Monday, April 6, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of Apr 6-12 2020.

This morning begins with the Moon in Virgo, forming a trine to Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and opposite Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. It’s an anxious but oddly centering influence, and it can be grounding, centering, affirming, and even pleasant to dig, pick through and purify all the bullshit or to see basic common sense validated and affirmed in small or large ways, amidst a tsunami….well….the opposite of that. (Moon in Virgo trine Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn.) Let’s just say that with the Moon in Virgo, opposite Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, a whole lot of fuckery, trickery, secrecy, deception, illusion, and fugazi is making itself very evident in the lead up to the upcoming Full Moon, that lands in partnership and diplomacy oriented Libra this week.  Decisions, decisions..Under the Virgo lunation, all input that comes in is being heavily scrutinized with a fine toothed comb because the bullshit is thick as hell and off the chain, and has been allowed to run completely buckwild. In the afternoon, the Moon moves into diplomatic Libra, while opposing Chiron, Mercury, and trine Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This could see some long awaited confrontations that could create cognitive dissonance, or perhaps a feeling of vulnerability for some people. Mars in tension with Uranus and conjunct Saturn can see a radical atmosphere where forces of radical social justice clash against equally radical oppressive forces. The mode of combat appears to be primarily cerebral, and in the mental/informational sphere. There’s really just a lot of psychological-fuckery going on in general, and a need to somehow mitigate the impacts by working together with others and seeking common ground, or attempting to harmonize disparaging viewpoints or perspectives or share information.  Venus in Gemini trine Mars and Saturn in Aquarius can be pleasant seeming, on the surface, but also two faced, or playing to “both sides” or two people/parties/factions/or interests. Kind of double agent like, and this can become really confusing and weird for people, both personally and otherwise as this Venus transit plays out. “This is fine.” The Moon in Libra can highlight a lot of people pleasing going on, and efforts at diplomacy or being nice can water down the reality of a situation or gloss things over. There will come a point where a more no bullshit, cutthroat or radical, fearless approach/stand will have to be taken once the moon enters “don’t fuck with me” Scorpio later this week.


Today begins with the Moon in conciliatory Libra trine Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini, conjunct the asteroid Juno, and opposite the Sun and Chiron in Aries. This can see some vulnerabilities or sensitivities present, but also some passionate intellectual exchanges in the early hours, with both Mars and Venus in cerebral, detached air signs. Later this evening there is a full Moon  that culminates in Libra at 7:35 PM PST, that squares up to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can certainly see some inflated feelings around interactions with others, and the atmosphere can have a muted, or politely veiled intensity. There can be some confrontations today, and with the full Moon in partnership oriented Libra opposing the Sun in feisty Aries, clear conflicts of interest or clashes in temperament, or simply a clash between our own needs v.s that of others may be apparent. The Moon square to Pluto can see some intense undercurrents, that may be best transmuted into some kind of creative or other pursuit, as opposed to directed at other people. The square to Jupiter can create a sort of ease, apathy, or pleasantness that tends to keep peoples heads down in an effort to avoid unnecessary conflicts, as opposed to fight the current or create too much resistance, or ruffle any feathers, even though there may be intense feelings around what may be happening (or not happening.) Once the Moon enters do or die Scorpio tomorrow, it may be harder to avoid certain levels of authenticity, or straight up rebelliousness. This may generate more extremes, controversy, or produce feelings or circumstances that are difficult to ignore and simply sit back and just take. “The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who see evil and do nothing about it.” Intensity builds under the Libra lunation, even though on the  surface.. all appears to be copacetic.. Later on tomorrow however, things may get weird, or extreme, and perhaps… not so mellow, with a slight potential for drama, whackness, or extremes. Some sort of radical weirdness is on it’s way down the pike. Dear god what now.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Astrology From Mar 30-Apr 5 2020.

Mars enters unconventional Aquarius today. This places the emphasis on innovation and change. With Mars conjunct Saturn, and both Mars and Saturn squaring Uranus in Taurus, there is high concentration available, and the will to push through an unorthodox, perhaps even somewhat radical agenda, to instigate overdue reforms, even if it takes a long time. This week starts out with the Moon in Gemini square Neptune, which begins today on a bit of a spacey, impressionable, but creatively stimulated note, but it’s possible things are still a bit confused, fuzzy, or unclear. With Venus in late Taurus making so many aspects, it’s clear that foundations are being set into place for something completely different, and relationships and money are highlighted. This is definitely fertile ground for planting, in all senses of the word, even with obstacles and delays, there is the opportunity to make something promising happen. No matter what your situation is, if you take a look around and within you, you have a lot to work with, as this math indicates rich resources and abundant creativity. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will innovate around challenges, pioneer new trails, and perhaps even thrive because of them. There is a lot of pure power in these maths, and Mars and Saturn will continue to “speak truth to power.” Mars’s shift into Aquarius emphasizes  modern technology, innovation, social networking, community, social justice, experimental initiatives, individuality, independence, originality, bucking trends, rebelling against the status quo, and all things weird, out there, and odd. Mars in Aquarius is future AF.

Today the Moon enters sensitive Cancer, sextile Uranus in Taurus and squaring up to Chiron and the Sun in Aries. This can see some vulnerabilities or sensitivities, but also a certain radical detachment. There can be a lot of changes going on, and emotional undercurrents are shifting with the tides. It bares mentioning that Venus, planet of love and partnerships will enter dualistic Gemini this Friday, and will station retrograde in this sign in the second week of May. Venus here will highlight more than one choice, decision, or direction to take. Two paths. Two sides to a story. Two people. For some, this retrograde can be very complex in nature, and will require people to make a choice, take a decision, either between two people,  two value systems/factions/organizations/directions, whether financially, materially, interpersonally/relationally, or all of the above. Later this evening, the Moon in emo Cancer forms a trine to Mercury in Cancer. This suggests the possibility of some surprising communications, emotional revelations, disclosures, realizations, or epiphanies. Stir craziness is building. Empathy is important under the Cancer lunation, as people can be feeling more sensitive, emo, vulnerable, or impressionable than might be apparent.

Today can see the feelings magnified quite a bit, with a lunar square to the Sun, trine Mercury and Neptune sensitive, psychic Pisces, in opposition to amplifying Jupiter and intense, brooding, instinctive Pluto, in strategic Capricorn. Later this evening, the Moon also opposes strict Saturn and energetic, ire Mars in radical Aquarius. Don’t underestimate the possibility that some people are feeling really depressed, repressed, and oppressed right now. Perhaps a bit stir crazy, trapped ,cut off, or isolated from a sense of community or what the heart wants. Try to be compassionate with others, and if you’re the only company you have, remember to be compassionate with yourself. It’s possible something learned or communicated makes …quite an impact under this lunation. It’s possible also that it’s what is felt but not said, what is merely intimated. A lot can be going on under the surface of things, and people can be keeping much to themselves. The Moon/Mercury/Neptune links can see some thick psychic impressions, synchronicities, spiritual experiences, or telepathic links. Very surreal, highly impressionable math, and what we see, hear, or feel can be really magnified under these configurations. 

Today begins with the Moon in late Cancer, trine Chiron in Aries, square Uranus in Taurus, sextile Venus, and opposite Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. For purely divinatory reasons, I feel like mentioning that NINs “Locusts” just finished and went straight into the song “Where Is Everybody” off of The Fragile. I’ll have to re-listen to this when Thursday happens to see if this bares any meaning for me then. 
This math definitely reflects some powerful changes happening, particularly emotionally and interpersonally. “Together” by NIN just came on after “where is everybody.” I’ll leave links to these tracks at the bottom. Something new is erupting and it’s possibly really unexpected and maybe even refreshing, or invigorating. These maths look powerful AF. Around noon, the Moon enters gregarious and playful Leo, emphasizing the opposition to Mars and Saturn, the square to Uranus in Taurus, and the trine to Chiron. Perhaps there’s something to be excited about, that boosts confidence, in spite of delays, obstacles, challenges, or blockages. There is certainly courage, passion, warmth, and enthusiasm, with a lunar trine to the Sun in Aries.

