Sunday, February 21, 2021



Today see’s the Moon in Cancer trine the Sun in Pisces, sextile the Sun in Uranus, and square Chiron. This can see some unusual or surprising feelings come to the surface, and we may be seeking new emotional outlets, and emotional and psychic refreshment. It’s like beating the dust out of an old blanket and shaking out the dust bunnies. This can see some interesting psychological, spiritual, or emotional revelations, and there may be an element of vulnerability to this, as there is a sort of attempt to liberate ourselves from fears or old wounds that may be holding us back from reaching new levels of fulfillment, growth, healing, and awareness. A new spiritual bandwidth is trying to push itself through and it’s becoming nearly impossible not to grow, mentally and spiritually, and the more we ignore the call towards deeper meaning, the more uncomfortable it becomes. With Mercury now direct, and closer to Saturn than the benefics, there may be a bit of “stiffness”, inhibition, challenges, pessimism, or fear to work through, but there is also a sort of maturity and determination to keep going, even if there has been a slow down or certain challenges to progress during Mercury’s final week retrograde last week. The Moon in emo Cancer later goes on to trine mystical Neptune in the early evening hours, and the can see a lot of compassion, spirituality, and even some almost telepathic connections. The trine between Mars and Pluto will perfect exactly tomorrow, at 25 degrees, so a push towards major, and deep transformation is really culminating towards a breakthrough. With Mars square Venus, and Venus gearing up to change signs soon, these transformations can involve Venus related matters (relationships/partnerships/money/creativity/beauty/the arts/values/self worth/etc). This can see a push towards a more spiritual dimension in regards to these matters, and a desire for deeper meaning, deeper values, and deeper connections that nourish the psyche, nourish the soul, and help us transcend the material or superficial and help bring aspects of a more idyllic and cosmic reality down to the earth plane. With the Sun in etheric Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, a theme of “spiritual awakening” can be felt, and the more nuanced, subtle, psychological and soulful realities of existence can be very apparent and more difficult to deny. This can also see a radical compassion and an opening up of the feelings, an exploration of the psyche, and there can be more open mindedness to what has perhaps been previously dismissed as too “woo woo”, “out there”, or unusual to take seriously. The soul, the Universe, God, the unspeakable galactic funk, (regardless what your name for it is,)-the more spiritual dimensions of reality demand to be acknowledged. 


This morning begins with the Moon in sensitive Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. This can see some intense feelings around something, or perhaps some poignant, or compelling emotional and spiritual experiences. There’s certainly a lot of depth of feeling and compassion to these configurations, and the intuition can be highly attuned. As the morning wears on into afternoon, the Moon makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus, which is perfecting it’s powerful trine to Pluto in Capricorn today at 25 degrees.  This can see a powerful drive towards action that can feel emotionally and spiritually compelling and revitalizing, and there may be an increased motivation towards a deeper authenticity, and making something happen or seeing something through. Perhaps certain feelings or realities that have been buried, denied, occulted, or submerged come more fully into the light of conscious awareness, and this can see some pretty profound shifts occurring that can be emotionally and/or spiritually invigorating, and infuse us with a sense of motivation, perhaps to fix or improve something, that may have been somewhat flagging or poorly understood. These configurations can see an increase in self assurance, drive, decisiveness and assertiveness around something, but is balanced nicely with gentleness and sensitivity to others feelings. It can be a fruitful energy, creatively, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The lunar opposition to Pluto can see some compelling, investigative forces at work, and there’s a clear push for inner and outer transformation. A feeling of “something has to change.” This rather intense configuration can be channelled constructively to facilitate some pretty awesome results or breakthroughs. Mercury, now direct, drifts further away from Saturn and closer and closer to Jupiter once again, and the Sun and Venus drift closer together, so as the week wears on, optimism and new hope can begin to pick back up, and the sense that our world is positively expanding that was felt previously as the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction perfected a few weeks ago, can once again be recaptured, as Mercury slowly but surely picks up steam. Tomorrow, the Moon enters charismatic and theatrical Leo, and the Leo lunation can see some unexpected surprises, or can see ourselves or others behave out of character or in unexpected ways. Perhaps some radical changes are being considered. There can be some rebelliousness, -and anywhere that there are authoritative, pushy, or overly controlling forces, there will be those who challenge this, who will stand up for themselves and others, and challenge the legitimacy of said “authority.” This can see an air of controversy brewing, but also a lot of courage in the face of challenges. Today can see an energetic drive to push through to make positive reforms that are more in alignment with our deepest values. 


Today see’s the Moon in fun seeking and playfully competitive Leo, in trine to Chiron in Aries, squaring Uranus, and opposite Mercury and Saturn. This is an interesting bunch of configurations, and there can be courage and rebelliousness in the face of obstacles or oppressive forces. The lunar opposition to Saturn can see some potential for feeling lonely or cut off from others, duty bound, or restricted somehow. The lunar/Mercury opposition can see some indecisiveness or self doubt,  where the lunar square to Uranus can see an emotionally erratic and somewhat exciting atmosphere of anticipation. There’s a rebelliousness to these configurations. Freedom of speech or it’s lack, and/or a feeling of being judged, condemned or just ignored, overlooked, or dismissed, or just feeling somewhat inhibited comes to mind with the Moon/Mercury/Saturn configurations. Perhaps it’s just that certain circumstances feel somewhat limiting or constraining. But the lunar trine to Chiron thankfully brings a healing resilience, courage and compassion to the table. Interestingly, the asteroid Hygeia, the asteroid of health, who presides over maintaining a healthy relationship between the body and the soul, is now retrograde in Leo, and the Moon in Leo makes a strong conjunction to this asteroid today, which can see these matters highlighted somehow. The Moon goes on to make an opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius as well, and as this opposition grows in strength this can see an inner battle over different drives and impulses, but these configurations clearly exemplify a desire for change, to shake something up, but perhaps wrestling a bit with how to go about doing that exactly. There can be a growing enthusiasm, and some shocks or surprises under these configurations as well, perhaps even some kind of epiphanies. It’s a quirky and unusual atmosphere to say the least.  The emphasis on oppositions here under the Leo lunation highlights a need to bring balance to areas that have been out of balance. If we’ve made a lot of progress in some area, or even just taken in a lot of new and surprising information, perhaps it’s come at the expense of one or several other areas, and there’s a need to get on top of things or better integrate the changes and new information, so that things don’t spiral out of control or throw us totally off balance. The need to get more organized and grounded will certainly be highlighted at the Full Moon in detail oriented Virgo on Saturday. The Leo lunation can see a whole lot going on, a whole lot to take in, and there can be a nervous excitement that can perhaps feel a bit overwhelming to the nervous system. So many changes have been navigated in recent weeks , so much has been learned, and there’s certainly been a lot to adapt to. There’s a need to balance different polarities within the self and within the structure of our lives that can be highlighted here, in order to adapt to new and surprising things, and for the positive changes we’ve been pushing towards to really take root. 


This morning see’s Venus move into mystical, dreamy, sensitive and imaginative Pisces at 5:11 AM PST. The Moon in Leo is still opposite Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, so there’s evidence here that something has certainly given us a WHOLE lot to think about. Midmorning, the lunar/Saturn opposition relents. We also see a lunar trine to Juno in Sagittarius as well, which can see supportive relationship contacts that can help to boost our morale, courage, and sense of optimism. With Venus now in romantic and dreamy Pisces, the Sun/Venus conjunction will increase in strength, and this brings relationships and our desire for beauty, pleasure, love, and all things Venus (and Neptune) ruled, more under the spotlight.  It’s possible that certain epiphanies or new information that’s come to light this week has had something to do with our relationships to others, and maybe something learned or revealed has induced a sort of shift. The Moon goes on to square Mars, and oppose Venus as it get’s into the later degrees of Leo, accentuating the Venus/Mars square. This can see something of significance unfolding interpersonally. The Mars/Venus square will relent in a matter of days, but this tension between the two planets of love and passion have worked to facilitate some sort of breakthrough. The coming days can see a sort of softening of boundaries, a letting down of walls in some way. There can be a need to integrate all that’s been learned or exchanges that have made some sort of impression upon us. The lunar square to Mars can see some impatience, a desire for action, perhaps some irritability, stubbornness, or even intolerance, but this energy can be easily channelled into creative or even physical activities if some self control is positively harnessed. A lunar quincunx to Pluto can see a sort of obsessive fixation on something and there can be a need to slow down and intentionally cultivate some objectivity or detachment. There’s certainly evidence of some passion here, and this weekend can see an organizational effort towards making concrete changes as we integrate new emotional or spiritual realities. 



