Monday, June 28, 2021



The early morning hours are highlighted by the Moon in late Aquarius conjunct Jupiter Rx in early Pisces, I’m looking at it right now as I type this at the butt crack of dawn, and it’s just beautiful. This can see the day begin with noble intentions, and on an emotionally detached but generous, optimistic note. There can be an element of positive reform at play here.  Mid morning see’s the Moon leave detached Aquarius for boundless Pisces at 10:51 AM PST, where it tightens it’s conjunction with Jupiter and trines the Sun in cozy Cancer. This can see a lot of positive thinking. In thinking positively, -it’s also important to remain realistic (and not be naive). The Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is good at bringing acceptance and peace to situations, making it easier to do whatever is necessary to clear hurdles or release deadweight, without inward guilt trips or negative emotions. With Mars in courageous Leo now opposite Saturn and square Uranus, and Venus preparing to meet Mars, this can see some highly unusual or unconventional situations, either in love, finances, or passion projects, and there can be some challenges or oppositional forces to overcome so that particular people can finally come together and/or things can finally gel in some way. In the meantime, the Moon in Pisces assists in accepting things and people as they are, and is able to appreciate love in all it’s forms. Mars fights to come together with Venus and on her behalf, and any obstacles, opposition, or challenges can strengthen bonds that are felt and weld people together through tests of patience, endurance, strength and resolve. Today can see a sort of hunkering down, and getting settled into a process that is taking place. The Pisces lunation makes it easier to feel at peace with whatever is unfolding here. Mercury trine Saturn has been working on stabilizing and reforming the area of your whole sign natal chart ruled by Gemini, so that whatever we are working towards manifesting has a more solid foundation from which to spring from.


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces trine the Sun in Cancer, sextile Uranus in Taurus, and conjunct Neptune in Pisces, while squaring Mercury in Gemini. What no longer makes any sense, supports our security, or helps us feel truly nourished is dissolving and being replaced with new, more sensible approaches. With Uranus in Taurus, solutions or positive new directions are found in the humblest of places and have a simple, “common sense” air about them. So much so, we may wonder what took us so long to come around to this line of thinking and why we didn’t embrace, appreciate, or acknowledge what has been right under our nose sooner. No matter, because whatever has been going on before, it’s now garishly obvious that it simply isn’t producing the results or outcomes we desire, making it impossible to ignore the value of simple common sense. What is simple, humble, practical, or even just local/in our own neighborhood or backyard, can be revolutionary, and it can bring a lot of inner peace to release all that which is convoluted, inauthentic, uncertain, and nebulous, to replace it with something far more sensible and tangible, that’s been right under our nose all along. This will actually fulfill whatever need/purpose/or desire we were looking to fulfill in the first place while taking fantastical or convoluted paths that yielded little more than an empty mirage and left much to be desired as far as lived results go. What is common sense, simple, humble, or “every day”, can seem like a radical epiphany now, (if this hasn’t occurred already.)  It will be hard to dismiss the value of that which is simple, basic, humble and matter of fact, and we may wonder why we were making things so convoluted and complicated for ourselves for so long. Such realizations, applied wisdom, and reforms can be occurring in the house of your whole sign natal chart that is ruled by Gemini, and this can produce very healing results. This can help a great deal going forward, and we can feel a lot of peace about releasing things that just don’t work, and only serve to drain energy, vitality, and a (genuine) sense of comfort and security. Uncommon common sense.


Today see’s the Moon in late Pisces conjunct Neptune while sextile Pluto, while building a trine (out of sign) to Venus in gregarious Leo. This can mark a day where some powerful changes can be implemented which can begin to be integrated. These changes, however large or small, can have an across the board enlivening, heartening, and beneficial impact. Whatever is in metamorphosis now can do much to increase confidence, self worth, vitality, enthusiasm, self empowerment, self love, and even creativity. This will naturally have a knock on affect in our relationships with others, and even finances or other Venus ruled activities will be enriched by these positive transformations. The Moon is technically void of course from 10:40 AM PST, and this suggests a good time to step back, “take it all in”, reflect, dream, meditate, and build energy for the more assertive Aries lunation. The Moon enters Aries at 6:21 PM PST, emphasizing the lunar trine to Venus while squaring the Sun in Cancer. The latter part of today and this evening can be focused on pleasure, joy, and things that make us feel alive, motivated, connected and excited. The lunar/Venus action can bring out a creative and playful streak, and even if there are challenges or differences of opinion, temperaments, or agendas indicated by Mars opposite Saturn, it can be easy to locate common ground with others and to appreciate the trajectory we are on and connect with the feelings of motivation and enthusiasm required to tackle any challenges that may lie ahead gracefully. The rewards of putting in effort, energy and time into positive reforms can be obvious, as can the rewards of cultivating peace and common ground by blending and harmonizing disparate elements, styles, or temperaments. 