(where is everybody)




After some WEIRD AF vibes with the Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, opposite Mars in Aquarius and trine the Sun and Chiron in Aries,  Venus moves into silver tonged and dualistic Gemini, the sign of the twins. Things are definitely weird as hell, and it’s clear that people will have to make choices or choose sides. There is a LOT of power and money involved, and things look set to have powerful, longterm implications, with this taking place immediately during potent trines Venus is forming to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Venus will station retrograde in Gemini the second week of May, and things can actually become pretty dubious, confusing, deceptive, delusional, highly impressionable, and unclear. It’s possible for people to be easily hoodwinked or deceived, or conversely, for others to engage in shady business, trickery, or fuckery under the aspects Venus will form during this long cycle. Things could get pretty tricksy, with the potential for double speak and double dealings, and general, overall confusion or fugazi. On the other hand, these aspects could also confer humanitarianism, compassion, and efforts towards doing the right thing (Venus trine Mars in Aquarius). But figuring out what that “right” thing is can be an area of confusion, conjecture, and experimentation. Venus presides not only over love, relationships, pleasure, money, and possessions, but also our core values, self esteem, and basic self respect. In the tricksy, mercurial sign of Gemini, which focuses on communications, thoughts, sorting through and processing rote data and information, general curiosity, solving puzzles, and exchanging ideas, there is certainly much to think about, and more than one possible direction to go in, perspective to consider, stand to take, or cause to champion (Mars in Aquarius.) With Mercury currently still in hazy Pisces conjunct Neptune, there is still a hell of a lot of confusion and lack of clarity, and much is still hidden from sight, or going on behind the scenes. This aspect, even in isolation, can make people feel pretty sensitive and impressionable psychologically, hazy, unclear, perhaps even totally bemused. It can also make it difficult to sort fact from fiction, but positively, it can make compassion and understanding easier to come by. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus is a mad scientist aspect, with Saturn wanting to put on the breaks on new, weird initiatives, and Mars pushing for radical revisions, there’s a whole lot of weird goin’ on. Venus’ long cycle in Gemini will highlight making choices between 2 things, directions, value systems, stances, or causes. We will need to choose very wisely and gather all of the facts, and try and figure out wtf is even actually going on anymore.  Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune is having a somewhat eroding and dissolving impact on thought processes, communications, information gathering, and really, our entire sense of reality. The issues, values, and choices at hand are all really HUGE, powerful, impactful, significant, and have longterm implications (Venus trine Mars,Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.) Mars forms a sextile to Chiron today, which creates a “social justicey”, humanitarian, healing vibe of championing the underdog and fighting the good fight. A mathematical signature that won’t take injustices lying down, but will stand up for itself and others, and champion just causes. Mars and Saturn square Uranus could actually see people radicalizing but it can also see authorities radicalizing, thereby causing people to radicalize in response, in a sort of tit for tat fashion. It’s a bizarre configuration worth paying attention to. It’s definitely showing it’s colors. In the words of Jay and Silent Bob..“Strange things are afoot at the circle K.”

Today begins with the Moon n late Leo squaring up to Venus in two sided Gemini. With Venus still trine Mars and Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury, planet of the mind and cognition conjunct Neptune in Pisces-we could have some very mixed feelings about some very powerful and compelling issues, and there could be an atmosphere of conflicted interests, compelling arguments, but a whole lot of confusion, fugazi, deception, or a lot that is being hidden.  With the Moon in passionate, expressive, and theatrical Leo squaring Venus in curious Gemini trine both Mars and Saturn in humanitarian, rebellious, unorthodox Aquarius, it’s clear that both regular, everyday civilians, as well as people in positions of power and authority are straight up off the fuckin’ chain, and everyone and everything is weird as hell. The cerebral air signs of Gemini and Aquarius really want to figure everything out, and it can be hard to know where to turn or what to do under the confusing haze of Mercy conjunct Neptune. In the afternoon, the Moon heads into anxious and fastidious Virgo, squaring Venus in Gemini, and trine Uranus in Taurus. Shit is getting weirder and weirder all the time, and this atmosphere may see us trying to comb through the details of things. The over all “radical” nature of the Aquarian/Uranus overtones can create some interpersonal tensions, or dissonance, and there can be new details and perspectives, and communications rolling in that can be surprising, but also complex to navigate. There can also be radical notions or differences in values or perspectives that create subtle tensions, or simply encourage detailed exchanges or the joint resolutions of puzzles. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like the confusion and general sense of being psychologically thrown off balance by cognitive dissonance, and a generally tricksy feeling atmosphere. Beginning Monday, it will be clear that things are being deliberately hidden and obscured.  With Mars and Saturn head to head and squaring the prince of whackness, Uranus, there is a low key atmosphere of “weird war” going on. Some feel a compelling ease to surrender to the pull of being told what to think and do, while others feel an equally compelling instinct to do the exact opposite of that. This can see people at odds with people, and people at odds with authority, and authority at odds with people. Others may follow directions on the surface but internally questioning and evaluating. I’d like to be able to say things will make more sense soon, but May brings a Venus retrograde. Best we can do is form sustainable psychological coping strategies. Anybody have a tank?

Today see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo, trine Uranus in Taurus, opposite Mercury and hazy Neptune in Pisces, and trine Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can create an “unsolved mysteries” sort of vibe, and if anything is clear, it’s that there’s deception and confusion afoot, and people can also be easily deceived under these configurations, as impressionability is high. Quality control is key. These maths unfortunately illustrate a lot of illusion, fuckery, and trickery going on, but also, simultaneously, -there is the potential to see clearly and not have your entire sense of reality eroded in spite of the illusions being spun around you. In spite of thick fugazi, illusion, trickery, secrecy, theater, and mystery, there is a perceptiveness available that can assist with being able to penetrate below the surface, facilitate illumination, and clearly see the reality of what is being said and done. (Lunar trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.)  This math calls one to simply take a look around you, at the real and tangible reality that is right in front of you and can be verified with your own eyes, and see if this reality matches that of whatever narrative is being spun around you. All is not as it seems. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Astrology Of 23-29 March 2020.

Today begins with the Moon in reflective and passive Pisces, conjunct hazy Neptune, and sextile Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn. The afternoon see’s a lunar sextile to Saturn, -now freshly in Aquarius. These configurations place an emphasis on adapting to and taking in a whole lot of changes, especially so with Mercury going forward in Pisces and sextile Uranus, the King Of All Things Random and Unusual. So we have entered a strange new world, where the rules are being completely re-written, and every day we hear something that shocks, amazes, or confuses us. (The conspiracy theories are off the chain under these aspects.) Everything is pretty surreal. To get an idea of what to expect under Saturn’s transit through Aquarius during the next 2 and a half years, let’s look at some previous Saturn in Aquarius transits. In the last one, (1991-1993), we saw apartheid confronted and dismantled via the anti-apartheid act, and it was all about grunge music and flannel. Prior to that, Saturn’s transit through Aquarius from 1962-1964, saw the Civil Rights Act signed into law, banning segregation and employment discrimination against anyone based on race, color or creed, and Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters and Timothy Leary popularized psychedelics, so everyone got really high. Prior to that, Saturns transit through Aquarius from 1932-1935 saw the beginning of Roosevelts “New Deal”, which brought social security, infrastructure, and banking regulations in the United States, and helped people up out of the Great Depression. Swing music was big, men dressed like gangsters and women dressed in flapper style dresses and were called “dames”.  I don’t want to go back any further, but you get the gist. Saturn in Aquarius focuses on humanitarianism, helping the underdog, freedom, the collective, community, and equality. It’s also fiercely independent, and prepared to stand up for what it believes in. Basically, Saturn in Aquarius is a radical hippie socialist that does a lot of acid, reads a lot of books, has good taste in music, and won’t stand for any injustice. We could see some dramatic, even somewhat radical structural changes under this 2 and a half year transit. It’s actually unavoidable. The Moon heads into Aries around 6 PM PST tonight, and conjoins the Sun and Chiron, in the lead up to the New Moon tomorrow. Combined with it’s sextile to Saturn, this can see the evening wind down on a serious and determined note, and there can be a weird admixture of both patience and impatience. These configurations can be good regarding efforts to gain more confidence, stability, motivation, confidence, and self esteem for the times ahead. 

Today see’s the New Moon in passionate, enthusiastic Aries, conjunct the Sun and Chiron, and, due to the nature of the times, I feel like I shouldn’t fail to mention the sextile this New Moon forms to Hygeia, the asteroid of health and healing. With the Sun in Aries also sextile this asteroid, there is a clear spotlight on matters of health, which is interesting because the last Full Moon was in Virgo, the sign of health, and this kicked off ‘Ronageddon in the US. New Moons are about new beginnings, and in Aries, it’s about as “new” as it gets. This is all about fresh starts, new initiatives, and clean slates. The conjunction to Chiron can see some people feeling vulnerable, in the very least there is a lot of sensitivity in the air, and compassion for peoples suffering. With Venus in Taurus trine Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and sextile Neptune in Pisces, there’s a surprising amount of altruism available, but people can also be highly impressionable or easily manipulated or swayed by those with more power than them. This potentiality aside, these are some otherwise really positive, constructive, and promising configurations that have an ease and determination about them. The Moon/Chiron conjunction can see people focus on nurturing themselves and their loved ones via healing or spiritual modalities. Lunar squares to the North and South nodes can see some decisive shifts and preparations for new beginnings in regards our life direction, or plans we are putting into motion. There can be a subtle “edginess” to this math, as even though Venus makes harmonious aspects to Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune, combined with Mercury in hazy Pisces in contact to Uranus, it’s all….kind of…ultra intense. It’s just kind of…a LOT. It’s also hard to know what to even believe, and communications, commerce, news, and cognition is all….a bit…..well……it’s out there man…it’s wild. Hopefully, Mercury’s entrance into Aries in April will shed more light on some things, because WHOA MAN. MY BRAIN. At least Venus’ contact to Mars and the outer planets is calming, harmonious, and stabilizing. Pluto conjunct Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is like an intense steamroller that nothing can oppose or question. So in one way or another, everyone has to submit to some powerful forces beyond their control. Over the next 2 and a half years, Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus and will work diligently to challenge the status quo and authority, and there will be hard won innovations, particularly within large organizations. 