Friday see’s the Moon in practical and detail oriented Virgo, in opposition to the Sun and Venus in Pisces, trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Mars, now in late Taurus and due to head into multitasking Gemini next Wednesday.  There can be a lot to take in here, and much of what’s been absorbed has prompted a desire to make physical and practical changes in the real world. There can be a desire here to get organized, and stay grounded amidst an ongoing background of a more dreamy and spiritual reality that is very retiring, private, quiet, sensitive, and solitary. The inner life, and the polarity/synergy between the spiritual/psychological and the physical/practical is very highlighted under the Virgo lunation. The relationship between the psyche and the body. Our mental state, and our reality. Virgo presides over elimination, purification, and simplification. Distilling complex universal truths down to their most basic components. Virgo also presides over health, routines, fitness, diet, regiments, self improvement, organization, work, service to others, and also, -our furry friends. The lunar trine towards Uranus can see a desire to make some radical shifts, and the perfection of the Mars/Pluto trine this week placed on emphasis on an ongoing process of positive reform. With Venus having shifted sign, and the Mars/Venus square relenting tomorrow, while the Moon opposes the Sun and Venus, it’s possible that certain others have inspired us further on our evolutionary path and given us something to strive towards or hope for, or in the very least, instilled in us some motivation that assists us in tapping into our own capacities for growth, change, and evolution. There may be a need to strike a balance here between our own needs and the needs of others, or between practical realities and our need for more reflection and meditation this weekend, as there is much going on internally that requires integration and adaptation. 


Today we see the Full Moon culminate in Virgo at 12:26 AM PST, so a little bit after witching hour. Along with the classic Moon/Sun opposition we also see the opposition to Venus and trine to Uranus. So this Full Moon can bring with it some interpersonal realizations or epiphanies that can give us much to contemplate or prepare for. In some ways, much of this may have been rather unexpected, and may have emerged quite out of the blue. There may be a need to catch up to these new realizations, as they may be having quite an impact, even if just on a subtle, metaphysical level. As Full Moons are about endings or a closing of chapters, this can see a release of patterns, habits, routines, even ruts we’ve been in, that no longer serve us or reflect our ideals or what we long to actualize in our lives. The Moon goes on to make an opposition to Neptune which can necessitate a need for reflection, and it can feel that certain boundaries or walls are dissolving, perhaps walls we didn’t even realize had been erected to begin with. The Venus/Mars square also relents today, and Mercury has also loosened it’s tensions with Uranus which was rather jangling to the nervous system. It can feel that certain tensions are somewhat dissolving. The Moon goes on to trine Pluto as well, and this combination of aspects can see something make a deep impression upon us, and we can be drawn towards something or someone very unusual, perhaps spiritual or artistic. It can see some positive transformations unfolding as well. The Moon throws in a trine to Mars in Taurus as well, and this can see our passions positively engaged. Our ideals can be highly stimulated here, whether spiritually, creatively, romantically or otherwise. 


This morning begins with the Moon in the final degrees of Virgo, trine both Mars and Pluto. This can see a very focused drive and a very pronounced “getting your shit together” energy. Something can be profoundly motivating to us, and it’s possible for some that perhaps it’s another person who has inspired us. Around 11:17 AM PST the Moon heads into relationship oriented Libra, which see’s the Moon hold a trine to Mars in late Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius, which can signify the building of new interpersonal foundations. Venus also heads into sextile with Uranus today as well, and this can definitely see something new transpiring in the area of relationships with others, and all things Venus ruled. There can be something highly spiritual, unconventional, creative, and very refreshing about interactions that could be getting off the ground now. There can be some really unexpected but pleasant developments that we really didn’t see coming, and also a trend towards liberation. Something or someone can really be inspiring us to grow spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically, and to be more free somehow. It’s like some kind of walls are crumbling and letting in some really beautiful light, inspiration, and warmth. A lunar opposition to Chiron suggests that in some ways we have to challenge our own self protective tendencies, but also muster the courage to stand up for ourselves in the face of peer pressure. Perhaps there’s a wariness and a need to challenge our people pleasing tendencies. Late evening see’s the Moon in Libra trine both Mercury and Saturn, so it looks like new channels of communication are being more firmly established between ourselves and others. This get’s March off to an interesting and optimistic, perhaps somewhat liberating start, and we can feel our world being expanded somehow via our connection to and solidarity with others, and/or communication endeavors. This actually looks potentially really interesting and beautiful.

Saturday, February 13, 2021



This morning begins with the Moon in pioneering Aries conjunct Chiron, sextile Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius, while trine Juno in Sagittarius. This can see a lot of optimism, compassion, humanitarianism, -and perhaps some big or exciting news for some. There can also be a lot of communications, and an independent and self directed atmosphere drives the day. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus in Aquarius as well,  and this can really see some pleasant, if rather unexpected developments socially, financially, or interpersonally. This kicks the week off on a very optimistic note, with a feeling that a seed we have planted around the New Moon is showing signs of promise and expanding our possibilities and horizons. With Mars trine Pluto, there is still a strong push towards transformation and a whole lot of determination and concentrated effort around something that requires consistency, patience, commitment, and dedication for the long haul. This aspect combined with the recent New Moon in Aquarius may have seen people reach new milestones, and in some area of life, the bar has been raised, conditions have been improved, new powers have been unlocked, -but with this also comes new levels of responsibility.  With Mercury conjunct Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, something has been pushed to a higher level, and this higher level now attempts to establish itself, take root, so it can continue to grow in value over time.  The Mercury/Saturn conjunction will not perfect the way that it did with Venus and Jupiter, so rather than being a dour or restrictive/limiting influence, it is more one of stabilization and getting something firmly established. Today can see some very pleasant and beneficial interactions, conversations, news, feedback, etc, and a boost in courage, optimism, and confidence. There can be a bit of a fast pace. Relations can be overall congenial, beneficial and supportive. However, the Saturn/Uranus square is also perfected now, and this influence will be ongoing. This can see others in separate camps over issues. People need to watch out for arrogance. When you treat people like they are fools and they are beneath you, you fail to reach them, and further entrench division, fuel divisiveness, and encourage inhumanity. Make an extra effort to humanize others and you will come closer to unity and more importantly, inner peace. This influence can also see some restlessness, and of course, the more obvious manifestation of authority attempting to clamp down on any perceived rebelliousness. A lot of rapid changes can be happening, and this Mercury retrograde has given everyone quite a lot to digest. Most of us are exiting this retrograde having gone up a level somehow, and by the time it goes direct on Saturday, it will be easy to look back on our progress and see how far we have come from where we started. This being the final week of Mercury retrograde, there is still a lot of adjusting and adapting to do to the new levels and radical changes we’ve achieved in whatever area of life in our personal whole house natal chart that has been hosting this powerful Aquarius stellium. In some area of life, you should be patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Congratulations. You did it. Whatever “it” is, now all you have to do is maintain it. A certain level of integration and organization around all of this newness could be necessary, a sort of “settling in” to our new role or the new levels we’ve reached and plan to surpass. Pisces season is just around the corner, and may assist everyone in being able to do just that. Adapt. Acclimatize. Integrate. Late evening see’s a lunar square to Pluto, which can intensify feelings around all the changes we’ve been making around money, relationships, self worth, goals, friendships, social networking, and community.


