the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn is having to strengthen and maintain itself through a number of destabilizing changes and unpredictable, or unusual situations. Later the Moon goes on to conjoin Mercury as well, indicating that communications can happen that can assist with getting others more on the same page, which can require some back stepping, innovating, or rearranging. Even under challenging, chaotic, vulnerable, or high pressure circumstances. This year continues to be a helluva download. Mars stations direct in Aries tomorrow after a long slumber, which can see stalled momentum begin to pick up.


Mars stations direct at 15 degrees Aries on Friday the 13th while the Moon is in sensitive, deeply feeling Scorpio making a radically detached opposition to Uranus in Taurus and a conjunction Mercury in Scorpio. This see’s Friday holding some change of plans or innovations to accommodate highly unusual circumstances. The feelings are very involved and engaged here but there is a simultaneous detachment from them that can make for an unstable or unsettling atmosphere. With the Venus/Mars opposition having played a major role this week, it’s possible that differences in pace, values, style, or preferences may have had people out of step with one another or getting off on the wrong footing. Saturday see’s this pesky Venus/Mars opposition begin to weaken and let up. Thank glob. Saturday see’s some comparatively pleasant, if rather emo, or at least deeply felt configurations, with the New Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio, going on to sextile Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, while trine Neptune and conjunct the Sun. There will definitely be compassion, sensitivity, and emotional receptivity in these configurations, and it’s possible that some understandings can be reached. With Venus in partnership and collaboration oriented Libra squaring up to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, it’s no doubt that this area of life has felt under some intense pressure and has been seeing some huge changes, transformations, breakthroughs, and challenges. Now that the Venus/Mars opposition isn’t playing a front and center role, this removes some (but not all) pressure from situations or dynamics. Sunday see’s the Moon enter philosophical Sagittarius to trine Chiron and eventually Mars in Aries, suggesting that a more broadminded and philosophical out look or approach can help bring healing to a situation or increase confidence, optimism, and motivation. The Sagittarius lunation will eventually also go on to square Neptune while in trine to Mars, (Monday)- indicating a tinge of sadness, confusion, disillusionment, or lack of clarity about the journey or adventure were on at the moment, which can see some tendencies towards escapism. The lunar trine to Mars is determined to keep the vibe high, maintain a positive outlook, and keep the faith, and finding something positive to light the way, even if we aren’t exactly clear about our destination, or others are on a different track than ourselves. We can still make the best of the here and now.


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