Saturday, January 28, 2023



This week kicks off with the Moon in Gemini. There’s drive and motivation to spare with the Moon conjunct Mars and trine the Sun in Aquarius, but is also squaring Venus in Pisces. This, along with the fact that Mercury is still catching up to speed and sorting itself out, suggests that there’s still some muddles to wade through before things can become more ideal. However, there’s plenty of drive and motivation today, and with Mercury trine Uranus, new approaches and innovative ideas represent a sort of touch and go process. Even if you experience minor setbacks, the progressive nature of these configurations far outweighs the disadvantages of new methods. Today, and this week can be productive as long as you can resist the temptation to feel demoralized by uncertainties. Venus builds a tense square to Mars this week, which can see some impatience for progress, and confusion around certain initiatives or relationships, with the potential for minor annoyances. There may also be a blinding focus on certain goals that can create a certain detachment or aloofness interpersonally (or there can be some really bizarre interpersonal or social situations that need to be handled with care and maybe some caution.) The week ends on a climactic note, with a full Moon in Leo which emphasizes a strong desire for change via innovative approaches. There can be shocks and surprises this week, and things can get interesting.


The Moon is trine the Sun, conjunct Mars and square Neptune, going on to trine Saturn, which can see a desire to overcome hurdles and get a foothold over muddles, confusion, and things interfering with a flow. There can be confusion and distracting energy, but it can also be good for receptivity and creative thinking. The evening see’s a more stable confidence settle into the atmosphere, where things can begin to feel more manageable. The Sun trine Mars is eager for progress, and even though there’s still uncertainty around certain issues, Mercury trine Uranus is good at creative problem solving and seeing something through. New structures, agreements,  ideas, systems and practices are being put into place. 


The early morning can see a focus on planning and scheduling, and trying to work out the timing and optics of certain meetings, events, or initiatives. There can be a sense of just sort of winging it to a certain extent, with the Moon trine Saturn and semisquare Uranus. Things can be up in the air, and there’s a push here to create more structure and consistency. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 12:11 PM PST, where it forms a trine to Venus and a square to Jupiter, which can see things feel more comfortable and begin to gel. Innovative approaches can work out better than anticipated, and this can boost optimism levels. Creativity, imagination and intuition can flow nicely. This can help in forming workable rhythms and strategies going forward. Jupiter, Juno, and Chiron all very close together can see beneficial alliances, where people can help each other out by complementing one another’s respective strengths and weaknesses. 


The Moon in Cancer is opposite Mercury and sextile Uranus while trine Venus today, suggesting another day for creative flow and innovation. The Sun will perfect a square to Uranus this evening at 14 degrees, and this can see some unexpected revelations, curve balls or surprises. This can highlight some highly unusual people, circumstances, approaches, or situations. With the Sun also trine Mars, there’s a very spicy and willful nature to this configuration that can see a lot of determination to break free and push through barriers to progress. The Moon opposite Mercury can see some indecision, and a need to get the mind and the feelings to cooperate. There can be some self doubt until a balance is struck between the two. Listen to your body wisdom, and don’t bypass the physical, as it’s important to remain grounded. Today can see the potential for some pleasant surprises, but the Moon square Chiron can also see some sensitivity and an awareness of weaknesses or vulnerable points. It can also see a lot of empathy.


The Moon in Cancer is trine Neptune and opposite Mercury, going on to oppose Pluto and quincunx Saturn. This can see a great deal of sensitivity in communications, and there can even be some sob stories that can play upon the feelings. This isn’t to downplay legitimate suffering in the world, but take care to exercise caution if you feel particularly taken in by others woes or feel called to play savior or be a hero, especially if you don’t have your own situation fully secured. The lead up to the Full Moon can see an element of drama and mystery under the surface. Today’s lunar quincunx to Saturn see’s some caution in the face of heavy handed tactics or intense situations or discussions. Be kind to others, but don’t drop the ball on your own life. This math can also see an intense focus on a goal or objective, and the Moon trine Neptune can see the imagination highly active. There may be a need to pair back or create boundaries to remain focused and not be lead astray. There can be creative transformation and inspiration in the air this evening. Intensity can be channeled into constructive outlets.  


The Moon enters Leo at 12:48 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Jupiter, Chiron, and Juno. This configuration screams “muse.” There can be something to feel excited, encouraged, and inspired about, and as the Moon grows full, intensity can be building. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars, seeing a lot of motivation, spice, and drive. Big charm , creative flair, and charisma, this can also see competitive instincts aroused. Leo is a risk taking sign, and these configurations can instill courage. There may even be something to celebrate or feel happy and excited about. There can be a bit of a party atmosphere, and a desire to let your hair down and be more playful, creative, or expressive can dominate.


The Full Moon is exact at 10:29 AM, at 16 degrees Leo. This decan of Leo is associated with the 6 of wands, a card of victory, triumph, and success, oftentimes in a very public way. There can be opportunities for a rise in position here, that present equally important opportunities to refine the character. No other time is humility and virtue of character more important than when you are on a winning streak. Victory of any kind can be the biggest test to ones moral constitution and character that exists. This Full Moon is square Uranus and trine Chiron, which can present opportunities to shine and be valued for your own unique gifts, and even use them for the benefit of others. There can be some unexpected or erratic curve balls thrown into routines, and as the day wears on into evening, the Moon opposes Saturn, which can see duties or responsibilities looming that can add a seriousness to the party atmosphere. Today’s configurations can showcase progressive and encouraging trends, but also bring home the importance of not sitting on your laurels. For progress and success to continue, the hard work, discipline, consistency and dedication that brought it to you must continue. Next week can see a lot of pressure to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and eliminate weak links or unworkable approaches or dynamics. 

Sunday, January 22, 2023



Everything is direct, and now things can begin to fall into a flow state. The early morning see’s the Moon in community oriented Aquarius conjunct Venus and Saturn. This is the kind of alignment that takes pleasure in being structured, ambitious, innovative, diplomatic and prepared. There can be a sense of stability with an eye on future trends, alliances, networking, and community building. There is a lot of creative innovation going on, and a desire to build up momentum. The Moon heads into imaginative Pisces at 9:36 AM PST, where it will go on to square Mars. This can see a tension between a desire for movement, momentum and productivity, and a need for rest, reflection, and dreaming. It’s great for creativity, but it can feel a bit like running with ankle weights on at times. People can be off in their own worlds, so this math is best for being quietly productive behind the scenes, and can see people trying to limit too many distractions. If you’re waiting to hear back from certain folks, the evening time see’s a lunar sextile to Mercury, where people can be more likely to be responsive, but with Mercury in Capricorn, words can be sparse.