Today see’s the Moon in passionate Aries, squaring up to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This is gonna be… interesting. The square to Saturn in “social justice warrior”Aquarius doesn’t begin until evening, as the Moon heads into the later degrees of Aries. The majority of the day is driven by the lunar squares to Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, which marks the day with intensity, and there is a fight to push through some drastic, necessary and deeply transformative changes. There can also be an atmosphere of overinflated fear mongering to contend with and rebel against, and with Mercury, the planets of cognition, in sensitive and passive Pisces, many people are very sensitive and extremely psychologically impressionable right now, so it pays to question everything, -particularly power, power structures, powerful institutions, established norms, and authority in general and it’s legitimacy (Moon in warrior Aries square Mars, Jupiter, Pluto in Cap, and Saturn in Aquarius). With the Sun in Aries conjunct Chiron and sextile the asteroid of healing, Hygeia, there’s a “health warrior” vibe to these configurations that’s actually quite fascinating considering the nature of the times. There’s a lot of energy, drive and determination available in these maths, and with Pluto involved, there’s an investigative quality that can also bring much to the surface. This math is big, and fierce. The Moon opposite Juno can highlight some conflicts of interest. With Mercury in Pisces forming a minor hard aspect to Pluto and Jupiter, information received and given now can be having major impact, and there can also be much going on under the surface or hidden from view, in secret, that will potentially come to light later, probably in April, when Mercury reaches Aries. Moon square Mars in Capricorn today is certainly feisty, determined as hell, and amplified all the more by Jupiter and Pluto in rational Capricorn, giving everything a whole lot of impact. I just felt a huge earth quake immediately after typing that. Later in the evening, as the Moon get’s closer to Taurus, it forms a conjunction to Uranus, and squares Saturn in Aquarius. Combined with the Sun in Aries and the New Moons emphasis on health/healing/medicine via links to Chiron and Hygeia, these maths clearly spell out awakenings, revolutions, innovations, shocks, and the unexpected, in regards to health, medicine, and healing modalities. With Venus in Taurus in trine to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, much that is going on now is actually really beneficial, and there can be a lot to feel thankful for, and opportunities to increase the overall pleasantness of life, and make deeply positive transformations that have real, tangible, practical, even physical impact, is available. With Mercury in hazy Pisces no longer in contact to unpredictable (but innovative, future oriented) Uranus, the truth is becoming a bit easier to decipher, cognitively, things are less chaotic and scrambled and a bit more peaceful, and common sense and practicality is prevailing in unusual, pleasing, and unexpected ways, in spite of the presence of complete and utter whackness. There can be some resistance to changes, new ideas, or common sense, but it ultimately looks like common sense and perhaps some surprising cognitive breakthroughs are coming in to save the day. Things are definitely being shook up, but in spite of that, remaining surprisingly stable.

Today see’s the Moon move into grounded, physical, and earthy Taurus, conjunct revolutionary Uranus, and squaring Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in the late degrees of Capricorn. The Sun in Aries conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) and opposite Juno (partnerships) in Libra continues to highlight conflicts of interest over healing and health. With the emphasis on the physical, practical earth signs combined with the futuristic, humanitarian, and social justice oriented Uranian influence, this can see revolutions in common sense, and both earthly and bodily wisdom slowly but surely setting in, and there can be signs of progress and breakthroughs in cognition, in spite of a great deal of resistance or defensiveness. The need for diplomacy and people pleasing (Sun in Aries opposite Juno in Libra) can mean “watering things down” a bit, or making compromises or concessions in order to achieve “acceptability” for the time being, but with Venus in Taurus trine Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, the triumph of simple common sense, and beneficial earthly, alchemical, wisdom is assured, and it’s possible there could be much to be excited about. With a lunar sextile to Mercury in tranquil and mystical Pisces later on in the evening, there can be good news, perhaps something to feel relieved or even inspired about. This evening can end on a mellow but pleasantly stimulating note. There can be a lot of synchronicity and serendipity, out of the blue communications, mental/psychic breakthroughs, downloads, or being struck by inspiration, beauty, awe, curiosity, reverence, wonder, or the kindness, compassion, altruism, and humanity of (and/or for) others. Basically, it looks like some good news is coming in that could potentially be exciting or just future AF, but beneficial. 

Today begins on the wings of lunar contacts to both Mercury and Uranus, and then the Moon in Taurus conjuncts Venus midmorning. The afternoon adds in trines to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and a sextile to Neptune. These are some powerful, “feel good” energies, (but this can also see powerful people or organizations up to some slippery business). Regardless, there is some potent creativity available in this math, and the emphasis can very much be on pleasure, and enjoying the finer things in life. Creature comforts, beauty, art, music, and all things aesthetically pleasing. This math is The Empress of the Tarot on performance enhancing drugs. The lunar contacts to Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto can intensify and magnify whatever is felt, and it can be easy to find things to feel good about and boost the spirits, it’s a highly charismatic energy. With the Sun still holding down it’s conjunction to Chiron (the wounded healer), sextile to Hygeia (health) and opposition to Juno (partnerships), there is still some “sensitive issues” and conflicts of interest in the air around health, and it’s making things a bit awkward, but otherwise, these maths are a welcome respite and offer up a lovely platter of pleasantries. Late night see’s the Moon trine Mars in late Capricorn, which could see energy building up for a potentially eventful Saturday. Even if nothing actually happens, there could just be good “physical qui,” and the potential for good vibes, and positive, constructive, beneficial actions or initiatives that could have physical, tangible implications.

Today see’s the Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus, and trine Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Mercury also conjoins Neptune in Pisces. This is some extremely interesting math. Lunar trines to the powerful line up to planets in Capricorn, and Saturn freshly in Aquarius, suggests the possibility of new and innovative approaches that challenge the status quo (Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn) are making an impact. With Saturn and Uranus in square to each other, there’s been (and will probably continue to be) resistance, but something about todays math helps to smooth the way forward for innovative, practical, beneficial, (but common sensical) approaches. With the Moon and Venus holding hands and mirroring one another in aspect, this can be a boon for partnerships, relationship matters, love, money, pleasure, harmony, and all things earthly and physical. There can be some intense, deep transformations underway, and with Mars about to join Saturn in Aquarius next week, the emphasis on change, innovation, community, the collective, matters of social justice, the internet, the future, and forward, progressive thinking that challenges the status quo, is set to become more heated, and will be a serious topic that weighs upon the collective consciousness in the times ahead. Evening time see’s the Moon enter communicative Gemini, which can see the emotions stirred up around communications. There can be a lot going on, a lot that needs to get done, or perhaps a lot to talk about, communications or errands to catch up on with/for neighbors, siblings, and the like. Something needs to be mended or resolved perhaps.


Today see’s the Moon in talkative Gemini sextile the Sun and Chiron in Aries, square Mercury in Pisces, and trine Saturn in Aquarius. There is an emphasis here on healing a misunderstanding, or simply agreeing to disagree or letting something be “water under the bridge.” There could be some sensitivities or confusion around communications somehow, and perceptions can be a bit askew, with the potential for denialism, deception, or avoidance of reality. The lunar sextile to the Sun can help communicate, illuminate, or resolve awkward or difficult interpersonal misunderstandings. A lunar semi square to Pluto can heighten emotional intensity, so it pays to tread carefully in communications as people may really be taking things to heart right now and be more sensitive or going through more than you may assume on the surface. I feel like it’s just a good idea to keep that in mind in general right now, because these really aren’t normal times for anyone, and everyone is doing the best that they can. With the Moon square Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, semi square Pluto and Mars, and trine Juno in Libra, there’s a lot going on under the surface, or behind the scenes, and not everything is necessarily straight forward or as it may appear. For some, there could be unspoken animosity or hostility, fear, secrecy, fuckery, power tripping, confusion, evasive or deceptive action, or a bit of seething around something being said or done. For others, just… really mixed feelings about how to even handle something or someone. Positively, this energy also offers the opportunity to slink off somewhere for a jaunt to enjoy secret meet ups, or simply just nods of agreement, or affirming exchanges with others who happen to share your own particular brand of crazy(Moon trine Juno/square Mercury and Neptune/semisquare Pluto.) Seeing as how real life human interaction is basically crime, these maths are kind of reflecting that. Although there’s the potential for a lot of confusion in this Sundays math, there’s also the equal potential for bringing peace, unconditional love, and understanding, or in the very least, avoiding, evading, and ducking out of any potential conflicts and talking and engaging with others who share your sentiments. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of March 16-22 2020.