Today see’s the Mars/Saturn opposition become exact and perfect. Even if there is challenge, opposition, struggle or friction, we can be very motivated and passionate about something or someone now that we’ve been very patient and enduring about. Conversely, Saturn can help us focus on where we may have been going over the top or being too hedonistic and indulgent in ways that may have lead to regrets, and this can help us be more masterful, discerning, skillful and intentional around our passions or impulses.  The Moon in energetic Aries conjoins Chiron and trines both Mars and Venus in Leo, and we are willing to fight for whatever it is we desire. Any opposition or challenge only strengthens our resolve, but it also helps us be wise, measured, and strategic in our approach. The carrot on the end of the stick is obvious, and this lunation can see a sort of reinvigoration and a desire to strengthen ourselves where we have felt weak, out of control, or vulnerable. There can be more courage available to up the ante where we may have felt timid, aimless, (or buckwild?) or our desires or goals felt somehow impossible or out of bounds to fulfill. With the Moon squaring the Sun in Cancer we may be a little out of our comfort zone in some way, but it may be easy to recognize how doing things differently or being a bit more courageous somehow only strengthens us and lets in more joy, light, love, and vital life force, as the Sun also forms a sextile to illuminating Uranus, suggesting a change can do us good and bring emotional growth. This can see some “out of the box” or unorthodox emotional situations as well, but there can be something exciting, refreshing, healing, and even life giving about embracing what or who is “different” or outside of our usual norm, or simply being more authentic about what we want, (even if that means certain others might not like or understand it.) Regardless of what's going on, only the Universe and the wisdom of our own soul knows why it compels us toward certain people or intertwines the stories of certain folks together. These aspects ensure that particular people enter into our story or play some sort of role, whether passively and unknowingly or more directly, -to unlock something within us that will assist in our souls growth, healing and evolution. So, try not to put everyone or everything into a box right now, including yourself, as these configurations make for some highly unusual, "unorthodox" and dynamic situations and interactions, and this is intended to facilitate deep healing. Today can see a lot of energy to get things done, and it’s possible we can feel that we’re growing more strength, courage and vitality. A lunar trine to relationship asteroid Juno can also see some mutually supportive and encouraging interactions that can help boost confidence and motivation levels. “You can do eeeet!” 



Today see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Mercury in Gemini and square Pluto. This can see some intense conversations, or we can be heavily mentally preoccupied with something or someone, and there can be a certain tunnel vision around this that if anything, is extremely thorough. A lunar trine to the healing asteroid Hygeia suggests this can be something revolving around the health of the body and/or the soul. Our own wellbeing and/or those of others can be a factor somehow.  Regardless, a lunar square to Pluto isn’t afraid to confront whatever is buried, taboo, or possibly even a bit uncomfortable. The Moon/Pluto aspect can see people fixated or a bit obsessed over something, and in the earlier part of the day particularly, it may come out in conversation. It may be difficult to be anything but authentic, but maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Whether you label it “bad” or “good”, the day has a certain powerful “intensity” within it.  Emotional intensity and confronting buried feelings can be a part of the mix somehow. The Moon goes void of course at 9:15 PM PST, and Venus and Mars continue to inch closer together, day by day, preparing for their fated union. This can see us preparing for a sort of “coming together” of our own, and this can represent a particular interaction in some cases, or some sort of other successful, healing, and happy culmination that we’ve worked hard towards, waited a long time for, or simply put in a lot of time, effort, and patience into. Whatever it is, it hasn’t been easy, as there’s been challenge, opposition, false starts, and even periods of outright deflation or feeling alone. Any positive conclusions, rewards, or “happy endings” that will be the result of the ensuing and ongoing configurations will certainly be well deserved. 


The Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus at 5:28 AM PST, conjunct Uranus, sextile Jupiter, and square Venus and Mars in Leo along with Saturn in Aquarius. The square between Mars and Uranus is also exact today, perfecting at 13 degrees, and this could see some surprising, unexpected, or impulsive moves, out of the blue attractions, or some “fuck it I’m gonna do/say this” moments that have perhaps been brewing for a long while now.  Moon/Venus/Saturn/Uranus contacts combined with Mars perfecting it’s square to Uranus could suggest some powerful temptations or drives that are difficult to ignore. Repressing things in the name of propriety or “acceptability” only leads to resentment and a lack of fulfillment. Stirring the pot or taking a risk in some way certainly trumps living a lie. In either case, there will be a powerful impetus towards following our own authentic rhythm with the Mars/Uranus square perfecting today, no matter how weird it seems (or who get’s shocked or offended). This is a liberating aspect that comes with a certain element of controversy or risk taking, and demands that we embrace the fact that there will probably be some kind of fall out, but anything worth preserving can handle our authenticity and our truth. We might try to restrain ourselves in some way, or feel a sense of inhibition, but once the Moon squares Mars as well as Venus, there’s much more impetus to just “feel the fear and do it anyway.” So, this mathscape leans heavily in a “fuck it” direction, and encourages people to do or say that thing they’ve been wanting to do or say but have felt constrained, restricted or inhibited from doing or saying. In other words, YOLO. Saturn helps to make realistic risk to benefit ratios and make assessments on where to cut back or prune. So if the reward is greater than the risk, go for it. If not, maybe reconsider your approach and see if you can find a sweet spot you're comfortable with, without compromising your true will.


Today see’s an interesting continuation of yesterday’s moderate to severe YOLO theme, and things get a lot deeper and more substantive. The Moon still squares Mars and Saturn however weakly, and still conjoins Uranus, but throws in a dreamy and cathartic sextile to Neptune, and a fearlessly freaky trine to depth psychologist Pluto. Perhaps following that “fuck it” instinct has brought some relief as well as opened up new possibilities that can allow us to feel not only more authentic and truly seen by certain others, -but also more connected and supported. These aspects can see us revealing sides of ourselves to others that we hadn’t before, and/or can see others revealing sides of themselves they had previously kept totally private. Inhibitions lessen as the day progresses, and there can be a sort of radical and liberating authenticity in the air. It can feel freeing to let go of worrying about what so and so is going to think of such and such, and this can make it easier to receive the kind of support and good energy we actually truly need. This can only benefit interactions and make it possible to connect and mutually support one another in deeper and more substantive ways. Even amidst great contradictions or differences between others, peace and harmony are possible.

Monday, June 21, 2021



Today begins with the Moon in sensitive Scorpio, square Saturn, opposite unpredictable Uranus, trine Venus and Neptune.  These are some “expect the best, be prepared for the worst” kind of configurations. There could be some shocks, and a general feeling of instability going on, but the Venus trine to Neptune makes it easy to enjoy what comfort and stability there is. In spite of Mars in Leo’s brave and courageous demeanor, caution, impulse control, and restraint are good watchwords right now and in the coming weeks. The Moon goes on to form a sextile to powerful Pluto while still holding a harmonious trine to Venus and Neptune. This can see instincts and intuitive hunches, and a powerful drive towards security, comfort, and safety. Compassion and empathy can also be present, and the Scorpio Moon can have a low key (or high key) undercurrent of intensity. This can be a test of strength and endurance, as we build up to the Full Moon in Capricorn. Venus opposite Pluto can see some intense undercurrents interpersonally as well, as major transformations are happening under the surface that can be having an impact on dynamics. Mercury stations direct tomorrow, and considering this is a full Moon week, this week can be kind of a scramble back to some sort of homeostasis.