Today see’s the Moon in Aries sextile the Sun in Aquarius while squaring up to Pluto and conjunct Uranus. This can see some surprising reveals, shocks, or something can come to light that’s been submerged, repressed, or brewing under the surface for a while. Conversely, this is like a little "reboot" period, that can see some improvements to how we go about our goals. There’s an intense and penetrating quality to the Moon/Pluto square that can see some compulsiveness and impulsivity, but a sort of obsessive drive to push through radical changes and reach new levels of self liberation and actualization of our goals. The lunar conjunction to Uranus forms in the late afternoon as the Moon heads closer to Taurus. This can see a restlessness, willfulness, quirkiness, and growing desire for change and excitement, and perhaps a desire to reach new levels of productivity. With Mars also trine Pluto, this is an extremely driven energy, and again, our goals can be very highlighted here. The lunar conjunction to Uranus while squaring Pluto can create a rather unpredictable environment and there can be some extremes to contend with, but these configurations can also be surprisingly constructive and help us discover or unlock gifts or inner resources or new levels of genius or imagination we didn’t even know we had. "Reboot" is a word that comes strongly to mind. Around 7 PM PST, the Moon enters earthy and physical Taurus. The Taurus lunation will highlight a concerted effort and push for change, and the intensity of the drive behind this can create a lot of "pressure cooker" vibes, as there is a lot to adapt to and it’s currently an “adapt as you go” process. But overall, with Mars sextile Neptune and trine (extremely thorough) Pluto, it looks set to be a surprisingly smooth transition, even if the Mercury Rx has produced hiccups, delays, tensions, or challenges. By the time March arrives, we can feel very accomplished, and perhaps even a little in awe of all that we have transformed and even rectified in such a condensed period of time. For now, we are still in the thick of changes, the dust still hasn’t settled, and Mars still has work to do to get us to the next finish line of our own personal triathlon. As far as relationships and areas of love are concerned, Venus and Mars have been in tension and the Aquarius stellium has had everyone so focused on their own personal revolutions and reaching new levels of growth, that it’s been a largely impersonal environment that has required a lot of space, independence, and freedom to focus intently on pushing something through to a new level. Things won’t remain detached and impersonal forever, and although the Aquarius stellium has demanded a lot of everyone, the growth spurts and realignments it has facilitated have also been… pretty fucking significant. There will be time to connect more with our emotions as we move more deeply into Pisces season. For now, the push for radical uplevelling continues, and the tail end of this Mercury retrograde, and the remainder of the Mars in Taurus cycle is ensuring we reach a new pinnacle that actually sticks, -and creates a solid foundation and fertile soil from which to grow from and build off of. Such an intensive process requires a lot of space and room to experiment, individuate, and restructure.


Today see’s the Moon in stubborn Taurus, conjunct rebellious Uranus, and squaring Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter in Aquarius. Late evening throws in the anticipated lunar conjunction to Mars, so energy (and perhaps tension) can build throughout the day. Plans can go a little askew today. These configurations can be seeking excitement and change on the one hand, but also prompting a desire to be lazy and indulgent on the other. It can be hard to completely relax but can also be hard to completely sink our teeth into tasks, as energy levels can be sporadic, or there could be unusual interruptions to the expected flow. There can be some shocks or surprises via communications or something unexpected can create detours from our usual routines. This can also be an attempt to adapt and to “nail down” routines that are completely new to us, in order to reach a place of stability within a long process of adaptation, transition and change. In some cases, there can be blockages or challenges that prompt innovation, and we can be working with a new or unfamiliar pallet or stepping out of our comfort zone in some fashion. As the day wears on into evening, an action oriented energy can be growing, and for some there can be some irritability, impatience, or frustration to navigate. Mercury tends to be a bit more mischievous in the weeks that it stations either retrograde or direct, and in this instance, powerful breakthroughs are being facilitated that require a dedicated effort, and patience, determination, and “stick-to-itiveness” will pay off.  There could be indecisiveness and a sort of scattered energy to the day, and a lot of changes within the area of communications or even social media to adapt to or navigate. Tomorrow can see more decisiveness and can see some interesting moves taken interpersonally, socially, financially, or in regards to investments or even creative projects. There can be a lot of nervous tension or pressures facilitating activities and dynamics now, but with the Moon and Mars syncing up to both trine Pluto tomorrow, another breakthrough point is nigh, another level is reached or hurdle overcome. 


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into sensitive and intuitive Pisces today. Meanwhile, the Moon in “gotta have it” Taurus is conjunct Mars and squaring up to Venus in Aquarius, while trine powerful Pluto and sextile day dreamy Neptune. This can see some powerful instinctive hunches, psychic impressions, or intuitive experiences in regards to relationships, money, investments, or creative projects. This can also see us more receptive, sensitive, and impressionable to aesthetics, beauty, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, serendipities, omens, and things going on generally within our environment or elsewhere.  The lunar/Mars/Venus/Pluto/Neptune contacts can see a drive towards things of beauty, creativity, and pleasure, and there can be a desire to beautify or enhance things, -or make something more ideal somehow. It’s also possible that we can be more sensitive to interpersonal dynamics or certain walls between ourselves and others, and there can be a desire to begin to entertain the possibility of inviting more opportunities for contact if there has been any sort of estrangement between ourselves and others during all these massive shifts we’ve been navigating. These aspects, along with the Sun’s ingress into Pisces, can see a gentle nudge into the feelings and suggest that we begin the process of intentionally creating more time and space to connect with our emotions, inner world and psychic life, in preparation for dissolving barriers that inhibit more emotionally, psychologically and spiritually enriching connections with others that feed and inspire the soul. The stellium in Aquarius has spread everyone rather thinly, and although much has been accomplished in the outer spheres and in regards to setting a sea worthy ship to sail into the future and break new ground, -the soul is weary and in need of nourishment, replenishment, rest, recovery, inspiration. The nerves are frayed, overstimulated, and in need of soothing, and the heart hungers for contact with something transcendental, intangible, beautiful, divine. Something or someone idyllic to long after to inspire us further along the path of our own becoming. A safe and tranquil space to melt into and seek sanctuary, beauty, peace, food for the soul, and a little taste of infinity/divinity amidst all of the change.  The Moon and Mars form an exact, perfected conjunction at 22 degrees of Taurus around 4:15 PM PST while in trine to Pluto, and this can see an increased determination and zeroing in on something we want to make happen so bad that we can taste it. The ideals, dreams, and fantasies around whatever this is can be fueling our determination even more, and there can be something about whatever this is that seems just out of reach, fantastical, beautiful, unobtainable, or impossible enough to challenge us and keep us from getting complacent, but realistic and realizable enough to keep us motivated and inspired without being totally demoralized or disillusioned. The rules of attraction and manifestation are hard at work here in these configurations. This can see a certain intentionality around getting into vibrational alignment with whatever fantastical dreamboat or other that we have our sights set on.



Friday see’s the Moon enter talkative and inquisitive Gemini, squaring the Sun in sensitive Pisces, and forming trines to Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter in Aquarius, while sextile Chiron in courageous Aries. This can see the weekend get off to a friendly, mentally active, and whimsical start, and there can be a feeling of having reached a new apex of accomplishment, or getting something new established, with a simultaneous feeling of “something’s missing” and wanting to add in whatever or whoever that “something” is into the equation- or simply wanting to rest or seek mental refreshment, entertainment, and escape. I get the image of a mime successfully managing to spin 2 plates in a stable fashion and wanting to add in a hackey sack that was set down previously back into the routine without dropping anything, but such ambitiousness may be tempered by a need to be more reflective or retiring. Tension between Venus and Mars can see some stir craziness and rebelliousness, but can also fuel a lot of creativity if channeled wisely. Today can see a focus on communications, curiosity, reading, writing, errands, short distance travels, interactions with siblings, neighbors, or people in our local environment. There can be a touching base with others we haven’t heard from in a while, or a hobby picked back up that's been set down. There’s a generous, expansive, inquisitive and optimistic atmosphere. A certain point of stability may have been reached after a lot of effort over the past few weeks. There may still be a lot of unknowns, or much work still ahead of us, but a lot of constructive progress has been made and there can be good news, congratulations, and good will to exchange, or much to catch up on with others or even just ourselves.

Saturday see’s a continuation of this theme, only the Moon throws in a loopy, punch drunk square to Neptune, which can see some confusion, or just a need to slow down and dream. Mercury also stations direct today at 4:52 PM PST, so it’s natural for it to feel as if the dust still needs to settle a bit to see things clearly. Along with the lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter, Saturday adds the bonus addition of Venus, which can make for a sweet atmosphere with a focus on pleasure, playful banter, and stimulating exchanges. With the Sun in Pisces conjunct Venus in late degrees of Aquarius, the coming weeks will see us dipping our toes more into the realm of the feelings, as Venus will enter Pisces next Thursday. Saturday for the most part looks to be fun, indulgent, inquisitive, laid back, and pleasantly stimulating. 