We begin Monday with the Moon still in optimistic Sagittarius, squaring the Sun in Pisces, and moving into Capricorn around 9:30 AM. This see’s the Moon sextile Mercury, which has now moved back into Pisces, and the Moon also forms a trine to Uranus and Venus in Taurus, and a square to Chiron. After a rather confusing and bemusing end to the weekend, this can see some news come in which requires some adjustments to be made, but not all this news is necessarily bad. This could actually see some pleasant diversions. Nonetheless, the lunar square to Chiron can highlight some vulnerability, with a need to make quick changes. The lunar link up to Venus can see some pleasant exchanges, and even though not much is predictable with Uranus involved, it’s still surprisingly stable. The Capricorn lunation can facilitate positive breakthroughs.This can see some innovative money moves, and as Venus comes into good relation to Mars and Jupiter over the coming days, optimism and drive can build for what is possible in the longterm. Needless to say, these configurations require innovation, but it appears to go smoothly for the most part. Venus through Taurus (with Uranus), is also seeing the strange, unusual, or unexpected become much more normalized and woven into the fabric of the every day. Evening time looks more pleasant and stable than the daylight hours of todays configurations, as that’s when the Moon links up with Venus. So the majority of today will see people having to make practical adjustments and think on their feet so that the machinery of life continues to function. From the look of it, things are going to be ok, perhaps even somewhat pleasant, even if we need to innovate around unpredictable circumstances that may throw us off a bit or leave us feeling a bit scattered or in a scramble.

Today see’s the Moon in no bullshit Capricorn conjunct Mars, Pluto and Jupiter (also in Capricorn), trine Venus in Taurus, and sextile dreamy Neptune -all while still spinning from lunar contacts with Uranus, the master of surprises and utter weirdness. So, it’s a bit of a low key, whacklesauce parade. There’s a lot to adapt to, some changes of plan, but these configurations are solid, stable, and clearly seeking to make the best of things and have a chill time. These can actually be some really energizing and positive configurations, and there’s a lot of drive, resilience, passion, determination, and adaptability behind them. A lunar semisquare to Mercury in Pisces can see a need to think before speaking, and to try to avoid reactionary thinking, or letting the imagination run away with itself into ultimately illogical, highly subjective places that form into entrenched opinions based on very little, if any, factual, reliable data, and ultimately, only lead to disharmony or frustrated, hypersensitive communications. Other than that very slight potential negative, this math looks really awesome for a lot of interpersonal harmony, overall pleasantness, and positive, even enthusiastic interchanges, and it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find upliftment and otherwise general benefit via exchanges with others. There will certainly be “impact” in the air, and finding enjoyment can actually come rather easily, in spite of the “serious” feeling nature of the planets in Capricorn. Don’t think that the goat doesn’t know how to frolic about and make the best of things. Mercury in Pisces forming a sextile to Uranus from the afternoon onward can definitely see some very illuminating communications, and a whole lot of insights, perhaps even some strange serendipities, synchronicities, ESP experiences, psychic downloads, or otherwise illuminating, surprising communications. It’s like a light of soundness, saneness, practicality, realness, and earthly physical/somatic wisdom attempting to break through a fog of confusion, delusion, fugazi, fear, paranoia, and uncertainty. Beautiful. It’s also a very inspiring and highly stimulating contact, spiritually, mentally, creatively, physically, -even aesthetically. Communications and cognition can be highly stimulating, and the mind can be more impressionable to new insights and ideas, and what’s seen, heard, said, read, watched, communicated, and exchanged between ourselves and others can have major (and by the looks of it) beneficial, even helpful, useful impact, in a practical, helpful, even physical/somatic way. It’s quite a growth spurt and major download for many. Deep, positive changes, with longterm, beneficial impacts. A sort of “awakening” going down, very clear perspectives are available, with insights, signs, synchronicities, or just straight up Taurean common sense/facts/reality that's difficult to ignore or deny any longer. Very illuminating.

Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn form a grand conjunction to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. It also forms a sextile to the Sun in Pisces, and from the afternoon, a square to Uranus in Taurus. To say things are pretty fucking weird and random right now is a bit of an understatement. It’s OTT really. These are some energizing and highly stimulating configurations, and there could be a restlessness present with the emphasis on controlled and constrained Capricorn, but it’s also indicating slow but steady progress, innovation, and “making due.” With the lunar sextile to easy going Pisces, relaxing ambitions and timetables a little and making space to dream, envision and improvise can help to steady and guide us intuitively , and get us in tune with our instincts, physically and otherwise, to navigate some intense changes, and an otherwise unpredictable landscape. Venus in Taurus is also now in trine to Mars, which is actually quite harmonious, steadying, and fortunate. This can see some pleasant interchanges, and passionate, (if subdued, and controlled), feelings. Mars in Capricorn is patient, controlled, strategic, calculating, resilient, discerning, and determined. Venus in Taurus is practical, sensual, physical, luxurious, artistic, pleasure seeking, aesthetic, and very much in the body. This configuration can definitely be a boon to anyone worried about their health, as it can see a boost in vitality, energy, and physical resilience. I’m laughing and shaking my head smiling huge right now because Nine Inch Nails “Physical” just started playing in my headphones on my playlist as I’m typing this. PERFECTION. Clever, Universe. Clever as hell. Well played. Around 6:30 PM, the Moon heads into rebellious, detached, rational, and humanitarian Aquarius, to form a sextile to Chiron in Aries. This can see an attitude of compassion, tolerance, and a sort of “unity” within limiting, constraining, intense, chaotic, destabilizing, unpredictable circumstances or dynamics (Moon conjunct Saturn, Pluto, and square Uranus.) Unity through complete and utter weirdness. Now “We’re In This Together” by Nine Inch Nails is playing. HAHAHA WTF. This is gold you guys. I can't make this stuff up.

Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius make intermittent squares between Venus and Uranus in Taurus. This can see a somewhat unpredictable atmosphere around practical, monetary, and relational matters, and prompts some adjustments and innovations, and changes of plan or approach. Things are being shook up, and there can be a sort of radicalism in the air. It can see some unconventional approaches, or in some cases, some breaks for freedom from constraints, or displays of independence, individuality, or just all around doing things “differently.” This is not a “normal” time, by any means, so don’t expect people to “act normal,” because nothing is “normal” right now. A lunar trine to Juno in Libra can see some interesting or unconventional agreements in partnerships, business and personal, but overall it’s a rather detached atmosphere, and the Cap stellium emphasizes caution, patience, slowness, and restraint. The lunar square to Venus can definitely see relationships (and money, leisure, pleasure, practical matters) going through a bit of “strange”, and in a highly “experimental” frame. With the Moon in independent Aquarius, it’s a bit of a “you’re on your own with this one” vibe, but can also see some stimulating, and “interesting” exchanges or collaborations, or some unexpected, or unusual developments or interactions socially, interpersonally, or financially/commercially. Everything's weird as hell right now folks.


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius still squaring up to Venus in Taurus, who is holding hands with Mars. This can see a somewhat restless vibe, and again, nothing is normal, but it’s easy to get a kick out of the complete absurdity of it all. The Sun moves into Aries today, heralding the astrological New Year in the Western hemisphere, and signaling a time for fresh starts, and new beginnings. Happy birthday Aries! With Saturn in the final and fateful degree of Capricorn, and preparing to dip into Aquarius to give us a “preview”, it’s clear that old systems, structures, and ways of doing things are going to undergo some changes, innovations, and fresh approaches. As the Moon in Aquarius moves closer to Mercury as the day turns to evening and the evening wears on, there could be some unexpected news or communication that kicks off the beginning of the weekend, so it pays to be receptive and open to spontaneity this weekend.

Today see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Mercury and sextile Uranus in Taurus. This can see some surprising insights, or out of the blue communications. The intuitive and psychic faculties are lit up, and we are primed for incidences of telepathy, serendipity, and synchronicity. This is a sensitive, imaginative, impressionable, and compassionate atmosphere. Heads up for creative people: inspiration can strike at any time. The potential for unexpected communications or even just “psychic downloads” is high, and emotions can be closer to the surface, which can make people more receptive to the language of the soul: dreams, intuition, symbols, animal sightings, repetitive number sequences, “coincidences”, and the like. Very receptive configurations, that can see some interesting communications transpire. It’s possible for some unexpected disclosures, as the Moon/Mercury/Uranus combination can break down and dissolve barriers between others. Later on, lunar semi squares to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn can point to the fact that some feelings that are stirred can create subtly heightened emotions, and this can make it harder for people to communicate or express their true feelings about something, or it’s possible that we or others have really taken something to heart, or we may feel others don’t realize how sensitive that we actually are to something that’s been said or done. In either case, these minor aspects can intensify and magnify the feelings or the impact of communications (or the lack thereof, as Moon/Mercury in Pisces can be silent and retiring). This can make for some poignant inner processing.