The Moon in Pisces is trine Pallas, conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus, which can see a focus on innovative strategies and behind the scenes activity. The Sun in Aquarius trine Mars and sextile Jupiter is enthusiastic for progress and momentum, with an enterprising and goal oriented focus. Mercury is picking up steam after stationing direct and is trine Uranus, which can see new ideas being put into practice and an organization and streamlining process underway. There’s a desire here to overcome the weaknesses and sense of inadequacy indicated by Mercury square Chiron. The Pisces lunation can see energy a bit low at times in the face of a strong desire to be 12 steps ahead of where you currently are. Although the day can have a sleepy and dreamy backdrop, forward momentum is picking up speed in regards to certain endeavors. Tomorrow can see visible signs of positive change that can fuel motivation levels and provide encouragement.


Early morning see’s the Moon in late Pisces sextile Pluto, which can see a powerful determination to make dreams a reality in some regard. The morning can start off on a highly idealistic note with a strong motivation to see something through or push for a breakthrough. Even if energy levels are dragging a bit or there’s a bit of weakness, the lunar sextile to Pluto can assist with digging into reserves and summoning the willpower to conquer the day. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 10:48 AM PST, where it conjoins Jupiter and Juno, sextile’s the Sun, and makes a semisquare to Uranus. There can be some positive surprises or unexpected boosts surrounding friendships, social networks, groups, or happiness goals. Certain partnerships, business or personal, can begin to show their merits, or new opportunities can present themselves, even if the spotlight is on autonomy, individuation, and independent initiatives. Relationships to people or organizations that have a shared vision, mutual respect for autonomy, and support personal growth, self cultivation, empowerment and expansion are highlighted. Optimism, ambition, and self assurance around new systems, approaches, alliances, or paths can begin to grow, along with motivation levels. Things are looking up.


The Moon in independent Aries is square Mercury and semisquare Venus while conjunct Chiron, which can see some indecision around a strategy or approach. For some, this could be around business or commercial matters, for others, social or interpersonal plans or dynamics can be a subject of thought, planning, or careful rumination in the first part of today. If you don’t know what to do, or are unsure about an action plan or discussion, don’t force it. Go with the flow. Inspiration will move you into the right direction. Venus enters Pisces at 6:33 PM PST, where the planet of love, money, pleasure, and aesthetics is exalted. Old ways of doing things are being left behind, and a new, more comfortable set of circumstances or dynamics are being settled into. Venus makes herself at home, builds a luxurious shrine, and settles into her throne here. The house ruled by Pisces in your natal chart calls you to do the same. Make this house into a castle, an ashram, a sacred space of worship and wonder. A place where the divine merges seamlessly with the mundane and becomes manifest in terra firma, yet remains uncorrupted by the banality of existence. Cleanse this space. Light a candle. Say a prayer. You will build a shrine here. Repeat after me: This shrine will be unfuckwithable.


The early morning see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Saturn , semisquare Mars, and square Pluto. This math is a determined, well oiled machine. In spite of the fact that much is still in the beta stages of development, there is a willful determination and unstoppable willpower that can be summoned here. The Moon builds a sextile to Venus as it reaches the late degrees of Aries, which can see us motivated by a dream and there can actually be the promise of some sort of tangible reward around the corner. The Moon enters money bags Taurus at 3:42 PM,  where it is exalted. With both the Moon and Venus (ruler of Taurus) exalted and in aspect to each other, along with the fact that Uranus is now moving forward in Taurus, this can highlight new pathways for growth, helpful people, and harmony. This is a sweet but brief lunar aspect that should be taken advantage of. Look to the areas of your chart ruled by Taurus and Pisces and work with this superlative harmony. Not as powerful as a trine, but still noteworthy. Things can flow so smoothly that it can actually be surprising. 


The Moon in Taurus is square the Sun in Aquarius, trine Mercury and conjunct Uranus, which can see some surprise news, communications, or a focus on taking well timed, calculated risks. Mercury and Uranus perfect a trine today at 14 degrees, doubly emphasizing the potential for surprise reveals, curve balls out of left field, or just strokes of genius, inspiration, and “aha” moments. There can be an ongoing organization process, and people can still be adapting to new routines, systems and approaches, and making tweaks and adjustments as they gather more information and feedback on their respective life experiments. With Mercury in Capricorn on track to eventually perfect a conjunction to Pluto on February 10th, not only are there a lot of upgrades, changes in perspective, and reorganization processes underway, but also research and development. There can also be some deep digging and investigative processes going on in the background that can continue to unearth new, wild information. Information gleaned today can be helpful for informing new strategies and approaches, and it can also encourage us to continue with experiments and approaches that are yielding positive results. Tomorrow can shine more light on the progress of initiatives, efforts and endeavors, and what is working, and what still needs more elbow grease. 


The Moon in Taurus is square Saturn, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. While the Sun in Aquarius in trine to Mars is an unstoppable force of motivation sent straight from the future, the Moon in Taurus is in the here and now. The lunar square to Saturn makes a thorough, critical assessment in order to continue to maximize potentials even more. There can be a keen eye on investments of time, energy and resources into certain projects, initiatives, or dynamics. Deep reserves of power, resources, or resilience can be dipped into, and this math can see people focused on practicalities, time management, and preparing to double down in the week ahead, as if to make up for lost time. The Moon in Taurus trine Pluto can have a pleasantly obsessive focus that can be buried in the pragmatic realities that encompass building an empire. “Happiness in slavery” by Nine Inch Nails comes to mind. The lunar square to Saturn and sextile to Neptune can see a sort of myopia that stubbornly but politely excuses itself from whatever or whoever doesn’t directly involve the ring of power. Tomorrow see’s potentially alienating levels of willpower. The Sun square Uranus will continue to grow stronger which emphasizes the need to individuate and do your own thing. “I’m walkin’ here!” This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but just understand that some people are simply a bullet train and they aren’t making any pit stops or taking any side quests right now.

