Monday, May 16, 2022



The Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius this morning opposite Mercury in Gemini, squaring the asteroid Juno in Pisces and trine Chiron. It’s possible there’s been a lot to think about and digest, but horizons can feel wider and more expanded somehow, and there can be some things to feel optimistic about. This morning can see people on various tangents and quests, both intellectual and action oriented. With the Moon opposite Mercury there may be some indecision or self doubt, and a need to catch balance after the eclipse. The Moon goes on to trine Venus in Aries in the evening, placing a focus on harmonizing socially, interpersonally, and financially. There may be some things to look forward to that boost optimism and morale. 


The Moon trine’s Venus and Chiron and squares Mars and Neptune. This can see compassion and optimism but also confusion and uncertainty. Actions can be confused but well intentioned, and the Moon squaring Mars and Neptune can see a bit of a loopy feeling permeating the day. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn and square Jupiter, seeing more stability amidst high ideals and big hopes. There is a resiliency here that remains focused on it’s goal. Even if we are unsure about something, it seems we’re going through with it, or in the very least, focusing our energies on what we can feel certain about. The Moon square Mars can see some impatience or and impulsivity, perhaps a bit of a scattered feeling, and the lunar square to Neptune can see sensitivity and moods can swing all over the place, but the Moon’s aspect to Saturn can bring more internal balance and stability. These aspects together are thoughtful, compassionate and caring, and in spite of confusing influences, there’s an obstinacy present that stays committed to it’s vision. Take care to avoid burnout. 


The Moon enters stoic Capricorn at 5:02 AM PST, going on to trine Uranus, while squaring Chiron. This brings us back to reality, and highlights the practical changes that need to be considered. The Moon square Chiron can highlight a weakness, vulnerability or sensitivity, and there may be some unique situations unfolding that require adaptability. There could be a need to pair down to basics or innovate somehow to maintain the basic structure of our life. With the Sun sextile both Mars and Jupiter while squaring Saturn, there is a desire to expand or lunge forward, but there may be blockages or certain realities that need to be confronted or considered, and perhaps innovated around. The Sun and Mercury trine Pluto suggests “where there is a will, there’s a way,” and there may be certain deals or conversations that have been going on under the surface or behind the scenes to strategize new ways forward. Mercury Rx will re-enter Taurus on Sunday, indicating that certain talks, ideas, discussions, or agreements can be revisited. 


The Moon in Capricorn trine’s the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, conjoins Pluto, sextile’s Neptune, and squares Venus in Aries. It also goes on to sextile Mars later in the day, seeing energy and momentum build. There can be a low-key excitement to the day, and there may be a few surprises, although it’s highly likely they’ve been planned for. The Moon sextile Venus suggests a bit of shyness, or there may be a slight difficulty around expressing the feelings, perhaps a certain reserve or inhibition is present socially or interpersonally. The Sun’s sextile to Mars is further enhanced by the Moon, and this can see some sweet, perhaps even somewhat romantic gestures. In the very least, there’s a keen desire to make dreams into a reality or make life a bit more beautiful. There can be some pleasant surprises or diversions from the everyday. There can also be some surprisingly intense feelings under the surface with the Moon conjunct Pluto, while the Sun and Mercury both trine the planet of power. This can also see some interesting, perhaps unexpected agreements or alliances being formed. 


The Moon enters unconventional Aquarius at 5:53 AM PST, and we prepare to usher in Gemini season at 6:23 PM PST. Happy birthday Gemini! The Moon in Aquarius is trine both the Sun and Mercury, while sextile Jupiter in the early part of the day, and this can see communications and talks highlighted. With the Moon still in close contact to Pluto, there can be some intensity around whatever is being discussed, or in the very least, what is being discussed is consequential. This can see agreements being made or deals being struck. There can be a nervous energy in the atmosphere with the emphasis on air. There’s also a need to bring rationality and objectivity to certain issues. There can be some surprises around the corner that may indicate some reality checks or a need to be crisp and clear around getting on the same page or harmonizing with others. 


The Moon in Aquarius conjoins Saturn, and is square Uranus while forming a sextile to Venus. This can see some unusual arrangements, possibly even spontaneous get togethers or unexpected impulses. Saturn applies the brakes or lays down rules or boundaries. Maybe in some cases whatever is pleasant and unexpected competes with what was planned or structures that are already in place. In either case, it helps to be flexible. The aspects Mercury Rx makes suggests a lot of enthusiasm and desire to expand, the imagination can be lit, but there are also aspects of based reality that need to be considered. Mercury revisits the last decan of Taurus tomorrow, indicating a need to revisit certain plans, discussions or ideas, or to have a back up plan or safety net in place. 


The Moon enters Pisces at 8:49 AM PST, squaring the Sun and Mercury while conjunct Saturn. High ideals can greet reality, or there can be a need to assess the feasibility or realism of certain visions or fantasies. This can be a somewhat private and reflective day, and the early part of the day’s lingering lunar contact with Saturn suggests a somewhat serious tone to whatever is being contemplated. Communications can still be a major part of the day’s configurations, and Mercury re-enters the final face of Taurus. Here, Mercury is able to see potential difficulties, and to plan ahead in order to avert them. Mercury in this face has a strong awareness of karma, of the consequences of certain actions. In some cases, Mercury’s revisit to this face can see the opportunities to correct certain missteps. In either case, it’s an opportunity for a realistic assessment of various potentialities, and to make preparations should things go south. 

