Monday, January 27, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of Jan 27-Feb 2 2020.

We begin the week with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Venus, while Venus in Pisces still squares off with Mars in Sagittarius. This highlights some interpersonal tensions where not much is very clear, but there are a great deal of hopes, possibly to the point of naivety. This math is a bit easier to deal with if you’re merely refraining yourself from a particular action, but is less so if you feel extremely passionate about something and expect others to want the same thing as you. These configurations are well suited for release. It may not be easy in some cases to simply let go, but is preferable to fighting a losing battle or merely feeling manipulated. Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars in Sagittarius wants to get at the truth, and is interested in producing outcomes that are favorable to everyone. This is difficult when it seems like certain facts or realities are  deliberately obscured, and this can create an uneasiness, but there is definitely a lot of compassion in these maths, with the growing emphasis on Pisces. The afternoon see’s the Moon sextile Jupiter in Capricorn and square Mars in Sagittarius, which can see our empathy levels raised in the face of any difficult realities others (or ourselves) are facing, so there’s a lot of magnanimity available, even in the face of delays, challenges, or unknowns. If you’ve got no troubles to speak of, this math is actually pretty favorable for creative inspiration, but can also see some running around to solve problems, either our own, or on behalf of others. Some problems just need to be allowed to resolve themselves as too much interference in the natural processes can only seem to prove a waste of energy. Again, the Pisces lunation next to Venus and Neptune is about release and letting go. The New Moon we just had in Aquarius pointed towards the future, and the possibilities therein. Mercury will eventually dip into Pisces momentarily, to focus on further release, and then backtrack again back into Aquarius, stationing retrograde on the 16th of Feb, to revisit the “possible futures.” For now, many are in a sort of “limbo state”. 

Tuesday begins with the Pisces Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune, square Mars, and sextile Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Normally the Moon square Mars might be kind of energizing, but this one can actually see energy on the low or perhaps drained side, as Pisces/Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches, (in this case, our drive and motivation can be affected and it can maybe feel a bit unclear as to where to aim it.) But the lunar sextile to Saturn and Pluto can add some sense of stability and a feeling of finding our footing, even amidst quicksand. This can also see us setting limits or boundaries for ourselves or in regards to others, in order to create more structure and definition in what can feel like a fugazi or in the very least, a circumstance in much flux. With Venus conjunct Neptune, there is a dissolution or “phasing out” of one interpersonal chapter, and with Venus square to Mars there could also be some resistance to facing particular truths. A sort of “glossing over” of certain realities and a “clinging” to castles made of sand. There is some denial evident in this mathscape, but the aspects to Saturn and Pluto in realistic Capricorn emphasizes a sort of “coming to terms” process, where it’s clear that there is more empowerment to be gained by being starkly realistic and focused on what we ourselves have control over, than there is by being caught up in a fantasy, or swept off on a naive crusade to gain the cooperation of others around some dream or other that we don’t want to see die. As the Moon get’s closer to Chiron in the later hours, it’s evident that whatever is around the corner that will call us to take the wheel of our life more firmly into our own hands and take certain initiatives, can perhaps have us feeling somewhat vulnerable, and will be a question of confidence. The lunar conjunction to Venus all day however, is rather pleasant, but also depends very much on a persons relationship to The Void. If silence or unknowns make you uneasy or afraid, this is an opportunity to cultivate more faith in the universe and take a more mystical perspective, and frankly, just try and feel good, here and now, as these configurations can generate a lot of longing for some far off distant reality, past or present, or make a “vacancy” or “vacuum” in ones life seem a bit more evident. Nature abhors a vacuum however, and there are new beginnings right around the corner, but they will require taking independent initiative into unknown territory. For some, the proposition of embarking on a new chapter alone, independently, can feel a bit lonely, especially if such territory is alien to them. But this is an exercise in confidence, and as self confidence builds, as it will naturally tend to do when we surprise ourselves or exceed our own expectations, or prove to ourselves we are much stronger than we think- such a journey can’t remain lonely forever. 