Monday, January 16, 2023



This week see’s Mercury station direct the same day the Sun perfects a conjunction to powerful Pluto (Wednesday), along with a New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday, followed by Uranus stationing direct on Sunday. Venus also perfects a conjunction to Saturn this weekend, while the Sun enters Aquarius as well. All that being said, Mars is now direct and ready to roll, but Mercury in Capricorn has to set the perimeters, rules, structures, or lay down some finishing touches to new foundations first, which can be what this week is largely about. Wednesday can mark some key turning points, meetings, or upgrades. There still may need to be patience around practicalities, but there is movement or notable progress. Next week can be when things really begin to gel, and a more productive and efficient pace can begin to be set forth in earnest. We begin the week with the Moon in sensitive Scorpio, squaring Venus, sesquisquare Jupiter, opposite Uranus, and trine Neptune. There’s an excitement here for change and progress, with high ideals, but there’s also a need to go with the flow and not push the river or try to force things. Venus square Uranus just now is eager for change, novelty, evolution, and freedom to experiment. This will have to be negotiated within a certain framework or structure. Changes instigated can be gradual and constructive so that everyone has time to adjust. The Sun conjunct Pluto is uncompromising, willful, and wrestling with complex power dynamics, power grabs, old money, established bonds/established power, the illumination of buried things, and realization of powerful goals and drives. If you’re operating in integrity, you’ve got nothing to worry about, and can make some powerful changes for the better. Things can come to the surface between now and Feb 10 (Mercury direct conjunct investigative Pluto), on into March, and beyond.


The Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius at 9:33 AM PST, to oppose Mars and trine Jupiter and Juno in Aries. There’s a spunk and optimism in the air, and possibilities can seem more expansive. There can be a tendency towards zealotry here, where people push their viewpoints, desires, politics, or dogmas vigorously on the one hand, or a simple impatience or impetuosity (hoof in mouth syndrome?) around communications. It can be easy to say too much, overshare, oversell, or get carried away. Maybe “the current thing” has people on some tangent or other. Maybe something or someone simply has our rapt enthusiasm. Regardless of how this plays out, don't let anyone work you up into a reactionary or needlessly defensive state. This small potentiality aside, it can be a productive and motivated day. The Sun conjunct Pluto is extremely driven and focused, and commands respect, while Venus getting closer to Saturn aims to reduce clutter, static, and create order from chaos. Mercury tends to be most goofy when it’s about to station, and is currently quincunx Mars, which can tend to scatter the energies, or push us to respond to things, speak, or commit to plans or assessments before we’ve really thought things through or tuned into our bodies. Less is more, (I cannot overstate this) and giving certain discussions or facts a little more time to fully set in can be wise. People can be distracted with much going on, but there can be a hopefulness and anticipation around certain endeavors that boosts morale. A certain zeal, passion, and candidness carries the day. 


Mercury in 8 degrees Capricorn stations direct at 5:12 AM PST, highlighting the importance of tuning into the wisdom of the body, staying focused, and having patience to see something through. Blocks and delays can begin to be released, and things can begin to move forward with more flow and efficiency. The Sun and Pluto perfect their conjunction today at 28 degrees, which can see such intensive focus on something in fact that it can put everything else into the background for the time being. Today can see some important breakthrough points or up-leveling. There’s a sort of ruthless ambition here that can have blinders on. There can be some creative experimenting going on or something or someone enters the fold or shows up in the snail mail or the inbox that changes potentialities significantly, or helps to create more order. Something can also be revealed that can give much to be reflected upon. The evening time can see people become a bit more personable, but there’s still a certain air of aloofness, absent minded professor, or preoccupation here with something that creates a certain distance in exchanges, even if there’s things to be excited about. It’s almost as if someone feels guilty for not being more present or responsive, and comes up for air from their weird little projects, puppet collection, experiments, or obsessions to demonstrate that they’re still human. You may find yourself feeling like you have to explain yourself or excuse yourself for your focus, drive, preoccupations, or you can find yourself on the receiving end of someone explaining why they’re hanging out in a basement or lost the ability to answer calls. In either case, Mercury's forward motion can see things starting to get back on track. The evening can be pleasant, creative, and imaginative, with the Moon sextile Venus in Aquarius and square Neptune. New possibilities, acquisitions, or connections can bristle with promise. 


Early morning see’s the Moon in late Sagittarius squaring Neptune, which can start the day in a head in the clouds sort of way that can be dreaming up new possibilities and excited to make progress. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:11 AM PST, where it conjoins Mercury (now direct), squaring Jupiter and Juno, while sesquisquare Uranus. It can feel like it’s about to be all systems go in just a matter of time, and ambition around a project or endeavor can be palpable. The Moon conjunct Mercury in Capricorn can highlight business communications, or a focus on practicalities and creative changes, often on a very physical level. There can be a need to rearrange things to accommodate upgrades, new possibilities, or new ways of doing things. It’s time to turn thought into action. Mercury semisquare Saturn while quincunx Mars suggests there’s still a need for patience in some regard. It can also point to some tension due to outside pressure, or not being on the same page as others somehow. It can also simply represent the eagerness Mars has to get started already, complete a process or seal a deal. It’s important to be patient with results and to prioritize efficiently, but equally important to cut your losses, abandon lost causes, or recognize when something is simply out of your hands, so that energy can be put to more constructive use. Things need to be done differently, and there can be a reorganization underway. 


The Sun enters Aquarius at 12:30 AM PST. Happy birthday Aquarius! Here, the Sun is still close to Pluto, while building a sextile to Jupiter and will eventually enliven Mars in Gemini. Now things can really begin to get interesting. The Moon in ambitious Capricorn is still conjunct Mercury and trine Uranus, which can see more communications or upgrades rolling in, technological or otherwise, that can help advance things along a smooth path. The Moon is square Chiron, which can see some sensitivity in the air. It’s a possibility that certain folks feel put off by the rather freedom oriented mathscape that can tend to create a sort of independent and aloof detachment in social or personal relationships. Under Jupiter and Juno in Aries, with Venus, Saturn, and now the Sun in Aquarius, it’s important for people to be able to hold their own in personal or social interactions, or in the very least, try to reduce dependencies or expectations for the time being, as this energy is geared towards self empowerment, and at it’s finest, mutual advancement for the good of all. As long as there is a mutual respect for autonomy and individuation, these configurations shouldn’t be a problem. However, there may be some folks who could use some subtle reassurance. It’s possible that a certain quest, goal, or desire of ones own can feel oddly alienating or even downright isolating at times, even if things are copacetic socially or interpersonally, or the path chosen, (whatever it may be) is a voluntary one. 