Monday, May 9, 2022



We begin the week with the Moon in Leo opposite Saturn, which can see a desire for fun, love, creativity, and pleasure seeking feeling a bit hampered by duty, responsibility, or challenges. This week see’s quite a lot of action celestially, as tomorrow Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini, Jupiter will enter Aries, and we see a full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio at the end of the week. The dragons head and tail are in tension with taskmaster Saturn, bringing some necessary, and even fated reality checks. New structures need to be put into place, and this can require a lot of adaptability. The upcoming eclipse at the end of this week is in many ways the main feature. It falls in a decan of Scorpio associated with the 7 of cups in the tarot. This see’s a necessary release (and eclipsing) of anything delusional and out of touch with reality, to bring people back into the body and back in touch with their (internal) locus of control. The Moon enters Virgo at 3:53 PM PST, to square Mercury, which stations retrograde tomorrow. This can see a scramble to get caught up on various details and not lose footing. There can be a nervous energy here, and perhaps a lot to keep up with in regards to communications and other details.


Mercury stations retrograde at 4:47 AM PST at 4 degrees of Gemini. Mercury in this face of Gemini is extremely strong and endlessly curious. Very adept at learning, and handling rapid fire communications. The main weakness to watch out for is to take care to be thorough in ones endeavor to learn, and to make sure to pursue a grasp of ones desired subjects of curiosity beyond mere superficiality. This journey of Mercury will reenter the 3rd face of Taurus, a decan of Taurus said to be ruled by Saturn. Plans made or seeds planted will confront challenge or destructive forces here. This decan of Taurus is associated with the 7 of pentacles, a card of awaiting a harvest, -or awaiting failure. This decan of Taurus brings to mind the adage “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” It can be associated with unforeseen disaster, folly, hubris, and a need for back up plans or insurance policies. Mercury revisiting this decan of Taurus can also bring people into contact with helpful allies, and bring attention to the need to have a plan and support network in case of challenge or crisis. In the case of hubris, ostentation, or gross overplaying of ones hand, this journey of Mercury brings an opportunity of confession and repentance. Karma and causation, and a need for common sense are very apparent here. While still in Gemini, certain ideas or lines of dialogue can be revisited and certain things can prove unfeasible or simply revealed to be bullshit, and hence, discarded,- leaving space for more sensible and rational lines of thought, ideas, and communications. This cycle can actually lighten ones load and dramatically simplify things, bringing focus to gratitude for the little things.

Jupiter moves into Aries at 4:22 PM PST, to join Venus, strengthening a desire for fresh starts and the implementation of fresh, self empowering cycles with an emphasis on personal sovereignty and independence. Jupiter in this decan of Aries contains a lot of raw power, and if necessary, can aid in the ability to sever relationships or contracts that have outworn their purposes or have proven to be based on false pretenses. Severing can be smooth and transpire in an advantageous and beneficial way, as Jupiter tempers the severity and adds generosity and largesse of spirit to this face of Aries. The Moon in Virgo is trine the Sun and Uranus and opposite Mars today, indicating a lot of change, and many details to handle, with the possibility of subtle tensions or grievances lurking under the surface. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo trine the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto, while opposite Neptune, Mars and Jupiter. It’s possible that big changes are afoot and certain things are dissolving. There are high hopes that can mingle occasionally with uncertainty or a feeling of being at sea or somewhat lost in the mire. Powerful turning points can be happening, and there can be a lot of sensitivity in the air. Subtle power dynamics can be in play in certain regards, as certain tensions tend to be navigated in an almost passive aggressive way or swept under the rug with Mars in Pisces. With a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on it’s way, a crunch point is being approached, and that which is not workable, sustainable, congruent, or based in reality or integrity is slowly and inevitably dissolving or being exposed as untenable. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra in the late hours at 11:34 PM PST, to trine Mercury in Gemini, emphasizing communications and agreements, perhaps around shared gripes, values, and vulnerabilities.


The Moon in Libra is trine Mercury Rx in Gemini and opposite Venus and Chiron in Aries. A minor tense aspect to Saturn further emphasizes some source of challenge or tension. It’s possible that the needs of ourselves and those of certain others are a bit out of synchrony, and this can highlight certain discomfort in social, interpersonal, or commercial situations that call for cooperation and harmony. The lunar opposition to Chiron can see a great deal of empathy and sensitivity, and strong psychic links can be established through otherwise awkward or challenging circumstances. There may be a need to take an unusual or unorthodox approach to certain situations, or simply go your own way. Some people will understand completely, others may not. You can’t please everyone all the time, and it’s unhealthy to endeavor this as it only leads to resentment. Better to remain true to yourself. The lunar opposition to both Chiron and Venus are the driving configurations of the day, indicating there are social or interpersonal situations or dynamics that may be sensitive and require striking a balance between authenticity and consideration. Stable alliances or new structures can be forming out of the rubble of dissolving dreams or ideals. 


The Moon is opposite Venus and Chiron and trine Saturn today, showing a stable port in unpredictable situations. This port can be a friendship, group, hobby, goal, or alliance, or simply an inward emotional resilience. Regardless of what it is, it functions as a lighthouse of realism and stability. Certain truths may not be easy to swallow, but they provide a necessary anchor and sail to navigate out of choppy seas. The Moon quincunx the Sun shows a challenge to integrate the ego with the emotions, and to make adjustments to the way the feelings are viewed and reacted to, and the way they are expressed outwardly to others, in order to feel more at peace and in control of ones life and destiny internally. The lunar quincunx to Mars can indicate tension and nervous irritability, and there is a need to try to deliberately slow down reaction times,-making a point to respond rather than react. As the day goes on, certain power dynamics can become more apparent, and there may be a need to steer clear of any potential social or interpersonal dramas and to channel any intensity constructively. There’s also a need to avoid saying “yes” to things when internally you are not really in alignment with doing so. Avoid being a martyr, or being motivated purely by guilt, pity, or feelings of obligation. Take care to tend to your own wellbeing. 