Sunday begins with the Moon in Gemini and ends with the Moon in Cancer. The Sun in psychic Pisces begins a sextile with illuminating Uranus today, and this can see some leaps and advancements psychologically, spiritually, or in regards to healing modalities and reaching surprising insights or new levels of awareness. The first half of the day can be focused on communications, relationships with others, and enjoying pleasant pastimes with the Moon/Venus link making it easy to connect well with others. People can be charming, charmed, and very disarming. The Moon shifts into comfort seeking Cancer at 7:53 PM PST. This showcases a lunar trine to the Sun in boundary dissolving Pisces, a square to Chiron in Aries, while the Moon still holds a trine to Venus in late Aquarius. This can see some testing of the waters with new interactions, or testing new terrain in already established interactions, but either way, there’s something psychologically “new”, or in the very least, refreshing, about whatever is going on here, socially or interpersonally, and even if it’s all ultimately beneficial, which it appears to be, there’s still a layer of self preservation/self protectiveness there, with the lunar square to Chiron wary of anything that seems too good to be true or of being lead down a garden path.  Monday could see some unique and surprising insights and emotional and/or psychological revelations. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021




This morning begins with the Moon in Capricorn trine Mars and Uranus in Taurus. This can see a determined, practical, -but experimental, unstable energy,- and it could be that we are making adjustments and adapting to something new.  With the Sun and Mercury Rx in Aquarius squaring Mars, we could be chipping away at some new initiative or approach and making revisions as we go along, and there could be some pressure to hurry up and adapt to changes but this could also be positive, constructive stress. It’s a very experimental but determined energy with a practical basis, and with Mercury going at a slower pace we could be catching up with ourselves and regaining motivation to keep the forward momentum going in regards to adapting to completely new things. There is a lot of innovation available in these configurations, and a steady drive to keep the momentum and positive expansion going, in spite of Mercury somewhat slacking off and creating some lags. The retrograde creates an opportunity to experiment with different approaches and find what works. With Mercury getting closer to both Jupiter and Venus this week to close in on a perfected conjunction, there can be positive developments unfolding socially, interpersonally, commercially, and/or financially. Venus in Aquarius is tightly conjunct both Jupiter and Saturn, so not only is there a positive expansion happening, but a desire to nail things down and set them on a longterm trajectory for success. Combining the innovative and experimental energy of Aquarius with the positive, lucky and expansive nature of Jupiter, the harmonizing, nurturing and creative nature of Venus, and the stable, consistent, and disciplined nature of Saturn will certainly see a flowering and blossoming of sorts, in some area of each of our lives. With Saturn involved, this thing has legs. Late afternoon/early eve, see’s the Moon conjunct Pluto in Cap and sextile Neptune in Pisces. This can see some impactful experiences that can stimulate our ideals around the new structures we are laying down. There is certainly a lot of motivation, and we can receive some powerful, intuitive or instinctual nudges around the moves we are making. These configurations can see some inspired actions, and there can be a lot of inspiration to achieve a goal or actualize an ideal. 


The Moon/Pluto conjunction perfects this morning around 9 AM PST.8. Saturn is not far behind and mid morning see’s the Moon conjoin Saturn. This could see some tunnel vision around a goal and a push to get something more established and to take something more seriously, (or get it taken more seriously.) This is a very intense, powerful, energy. As the Moon get’s into the later degrees of Capricorn it squares off to Uranus in Taurus. By 5 PM we see the Moon in the most urgent degree of Cap, 29 degrees, and there could be a push for some kind of breakthrough, an attempt to break through perhaps what has been our own personal glass ceiling. I can hear hear Jim Morrison singing “Break on through to the other side” as I look at these configurations. By 6 PM we see the Moon enter unconventional Aquarius, who roots for the underdog (the underdoge?). In the evening, beginning around 7 PM, the Moon begins a series of very positive and beneficial conjunctions, beginning with Venus in Aquarius. By 10 PM, the Moon adds in a conjunction to Jupiter and a sextile to Chiron. Needless to say, optimism and courage, faith, and self belief, or belief in something we are doing, can be growing. There can be some very powerful experiences. Under the Aquarius lunation, the next couple days, we can begin to see some fruits for our labors, and some reassuring signs around the trajectory we are on, however new, unpredictable, or unconventional it may be. These conjunctions can see a focus on pleasure, creativity, and enjoyment, and there can also be a focus on friendships, social networks, or even social media somehow, and things can feel larger than life or extremely magnified and turned up to 11. For those of you in stonks and investments, keep your eyes peeled, (particularly from the 11th-14th, when Mercury perfects it’s conjunction to Jupiter while conjunct Venus.) For now, we see the Moon, Venus, and Saturn all squaring up to Uranus, planet of shock, change, liberation, revolution, and unpredictability. Things are moving around, shifting, and consolidating. There can be a lot of ups and downs, as a lot of changes are unfolding, and it’s a rather liberating, exciting, and erratic influence. Interpersonally, people can need a lot of space and independence, and there can also be some new or rather unusual alliances forming, or just an unorthodox approach breathing new life into established interactions. Financially and in regards to practical endeavors, a whole lot of changes happening, and perhaps a lot of innovation and experimentation required. On a whole, there is a push for radical changes and to get something off the ground and established for the long haul. This lunation can require some grounding, as the Aquarius/Uranus influences can create a lot of nervous energy that needs to be discharged, so if you’re already a somewhat anxious person to begin with, take extra care to ground the body and sooth the nervous system, as these can be some rather unstable but exciting influences, perhaps a bit overstimulating to those with a more delicate nervous system. 


Today see’s the Moon in excitable Aquarius conjunct Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, while square Uranus and sextile Chiron. There can be an increased focus on communications, commercial endeavors, relationships, trade and commerce, news, and a whole lot of back and forth. We could receive some surprising news, or beneficial deals that could have us in good spirits, and there can be an optimism and congeniality in the air. Although it’s a rather unpredictable atmosphere that could be causing us to innovate around certain challenges, there can also be a lot of cooperation and perhaps even assistance available from others, and there can be some mutually beneficial arrangements that are possible in this expansive and humanitarian atmosphere. Later in the afternoon, the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius, while squaring Mars in Taurus. With both the Sun and Moon squaring up to Mars, this can be a rather high strung, action oriented atmosphere with a push to make things happen NOW, so watch out for stubbornness and/or being impatient with yourself or others. Positively, this can see a catalyst for action that really gets things done, and there can be a team effort in some cases around something. Naturally, the squares to Mars can accompany some tensions, so as I mentioned yesterday, take care to ground the body and sooth the nervous system. Otherwise, these are some ultimately positive energies that can highlight communications, collaborations, community, social networks, partnerships, and interpersonal or commercial/financial endeavors somehow, and a whole lot of changes going on here. For some there can be some breaks for independence or some sort of liberation occurring, regardless how this is manifesting for you, everyone is experiencing their own personal revolution one way or another. It’s Aquarius season. The lunar/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter link can see some inspired thoughts and communications and some very intuitive, creative and inspired strokes of genius or creative innovations that are highly beneficial. The lunar square to Mars can create a highly charged atmosphere that can be prone to impatience, intolerance, or irritability, but the other aspects smooth this over pretty well for the most part, leaving this aspect to function mostly as a catalyst. This can be a very busy, talkative, and exciting day, aside from the lunar/Mars warning my only other caution is to try not to run yourself ragged, because this can be a lightning bolt of activity, correspondences, etc, with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, AND Venus, all squaring Mars simultaneously. Very action packed, things could get quite busy and feel like a blender turned up to 11. Conversely, for some, certain actions could feel blocked and there’s a need to innovate around obstacles or simply find an outlet for the highly charged nervous energy. Regardless, there is definitely a major push for action and fruitful change here on several fronts simultaneously, with a focus on partnerships, money, creative endeavors, enjoyment, pleasure, innovation, and expansion. In the evening, Venus and Jupiter perfect their conjunction in Aquarius at 12 degrees, and around 10 PM PST the Moon perfects a conjunction to Mercury simultaneously. There could be some positive news in the later hours this evening relating to money, values, partnerships, or just positive feedback that boosts morale in general.