Early Morning see’s the Moon conjunct Pluto, which can see a contained but compelling passion and intensity under the surface. There can be a focus on milestones achieved, duties performed, structures or rules abided by or established, as an intensive process has reached a new level as obstacles to progress are cleared away. The Moon enters future oriented and emotionally detached Aquarius at 10:29 AM PST, and the New Moon perfects at 12:53 PM PST at 1 degree Aquarius, where it forms a conjunction to intense Pluto, a hopeful and pioneering sextile to Jupiter and a trine to motivated Mars, along with a sextile to Juno. This New Moon is an interesting one. It can feel simultaneously liberating, empowering, and cooperative (on the surface), but it’s not without complexity. Mercury making minor tense aspects to Venus, Saturn and Mars can highlight negotiations, trades, deals, or discussions around shared power dynamics or agreed upon rules and restrictions. The “rules of engagement” can be a subtle factor surrounding certain communications. This face of Aquarius is associated with intentional exile, breaking away from the herd, to enjoy personal freedom, but also to work and think diligently towards ones own ends without interference. Some may experience this exile by force, others, by act of liberation. This decan of Aquarius is ruled by the 5 of swords, a highly complex card. There may be a feeling of defeat that accompanies the necessary accepting of terms or losses. Conversely, there is a willing exile due to certain interactions or arrangements not living up to standard, or there is a healthy self interest or sense of personal justice that becomes impossible to reconcile within the confines of current arrangements. In either case, there is a need here to break away from something and accept total isolation from that person or thing, or accept a workable compromise graciously in order to get your needs met, -all while remaining totally authentic to yourself. Either way, it can be experienced as liberation. This New Moon represents a more thorough investment of energies, nurturing and resources into a particular direction, which means the necessary phasing out of something else. It can be very freeing.


Happy Lunar New Year, year of the water rabbit. The Moon in Aquarius is trine Mars while square Uranus and sextile Chiron. There’s a lot of movement, motion, and motivation. This is a refreshing energy that can be experienced as revitalizing and reinvigorating, especially after the retrogrades. Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius, stations direct at 2:59 PM PST today, seeing all planets direct. Things can finally begin to gain some traction now. The Moon goes on to conjoin Venus and Saturn, while still squaring Uranus. Relationships, creative endeavors, group projects, friendships, or business deals can be getting really interesting now, and there can be some unusual or unexpected alliances, attractions, offers, or meetings. There can be a positive sense that things are stabilizing while simultaneously, new possibilities are opening up. The Moon conjunct Saturn can see an element of shyness around relationships to a certain degree. There can be something odd or unusual about certain dynamics, but circumstances can also be fascinating and refreshing. The Sun sextile Jupiter is a feel good, friendly, and generous energy, and the day can have an overall feeling of contentment, aliveness, progression, and accomplishment. There can be comfortable gatherings with close friends and family, or a general focus on enjoyment, creativity, beautifying surroundings and setting a new precedent for a new life chapter. 

Monday, January 9, 2023



The week begins with the Moon in courageous Leo, trine Chiron and square Uranus, and going on to oppose Saturn. There’s a fighting spirit to these configurations that call for resilience and a summoning of inspiration and motivation levels. Mars is the star of the show this week, as we see it’s direct station on Thursday. Wherever you are hosting this transit is calling extra attention this week, and there’s a strong desire to see improvements and progress in this area. Today’s configurations highlight adaptability to change, and a need to stay motivated and overcome challenges. Mercury in Capricorn square Chiron is a bit of an Eyeore influence, which poses a challenge to overcome a natural pessimism that can can tend to accompany a starkly realistic outlook. Pessimism has it’s utility and function and isn’t entirely useless. It can be helpful for eliminating a lack of realism or wasteful endeavors, but too much of it can paralyze progress and destroy motivation. Venus perfects a beautiful trine to Mars today at 8 degrees, and in air signs, this highlights encouraging communications and a supportive sense of community. There may be some challenges or setbacks to overcome, but this configuration provides the spark of motivation and innovation needed to keep the beat going strong. Uplifting connections and support from surprising corners can be highlighted. In some cases, friends can become lovers. Lovers can become friends. In the very least, interesting dynamics and creative breakthroughs are a part of the picture.


The Moon enters improvement oriented Virgo at 7:15 AM PST, making a quincunx to Jupiter, which can see an eagerness for progress, problem solving, and productivity. Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini is personable, innovative, curious, and eager to try new things. There’s a desire for change and creative turning points here, and the Moon goes on to square Mars as the day wears on into evening, building a trine to Mercury Rx in Capricorn and Uranus Rx in Taurus. This can see some pressure, nervousness or anxiety around communications, or simply a restless desire to make positive changes. It can be easy to see what needs improving, and there can be a desire to push for breakthroughs, up the ante, or negotiate new deals or terms. Venus grants Mars certain permissions, and there can be constructive conversations, agreements or offers on the table, or new and innovative approaches being entertained. With Mercury still retrograde until the 18th, it’s a good time to observe and reflect on information. Things will begin to pick up steam towards the end of January at the New Moon in Aquarius followed by Uranus stationing direct on the Lunar New Year (Year of the Rabbit). 


The Moon in Virgo is trine the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus today while opposite Neptune. A lunar sextile to Pallas suggests a wait and see approach, while Mercury Rx gathers intelligence and assesses the facts. These configurations are excellent for creative problem solving and coming up with new, enterprising ideas. There can be interesting discussions or offers on the table. Venus trine Mars and in tension to Uranus is restless and eager to break out of glass ceilings and any patterns of stagnation, but with Venus headed towards a conjunction to Saturn, timing is important, as is preserving structures and foundations that are working well and stand to pay off in the future. The Moon opposite Neptune can swing from hope to pessimism in the evening. An overall uncertainty can fuel the imagination and prompt creative thinking. The Virgo lunation emphasizes a focus on problem solving and an improvement of circumstances across the board. 


