Sunday, May 31, 2020


This week begins with the Moon in Libra trine the Sun and Venus Rx in Gemini. With the Sun and Venus squaring up to Mars in Pisces, this can see some buried or submerged tensions that have perhaps been concealed, working their way up to the surface for acknowledgement to see the light of day. It may take a while to address the radical root of certain situations and dynamics which have undermined unity and cohesion or obscured certain realities, but it’s inevitable that certain truths are exposed, as this week will culminate in a full Moon eclipse in truth seeking, freedom loving Sagittarius. This isn’t to say that such impulses won’t be undermined or that the road to clarity, freedom, and radical honesty will be easy, as the tricksy Gemini/Neptune configurations create a bit of a fugazi, and there could be a lot of manipulation, confusion, and trickery afoot that could attempt to mislead or obscure. The Libra lunation places emphasis on peace keeping efforts, as well as being able to look at things from opposing viewpoints in an effort to reach common ground and a rational consensus. The tail end of the weekend placed the need for peace and harmony in the spotlight, and this week begins on a note that attempts to carry this through. The afternoon see’s the Moon square up to powerful Pluto, as well as Jupiter in Capricorn, which could see some tensions or power struggles or intense issues to navigate, and there could be people throwing their weight around or using heavy handed tactics. It’s possible however, that through diplomacy and a light touch, with skillful negotiating and good people skills, that some form of common ground or consensus can begin to be reached, or in the very least, certain tensions can be mitigated and circumnavigated. Pluto speaks of extremes, but the Libra lunation speaks of the importance of peace, harmony, and getting along. It’s clear that radical changes need to be made, but this will require skillful piloting and diplomatic efforts, it is not something that can be achieved through force, brutality or other extremes.

This morning begins with the Moon in the most urgent, and final degree of Libra, indicating a sort of pinnacle, climactic point in regards to negotiations and efforts at peace, diplomacy, and consensus. Around 9 AM PST, the Moon enters emotionally charged Scorpio, to trine Mercury in Cancer, square Saturn in Aquarius, and oppose Uranus in Taurus. Mercury also forms a sextile to Uranus, so this can see some surprising things coming to the surface for discussion, and can be rather illuminating. A desire to dig up and expose truthscan definitely be present, but an equally radical obstruction to that can be present. Later, the Moon in tenacious Scorpio trines Mars in Pisces, and this can see a passionate energy that brings a lot to the surface. This could see a lot to reflect upon, a lot of insights gleaned, or some quite out of the blue or unexpected exchanges or disclosures could surface. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any weirder, these configurations suggest otherwise. Most of us already have shock fatigue so nothing really even seems to surprise us anymore. Hopefully, we see some pleasant surprises, as these largely harmonious lunar trines suggest the potential for some good news. In the very least, we could certainly see some displays of courage and compassion. These configurations contain within them the potential for radical compassion, which the world is sorely in need of at the moment. 


Today see’s the Moon in intense, and passionate, instinctual Scorpio.  In the early morning hours, this see’s the Moon opposite unconventional, out of the box Uranus in Taurus, and trine Mercury in Cancer and Mars and Neptune in Pisces. The lunar trines to Mars and Neptune carry the rest of the day. This can see the wee morning hours start out on a highly unusual, or unorthodox note, and there can be a subtle restlessness, but also a dreamy “space cadet” inclination towards escapism or creative, and reflective activities. The instinctual nature can be highly stimulated, and the lunar trine to Mars and Neptune can be highly creative and subtly energizing. Later on in the evening, a lunar sextile to powerful Pluto and generous Jupiter in Capricorn can ratchet up the intensity of feeling, and find us perhaps somewhat fixated on a goal of some kind that keeps us looking forward towards a horizon, and opening up a sense of possibility in order to channel some intense drives and powerful feelings into something constructive that provides an outlet and assists in making positive changes and transformations.  A sesquisquare to Mercury in emotional Cancer suggests it might be wise to make an effort to reign in any reactionary tendencies and try to be careful how you communicate your truth. There may be a need to strike a balance between head and heart. Otherwise this can be a relatively pleasant and creatively fruitful, somewhat reflective, introverted energy. It’s possible people can feel intensely about something, but perhaps prefer to keep their feelings to themselves for the time being. 

Monday, May 25, 2020


Monday see’s the Moon in Cancer trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron in Aries. This combined with the Sun in Gemini square Mars, and Mars sextile Uranus, can see some mental and emotional restlessness. The Sun in curious Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries sheds light on a desire to address a generalized, vague, psychological uneasiness, and bring healing and confidence to what may feel like an “adrift” sense of directionless, or as if the soul is craving for refreshment. This lunation can see us deliberately seeking out something that stirs, shocks, surprises, awakens, but also grounds and centers. It’s an interesting energy that is simultaneously relaxed, vegged out, but can be pleasantly energizing. Doing something physical, and down to earth, that soothes the soul can be emotionally satisfying, (Moon/Mars sextile Uranus in Taurus. This energy can see us gravitate towards unusual things, or do things in new, unusual ways. There’s a dreaminess and escapism here as well, and it can be easy to get lost in whatever you’re doing. The days configurations are well suited for laid back activities at home, and reflective or creative activity. Late evening leaves only a lunar trine to Neptune, and a building opposition to Pluto, which Jupiter and Saturn join tomorrow. This can see a strong desire to transform something, or gain more control over a situation to achieve more emotional satisfaction, joy, and stimulation from a situation, and essentially bring more life, passion, playfulness, and enthusiasm to things where it may have felt sorely lacking.

Today see’s the Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, trine Neptune, and making a semi square to Mars. This can see an attempt to escape or mitigate harsher elements of reality. The lunar semi square to Mars for part of the day can see a subtly irritable or “crotchety” atmosphere, and it’s possible to certain extent we have to “force ourselves through the motions”, or knuckle down and push for some kind of transformation. There is an optimism present however, and high ideals. The lunar trine to Neptune ebbs off towards early evening, leaving only oppositions in it’s place, the strongest of which being Jupiter. This can see a strong desire towards comfort and indulgence, and it’s possible we’ve got to temper our expectations a bit, as certain things can take time. The opposition to Saturn can show some challenges or delays, perhaps a feeling of being cut off from others via circumstances or obstacles out of our control. There’s a subtle intensity to this math that for some can feel slightly uncomfortable, but this can be funneled into creative projects or projects around the house geared towards clearing out or improvements. This energy carries on into the evening, and there can be a desire to make things more comfortable and bring more joy to certain situations, as the Moon enters showy and theatrical Leo in the final hours of the evening. It’s possible that our impetus towards joy are somewhat out of step with either necessity, “the rules”, or some other challenge that must be overcome. (Moon opposite Saturn.) But along with this will come the will to push on and through. Tomorrow may bring some shocks and surprises or something out of the usual.

Today see’s the gregarious Leo Moon sextile the Sun in chatty, multitasking Gemini, as well as opposite Saturn in Aquarius, and square Uranus in Taurus, and a trine to Chiron in Aries. It’s possible that somewhat challenging or unusual circumstances will have our conscious attention, and there may be somewhat of a scramble to deal with it, or perhaps choices that need to be made, but there is courage and confidence, and a desire to make decisions that increase that confidence and courage further and lead towards healing of some kind (Moon/Chiron.) The lunar/Uranus contact can certainly see the potential for some surprises, shocks, or some destabilizing energy, and with Saturn’s involvement, there could be challenges to circumnavigate that somewhat put a damper on things, but this ebbs off as the day advances, and we can begin to find our footing amidst the shifting sands. These configurations can see people thinking outside of the box, and perhaps making creative or innovative adaptations around otherwise challenging circumstances. These maths show a need for perhaps somewhat rapid adaptation to changes occurring that have unfolded very quickly. There could be an unorthodoxy here that could see some unusual responses, reactions, or occurrences. The lunar square to Uranus can keep people on their toes and there could be somewhat of a rebellious streak and an “expect the unexpected” sort of atmosphere. Weird times.

Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo sextile Venus in talkative and curious Gemini. With the Sun in Gemini trine Saturn there’s an emphasis on trying to find stability within some pretty strange and rapidly shifting circumstances. Today can see people reaching out to others for fun, entertainment, and pleasure, and it’s a bit of a flirtatious aspect in isolation. Venus however, is retrograde and squaring Neptune, and Mars in Pisces is sextile Uranus, so it’s clear certain things are dissolving and making way for new circumstances, and rebelliousness is curiously en vogue. Nothing is set in stone, but these configurations can help lighten up the atmosphere and bring a playful curiousness to things that at least make things more pleasant in the interim. Much is still unclear, and there may be particular circumstances that leave much to be desired, least of all,... clarity.  The lunar/Venus sextile is only around for the first portion of the day, so, enjoy it while it lasts. The rest of the day shows no significant lunar aspects until the final hour of the evening, a lunar sextile to Mercury in Gemini occurs, which can bring some late night unexpected news or see us talking, thinking, or brainstorming, into the wee hours, and there is certainly a lot of "dinner theater" to discuss, as the Leo Moon does everything flamboyantly and with dramatic flare. This can bring a somewhat excitable, anxious, and restless energy with it as the Moon shifts into to Virgo tomorrow morning, bringing attention to crisis, and it's prevention and mitigation. What has transpired under the less inhibited, more confident and courageous Leo lunation can be cause for some concern under the more careful and scrutinizing, but worry prone Virgo Moon.


The Moon enters anxious Virgo this Morning just as Mercury heads into the emotional sign of Cancer. This morning begins with a lunar sextile to Mercury, the planet of communication, along with a lunar square to the Sun in Gemini, an opposition to Mars in Pisces, and a trine to Uranus in Taurus. There’s an element of crisis prevention to these configurations, and the lunar opposition to Mars in passive, somewhat helpless Pisces can create an anxious atmosphere or an element of foreboding, with a focus on preventing loss by innovating around rather confusing, if somewhat disempowering feeling circumstances that seem out of our hands. The Virgo lunation brings a lot of details to attend to with it, a a feeling that we need to be two steps ahead of the curve or in a “state of anticipation.” Venus squaring both Mars and Neptune in Pisces can create confusing scenarios in which we may not feel able to be as effectual as usual within. This can be a nervous, somewhat high-strung energy, as there can be a lot going on at once and a lot to address, pay attention to, and make decisions about. There is something of a “damsel in distress” signature to this mathscape, and a keen and deliberate striving towards justice, soundness, truth, and emancipation from undermining, deceptive, and dissolving influences. It’s possible surprising news comes in as the day begins and sets off a need to take some sort of decisive action, but what action exactly to take may seem unclear or confused. This doesn’t stop the current from trying to anticipate future trends and innovate around blockages or obstacles, and this could see an acute hunger for problem solving, crisis prevention, or management. A lot of changes to adapt to all at once. Evening time brings a lunar square to Venus retrograde in Gemini, and a semi square to Pluto, adding to the tension or subtle intensity in the already confused, if somewhat nervous, and anticipatory atmosphere. Making decisions and choices, particularly in regards to, or even on behalf of, or because of, others, can be under the spotlight here, and certain actions can feel blocked, stymied, confused, uncertain, or on hold. There could also be a difference of style, pace, timing, or opinion to work around, or perhaps just a lot of worry to circumnavigate. It may be somewhat challenging to voice concerns or to feel that if you did they would be adequately heeded or heard. These configurations highlight a need to gather as much information as possible, and also to communicate effectively, and make sure you’re interpreting things properly. It’s possible not everyone is on the same page, and there could be confused, deceptive, or otherwise unclear elements at play that can create a somewhat nervous or excessively worried atmosphere. Extra efforts towards grounding and soothing will probably come in handy under the Virgo lunation.

This morning see’s the Virgo Moon squaring Venus in Gemini, opposing Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and forming a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Connecting firmly with our own sense of power and agency amidst these confusing and dissolving influences is crucial. The afternoon brings in a lunar trine to Jupiter which can help boost our sense of control over a situation that’s perhaps felt increasingly chaotic. The lunar trines to Jupiter and Pluto can help bolster resilience, inner stability, and personal empowerment, as well as assist in breaking things down into more feasible, realistic steps. The lunar/Jupiter contact can help bring a modest optimism to things, and bring common sense into perhaps nonsensical situations that have been confusing or worrisome. There can be some fuckery to navigate, so maintain a healthy ethical skepticism, especially in situations where the balance of power is clearly lopsided. Late evening brings a lunar trine to Saturn in Aquarius, which can help bring more structure and definition, and aid to push past any deceptive or confusing elements, as the Moon in late Virgo seeks to distill all of the bullshit out of things as much as humanly possible, and boil things down to their most reductive, base elements in order to get at “the gist” of a situation. 


Today begins with the Moon at peak crisis point in 29 degrees of Virgo, giving the early morning wee hours a sort of “on the edge of our seats” feeling that brings an anxious energy to a climax. Then the Moon enters partnership and harmony oriented Libra, to trine the Sun in Gemini, conjunct Juno in Libra, oppose Chiron in Aries, square Mercury in Cancer, trine Saturn in Aquarius, as well as Jupiter in late Capricorn. This can highlight the need to communicate and come to some agreement or consensus about something, and it can for some, be over issues that are particularly emotional (lunar square to Mercury in Cancer.) Needless to say, this is a somewhat reactionary atmosphere that can provoke heated discussions with a reactionary flavor, and be fueled by emotions and driven by a desire for safety, security, and the potentiality for clannishness and protectiveness, -but these energies actually require a more rational, calm, reasonable, thoughtful, and diplomatic approach to handle smoothly. The Libra lunation brings emphasis to the importance of peace, harmony, cohesion and cooperation, but there are sore feelings, and vulnerabilities still lingering with the opposition to Chiron in fiesty Aries and square to Mercury in emotional Cancer. Lunar trines to the Sun in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius emphasize the importance of communication, and place a spotlight on those communicating wisdom, maturity, self control, personal accountability, peace, humanitarianism, longterm consequences, and leading by example. Such messages may clash with those who are more emotionally reactive. With the Sun and Venus Rx conjunct, it may take a charm offensive to help to dial down reactionaryism and maintain peace amidst divided factions and bring structure and longterm vision to a mess of cosmic slop that has radically dissolved into chaotic entropy without rhyme or reason. Evening time brings a more peaceful energy with a lunar trine to Venus in Gemini, and it appears that in some way, efforts towards peace and harmony begin to bare some fruit or at least gain some recognition. This can help bring some stability, as well as facilitate positive communication and joint efforts between others. People may not be able to agree on absolutely everything, but there is common ground to work from. It bares mentioning though that the Sun and Venus squaring Mars indicate a lot of deception, illusion, confusion, dissolution, and fuckery, -but also the potential for boundless compassion and the dissolution of boundaries. It’s a weird tightrope to walk, because it’s a highly impressionable configuration, especially when applied to crowd psychology. People can be convinced to do things they normally wouldn’t under these configurations, so take care if you’re one to easily succumb to peer pressure or an “everyone else is doing it” type of momentum, as it can be easy or even compelling to be swept up into a mob mentality under these maths.  Regardless of these hazards, Sunday evening ends on a more pleasant note than we have seen over the weekend, so perhaps we will see some sort of relief or a calm in the storm, or at least experience a pleasant respite, and a desire to bring some harmony and humanity back into the picture and lighten things up a bit. 