The Moon enters powerful and desirous Scorpio at 3:34 AM PST, where it opposes Uranus, the great Illuminator and Liberator. A great hunger and desire can be awakened. The first face of Scorpio is associated by the five of cups in the tarot. A card of incomplete union, unfulfilled desires, and disappointment. This decan of Scorpio illustrates a fierce hunger, and the violence necessary to obtain ones desires, which can create contention and malaise both within and without. By understanding cycles of desire and disappointment, we are less enslaved to it. This decan also highlights the need to confront desires head on and decide whether or not we are willing to pay the price in order to see it fulfilled. The Moon opposite Uranus here indicates a certain freedom from chains that bind would be necessary in order to authentically live out these instinctual and powerful pulls. For some, this can represent a release from deep unconscious processes, trauma programming, compulsions, addictions, obsessions, and desire itself. For others, this release is more contractual in nature, a release from ties that bind, and inhibit ones own authentic expression of power in the world. In either case, these configurations represent the necessity of some sort of initiation process into the mysteries, and this eclipse will take us from the 5 of cups, to the 6 of cups, and will climax with the 7 of cups, where we will confront, sort out and dissolve various delusions which hamper our own development. 


The Full Moon eclipse occurs at 9:14 PM PST, and 12:14 AM on the 16th *eastern time*. The day begins with the Moon in the second face of Scorpio, opposite the Sun, Uranus, and trine both Mars and Neptune. There is a tendency towards both tenderness and enmity here, and things can go either of which ways, all depending upon how the will is directed. There is great vulnerability and sensitivity here, just as there is a certain guardedness or wariness. In some cases, there is a desire to gently lunge forward in certain dynamics, while creating boundaries or severing other dynamics. There can be a certain wariness permeating particular involvements, possibly due to the bad taste that previous unfortunate situations or entanglements have left in their wake. With the 2nd face of Scorpio representing the 6 of cups, there can be a feeling of longing, a desire for mutually fulfilling union, and also a certain emotional support, kindness, and empathy here. The desire nature of this lunar decan of Scorpio is particularly strong, and can tend towards being vampiric in nature if not consciously directed. This isn't due to malevolence per say, but simply due to the fact that such hungers can overwhelm certain people. So it’s important to ensure all parties have informed consent of what is actually intended to transpire. The Moon enters the 3rd face of Scorpio in the later evening hours, where the eclipse is perfected, where we are forced to wrestle with our own desire nature. Powerful transmutation and alchemical operations are required here. Mere debauchery, self deceit, delusion and escape fail to satisfy, and only feeds into the destructive nature of this decan. Desires that are deluded and forced putrefy in this face, and when these energies are utilized positively, great psychic channels can be accessed. Wise choices are called for here, and with the dragons head and tail activated, we are called back to reality, back into our bodies, into the here and now and common sense of Taurus, and away from paranoia, fantasy, and drains on the basic integrity of our psyche and sense of reality. *Release anything or anyone that is not congruent with your values, desires, and your sense of based reality.* If there is a cognitive dissonance, stop explaining it away or making justifications for it. Simply let it go, and get it far away from you.

Monday, May 2, 2022



The Moon enters chatty and busy Gemini in the wee hours of the AM PST, and Venus enters passionate Aries at 9:10 AM PST. Jupiter is still conjunct Neptune, and forming an exact sextile to Pluto at 28 degrees. This can see an odd combination of a lack of clarity, fantasy, bewilderment, empathy and compassion in tandem with odd feelings of intimidation, awe, power, secrecy, compulsion, or subversion. Themes of power/submission, or change, death, and transformation can be in play, but Venus in Aries to be followed by Jupiter next Tuesday can see a growing feistiness, confidence, renewal, passion and self belief. This can see a period of rebirth kicking off. The Moon in Gemini is endlessly curious and conjoins communicative and multitasking Mercury, going on to square Mars in Pisces in the early evening. This can see subtle tensions, buried disagreements or conflicts of will, but Venus conjunct Jupiter/ Neptune, while sextile Pluto and semi square Uranus can see equal parts attraction and repulsion, or create strong pulls that are as seductive and persuasive as they are unsettling or exciting. Needless to say, Venus now in Aries can certainly remind everyone of their libidinous instincts. The planets in Pisces can see people floating on a sea of love and empathy, -and/or vacillating between hope, faith, fantasy, beauty and high ideals, -v.s longing, melancholy, saudade, sadness or self pity. Venus in Aries is determined, passionate and willful. The Sun in Taurus reminds us not to drop the beat and the importance of keeping our feet on the ground. 


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini square Mars in Pisces, and this influence can see people full of questions and chatty Cathy vibes. A lunar sextile to Chiron shows compassion for other peoples pain, while a semi square to the asteroid Pallas, which has recently entered patient and plodding Taurus, see’s an element of strategy in play. As the day progresses, the Moon also squares Neptune and forms a trine to Saturn. There may be more questions than answers, but someone or something can be a port of stability in a maze of confusion, befuddlement or bemusement. There may be too much talking, confusion, even the potential for disinformation. With the Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus, common sensical, down to earth thinking is basically the outlier position du jour. To put it bluntly, it’s more socially acceptable to assert that 2+2=5 than it is to suggest that plants actually prefer water to popular sports drinks. This is just the nature of the times, so if you have anything to say that it should be self evident,... it’s probably a better idea to take a hint from the asteroid Pallas and consider the Art Of War. That is, it’s probably wise to choose your battles with discernment, and take a more strategic approach, rather than stirring a hornets nest with too many unwelcome, earthy, and time tested truisms. Mercury sextile Venus can be incredibly charming, convincing and charismatic, putting people at ease, and making it possible to compromise, even amidst vast differences, distances, or conflicts of interest, -but the Moon square Mars and Neptune can also be cunning, seductive, clever, (perhaps a bit insincere at times), but very good at gaining sympathies. This can see some compromises or agreements being more feigned than genuine. In other possibilities, there very well may be a need for compassion, emotional generosity, careful handling, and giving others the benefit of the doubt, as the Moon squaring Mars and Neptune can see some minor troubles, troubled people or circumstances, or vague uncertainties to circumnavigate. It may be important to pair back to essentials or “get a grip” in some way in order to minimize too many complications or unconstructive tangents.


