The Moon in practical, easy going Taurus makes a square to Saturn this morning while conjunct Uranus and trine Pluto, suggesting the possibility there's been some unexpected challenges that require getting to the bottom of. A lunar sextile to Neptune later on may provide some relief. This can see the day dealing with practical responsibilities and physical realities. The basics. The lunar conjunction to Uranus in the morning hours can see an anxious or nervous excitement to get going, and the trine to Pluto makes it focused in it’s execution. With Mercury Rx squaring Neptune now, a square that perfected on Sunday, there may be some mysteries to get to the bottom of and puzzles to resolve, particularly in the area ruled by Gemini in your whole house natal chart. The Moon in tactile Taurus’ link to Neptune later on suggests some tangible progress can be made towards solutions and a more thorough understanding or grasp of a situation can occur. Late evening hours can be dreamy, imaginative, reflective, with a quietly intense undercurrent that can be focused on a goal.


Today begins with the Moon in late Taurus squaring Jupiter in imaginative Pisces, sextile Mars in security oriented Cancer while still trine Pluto. This is a Mystery Machine vibe, with a drive to get to the bottom of something or understand something at it’s basest elements, perhaps to get more control and/or understanding around a situation that has been muddled, confused, uncertain. This could simply be a desire to get something done, there's a quiet determination to these configurations. This could have something to do with the area Mercury is transiting through your natal chart right now. The Moon enters busy and inquisitive Gemini at 11:47 AM PST. This can see more Mystery Machine vibes and there can be some confusion to navigate. The imagination can be all over the place, highly stimulated, and there can be a bit of a spacey, indulgent vibe that can make it hard to concentrate at points. Evening time brings a bit more stability with a lunar trine to Saturn, but there’s also a need to be ready to adapt with Saturn square Uranus. Certain changes can be instigated to take things in a healing direction. 


Today see’s the New Moon Solar Eclipse in talkative and multitasking Gemini conjunct the Sun, Mercury, North Node, trine Saturn, and sextile Chiron. This peaks at 3:53 AM PST, very early in the morning. This New Moon is an opportunity to plant New Seeds and set new intentions that are very healing in nature. It occurs in the area of your whole house natal chart that is ruled by Gemini. This Mercury Rx is an opportunity to go over something we may have missed or neglected before, and to correct course and bring healing and a revitalization to the area of your chart hosting the Mercury Rx. This New Moon can help put things on a new trajectory in this life area. If you feel a little overwhelmed at this new moon, chances are you aren't alone. There is a lot of focus on communications, news, and information gathering, and the Moon goes on to square Neptune later suggesting there is some confusion, mystery and uncertainty, so it’s important to make sure you’re being properly understood. It could simply be hard to concentrate as this is a daydreamy aspect. This makes for an emotionally sensitive environment as well, and we can be sensitive to whatever is said or isn't said. The Sun and Moon both trine Saturn are determined to make sense of things and keep everything together. There may be a need to wait for more facts to emerge with all the squares to Neptune, emotions seem to have the upper hand for now, and in the very least, there's a need to just go with the flow. Tomorrow can see the potential for some good news, and perhaps even some pleasant surprises. 


The early morning hours see the Moon in Gemini still conjunct Mercury and the Sun and squaring Neptune. There may be a bit of anxiousness, maybe even the potential for worries over unknowns, lack of information, and a need to just rely on intuition . Venus forms it’s sextile to Uranus today and this can see some surprises, shocks, innovations, or wild cards under the duration of this aspect. Afternoon see’s the Moon form a generous trine to Jupiter while still conjunct Mercury, and it’s possible we could receive news or a message of some kind that boosts optimism, good will, or morale. In the very least, people can be kind, compassionate or generous somehow. Even if there are unknowns or subtle draining influences to navigate, it’s nice to feel like the universe has your back. 


The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 12:23 AM, while Mars enters theatrical, fun seeking Leo at 6:34 AM. This places the Red Planet’s focus on getting more joy, playfulness, and fun out of life for the next while. The Moon in Cancer conjoins Venus and trines Jupiter, which is definitely emphasizing pleasantries and a Ganesha like blissfulness. The lunar square to Chiron can be a challenge to certain vulnerabilities, and it's possible we may be feeling somewhat weak in a certain area, but maybe a pleasant shake up or something outside of our norm is just what is needed to generate motivation to gain more strength, insight, or command over a situation. This seems to be the case, with the Moon going on to sextile exciting and illuminating Uranus. This can see the later hours hold some surprises, perhaps even pleasant ones. Maybe radical new approaches or revisions are being considered.  


Today see’s the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer conjunct Venus, trine Neptune, and opposite Pluto. It’s possible something has us in kind of a fantasy land, perhaps even a bit preoccupied with something. This can be a sensitive atmosphere, though not necessarily in a bad way. Perhaps just very attuned to things going on under the surface. There could be a slight feeling of being under pressure, but a strong desire to make things more comfortable and ideal, and transform them, make improvements. Evening time see’s the Moon in late Cancer build a trine to Mars freshly in Leo, suggesting a build up of emotional impetus, maybe even just energy or courage. Gathering strength, and strengthening weak areas. The lunar trine to Neptune and opposite Pluto suggests the possibility for challenges we may be quietly but gracefully grappling with. Tomorrow can see a more confrontational or energetic atmosphere. 


The Moon enters courageous Leo at 11:22 AM PST, this can see a building up of strength, perhaps in the face of oppositional forces, with the Moon conjunct Mars and opposite Pluto. This opposition wanes as the day progresses but is replaced by an opposition to Saturn fairly quickly. The lunar trine to Chiron suggests courage in the face of challenges.  The Sun and Mercury both squaring Neptune can have a bit of a draining, spaced out, or dreamy influence, but the lunar conjunction to Mars is determined to not let life forces be drained. Late night see’s the Moon square Uranus, suggesting some unexpected challenges or hiccups to navigate, or something completely new to adapt to.  Maybe it’s just anxiousness. Nonetheless, it looks like there are silver linings, and there's a possibility for good news even if there are things that are less than ideal or totally unexpected that alter our routine or catch us off guard.


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