This morning see’s the Moon trine the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, while still opposite Neptune. There’s an ambitious start to the day, and although aims and desires are clear, (even a bit obsessive), prospects are less so, or ambitions can feel daunting. This doesn’t stop a desire to see something through or make progress, but energy levels can be low or there can be distractions, vague aches and pains, or other issues to contend with that subtly slow things down. Not to worry. Mars stations direct at 12:56 PM PST at 8 degrees Gemini, which can see some decisive moves that represent make or break moments which can help determine the direction of things going forward. We won’t be out of the woods of the Mars shadow phase until March, and with Mercury (squaring Chiron ) still retrograde until the 18th, there’s still more data to gather and patterns to observe, (and Mercury square Chiron can feel kind of depressing at times). With Mars picking up forward motion, things can begin to become more decisive. If you're feeling down right now, take heart. You'll get your groove back, and get back on top of things. The Moon enters Libra at 6:56 PM PST, forming a trine to Mars and an opposition to Jupiter, which highlights deals, trades, negotiations, collaborations and team efforts that can be mutually beneficial. A sort of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” motif can help smooth the way forward for everyone involved. A desire to advance or expand highlights clever compromises and helpful alliances.


The Moon in Libra is square Mercury Rx in Capricorn while trine Venus and Mars and opposite Jupiter and Chiron while square Hygeia. This can highlight helping people who are struggling, or being helped if you happen to be struggling. Health and healing can be highlighted. Whatever the case, working together with others cooperatively factors into the Libra lunation. The Sun sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto suggests not everything is so straightforward or clear cut, and this applies to solutions, projects, dynamics, as well as what’s motivating others. If there’s any disparity in power dynamics, it’s important to ensure that everyone’s best interests are being considered. That aside, this math can see constructive meetings or discussions, and plans or strategies being incubated. It can be excellent for creative brainstorming, getting feedback, pep talks, and bouncing ideas off of others, as well as forging meaningful connections. Those with power, skills, or resources can help assist those in weaker positions, either through wise advice, being a wingman, or through generosity of pocket or of soul. There can be valuable trades, swaps, offers, introductions, or networking opportunities. Love, romance, creativity, and harmony can help grease the social gears this evening, kicking the weekend off on a charmed note. Juno, the relationship asteroid, enters independent and headstrong Aries at 10:30 PM PST, signaling a more decisive time interpersonally that has less patience for stagnancy, waffling, or vague incongruence. 


The Moon in Libra is square the Sun, sesquisquare Mars, quincunx Neptune, trine Saturn, strengthening a square to Pluto in the evening. There can be some frustrated passions or an inner restlessness that can call people to think outside of the box for fun and enjoyment. Venus square Uranus is fascinated, fascinating, and craves rapture, novelty and excitement, which can see some unusual behavior in ourselves or others. If you’re trying to stick to the straight and narrow, a budget, or some kind of path of reform, these maths can produce some weird temptations or wild hairs out of the blue that can be difficult to resist, especially in the evening hours. Conversely, you can find new and creative ways to satiate a desire for entertainment and stimulation that won’t cost you a fortune (or self respect), or take you off of a desired trajectory. The Moon trine Saturn encourages thrift and simplicity, while Venus square Uranus is electric, eccentric, colorful and creative at best, and a restless and reckless gambler at worst. There’s a happy medium that’s both safe yet exciting enough to scratch an itch, that karma won’t reprimand you too much for later. Venus will eventually perfect a conjunction to Saturn, so it’s important not to lose sight of the long term. 


The Moon enters seductive Scorpio at 4:08 AM PST, opposing wild Uranus and sextile Mercury Rx in Capricorn. There can be surprise communications or revealing insights that can help inform decisions next week and beyond. The Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus can stir up deep, instinctual urges buried in the cockles of the individual and collective grundle. With Juno, the relationship asteroid now in Aries, romantic relationships can require more room to breathe. Desires around relationships can become more straightforward and uncompromising. Sports, physical activity, play sparring, martial arts, or showing off your elaborate sword collection to potential love interests can be good ways to bond or blow off steam during this cycle. Aries is ruled by Mars, and wants to get to the point. If there’s no passion or physical chemistry, and things feel indifferent, convoluted or confusing, (or conversely, smothering, manipulative or controlling), Juno in Aries will go fight in some war or just opt to be alone. Passion (or it’s lack), along with respect for personal autonomy can be a driving force in relationships. If there’s something you want interpersonally, Juno in Aries, with the ruler of Aries now direct, is the time to grow a spine and consider being more up front and action oriented, as there’s little tolerance for ambivalence.

Monday, January 2, 2023



Today starts with the Moon exalted in Taurus trine Mercury Rx, Pluto, and Venus in the anaretic degree of Capricorn, while squaring Saturn and sextile Neptune and Juno. Huge leaps forward have been established, peak experiences have been reached, but there is still much work to be done to maintain steady gains and upward momentum. The Taurus lunation is easy going, ambling, and indulgent, preferring a leisurely pace, but the Cap stellium pushes for progress, which can amount to striking a balance between the two, seeing a slow but constructive day. Communications are highlighted, and there can be an odd mixture of practicality, celebrating gains, with an eye on yet even higher goals, along with a dollop of deeper or weightier issues being grappled with, processed, or transmuted in the background that can see confidences being shared, agreements being struck, or shoulders being leaned on. An earthy but goal oriented mathscape, with Venus in the critical degree of Capricorn, there’s an onward and upward atmosphere that’s oriented towards future possibilities. The Moon sextile’s Jupiter as the day wears on, seeing a lot of optimism and drive around goals and ambitions. There’s everything to play for, and signs of progress have been encouraging. Venus enters Aquarius at 6:09 PM PST, followed by the Moon entering inquisitive Gemini at 6:44 PM PST, seeing yet another shift in the playing field as new levels have been unlocked that provide more variety, and beckons to be explored.