Monday, May 18, 2020


We begin this week with the Moon in Aries still holding a sensitive conjunction to Chiron, and making a sextile Mercury in Gemini. The first half of the day can be rather communicative, curious, and somewhat busy. There can be a lot of exchanges and general information gathering, and a steadily growing playful vibe can begin to build. The evening see’s a pleasant lunar sextile to Venus in Gemini, and with the New Moon in Gemini this week, there can be an increasing emphasis on making connections and stimulating the mind and the senses. But with Venus retrograde, and both Mercury and Venus in tension with hazy, elusive Neptune, there is a lot of confusion, and there could be communication difficulties, misunderstandings, missing information, and the potentiality for fuckery and deception on a broader scale is also high, so take care. I cannot emphasize the fact that there is fuckery afoot under these configurations enough. Not only is the chance of deception and delusion high, but the impressionability of the mind is increasingly heightened under these configurations, and it can be exceedingly easy to be led astray by this and that, such and such, and so and so. On a positive note, there can also be increased intuitive hunches, creativity, or inspirational insights seemingly out of thin air, or through dream experiences, etc. On a more personal note, the susceptibility to romantic delusions specifically, or for some, entangling yourself in some fruitless web of intrigue, or for weird circumstances where you want someone you can’t have, or know you shouldn’t, unrequited love situations, rose colored glasses, or are somehow otherwise compromised or confused romantically speaking (more than one choice before you,) such confusing or demoralizing scenarios can also be part and parcel of this Venus cycle in particular.  So it pays to be lighthearted and light-footed under these Venus/Mercury/Neptune aspects, but also careful, empathetic, and considerate, as some people can be feeling pretty sensitive under this retrograde, and many can be seeking a happiness that feels lost or missing. Positively, romanticism can be high. The desire to escape, augment, or enhance reality is also strong. With the Moon this evening sextile Venus and squaring Pluto and Jupiter, this can see some intensity magnified in our interactions, or a pronounced curiosity and urge to seek them out. There’s a somewhat obsessive compulsive quality to the evening that is playful on the surface, and rolls into tomorrow.

Today begins with the Moon in late Aries, holding a square to Jupiter, Pluto, and eventually, Saturn. This is an energy that wants to take some action, but the square to Saturn can curtail or slightly constrain that a bit, but nonetheless, there’s a lot of potential here for constructive productivity or taking care of business. Towards evening, restlessness can grow, along with a subtle (or not) impatience, as the Moon hits 29 degrees of Aries and conjoins Uranus in Taurus. The Moon officially enters sensual, and pleasure oriented Taurus at 7:11 PM PST, and sextiles Mars in easy going, discreet Pisces. This combined with it’s conjunction to surprise a minute Uranus and it’s square to Saturn could see us seeking out enjoyment in new, interesting, artistic, -but responsible- ways, or at least, seeking enjoyment within the confines or limits of circumstances may be, which can devise innovative approaches. It’s a “party low key and responsibly” sort of vibe, and this low key, artsy, and passionate energy can see it easy to enjoy the little things. For some it may also simply increase a desire for simple, relaxed pleasures in quiet solitude, with Mars in secluded, and reclusive Pisces. Revitalization and rejuvenation can be found in quiet, out of the lime light places. The square to Saturn can make some things feel “prohibited”, but the innovative placements can find ways around any “forbidden zones”, or in the very least, alternatives that suffice.

This morning see’s the Sun enter curious and loquacious Gemini, adding emphasis to the desire to communicate, banter, and connect with others via intellectual or lighthearted playful exchanges. Early AM see’s the Moon in slow and steady Taurus, sextile to Mars in Pisces, square Saturn, and conjunct Uranus. These configurations ebb out, leaving only the strong Uranus conjunction in their wake. Mars in Pisces sextile to futuristic and unconventional Uranus can be brought to the fore here, seeing a desire for interesting forays into unorthodox territory and a desire to seek stimulation in new, perhaps somewhat “under the radar” ways. This is an interesting aspect really, that can see some highly unusual experiences, or an increased drive to explore the unconventional, or supernatural, the bizarre, or simply the under recognized, or under appreciated. This aspect can produce solutions, epiphanies, realizations, insights, or discoveries from out of the way places, or see secrets come to light. It’s a subtle but powerful aspect that will grow in strength as this week unfolds into next, and will later be amplified by contacts to Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune. This can see a growing interest in spiritual or psychic phenomena, or can even see certain “woo woo” topics, theories or disciplines receive some accolades for validity, perhaps down the line, in June. Meanwhile, today, the lunar contact to Uranus is in the spotlight, and this can see a low key, nervous energy, excitement, or some unexpected or surprising feelings or occurrences. With Venus and Mercury conjunct, there is definitely an increased desire to connect and communicate, but with both in tension to Neptune, perhaps it’s a matter of figuring out how, where, or what to say. There is a dreaminess and wistfulness here that can see people up in their heads about how (or if) to approach something or someone. There is a lack of clarity and uncertainty here that can be somewhat shy and unsure, but also a sort of proneness to poetic romanticization or idealization, but these are great maths for chasing rainbows of various kinds, artistic or creative collaborations, or even shared spiritual interests. They provide an endless well of curiosity, dreaminess, and augmented reality. 

Today see’s the Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. This is a curious blend between fantasy and reality that could see some intense and perhaps pleasant experiences, conversations, or interchanges. We may not have all the facts, but it’s possible to find enjoyment even amidst ambiguity or unsolved mysteries. This energy can see us keen to bring certain fantasies to life, and a desire for intense experiences that increase feelings of interconnectedness, courage and compassion. Later, the Moon in late Taurus conjuncts the Sun in Gemini, in preparation for tomorrows New Moon. This can shed light on some high hopes we may have around something or someone, and create a modest but nonetheless potent optimism, or in the very least, resilience and determination. It may be wise to temper certain hopes or fantasies with a dose of realism however, as the New Moon tomorrow strongly highlights the potential for disillusionment, confusion, and generally very “dissolving” aspects that can indicate the potential for self deception, denialism, or other such “slippery business.” Mars in Pisces doesn’t want to hurt a fly, and this boundless compassion and lack of desire to hurt people’s feelings can easily be misinterpreted as…something else entirely. When in doubt, try your best to be honest with yourself and straight up with other people. Sometimes, the best way to avoid hurting anyone, and the most compassionate thing that you can do, is to simply tell the truth.


Today see’s the New Moon in curious, dualistic Gemini, exact at 10:39 AM PST. It squares up to Mars in Pisces, and this combined with both Venus and Mercury squaring Neptune creates a highly dreamy atmosphere, but I don’t want to sugar coat this: This is not exactly the most honest, open and transparent configuration that we’ve ever had. In fact, it can be downright evasive, deceptive, and double dealing. If you feel like you don’t know the whole story about something or someone, you’re probably right. Don’t let this make you paranoid, but understand that complete and total ’Tegrity (TM) may be more difficult and complicated for some people right now than may be fully apparent. In the first part of the day, the Moon still holds a trine to Jupiter, but this ebbs off leaving a trine to realistic Saturn in unorthodox, justice oriented Aquarius. This aspect may actually help people to express (or detect) difficult truths, either directly, or indirectly. Like I said in yesterday’s astrology, when in doubt, do your best to tell the truth, because in the end, in spite of any hemming and hawing over hurt feelings, it’s the most compassionate thing to do. Conversely, if you can already sense the “implied” truth, and this is a sensitive interpersonal situation, sometimes the most compassionate thing to do in this instance is to simply accept it as if it was told to you explicitly, in order to avoid unnecessarily messy, complicated, humiliating, or overly emotional confrontations. Have the good faith to allow cosmic justice to lend it’s belabored hand. A lunar sextile to Chiron later can see some healing conversations or reflections take place, if you can navigate the energetically compelling tension between the Moon and Mars. Try to avoid telling people simply what they want to hear, -because the temptation and even the *pressure* to do this will be great, but the consequences later on can be potentially very messy, or cause unnecessary pain. The lunar trine to Saturn say’s that integrity is the best way to handle any complicated situations, and there’s plenty of compassion available to pull this off as gracefully as humanly possible, without growing a long AF nose about it. Save yourself the headache of talking out of both sides of your mouth and think of the longterm (Saturn) implications of doing so, because it can and will come back to bite you. Sparing someones feelings *now* is not worth absolutely destroying them *later on.* The trade off is not even remotely efficient, no matter how much pressure you may feel to paint a rosy picture for yourself or other parties.