The Moon in late Gemini squares Jupiter and Neptune, while Jupiter is exactly sextile Pluto, seeing a powerful pull towards indulgence, fantasy, escapism, unsolved mysteries, or rabbit holes. There can be a compelling draw, lure, curiosity, longing, or even powerful spiritual experiences. There can be a lot of sensitivity, and people can be very impressionable. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 4:05 PM PST, squaring Venus and Jupiter. This can see a bit of a retreat from too much challenge or controversy socially or interpersonally, with a desire for self nourishment, replenishment, and cultivation of inner security and stability, -perhaps in preparation for a more active push tomorrow.


The Moon in Cancer forms a trine to Mars in Pisces today, while squaring both Venus and Chiron in Aries. This can see internal emotional resilience amidst what could feel like slightly challenging circumstances or vulnerabilities. This can see a desire to stand up for those who are disadvantaged or in need, even if ones own position isn’t that strong, there is a touching courage and “empathic warrior” vibe to this mathscape. The Moon trine Juno in Pisces can see behind the scenes support from spiritual companions that can transcend boundaries or distance. The Moon goes on to sextile the Sun and Uranus which can see some surprising insights, telepathic experiences, psychic downloads, or some surprising declarations of intent or actions in the works that are quietly compelling. This can also see the beginning stages of a release from difficult circumstances or some unusual, perhaps inevitable cathartic experiences. 


The Moon in sensitive Cancer is trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces this morning while opposite Pluto. This can see some quietly intense experiences. This can magnify further as the Moon forms a trine to Jupiter. Big Feels. Mercury sextile Venus suggests that conversations can flow, and people can express what is weighing on their hearts and minds with perhaps greater ease than usual, and suppressed things can come to the surface for cathartic release. The Moon opposite Pluto suggests there could be intense subject matter under the surface or in the atmosphere somehow, but the lunar connection to Jupiter can see a lot of emotional generosity, good will, and a desire to see things through. There is a spiritual and emotional tenacity to these configurations, and the weekend see’s the Moon enter Leo, which suggests that lighter times are around the corner, so if you’re navigating some choppy emotional waters or sensitive moods, hang in there. The Moon in Leo will bring the party vibes, ready or not. You have been warned. 


The Moon enters Leo at 4:50 AM PST to sextile Mercury, trine Venus, while still trine Jupiter, getting the day off to a more lighthearted, morale boosting, perhaps indulgent start. There can be pleasant, even clever conversations, creativity, and even flirtation, winks, smiles, and playfulness in the air. These configurations have big and charming intentions. The Moon trine Venus encourages people to let their hair down, seek joy, and take playful, creative risks. There can be a desire to shake off an underlying intensity or darkness and embrace a less encumbered and carefree mode. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron in Aries, and this energy is like a breath of fresh air. There can be some surprising communications, last minute plans, or some cavalier moves in the works. The Moon goes on to square Uranus, indicating that some of this can be quite out of the blue or throw a spanner into the works, not necessarily in a negative way. It just might be a lot to adapt to very quickly. Events, people, or dynamics can catch us off guard or by surprise, but perhaps timing is a bit of an issue. 


Happy Mothers Day to all the mama jamas out there! The Moon in playful and gregarious Leo is trine Chiron, square the Sun and Uranus in practical Taurus, while opposing Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a desire for fun and breaks in monotony clash with routines or the more practical aspects of life. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of poor timing or feeling ill prepared for even a pleasant and welcome disruption to some established (but sensible) ruts. It can be a bit of a mixed blessing. A lunar quincunx to Mars can see some nervous tension. Nerves can feel a bit raw for some reason and there’s a need to slow down to avoid burnout, hypersensitivity or irritability. The lunar opposition to Saturn can be a bit of a wet blanket on this otherwise well meaning energy. This aspect can see an undercurrent of challenge or adversity, whether through too much responsibility or other constraints, ill timed but fleeting opportunities for fun and enjoyment, or some other emotional circumstance that indicates feelings of loss, fear of missing out, or a feeling of being cut off or blocked from warmth, comfort, joy, fun and frivolity. The Sun sextile Mars see’s opportunities for adventure, but there may be hurdles, challenges or inhibitions to be overcome or details or a mini crisis of some kind to attend to first before this can be fully surrendered to. A major expansion of some kind can be in the cards, and it's time to prepare. 

Monday, April 25, 2022




We begin the week on a dreamy, sleepy note, with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Juno, Mars,Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. It’s truly a dreamy, sleepy mathscape, but also very compassionate, creative and spiritual as well. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus are very common sense and practical, but may be up against a lot of well… dreaminess. Good luck getting anything done today at all, but it doesn’t have to be entirely unproductive, and in fact is extremely creative. The spiritual realms are particularly activated, and this can see our sense of synchronicity heightened. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus bring an element of common sense, practicality and realism to the picture, but Taurus being Venus ruled, it makes for an indulgent landscape that meanders and grazes in pastures. It’s a mathscape with considerable peacemaking potential and can bring extremely different people together or neutralize differences with a focus on common ground, and this in itself is quite inspiring.


The creative faculties are particularly activated this morning with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Mars and sextile Uranus, and this can see some surprising actions or initiatives. The Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune adds even more creativity and there can be a wistfulness and hopefulness to these configurations. New dreams and new possibilities can be highlighted, and there’s certainly a lot of inspiration that comes with these configurations. Mercury sextile Jupiter, Neptune, square Saturn and trine Pluto can see people looking for a beacon of hope or simply be seeking truth and common sense amidst a sea of wishful thinking, dreaminess and inspiration. In some cases, these signatures simply want to know what is real, and what is actually possible, as the maths are brimming with potentials and a lot of hope and optimism is stoked. With Pluto in it’s last degrees in Capricorn, but due to go retrograde again to spend just a little more time there, there can be a feeling of significant transformations in the works that are bound to leave people much better off than where they started. The evening wraps up on a creative and expansive note, with new horizons opening up that bring a great deal of hopefulness with the Moon conjunct Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.