This morning we see the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, and going on to sextile the Sun in Aquarius and an eventual square to Jupiter in Capricorn. This could see the potential of certain vulnerabilities to feel magnified. The necessity to focus on the relationship to the self as an independent and whole entity, the place in which all other things spring forth, and which all other relationships are based on- is highlighted here. Key words I can extract from these configurations are self worth, self confidence, self definition, independent initiative, goals, wishes, individuation, and future directions. The square to Jupiter in Cap can blow this out of proportion somewhat and maybe see some peoples defenses overly magnified, but it can also help facilitate the appropriate backbone for decisive or self affirming moves-which in the long game: I cannot overstate the fact that our relationship to self determines our relationship to all others. Therefore, it isn’t actually a selfish act to make sure it’s a really good one. With Venus conjunct Neptune and square Mars in Sagittarius, certain dysfunctional elements within relationships are in a dissolution process. Relationships can be a complex area for many in 2020, due to both Venus and Mars going retrograde in the same year this year. So making sure that you’re super tight with yourself, -first and foremost-is the best way to prepare for this ride.

This morning starts out on an energetic note, with the Moon in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius and square Jupiter in Capricorn. In the afternoon, the Moon goes on to square Saturn and Pluto. This energy is kind of feisty, passionate, and obsessively focused on something. Venus in Pisces now forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, for some this could see a yearning to lose ourselves in something or someone, or to totally merge with it/and/or them. If this is a creative project or something you have full say in/control over, fuck yea.   Get it all up on you. If this requires someone else’s cooperation or wanting the same exact thing/feeling the same way as you-take care. I’m not saying that isn’t possible, I’m just saying-make sure you have an accurate assessment of the facts, as opposed to a gross over idealization, -or even a deliberate misrepresentation by another person,  because Venus is also squaring Mars, and conjunct Neptune, while Mars is also squaring Neptune. So there’s a lot of… fogginess, confusion, and fugazi. There's also a lot of serendipity, spirituality, high ideals, hope, and compassion. Needless to say, this is a passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, if kind of obsessed, idealistic day, and there could be some blockages, delays, challenges, pressures, or frustrations encountered that could require improvisation, innovation, or inspire new directions or initiatives over the weekend. We might even feel sort of egged on and inspired by any challenges, long shots,or"impossible odds", even if we feel somewhat intimidated by them. 


Today begins with the Moon in Aries sextile Mercury, trine Mars, and square Saturn and Pluto. The Moon in late Aries also builds a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus. These configurations can see the courage to confront something or someone, or we may receive a communication (somewhat out of the blue perhaps?) In either case, people can be feeling a bit more courage to assert themselves, particularly in the early AM hours. Towards 5 PM, the moon enters sensual Taurus, shifting the emphasis on to creature comforts, but also bringing some surprising or refreshing elements to the mix with the conjunction to Uranus. Venus in Pisces also forms a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn today, bringing more of a sense of stability or sure-footedness to interpersonal relations that has perhaps been lacking. Things can begin to feel a bit more settled or as if some kind of progress is being made, even amidst change, great differences,  uncertainty, or disagreement. Almost as if we’re in the water and we finally feel the solid bottom with our feet to know once and for all how deep it actually is. It’s somewhat reassuring to know the “lay of the water”.  It’s somewhat reassuring to know the “lay of the water”. Stabilizing, reassuring, inspiring vibes can help us feel more anchored, confident, and inspired about potential new directions. 

Today see’s the Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn, and conjunct Uranus. This can see people trying new things or new approaches, in an effort to cultivate more stability and solidity within change. The Moon in also forming a square to the Sun in Aquarius as well, and it could be that we’ve got our own ingrained patterns and resistances to confront. Otherwise, this is a quietly optimistic, and future oriented energy. The evening hours throw in a lunar sextile to Neptune that can see Saturday wind down on a dreamy, contemplative, and quietly pleasure seeking note that can make it easy to find joy and beauty in simple things. Alternatively, it can also have some people focused on what is missing, or longing for something just out of reach, as if it's so close we can taste it. Things are lining up slowly but surely, but require some patience and sturdiness to bring to fruition . If you find yourself feeling wistful or being dragged out of the present tense, try and find some small and simple ways  to ground and enjoy yourself, -and the process. You’ll be glad you did. 

Today see’s the Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Cap, and sextile Venus and Neptune in Pisces. This is beautiful, I don’t know quite what to say. Apart from a lunar square to Mercury in Aquarius, creating subtle blockages or challenges in communications, which isn’t even that strong, this math looks utterly chill and delicious . Serene and beautiful. It not only bodes well for creative endeavors, or simply enjoyment/appreciation for music/the arts, but interpersonal relations can be smoothed over, positively stimulated, and can gain traction, under these pleasant, stabilizing influences. In the very least, this looks like a , fun Sunday ,where things can just flow if we let them. Tuning into the body and the 5 senses and slowing down to enjoy tactile and aesthetic pleasures, especially if you’ve been stressed, anxious, or living at a break neck pace, can help you get the most out of this delicious looking math. 