Today begins with the Moon in communicative Gemini conjunct Mercury and Venus, square Mars in Pisces, and trine Juno in Libra. Later, a lunar square to Neptune is thrown in as Mars ebbs off the stage as a main attraction. This can see an attempt to discuss certain matters and reach some sort of common ground or agreement, perhaps around some emotionally charged, or highly sensitive issues. It’s possible that one person can be subtly evading being pinned down, probed, or directly confronted, while another person seeks contact or asks questions. Another potentiality is just a general pleasant escapism into surreality, or an almost “telepathic connection” where you can easily pick up on another thoughts or they yours, in an almost uncanny way. If you can simply enjoy the moment and other people, and not demand that it or they be or do anything more than what organically unfolds, then there can be some beautiful, even otherworldly moments available. On the other end of the spectrum, the contacts to Neptune can have people focusing on what’s missing, or feelings of futility, loss, or hopelessness, or that whatever or whoever is desired is somehow always out of reach. This can undermine confidence somewhat, particularly with Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and self esteem in retrograde, and not as strong as it could be. So the potential for sensitivity can be really high. Let this be foreknowledge and take extra care to keep your thoughts and your speech from veering into places that you know won’t produce good medicine. This Venus cycle is a long game, and it won’t be particularly easy for anyone. If you are feeling isolated or alone, make an effort to connect with your fellow humankind for the sheer sake of it, and speak with people that speak to your highest self and help reinforce your self belief and encourage you towards greater self actualization, because these aspects can be very stimulating via the imagination, spirituality, and creativity and the arts, and positive exchanges and experiences are very possible as long as we make a concerted effort to stay lifted. 

Today begins with the Moon in Gemini conjunct both Mercury and Venus, both squaring Neptune, carrying over some of yesterday’s wistful, artsy, dreamy energy into the day, sans the *lunar* square to Neptune. This see’s the first half of today very communication and relations oriented, at least in theory. The squares that Venus and Mercury are making to Neptune can see a shyness, peevishness, nervousness, and lack of sure-footedness, that can see us mostly just thinking or dreaming about interactions with others, perhaps wistfully, reflecting in solitude, or at least very much in the background. It can be pleasant to dig into artistic expressions with these aspects, as sometimes things are easier expressed through art or music than through more direct means, and the Venus Rx can see people mulling things over, perhaps previous interactions from the past, or just…in general. These aspects require time and space to explore feelings, and Venus in Gemini is generally non committal in nature, preferring variety and the ability to change it’s mind on a whim. Around 5 PM PST, the Moon slips into emo Cancer, to trine Mars in Pisces, bringing out some “big feels.” Some of these feels might be kind of uncomfortable as the Moon squares Chiron, and as the lunar conjunction to Mercury in Gemini fades out, people may be more inclined to slip into a shell. Nonetheless, the lunar/Mars trine can be an emotionally passionate energy that isn’t necessarily unpleasant at all, it’s just that feelings may be closer to the surface than normal and hence make people feel a bit more vulnerable than usual. It’s possible some people may want some time alone to reflect or explore certain feelings privately in order to see what comes up under the Cancer lunation. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Astrology week of May 11-17 2020

We begin this week with the Moon in earthy Capricorn conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, trine the Sun in sensual Taurus, sextile Neptune in Pisces. This is a pleasure driven energy with constructive and creative elements. There can be a driven and thorough quality with Pluto involved, that can allow for thorough enjoyment and creative productivity. This energy can offer creative or technical breakthroughs, advancements, and forays into fun, experimental, or futuristic territory, with Mercury in the final, fated degree in physical, Venus ruled (creative), abundant, Taurus in trine to Jupiter and Pluto in results oriented Capricorn, and Saturn in unorthodox, rebellious, futuristic Aquarius. The earthy, physical Moon and Sun sextile etheric, spiritual, and deeply creative Neptune in Pisces, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn with the Sun trine Pluto as well, adds an amazing element for artists, musicians/mujicians and creative and spiritual types of all kinds. This is amazing, breakthrough energy for bringing ideals into reality, and making the imagined real. Powerful manifestation and creation  energy. With Venus in Gemini square surreal Neptune in Pisces, and getting ready to station retrograde this week, there is an escapist and multitasking energy afoot that is somewhat befrazzling, confusing, but also dreamy, wistful, and inspiring. Pleasant and constructive lunar trines between the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and intense conjunctions to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto go on well into the evening hours, showing some powerfully innovative, and creative energies available, well into tomorrow. Low key, but shocking, transformative breakthroughs. I’m definitely a fan of these configurations, this can be some highly enjoyable, and innovative energy. Pleasant breaks from the norm, experimentation, and perhaps even "milestone moments" are available.

With Mercury now freshly in Gemini, the planet of thought and communication is in it’s element, but it’s square to Mars can send it off on some escapist, creative, or reflective tangents and escapades that can create a rather “high strung”, even sometimes “delusional” energy, that can easily lead to nervous exhaustion. Today can have some surprises up it’s sleeve and some “zang” to it. A lot of planetary action and changes of the guard occur. The morning begins with the Moon in the final, most urgent degree of Capricorn, which could see a culmination of something that is perhaps well earned and has taken a lot of time, patience, discipline, or hard work. The Moon moves into detached, oddball Aquarius around 9 AM PST, still holding conjunctions with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, a trine to Mercury, and heading to square innovative, surprise a minute Uranus. This can definitely see some unexpected, interesting, shocking or surprising developments. With the Moon in Aquarius trine Mercury in Gemini, as well as Juno in Libra, there could certainly be some unexpected communications, or beneficial partnerships, collaborations or agreements in the works.  With Mars at 29 degrees in innovative and futuristic Aquarius, set to head into sensitive and reflective Pisces at 9:17 PM PST, it’s another energetically climactic day, that could see a culmination of some fringe initiative, or “outside of the box” endeavor or tangent. People and circumstances could be very unpredictable today, and the nervous system can be easily overstimulated, with so much emphasis on the Air element combined with the Uranian influence. The line between genius and madness is thin, so leaning on the stabilizing energies of the Sun in practical Taurus, and Jupiter and Pluto in grounded and persistent Capricorn will help ground this powerful electrical current. There could certainly be a lot of creative ideas in circulation, and a lunar sextile to Chiron can see a boost in confidence levels and make interchanges mutually beneficial. In the evening, Mars slips into Pisces, accentuating it’s spacey, elusive, and tricksy square to Mercury in multitasking and dualistic Gemini. This tricksy energy is made even tricksier as Venus stations retrograde at 11:45 PM late this evening. The next several weeks can be somewhat “Matriculated.” This energy is best funneled into creative endeavors and can be excellent for the arts. Not so much for getting straight answers, factual information, or the truth out of people or circumstances. This energy can predispose people to being easily deceived or mislead. Stay vigilant, and in any case, enjoy increased impressionability and creativity in any way you can, as there can be interesting burst of insight available. This energy will be easiest to handle if you can consistently remind yourself that all is highly likely not as it seems, as the potential for trickery, sleight of hand, and funhouse mirrors is high for the duration of these transits. 


Today see’s Mars move into escapist and surrealist Pisces, with the Moon in weird, rebellious, detached, Aquarius, forming an electric square to Uranus in earthy Taurus. This can see some unusual proclivities, and forays into unconventional, or out of character terrain. A lunar square to the Sun in earthy, physical Taurus, and a trine to Venus accentuates the pleasure seeking element of these forays into strangeness. A dreamy, bizarre escapism colors the day, and seeking new and interesting ways to bring more pleasure into everyday existence can be a theme. This is a loopy, electric, but easy going energy, with a short attention span, and a predisposition to fantasy. With the Sun in earthy Taurus, and Mercury in Gemini both squaring up to Mars in elusive Pisces, there can be some mental and physical frustrations that drive the mind and body towards escapism, fantasy, and make it hard to focus. Debate of any kind is useless under these configurations as it’s not the best math for any kind of objectivity or rationality, and people are easily deluded, and judgement is easily clouded. This energy can make the very idea of any kind of conflict simply exhausting anyhow, and it’s easier to leave others to their own devices, as these configurations tend to undermine any sort of attempt at confrontations. Mars in Pisces is more passive and inclined towards tranquility, reflection, secrecy, and indirect means of achieving it’s ends, and would rather fly under the radar undisturbed than provoke too much opposition, or push back. Any attempt at direct, obvious, or abrasive confrontation can only wind up feeling demoralizing with Mars in Pisces, so it's best to release the need to "win" or "be right". Mercury in multitasking Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius can bring new insight, and can assist much in any bullshit distillation, which will come in handy in the coming weeks and months, as Venus spends a long period of time in Gemini in a delusional square to Neptune, dissolving the line between fantasy and reality. Today is good for seeking unusual paths to pleasure and enjoyment.