The Moon in Gemini is conjunct Mars Rx and trine Venus at the zenith point of Aquarius, while semisquare Mercury this morning, seeing the morning start off on a motivated note. This makes for a surprisingly smooth transition considering Mercury, Mars and Uranus are all retrograde. It can feel like it’s all systems go, in spite of certain delays or obstacles slowing things down. There’s an eagerness to take initiative, explore various possibilities, and experiment, even an urgency to convey a message. New information or insights can illuminate unexplored options, solutions or possibilities. This can see some people more talkative and sociable than normal, and there can be a lot of running around, errands, short distance travel, or things to do. Venus sextile Jupiter can see a lot of optimism around happiness goals, seeing supportive interactions that provide encouragement without being smothering or controlling. Today can be productive, busy, motivated and talkative, but the Moon conjunct Mars can feel a bit pressed, nervous or irritable at times.


The Moon in Gemini is trine Saturn and square Neptune and Juno. This can see a desire to sort something (or someone) out, to determine what (or who) is workable. If something or someone insists on being mysterious, elusive, or unreachable, it makes more sense to work with elements and people that are reliable, clear cut and get guaranteed results. This math can see new structures or dynamics emerging that have more stability. The lunar trine to Saturn is focused and determined, while the square to Neptune is sensitive, empathic, creative, and wistful, which can see moods swing here and there, but the day has a productive and stable backbone that’s able to cut through any fog, uncertainty, or potential ulterior motives to keep things above board. There can be a need to combat low energy at times to keep things on task and running smoothly. Getting the facts around situations and eliminating unnecessary haze or confusion is a key theme today, as is having empathy for others while they get their bearings. Being or having a stable shoulder to lean on during uncertainty can factor into the equation. The Moon goes void of course after 4 PM PST, seeing a reflective early evening. 


The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 6:15 AM PST, where it squares Jupiter and Chiron. This can see a strong desire to get cozy and make things as comfortable as possible. The Cancer lunation highlights striking a balance between outer ambitions, achieving goals, and the inner life and domestic sphere, the root system which supports a steady upward ascent. The lunar square to Chiron is sensitive and aware of weaknesses in foundations, and there can be a need here for some self nurturing or nurturing loved ones. The lunar square to Jupiter can see heightened emotions, optimism, generosity, compassion, as well as self determination. There can be a focus on a strong support system or inner circle. The Rocky theme song comes to mind. The Moon is waxing to full by tomorrow afternoon, so hunkering down and creating space for the inner life, emotions, family, roots, and nurturing activities that nourish the spirit is apropos. A new era is kicking off.


The Moon in Cancer opposes Mercury, squares Chiron and sextile’s Uranus, which can see a need to reorient the inner world to catch up with outer changes. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune, seeing exquisite sensitivity and insight into inner processes. The Full Moon is exact at 3:08 PM, at 16 degrees Cancer. This degree of Cancer is associated with the 3 of Cups in the tarot, a card of friendship, emotional support and celebration that takes place in the safety of a walled garden. The various mythos associated with this face of Cancer bring to mind the concept of “good times create weak men”. If you look to your life, you may find that there is much that is actually going quite well, but there may be a longing present, or a nagging feeling that something or someone is missing, and/or that something or someone precious but fragile needs to be protected. Both the Sun and Moon are square Chiron, while the Moon opposes Mercury, sextile’s Uranus and trine’s Neptune. Whatever it is in your life that nags at you as an unresolved issue that lacks absolution is at least partially responsible for spurring you on to ever greater achievements. If every single longing or desire that you have was already satiated, there would be no drive or will to improve, grow, or achieve things in the world. This Full Moon can bring an acute awareness of ones blessings, with a desire to protect and nurture all that is going well, but it can simultaneously highlight a sense of weakness, vulnerability, or longing that can either be coddled and drowned out through unnecessary excesses, or conversely, transmuted into motivation to achieve even greater things. Focusing on protecting and valuing what’s good, without getting overly emotional about whatever is less than ideal can help to free up energy so that it can be used more constructively and to your advantage. Giving or receiving support and protection is highlighted.


The Moon in Cancer is trine Jupiter, Neptune, and Juno, while opposite Pluto. This can see a whole lot of feelings under the surface, and there can be some secret longings, or private difficulties that bring people together or underline the importance of certain bonds. Drives, ideals, and desires are strong, as is the nurturing and protective instinct. The Sun is closely conjunct Mercury Rx, which can see some revealing conversations, conclusions, news, or insights. The Full Moon may have brought up some “make or break” feelings or situations that may see some ruminating or processing over the next two weeks. With Mercury backtracking and not set to station direct until the 18th, and won’t perfect a conjunction to do or die Pluto until Feb 10th, more information has yet to surface, much is still being reoriented. Today can see supportive relationships, and the Moon heads into celebratory Leo at 6:40 PM PST, seeing something to feel optimistic and uplifted about. 


The Moon in Leo makes a morale boosting trine to Jupiter and Chiron, while opposite Venus and sextile Mars. This can see an upbeat and spicy atmosphere that’s keen to make the best of things, focus on the silver linings and what’s working to our advantage. Venus in Aquarius is able to rise above petty annoyances and is keen to innovate and experiment. The Moon squares Uranus in the afternoon, seeing some surprises that are most likely of the pleasant variety. This can see last minute get togethers or spontaneous communications or excursions that are a break from the norm. Relationships can require more space and freedom, or there can be a desire to shake things up with more variety and mental and social stimulation. Tomorrow is back to a grind as the Moon will oppose Saturn, so take care not to throw off your routines too much or make things harder on yourself than they need to be. There may be a need to play catch up on Monday to accommodate any unexpected diversions.

Monday, December 26, 2022



This week see’s the end of this year and the beginning of a new one. The week begins with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, which can see a lot of a work to do and a lot of new things to adapt to. With Venus trine Uranus, and both Venus and Mercury conjunct Pluto, but Mercury not quite reaching Pluto before it stations retrograde on Thursday, this highlights powerful changes and even upgrades being made. In some instances, power dynamics in relationships may need a sea change, so that negative patterns are no longer repeated. In others, Mercury’s backtrack represents a process of adjustment to a series of creative changes that represent major upgrades and strides towards progress. The end of December can see some power moves that open up new possibilities that may take some getting used to, even if they’re ultimately beneficial. For some, this can be a labor of love.


