Monday, November 27, 2023



The Full Moon at 4 degrees Gemini occurs at 1:16 AM PST, opposite the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius, sesquisquare Venus in Libra, and square Saturn in Pisces. This face of Gemini is associated with the 8 of swords in the tarot. A multitude of options, hyper stimulation, a vast amount of incoming data, code, and a great deal of variety can feel paralyzing. There can be an internal split and fragmentation occurring between warring selves. This is ponzi scheme v.s meritocracy. The need to survive in the world and the need to be real. Great cleverness, strategy and gameplay is associated with this decan, which may be necessary in the current landscape, as worlds collide into infinite fractals, and the cost of speaking the actual truth is absolute sovereignty. The Moon opposing the Sun and Mars in truth oriented Sagittarius can feel as if certain truths are stifled, hemmed in, forbidden, or heavily penalized by the square to Saturn. Religious, political, or spiritual ideologies or opinions can be loaded with conflicts and carry a lot of controversy, consequence and heat. In some ways it can feel like a bit of a “might is right” hostage situation where agreements and compromises feel forced or subtlety or overtly threatened into by attrition or other barely veiled hostilities. Careful navigation and finesse of tense social and political landscapes are necessary.


Today can see a desire to harmonize conflicts of interests or other imbalances. With the Moon in Gemini opposite Mercury, trine Venus, square Neptune, and semisquare Jupiter, there can be a lot of distractions and some confusion, but also a smoothing over of rough endges. There may still be loose ends to tie up or adjustments to make, but by this evening, things should feel more squared away and on better footing. The lunar trine to Venus today can see some mixing and mingling socially and commercially, with some pleasant exchanges and opportunities to network and circulate, but with the Moon squaring Neptune there can be an out of sorts feeling or subtle energies to navigate that may try to derail or cause doubt, or make it harder to focus. Something can feel slightly amiss. Inspiration can be plenty if you make a point to stay positive though. The Moon opposite Mercury suggests a need to take care in communications, and there can be logical issues or things that require some figuring out. The Moon enters Cancer at 10:54 PM to trine Saturn, seeing more stability and support, with the possibility of some solid agreements being hashed out or stabilized that can show promise.


The Moon in Cancer is sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn today, which can see some things to feel optimistic about as more stability can be on offer due to changes being made. There can be something reassuring about these configurations, with opportunities to get things more established, official, or on to better footing. A lunar semisquare to Uranus can see subtle tensions, worries, or a jangled feeling however. Pressure can be building and responsibilities can put a damper on social endeavors (Mars square Saturn). Good strategies forward can be deployed, so don’t give up if you’re experiencing challenges. The Moon squares Chiron this evening which can see a lot of sensitivity, empathy or vulnerability. Try to keep your spirits and morale high and have patience.


The Moon is sesquisquare Mars this morning while sextile Uranus. Avoid rash decisions, but stay open to new ideas if something isn’t working. There may be a lot of pressure to contend with that can interfere with normal routines temporarily. The Moon squares up to Venus, which can see social, money, or creative issues feeling a little unsettled, but there are trends going in a positive direction.. There’s a bit of a cram session and the energy can be a bit frayed around the edges. There may be a need to release your grip on whatever is out of your hands for the time being and just take care of what you can. Mercury at the anaretic degree of Sagittarius can feel disorienting, but there is also increased concentration and focus right around the corner that will help tie everything together. There will be a need to get things more sorted. Try your best to relax this evening even if there is pressure to perform or certain deadlines looming. There can be some things to celebrate this weekend.


Mercury enters level headed Capricorn this morning at 6:31 AM PST, which can see certain situations reach a new phase of development. There can be a need to take things more seriously or prepare for advancement. Mercury sextile Saturn is good for concentration, focus and consistency. The Moon enters creative Leo at 8:00 AM PST, which can put some wind in peoples sails and see a lot of motivation. There can be some things to feel excited about, but Mercury in Capricorn is wise enough to keep expectations realistic to avoid being disappointed. That being said however, there may actually be legitimate reason to feel optimistic. The Moon is trine the Sun and Mars while squaring Jupiter, which can see a lot of energy and determination to fly higher as the day wears on. Morale can be boosted significantly. Venus is building a trine to Saturn as it gets closer to entering Scorpio (Monday), which can see social, relational, financial, and creative matters reaching a point of more stability after some significant breakthroughs. 