Early morning see’s the Moon in the last and most urgent degree of Pisces, which can see epiphanies of sorts, with sextile to Mercury in common sense Taurus and powerful Pluto, while conjunct Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. ESP can be high, and intuitive faculties activated. The Moon heads into pioneering Aries at 9:10 AM PST, to conjoin Chiron, which can see courage and compassion, perhaps in the face of vulnerability. This can see a new leaf being turned over, maybe even new dialog or new communication or commercial endeavors, or perhaps we are transformed in some way via communicative exchanges or new thoughts or ideas, perhaps even new connections. This can see people feeling out on a limb or vulnerable in some way, but courage and compassion is also present, and there can be things that boost morale, expand our world or mindset, or inspire significant changes. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries still conjunct Chiron, which places a focus on new initiatives, healing and compassion. Mercury sextile Venus and Jupiter and trine Pluto can see a lot of inspiration, and a square to Saturn from Mercury as well can see significant differences between others or perhaps there is common ground around a shared goal or there is something unconventional or groundbreaking in the works. These configurations can bring answers through common sense approaches (Mercury in Taurus) and it can bring clarity to confusion or in the very least, inspiration and hope, while reminding everyone there is a method to the madness. It’s possible things are expanding in a way that people aren’t as of yet sure how to feel about in certain cases, but there can certainly be inspiration along the way.  


Today begins with the Moon in Aries sextile Saturn and square Pluto, which stations retrograde today. This can see some significant changes unfolding or solidifying. Pluto retrograde can see certain issues revolving around power and power exchanges coming up for reevaluation.  Saturn may temper things and bring some structure today, or point out where we need to be more circumspect and disciplined. The Sun conjunct Uranus can see a whole lot of changes and an air of the experimental. Mercury enters Gemini around 3:23 PM PST, seeing the planet of communication at home in this talkative and multitasking sign, where it will station retrograde from May 10th to June 3rd, suggesting there may need to be some reevaluations of certain things that have kicked off recently. The Moon squaring Pluto can see some intense feelings about certain things. Even if there are conflicts under the surface around certain things, a lunar conjunction to the asteroid Pallas in 29 degrees Aries suggests people are preparing themselves for a long game approach that utilizes high mindedness and strategy. The Moon enters sensual and tactile Taurus at 5:19 PM PST, to conjoin the Sun. With so many planets hinting at creative expansion and inspiration, this could illuminate a new desire, or bring hope to one we’ve nurtured quietly for some time. There is a desire here to make things manifest in reality. A lunar sextile to Juno can see creative partnerships or beneficial and supportive connections that center around shared spiritual visions. 


Today see’s the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 1:28 PM PST, where it conjoins the Sun, sextile Mars and conjuncts Uranus. This highlights a lot of changes that are happening, and perhaps some that have been quite surprising, unprecedented and radical. This can see people in an adaptive frame, and driven by high ideals. Definitely weird times. Mars isn’t super strong in Pisces, and this can see people surrendering to going with the flow of the current in some regards, but these configurations can also highlight new desires and things to strive for. There can be a great deal of creativity and innovation in the atmosphere, and this can see people trying new things, doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, to see what works, what feels right, and what produces results. For some these configurations can highlight recent connections that have been made that can be having more of an impact and stirring more change and transformation than we had initially realized. Liberation is also a theme. There can be something higher at work operating through various connections, collaborations or creative endeavors, and a hopefulness and even nervous excitement that comes with this. Ideals can be high and deeply stirred. Keeping our feet on the ground and a sense of realism and proportion intact is important.


The Moon in practical and physical Taurus squares Saturn, while conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. It goes on to sextile Mercury, highlighting communications, and perhaps a lot of busyness.

The lunar square to Saturn amidst all of this emphasizes realism, perhaps tapping the brakes on certain initiatives to accommodate a busier time. Maybe certain collaborations have reached an impasse, or there are differences that make it hard to get on the same page with others. Maybe something is seeing the end of the road. The Moon goes on to also sextile Jupiter, Neptune and Venus, and there can be something that expands perspective and consciousness here, as channels of communication are opened, dialog is had and information and discussions transpire that bring perspective, inspiration and hope. You should follow your hunches and intuition here. This can see significant shifts in the works socially, commercially, creatively, or interpersonally. There may be certain differences or barriers in understanding, or even just personal challenges that need to be navigated or resolved, but the energy is receptive, compassionate, intuitive and open, although people may have trouble getting on the same bandwidth. Even if there are challenges to navigate, this energy can bring new perspectives that can make things easier by encouraging us to drop things that aren't in alignment with our goals or simply bring some kind of hope. There is definitely a lot of compassion, sensitivity, and "esp" in these configurations. The lunar trine to Pluto can see some powerful or impactful interchanges, and discussions can center around transformative or intense topics.  Perspectives can be broadened and widened, and metamorphosis is in the air. It will be hard to be anything but authentic to ourselves.

Monday, April 18, 2022



We begin this week with the Moon in late Scorpio trine Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Pluto, and square Saturn in Aquarius and Mars which is fresh into Pisces. This is a passionate and imaginative signature that could be quite hopeful feeling, and could even be productive as well, although the trine to Jupiter and Neptune might see a late start to the day as these planets prefer to indulge and dream. Ideals can be stoked, and there may be some buried feelings emerging as they can be harder to disguise now, in the very least, from ourselves. The Sun square Pluto can see a powerful drive for change and transformation, and there can be more courage to embrace our authenticity. The Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius at 7:16 PM PST, where the lunar square to Mars is more pronounced. This can see optimism and adventurousness, but it’s possible we don’t know if our optimism is based, so the drive can be a bit muddled by a lack of conviction or certainty for the time being, but there are encouraging signs that provide creative and motivational fuel.