Today see’s the Pisces Moon sync up with Neptune, and form a pleasant, dreamy sextile to Venus in Taurus. This is artsy and aesthetic AF. Very chill vibes. Dreamy, poetic, musical, romantic even. Great math for pottering about, and seeking to make things more pleasant, harmonious, and beautiful. These are some creatively and spiritually inspiring configurations that make it easy to freely disperse compassion and understanding to others. A very “live and let live” atmosphere that’s conducive to harmonious and peaceful interactions with others, but also conducive to enjoying tranquility in ones own company. Very suitable Sunday math. Saturn also reaches zero degrees Aquarius today, giving us a taster of things to come. There will be stops and starts, as it will retrograde back into Capricorn for some pop quizzes, and won’t officially be in Aquarius for the long haul until the end of the year. For the interim, Saturn gives us a teaser and brings attention to our mastery or lack thereof over our own individuation process, independence, the social sphere, groups, causes, humanitarianism, the internet, community, social networking, social media, -and our ability to think about, adapt to, and prepare for the future, -and anticipate future trends. People with Saturn in Aquarius are now kicking off the beginning of their Saturn returns. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of March 9-15 2020.

We begin the week with a Full Moon in Virgo, exact at 10:48 AM PST. Mercury will also station direct this evening at 8:49 PM PST. This Full Moon is most excellent, and very difficult to fuck up. With lunar trines to Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, this math is money AF, things are starting to really fall into place, and you would really have to go out of your way to think yourself into having a bad time and forcibly limit and block out all of the good trying to happen. With the Moon opposing the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, it’s possible to do exactly that, the potential to become anxious or fearful over unknowns is there. This can be averted by just staying lifted, and remembering that all we’ve really got are moments. Be grateful for the moments, and just do what’s in your power to appreciate and improve upon the moments. This aside, this is some very physical, earthy, sensual math that can be really energizing, grounding, and motivating, putting us very much in the body. It’s like a really high quality, organic, fair trade, light roast espresso paired with a blunt rolled around the finest of trees. Quality. There’s a quiet intensity to these configurations also, that suggests that something is, in fact, on the slow burn. Progress won’t be instant, but will be a product of steady vision, patience, daily habits, routines, rituals, and repetition. Laying down new patterns and routines, releasing old chapters, and opening up to new possibilities are key themes of this full moon. With Mercury stationing direct tonight in Aquarius, this week will see things finally begin to gain traction, things can finally begin to slowly progress where they may have been stalled, muddled, or delayed. Give it time. With so many planets in Earth, and Mercury needing to get back up to speed, progress will be slow, but deep.

Today see’s the Moon in Libra, placing an emphasis on interactions with others. This places the Moon in opposition to Chiron, and forming an out of sign trine to Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn. It’s possible there’s some sensitivity between others that might revolve around a misunderstanding, and/or feeling misunderstood. It could be that an issue of pacing or boundaries needs understanding, clarification or negotiation, and with the Moon in the sign of diplomacy opposing Chiron, we may need to have confidence in our ability to harmonize differing perspectives in order to create understanding, stability, integrity, agreement, and congruency going forward. Over the next few days, the interpersonal landscape can be vivid, clarifying, and perhaps, sobering, as the partnership oriented Libra lunation forms contacts to the planets in “just the facts please”, physical, realist Capricorn. With Pluto now conjunct Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and Venus conjunct Uranus, some powerful interpersonal turning points are imminent in regards to relationships of all kinds, business and personal. This takes negotiation, mutual respect, and harmonization. 

Today see’s the Libra Moon trine Mercury, (now direct,) in Aquarius, while squaring Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This is a highly charged energy, and there can be a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and intensity behind any agreements forged today, or communications in general can really make an impact or arouse a whole lot of feelings. Perhaps we are enlightened around something that was previously unknown or unclear to us. Perhaps something turns out to be better than we had feared. There can be some frustrations present as well, but there is definitely a “catalyzing” energy to these configurations. Hot damn. It doesn’t look too bad actually, this math could actually see some really good stuff happening for people, and it could all be pretty surprising or unexpected. Whoa now. This math is getting pretty intense.

Today see’s the Moon in intense and instinctual Scorpio opposing Venus and Uranus in physical, sensual Taurus. DAMN. This is some serious freak math right here. Shits ‘bout to get weird this weekend, no doubt. There’s definitely bound to be a lot of surprises in store. Regardless of what’s going down, things look optimistic, with the Sun sextile Jupiter and Pluto. These are risk taking configurations. If you play your cards carefully, you’ll be happy where they land. The Scorpio lunation is an intense, if rather private one, but with the link up’s to Venus and Uranus, it can see pleasure seeking in unusual ways either alone, or with close, entrusted others. There’s a definite “letting the hair down” vibe here though that can see people more in touch with their instinctual, animal natures, and there can be restlessness or a wrestling with intense, conflicting feelings or urges, and emotions can be changeable. This can make social interactions potentially awkward or uncomfortable if you’re unsure how to handle your own or other peoples desires, feelings, urges, instinctual compulsions, or just sheer animalism. It could just be a whole lot of surprising feelings that have arisen that could require some reflection or privacy, or just the close confidence of a trusted person in order to assimilate and adjust. There could also be a need to set firmer boundaries. It’s definitely not a boring energy, but the planets in Earth signs also emphasize staying grounded, sensible, practical, stable. Not letting any of the interpersonal fluctuations and shifts knock you off balance. Late this evening the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces, creating the perfect atmosphere for reflection, and kicking the weekend off on an idyllic, inspired, if poetic note.


Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio trine the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces, and sextile Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn. It also goes on to square Mercury in Aquarius. What a “T.G.I.F” geometrical signature this shit is though. This is a dank looking energy, I don’t like to hype stuff up too much, but this looks somewhat serendipitous and magical, poetic even. Almost as if life suddenly becomes a dope independent film with a really good soundtrack. It’s like reality is suddenly preferable to fantasy, because it’s real, or we suddenly notice all the potential in what’s actually real, and what’s actually possible, -and what a fantasy our reality actually is. With the lunar square to Mercury, we may have to overcome some inner resistances or conflict between the mind and the feelings, or limiting ourselves by sticking in a comfort zone or valuing perceived safety over growth, because the potential available within new possibilities is significant, life changing, life affirming, and life enhancing. These are some deep, tectonic shifts going down, and there’s sign posts and synchronicities woven throughout it all that seem to act as guideposts, as long as we’re open, humble, and cognitively receptive to the language of soul. 

Today see’s the Moon in optimistic, broad thinking Sagittarius, squaring Mercury in Aquarius the first part of the day, and trine to Chiron throughout the day. This lunation assists in absolving any cognitive dissonance or resistance by enlarging our scope of vision, making peace with the instincts and intuitive hunches. This has the fortunate impact of increasing courage and confidence levels and widening our horizons. Perhaps surrendering to certain instincts under the Scorpio lunation have bolstered and affirmed our position on things, or lended some sort of confidence or optimism. This lunation could see us more adventurous and less constrained or emotionally inhibited, and also more open to learning or trying new things. It can be healing to do so. Opening our minds and worlds a bit can let in a lot of warmth, color, inspiration, and positivity, even if nothing makes complete and total sense yet. It’s like learning a completely new language, it takes time to form substantial, understandable sentences. This lunation can see us open ourselves up to new things, and eager to soak up knowledge, wisdom and culture, broadening our emotional bandwidth through study, higher learning, travel, or people that are just…really...different to us, in age, wisdom, experience, culture, beliefs, or occupation. It’s possible that whatever we soak up now can help us feel more confident in ourselves, and offer healing. 

Today see’s the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius squaring the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Our emotional antenna can be heightened and it can feel like we’re tuned into some new frequency, but we can also feel on shaky or uncertain ground. There can be a longing present as well, perhaps certain needs or desires we feel we have to relinquish for the time being. There can be some confusion present, swings of mood from fear to faith, and it can be difficult to express your true feelings around something with the Moon in contact to evasive Neptune and the Sun in elusive, slippery Pisces. It’s almost as if you even expressed them, they’d merely be going into a void or directly into a woodchipper anyhow. Conversely, there's also a lot of compassion, selflessness, and humanity, empathy and understanding in the atmosphere. People helping people for the sake of helping people. An uncomplicated, basic generosity of spirit, even in the absence of any personal gain or reward. If you do feel a twinge of loneliness or going without,- again, it comes down to “Ye Olde Faithful *Internal* Locus Of Control.” Releasing. Letting go. Non attachment. Producing your own joy.  All that jazz. Y’all probably think I type this shit out like it’s easy for me to do. The shit ‘aint easy, it takes practice. Transmutation. Alchemy. Just ask any voluntary celibate or practitioner of Tantra. The struggle is real fam, I gotchu. I feel you.  Regardless of the need  to redundantly hammer home the internal locus of control once again to induce eye rolls or mild nausea, this math is awesome for music, the arts, inspiration, and great fodder for creativity, as well as just really laid back, chill, and meditative in nature. Awesome for spiritual study and pursuits as well. It’s an all around kind of hazy, dreamy mathscape that’s suitable for a stereotypical Sunday. A pajamas, messy hair, instrument strumming, blunt smoking, philosophical freestyle kind of mood that can actually be really good surf. We may be releasing or saying goodbye to certain chapters, or may have to relinquish something in order to gain something else, but the end of March will begin to show tangible evidence of why this sacrifice or trade off is actually good medicine.  Monday, things take a turn for the serious, the surprising, and the whimsical, and things can begin to take off in an entirely new, pleasant and exciting direction. The end of March will be a very powerful time, with some significant shifts and strides, forward and upward.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of March 2-8 2020.