Thanks for reading! Stay curious fam. I’ll see you next Monday.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of Jan 20-26 2020.

Today see’s the Sun enter future oriented, intellectual Aquarius, placing the solar emphasis on change, shock, awakenings, new paths and approaches, and independence/individuation. The Moon today is in philosophical, broad minded Sagittarius conjunct Mars, square Venus and Neptune. This definitely points to a need for broadening our perceptions, expanding our reference points, and following our curiosity and desire to learn, grow and expand, wherever it leads us. Mars squaring Neptune right now is kind of uncomfortable for a lot of people, particularly in regards to others. It’s an astrological signature for confusion, delusion, deceptive actions, denial, evasion, and fugazi. This aspect can dissolve and confuse the will, undermine confidence, or cause disappointments due to overinflated expectations or a lack of realism/overidealization. Best advice while this aspect plays itself out for a while alongside the stellium in Cap, is to reduce your expectations and demands, -particularly of other people-like…….significantly my dudes. The Mars/Neptune square can be used positively in spiritual and creative pursuits. Otherwise, it can be difficult to know quite where to aim the passions or the will because it’s like engaging in archery in extremely heavy fog and the target is moving. Focus on what *you* personally have control over, and what you have working for you, what is benefiting you, what is going well and smoothly for you, and how you can build upon that. Simplify. Place your faith in the control you have over yourself and yourself alone. Everyone is under a lot of pressure right now, wish them luck with their endeavors. Solidarity and an elevated humanitarian outlook is important right now with Mercury in Aquarius. There’s more energy available today with the Moon/Mars conjunction, which is a good thing, because it looks like there’s definitely a lot that needs to be sorted out. There can be some vague frustrations or longings for people to deal with, but this conjunction helps certain energies find constructive outlets, -although it can be harder to express our true feelings, or may even feel pointless to do so. On the positive side, these influences can create a lot of compassion and understanding, and be awesome for creativity, the arts, music, aesthetics, spirituality, and the appreciation of all of these things. I’m listening to this actually, while I’m smashing out this scroll right now, and it’s fucking perfect. This entire album is a hella sick experience, 10/10 recommend. Happy Monday y’all. 

Today see’s the Moon in late Sagittarius build a trine to Uranus in Taurus and a square to Chiron. We might be able to intuit the need to prepare ourselves emotionally for a vast array of variables, unknowns, or possible worst case scenarios, and to innovate. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Mars in Sagittarius forms a sextile to Mercury in “think outside the square” Aquarius, which places an emphasis on expanding our reference points, perspectives, and approaches, shaking things up so that they don’t become stale or stagnant, and breaking out of particular comfort zones, creative or passionate blockages and ruts. Growth is the order of the times and it’s absolutely unavoidable, -which is fresh AF. The later evening hours are dominated by the Moons shift into realistic Capricorn, bringing things very much down to Earth-perhaps with a bit of a bump and a startle, although it appears we’re well equipped to adapt to or manage whatever the circumstances are. The lunar square to Chiron suggests maybe certain realities sting a little, or feel a bit cumbersome, but again, we can improvise, adapt, overcome. Although Venus is exalted in Pisces, and very comfortable there, much of what is going on now is about release, compassion, faith, non attachment, and handing things outside of your control over to the Divine, with love, gratitude, peace, trust, and faith that you will be taken care of and what is truly appropriate and intended for you and for your highest good, will come. Venus in Pisces is about developing a positive and pleasurable relationship with The Void. This is truly the most important relationship of all, and it can’t be supplicated or replicated by anything or anyone else. “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” -Zen proverb.

Today see’s the Moon in serious Capricorn trine Uranus, conjunct Jupiter, and sextile Venus. This can see a modest boost to optimism and stability levels. The perks of our own particular situations can be more obvious today. We can potentially feel more in alignment with the nature of our respective circumstances and even their seeming limitations. There are a variety of possibilities, and each one of us, in our own way, has a great deal of power and blessings at our disposal, in order to manifest solid and real results and major upgrades/up-leveling, somewhere within our lives. No matter what else you have going on in your life that doesn’t make any sense out of or find any guarantees within, somewhere in your life, you have an extremely solid platform to stand on and work up from. Later towards evening, the Moon conjuncts Saturn and Pluto, and sextiles Neptune. With this lunation building up to what will be the New Moon in Aquarius, this energy is excellent for laser focusing the limitless powers of the imagination, intention, vibration, and the will towards the manifestation of a solid new beginning somewhere in our worlds and seriously level the fuck up. Look to the house that Aquarius rules in your chart to see where these new beginnings will occur and unfold for you. 