The Moon enters Pisces at 2:34 AM PST, to square Mars Rx in Gemini while sextile the Sun in Capricorn and semisquare Venus and Mercury. This mathscape is creative and experimental in nature, but with a purpose or end goal in mind. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are ambitious, determined, and goal oriented, while the Moon in Pisces square Mars is creative, adaptable, whimsical and excited, almost as if it’s got something up it’s sleeve. There can be inspiration, excitement, and imagination fused together with an enterprising spirit. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus, seeing even more imaginative and experimental energy enter the fore. Today can see some interesting twists, and something can take us by surprise. These configurations are great for creative endeavors of all kinds and can see new ideas emerge around what’s possible. New visions can be tested out over the coming days. The Pisces lunation is a bit sleepy, but the square to Mars calls for activity, so there can be a bit of energetic overwhelm to navigate, but in either case, the day can see inspired initiatives and creative innovations in the works. 


The Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Juno while trine Pallas, makes inspiring sextile’s to Venus and Mercury in Capricorn. This can see imagination fuse with reality in a productive way. There can be constructive meetings or conversations today, or it can be easier to see the possibilities contained within certain situations, dynamics, or projects. Support from behind the scenes can pay off, and there can be strategic advancements.  Mercury and Venus sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto can see behind the scenes creative endeavors, partnerships, talks, money moves, or projects that can shift things significantly and change the playing field considerably. In the very least, there are things in the works that stand to really make an impact. The Moon sextile’s Pluto as the day wears on, and it can feel like a whole new ballpark is being entered into, which is apropos considering the New Year is right around the corner. This can see the year closing out on a bit of a climactic note, with the feeling that much has been achieved, but Mercury’s backtrack will see a need to consolidate achievements and work out the kinks in new arrangements.


Mercury stations retrograde at 1:32 AM PST, and the Moon enters action oriented Aries at 2:36 AM PST while conjunct Jupiter and square the Sun. There is a lot of optimism around new initiatives, projects, dynamics, or a new era that has been kicked off. There’s also a lot of discipline, responsibility or work involved. Mercury stationing retrograde in Capricorn provides an opportunity to get things right going into the new year to get the most out of new structures or agreements set into place. Of course there can be some technical or communication glitches to work out, but there is a lot of promise here. Today can see enthusiasm and excitement around new potentials, and a feeling of growth and expansion. The Moon conjoins Chiron and forms a sextile to Mars while semisquare Saturn as the day wears on, signifying the importance of timing around certain initiatives. There can be compassion and sensitivity, as well as a feeling of vulnerability, but this is a “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of atmosphere. The planets in Capricorn are ambitious and driven, and the Moon in Aries has enthusiasm to spare. 


The Moon squares Mercury, Venus, and eventually Pluto, while sextile Saturn, and this can see a lot of pressure to succeed. Early on, the Moon is still conjunct Chiron, which can see a certain sentimentality or sensitivity as the day begins. As we reach the afternoon and early evening hours, these configurations are seemingly all business. There is a certain grit here that can really knuckle down to a task, with a keen eye on seeing results. This math can also equally see some intense discussions or negotiations on the table to sort out or get to the bottom of. For some, this can see the completion of projects in the works, with an intense amount of focus and determination. With all of these planets in Capricorn, something solid and concrete can be the result of hard work and consistency. There is a focus here on achievement, and a new era can be unlocked as we approach the new year. This is an incredibly driven and ambitious mathscape. There may be an almost obsessive fixation on something, or in the very least, getting something completed or making something happen. This is the kind of math that can see people working themselves into the ground on something. Talks, news, commerce, collaborative projects, and communications are also highlighted, with a bent towards reaching breakthroughs or milestones.


It’s the final day of 2022, and the Moon is void of course at 4:44 AM, seeing a point of reflection after dynamic efforts. The Moon enters easy going and sensual Taurus at 9:08 AM PST, to trine the Sun in Capricorn. This can see a pinnacle being reached, and New Years Eve can see a turning point to celebrate. The Moon conjoins Uranus as the day wears on, which can see excitement in the air, and there may be some surprises or reveals to anticipate which have been the result of a lot of hard work. Venus and Pluto are exactly conjunct at 27 degrees, which can see an intensity permeating relationships, friendships, desires, money situations, ambitions, or creative projects. There’s an obsessiveness and raw power here that can be immensely productive if used constructively, but there can also be elements of intimidation or a hint of the taboo permeating the atmosphere. These configurations can also see some intense and compelling attractions and/or some creative or financial breakthroughs. Transformation, advancement and up-leveling is the dominating theme.  Venus and Pluto together are a deadly serious, sultry, and unstoppable combo. Sometimes Venus and Pluto can highlight taboo desires or relationships, or major transformations via a merging of energies. Intense power dynamics, power disparities, or an interchanging of dominant and submissive roles can factor into certain dynamics. In either case, Venus conjunct Pluto makes people extremely driven about getting what they want and achieving certain goals, positions, breakthroughs, or milestones.  The Moon in Taurus brings a touch of luxury and indulgence to the New Years celebrations. 

SUN JAN 1 2023

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon (exalted) in Taurus both in aspect to Uranus, it can certainly feel like a new year. It doesn't really kick off until March, which brings with it some palpable shifts. Right now, there is a focus on creative breakthroughs or milestone moments. The Moon forms trine’s to both the Sun and Mercury, which can see a certain level of satisfaction around progress that has been made. The Moon conjunct Uranus goes on to square Saturn while trine Mercury, which can highlight creative problem solving and planning ahead. Today’s configurations hint at taking in all the progress that has been made in 2022, with an eye towards making even greater strides in 2023. With Mercury retrograde escorting us into the new year, the way in which we have leveled up, or certain milestones that have been reached can give us a new vantage point and a new perspective on how to proceed, and how best to maximize the potentials available from these new vistas. May your year ahead be filled with blessings, happiness, love, and abundance.