Monday see’s the Moon in anxious, curious, and multitasking Gemini squaring the Sun and Neptune in dreamy, reflective, and passive Pisces. This can see the day rife with distractions, and it can be difficult to concentrate. With the Sun in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn, we can definitely feel an idealistic determination and drive around something, but the key lies in grounding and centering, in order to actualize it. Venus in the final degrees of Aries, squaring up to Saturn, and getting ready to move into Taurus to conjunct unconventional, liberating, and surprising Uranus on Wednesday, (the same day Mercury backs up into unconventional, Uranus ruled Aquarius) -can see a vibe of restlessness, impatience, frustration, and growing excitement. It’s as if something new and exciting is about to happen that shakes things up or functions as some kind of catalyst for change. Change is definitely coming, but we may need to hold our breath and grit our teeth a bit until at least the weekend to see tangible evidence and taste the shift, as Saturn is really slowing things down and creating delays, so don’t give up or “quit right before the miracle”, as they say.  Towards evening, Mercury makes a sextile to Venus, suggesting we may begin a process of picking something up where it was left off, interpersonally, socially, or otherwise. This can see news, communications, or new information revealed or exchanged that can give us something to look forward to. Due to the emphasis on Uranus, this week can see everyone begin a process of stepping more fully into themselves, and there will be those who will have to adapt and accept these changes. In spite of how it may seem right now, things are actually on the up and up, and just require some patience to find their groove. Have faith.

Tuesday begins with the Moon in Gemini trine Mercury Rx, which reaches zero degrees Pisces. The lunar square to Neptune as well can see confusion, wistfulness, longing, and increased sensitivity, and we can be very impressionable to whatever we see or hear. Communications of all kinds are highlighted, and the imagination can be very stimulated. The mind and the feelings can be more in synch as well, but Neptune’s fog can cause us to have doubts. Trust in the process, and try not to fret about how long it’s all taking. Venus, nearing the end of Aries, forms an out of sign conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, and this could see us growing impatient for something we can touch, feel, and taste. Something tangible. We want to see it to believe it. Maybe we need to work on actually believing in it first. That’s how things manifest. The afternoon see’s the Moon sextile Venus and square Chiron, and this can see some really pleasant interchanges take place, some news or communications can stoke our enthusiasm, while also making us aware of where we need to develop our strength and courage. Something entirely new is on it’s way to us or through us, and we might be aware of small or large ways that we aren’t even prepared for it yet. These configurations also suggest something needs to dissolve, be fully released, or let go of in order to begin something else or devote ourselves more earnestly in a particular direction, as you simply can’t be in two camps at once, or have your fingers in all of the pies forever. It’s disorienting and yields little returns. Basically, you have to pick one direction, stand with it, and be willing to take an L. For some, this can create a feeling of sacrifice, or play upon peoples sympathies, insecurities, or martyr complexes. With Uranus involved, listening to and honoring your own actual feels is imperative. 
Evening time, the Moon shifts into emo Cancer, trine Mercury in Pisces, and sextile Venus and Uranus. Both Mercury and Venus are in critical, “fated” degrees. This can see some powerful inward turning points and interpersonal shifts begin to unfold. With the Moon also squaring Chiron, we can be in a process of becoming more clear about our feelings, but much is simply an issue of confidence, courage, and timing. These maths actually look largely pleasant and easy going, in spite of the tensions present, it’s possible to feel that some positive changes are unfolding, but there’s a need to curb impatience or otherwise crotchety feels under the Cancer lunation. 

We begin today with the Moon in Cancer, trine Mercury, and sextile Uranus, square Chiron, and opposite Mars. This can see a highly sensitive atmosphere, and feelings can be somewhat all over the Map. There can be sensitivity and vulnerability around communications. Mercury backtracks into detached, erratic Aquarius today, and Venus will shift into sensual and physical Taurus this evening, at 7:07 PM PST. With the Moon trine the Sun, but squaring Chiron and opposing Mars, it’s possible that people could be sitting on a lot of feelings, that could feel somewhat frustrated, delayed, or otherwise circumstantially blocked, and these configurations can create a somewhat hypersensitive atmosphere. Fortunately, the square to Chiron ebbs off as we get into the afternoon, which makes for a less “crotchety”atmosphere, but there could still be a bit of defensiveness or emotional blockages, emotional frustrations, or slight grouchiness. Midweek looks to be the most uncomfortable math wise due to the Moon/Mars/Saturn/Pluto oppositions, but this passes rather quickly. Early evening see’s the Moon trine Neptune and oppose Jupiter, so it’s possible people will seek to escape any passing frustrations, impatience, or uncomfortable emotions through seeking relaxation, a pleasant pastime, fantasizing about possible futures, or just something pleasant that passes the time. Visualization and inner preparation for the way you would like to see things evolve in your life would be an excellent use of these configurations. Venus has been squaring up to Saturn, which has been felt as a somewhat frustrating and delaying influence for people, particularly interpersonally. So this shift of Venus and the conjunction to Uranus, trine to Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter this will bring into play as the weeks unfold, will be a much welcome reprieve. Anyway, the evening hours of Wed can see people geared towards emotional escape and self soothing, as the Moon/Mars opposition seeks to let off steam in constructive ways. With Venus conjoining Uranus, this could be felt as a sort of interpersonal circus, as new contacts circle into peoples lives, and new waves of impulse are felt. It’s an “anything can happen” type of vibe that certainly won’t be boring. Far from it. Things actually look set to become pretty exciting. These configurations also place an emphasis on people simply becoming more fully themselves, and it’s rather uncompromising. These maths will emphasize the importance of alliances that don’t confine, control, inhibit, or seek to discourage your personal development or fullest, most authentic expression of who you are. It’s a rather liberating influence that will function almost like a steamroller that say’s “MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY” to anyone seen to be interfering or is just not in alignment with whatever it’s trying to do.  Venus conjunct Uranus does what it wants, when it wants, and will stubbornly resist being told what to do, confined, or put in a box. This is some potent energy that could see some unusual alliances or interpersonal contacts/situations unfolding, for some, quite out of the blue. For others, these energies have been gaining momentum and traction for quite some time, and it will only seem out of the blue to outside observers, if there even are any.

This morning begins with the Moon in Cancer opposing Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, and trine the Sun and Neptune. The afternoon throws in lunar squares to Venus and Uranus. So things can feel somewhat unsettled, stir crazy, and the pressure is on, but simultaneously, things may feel blocked, delayed, or frustrated somehow, with the only outlet being Neptune, which is really just releasing things over to the fates, timing, and just waiting things out. But it's also about faith, and belief. Detaching from outcomes and cultivating a strong internal locus of control is really important here. As is patience, and the faith and belief that what’s meant for you will come, as the lunar/Uranus/Venus square can create some restlessness and stir craziness for people, particularly around relationships and interpersonal contacts. There's a growing craving for change and excitement here. It's on the way, guaranteed. In the meantime, the stronger your inner locus of control is, the easier and less unsettling these particular configurations will be, as much is simply a matter of timing with both Venus and Mars now in slow moving earth signs. The Venus/Uranus conjunction promises change, excitement, and breaks from whatever the norm has been. The Moon will move into Leo tomorrow to trine Chiron, so this should help lend people more courage and confidence, and catch up to speed. Trust and believe that you're deserving of good things, and that you deserve what you really want.


Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic, theatrical Leo, trine Chiron in Aries, and square Venus and Uranus in Taurus. The Sun also sextile Jupiter today, and this can lend quiet optimism around taking calculated risks. The Leo lunation emphasizes the desire for more confidence, courage, and fun. With the Moon squaring Venus and Uranus, this can see people in unusual frame, and wanting to make some magic happen. Indeed, there can even be some interesting serendipities or synchronicities this weekend. There may be a desire to shake things up, take interpersonal risks, or generally stir the soup, add spices, and make it taste better. This can see some interpersonal shifts, some of which were actually quite unexpected, but they look set to bolster confidence, courage, and optimism somehow. Regardless, nothing will be instant, but it looks like some positive trends are unfolding, and people are slowly but surely breaking free from self imposed constrictions, limitations, and inhibitions. The end of March is definitely set to be pretty interesting and exciting.