Today begins on the note of yesterday evenings powerfully focused and somewhat inspired vibe, only today can see a somewhat deadly serious flavor with the lunar conjunctions to Daddy Saturn and powerful Pluto taking center stage for the majority of the day. This is a determined, hard working, somewhat obsessed energy with some serious grit to it. The evening hours see the Moon in late Capricorn build a square to Uranus in Taurus, which will be a major signature of the New Moon in Aquarius. Everyone, on some level right now is being pushed and propelled into major growth right now. Some people may be seeing certain plans, expectations, or hopes thrown into the shredder, issuing the necessity for an entirely new take on things. With Pluto involved in the build up to this New Moon, we can be aware of some inevitability about whatever growth or release  is required of us right now. If you followed my advice at the beginning of the week about reducing your expectations of other people, and haven’t been treating yourself as “plan B”, this energy will be more exciting and easier to see the promise within than it is destabilizing-but it still doesn’t make us immune to potentially intense feelings, of which the New Moon will (perhaps somewhat jarringly) force us into distancing ourselves from in order to funnel obsessive drives into executing practical objectives. These are major overhauls and transformations going on that will take time before we begin to see solid results from them, and could require a lot of adaptation and experimentation, and of course, some level of calculated risk. 


Today see’s the New Moon occur in Aquarius, exact at 1:42 PM PST. This New Moon conjuncts the Sun and Mercury, squares Uranus, and sextiles Chiron. Relations with others necessitate the impetus for growth, healing, detachment, an elevated and humane perspective, and most importantly, -individuation. Other people, and ourselves need a lot of space and independence under this math.  This new Moon can see some unexpected developments, unorthodox situations, and wild cards, that actually contain the precise medicine we happen to need. It may be weird as hell, or just outside a comfort zone, but it actually has a lot of healing inside of it. The Moon is not a comfortable placement for Aquarius, as Aquarius prefers a more cerebral, detached, and objective approach to life, and certainly to the feelings, which the Moon presides over, so these configurations can call for some radical detachment, and improvisation. The nervous system can be pretty revved up under this math, so give yourself plenty of space to absorb any shocks to the system. There can be a lot to take in, and a great deal of communication going on, some of which may be shocking, surprising, or just totally unanticipated. Not necessarily in a terrible way either, the lunar sextiles to Chiron in Aries suggest that something we hear, learn, read, observe, or talk about now can help to fortify our courage and confidence levels.  Whatever transpires is definitely pushing us into a massive growth spurt towards healing and further self actualization. It’s…interesting to say the least, and far from feeling bored we could actually feel a bit over excited and overstimulated. New Moons can sometimes be kind of draining, so try to avoid overtaxing the nervous system with too rigid a schedule, (and expecting a lot of other people- be your own plan A), as this energy can contain a lot of unexpected plot twists that could actually mock our attempts to have a set schedule and itinerary. This is some very random and improvisational energy that requires room for spontaneity and the ability to think quickly on your toes. It could be a busy and exciting beginning to the weekend. Boredom is a non issue. 

Today see’s the Moon in mad scientist Aquarius conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars, suggesting Saturday is a talkative, adventurous, fun, passionate, active, and rather busy day. The focus can definitely be on expanding our horizons and perspectives, and just overall shaking out any stale AF energy. This looks to be an overall highly entertaining day and we can delight in learning, doing, or trying new things, making new friends, meeting new people, frequenting new places, or otherwise just doing something totally different. It could be a breath of fresh air. With the Moon and Mercury trine to Juno in Libra, this suggests that somehow this involves relationships with other people, and there’s an opportunity here to shake things up in a positive way in regards to these. We can also feel somewhat challenged or uncertain, or perhaps a tad under confident due to the Mars/Neptune square we’ve been under, but the lunar sextile to Mars in Sagittarius increases curiosity and the passion and motivation to follow it down some interesting rabbit hole or other. Mars in Sagittarius say’s “ If we’re not on some kind of adventure, quest, or pilgrimage,- if we’re not fucking learning, if we’re not fucking curious, -we’re not fucking living.” 

