Astrology For The Week Of Jan 20-26 2020.

Today see’s the Sun enter future oriented, intellectual Aquarius, placing the solar emphasis on change, shock, awakenings, new paths and approaches, and independence/individuation. The Moon today is in philosophical, broad minded Sagittarius conjunct Mars, square Venus and Neptune. This definitely points to a need for broadening our perceptions, expanding our reference points, and following our curiosity and desire to learn, grow and expand, wherever it leads us. Mars squaring Neptune right now is kind of uncomfortable for a lot of people, particularly in regards to others. It’s an astrological signature for confusion, delusion, deceptive actions, denial, evasion, and fugazi. This aspect can dissolve and confuse the will, undermine confidence, or cause disappointments due to overinflated expectations or a lack of realism/overidealization. Best advice while this aspect plays itself out for a while alongside the stellium in Cap, is to reduce your expectations and demands, -particularly of other people-like…….significantly my dudes. The Mars/Neptune square can be used positively in spiritual and creative pursuits. Otherwise, it can be difficult to know quite where to aim the passions or the will because it’s like engaging in archery in extremely heavy fog and the target is moving. Focus on what *you* personally have control over, and what you have working for you, what is benefiting you, what is going well and smoothly for you, and how you can build upon that. Simplify. Place your faith in the control you have over yourself and yourself alone. Everyone is under a lot of pressure right now, wish them luck with their endeavors. Solidarity and an elevated humanitarian outlook is important right now with Mercury in Aquarius. There’s more energy available today with the Moon/Mars conjunction, which is a good thing, because it looks like there’s definitely a lot that needs to be sorted out. There can be some vague frustrations or longings for people to deal with, but this conjunction helps certain energies find constructive outlets, -although it can be harder to express our true feelings, or may even feel pointless to do so. On the positive side, these influences can create a lot of compassion and understanding, and be awesome for creativity, the arts, music, aesthetics, spirituality, and the appreciation of all of these things. I’m listening to this actually, while I’m smashing out this scroll right now, and it’s fucking perfect. This entire album is a hella sick experience, 10/10 recommend. Happy Monday y’all. 

Today see’s the Moon in late Sagittarius build a trine to Uranus in Taurus and a square to Chiron. We might be able to intuit the need to prepare ourselves emotionally for a vast array of variables, unknowns, or possible worst case scenarios, and to innovate. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Mars in Sagittarius forms a sextile to Mercury in “think outside the square” Aquarius, which places an emphasis on expanding our reference points, perspectives, and approaches, shaking things up so that they don’t become stale or stagnant, and breaking out of particular comfort zones, creative or passionate blockages and ruts. Growth is the order of the times and it’s absolutely unavoidable, -which is fresh AF. The later evening hours are dominated by the Moons shift into realistic Capricorn, bringing things very much down to Earth-perhaps with a bit of a bump and a startle, although it appears we’re well equipped to adapt to or manage whatever the circumstances are. The lunar square to Chiron suggests maybe certain realities sting a little, or feel a bit cumbersome, but again, we can improvise, adapt, overcome. Although Venus is exalted in Pisces, and very comfortable there, much of what is going on now is about release, compassion, faith, non attachment, and handing things outside of your control over to the Divine, with love, gratitude, peace, trust, and faith that you will be taken care of and what is truly appropriate and intended for you and for your highest good, will come. Venus in Pisces is about developing a positive and pleasurable relationship with The Void. This is truly the most important relationship of all, and it can’t be supplicated or replicated by anything or anyone else. “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” -Zen proverb.

Today see’s the Moon in serious Capricorn trine Uranus, conjunct Jupiter, and sextile Venus. This can see a modest boost to optimism and stability levels. The perks of our own particular situations can be more obvious today. We can potentially feel more in alignment with the nature of our respective circumstances and even their seeming limitations. There are a variety of possibilities, and each one of us, in our own way, has a great deal of power and blessings at our disposal, in order to manifest solid and real results and major upgrades/up-leveling, somewhere within our lives. No matter what else you have going on in your life that doesn’t make any sense out of or find any guarantees within, somewhere in your life, you have an extremely solid platform to stand on and work up from. Later towards evening, the Moon conjuncts Saturn and Pluto, and sextiles Neptune. With this lunation building up to what will be the New Moon in Aquarius, this energy is excellent for laser focusing the limitless powers of the imagination, intention, vibration, and the will towards the manifestation of a solid new beginning somewhere in our worlds and seriously level the fuck up. Look to the house that Aquarius rules in your chart to see where these new beginnings will occur and unfold for you. 