Today begins with the Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius trine to Mars in Leo, Chiron in Aries, while squaring Jupiter. This can see an “anything goes” sort of attitude, and there can be optimism, which is nice, but a little realism and restraint might be helpful, as this can be a sort of impulsive atmosphere.  There can be bravery, valor, courage- or it’s naive cousin, gullibility in the atmosphere. But there is also a great deal of determination. Mercury stations direct at 3:00 PM PST. This is typically the craziest part of the retrograde, the station backward or direct. The Moon opposes Mercury, indicating that there can still be some lingering indecisiveness, but there’s a need to keep it pushing, keep it moving. The lunar trine to Chiron emphasizes healing, and there can be a lot of compassion for others. There can be some impulsive moves or communications, or we could be in two minds about something, but there’s an adventurous feel to the maths here, and ideals, and the urge to get the most out of life can be high. There can be some beneficial contacts today that boost enthusiasm. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn this evening and it’s possible that tentative plans can be made for some good times, but there’s also a determination in these aspects to not let anything get you down, particularly when it comes to unknowns. 


Today begins with the Moon opposite Mercury, freshly direct in Gemini, square hazy Neptune, trine Chiron, and conjunct Juno. This can see a desire to get on top of the learning curves that were brought to us by Mercury retrograde. The Venus/Pluto opposition is also exact today, perfecting at 26 degrees. This can see all or nothing attitudes around love, money, creative projects etc, and there can be powerful undercurrents interpersonally. Today's configurations can also see some uncertainty, confusion, and perhaps also some mutually supportive interactions. This is a loopy, somewhat confused atmosphere, with dreamy escapist tendencies or a desire to fill a void with a sense of adventure and purpose.  Later on, the Moon/Neptune square takes the wheel and is a bit intoxicated and should probably pull over to take a nap. The Venus/Pluto opposition can have people feeling intensely about something or someone but these dynamics can be going on under the surface. Seeing that we are building up to a full Moon, it might be a good idea to energetically prepare, as the Capricorn lunation will go on to conjoin Pluto, suggesting some kind of intense or obsessive focus and funneling of energy. This evening can see a spaced out, reflective, perhaps evasive vibe or a need to get some perspective. 


The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:05 AM PST, and the Full Moon occurs at 11:40 AM PST. This Full Moon sextile’s Jupiter and opposes the Sun in security oriented Cancer. The Jupiter contact brings optimism and reassuring good fortune that can boost faith levels. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus and square Chiron in Aries, suggesting some innovative, self protective moves. This can be an emotionally generous, creative, sensitive, and understanding atmosphere, indicating positive growth,- but there is also a need to get on with the grind. There can be some excitement present as well as good instincts or intuitive hunches. With the Moon square Chiron, it’s possible ourselves or others feel vaguely misunderstood, vulnerable somehow, or there could be a subtle butthurt in the atmosphere that is trying to be on it:s way out. The Moon in stoic Cap trine Uranus puts on a good game face and keeps it moving in a detached, deadpan, Spock like fashion, determined to wrap up greasing Mercury’s squeaky wheels while still staying on top of it all. This full Moon can see some positive developments or turn arounds. 



Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus, and conjunct Pluto while square Chiron.  The square to Chiron subsides in the afternoon and the Moon throws in a sextile to Neptune and an opposition to Venus, suggesting that we are taking control of a situation to the best of our ability, and could feel some relief, but maybe not everyone is happy with our decisions/focus. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and it’s possible others are on a different page currently, or there’s a need to harmonize disparate elements, values, or perspectives or  seek understanding, or simply agree to disagree. In either case, there could be an intense or obsessive focus on something now, but there’s also the possibility for some deep connections and interactions. It’s possible something or someone could have quite an impact on us now, or there could be a compulsive or mysterious drives. Neptune also stations retrograde today, which can see a second look at certain dreams or unconscious impulses we've had. 


The Moon enters detached and erratic Aquarius today at 7:09 AM PST. Venus at 29 degrees Cancer is on the verge of giving way less of a fuck and embracing more radical authenticity. Venus enters creative and fun seeking Leo tonight at 9:27 PM PST. This transit will see Venus and Mars conjunct, -and opposite Saturn in Aquarius together. Is everyone getting cock blocked? What is this? Interpersonally, this can see strong attractions, but inner conflict around expressing energy or holding it back (Mars/Saturn), as well as difficulty showing trust and love for other people. Perhaps it’s a bit of discouragement, but nonetheless, the Venus/Mars conjunction will be powerfully charismatic and joy seeking. If certain avenues or drives feel blocked, it’ll be important to have something to funnel the enormous drive and creative genius generated by Mars square Uranus, otherwise this energy can run amok in some not so constructive or helpful ways, resulting in rash or destructive impulse moves due to repressed or blocked energy. Tonight could see some surprising news or communications or unexpected developments. It’s possible in some way we rise to a challenge. 