Today see’s the Moon in Leo oppose Mercury Rx in Aquarius. This can see a somewhat indecisive energy. It’s possible that there’s just been so many variables brought into an equation and so many things to get excited about that it’s given us a lot to think about and mentally/emotionally digest. It’s important to be discriminating as opposed to merely reactionary towards new information or communications we receive now, as Mercury is set to station direct soon, and it will take a while for the dust to settle. Later on, the Moon in late Leo builds a pleasant, out of sign trine to both Venus and Uranus, and this can see excitement levels build, and a feeling of there being “everything to play for.” Even though it could take a bit for everything to make complete sense, and the Piscean/Neptune influences can make energy lag a bit, these are some encouraging aspects that can motivate people towards positive change, -for the sheer sake of positive change. The Full Moon in Virgo coming up on Monday focuses on health, diet, and routine, and brings attention to the small details of life, and anything that we need to improve upon. There will be plenty of motivation available to make positive breakthroughs and set up new, life enhancing personal patterns that transform our lives for the better. It’s like a deep clean.

Today see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo. This lunation is a powerful, “GET IT TOGETHER” vibe. With the Moon trine Mars, Venus, and Uranus today, we can feel pleasantly motivated to literally and metaphorically “clean house”, and initiate some radical reforms to really get ourselves and our lives functioning at optimus prime. It’s possible something or someone has lit a fire under our butthole, and today can see some pleasant and surprising developments interpersonally that are really motivating and inspiring. With the Moon opposing the Sun and Neptune in Pisces of course, there could still be a lot of unknowns, and we will have to adapt to some shifts and catch up to speed, but regardless, this lunation looks set to be *extremely* motivating somehow. That’s the main word that comes to mind when I see this math, just…major motivation towards self improvement and enhancing joy and pleasure in life. It could take people a bit to get their bearings, but the impetus to really get serious about making improvements or long over due positive changes, is definitely there. Interpersonally, these configurations look promising as well, and people can be really motivated to want to bring their best selves to their interactions, -because they also *want* the best for themselves. Impetus and drive towards joy is high while Venus rolls through Taurus.

Thanks for reading! Stay curious fam, I’ll see you next Monday.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Astrology For The Week Of Feb 24-March 1 2020

Monday begins on the heels of the New Moon in Pisces, with the Moon still conjunct Neptune and sextile Jupiter. With Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun in Pisces, certain things are in a process of illumination and light is shone on that which needs to be released over to the fates, transformed, or reformed. It’s that Serenity Prayer steeze. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. The stellium in Capricorn is really something to be grateful for in many ways, because having a firm set of goals in mind for ourselves right now can help keep us focused on whatever we personally have control over and keep us level headed amidst some otherwise very irrational configurations, and not to mention, the potential for the proclivity towards certain “savior/victim” dynamics to get out of control. There is a strong calling for everybody to get down to business and “do the work,” whatever that means personally for you. There’s also a lot of compassion in the air to soften the planets that are straight up THUGGIN’ in Capricorn. Because they are thuggin AF, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t compassion, unconditional love, and humanity under the surface. So this week will see a strange balancing act between hard and soft. Being soft enough to show love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness in the right doses, but hard enough to protect yourself from being stabbed in the spine or taken for a ride that leads nowhere. As we begin the week, hopes and fears can be somewhat inflated, and later in the afternoon today the Moon sextile Pluto which may have us somewhat obsessing on unknowns or drifting off into intense fantasies or deep reflections. Some people may be perhaps being hit rather deeply by loss, longing, nostalgia, memories, or otherwise intense feelings of being “at sea”, while others are undergoing some profound spiritual transformations, revelations, and deep psychological growth and renewal. Mercury sextile Mars today can see the mind racing and perhaps driven towards some kind of escapism and distraction, ironically, it appears it’s an effort to actually stay grounded, maybe due to some exaggerated emotions or a sense of feeling out of control of something, or some other type of intense emotional situation or process that could be taking up psychic space or attempting to drive us to distraction. It might be wise to start the week off on a gentle note, be kind to yourself, and this week, try to reduce your expectations in general for the time being, to avoid disappointments. Staying focused on small, daily steps towards progress, positive reform, and transformation will lead to positive breakthroughs. Slow and steady progress that’s real, is much better than flash in the pan, seemingly glittery *instant results* that only wind up turning into a pumpkin at midnight. Venus tells a story this week of going from over optimism to realism and striking a balance to instigate deep reforms, particularly in regards to interpersonal dynamics, money, pleasure, self esteem, pursuit of happiness, and all things Venus ruled. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn, and moves into Aries around 11 AM PST to square Mars in Capricorn and conjunct Chiron. Venus, who has been squared up to Jupiter which highlighted the desire to improve circumstances and increase happiness, has begun to square up to Pluto, and a square to realistic Saturn will follow. Also today, Mercury retrograde sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Needless to say, overoptimism is exchanged for stark realism, and rational, enlightened, illuminated detachment is brought wherever there has been clouded over emotionalism. These configurations also suggest a lot of innovation around considerable hurdles, obstacles, or blockages to forward momentum and progress. With both Mars in Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces in positive aspect to Uranus, “The Awakener,” it’s clear that an enlightened perspective, rational detachment, and applied realism is called for, particularly when it comes to dealing with any repetitive patterns or situations that no longer serve anyone. These configurations clearly illustrate breaking out of psychic ruts, and the results of doing so will have very real, tangible, physical results. Venus square Pluto can see the potential for some power struggles interpersonally, and this can see some intense feelings involved. This can show up in a number of ways. Jealousy, possessiveness, impatience, obsessiveness, and control issues, are but a few. With the Sun and Mercury both in sensitive Pisces, the psychology involved here could be very delicate and require some skillful handling, and striking a balance between hard and soft, and drawing clear, delineated lines between our own bullshit and other peoples bullshit, is a continual theme. This is why having clear goals and objectives for *yourself,* that don’t require involvement from anyone else, and will stabilize the growth of your own personal empire, will be so helpful under these configurations. The more clean, simple, and together our own side of the street is, the higher the likelihood of healthy, constructive, positive and fulfilling interpersonal exchanges will be in the future. So if shit gets hairy this week interpersonally, just keep on building your empire and improving your personal lot. The Moon/Chiron conjunction today focuses on the need to build courage and confidence for independent initiatives, and could highlight where we feel weak, and need to build our strength. The square to Mars can be simultaneously motivating and frustrating, but with both Mercury and the Sun in sextile to Mars, there’s plenty of inspiration and drive available to release and dissolve outworn patterns, contacts, or simply just communication styles (such as allowing someone to provoke you or getting you talking fruitlessly in circles, repeating yourself over and over as they refuse to listen to or accept what you are saying), or thought patterns that drain energy, waste time, and otherwise distract from forward progress and personal growth. The aspects to Uranus by Mercury and Mars can see bursts of insight, illumination, inspiration, along with a powerful drive to radically improve our personal circumstances.With the Full Moon in Virgo in March, this can see many people quietly preparing to kick off entirely new initiatives that positively transform their circumstances and place their lives on a very healing and growth oriented trajectory.

Today can see a subtle boost in courage and confidence, and it seems odd because it’s almost as if it’s *because* of challenges. A sort of “bring it on” atmosphere. With the Moon in Aries conjunct Venus, and square Mars (through the first part of the day) and Jupiter in Capricorn, there is a pleasant passion, drive, and enthusiasm around throwing ourselves into something that stokes our ambition, get’s us excited, or has longterm potential. Normally I would say that a lunar square to Jupiter in general can make people somewhat indulgent, lazy, or apathetic. It’s possible to some extent, but Jupiter is now in disciplined Capricorn, so this could actually stimulate ambition or our desire to exert control over ourselves in the name of achieving a goal. For the most part, these are pleasure seeking influences for sure, but it’s possible now we are finding pleasure via chipping away at a goal, setting goals, improving ourselves or working hard on something we’re passionate about and that get’s us feeling motivated. In any case, it appears we’re at least *trying* to summon the motivation, courage, confidence and enthusiasm required to really get behind something 100 percent and “go all the way” with it. Mercury retrograde can still have everybody feeling somewhat sluggish or hungover, or in some cases, kind of despondent, lost, or at sea, but in spite of that, there’s a lot of sturdiness, dignity, maturity, and even some child like enthusiasm available in these maths that can keep morale boosted and give us a lot to look forward to, -even while certain other things dissolve. Later in the evening, the Moon goes on to square Pluto, which can see the potential for some interpersonal dramas or emotional intensity building, on into tomorrow. Forewarned is forearmed. This energy could be positively channeled into a creative project or some other personal goal or ambition that you’re passionate about. 