Today is the New Moon in Aquarius, and it's possible that in spite of, and even perhaps because of certain positive trends, the potent stellium in Aquarius combined with a disorienting Mercury retrograde, has brought about a major case of "information overload." This morning see’s the Moon conjunct the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius while still holding it’s square to Mars along with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. The New Moon in Aquarius is exact midmorning at 11:06 AM PST.  With Mars also sextile to Neptune, there are a lot of high ideals and a lot of inspiration around whatever we are passionate about, whatever we are doing. These aspects highlight a lot of action, (perhaps some tensions, challenges, and some very jangled nerves, a shock to the system, but also just a lot of motivation and passion), in regards to communications, social networking, goals, wishes, groups, friendships, finances, possessions, values. A major push here to make something happen or see something through to the finish line or to a success, -and get something seriously established.  In spite of the potential for tensions, challenges, blockages, or delays with these square ups to Mars, Mars also forms it’s anticipated trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is at perfection today as well, with Mercury conjunct Venus, showing the possibility for good news and positive feedback in regards to relationships, partnerships, collaborations, cooperation, creative projects and finances. Mars trine to Pluto see’s a serious push towards a consolidation of power and empowerment. For those of you crypto nerds interested in my work on the “Dogecoin chart”, this perfected Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs in Dogecoins 2nd house of money, earned income, value, self worth, self esteem. So it’ll be interesting to see how this transpires, as it’s possible the Doge could see an increase in popularity and a competitive edge over other crypto, with the Mars/Pluto trine occurring between the 5th and 1st houses, it could develop quite a cult following. As for the rest of us, the collective, there is a major push today to increase the value of something, and with the Moon conjunct the Sun, our efforts and actions can be noticed or in the spotlight somehow. Being that the Moon is involved we can be sensitive to feedback, but with Mercury conjunct Venus, -and Venus and Jupiter perfecting, the feedback looks surprisingly positive, and there are promising signs of growth, and eventual establishment, and for something to have serious legs, as long as there is a continued effort and faith in ourselves and whatever we are doing.  In the afternoon, the lunar square to Mars relents, which can see emotional pressures that may have been felt throughout the day begin to ease back a bit.  The Venus/Jupiter conjunction can see a fun loving, indulgent, and generous atmosphere, and we can feel very positive and enthusiastic about our goals. This influence is very strong and carries the day. It’s also worth noting that the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all trine the North Node now as well, and this can see fate and destiny playing a role in relationships, friendships, new alliances, goals, and whatever we have going on now, and we can come into contact with others that can help us achieve our goals or elevate our position somehow. The asteroid Pallas is also in Aquarius as well, and conjunct the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and this can see us brimming with brilliant and inspired ideas, and able to grasp new concepts quickly and apply them in ways that can be beneficial in the future. Our goals for the future can really be under the spotlight this evening. 



Friday morning see’s the Moon in sensitive and psychic Pisces, in sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This can see some interesting “ESP” experiences, intuitive hunches, premonitions, and inspired creative ideas. Our psychic antenna can be picking up all kinds of signals from the ethers. It’s the kind of energy where you can find yourself thinking about a person you haven’t spoken to in a while, and then they message you out of the blue, along the lines of that sort of thing. Towards evening, a lunar semi square to Pluto and conjunction to Neptune can see heightened feelings and sensitivity and hence a more reflective, perhaps solitary and withdrawn atmosphere takes hold. This can see a pulling back and a more quiet, meditative, restful, and impressionable vibe predominates where we can be more active behind the scenes and doing things that require solitude, peace, and tranquility. Mercury perfects a conjunction with Venus, and this can see some very inspired thoughts in private, or perhaps some quiet, but nonetheless pleasing news or conversations can transpire, either interpersonally, in relationships, business or personal, creatively, or in regards to finances and/or in regards to pet projects. This is a dreamy atmosphere, and it’s possible for some unexpected delights. 

Saturday Feb 13th see’s the Moon in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus while still conjunct Neptune, which see’s the potential some inspired activity. With Mars sextile Neptune and trine Pluto, there has been a push for an inspired transformation, and ideals around whatever this is can be highly activated this weekend. Mercury is smack dab in the middle of Venus and Jupiter now, so we can be feeling very optimistic around goals, finances, partnerships, and creative or collaborative efforts. We can also be waiting on news or feedback in some way here. The Moon goes on to also form a sextile to Pluto, so we can be feeling intensely inspired around something, and perhaps something or someone makes a deep impact upon us. There is a highly “mystical” atmosphere to these configurations, and something quite magical about them. The emotions/the frequency we are on has great power here, so wield it wisely and you can facilitate and manifest some pretty magical things if you put your mind to it. This is a deep and impressionable atmosphere and there can be some unique and impactful experiences. There can also be an intense longing for something or someone felt here, or perhaps there is a desire to make some sort of kind and generous gesture when the Moon reaches more assertive and courageous Aries. There’s certainly a lot of idealism, and some people can be making some pretty romantic plans for their special person on Valentines day.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there, you lucky ducks, and heck, to all us single people too. We can celebrate love in all it’s forms, everyday of course, even if we’re just dating ourselves, but this holiday is depressing for some folks, so I just thought I would show some love here. Today see’s the Moon enter Aries at 7:54 AM PST to conjunct Chiron, and Mercury perfects it’s conjunction to Jupiter in 13 degrees in Aquarius. There is a kindness and thoughtfulness to todays configurations, and with Mercury perfecting conjunction to Jupiter today, it’s possible for there to be some very surprising and generous communications or gestures. Moon/Chiron can show a lot of sensitivity and compassion for others. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn in Aquarius, and this can see someone or something really come through, perhaps in a very unexpectedly thoughtful way. Mercury Rx in perfected conjunction to Jupiter also goes on to square Uranus, so it’s possible for some big surprises, something that someone says or does, or something that happens, can be completely unexpected. “I never knew!” We could receive an out of the blue communication, surprising news, or we could ourselves do or say something totally out of character or shake things up in a positive way. With both Venus and Jupiter in sextile to relationship asteroid Juno today, this can see some positive growth and expansive developments in relationships with others. Love, partnerships, money, gifts, and all things Venus ruled are also highlighted by the Sun and Mercury’s conjunction to Venus, and with the perfected conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter today, someone can want to go all out for their special person and make a big gesture that could be really surprising. For those of you solo birbs out there, today still holds some interesting surprises, you could even be your own surprise. Regardless, communications are highlighted in a big way with the perfection between Mercury and Jupiter, so continue to cultivate good vibes and positivity, and just keep your ear to the ground for some sweet news, positive feedback, friendly hello, or even an unexpected kindness. You could also be the one doling out the fresh baked good vibes to others. This same notice extends into Monday. 

Friday, January 29, 2021



The Moon enters partnership and collaboration oriented Libra this morning, as Venus, planet of love and money, enters unconventional and humanitarian Aquarius. Here, Venus prioritizes friendship, independence, individuation, and a shared vision of the future, and she is more inclined to be friendly and perhaps a bit emotionally detached, and more inclined to focus on the future possibilities than she is to cling to the past, appeal to authority, or the status quo. This particular Venus cycle can see some very interesting and beneficial alliances forming, and we can reap unique benefits through immersing ourselves into community somehow, whether that be some type of fringe community, social networks, friendships, groups with shared goals, likeminded weirdos and the like. Whatever is unique, experimental, and “out there” can hold appeal and potentially offer up surprising benefits. The Moon conjoins the Part Of Fortune this morning as well as forming fortuitous trines to the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius-but opposing Chiron in Aries. These are some very good trends, but perhaps there’s an element of vulnerability and risk that accompanies the somewhat unpredictable quality of particular blessings, associations, or moves that are outside of our usual terrain or patterns. With Mercury now backtracking through Aquarius, it’s slightly weaker than normal, and with Mars in Taurus still squaring up to Jupiter while conjunct Uranus, it will serve everyone well not to make gross overestimations, -or get too cocky. Conversely, same drug, different arm, don’t stand in your own way or be too stubborn or bullheaded or set in your own ways to take advantage of the unique, (if rather unconventional or highly unusual) opportunities these configurations can (and will) offer up. Today’s configurations can see a lot of generosity and solidarity, and it seems like many are focused on catching their footing (Moon trine Saturn). A lunar quincunx to Uranus can see some impulsivity and excitability, and there can be a need to make some adjustments to adapt to the new trends unfolding. Lunar/Chiron configuration can see a sensitive atmosphere, and there can be some highly unusual situations or circumstances that are keeping people on their toes, but also a greater concern for and sensitivity towards the welfare of others. There’s a vulnerability here, sure, but there are enough positive trends in these configurations to counterbalance this. A lunar sesquisquare to Mercury (now retrograde) can emphasize importance of counting to 10 before jumping the gun or making reactionary moves or statements, particularly if you notice the feelings are very involved or provoked by something. For the most part, today can see some really good vibes, and there can be a lot of optimism around the future, and the new and strange possibilities opening up. A lot of solidarity and good will can be in the atmosphere,-along with an air of “experimentation”- and it can feel like there is a lot to look forward to, as new initiatives or endeavors are getting off the ground that can shift the direction of things significantly. There is a “liberating” quality to these configurations. 