Today begins with the Moon still in Aquarius for the first half of the day, shifting into empathic, spiritual, and sensitive Pisces at 3:44 PM PST. This see’s the day transpire in two acts. In the first half, we dance distantly and tentatively around certain emotions, perhaps new ones, that we’ve recently encountered, that we were perhaps wary of and approached like an alien landing in our back yard. So with a very long stick, a pen, and notebook. The second half of the day see’s a plunging into the feelings, and embracing the freak weirdness of it all , settling into whatever this new situation is that’s taking form. There could be a sort of cathartic or liberating release, or maybe even just inspiration. Not everything makes sense, but it doesn’t have to, sometimes absurdism is good medicine when applied in praxis in the correct dosages. There can still be a lack of clarity, unknowns, secrecy, deception, self delusion, fears, perhaps feelings of isolation or separation from others, unfulfilled longings, sacrifice, or an otherwise foggy fugazi present that could become more acutely highlighted on Monday, -and this is particularly in regards to relationships. Compassion, empathy, understanding, and spirituality, is all very important under the Pisces lunation, especially considering the potential need for particular sacrifices being made by ourselves and/or others, whether temporarily, -or indefinitely. Be kind. This lunation is one of release, forgiveness, and letting go, and freeing ourselves from illusions, fears, judgement, -and an ultimately false sense of separation. Accept the good medicine that is available and freely and organically offered up within all of your interactions with gratitude, respect, and reverence, and make no further demands of them. Emphasize the sacredness within all of it. Make peace with the void. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Astrology For the Week Of Jan 13-19 2020.

With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction having reached it’s perfection, we begin this week with the Moon shifting from Leo into Virgo, where we can assimilate everything. Venus also changes sign today, from detached, unconventional Aquarius, into yielding and compassionate Pisces, where the Moon in Virgo will oppose it. This can assist in a process of release, and also reduce our resistance to whatever is unfolding. But it can also feel like there is much to distill and make sense of in regards to relationships. With Mars in Sagittarius along side this, the spiritual dimension of relationships is very emphasized, and a lot of growth and healing is unfolding right now from deep inside, and it’s very beautiful, even if it isn’t easy. This Venus cycle in the final sign of the zodiac, which will conjunct Neptune, represents a release, a letting go, a surrender, a dissolution. Mercury and the Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn can see a lot coming to the surface, a lot of facts being unearthed. These configurations may have magnified a lot of fears and desires for people, bringing up all kinds of anxieties, creating a kind of deadly serious aura around things, obsessive mental fixations, “now or never” feelings, ambitions, compulsions, power, sex and death trips… the works. Many people are confronting major changes and rebirths, both internally and externally. The Virgo lunation in this weeks beginning will help to assimilate and distill all of the new intelligence accumulated recently, and find some grounding, stability, and begin to make sense of, and peace with it all. Do: Try to simplify things to their core and basic elements. Don’t: try to overcomplicate it or freak out. Hi hat. Snare. Kick. Breathe. Repeat. The Virgo Moon opposite Venus in Pisces asks, “What is simple? What is pure? What is necessary? What is absolute?” The timeless wisdom of the Serenity prayer from A/A and N/A comes to mind under this math, so I feel it’s apropos to end on that note. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Today begins with the Virgo Moon in trine to the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and opposite Neptune. It can be particularly satisfying and soothing to exert dominion over our own respective enchanted kingdoms. With so much still feeling in “free fall” , flux, and transition regarding other people or situations,- funneling energy into perfecting, improving, and transforming ourselves and our own respective circumstances is definitely the way to go here. Solid gains are available here my dudes. Not to sound like a total nerd, but I’m looking at the Serenity prayer in math format right now. This is some potent, powerful G. With a Saturn/Pluto/Neptune emphasis, we know we’ve got to release some bullshit and rebuild, on a much, much stronger foundation. There’s kind of this feeling in these maths around whatever it is we’re embarking on of “this time, it’s gonna be MF SOLID. NO BULLSHIT.” I think it’s actually fair to just officially name the Saturn/Pluto conjunction “Tegrity(TM)”, because that’s ultimately what this is about. Fierce, (even scary) levels of authenticity. In the afternoon, the Moon trines Mercury, suggesting communications, disclosures, or some uncovering of some useful facts that perhaps change the game a bit or make some other kind of impact. This could involve or have implications regarding relationships, as the following lunation is Libra, which opposes Chiron, which may see some sensitivities lingering between others, or have people in vulnerable, (though not entirely unpleasant) territory.