Today see’s the adventurous Sagittarius Moon trine Chiron and square Mars in Pisces, and the Sun makes it’s annual ingress into sensual and practical Taurus. This can see us excited and prone to fantasy, the imagination can be lit up, and there can be an optimism, spunk, or something that has recently fed into our courage, fighting spirit and a sense that something positive is culminating. With the Sun in Taurus now, the desire to bring fantasy into reality and to solidify the great visions that the planets in Pisces have on offer is increased. “I see it. I want it. I have to have it.” Even there is a feeling of weakness or vulnerability there is a desire to overcome this through will power, stubbornness and innovation. The Moon goes on to square Venus in Pisces, which brings attention to relationships, money, pleasure, creative and aesthetic concerns. These are imaginative configurations that are prone to dreaming and sometimes confusion, and the Moon square Venus is sensitive and shy but privately optimistic and beaming. Perhaps from behind the scenes support. Mercury in Taurus now conjunct Uranus and sextile Venus can be revealing surprising insights or observations socially, creatively, and interpersonally, and there can be much inspiration and excitement being stirred.  


Today see’s the Moon trine the Sun in Taurus, square Jupiter and Neptune and sextile Saturn. This can see a big hopefulness. Even if much of what we are experiencing now is going on in our imaginations, there’s strong desire to make it real. Juno, the relationship asteroid enters Pisces, giving relationships and what people seek from them a transcendent and larger than life mystical quality. A sense of magic is desired. The Moon enters realistic and sensual Capricorn at 8:52 PM PST, where it sextile’s Mars in Pisces, and this increases the desire to see fantasies brought to life, and the drive to manifest things into the concrete realm, and in the very least, to know what is possible. 


The Moon in Capricorn goes on to trine Uranus while squaring Chiron, and this can see an experimental approach, and it’s possible there is some vulnerability or sensitivity, perhaps due to small, calculated risks that have been taken, or that are being thought about. These could pay off better than anticipated or be received more pleasantly than we had feared, as the Moon goes on to trine Mercury and sextile Venus. This could highlight communications, socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially. The vulnerability is still present, but the Moon in Capricorn is measured and careful not to put itself out there beyond what it could stand to lose, so these movements are subtle, but powerful. This could see new dialogs or endeavors opening up. 


The Moon in Capricorn trine’s Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, sextile’s Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, and conjoins powerful Pluto. Mercury in Taurus also sextile’s mystical Neptune, and this could see intuition heightened, and even see a psychic link or ESP experience or two. Today could see some pleasant and unexpected communications, perhaps some pleasant turns in certain dynamics. Calculated risks taken lead to subtle but powerful shifts. Optimism can be increased significantly, and the imagination can be running wild with unique possibilities and a quiet, cautious, but beaming hopefulness. This can see some powerful shifts occurring that have perhaps been long awaited. Today can see good news. The Moon enters Aquarius at 11:17 PM PST, and this can see some nervous excitement.


The Moon in Aquarius sextile’s Chiron and squares Uranus. There can be nervous excitement and something can be encouraging us into new and exciting territory or to embrace certain changes. With Mercury trine Pluto and sextile Neptune, it’s possible certain walls are coming down or certain boundaries are being tested or transformed in regards to communications or even commercial or creative endeavors. This energy is innovative, creative, experimental and filled with the unexpected. The lunar sextile to Chiron is hopeful and very encouraging, but to see things materialize fully, consistent effort or energy will need to be put in.


The Moon squares Mercury in Taurus while conjunct Saturn. This could see some realistic assessments. Communications are highlighted, and perhaps something requires a lot of concentration. We could be bracing for changes, and there is an air of realism in the day’s configurations which could translate to certain reality checks in some cases, but in others, we’re doing the practical work to brace for something absolutely beautiful. The Pisces lunation next week could see a lot of beauty, hope, optimism and idealism. So if today feels overly serious, stern or gives off wet blanket vibes, this too shall pass. The Moon goes void of course at 5:33 PM PST, which see’s Sunday evening a good time to reflect and prepare energetically for the week ahead.

Monday, April 11, 2022





We kick off the week with the Moon in Leo trine the Sun and Chiron in Aries, while opposite Saturn and square Uranus. On top of this we see Jupiter and Neptune exactly conjunct at 23 degrees. These configurations can see a hopefulness, a desire to make a difference or make some creative changes. It also see’s a beautifully non judgmental attitude. Jupiter and Neptune are boundless in their compassion and empathy and are able to see past great differences into the heart of humanity. The Moon goes on to also oppose Mars, and it’s possible certain initiatives or impulses can feel somewhat thwarted by circumstances or other inhibiting influences for the time being. Perhaps energy is a bit flagging, or other circumstances subtly slow people down, -but the Moon in Leo can actually be goaded on by this, and this can see the week begin on a constructive note, in spite of any impediments. A lunar quincunx to Neptune can see people tending towards being a martyr, or sacrificing too much for others, or pretending to be ok with things that they really aren’t ok with, in the name of harmony, which can lead to resentment in some cases. That warning aside, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and the growing emphasis in Pisces can see high ideals of love, and a great deal of forgiveness, empathy, a desire for peace, and a propensity towards surrender and consciousness expansion. 