There is still a lifted party spirit as the day get’s started with the Moon in playful Leo trine the Sun and Chiron.  There can be some surprises as the day wears on as the Moon squares up to Uranus. This can be exciting or it can just be strange and unexpected. People can act out of character or there can be some curve balls or unexpected developments that can keep people on their toes. It’s a wild card. Leave room for spontaneity.


Kind words or thoughtful gestures can make for a lovely Sunday, with the Moon in late Leo sextile Venus in 29 degrees Libra, while building a trine to Mercury in Capricorn. There can be a looming sense of responsibility or pressure as we close out the weekend, as the week ahead can see things coming full circle or needing to be attended to. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:50 PM PST this evening, where it opposes Saturn and is sesquisquare Chiron. Even though there are a lot of positive trends and things are moving in constructive and beneficial directions, there can be a feeling of overwhelm and having a lot on your plate. You will manage. Striking a balance between responsibilities and enjoyment can be a factor for some. It can be a feeling of not wanting the weekend to be over or there being a lot of pressure to stay on top of everything or meet the week feeling sorted and prepared. Monday can feel a bit like a whip cracking, but there is also a lot of positive motivation to meet challenges.  

Monday, November 20, 2023



The Moon enters Pisces at 6:29 AM PST. After a bout of the “Sunday Scaries”, today see’s a need to get right down to business with the Moon conjunct Saturn. Initially it may be necessary to jump right out of bed and answer to necessary responsibilities. The day get’s easier as it wears on, with a lunar sextile to Jupiter, although the Sun conjunct Mars and square Saturn can still see certain obligations weighing over people’s heads, there can be some positive momentum and a feeling that things are heading towards a new phase. There may be some distractions to manage this week.


The Moon in Pisces is squaring Mercury in Sagittarius and conjunct Neptune today, which can see a distracting, dreamy atmosphere even though there is still a lot to get done (Sun conjunct Mars, square Saturn.) Streamlining momentum can be a challenge, and there may be deadlines to grapple with, so tuning out distractions will be important. As the day wears on, staying flexible can be helpful as there may be some unexpected surprises with the Moon sextile Uranus while square Mercury and conjunct Neptune. This can see inspiration, new ideas, or intuitive hunches. Tomorrow can see more energy and direction, but there may be a feeling of “cramming” or “crunch time.” 


The Sun enters Sagittarius at 6:03 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Pisces. There can be a lot to manage all at once. Keeping balance while managing changes is key. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 9:19 AM PST, where it trine’s the Sun, which can help direct energy. There may be a need to accommodate minor adjustments today in order to get momentum going in new directions. 


The Moon is conjunct Chiron while trine Mercury and opposite Venus, which can see a lot of incoming communications to manage. There may be some hoops to jump through. For some this can have a healing component with the lunar links to Chiron and Hygeia. Synchronicity can play a role today. Ideas, thoughts and communications can flow freely. For some, travel plans can factor in. 


Mars enters Sagittarius at 2:15 AM PST, where it encounters the same square to Saturn as the Sun. There can be blockages, frustrations or delays to grapple with that can seem to slow down momentum temporarily. The Moon enters easy going Taurus at 12:29 PM PST, to conjoin Jupiter and sextile Saturn, which suggests a scenic route or making a point to stop and smell the flowers considering other things may be temporarily on hold or slowed down. There can be some pleasant detours, good food, or refreshing indulgences. 