Today see’s the Moon in socially minded Aquarius trine Mercury in talkative and curious Gemini, conjunct Saturn, and square Uranus. This energy is a bit high strung, nervous, and erratic, and it’s possible something serious could have our attention, and perhaps we’re trying our best to make light of things. The Moon goes on to conjoin Jupiter which should bring some more optimism or increase faith levels a bit. Maybe we hear or learn something that is a bit of a relief. The Sun in Cancer square Chiron is very self protective and security oriented, and could be highlighting vulnerabilities. The Pisces lunation tomorrow can bring some relief or some time to reflect. This evening ends on a curious and talkative note, and it’s possible we even receive some helpful or beneficial information or maybe even learn something new or unexpected. In the very least, something could boost our morale.

Monday, June 14, 2021



Today see’s the Moon in Leo still close to Mars, but opposite Saturn and square Uranus, while trine Chiron. This can see some challenges or surprises, and can produce kind of an “edgy” energy that can feel somewhat unstable, but there is courage and bravery available to tackle challenges head on. The Sun/Neptune opposition and the Saturn/Uranus square are exact and perfected at this moment, and this can produce a highly experimental and innovative energy, and with Mercury still retrograde and squaring Neptune, staying on top of fuckery and getting at the truth of things continues to be important. There is also a lot of compassion and understanding available with the Sun/Neptune contact perfecting now. The Moon and Mars in Leo is courageous, and can reinvigorate strength, and provide an egoic resilience amidst oppositional forces or challenges. Although the tensions Mars will run into with Saturn and Uranus can keep people on their toes, or on the edge of their seats in certain ways, so courage and self belief will be an important quality to cultivate, nurture and maintain. Venus, now in the middle degrees of Cancer has been sextile unpredictable, rebellious, and independent Uranus, so last week and over the weekend may have seen people take more independence or liberty in partnerships or in regards to values or finances. This may have seen people go their separate ways momentarily or in the very least, there may have been some unorthodox circumstances or situations that required an experimental mindset, an open mind, or an innovative approach. Venus will trine Neptune beginning tomorrow, which can help smooth things over, dissolve boundaries, or seek comfort and refuge once again, or simply make the little things easy to enjoy, appreciate, and be grateful for. The square Venus has with Chiron may have created some feelings of vulnerabilities or weakness, which the trine to Neptune can help ease in private or seclusion, or with those we feel comfortable being vulnerable with. The Moon goes on to sextile Mercury in the afternoon, while also in trine to asteroid Juno, and this can see some positive or in the very least, supportive news or communications, which may be very welcome, as I don’t really like the “edgy” look of the lunar/Saturn/Uranus mash up. There can be issues of poor timing or miscommunications or misunderstandings. If things are tense, edgy, unpredictable, or slightly unsettling, it always helps to keep morale, courage, and optimism up via supportive connections, communications, and friendships. 