This morning begins with the Moon in Libra trine the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. The Sun also conjoins Mercury and Jupiter, and Venus conjoins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as well. In spite of some heavier influences, we can be feeling optimistic around partnerships, collaborations, relationships, friendships, goals, finances, and visions of the future, as if our world is figuratively and literally expanding. A favorable shift in power and a trend towards the greater good and justice can be felt here. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury and it’s possible we could hear from someone or give or receive some good news, deals, or offers, perhaps unexpectedly. This can be something perhaps laid on the table previously being brought up or examined more seriously once again. This can see a lot of focus on communications, and even trade and commerce is highlighted here. The Moon throws in a square to Pluto on top of this, so this adds a layer of intensity, power, or clout, to whatever this is. Secrets can come to light or things that have been submerged can see the light of day. There may be a need to retreat a bit to form a plan/approach/or strategy to whatever is being brought up or unfolding here, as there may be a lot to consider. The lunar square to Pluto basically throws shade on the otherwise easygoing and humanitarian configurations and just intensifies the atmosphere. There can be a focus on righting wrongs. There could also be some obsessiveness or compulsiveness, hype, fear, etc. These configurations can also highlight secret, backdoor deals or insider info, exposures, or there can be something “taboo” (or even occult?) ..or perhaps dark, even macabre, to whatever is being discussed, thought about, revealed, or considered here. Pluto brings a sort of freaky heaviness to the table, and in it’s classic “Hades” fashion, it wants what it wants and will negotiate (or in some cases, manipulate) in order to get it, or simply just not back down, doubling down instead of buckling. This isn’t all terrible, it just illustrates the *potential* for some heavy handedness, power plays, (bribery? Pushiness? One track, do or die thinking? Desperation?) possibly on the part of people in more powerful or less vulnerable positions than certain others. However these configurations manifest, Pluto brings a heavy breathing intensity to the table that strikes a hard bargain that could be difficult to refute, as it's an uncompromising planet. Late evening see’s the Moon in late Libra also begin to build a square to Venus, freshly in Aquarius. Combined with the other aspects, (not to mention Saturn/Uranus) this can see some waffling back and forth or perhaps just a bit of a difficulty navigating either our own or others powerful instincts, drives, emotions, instability, etc. These aspects could see some sort of deals trying to go down and if this is the case, it appears one party has more clout, power, certainty, or experience than another, or in the very least, there is some sort of power dynamic involved here that can perhaps overwhelm the less prepared or less experienced party.  There is a sort of “let’s make a deal” quality to these aspects, and there can be shadiness being exposed. On a purely individual note, these configurations have a sort of “Nancy Drew” investigative quality, that can be excellent for research or diving in deeper around something that really intrigues us. Moon/Mercury/Pluto has a somewhat obsessive and tunnel vision quality to it that really cuts to the essence of things, and provides a laser focus that can see people unusually preoccupied with something at the exclusion of all else, watching something or someone like a fucking hawk.  With the Moon about to enter Scorpio tomorrow, it could be that some tempting offers or deals are thrown on the table that open up a sort of pandoras box. As generic as this is, I would just advise anyone to be careful what you sign or agree to under a Mercury retrograde, as it’s typically a better time for reviewing/revisioning/reconsidering/reworking ..etc.. the things you’ve already got going on. As for stonks and crympto go, keep your eye’s on tomorrow, as there could be some shifts to navigate, mitigate, or take into consideration. It's an atmosphere of extremes.


This morning see’s the Moon enter intense, sensitive, and instinctual Scorpio at 6:15 AM PST. This places the Moon in square to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and in opposition to both Mars and Uranus in Taurus today. There is a decided restlessness to these configurations, and perhaps a bit of uneasiness as we wrestle with conflicting feelings. These configurations have an unpredictable quality that can see people feeling somewhat out of sorts, and liable to extreme bandwidths. Letting off some steam through grounding physical activities can be of help here. The lunar square to Saturn can create some blockades but also present opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade so to speak. With so many squares in todays math this can be a somewhat “action packed day” that keeps us on our toes, or if your in the stonk and crympto markets, on the edge of your seats. It might be wise for people to think before they act on their feelings today, as the feelings can be rather unstable under the Scorpio lunation. It’s also possible that there’s an element of extreme hype with no substance, or fear mongering going on, so taking care to focus on that which is in your control, and keep in mind that the intensity of the Scorpio lunation will pass. There is a grit and determination to these aspects and there is a lot that is unconventional about it. With Moon/Uranus opposition, there can be some shocks and surprises today that seem larger than life, or in the very least, something can be blown way out of proportion. Take care to respond as opposed to react. In some cases it could be someone somewhere is trying to goad you into a particular over the top reaction (or investment) and this could play right into their hands. It can feel somewhat difficult to relax under these influences, perhaps there is some frustrations to grapple with for some, so maybe roll up an extra blunt or 12 to have handy, or double down on whatever relaxation technique you typically rely on. This energy can be great if channeled into productivity, and can even assist us in achieving new levels. Regardless of any sort of unsettling or destabilizing vibes that may accompany some of these aspects, the overall trends look promising. With both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius in sextile to Chiron in Aries, carefully calculated risks can pay off, and there is more courage available to embrace our own uniqueness as well as to venture into unique territory and experiment a bit with different or unorthodox approaches. There can be optimism around new social networks, friendships, alliances, futuristic trends, or ideas that are ahead of their time, or that have been sorely underestimated in the past. If these aspects do happen to get you worked up (hyphy) or even fearful (which, the potential for fear mongering and/or hype is there, but not a given), take heart that things will lighten up soon and this too shall pass. 


Today see’s the Moon in brooding Scorpio squaring up to the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aquarius, opposing Mars in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces. There can be some very good hunches and intuitive nudges under these aspects, and the instinctual and intuitive capacities can be pretty strong. There can also be a lot of indecision and instability as well.  Conversely, these aspects can also err on the side of over idealization, as Scorpio tends towards extremes, and Jupiter, excess, and boundless optimism. However, maybe there is something to be feeling pretty damn good about here, and perhaps it can also be a case of the power of positive thinking.  There can be an emphasis on healing.  Today can be good for engaging the reflective and intuitive capacities, as there may still be some inner conflicts to grapple with here. We are in a Mercury Rx, so it’s a good idea to slow down and reflect, and take time over decisions, even if there is a sort of false sense of urgency spurring us on towards radical change. The lunar/Neptune trine can be a nice, soothing balm that helps to calm the beast within and release control over anything that falls outside of our locus of control. It can also see a lot of compassion as well, and even an increase of interest in the occult or spiritual matters, or bringing healing to people who have been harmed. Later, the Moon forms a sextile to Pluto which can see the mind drift to deeper places and conversations as well can veer into more esoteric or “taboo” topics. The lunar square to Mercury all day can see the mind very inquisitive, and the trine to Neptune and sextile to Pluto can see a desire to delve deeper into whatever mysteries have piqued our curiosity. But these configurations aren’t exactly a fan of making small talk or talking about the weather, they favor a deeper and more substantive or even mystical fare. This can produce some deep insights, even while on our own, in solitude, and we can be more receptive to subtlety. Great configurations for artists, musicians, or people interested in esoteric matters. The lunar sextile to Pluto can give the emotions great power, and produce some impactful experiences. The Moon will shift into optimistic Sagittarius tomorrow, getting the weekend off to a pleasing, and more sociable start.