The Moon (exalted in Taurus) is still connected to Jupiter as the day begins, seeing an easy going, abundant, growth oriented energy. It goes on to connect to Uranus which can see more change 

or spontaneity, and perhaps unexpected, spontaneous growth or blessings. A lunar trine to Juno suggests this can take place in or through relationships. This is a good time to be flexible and explore new possibilities. With the Sun and Mars both squaring Saturn right now, there may be a serious tone, responsibilities looming, or a feeling of being held back, weighed down, or slightly inhibited, but there is serious potential in opportunities. Innovation, patience and persistence can find a way around obstacles. 


The Moon in late Taurus builds an opposition to Mars while trine Pluto. As the day wears on, it also builds a square to Saturn. The Moon is building up to Full, and there can be a desire to reach certain breakthroughs in communications or commercial endeavors, or stabilize certain foundations while also grappling with information overload. The Moon enters Gemini at 4:40 PM PST, where it opposes the Sun and Mars while squaring Saturn, seeing a lot of pressure to be everywhere at once, messages or phones popping off, or a lot to manage via multitasking. Many little things to pay attention to, communications, paperwork, appointments, technical issues, and things coming to a powerful crescendo as this upcoming week get’s started. Make sure the information you are dealing with is factual, and try to ground the nervous system. An old phase is closing out so a new one can take it’s place. There may be a lot to adapt to. 

Monday, November 13, 2023



The New Moon occurs at 1:27 AM PST in 20 degrees Scorpio, conjunct the Sun and Mars, opposite Uranus, trine Neptune, and semisquare Venus in diplomatic Libra. The base elements and raw, unfiltered extremes have been explored or given vent to, and now a distillation process is underway. This face of Scorpio is ruled by the 6 of cups, a card of strong emotional imprints, memories, and mutual exchanges of impact. This decan explores themes of mutually assured destruction, or mutually assured fulfillment. For things to go well, raw, or extreme elements require refinement, temperance and distillation. Mercury in truth speaking Sagittarius sextile Venus in diplomatic Libra brings charm, social graces, levity and civility to discourse, and seeks higher ground above and beyond primeval hostilities, in order to reconcile more extreme, heavier realities with polite society. There is an opportunity here to identify dysfunctional, vampiric, compromised, compulsive or destructive elements and to break away from them. There is a shift in dynamic with “the other”,  as deeper psychological realities are integrated. There can also be new and promising potentials or impulses emerging that can be exciting, enriching, enlivening or unexpected. This New Moon marks potent alchemical turning points. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:23 PM PST, to conjoin Mercury and square Saturn. A pressure cooker atmosphere that can require courage, conviction and moral clarity.


The Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Mercury and has access to charm and diplomacy with a sextile to Venus. Today can see some positive news or creative inspiration that can boost morale or provide refreshment. Collectively, people seek levity and upliftment. The antenna are extended, curious, and eager to seek enjoyable, illuminating, or life enhancing stimulation. There can be honest disclosures, good humor, and a cosmopolitan, cultured atmosphere. It feels good to break out of mental ruts, enrich the imagination, and be more adventurous and curious socially, or creatively on your own. Responses to stimuli are creative and open minded, and people can seek broader understandings or wider horizons. Grittier realities can be giving rise to refreshing wholesomeness, straight forwardness, or unpretentious moral clarity. It's also possible that underneath a benign or innocent seeming exterior can be hidden depths, intrigue or complexity. Mercury sextile Venus adds a colorful dimension that is endlessly stimulating. This configuration eagerly absorbs fresh inspiration like a sponge. The evening ends on a wide eyed and curious note. Creativity, synchronicity and healing are in focus. The psyche seeks to resettle itself harmoniously around a complex and varied landscape that contains numerous possibilities to explore. 


Today can see a lot of inspiration and a lot of distractions with the Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune. If you can carve out some time to mentally explore new concepts, ideas, and approaches, it can help build new momentum. There is a philosophical, spiritual and explorative bent early on, and all kinds of unique and interesting rabbit holes to wander down. Finding traction can be easier as the day wears on. Catch the wave as the Moon sextile’s Saturn. The Moon enters earthy and driven Capricorn at 11:41 PM PST. Tomorrow can be pleasantly productive and down to earth. 