The first half of today see’s the Moon largely void of course in Leo, so a good time to gather strength and courage. Venus trine’s Neptune and drops it’s sextile to staunchly independent and unpredictable Uranus. It still holds a square to Chiron which can see some lingering vulnerability, but the Neptune trine can bring peace, compassion, faith, and assist in release over that which we have no control. As the day wears on, a lunar opposition to Jupiter builds, and this can be experienced as a test of faith (and motivation levels), and it can be challenging to form a realistic assessment of our emotional and even practical, every day realities or feel confident we have “the lay of the land” so to speak. As we are still in the middle of a Mercury retrograde, in certain cases a wait and see approach is best, and it’s best to try to avoid knee jerk reactions, judgements, or assessments of people, circumstances, or events, as it will take some time as of yet for things to become more clear and things, people, and minds-can change on a whim. The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 8:02 PM PST, and there can be a bit of anxiousness that comes with this with the lunar opposition to Jupiter blowing things up and magnifying their proportions, making a realistic assessment of the facts a bit of a challenge. Virgo can be a bit of a worry wart sometimes, especially when there are so many unknowns, so anything that assists in grounding, simplifying, and soothing can be of help under the Virgo lunation. Virgo wants to feel prepared for anything that may come, and when it’s difficult to assess what may come, it can be easy to go into worry mode, but if something were to actually transpire, there’s no need to traumatize ourselves TWICE, and if nothing terrible happens, it’s needless to rob ourselves of the peace that is possible in the here and now. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo make an exciting trine to Uranus, a cautious quincunx to Saturn, and an eventual vexing and indecisive square to Mercury.  This can see the possibility for some unexpected developments, news, feelings, or communications, and there may be a subtle inner conflict around whether to take a leap of faith in some direction or other, or whether to hold back, minimize, and restrain, and maintain a cautious and more energetically or emotionally conservative attitude. The heart may win out over the mind in the end here, as the Moon later goes on to form a soothing sextile to Venus in comfort seeking Cancer, which currently holds a trine to boundary dissolving, idealistic Neptune. Of course there are unknowns, and perhaps much confusion yet to navigate, but there is a trend building towards more cooperation, compromise, teamwork, and cohesion that can make things feel more friendly overall. Venus in mid degree of Cancer trine Neptune wants peace and quiet, a safe place of refuge, nurturing and harmony above all else, and doesn’t want to have to prove anything to anyone, so anything riddled in conflict, complex, criticism, or contributing to an overly judgmental environment will tend to simply be averted and avoided. The Virgo lunation wants to fix things and improve things, and may take innovative approaches to bring more harmony, functionality and efficiency to situations or dynamics. Perhaps things (and even expectations) need to be simplified or minimized for the time being to make things go more smoothly. 


Todays main aspects see the Moon in Virgo square the Sun in communicative Gemini, opposite dreamy, confusing Neptune and trine powerful Pluto in realistic Capricorn. There’s certainly a desire here to make sense of things or cut to the essence of things. We may be doing our damndest to remain realistic and avoid letting all of our fantasies and happily ever after ideals run the show, but we can also be powerfully preoccupied with manifesting a dream or a goal. The ideals are certainly high, but we may also be acutely aware of the need to focus only on what we actually have control over and build from there. Venus trine Neptune is highly idealistic, and with the Moon in Virgo now, we may encounter our own latent perfectionistic tendencies as well. These aspects may also see strong draws to unusual people or pastimes, and it’s possible to get lost in something for hours. Also possible is a powerful preoccupation with some sort of “unsolved mystery”, with a desire to get to the bottom of something, or intuitively “feel out” what in the actual fuck is going on. Curiosity can certainly be aroused, as can mystery and vexation, but otherwise, the Moon/Pluto trine combined with the Neptune influences can be very powerful creatively or spiritually and help to facilitate some breakthroughs or soft power moves. Venus also opposes Pluto as well, so there can be some powerful, and perhaps compelling undercurrents to navigate interpersonally, or perhaps creatively under this aspect. This energy can be constructively funneled into projects that require focus, commitment, devotion, and dedication.



The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra in the wee hours at 1:54 AM, where it will sextile Mars in courageous, fun seeking Leo, opposite Chiron in Aries, and trine Saturn in socially minded Aquarius. This can begin the weekend with a focus on others, and there can be an impetus to bring more warmth, good times, fun, and cheer. With Saturn retrograde it’s possible that this could involve catching up with old, reliable friends that have stood the test of time but that may have been out of our loop for a while. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury in Gemini as well, so this can see a lot of back and forth between ourselves and others. In some instances there may be something serious to discuss with the lunar trine to Saturn, but in others it may just be that touching base with others brings a feeling of reassuring stability. Late night see’s the Moon conjoin the Part Of Fortune, which can see some fortunate contacts or mutually beneficial exchanges transpire, which can perhaps help bring a sense of stability where we may have experienced a sense of vulnerability or butthurt.


Today see’s the Moon in harmony seeking Libra trine Mercury and Saturn, while square Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see some intense undercurrents or powerful and compelling pulls socially or interpersonally. The Libra Moon is good at niceties and putting on a cool and detached demeanor, even if under the surface there are more intense dynamics swirling about. Something about today can see some powerful interpersonal shifts or transformations. There’s definitely a desire to change something here, whether financially, socially or interpersonally. Lunar trine’s to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini highlight communications, and it’s possible that some deep talks can transpire or in the very least people can discuss things that maybe they ordinarily wouldn’t. Perhaps taking someone into confidence or an attempt to transform a dynamic for the better or get a more objective view of powerful or instinctual urges or emotions.  In either case, this can be an “interesting” day emotionally, socially and interpersonally. Late evening see’s the Moon trine Jupiter in compassionate Pisces, and this can see an idealistic, compassionate, dreamy, and creative atmosphere that can make for a nice ambiance, and something or someone can certainly stir our ideals or make us feel more hopeful, perhaps even restore our faith where it may have waned. It’s an emotionally and socially generous aspect that can take the edge off of the more intense and compelling undercurrents of the Moon/Venus/Pluto aspects. 