Friday see’s the Moon enter happy go lucky Sagittarius around 9:16 AM PST. Here, the Moon first forms a trine to Chiron in Aries, which can see a boost in confidence, courage, optimism and self belief that perhaps comes as a relief after the minor turbulence, real or perceived challenges, vulnerability, and instability offered up by the intense  Scorpio lunation. Next, the Moon forms a friendly sextile to both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius. This is both comforting, enlivening, and stabilizing. It’s as if things are falling into a sort of reliable groove, or we’ve reached a “home safe” kind of milestone that also represents something entirely new for us. I almost hear an audible sigh of relief when I look at these aspects, like “Whew. We did it.” Almost like climbing up to a new level in something. There can be something about this that is like a sort of "cosmic justice". There’s a pleasant sociability to these aspects, and the lunar trine to Chiron also brings opportunities to have healing exchanges with others. There’s a lot of good vibes contained in these configurations, and in some ways there can be a sense of being vindicated somehow. The Moon is also conjunct Juno as well, so we can feel very supported and there is a lot of good will between ourselves and others. Late night throws in the lunar sextile to Jupiter, so the positive vibes and good will only grow and increase in magnitude. Perhaps there’s even something to celebrate? These aspects bode well for money, investments, stonks/crympto, as well as relationships, friendships and the social life, -as long as people don’t get too far ahead of themselves. Saturday morning see’s the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius sextile indulgent Jupiter and square sensitive, empathic, but delusional Neptune. The Moon swaps the Jupiter sextile for a sextile with the Sun midmorning, and adds in a sextile to Mercury Rx as the day wears on. Altogether, this can make for some heightened feelings, and place emphasis on communications, goals, social networks, and friendships. The lunar/Neptune square can create a lot of confusion, but can also disinhibit people, perhaps to a point of oversharing and feeling out on a limb afterwards. Saturday looks good for chillaxing and good times, but not so great for making any sort of decisions that might require a more sober view of things, as it’s a little drunk at the wheel. Sunday see’s the Moon enter stoic and reserved Capricorn at 12:52 PM PST, where it will square Chiron, which can perhaps see a bit of vulnerability. Simultaneously, the Moon in Cap trines Uranus in Taurus, which almost adds a sly grin of “yea I said that/did that.” Or “Yea I’m actually doing this. So what?” It’s a weird admixture of vulnerability and completely unashamed authenticity that has an oddly liberating nature to it. Sunday can see a focus on new and exciting activities, approaches, initiatives, plans, and calculated risks, and a momentum can be building around this somehow that will begin next week in an action oriented and ambitious frame that has a quiet determination about it. A slow and determined effort towards making radical shifts.

Sunday, January 24, 2021



The early morning hours still see la lune in curious and talkative Gemini in trine to Mercury in iconoclastic Aquarius.  This aspect shed light on the importance to the psychological concept of authenticity and the “true self”, as well as generating new, and original ideas and concepts on the fly, for fun, -and for mental and emotional wellbeing. How in touch with your “true self” are you? Do you let it out to play? With both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, the pressure to conform comes up against the desire to remain true to ourselves. Being unabashedly who we really are, and individuating, being our own best friend, regardless of what groupthink or the crowd mind thinks or say’s about it (which can sometimes be rather nasty, let’s face it, there are a lot of people who are repressed, hypercritical, judgmental, fearful, and unhappy with themselves)- is the challenge -and the opportunity of Saturn in Aquarius. If you can live and behave authentically, by your own inner creed, in spite of immense pressure to do the opposite of that-even magazine articles in grocery store lines with articles that boast titles such as “Toxic Individualism”-then thank you, you’re granting others permission to also be their true and authentic selves as well, which is inherently healing in a culture that is rapidly normalizing a sort of malignant, collective shame and fear that, if we’re really honest with ourselves, defies all logic-(the anthropological evidence of which will, quite tragically,- all just wind up inside of a beached whales stomach at some point-ironically, all in the name of “science.”)  The Moon enters emotionally sensitive Cancer at 10:52 AM PST, to square Chiron, and going on to sextile Uranus in Taurus in the early evening. With the Sun in Aquarius sextile to Chiron, while the Moon in clannish Cancer squares it, in some way, it’s possible that a comfort zone of ours is being challenged. It’s interesting because it almost appears as if the Universe, in pushing people to really step into themselves and their own authenticity, this is simultaneously a cause and a cure to feeling vulnerable, misunderstood, or perhaps a bit lonely or outcasted in someway.  It is our dedication to our own individuation, what we truly feel, who we truly are, and what we truly desire for ourselves, that will ultimately liberate us, assuage our fears and vulnerabilities, and lead to a feeling of deeper security (Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus). Later this evening, the Moon also sextile’s Mars in Taurus as well, which only adds further impetus and drive towards this radical shift of “really stepping UP, into ourselves.” This can feel challenging, but it’s simultaneously the only medicine that is going to actually induce any true healing, because sad but true: No one else is coming to save us, and showing up for ourselves is what helps us show up for each other. These aspects can see some positive advancements towards goals and initiatives that can increase security (financially, self worth, etc) for the longterm. These aspects can also indicate a sort of liberation from outmoded patterns or attachments that don’t serve us. It can be easier to remove the water wings/inflatable arm floaties, -basically anything that we’ve been attached to that’s only been providing a false sense of security, but is ultimately only functioning as an excuse, and holding us back, and keeping us playing small. 


Today begins with the Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces. This can see an impetus towards creative initiatives with a psychological and/or physical healing component. There is a lot of compassion and understanding, but there is also a practical bent. Actions can be taken that can be beneficial and there can be some sort of catharsis happening for people on some level as well. The Moon in Cancer goes on to oppose Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. There is a compassionate release and deep transformation to this math that portrays two distinct sides of a coin, and only you will know which side of this you fall on. For one, if you have been accustomed to certain others leaning heavily on you and relying heavily on you to carry them in some way, (emotionally, financially or otherwise, Venus and Pluto both cover a broad and deep spectrum of human experience)- you can be encouraging in them more self empowerment, self sufficiency, and refusing to enable them to continue to cheat themselves out of the beauty and power of their fullest self actualization, which in turn, will allow you the unfettered pursuit and natural born right of your own. This is a gentle, compassionate, and unconditionally loving release (Moon/Neptune). Conversely, if you have been relying heavily on another person to carry something for you that you know deep down, you can, and should, be carrying on your own, you can be beginning the necessary and deeply empowering journey of truly and deeply meeting yourself and uncovering inner strength, resources, unique gifts, talents, capabilities, and resilience that you didn’t even know you had in you, -because your reliance on another person out of a false sense of powerlessness, helplessness, victimhood, low self estimation, insufficiency, fear, or simply a desire to constantly distract yourself-from…yourself- kept you from realizing the full extent of your own awesome powers to mould and direct your life the way you truly want it to be. Congratulations. There are other nuances within the bandwidth of these aspects of course, and it could simply come down to your usual manner of coping with something is simply no longer producing any corn for you. This might feel difficult or challenging at first, there may be some cloying, resistance, or attachments to work through here, but it can also be sensed, if you pay close attention, that a breakthrough is nigh. Try not to struggle against the realization of your own awesomeness. Today can see the potential for some intense interpersonal interactions, but the lunar trine to Neptune suggests that much of these intense transformations is actually going on internally, quietly, reflectively, behind the scenes, or deep inside, as Neptune tends to keep people very much to themselves, and encourages introspection, release, and getting in touch with the unconscious and the intuitive and spiritual faculties. This week we see a Full Moon in Leo, which brings attention to the importance of strengthening the Solar Plexus chakra. We also see Mercury station retrograde in Aquarius as well this weekend, the effects of which can already be felt. This will provide an opportunity for reflection and revision, -of how we can all move forward in a more authentic and self empowering way. Those who have already been initiated into the works of self love, self confidence, self empowerment, authenticity and individuation, -can help to be a lantern that can (hopefully) lead others more deeply into their true selves and their highest callings. Shine on crazy diamonds.