Monday, December 19, 2022



Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus and sextile Venus, while Venus is in trine to Uranus. This, combined with the fact that Jupiter reenters Aries tomorrow suggests that bold initiatives and calculated risks are bubbling and gestating under the surface. There’s a certain wisdom and clout from experience here, with Jupiter in forward motion in the anaretic degree of Pisces in tension with the Sun. Jupiter wants to go all in on impossible dreams. The planetary pile up in Capricorn helps make realistic assessments and wise investments and money moves, but there’s a tinge of rebellion, experimentation and shaking things up here as stagnant ruts and dead ends are risen above and broken away from. This is not without a directed sense of purpose. There can be some nervous tension and underlying instinctual frustration today (Moon quincunx Mars Rx), that can give rise to strange impulses or a strong desire to do things differently or unlock new levels in life. The ambitious energy only grows stronger this week as the Sun enters Capricorn on Wednesday and a New Moon follows suit on Friday, seeing major impulses to upgrade, renovate, level up, and increase a sense of personal agency. Mercury conjunct Venus can highlight upwardly mobile social networking, and meetings, negotiations, pitches, and discussions with VIP power people, or surrounding overall goals and ambitions. 


Jupiter enters Aries once again for it’s final trek through the Ram bright and early at 6:32 AM PST this morning. The Moon in Scorpio is trine Pallas and Juno while trine Neptune and square Saturn. This suggests a strategy, negotiation, meeting, or power point presentation in the works, while working up (or maintaining) the courage and confidence to rise to a challenge. The Moon square Saturn can be a bit cumbersome or imposing early on, and it can feel like there are high expectations to live up to or a lot of responsibilities. Just do what you can, not the most. The Moon heads into buoyant Sagittarius at 11:21 PM PST, seeing more optimism, courage and motivation available. 


Today marks the Winter Solstice, with the Sun making it’s ingress into Capricorn at 1:48 PM PST. The Moon in Sagittarius is trine Jupiter, Chiron and opposite Mars, and this can see a desire to make some bold moves. Keep in mind that Mars is still retrograde. This doesn’t mean that no progress can be made, but playing a long game, keeping expectations realistic, and having patience with results is key. Venus trine Uranus loves surprises, and this can see certain norms, patterns, traditions, structures, or relationships being shaken up, reevaluated, rearranged, reinvented, or looked at in a new way. With the Sun and Hygeia exactly conjunct at the zenith point of Capricorn, there’s an emphasis on health and healing. The stellium in Capricorn is extremely grounded, physical, somatic, and anchored. In Sagittarius, the Sun identified new territories, and in Capricorn, the Sun endeavors to secure a new position and set roots. The Sun’s ingress can highlight taking on more responsibilities. The Moon opposite Mars and semisquare Pluto can see a lot of energy, drive and instinctual intensity under the surface, which emphasizes a strong desire to rise above and beyond ones current position, while the Moon trine Chiron see’s courage to rise to challenges.


The Moon in Sagittarius is sextile Saturn and square Neptune today. The Sun square Jupiter is optimistic and goal oriented. This solar shift is discernible and still metabolizing. Although there may be some doubts, early on, the lunar sextile to Saturn today can see good opportunities to network or demonstrate reliability or competency to higher up’s or VIP’s, or to stabilize things that have felt wishy-washy or ill defined. As the day wears on, and the Moon heads into the later degrees of Sagittarius, ambitions can grow with a lunar square building to Jupiter. Keeping expectations realistic will help produce the most solid gains from these configurations. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:49 PM PST, seeing the New Moon in the wee hours of tomorrow. Things can be revealed tomorrow onward that can help inform decisions.


The New Moon is exact at 2:17 AM PST, conjunct the Sun and Hygeia in 1 degree Capricorn. This face of Capricorn is the Prima Materia, the soil and foundations from which all possibilities spring. Heavily rooted in the body, it’s associated with Asklepios, the Greek god of healing, so the conjunction to Hygeia is doubly significant, individually and collectively. The tarot card associated with this face of the goat is the 2 of pentacles, a card of harmonious change and transition. Deeply understanding and mastering the terrain of where you are at and what binds you to it is pivotal to understanding what possibilities are available beyond it. This New Moon is also square Jupiter and sesquisquare Uranus, indicating that there’s a need for discipline here that may take some adjusting to. Wherever you are hosting this new moon, there's a need to keep things on track so they don't run off the rails. Mercury sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto is deeply curious and probing of all that’s mysterious, and wants to penetrate any veils or cloaks to unearth what is hidden to make a thorough assessment of the facts. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn will be subject to shifts, upgrades, rebellions, and reconfigurations, as Mercury will begin it’s backward journey here next week. The end of December can see some intense dynamics to navigate for many. This evening can see some pleasant surprises or shocks, socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially, with the Moon conjunct Venus and trine Uranus. A square to Chiron can see some sensitivity, compassion, or a feeling of being caught off guard, but some deep talks or even private confidences can occur tomorrow.


The Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury and Venus while sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. This can see some substantive discussions, pleasant gatherings, and powerful alliances. These configurations can highlight giving or receiving good advice, sound council, generous and valuable gifts or exchanges, and a wise and empathetic ear. It's a right place, right time, right people configuration. There can be some penetrating insights, breakthroughs, or revealing discoveries or disclosures with the Moon in contact to Mercury and Venus, and Venus in trine to illuminating Uranus. The day is focused on pleasure, gatherings, communications, meetings, and traditions with a non traditional spin. Interactions highlighted today are established, or carry a history that has clout, mutual respect and substance to it. Exchanges are poignant, meaningful, and carry weight. People connect beyond a superficial manner, and something can hold more substance and meaning than it seems. Important information (or assets) are uncovered and exchanged as people penetrate beyond niceties and catch up on each others stories. The Moon goes on to sextile generous Jupiter in the evening as it reaches the later degrees of Capricorn, kicking off the spirit of giving. 


The Moon enters altruistic and future oriented Aquarius at 2:14 AM PST, trine Mars Rx in Gemini and square Uranus in Taurus while sextile Chiron in Aries. This can see surprises and a whole lot of activity and rushing around going on. Mercury conjunct Venus is pleasant and charming in demeanor, even if somewhat reserved, but with both conjunct Pluto there can be some power dynamics or buried intensity under the surface to navigate, or in the very least, a very powerful drive to succeed and transform situations for the better. Something is different. Something is changing at a deep level. Today can see surprise visits or spontaneous communications at the last minute. A lot of mingling. The evening see’s the Moon conjunct Saturn, which can see a stabilizing influence, with certain commitments made or a dedication to certain goals, structures, alliances, or responsibilities going forward.