SUN JUN 20. 

Happy Summer Solstice, and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there! Today see’s the Moon enter instinctual Scorpio at 4:58 AM PST while trine the Sun in 29 degrees Gemini, trine Jupiter, and squaring Mars and Saturn, while opposite Uranus. Whoa now. This could represent some sort of curve ball, shock, or unexpected but surprising revelations. Jupiter in Pisces stations retrograde at 8:06 AM PST, where it will backtrack through Aquarius for a little refresher course. The Sun also makes it’s annual ingress into Cancer today at 8:32 PM PST. Happy Birthday Crabs! The Moon in intense and sensitive Scorpio can be highly sensitive to nuance and undercurrents with it’s trine to Jupiter, and the lunar square to Mars can potentiate some irritability or impulsiveness, while it’s square to Saturn can require emotional resilience, discipline and patience. The Moon/Uranus opposition adds yet another layer of complexity to the mix by suggesting the possibility for some curve balls, or erratic behavior, in the very least emotions and energy levels can fluctuate rapidly and be quite all over the map. There could be some possible challenges to navigate, maybe a need to think on our feet or innovate solutions, or seek an outlet for a whole lot of feelings. Moon in Scorpio square Mars in Leo is a classic signature of “Drama City”, although this is just one potential of this aspect, but it’s still wise to take care in social and interpersonal interactions and do what you can to duck out of controversy or avoid bombastic scenes or people with an axe to grind. There could simply be some impatience with something or someone, but conversely there could be a desire to take action in some regard, while maybe feeling a need to hold back, or feeling blocked somehow. Scorpio has deep reserves of willpower and the lunar/Saturn aspect offers resilience.  There could be some interesting things going on for sure, and aside from any less desirable potentials in these aspects, it can be a quirky, freaky kind of atmosphere that can see people flying their freak flags in some type of way.

Sunday, June 6, 2021



The Moon in practical, easy going Taurus makes a square to Saturn this morning while conjunct Uranus and trine Pluto, suggesting the possibility there's been some unexpected challenges that require getting to the bottom of. A lunar sextile to Neptune later on may provide some relief. This can see the day dealing with practical responsibilities and physical realities. The basics. The lunar conjunction to Uranus in the morning hours can see an anxious or nervous excitement to get going, and the trine to Pluto makes it focused in it’s execution. With Mercury Rx squaring Neptune now, a square that perfected on Sunday, there may be some mysteries to get to the bottom of and puzzles to resolve, particularly in the area ruled by Gemini in your whole house natal chart. The Moon in tactile Taurus’ link to Neptune later on suggests some tangible progress can be made towards solutions and a more thorough understanding or grasp of a situation can occur. Late evening hours can be dreamy, imaginative, reflective, with a quietly intense undercurrent that can be focused on a goal.


Today begins with the Moon in late Taurus squaring Jupiter in imaginative Pisces, sextile Mars in security oriented Cancer while still trine Pluto. This is a Mystery Machine vibe, with a drive to get to the bottom of something or understand something at it’s basest elements, perhaps to get more control and/or understanding around a situation that has been muddled, confused, uncertain. This could simply be a desire to get something done, there's a quiet determination to these configurations. This could have something to do with the area Mercury is transiting through your natal chart right now. The Moon enters busy and inquisitive Gemini at 11:47 AM PST. This can see more Mystery Machine vibes and there can be some confusion to navigate. The imagination can be all over the place, highly stimulated, and there can be a bit of a spacey, indulgent vibe that can make it hard to concentrate at points. Evening time brings a bit more stability with a lunar trine to Saturn, but there’s also a need to be ready to adapt with Saturn square Uranus. Certain changes can be instigated to take things in a healing direction. 