Today see’s the Moon move into diplomatic Libra in the early AM hours, to oppose Chiron and square Jupiter, and maintaining a trine to Mercury in the last degrees of Capricorn. This suggests that something recently learned or communicated can be expanding our perspectives somehow, particularly regarding relationships to others. Later, the Moon forms a sextile to Mars in philosophical and adventurous Sagittarius, which can see optimism and energy levels raised, and a more open minded, emotionally generous approach, and even some passion, excitement, or enthusiasm around something that might also make us feel kind of vulnerable or in foreign territory. The lunar sextile to Mars can see a drive to harmonize disparate elements, find common ground with others, and establish peace, understanding, or some kind of workable compromise, perhaps around rather sensitive issues. The lunar/Mars mashup can see us trying to understand someone or something better, or make sure that we ourselves are being properly understood, particularly via actions. This configuration makes people focus on fair play, harmony, cooperation, optimism, good faith, and “the more you give, the more you get”. If something feels unequal or unfair, we may want to address it.

Today see’s the Moon in Libra conjunct Juno, and square the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This can definitely place a spotlight on relationship dynamics, and some rather powerful transformations that are unfolding therein. With the Sun conjunct Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, light has been being shed on certain facts, and the scales of Libra have to tip in one direction or another, as we can’t maintain fake smiles forever. It’s possible this weekend will see some decisive shifts, at least as far as committing to a certain direction goes. These configurations can see some intense feelings, and the Libra Moon attempts to weigh them all and keep a safe, objective distance from them. Such a balancing act can’t go on forever though, because fences are really uncomfortable to sit on after a while. We may know that we’ve got to fall off on one side or another and embrace whatever befalls us in good faith. This will require connecting with our own real, actual desires, total self honesty, along with releasing any attachment we may have to any specific outcome. NBD.  Mercury shifts into Aquarius today as well, which will see the mind more future oriented, and more willing to take on fresh perspectives that maybe felt too out there or entirely too radical before.


Today, the Moon shifts into “do or die” Scorpio around 10:20 AM PST.  Here, the Moon is less afraid of the intensity of emotion or desire and readily embraces the dark underbelly. Forming a trine to Venus in Pisces, a square to Mercury in late Capricorn, and an opposition to Uranus in Taurus, may see us taking the path of least resistance as far as our own intense feels are concerned, and allowing the wave to take us wherever it will. Which, with Uranus involved, can actually be a pretty radical one. There can still be some indecision of course, but Mercury in Aquarius is unwilling to stay stuck in any mental ruts.  Friday looks interesting, with a focus on depth, pleasure, and even some wildcards. We may be breaking away from something to embrace something else more fully, and maybe it ruffles some feathers or throws a curve ball. With Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius, there’s definitely a lot of passion, and the spiritual dimension of interactions is extremely important right now. Relationships may play a huge role in challenging us to grow right now, and if they don’t, then we may not be interested, but instead repelled, and compelled into retreat, and compassionately detached, scientific observation. It’s highly unlikely that relationships won’t challenge you to grow under this math though. It’s kind of par for the course.

Wow. This morning looks mathematically gorgeous. Phi AF. Early AM hours see the Moon in deep and passionate Scorpio trine Venus and Neptune in Pisces, and sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. Evening hours see a lunar sextile to Saturn and Pluto. Is someone getting a fucking secret wish granted or something? Because damn. This math just looks magically delicious. Today is well suited for chillaxing and reflective activities, and something can be having us feeling pretty content and inspired about going with the flow of our own feelings, desires, and instincts. Like, “I’m glad I followed my gut and just embraced my own feelings.” This math has a look about it that just spells “Whew.” There could be a lot to take in presently, so a lot of people could need a breather or time to reflect under these dynamic skies. The Sun also forms a sextile to Chiron today, which can reveal things that reassure us and bask a warm healing ray directly on to our ego structure somehow. Perhaps we learn that certain insecurities have been completely unfounded or that we’re actually in much better positions than we had thought. It’s some pretty reassuring, healing, and affirming math. Deeply spiritual as well. It could be a rather private day, but otherwise very chill vibes, -peaceful, and very emotionally dialed in.