This morning begins with the Moon in late Aquarius, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and consciousness expansion stations retrograde at 7:32 AM PST at 27 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, also retrograde. This suggests that there is still much digging and work to complete before seeing any major signs of progress and transformation. With the Moon still in tension with the Sun in Taurus, and still holding it’s trine to Venus for the first half of the day, and building a conjunction to Mars in Pisces, this carries over the drive to avoid the harsher elements of life and seek more peace, harmony, solace, and pleasure, perhaps in roundabout or out of character ways, that was seeded in yesterdays configurations. The Sun in Taurus in tension with Mars can see some physical frustrations, with certain pleasures perhaps vaguely out of reach or currently unrealizable or out of touch with reality.  Around 6:24 PM PST, the Moon enters sensitive and impressionable Pisces to conjoin Mars and square Mercury in Gemini. This energy could see us picking up a lot of unspoken energy from the environs and there could be a lot being left unsaid, or in the very least some confusing elements present. There could be a lack of clarity or confusion in communications, in some cases even some repressed or unspoken grievances, sensitivities, misunderstandings, or conflicts of interests, or the perception of that, so it pays to keep an open mind. Conversely, this could simply increase sensitivity to what is said or not said, news received, or communications going on around us. Again, Mars in Pisces prefers to avoid direct or acerbic confrontations, fly under the radar, and places an emphasis on maintaining tranquility. Getting into any sort of conflicts right now or trying to “hash things out” or “talk things to death” can wind up being more demoralizing than simply letting things be, and releasing what you simply have no control over. The Moon/Mars conjunction in Pisces can see some emotional impulsivity, and in some cases, hypersensitivity, so if you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around certain people under these configurations, it would be par for the course. This energy can see people off in their own little worlds, some perhaps exceedingly focused on what seems missing in their lives. These configurations are prone to fantasy, daydreaming, illusion, escapism, and delusion, but also increased emotional and psychic sensitivity, intuitive impressions, and great compassion and artistic imagination. This weekend could see some unexpected developments, insights, disclosures, or communications, and perhaps an impetus to liberate or release oneself from a “psychic rut” in order to set up a trajectory to create more joy and pleasure in the everyday experience. 


Today see's the Moon in sensitive and dreamy Pisces squaring Mercury in Gemini, conjunct Mars, and sextile Uranus. Communications and thinking can be muddled and somewhat addled, loopy, pressured, or scattered, but could also produce some unusual insights or interesting breakthroughs, turnarounds, or transformations. A solar trine to Pluto can see some "reinventions" and epic transformations underway. A lunar conjunction to Neptune later on in the day places emphasis on the reflective, meditative, solitary, restful, spiritual, dreamy, wistful, poetic, and imaginative nature of the day's configurations. Psychic impressionability and emotional sensitivity can be very high, but it's also possible to give and receive mixed messages, as these maths aren't really ideal for straight talking, rationality, objectivity, or linear thinking. It is very much "up in the ethers." The day could certainly see some surprises or out of the blue communications, insights, or impressions.  The imagination is lit, and the capacity for fantasy is high. Taking a step back to meditate on certain things, take it all in, and perhaps get our bearings around the shifts and transformations occurring, and as of yet, due to occur, interpersonally/creatively/or financially in the coming weeks and months is apropos. 

Today see's the slippery Moon in Pisces squaring Venus retrograde in Gemini, and conjunct Neptune. This can be a dreamy landscape well suited to solitary, pleasurable pursuits that bring more beauty, harmony, and tranquility into the environment. Interpersonally, it can be confusing, sensitive, imaginative, and more prone to fantasy, telepathy, and "ESP", as it can be challenging to know quite how or if to express certain things directly in real life. Much is open to interpretation, but there can still be some pleasant and heartfelt interchanges. In the afternoon, a lunar sextile to Pluto and Jupiter in Cap, and the Sun in Taurus, can see a pleasant intensification of certain feelings, impressions, or aesthetics, and perhaps a growing desire to make the imagined real, or in the very least, a growing desire to take practical, tangible steps towards realizing some "idyllic" vision, or making something long sought after or thought about happen.  This is a pleasantly indulgent energy, and the tendency towards escapism or otherwise augmenting reality, or sinking into an artistic or creative project, is high. It's possible there's something being fixated upon, or that feelings around something or someone are heavily magnified and perhaps disorienting, but not necessarily unpleasantly. There's a lot of power behind these configurations that can facilitate the beginning of some interesting breakthroughs. 

Today see's the Moon in passionate, assertive Aries, conjunct Chiron, and sextile Saturn Rx in Aquarius. With the Sun in Taurus also trine Jupiter, this could help embolden us a little. The lunar opposition to Juno can bring relations with others to the fore somehow today, and with the Moon now in Aries, there is more courage, outgoingness, and assertiveness. The conjunction to Chiron also see's a compassion and sensitivity to others emotions, because it also tends to highlight our own vulnerabilities as well. The Sun in late Taurus trine Jupiter and Pluto, and squaring Mars, is definitely pushing us to act as agents of change in our own lives. Even with Mars in meek Pisces, this configuration speaks to a growing restlessness and desire to take some discreet, but moderate risks. This will become more evident as the Sun sails into talkative and inquisitive Gemini next week. The impetus towards increasing enjoyment, personableness, pleasure, and stimulation in and through the day to day local environment, and through communications, or short distance excursions, will be increasingly highlighted under the coming cycles, with the Sun set to join both Mercury and Venus Rx in playful and curious Gemini. 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Astrology Of May4-10 2020.

Today begins with the Moon in Libra in a trine to Saturn in Aquarius which can start the morning on a somewhat serious, duty oriented sort of note. The Moon goes on to oppose Chiron in Aries as the day unfolds, which can see some sensitivity, and highlight alternative paths to understanding. A lunar conjunction to the asteroid Juno can also highlight a need for warmth and understanding. With the Moon in Libra all day there can be an emphasis on a desire for harmony, beauty, pleasure and enjoyment, and this grows stronger in the evening hours as the Moon trines Venus in Gemini. Venus will hold a rather confusing, disorienting square to Neptune for an unusually long time due to the upcoming retrograde, which can make clarity difficult to come by, and make people vulnerable to confusion or deception. This lunation can heighten artistic or aesthetic sensibilities, and the coming days can see a very impressionable atmosphere, and for some, perhaps a desire to get more control over something that has felt uncertain or precarious. This evening can end on a pleasure seeking note, or see an impetus to bring more harmony into the equation. 

Today see’s the Moon in Libra trine Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius, while squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can definitely magnify the passions, and the desire nature, at least conceptually. A lunar square to Saturn in the afternoon can emphasize a feeling of being blocked, or some kind of obstacle that needs to be overcome, or simply highlights the need to work towards whatever we are wanting to see come into fruition. There can be a surface level, superficial satisfaction with things, but as the Moon heads into the later degrees of Libra, a growing, instinctive desire towards change to address deeper dissatisfactions and a restlessness of the soul can be felt. There’s something very “magnified” about these configurations, and there can be an intense fixation on something, perhaps something we feel is “missing”, (Venus square Neptune.) Mercury in Taurus sextile inspired Neptune in Pisces, which can set the mind to thinking about how to bring more magic into the mundane, every day experience, and this configuration can certainly see some serendipitous experiences or synchronicities. The Noth and South Nodes also change signs today, leaving the Cancer/Capricorn axis for the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This shift from cardinal to mutable modality is a call towards more fluidity and adaptability, and can emphasize the need to see things from multiple perspectives and points of view. A deep restlessness, intensity, and inner “itch” for excitement, change, and transformation can be felt over the coming days, once the moon heads into dark and brooding Scorpio. 