The Moon enters Virgo at 7:07 AM PST, to trine Mercury and Uranus in Taurus and oppose Venus in Pisces and Mars in late Aquarius. There could be some surprise news or communications, perhaps even some unique insights. Things can feel a bit fluid and changeable, although with the Sun sextile Saturn there is an overall goal. The Moon opposing Venus can see a bit of peevishness, shyness, and there can be a need to strike a balance between our own needs and those of others. This can see an attempt at planning or exchanging information around schedules and the like, or maybe getting on the same page as others. There is also a more personable touch to these configurations that can be refreshing and disarming. This can also see an emphasis on making some changes and adapting to new circumstances or methods. There can be a bit of tension to get caught up on basic tasks and it’s possible energy is flagging a bit. The Pisces influences really want to dream and meander, while the earthy lunation and the pragmatism of Mercury in Taurus brings focus to the tasks at hand, common sense practices, and getting things done in the real world. Overall, the day can be filled with a lot of back and forth communications and creative ideas. People want to harmonize with one another.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo, making an opposition to Jupiter and Neptune while trine Uranus. It may take an extra push to get going under these configurations as the lunar opposition to Jupiter and Neptune are restful and a bit sleepy or indulgent, especially with Jupiter and Neptune both exact at 24 degrees. It’s an artsy, dreamy, creative and highly spiritual configuration that would rather meditate in quiet, peaceful surroundings as opposed to being taken to task. A lunar sesquisquare to Mercury in common sense Taurus can see communications a bit muddled, or there can be issues of timing or schedules to contend with (Moon in Virgo), but fortunately the lunar aspects to Jupiter and Neptune are generous, forgiving and understanding. People and situations can be a bit unpredictable or changeable, and there can be various things to adapt to, with much going on behind the scenes.


The morning see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Pluto while opposite Jupiter and Neptune. Minor aspects to Mars, Uranus, and the asteroid Juno can see some nervous tension around striking a balance around taking care of our own needs and looking after other people. A happy medium must be sought out as the Moon moves into partnership oriented Libra around 1:46 PM PST. Mercury in Taurus is also sextile Venus now, so this aspect highlights harmonizing with others, making concessions and finding an agreeable path forward that is mutually beneficial. This can see some pleasant communications opening up as well, perhaps rather surprisingly. The Moon in Libra opposes Chiron, and this can make us more sensitive to our own or others weaknesses or sensitivities. Fortunately there’s a lot of compassion and understanding in these configurations and it appears that many people are experiencing a lot of changes or needing to adapt to various shifts in schedules, priorities, or dynamic circumstances. Mars, the planet of drive, motivation, passion and conflict moves into Pisces this evening at 8:06 PM, ushering in a cycle that see’s people driven by more spiritual and creative pursuits, and where inspiration is a primary motivating factor. This can also see some people resort to less direct or more covert means to achieve their goals. 


The Moon in Libra opposes Chiron, and this can see a subtle sensitivity or vulnerability running between certain interactions. With so much Pisces action in these configurations, this can see people highly attuned to the atmosphere socially and interpersonally. Mars isn’t particularly comfortable in Pisces, and it can be easy to want to make excuses, as energy may not be as high, but do try to resist the temptation to hide under a rock, as there are some awesome opportunities that can even be spiritually enriching under these unique, deep soul diving configurations. The Moon in Libra, which will be peak fullness tomorrow, shines the spotlight on our relationship to others, and this can see some examination going on and perhaps some judgement calls or decisive moves being made or reassessed. 


The Moon is full in Libra today at 11:55 AM PST, opposite the Sun, trine Mars and Saturn, and square Pluto. It’s a bit harsh in certain ways, or in the very least, intense, but it’s authentic. It doesn’t have to be the case that certain relationships completely and totally end, but perhaps certain agreements or connections need to be revised, reflected upon, or simply more deeply understood. Maybe in some cases, something is in fact, a deal breaker. In other cases, this can see people realizing where they maybe could be doing a bit more compromising, or perhaps realizing where they’ve been doing too much compromising, which has lead to resentment. Things could come to light over the coming days, so it's a good time for reflection. Whatever is the case, this Full Moon can see a reevaluation of sorts in regards to certain interactions connections, or life situations, whether business or personal. A rebalancing of sorts. There can be some interesting meetings or conversations, and in some cases, with Pluto involved there can be an intensity or high amount of pressure around certain endeavors or exchanges, maybe even some buried, hidden, or submerged feelings. The Moon enters Scorpio at 5:23 PM PST, and this see’s Sunday morning get off to an intense, investigative and curious start.


The Moon in Scorpio is opposite Mercury and Uranus, and trine Venus and Mars in Pisces. This could see a sort of rebellious desire to slink off and do something different. There's a sort of Mystery Machine investigatory vibe going on here. We could be driven by curiosity or a desire to know something or someone more deeply, or understand what we're working with. This math could definitely manifest as a sort of “freak mode”, and could see people compelled to go on a quiet little tangent or do something out of character, reveal something, “break protocol”, or just break monotony or stagnancy. Definitely unconventional, fearlessly authentic energy. This could bring some pleasant surprises or unanticipated news, messages, visits, or conversations. It’s a quirky end to the weekend that can see some significant shifts and exciting variations that leak into Monday. 

Monday, April 4, 2022



Today see’s the Moon in late Taurus squaring Venus, Mars and Saturn, trine Pluto and sextile Neptune. There’s a need here to harness and direct energy towards a goal and to consider if you’re satisfied with progress thus far. If so, you’ll continue along in the same vein. If not, you’ll change things up to meet your ideals. Mars and Saturn are exactly conjunct at 22 degrees Aquarius,  which can see novel structures being laid down where perhaps freedom is only available under certain conditions. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is informed and directed by Taurus, which is about down to earth common sense, which can seem less and less common these days and stands out as more unusual, or it can seem like a rebellious, uncommon stance to be informed by ones own real life experiences and what you see in front of your face. The Moon heads into talkative, multitasking Gemini at 8 PM PST, while Venus quietly prepares to shift gears into Pisces tomorrow. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, where the highest octaves and spiritual dimensions of love are accessed, and high ideals and values are nurtured. This can see a cycle where people are happier to concede and adapt or relinquish certain habits or values which they have clung to stubbornly which may have limited their experience of love, pleasure, and social/interpersonal enjoyment, and all things Venus ruled. 