This morning see’s the Moon in the later degrees of emotionally intense Scorpio sextile the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and building a trine to Chiron. If you need proof that you’re on the right track, this is it. In the afternoon, the Moon shifts into enthusiastic, horizon expanding Sagittarius, to conjunct Mars, trine Chiron, and square Venus in Pisces. This can see a desire to confront sensitive issues, and there’s a strong emphasis on emotional and/or sexual honesty, perhaps induced by a seeming, apparent absence of ....precisely that.  There’s a desire here to bring healing to a situation. The evening see’s the Moon sextile Mercury, which can see some very illuminating, honest discussions transpire. Something said, heard, or learned can be surprising, and enlighten us around something. It can be easier to take an elevated perspective on matters that evade being completely pinned down or sorted out. There’s a compassionate, healing, generous quality to these configurations that can see people really doing their best to do the right thing by one another, -and attempt to understand what that even is via honest and elevated dialogue. The lunar trine to Chiron can see more emotional courage to just tell it like it is.

Thanks for reading. Stay curious my friends. See you all next Monday.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of Jan 6-12 2020.

Today begins with the Moon in physical Taurus square Venus in unconventional Aquarius, and trine Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This could have seen some unexpected turns, surprising feelings, or situations arise over the tail end of the weekend that trickle into Monday.  As the Moon moves into the later degrees of Taurus through the latter part of the day it builds an opposition to Mars in Sagittarius. Theres a decided restlessness and subtle intensity growing that’s evident here, and perhaps the feeling that certain major decisions with permanent ramifications loom. Around 7 PM, the Moon shifts into communicative and multitasking Gemini, forming a sextile to Chiron in Aries. This lunation can highlight communications, and rev up the nervous system considerably. This can also see some tensions present, but with a harmonious lunar contact to Chiron there is courage and drive to resolve or confront it. This see’s Monday evening closing out on a rather busy and communicative note, with some mental and physical restlessness stirred in.

Today begins with the lunar opposition to Mars still going strong, which can be energizing and have the nervous system pretty amped up. The afternoon see’s the Moon square Neptune, which can be a rather confusing, but creative and inspired energy that can have the imagination running all over the place to fill in any gaps. A quincunx to Mercury can see some indecision or vexation, and we can be trying to figure something out or understand the core reality of a situation. The square to Neptune can see us very sensitive and moods can swing from one end of the spectrum to another, and we can be very perceptive of nuance. It’s a spacey, confused and creative energy that’s good for creative and spiritual pursuits, as the feelings can be heightened and the nervous system primed and very sensitive to any and all stimulus, but clarity or certainty can feel somewhat elusive. It’s a good energy for fantasy, pleasant escapism, and dreaming up ideas about how to make life more pleasant.  

Today begins with a lunar trine to Venus in unorthodox and surprising Aquarius. This can be pleasantly stimulating and can see some pleasant breaks from the norm. We could be pulled towards whatever is unusual or outside of the box, and there is a liberating energy at play here. It can be freeing to embrace our independence, and break out of the confinements of a comfort zone that perhaps has become rather uncomfortable anyway. Later on in the day, the Moon in late Gemini begins to build a square to Chiron, suggesting that whatever is coming around the corner will activate a need for courage. With Mars in Sagittarius, this should come much easier than before, and perhaps we can relish the challenges, and embrace them with gusto. Moving into new and untried directions is a theme here, and with Venus in Aquarius we are attracted to what’s weird, unusual, experimental, way outside the box, or unorthodox at this time. This is a liberating Venus transit that can see some major decisions around entering uncharted territory, with Mars in adventurous Sagittarius pushing enthusiastically for a sweet, healing release, and unafraid to confront sensitive issues. 

Today see’s the Moon in emotionally sensitive Cancer, opposing Jupiter in Capricorn and in sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron in Aries. This can see feelings considerably heightened and magnified. Change is the theme here, and these changes can feel rather huge, exciting, but also can make us feel vulnerable as well, and it’s clear that many people will be navigating sensitive territory. But again, Mars in Sagittarius is determined to confront this. The lunar sextile to Uranus in Taurus can feel somewhat invigorating and refreshing to the emotional pallet, and all kinds of surprising feelings can surface. There is a break for freedom evident here as well. An emotional liberation or catharsis process is underway here. Everything can feel “big”, with an opposition to Jupiter. With Saturn and Pluto’s involvement in all this as well, whatever is going on now will have ramifications for a long time, and after this week is over, things can feel permanently transformed and placed on an entirely new trajectory, so the energy of this eclipse tomorrow can feel somewhat intimidating.  This math is completely unprecedented. I’ve never seen anything like it. Later today, a lunar trine to Neptune adds a dreamy, inspired accent to things that can really see everyone in their feels. This is definitely suggesting some kind of release happening, and the imaginative and psychic faculties can be highly engaged. Like whoa man. MAJOR FEELS in this math. Holy shit. 