Today begins with the Moon in intense Scorpio, squaring Saturn in Aquarius, and opposite Uranus and the Sun in Taurus. The square to Saturn ebbs off after midmorning, and it can feel as if the restraints are off. Both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus highlights a need for more magic and a touch of the otherworldly, and Mercury also trines Pluto in Capricorn today, which can see more depth in thoughts and communications, and a willingness to confront “taboo topics”.  There is an inner restlessness present in these configurations that is growing less content to merely be superficially satisfied, and craves more intensity, and is perhaps fixated upon the mystery of the unknown, or in pursuit of something or someone that feels to be missing. The build up to the full Moon tomorrow can see some interesting things come to light, either through some revealing communications, or simply intuitive hunches or insights gleaned through psychic impressions with Mercury in sextile to mystic Neptune and a penetrating trine to deep, investigative Pluto. “Spidey senses” can be lit, and perhaps this is because of vagueness or uncertainty which surrounds things at this time. Impressions and instincts can be deeply felt under these configurations, and there’s definitely a hint of intensity and the unexpected in the air. The universe is in prime “freak mode” as we head towards the full moon tomorrow. A lunar opposition to Mercury later on today definitely highlights shocks and surprises or unexpected disclosures or communications, and emotions can be a bit all over the map, intense but unsteady. A lunar trine and a solar sextile to Neptune adds a mystical, etheric touch, and increases psychic sensitivity and impressionability. This can bring a sense of magic or “unreality” to the fore. With both the Sun and Mercury in trine to probing Pluto, we may want to penetrate the surface of things more and seek a deeper satisfaction from common, everyday experiences, and explore our unconscious urges, instincts, or compulsions more directly. 

This morning see’s the Full Moon in witchy Scorpio culminate in the wee hours (3:45 AM PST.) The day gets off to an intense start with the Moon in opposition to the Sun, and Mercury in Taurus,  a square to Mars in Aquarius, a trine too Neptune in Pisces, and sextiles to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can certainly see a driven, almost confrontational energy, almost a cathartic release, or a dive into more “taboo” territory, where boundaries are less regarded or noticeable and things that seemed “off limits” are now closer to the surface and more easily spoken about or grasped. The feelings and instincts can certainly be magnified under these configurations, and people can be more inclined towards the “weird”, “wild” or “unorthodox”, and less constrained by inhibitions or “what other people will think” of them. It’s ok to be a little weird, this is after all, the Full Moon. Whatever is said, expressed, done, or communicated about under these maths can leave a lasting impression on the unconscious, and make an impact on certain dynamics. This can open up possibilities that perhaps weren’t considered before and leave much to think about. We can also be prone to over idealization of something or someone, and the upcoming Venus retrograde can test our faith, ideals, (and grasp on reality.) Nonetheless, this full moon can bring something or someone into prominence in our lives that stokes inspiration, fantasy, or our own unconscious longings, hopes, fears, and dreams. With both the Moon and Mercury squaring up to Mars in unconventional Aquarius, there is definitely an “impassioned” vibe, that can see us entertaining unusual possibilities, interactions, and circumstances well outside our “established norm.” Alien territory. There’s much to be gained from challenging the status quo with the Moon and Mercury also in positive aspect to Jupiter. Whatever has felt to be “missing” from our lives will be something we seek to address during the oncoming Venus retrograde. This can see many of us revisiting “shelved” possibilities, relationships, or values, to ascertain their viability or explore what they may have to offer. Later this evening, the Moon throws in a stabilizing sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and as the Moon heads into Sagittarius, we can begin to feel more optimistic around the possibilities opening up in our world.


The weekend begins with the Moon in happy go lucky Sagittarius, with the morning hours still holding a sextile between the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius. We may feel that something still has some life and possibility within it, and this can have a stabilizing influence that can boost our confidence levels around the future. A lunar trine to Chiron in Aries adds to this optimism, and we can feel emboldened, adventurous, and highly idealistic. Later, in the evening, a lunar opposition to Venus in Gemini, which can highlight a subtle conflict between our needs, hopes, and desires, and those of other people, or in the very least have us wondering if others are on the same page. This can also prompt some helpful, and even healing collaborations, as a minor aspect between the Moon and Jupiter can see us optimistic about the possibilities open to us. The late night lunar square to Neptune in Pisces along with all this can accentuate confusion we may feel about the choices before us, and this can be felt distinctly around relationships, collaborations, partnerships, both business and personal, and the direction in which to go with these. Although optimism may be there, confusion and lack of clarity is also a factor, along with high ideals/idealization, which again, the Venus retrograde will further highlight and work to unravel and clarify.

This morning see’s the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius opposite Venus in two faced Gemini, and square Neptune, which, again, highlights confusion, uncertainty, lack of clarity, haziness, idealization, or generalized fugazi in interpersonal relations, or even monetary matters. A minor lunar aspect to Uranus in Taurus further accentuates the very “in flux” nature of fiscal and interpersonal matters, and the fact that everything is subject to the winds of change, on a whim. With the Sun and Mercury both in trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn however, there is a concerted desire to make the best of things, and focus on the “here and now”, and improving conditions which are within our own control and are right in front of us. This earth emphasis can assist with keeping us grounded, practical, and realistic, and keep our heads from floating off to distantly into the clouds. It also helps with the creative/manifestation process of visualizing the fantastical (Neptune) and bringing that into reality and the every day (Taurus/Capricorn.) These grounded energies will be important to lean on in the coming weeks. Later on, in the early evening, the Moon forms a sextile with Mars in Aquarius, which can be subtly energizing and motivating, and see us optimistic about the future, in spite of lingering uncertainties. This can also see us motivated to get at the “truth” of certain situations, and there can be a general drive towards good will, and humanitarianism, come what may. The lunar sextile to Mars in Aquarius can help to raise people above more petty concerns and emphasize good will, humanity, and working together for the collective good, for the mere sake of it, as opposed to “in exchange for something else.” There are of course, deeper needs and instincts driving things under the surface, but the lunar sextile to Mars in Aquarius is able to prioritize goodness and generosity for the mere sake of it, which can open up some beneficial possibilities. 

Today see’s the Moon in stoic Capricorn, in trine to Uranus in Taurus and squaring up to Chiron in Aries. This can see some beneficial changes unfolding that is setting the stage for a bit more stability, and stronger foundations in somewhat uncertain times. There may be some sacrifices initially, or the need to tame hopes or reign in over idealizations, and cultivate patience, least of all around partnerships/relationships/collaborations (Moon square Juno.) Taking time with things and going slowly, particularly amidst other confusing configurations, is important. Nonetheless, it looks that things are being shaken up in a good way, that can offer more stability, security, and even make life more pleasant going forward. In the very least, there can be hope and optimism, and an impetus to innovate within the circumstances in front of us. This can see the potential for the groundwork of some beneficial arrangements being laid, and a lot of changes happening, without as well as within. 