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Jupiter in Taurus and square Venus in Libra, while making a minor tense aspect to Uranus. Finding a groove and doing things a little bit differently can open new avenues for growth or even wind up being unexpectedly lucrative. There’s an eye on slow and sustained efforts and an organic pace. The Moon goes on to semisquare Mars in the afternoon.  There can be a desire to get a lot done or attack tasks with a honey badger like energy. Don’t overextend yourself or force the pace. Leave some room for spontaneity or the unexpected tomorrow. There may also be some important breakthroughs in the works. 


The Moon in Capricorn syncs up with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto today, which can see creative breakthroughs, or a powerful new wave of transformation unfolding. As the day wears on into evening there can be some spontaneous impulses that can result in some interesting talks, meet ups, or social situations. This can be creatively enriching, especially if things have felt stuck lately. There can be some moments of emotional clarity or an enlivened sense of direction and purpose or renewed motivation and drive. Something or someone can really make an impact, scratch an itch or hit the spot.


The Moon enters future focused Aquarius at 3:28 AM PST. There can be some profound shifts happening socially or collectively. The Sun and Mars are exactly conjoined, which can see intense drive, focus, and passion. This can assist with overcoming hurdles and effecting significant changes. This energy is relentless and really wants to sink it’s teeth into things and gain traction. Interpersonally or socially, people can be showing new sides of themselves or branching out in different ways. The Moon goes on to trine Venus in Libra, which can see some refreshing social exchanges, or inspiration through groups, community, or the internet. Networking, collaboration and cooperation can be a factor. Friends or like minded weirdos can be supportive, and inspiring, which can provide a boost. There can be some beneficial, fruitful, and enriching encounters, news or communications. 


The Moon is sextile Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Libra while squaring Uranus in Taurus as the day begins, which can see new and unusual approaches and unique social or interpersonal impulses reverberating. As the day wears on there can be a focus on the week ahead. There can be an electrical charge, with the Moon square Mars in Scorpio and going on to conjoin Saturn. This can see a strong desire to get things more sorted, streamlined and consolidated, and there may be looming deadlines, responsibilities, or obligations to clear away in the near future. Saturn has only recently stationed direct, so regaining a foothold in situations that may have lapsed or fallen off track due to needing to adapt to a lot of changes can see a need to remain focused and manage time and priorities wisely. This upcoming week can see a key phase of culmination and closure which can allow for tying up a lot of loose ends and clearing away baggage, which will allow for further growth and expansion in areas that may have been neglected, stalled, or delayed in recent months.

Monday, November 6, 2023



The Moon in late Leo squares Mercury in Scorpio in the early bird hours, and then enters Virgo at 11:39 AM PST. There’s certainly been a lot to take in collectively. The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio has seen a heaviness in the collective psyche that has brought out a lot of radical extremes, or deep thoughts. Venus in Virgo has leaned towards anxiousness, worry, empathy for the vulnerable, and strives to fix and improve things. Many long for more lightness and levity, as thoughts and information circulating have tended to be weighty, deep, provocative, or heavily preoccupying. A good day for thoughtfulness.  The Moon in Virgo opposes Saturn today, which can see a serious tone, with a lot of tidying up and sorting out to do. It goes on to trine Jupiter in Taurus in the late evening. It can feel good to get more organized, and to simplify things. This can see a stabilizing influence tomorrow, which can be very helpful and grounding, although there still may be some radical undertones as certain ideals are challenged or changed.


The Moon in Virgo is trine Jupiter and goes on to sextile the Sun in Scorpio and eventually trine Uranus and sextile Mars. The beauty in the natural world and life’s little things can provide solace and calm. Venus at 29 degrees Virgo today can see critical moments in talks and agreements. There is a strong desire to persuade others under these configurations, or in the very least, very strong feelings and power dynamics under the surface, as Venus is trine Pluto and will go on to enter Libra tomorrow for a prolonged charm offensive. Today can see positive and supportive trends, even amidst subversive influences. Evening time can see motivation to take action or get things done. There may be a need to break out of ruts or patterns, and a sensitive atmosphere, or thoughtful preoccupation, may be part of what has sapped energy or focus. 