Today begins on the note of yesterday evenings powerfully focused and somewhat inspired vibe, only today can see a somewhat deadly serious flavor with the lunar conjunctions to Daddy Saturn and powerful Pluto taking center stage for the majority of the day. This is a determined, hard working, somewhat obsessed energy with some serious grit to it. The evening hours see the Moon in late Capricorn build a square to Uranus in Taurus, which will be a major signature of the New Moon in Aquarius. Everyone, on some level right now is being pushed and propelled into major growth right now. Some people may be seeing certain plans, expectations, or hopes thrown into the shredder, issuing the necessity for an entirely new take on things. With Pluto involved in the build up to this New Moon, we can be aware of some inevitability about whatever growth or release  is required of us right now. If you followed my advice at the beginning of the week about reducing your expectations of other people, and haven’t been treating yourself as “plan B”, this energy will be more exciting and easier to see the promise within than it is destabilizing-but it still doesn’t make us immune to potentially intense feelings, of which the New Moon will (perhaps somewhat jarringly) force us into distancing ourselves from in order to funnel obsessive drives into executing practical objectives. These are major overhauls and transformations going on that will take time before we begin to see solid results from them, and could require a lot of adaptation and experimentation, and of course, some level of calculated risk. 


Today see’s the New Moon occur in Aquarius, exact at 1:42 PM PST. This New Moon conjuncts the Sun and Mercury, squares Uranus, and sextiles Chiron. Relations with others necessitate the impetus for growth, healing, detachment, an elevated and humane perspective, and most importantly, -individuation. Other people, and ourselves need a lot of space and independence under this math.  This new Moon can see some unexpected developments, unorthodox situations, and wild cards, that actually contain the precise medicine we happen to need. It may be weird as hell, or just outside a comfort zone, but it actually has a lot of healing inside of it. The Moon is not a comfortable placement for Aquarius, as Aquarius prefers a more cerebral, detached, and objective approach to life, and certainly to the feelings, which the Moon presides over, so these configurations can call for some radical detachment, and improvisation. The nervous system can be pretty revved up under this math, so give yourself plenty of space to absorb any shocks to the system. There can be a lot to take in, and a great deal of communication going on, some of which may be shocking, surprising, or just totally unanticipated. Not necessarily in a terrible way either, the lunar sextiles to Chiron in Aries suggest that something we hear, learn, read, observe, or talk about now can help to fortify our courage and confidence levels.  Whatever transpires is definitely pushing us into a massive growth spurt towards healing and further self actualization. It’s…interesting to say the least, and far from feeling bored we could actually feel a bit over excited and overstimulated. New Moons can sometimes be kind of draining, so try to avoid overtaxing the nervous system with too rigid a schedule, (and expecting a lot of other people- be your own plan A), as this energy can contain a lot of unexpected plot twists that could actually mock our attempts to have a set schedule and itinerary. This is some very random and improvisational energy that requires room for spontaneity and the ability to think quickly on your toes. It could be a busy and exciting beginning to the weekend. Boredom is a non issue. 

Today see’s the Moon in mad scientist Aquarius conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars, suggesting Saturday is a talkative, adventurous, fun, passionate, active, and rather busy day. The focus can definitely be on expanding our horizons and perspectives, and just overall shaking out any stale AF energy. This looks to be an overall highly entertaining day and we can delight in learning, doing, or trying new things, making new friends, meeting new people, frequenting new places, or otherwise just doing something totally different. It could be a breath of fresh air. With the Moon and Mercury trine to Juno in Libra, this suggests that somehow this involves relationships with other people, and there’s an opportunity here to shake things up in a positive way in regards to these. We can also feel somewhat challenged or uncertain, or perhaps a tad under confident due to the Mars/Neptune square we’ve been under, but the lunar sextile to Mars in Sagittarius increases curiosity and the passion and motivation to follow it down some interesting rabbit hole or other. Mars in Sagittarius say’s “ If we’re not on some kind of adventure, quest, or pilgrimage,- if we’re not fucking learning, if we’re not fucking curious, -we’re not fucking living.” 

Today begins with the Moon still in Aquarius for the first half of the day, shifting into empathic, spiritual, and sensitive Pisces at 3:44 PM PST. This see’s the day transpire in two acts. In the first half, we dance distantly and tentatively around certain emotions, perhaps new ones, that we’ve recently encountered, that we were perhaps wary of and approached like an alien landing in our back yard. So with a very long stick, a pen, and notebook. The second half of the day see’s a plunging into the feelings, and embracing the freak weirdness of it all , settling into whatever this new situation is that’s taking form. There could be a sort of cathartic or liberating release, or maybe even just inspiration. Not everything makes sense, but it doesn’t have to, sometimes absurdism is good medicine when applied in praxis in the correct dosages. There can still be a lack of clarity, unknowns, secrecy, deception, self delusion, fears, perhaps feelings of isolation or separation from others, unfulfilled longings, sacrifice, or an otherwise foggy fugazi present that could become more acutely highlighted on Monday, -and this is particularly in regards to relationships. Compassion, empathy, understanding, and spirituality, is all very important under the Pisces lunation, especially considering the potential need for particular sacrifices being made by ourselves and/or others, whether temporarily, -or indefinitely. Be kind. This lunation is one of release, forgiveness, and letting go, and freeing ourselves from illusions, fears, judgement, -and an ultimately false sense of separation. Accept the good medicine that is available and freely and organically offered up within all of your interactions with gratitude, respect, and reverence, and make no further demands of them. Emphasize the sacredness within all of it. Make peace with the void. 


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