Today see’s the New Moon Solar Eclipse in talkative and multitasking Gemini conjunct the Sun, Mercury, North Node, trine Saturn, and sextile Chiron. This peaks at 3:53 AM PST, very early in the morning. This New Moon is an opportunity to plant New Seeds and set new intentions that are very healing in nature. It occurs in the area of your whole house natal chart that is ruled by Gemini. This Mercury Rx is an opportunity to go over something we may have missed or neglected before, and to correct course and bring healing and a revitalization to the area of your chart hosting the Mercury Rx. This New Moon can help put things on a new trajectory in this life area. If you feel a little overwhelmed at this new moon, chances are you aren't alone. There is a lot of focus on communications, news, and information gathering, and the Moon goes on to square Neptune later suggesting there is some confusion, mystery and uncertainty, so it’s important to make sure you’re being properly understood. It could simply be hard to concentrate as this is a daydreamy aspect. This makes for an emotionally sensitive environment as well, and we can be sensitive to whatever is said or isn't said. The Sun and Moon both trine Saturn are determined to make sense of things and keep everything together. There may be a need to wait for more facts to emerge with all the squares to Neptune, emotions seem to have the upper hand for now, and in the very least, there's a need to just go with the flow. Tomorrow can see the potential for some good news, and perhaps even some pleasant surprises. 


The early morning hours see the Moon in Gemini still conjunct Mercury and the Sun and squaring Neptune. There may be a bit of anxiousness, maybe even the potential for worries over unknowns, lack of information, and a need to just rely on intuition . Venus forms it’s sextile to Uranus today and this can see some surprises, shocks, innovations, or wild cards under the duration of this aspect. Afternoon see’s the Moon form a generous trine to Jupiter while still conjunct Mercury, and it’s possible we could receive news or a message of some kind that boosts optimism, good will, or morale. In the very least, people can be kind, compassionate or generous somehow. Even if there are unknowns or subtle draining influences to navigate, it’s nice to feel like the universe has your back. 


The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 12:23 AM, while Mars enters theatrical, fun seeking Leo at 6:34 AM. This places the Red Planet’s focus on getting more joy, playfulness, and fun out of life for the next while. The Moon in Cancer conjoins Venus and trines Jupiter, which is definitely emphasizing pleasantries and a Ganesha like blissfulness. The lunar square to Chiron can be a challenge to certain vulnerabilities, and it's possible we may be feeling somewhat weak in a certain area, but maybe a pleasant shake up or something outside of our norm is just what is needed to generate motivation to gain more strength, insight, or command over a situation. This seems to be the case, with the Moon going on to sextile exciting and illuminating Uranus. This can see the later hours hold some surprises, perhaps even pleasant ones. Maybe radical new approaches or revisions are being considered.  


Today see’s the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer conjunct Venus, trine Neptune, and opposite Pluto. It’s possible something has us in kind of a fantasy land, perhaps even a bit preoccupied with something. This can be a sensitive atmosphere, though not necessarily in a bad way. Perhaps just very attuned to things going on under the surface. There could be a slight feeling of being under pressure, but a strong desire to make things more comfortable and ideal, and transform them, make improvements. Evening time see’s the Moon in late Cancer build a trine to Mars freshly in Leo, suggesting a build up of emotional impetus, maybe even just energy or courage. Gathering strength, and strengthening weak areas. The lunar trine to Neptune and opposite Pluto suggests the possibility for challenges we may be quietly but gracefully grappling with. Tomorrow can see a more confrontational or energetic atmosphere. 


The Moon enters courageous Leo at 11:22 AM PST, this can see a building up of strength, perhaps in the face of oppositional forces, with the Moon conjunct Mars and opposite Pluto. This opposition wanes as the day progresses but is replaced by an opposition to Saturn fairly quickly. The lunar trine to Chiron suggests courage in the face of challenges.  The Sun and Mercury both squaring Neptune can have a bit of a draining, spaced out, or dreamy influence, but the lunar conjunction to Mars is determined to not let life forces be drained. Late night see’s the Moon square Uranus, suggesting some unexpected challenges or hiccups to navigate, or something completely new to adapt to.  Maybe it’s just anxiousness. Nonetheless, it looks like there are silver linings, and there's a possibility for good news even if there are things that are less than ideal or totally unexpected that alter our routine or catch us off guard.