Venus enters Libra at 1:30 AM, highlighting negotiations, diplomacy, and peace making efforts. There can be a growing need for more lightness and harmony. The strongest connection Venus is making right now is a trine to Pluto, which can see powerful undercurrents that need to be handled with care. Propriety and politeness can be tempering intense undercurrents.  The Moon trine Uranus can keep people on their toes, and it’s also trine Pluto and opposite Neptune, seeing an impressionable atmosphere. Be wary of manipulativeness or deception. Mercury still traverses the underworld of Scorpio, where it is square Saturn, sextile Pluto, and trine Neptune. This see’s a preoccupation with serious thought, spiritual concerns, secrets, the occult, and hidden things. Many people have been more quiet, preoccupied, or under the radar. The Moon inches closer to Venus and sextile’s Mercury tonight, seeing an opportunity for helpful or pleasant exchanges.


The Moon enters Libra in the wee hours at 12:08 AM PST, to conjoin Venus. This can be pleasant, but take care to avoid rose colored glasses. There can be efforts towards harmony, balance or diplomacy here, but there is still a lot of heavy handedness going on. Negotiating tricky power dynamics or subversive issues can still be a part of the picture. Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio sextile Venus and square Saturn can see conversations flow easily, although topics can feel weighty or consequential. This can either see an attempt to lighten the atmosphere, overcome strained relations, heal rifts, or make a serious deal. In some cases this can see secret handshakes or other kinds of agreements that occur under duress, necessity, or obligation, but not necessarily out of organic agreement. Certain dynamics can feel lopsided. The Moon making some tense minor aspects to Mars and Uranus suggests some discontent or change stirring under the surface. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 10:25 PM PST, which can see truths surfacing over the coming weeks. This can also see increasing focus or discussions on philosophy, belief systems, religion, politics, law and worldly matters. The Sagittarius transits will oppose Saturn and eventually Neptune in Pisces, suggesting a need to be careful with information, communication, even simply speaking certain truths out loud can feel tense. There can be opposition to the truth, or challenges to ideologies. Regardless, a lot will be surfacing this month, and it could be a bit rocky at points, because people can really be daring to say certain things or talk honestly about topics that have felt taboo or off limits. As always, truth doesn’t mind being questioned, but a lie doesn’t like being challenged. Pick your battles with discernment.


The Moon is opposite Chiron, which can see sensitivity, vulnerability and compassion. The Sun conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus is feisty and filled with conviction. The Moon goes on to quincunx Neptune and square Pluto this evening which can see a desire to escape and a need for changes, possibly socially or interpersonally. There can be some deep insights or desires for metamorphosis. Venus in Libra continues to find balance and harmony while Jupiter in Taurus tries to anchor stability and navigate the more eccentric or turbulent energies. 


The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:39 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Saturn, which can see a lot of focus and endurance. There can be serious matters to consider, and as the Moon goes on to opposes Jupiter there can be a need to maintain a sense of proportion. Mercury sextile Venus is pleasant and enjoys philosophical conversations and seeks levity. 


The Moon is conjunct the Sun and Mars while opposite Jupiter. This can see a lot of passion and intensity, a philosophical depth, and spiritual enlivening. It could be easy to go overboard, so it’s good to have a sense of restraint or proportion. There can be some shocks or surprises, or a lot of action. Maybe some unexpected situations to deal with. For some this could be downright confrontational, or it's just that something can no longer be ignored. Regardless, there can be a lot of energy, and directing it into something can be quite productive, just avoid disputes or going over the top. There can be impulsiveness or unusual urges to shake things up with the Sun and Mars both opposite Uranus, as things may become bogged down. This can be exciting or it can be turbulent, depending on how it’s wielded, but there's a need here for beauty and divinity. The Moon goes on to oppose Uranus and trine Neptune, which can see a lot of creative inspiration, and an attraction to the unusual. 