Venus enters Pisces at 8:18 AM PST this morning, it’s sign of exaltation, harkening a gentle and reflective cycle around Venus ruled themes. The Moon in Gemini is sextile Chiron, which can see the thoughts and emotions focused on healing in some way, consciously or unconsciously. Venus here is more adaptable, but can also be elusive and mysterious. The value of subtle experiences is more heightened, and there is less emphasis on requiring definition, structure, or needing things or people to be any particular way in order to accept them. It can also be easier to concede on certain points or relinquish control in certain areas. The Moon also goes on to sextile the Sun, which is sextile Mercury, and this can see news or communications highlighted, where perhaps certain things begin to come to light that can inform our actions and decisions going forward.


Today see’s the Moon in busy Gemini sextile the Sun, Mercury, trine Mars, Saturn and Juno, while square Jupiter and Neptune. With Mercury sextile Mars and Saturn, there’s a desire to make sense of certain things, or to understand the structures behind them or what is expected. This can revolve around particular interpersonal dynamics for some, with Juno involved. There can be verbal agreements or negotiations highlighted. It can see people’s eye on a particular goal, perhaps a shared goal, but willing to adapt or make certain concessions along the way in order to reach it. The Moon squaring Jupiter and Neptune can blur certain lines or confuse certain issues, but it can also see ideals and the imagination highly active, and can produce some very spiritual experiences. In some ways these configurations can test people’s limits, or highlight where they may have gone too far or where certain excesses have been counterintuitive to their goals. In other ways, these aspects can revive or stimulate hopes or ideals in things we had begun to lose faith in. They can also help bring clarity to things that have been confusing or mysterious. The Moon will Move into cozy Cancer tomorrow morning, which can bring a focus on security, love, and and pleasure pursuits, and perhaps changing things up or making some reforms in order to increase enjoyment.


The Moon enters Cancer this morning, and is seen to trine Venus while in subtle trine to Mars and Juno in Aquarius, and this can see a focus on making certain changes in order to increase comfort and security while also increasing our experience of enjoyment of the finer things in life. These configurations can see people willing to make certain concessions or changes, perhaps for the purposes of healing, or perhaps they are inspired or motivated by love. Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, and this can see a lot of self determination, but also a thoroughness and drive around cognitive processes that can be relentless and rather successful at unearthing things or endeavors connected to research, investigation, or getting to the bottom of something. There may also be subtle power dynamics to navigate for some people, whether internally or externally, but with Venus in Pisces, this can be done peacefully and graciously. In the very least, this can see people motivated by higher octaves of intentionality and the spiritual dimensions of love. The Moon goes on to square Chiron, and this can see a certain level of vulnerability, perhaps old wounds are touched upon or something within dynamics has us acutely aware of our own or others weaknesses or sensitivity. The Moon in Cancer trine Venus is very sensitive and has a talent for cathartic processes, harmonizing with others, and can be very charming, artistic, and creative. However, this math is no pushover, and there are certain things that won’t be given up in the name of pleasing other people, -namely, our self determination and autonomy.  


Today see’s the Moon in security oriented Cancer squaring the Sun and Chiron in independent Aries, while sextile Uranus. This can see a bit of inner conflict. Perhaps people are very sensitive to the security needs of themselves and/or other people, while also being very aware of the need to preserve their sense of self, individuality, and autonomy. Conversely, this can see changes being made or unexpected surprises coming up that maybe catch people a little off guard. Perhaps a shift in routines is throwing people off a bit. There might also be sensitive or important discussions or meetings in the offing. Or our own self determination may seem to rub others the wrong way, or there may be a need to strike a balance between our own interests and those of others. In either case, there’s a need to make some changes or revisions in order to get the best out of things. Business, social and personal interactions that prize independence, autonomy, freedom and authenticity as core values should fair rather well, but any dynamics with underlying power struggles or too much rigidity could get a bit complex or sensitive to navigate under these configurations. In some cases, we may even need to rebel against our own inhibitions or ingrained patterns and schedules in order to make some positive breakthroughs or meet the demands of the day.


The Moon in sensitive Cancer is square the Sun and Mercury, opposite Pluto, and trine Jupiter and Neptune. With Mercury square Pluto, this can see communications feel a bit loaded, and with Mercury sextile Mars in innovative Aquarius, we can be keen to break new ground. There’s a strong self determination here, and with the Moon trine Jupiter and Neptune, we can be tempted to soft pedal around certain issues, or even apologize for just being real. The positive side of this is that it lends sensitivity, open mindedness, and intuition to conversations or dynamics that might feel sensitive or even kind of intimidating for some reason. There can be a need to bring balance to certain power dynamics in some cases, or negotiate new terms or agreements, get something loaded off our minds, or step into new territory socially, commercially, or interpersonally. This can see some very substantive conversations that can even go into some deep and perhaps even profound and spiritual territory. The Moon enters charismatic Leo at 9 PM PST, and this can see some shocks, surprises, or take things into exciting or unexpected new terrain.  


The Moon in Leo is trine Chiron and square Uranus today, and with Mercury still squaring Pluto, there may have been some revealing or intense discussions, or in the very least, our minds may have been intensely focused on getting to the bottom of something we feel intensely determined around. There may have been some interesting perspective shifts due to unique insights gained through research or intense focus or discussions. Mercury enters Taurus at 7:09 PM PST this evening, shifting the focus towards making some real life changes and switching things up. The energy of today can see excitement or even some unexpected spanners thrown into the works. The lowest octave of potentials in these configurations is some kind of garden variety drama being stirred up. It doesn’t have to manifest as anything negative, as the positive potentials are very much there as well, and this can see exciting changes or paradigm shifts, possibly as a result of real talk, or uncompromising authenticity. People can be unpredictable. The Moon trine Chiron can boost morale and confidence or facilitate healing, and see something to feel excited or optimistic about. Next week can begin on a note that can see people motivated to work towards a goal and make improvements and positive changes to get more into alignment with things they would like to see happen.