Today begins with the Moon still in emotionally sensitive and security oriented Cancer, opposing Venus and Pluto in matter-of-fact Capricorn and trine Neptune in unconditionally loving Pisces. Could be kind of uncomfortable. It could be some challenges or blockages that facilitate compassion. It could also be that creating and maintaining certain boundaries and cultivating a sense of discipline, for our own and others best interests and security, can still be kind of a theme here. This can be something as basic as resolving to be more lovingly disciplined with ourselves in some way, such as wake up at a certain time everyday and exercise for the longterm benefits of doing so even though it’s more comfy in the short term not to. Or it can be more complex, such as releasing an attachment to a particular person, particular comforts, pattern of behavior, or romanticization of the past (Moon in Cancer trine Neptune), that you know is not emotionally or psychologically healthy for you to cling to, even though it’s become a sort of comfort zone. Whatever the case is for you, these aspects will create a push out of a comfort zone, and challenge us to step more fully into the Solar Plexus and embrace the blessing and responsibility that is our own awesome powers. We may have to be more self reliant in some way that is challenging, or more focused on maintaining security somehow. If you’ve already got some goals set for yourself that you’ve been feeling super passionate about, then this can also be about committing more fully to them and upping the ante in the face of obstacles, or at least preparing to, as we are entering a Mercury Rx which can slow things down. If you don’t have any clear or precise self directed goals yet, then you are probably still in the process of coming home to yourself, which is just as awesome.  With Venus in Capricorn about to perfect it’s conjunction with Pluto tomorrow, this energy isn’t fucking around, and there can be profound shifts interpersonally and/or financially or in regards to power, values or possessions that make an impact, or have a sort of finality, destiny, fate, or inevitability about them. People in stonks, investments, and crypto, take note of tomorrow- as well as Valentines day, when Mercury Rx will perfect a conjunction to Jupiter at 13 degrees, while also conjunct Venus. (Just throwing this out there folks, do what you will with it.) Today can have some emotionally climactic moments about it, as the Moon reaches 29 degrees of Cancer around 6 PM PST, while opposing Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius. In broad terms, this can see a doubling down on goals, with shifts of power, shifts of alliances, -and/or the moving of money, finances, time, energy, and investments, emotional/financial/energetic or otherwise- into a new, experimental direction. For some this can see changes in image, style, aesthetics, or how people present or share themselves to the world, like an overhaul of PR or something (Venus). For others, this is more complicated,  depending on where you're at, but could be dramatically impacting everyday comforts/security, (moon in Cancer), long-term stability, up levelling and power moves, (Venus/Pluto in Cap), and the future direction of social support network s/groups/friendships/alliances/goals and visions of the future (Jupiter/Saturn/Sun in Aquarius.) It could be a bit of a bumpy ride, but not terrible. A lot of transition though Regardless of whatever is transforming and shifting in your world right now, Mercury will backtrack this weekend to ensure ample time to go over the details and learn whatever we can about this new direction or endeavor, as whatever it is, it’s pushing us beyond whatever we’ve grown comfortable with in the past and into new and experimental territory. The Moon enters theatrical, playful, but dramatic Leo at 6:54 PM PST this evening, to oppose the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, while forming an encouraging trine to healing Chiron in Aries. Even though Mercury is going retrograde this weekend, there is no more going backwards. This energy is decidedly future oriented. If there is any going backwards, it’s to revisit or reconsider something or someone dropped, shelved, stalemated, or never fully considered, nurtured, or investigated fully, that represents a path that has never been trodden. 


Today see’s the Full Moon in charismatic Leo, and everything about it is “so fucking future.”  The Full Moon is exact at 11:16 AM PST. Venus and Pluto make an exact conjunction today in Capricorn, so there’s an element of serious ambition, transformation, metamorphosis, permanent change, or finality to this energy. All or nothing. This aspect ain't playin and Venus is sick of the games. The Sun and Jupiter also reach an exact conjunction, at 9 degrees Aquarius, and there can be a lot of optimism about the future, new alliances, friendships, goals, it can be a very expansive and inspiring energy, and there can be some very fortunate encounters that are mutually beneficial. A sense of solidarity, community, brotherhood, sisterhood. The Moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in liberating and weird Aquarius, while squaring Mars and Uranus in earthy Taurus, and forming a trine to Chiron and Juno. This is some pretty radical energy, and with both the full Moon in Leo and the Sun in futuristic, and humanitarian liberationist Aquarius squaring up to Mars and Uranus, it’s like…anything can happen. It’s a restless, creative, rebellious, fun seeking, action packed energy, and there can be encouraging trends to release whatever inhibitions, situations, patterns, or circumstances that have been keeping us from truly stepping more fully into our own unique destinies. There’s an element of playful shit stirring to these aspects as well, but it appears to be ultimately beneficial. A fresh energy has been trying to come through for a while now. Full Moon’s are about endings, the completion of a cycle, so that a new one can begin in earnest. A new tack is definitely being taken here, and there can be something enlivening and rejuvenating and freeing about what’s unfolding. With the Lunar trine to Chiron and Juno, we can feel emotionally supported from unusual corners, perhaps a new set of friends, or just a sense of solidarity and community can be emerging. Old, outworn attachments, alliances, or simply patterns of behavior or approaches that served a purpose at one point but have outworn their usefulness are being left behind and a new, fresh energy is being let in. Doors are being closed on a particular era and opened on a new one, and the energy is palpable. Around 5 PM PST, the lunar opposition to Saturn relents, and this can see it easier to let our hair down and give in more fully to a sense of excitement and possibility, and release worries or doubts, or simply the effects of the weekly grind. There can be some internal conflict to navigate or some conflicts of interests with others to mitigate. It’s possible that our own personal goals, interests or needs of the moment can clash slightly with those of a group or friendships, or our own desire to explore our interactions with others or engage in the wider community or with new friendships in some way. Things will find their groove, there’s no reason to rush, but there may be a lot of excitement, or some impatience or pressure to perform or show up to contend with, either internally or externally generated. It’s a full Moon though, so… easy tiger. What’s important is that intention and fresh and dynamic energy is set into motion. We may be wanting to push ourselves to do and be a lot right now, and there can be a strong desire to play and explore. It’s also important to recognize the needs of the body, which the Virgo lunation this weekend will help to remind us of. 



Friday see’s the Moon in playful and competitive Leo in opposition to Mercury in Aquarius. There’s excitement but also some indecisiveness to this energy and we may feel pulled in several different directions at once like a kid at an amusement park. When in doubt, slow down and tune into the signals the body is sending. With the Sun squaring Mars and Uranus there’s a lot of dynamic change coming in all at once and it can be easy to let what was a focused and consistent effort towards constructive changes at a sustainable pace become a frantic and scattered drive that spreads your energy way too thin because you get way too excited about all the other exciting possibilities around you and lose touch with your primary modus operandi. The exciting possibilities will still be there after you’ve adapted to and acclimatized yourself to the pace of all the major inner and outer changes you’re manifesting. Don’t drop your own ball on yourself. This full Moon’s primary message was one of self empowerment, so if you feel scattered today and undecided how to handle all the incoming stimuli, fresh energy and changes unfolding, breath into your Solar Plexus chakra and focus on strengthening your center of power. 

Saturday the 30th see’s the Moon enter grounded and earthy Virgo at witching hour, (midnight) PST, to trine Uranus in Taurus.  This will help assimilate all of this fresh energy, new stimuli, and new possibilities and break everything down into smaller chunks that are more easily managed and metabolized. There’s been a lot to take in these past several weeks, and it’s going to help to get organized, adapted, settled in to a workable and sustainable groove. Mercury stations retrograde this morning at 7:52 AM PST, at 26 degrees Aquarius. This retrograde journey will help us refocus on our original intent and get settled in with it before we jet off into a tailspin around all the new, fun and exciting things we can get ourselves into or friendships we could explore. It will conjoin Jupiter and Saturn once again, which will help to plot out a wise and reasoned expansion. When you set a longterm goal that requires daily/weekly/monthly consistency for instance, it actually helps to “underachieve” at first, as opposed to overshoot the mark, so as not to overwhelm yourself by setting a pace or productivity level that is unsustainable and makes you drop too many balls, self sabotage, and give up entirely. The Moon in Virgo trines both Mars and Uranus which can see Saturday be surprisingly productive. There can be a drive here to get organized and we can be excited around setting new, exciting or experimental routines or rituals into place that can be realistically maintained, and slowly increased over time at a manageable and comfortable pace. This energy is about finding a groove with something new, and organizing everything else extraneous to that  (like leisure, social life, etc) around whatever that is, once that new thing, or new level of achievement with that thing is mastered. Examples are numerous, like, going from mastering trading Stonks to slowly integrating Crypto or something. Or slowly going from mastering yoga over time through daily practice, to teaching it. Some people are adjusting to mastering parenthood. Whatever it is for you personally, there’s some goal that has become the mainframe/motherboard in your life and it’s taking you into new, experimental territory, and you’re integrating everything else around that, and even everything else that is orbiting around that is new, exciting, changing and expanding. Evening see’s the Moon oppose Neptune, which can see the evening wind down in a creative, mellow, somewhat loopy or dizzy way.

Sun the 31st see’s the Moon in Virgo form some nice trines to both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, while opposing Neptune, which overall, can make for some pleasant experiences, even if there’s a bit of confusion, wistfulness or longing going on, there’s a nice energy for tending to the needs of the body and spirit. We can be drawn to unusual pastimes or people, with a creative or spiritual dimension, and there can be some opportunities for some pleasant exchanges with others. There can be a certain “intention setting” and preparation to these configurations, and Monday of next week can begin on a socially or interpersonally focused note that can see people wanting to mingle, gather, commune, and exchange ideas and pleasantries with others or even make new friends and connections.