Today see’s the Moon in Aries squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Whoa turbo…This is some intense energy, and it looks highly exaggerated/magnified somehow as well, like some kind of breakthrough. The Moon/Venus conjunction could actually see this as a really positive change, with an emphasis on fresh starts and new beginnings, particularly interpersonally. There is a breaking away from controlling or manipulative forces or dynamics, or otherwise  just breaking away from *internal ruts* that is apparent here, and it can feel invigorating and driven. A lot of it seems fueled primarily by impatience or perhaps, impulsiveness, but mostly an "I can't fucking take it anymore." Perhaps these are long overdue, fundamental changes. Venus in Aries wants everything RIGHT NOW, which is very motivating, but the planets in Capricorn are very stern and strict in the face of any hastiness, grabbiness, brashness, arrogance, entitlement, or “act now, think later” types of behavior. Not only does the Cap stellium encourage (Read:enforce) patience, -but it also demands a certain standard of etiquette, enforces a certain code of ethics, or quality of standard, and anything  below that standard can likely be on the receiving end of being rather harshly reprimanded, or at least, it could be felt or perceived as such by the recipient. There could also just be a lot of internal pressure as well. Either way, today could see some… reality checks, for better or worse, or a need to exert focus and discipline over the drives to achieve something. This could play out in a number of ways. Perhaps some recent move interpersonally was made in haste, or on an idealistic impulse, without having all of the facts, and now certain facts are kind of hard to ignore and maybe cause a slam on to the breaks, shift in gear, or a “hey now” moment, or some kind of realization begins to dawn. We are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde after all, so I would really advise people to try to move slowly into any new beginnings, particularly around commitments that are difficult to back out of. It’s also possible that there could be considerable pressure felt interpersonally, due to one person pushing to take things farther, (and quickly, like YESTERDAY), and another person wanting to slow the whole damn thing down and make sure things are gone about *correctly*, or that it’s even in their own best interests.  Regardless, it looks like there’s the potential for impatience, impulsiveness, or differences in pace, either now, or previously. The lunar square to Saturn can feel a bit deflating, like there's delays, or like a wet blanket, and the square to Pluto can produce some intense or obsessive feelings, jealousy, fears, possessiveness, control dramas, or subtle power struggles, but there's a lot of resilience and fortitude. Or they could be intense, pleasant feelings. If you yourself are experiencing intense emotions, or you’re on the receiving end of someone else’s intense emotions, always remember that you have a choice, and do your best to respond, as opposed to merely react. Saturn, and the Cap stellium in general, could actually be somewhat helpful here, as far as slowing things down, and helping people to reign themselves in. The lunar conjunction to Venus all day can also be really helpful as far as keeping things pleasant, civil, and congenial, even if there are some interpersonal challenges or tensions due to sudden shifts. Theres definitely a focus on relationship dynamics of some kind today. Regardless, whatever occurs today can see some long overdue shifts and transformations that in spite of any tensions, look to be really beneficial and opening up completely new possibilities. Something can't be ignored any longer, and we could feel driven to make changes, but the results won't be instant, which can see confidence waver at times, or doubts creep in, but there's also a lot of courage and determination available. 


The weekend begins on a note of rather potent feeling serendipity. Today see’s the Moon in earthy, sensual, and practical Taurus, conjunct Uranus in Taurus, sextile the Sun and Mercury Rx in Pisces, and trine Mars in Capricorn. This energy looks dope AF. With the Sun and Mercury both in Pisces, it’s possible we could feel released from something, or as if something challenging, or some challenging period, is finally on it’s way out. We could also receive some kind of good news, or reach some sort of agreement or new understanding with someone. There is a general vibe of “acceptance” even if there are still some challenges, particularly interpersonally. Today looks refreshing, revitalizing, grounding, and there’s a healthy balance between the earthy and spiritual natures. There could be a lot of inspiration to kick off new initiatives, and something shifts and clicks. Positive, edifying, exciting changes are unfolding, and it could actually be quite unexpected or maybe even rubbing our eyes in disbelief. The Cap stellium naturally wants to lean towards caution, realism, rationality, fact checking, so when things seem to go really well, something nice happens, or someone says or does something nice, the planets in Cap can become suspicious, as if to say, “hold up. Wait.. what?” These maths look really exciting, inspired, and motivating. The Sun conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars, and the Moons links to Mars and Uranus could see some revealing, or illuminating communications, new information come to light, or our curiosity and desire to stretch our comfort zones mentally, spiritually, or otherwise could be highlighted. It’s a mellow, laid back, comfy, slow unfurling type of energy that could be felt very physically, as if new life is being injected into the body. Grounding, stabilizing, but reinvigorating and motivating at the same time. Venus in Aries square to Saturn ensures slow, gradual, but dynamic changes which on the one hand, can cause delays for one reason or another interpersonally or financially, but also help to mitigate any jarring shocks to the system, as the changes unfolding at this time are actually truly dynamic, awakening, and life changing. Truly a personal “rebirth” for everyone on some level. The link between Venus and Saturn can also add a certain weight and substance to things, and see us placing higher value on any gains and strides forward we make individually, materially, as well as interpersonally. There’s a quiet dignity to this configuration that suggests that any delays, waiting, discipline, patience, or efforts involved will be well worth the while, so don’t let any hold ups or snags dampen enthusiasm or chip away at confidence levels. The Venus link to Pluto brings a lot of power behind whatever is unfolding, these are some pretty huge shifts and major growth spurts we’re all undergoing now, and with Venus in the sign that Mars traditionally rules, there’s a subtle competitive vibe present that can even feel sort of intimidating, but definitely lend some obsessive determination, resilience, and focus. It’s like a fine tuning and sharpening of confidence and courage levels. Later in the evening, the Moon throws in a trine to Jupiter in disciplined Capricorn that can be felt at the level of the body and experienced in a visceral way, and there can be a renewed optimism, faith, and determination around something. This whole mathscape has “energetic renewal” written all over it, and we can feel an intense drive to succeed -in all of the ways. It actually looks extremely motivating, so if you’ve been lacking in that, this weekend could see the beginning of a major resurgence of it, or a sort of “doubling down” on it. It could be weirdly energizing in contrast to the more mellow, passive, reflective, dissolving and retiring influences of the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. Something about this weekend could be really reaffirming in regards to any instinctual or intuitive hunches, and internal and external processes, transformations, and changes we’ve been embarking upon, and even seeds planted, -perhaps even as far back as December 2019.

Yea wow. Today see’s the Moon in slow, sensual Taurus trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and sextile Neptune in Pisces. With the Sun in Pisces also sextile to Mars in Capricorn, we could be feeling fiercely idealistic, passionate, and inspired around something. Things may take as long as they need to, but it looks like we’re willing to put in the work and effort to manifest some dearly held ideal into reality. I don’t want to hype this math up too much but damn, this shit looks like the concept of Abracadabra in a geometrical format. It’s powerful. Don’t underestimate the power and legitimacy of your own will, instincts, desires, and applied efforts, because these configurations are very suggestive of some major transformations and leaps forward. Making the ideal real is a key theme. As are tests of faith and strength of will. But it looks like there’s everything to play for. Releasing attachment to specific outcomes or timetables can feel easier now because any efforts towards personal transformation can be rewarding, valuable, and empowering, in and of themselves, regardless of the carrot on the end of the stick that is driving it. What matters is that you have a carrot, of any kind, to lend you passion and motivation, so whether you wind up getting whatever that carrot is, or an entirely different carrot, is irrelevant, when you consider the value of the mere existence of carrots at all. This is metaphorical jargon for “Whatever gets your noodle goin man, -the important thing is that it’s goin.” Very inspiring maths that can see us intrigued with new possibilities and approaches, and open to learning and discovering new things. The vibes this weekend don’t look too damn shabby. The only caveat I feel a need to point out would be a tendency towards impatience with the Venus/Saturn/Pluto link ups, but it also seems like we could feel somewhat at peace and relaxed about the pace of things as well, as it gives everybody a chance to adapt to shifts in circumstances or dynamics, gather momentum, and get their bearings. With a stellium in Cap, just don’t expect instant results and try to avoid exerting too much pressure on to yourself, others, or forcing the pace of anything. This is still a Mercury retrograde after all, and breakthroughs as powerful and promising, (and even completely life changing) as these appear to be, take time to fully manifest. *Perfection cannot be rushed.* Otherwise, these configurations look like a shot of much needed, renewed drive, and motivation, and some major turning points are slowly but surely unfolding.

This morning begins with the Moon in late Taurus through the early AM hours, and around 11:30 AM PST, the Moon shifts into talkative, busy, curious, and multitasking Gemini to square Mercury in Pisces, trine Saturn in late Capricorn, and sextile Chiron in Aries. This could see the pace quicken, but also bring mental and emotional focus on to the many loose ends we need to wrap up. The Lunar/Mercury square can create some looniness, and mental escapism, and there could still be some things we feel uncertain, ambivalent, or indecisive about, but mostly I see this energy bringing focus to a variety of “to do’s”, communications, errands, as well as emotional and information processing and reflection. Digesting everything taken in over the tail end of the week, and perhaps even much that’s transpired and been learned from our past. I know I say this a lot, but I have to say it again: It’s all a lot to take in. New revelations, impressions, and information taken in throughout the week could take a minute to settle, but it looks like we’re regaining a sense of anchoring and stability within it all. The lunar sextile to Chiron suggests communications and news received of late has boosted courage and confidence levels, and perhaps even produced some subtle healing effects. 

Thanks for reading. Stay curious fam! See y’all next Monday.