Today see’s the full Moon lunar eclipse in Cancer, exact at 11:21 AM PST. It opposes Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, and trines Neptune. This creates an atmosphere that can feel like everything said and done now has major consequences or ramifications, permanent impact. With a trine to Neptune it can also suggest that something has to be released in order to embrace something else, and this can see people wrestling with inner battles between head and heart as the universe seems to be trying to push people off of any fences they’ve been sitting on and come to a final decision around something and accept the consequences and benefits of whatever that is more fully and whole heartedly.  This can feel challenging. I can’t help but notice the Sun, Moon, and Mercury squares to the asteroid Juno in this math, that suggests that for many, this may involve their personal lives/relationships in some kind of major way. Everything could feel kind of loaded somehow. This is a huge transformation that can feel like the hand of fate is at work, as with Pluto involved, many things can feel out of our control, least of all, our own feelings or desires, which can feel somewhat unsettling if you prefer to have control over your own feelings. The lunar trine to Neptune can see some intense longings. It can assist in catharsis and release, and in handing things over to the cosmos instead of resisting these powerful transformations. Surrender. Resistance is futile. Later the Moon builds a trine to Chiron, suggesting that embracing these intense pulls will instigate a very necessary healing. 

Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic and inspired Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries, and square Uranus in Taurus. Wow. This can definitely see some passionate and exciting energy, and some unexpected surprises. We can be driven to shake things up under this mathscape, and embrace changes that have previously felt challenging. Whatever has previously felt scary or uncomfortable, or that we’ve felt resistant to, we now embrace and go after with wholehearted enthusiasm, or begin thinking about it. This math just screams “Fuck it. Go for it. Just do it.” And it could feel really good and freeing, even if it's just in it's reflective, pupa stages. It has a vibe of flying your freak flag loudly and proudly and charging your butthole in the sun. With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction exact tomorrow, these are some major transformations. Don’t underestimate the powerful impact that following your bliss is having on your life at this time, this is some deep, potent, powerful shit. It’s almost scary. But whatever is unfolding now is surprisingly stable and durable. The story that the contacts to Chiron have told is an interesting one. Something that’s been internally or externally resisted or feared is now being enthusiastically embraced. 

Today see’s the Moon in Leo, and the only solid observable contact it makes in the early part of the day is a sextile to Juno. With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction exact today, this is a powerful time, and the Moon suggests a powerful coming together of sorts.  Relationships, and the passions play a huge role in this math. This is a warm, very strong energy. Some kind of decisive turning points are reached. The tarot cards that come to mind looking at this Math are The Sun and Judgement. It’s really potent, and life affirming.  Later, the Moon opposes Venus, and trines the asteroid Pallas. There is a highly spiritual component here regarding interpersonal involvements that suggests something higher at work in whatever is going on, and there’s a need to apply great wisdom and care with how it is all handled. Some sort of spiritual evolution is being catalyzed via interpersonal connections and situations, and whatever it is, -it isn’t trivial. There’s a lot about whatever is going on now that is completely beyond any previous reference points that we have. In other words, it’s unorthodox, totally new to us, and the asteroids involved suggests that it requires our due respect. I don’t know how else to put this, but a lot of people are dealing with fated soul contacts right now. This math is bringing in some big medicine with it, rearranging situations, and connecting us to others that have whatever it is our soul needs in order to heal, and further our own creative and spiritual evolution. It’s potent, perhaps even vexing stuff. With a Venus/Uranus sextile in the mix here too, there’s something really freeing, surprising, and totally out of the box about whatever is going on now. Shackles are removed and people want room to maneuver and experiment and explore potentialities and explore their individuality. This could see highly unusual, or otherwise unlikely alliances unfolding for a lot of people, or just very strange interpersonal/creative/and/or financial foundations being laid that could challenge any preconceived notions. New foundations. 

Thanks for reading. Stay curious my friends. See you next Monday.