Monday, April 27, 2020


This morning begins with the Moon in the last degrees of talkative, curious Gemini, after a confusing end to the weekend where it joined Venus and squared deceptive, hazy Neptune.  This may have been good for creativity, but not so good for grasping what is real and what isn’t. Around 11 AM PST, the Moon heads into comfort seeking Cancer, to sextile Mercury, who heads into Taurus in the afternoon (12:53 PM PST.) The Moon also sextile Uranus, and squares Chiron. This can produce feelings of vulnerability or being caught slightly off guard by something. Things are shifting and rather unpredictable, with so much planetary activity emphasizing Uranus. Definitely WEIRD TIMES.  Today can see some excitement however, but with the lunar squares to Chiron and Juno, there can be some interpersonal tensions, perhaps some vulnerability, perhaps a conflict of interests. With Pluto now retrograde, a certain “release” of grip from something or someone can be felt, and certain issues that have been pressing can subtly lose their previously iron grip hold, and not be as strong as they once were, for the time being anyway. With Venus squaring Neptune, to go retrograde in the 2nd week of May, there’s a sense that something isn’t quite right, or something is missing, primarily, clarity. Enthusiasm is certainly there, with the Venus/Mars trine, but this is expressed mostly cerebrally, intellectually, with the emphasis on Air. Curiosity is there, clarity, not so much. Impressionability is also heightened under these configurations. The increasing emphasis on Taurus will bring our attention to what we can see, touch, and experience with our own eyes, and hold in our own hands. Mercury in Taurus emphasizes realism and pragmatism. There may be much that is unknown, but we *can* trust what can be verified through our own experiences, and what can be ascertained from our own, real, actual senses. What we can hold in our own hands. No amount of smoke and mirrors can interfere with our perception of what’s right in front of us in observable reality.  Mercury in Taurus emphasizes relying on basic common sense, as well as improvising and innovating with what we have right in front of us, and the ground beneath our feet. This is good, because Venus, (ruler of Taurus), will go retrograde and create a lot of confusion and can potentiate a lot of mental fuckery.

Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer sextile hazy Neptune in Pisces.  The early morning lingering lunar square to Chiron in Aries can see compassion increased for other peoples pain, and there can be an overall compassionate and inspired energy to these configurations. Later, a lunar opposition to Pluto, and Jupiter, can magnify some intense feeling simmering under the surface, or a fixation on something. Boundaries can be more porous and discernment can be tested under these configurations. There can be missed communications or timing is off. Conversely, there can also be heightened intuition, and many insights can be gleaned in an out of the blue sort of manner. The Moon/Pluto connection though can definitely increase intensity levels. This can be a highly emotionally charged and comfort seeking energy. The Uranian contacts also seek stimulation, and much can happen out of the blue, and it's a spontaneous off the cuff sort of vibe. This can see some really interesting creative insights, or artistic or musical inspiration. Things are definitely “interesting” to say the least…A lot of unexpected goings on and out of the blue happenings under the Uranus contacts.

Today carries over yesterdays lingering intensity and “strangeness” and adds in a square to Saturn in Aquarius. This can be a slightly “crotchety” atmosphere, somewhat vulnerable, perhaps emotionally repressed, but also very sensitive/highly impressionable. Later in the afternoon, the Moon in late Cancer build a square to Mercury in Taurus. This can see some kind of action being taken in or around the local environment, or some kind of tension  build to a “breakthrough point.” Around 6 PM PST, the Moon heads in to expressive Leo, squaring Mercury, Uranus, and trining Chiron in Aries. This can see some unexpected happenings, that can increase confidence and faith, and offer up some healing, fun, or playful experiences. There can definitely be opportunity to channel things into creative outlets or projects, and break through cloistered, repressed, or overly serious vibes. This can be a highly charged, creative energy that will want/need an outlet. This evening can close out on a restless, excited note that could also feel sort of frustrated/ passionate/ highly “charged.”

Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo, squaring up to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in physical, grounded Taurus, and towards evening, going on to oppose Mars in Aquarius. This can definitely see a restless energy that wants to get it’s hands on something, like a constructive project, to keep it’s hands busy and brain occupied and stimulated. This could be a push to make something positive, fun, and constructive happen. It’s an energy that seeks real, tangible, physical results. With the Moon in Leo, fun, creativity and pleasure is emphasized.The lunar opposition to Mars later on definitely adds a highly charged “zaniness” to things, so it might be good to let off steam in fun and creative ways, this is definitely an “outside of the box” type of energy. A lunar sextile to the asteroid Vesta also highlights just making the everyday experience more enjoyable, exciting, fulfilling, and stimulating over all. In the evening, the Moon in Leo goes on to sextile Venus in Gemini. This can see some fun, pleasant, playful vibes carry out the evening, and roll into tomorrow morning. 


Today begins with the Moon in Leo, sextile Venus in multitasking, talkative Gemini, and opposite energetic, competitive Mars in unorthodox, cerebral Aquarius. This could see a pleasant sort of stir crazy begin the day, and there can be some unexpected, pleasant diversions. The lunar opposition to Mars carries the majority of the day, and can see some creative or otherwise frustrations or pent up energy building, and a need for expression and release. Late in the evening a lunar trine to Uranus begins to build as the Moon reaches the final degrees of creative and theatrical Leo and enters Virgo around 11 PM PST. This sets the stage for a busy, and innovative weekend, and looks like an astrological attempt to adapt and get grounded and centered amidst some ongoing radical changes. This can see us looking to simplify, purify, and organize, and try to “get settled in” to the strange, new times, that seem to get weirder and weirder as time goes on. 

Today see’s the Moon in practical, efficient, anxious Virgo trine the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus. This can see some interesting but down to earth energy, very physical in nature, and bringing focus to issues of organization, routine, health, fitness, rations, efficiency, and crisis prevention. Innovation and change are the watch words, and paying attention to details and what needs “fixing” or tending to can come into the equation somehow. There can be a lot of creativity available, but simultaneously, a lot of perfectionism under the Virgo lunation. Later in the day, the Moon opposes Neptune, which can accentuate a lack of clarity or confusion, and a need to run things through a “bullshit distillery”, an influence we’ve been dealing with for a while due to the Venus/Neptune square, that is accentuated even more under this lunation. This can see us wanting to correct or address something we may feel is missing, or just bring the lack (of clarity, or something else) more into critical focus. This lunation, along with the emphasis on common sensical, practical Taurus can see us wanting to explore something to gain clarity. In the evening, a lunar square to Venus in Gemini, can bring interactions with others into focus in some way. Either partnerships, links with others, money, or values, can be an area of confusion or a matter that requires attention to detail. There are definitely a lot of changes happening, and a lot of improvisation going on. There may be some things that come up out of the blue, or some unexpected news, meetings, messages, or collaborations. The details or timelines of which might not be entirely clear, but which may later turn out some tangible, beneficial results. There is no hurry, as with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in slow, plodding Taurus, and Venus soon to go retrograde, taking our time with things is important. 

Today see’s the Moon in practical Virgo, squaring Venus in Gemini, opposite Neptune, and trine Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn. We can have more than one pot on the burner so to speak, and there can be a lot of big ideas in the air, and a lot of information to process into smaller bites. Simplifying, and working with what’s in front of us, and stabilizing things in order to have something practical and “do-able” in place that addresses the here and now, but also accounts for the long term, and the future, (and the many variables of how *that* may pan out) can be important as we end this week and prepare for the next. There may be more than one decision to make or direction to go in, and the coming retrograde will highlight this decision making and assessment process, (and the confusion, lack of clarity, or flat out deception that we may have to wade through around this.) As the Moon heads into the later degrees of Saturn later on today, it forms a trine to Saturn in Aquarius as well. There’s definitely some major shifts happening that could involve partnerships or alliances, as we end this week with the Moon in 29 degrees Virgo, and begin Monday of next week with the Moon in partnership and diplomacy oriented “lets make a deal” Libra. There can be a lot of experimental moves going on in the coming weeks and months.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Astrology Week From 20-26 Apr 2020

 After the intense culmination of the Sun at the most urgent, final degree of Aries, square to Jupiter and Pluto in Cap, as well as Saturn in Aquarius, and conjunct Uranus, it’s been a mixed bag of shock and awe, and trying to find and create peace with things. The Sun moves into earthy and physical Taurus as of today, and we kick off the week with the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and Mercury, which is also in Aries now, as of last week. With Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Aries both syncing up to Mars in Aquarius, there is a desire to connect with like minds to sooth the nerves. The movement of the Sun into physical Taurus causes a definite shift that will do much to bring calm and stability, and common sense, and help bring attention back into the body. The conjunction of the Sun with Uranus shakes things up in a positive way. This evening see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius, (along with it’s conjunction to Mercury and Chiron). This can see some pleasant diversions and connections made, with an emphasis on bringing more joy, pleasure, vitality, and variety to life, and can see some unexpected but pleasant happenings. There could bee a bit of rebelliousness involved in this as the Moon connected with Mars in rebel rousing Aquarius and the Sun links with Uranus. Change is refreshing and reinvigorating, and there can be much to discuss and catch up on with like minded others, and much healing to be found in human connections, in spite of Saturns stubborn, oppressive, and erratic square to revolutionary Uranus in Taurus.

Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Mercury, also freshly into Aries, and sextile Venus in curious Gemini along with Mars in social justice and humanitarian oriented Aquarius. This could see some passionate or impulsive communications, and an overeagerness to gather and spread information. With the Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus, and square Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, people can be stubborn and fixed in their viewpoints, in spite of an influx of information that challenges those viewpoints. A lunar opposition to Juno can further emphasize a conflict of interests, and a tendency to stay in your “flock”, among those on your wavelength, and maintain emotional resonance. Venus in Gemini squaring up to Neptune is a tricksy energy, indicative of deception, illusion, impressionability, and trickery, -particularly through mediums of news and communication. This will be an ongoing theme through the retrograde that begins in the second week of May, so anticipate more fugazi, fuckery, and “matrickulation.” The trine to Mars in Aquarius shows that everyone wants to “do the right thing”, but understanding what that is will be difficult for the vast majority of people to decipher, as Gemini is two faced, two sided, and dualistic. The very presence of manipulation of facts, deception, trickery, illusion, secrecy, and confusion, should be enough of a warning signal that something is not right. The Moon goes on to square Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn (while still conjunct Mercury), in the afternoon, indicating some intense and embroiled feelings being magnified via incoming information, communications, perhaps over simmering disagreements, or just the nature of the information imparted. There may be something inflated or intense about something that is uncovered, perhaps a “fighting spirit” is in the air. Whatever it is, things going on at this time can feel intense and magnified. Over the coming days, through the Taurus lunation beginning at the New Moon tomorrow, there can be a stubborn resistance to conformity and authoritarian forces, and drive towards a radical uprooting of systemic corrupt forces, and bringing to light and discussing buried issues. Secrets may surface or be exposed, and there may be an issue over control or abuses of power regarding information, speech and communication at this New Moon with Mercury in warrior Aries set to square off to totalitarian Pluto in strict Capricorn.

Today begins with the Moon in late Aries, squaring Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, on the heels of yesterdays intensity. In the afternoon, the Moon slips in to easy going, grounded, earthy Taurus, conjunct the Sun and Uranus. The New moon culminates at 7:26 PM PST. The primary highlights here are the Sun and Moon in Taurus, conjunct Uranus, and making positive contacts to the north and south nodes. This New Moon is largely about grounding and centering amidst shifting sands and unpredictable circumstances. With Mercury in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, there is an emphasis on digging for information, or on the fact that there is much that is hidden from view. This can bring an intense vibe to communications, and ingoing and outgoing news and information. The Taurus lunation can bring some relief to the more combative, passionate energies that were accentuated by the Moon’s time in Aries. Slowing the pace can connect us to more innovative energies that can see creative and innovative ways to deal with blockages, via communications or otherwise. The lunar Square to Saturn in Aquarius can see some rebellious energies building over the days ahead, and there can be some unexpected surprises, excitement, weirdness (what’s new there) but also some tension around how to navigate changes in a way that everyone can agree upon. The conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus at this New Moon will definitely see some unpredictability, shocks, revelations, innovations, and the need to think outside the box. Venus’ square to Neptune is still shrouding things in mystery and accentuating confusion, deception, and a lack of clarity and precision, but is excellent for creativity and inspiration.

Today see’s the Moon in common sensical, grounded, easy going Taurus, conjunct surprising Uranus and square Mars in Aquarius. This can be an energizing, stimulating influence that can produce some unexpected happenings or surprises. Mercury in Aries now squaring Jupiter in Capricorn can see an over eagerness to acquire as much intel as possible, and there can be a whole lot of information to sift through.  Mercury’s square to Pluto as well, can see much coming to the surface and being revealed during this time, perhaps buried information or secrets coming to light, with an emphasis on “truth digging.”  Today’s energy is driven towards justice with the Moon squaring Mars in humanitarian, social justice seeking, freedom fighter Aquarius. There can be a muted irritability in the atmosphere, but there is definitely a charge. Later on, a lunar sextile to Neptune mellows the vibe, and can add inspiration and imagination, and accentuate an appreciation for art, beauty, and the finer things in life, as well as generate compassion and understanding where it has been perhaps a bit lacking. The Venusian influence of Taurus, combined with the high octave agape of Neptune can be inspiring for artists and musicians and creative folks of all kinds. The charge from the lunar square to Mars lingers on and adds a late night trine to intense and probing Pluto, which can see fixations, compulsions, or obsessions around something, and there can be pleasure found in the intensity. This could produce some interesting breakthroughs, or see some inspired musings in the creative fields. Following the instincts and the intuition is favored.  


Today begins with the Moon in easy going Taurus squaring Mars in Aquarius, trine Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Neptune. This can see a bit of irritation underscoring the first portion of the day, but a desire to escape it. The rest of the day is highlighted by the lunar connections to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This can see an emphasis on out of the way pleasures, but also a muted intensity. Late night will see the Moon in the final, most urgent degree of physical Taurus, kicking off the weekend on a note of seeking out pleasantries to introduce some semblance of humanness, hope, and stability. This can see the weekend highlight curiosity, communication, and joy seeking, perhaps in the local environs (Moon/Venus in Gemini), amidst otherwise bizarre and unpredictable, or repressive circumstances.  


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini, trine Saturn in Aquarius, and sextile Chiron in Aries, as well as conjoining Venus in Gemini. The Sun in practical, down to earth Taurus also begins a conjunction to Mercury in late Aries. A lunar sesquisquare to Pluto can see sensitivity to stimuli heightened considerably. This weekend emphasizes curiosity, communication, and a desire to seek more pleasure in the day to day experience. The sign of Gemini highlights the local environs, communications with siblings, neighbors, and people in the local environment and community. Later on, the Moon forms a trine to Mars in rebellious, unorthodox Aquarius, suggesting some “out of the box” proclivities and happenings. This could see people itching to see something “different” happen, and to take initiatives to make this so. There can be a pleasant restlessness building that stirs the desire to instigate things that bring more joy, hope, pleasure, inspiration, vitality, and creativity into the day to day existence. It can be healing to do something unusual that challenges the status quo and established norms, (if only a little.) On into Sunday, this can see some creative diversions as the Gemini lunation goes on to square dreamy Neptune, enhancing creativity, (but also simultaneously perhaps adding to confusion.) Nonetheless, this can see a quirky, creative, curious ending to the weekend, and a zany, stimulating, if somewhat excited beginning to next week. Shifts are happening that break the monotony and stagnation.

Today see’s the Moon in curious, talkative Gemini, conjunct Venus and trine Mars in Aquarius, while square Neptune. This can see some interesting and creative vibes, and there can be a restlessness and enthusiasm in the air that encourages people to shake things up in a pleasant way. Communication is highlighted with the emphasis on Gemini and the solar conjunction to Mercury in impulsive, passionate Aries. With Mercury in square to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, there may be certain blockages and limitations to work around, but innovation is definitely in the cards as the Sun and Mercury are also conjunct rebellious and improvisational Uranus. These configurations also emphasize the arts, music, enjoyment of nature, and the enjoyment of all that makes life wonderful and worth living. The lunar trine to Mars can definitely see an uptick in motivation, assertiveness, and confidence, and energy and drive can be increased. The square to Neptune can see heightened sensitivity and even some swings in mood throughout the day. Finding creative or spiritual outlets can be very healing and soothing to an overstimulated nervous system, and simple pleasures and connections with friends, neighbors or loved ones can provide comfort.