Monday, October 30, 2023



The Moon enters Gemini at 8:08 AM PST, to square Saturn in Pisces. What is real? The facts may be grasped but the details can be hazy, obscured or lost in the mire. There can be a heavy atmosphere, and the collective consciousness can be weighed down by consequential and serious matters. The lunar eclipse has left an intense effect in it’s wake. The Sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio opposite Jupiter can see extremes, and the Sun/Jupiter connection will be exact at the end of the week, seeing a heightened awareness of things in spite of hidden issues, agendas, or smoke screens. The emphasis on Scorpio see’s all manner of Plutonic horrors and power dynamics magnified. The planets in Taurus seek security and stability in the wake of immense change.


Venus in Virgo makes an exact trine to Uranus today at 21 degrees while opposing Neptune. Things can be unsettled, erratic or shaken up. Compassion and worry can be in the air, and people can connect around just humanitarian causes. There is a sensitivity, imagination and impressionability here, and Venus seeks to remediate, heal, and improve circumstances. There may be some crises to mitigate, but there can also be a desire for joy amidst the chaos. The Moon quincunx Mercury in Scorpio can see an intense preoccupation with developing plots and stories, and a lunar square to Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces can have a difficult time relaxing and be prone to worry. It can be a challenge not to obsess over certain things now. Mars and Mercury conjunct has an eye on intense developments, conflicts, power struggles or secret agendas. Circulating news, rhetoric, or opinions can be extreme. Venus trine Uranus seeks a way out and through. Evening time can see a nervous, dreamy or worried atmosphere with the Moon square Neptune. There’s vulnerability, imagination and compassion in the air, but people can also be prone to manipulation, deceit, distraction, or confusion. Protect your energy and don’t lose focus on essentials.


The day begins with the Moon in late Gemini squaring Venus, Neptune, semisquare Jupiter and quincunx Pluto. Things can feel a bit loopy and out of sorts, and there can be some strong sentiments under the surface, but it can feel difficult to express them. The Moon seeks stability, security and calm by building a trine to Saturn and entering Cancer at 2:30 PM PST. There can be endurance and resilience, even if things have gone off the rails or have been immersed in distracting issues, or fixated on intense developments.There can still be some subtle irritations with the Moon sesquisquare Mars and Mercury, the atmosphere can be a bit thick, topics can be loaded or difficult to discuss in certain arenas. There can be a need to keep a lid on certain worries or frustrations or avoid confrontations, but everyone can feel the elephant in the room or see the writing on the wall. Certain things can need some TLC or attention.  Tomorrow can be much more direct. Nurturing or protective instincts are strong.


The Moon in Cancer is trine the Sun, Mars, Mercury, sextile Jupiter and square Chiron in Aries. This can see courage of conviction, and it can be easier to express certain thoughts and feelings.There can also be more energetic congruence and focus to get things done, with less distraction. The Moon strengthens it’s square to Chiron as the day wears on, which can see some vulnerability, or a desire to protect the vulnerable. In some cases, people may express what they think or feel even at great cost to themselves. There can be a sensitive atmosphere, with spirited discussions or preoccupation with research or consolidation of resources. There can be a need to nurture yourself or others, and attention can be on home, family and tribe.


Today can see enlightening discussions or a desire to uncover buried information, discuss sensitive issues, or root out serious problems and get to the bottom of something. For some this can see a domestic consolidation, or need for it. The Sun in Scorpio makes an exact opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, which can highlight religious, political, or ideological extremes that can cause some people to question their beliefs or feel challenged by the extremes of others. Issues going on at a distance or involving power and control can be a factor. Let the heart lead rather than the ego. Things can also be very clear now, in some ways, painfully clear. The Moon trine Mercury, sextile Uranus while trine Neptune is spirited and can see silent understandings or quiet edge lording. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus which can see some silver linings in any otherwise strange situations, but things can be rather intense under the surface with the Moon opposite Pluto. In some ways, the Moon in Cancer can be emphasizing clannishness or tribalism,  power dynamics that need to be transformed. The lunar sextile to Venus and trine to Mercury and Neptune can see discussions center around the need to make improvements, help those in need, or get priorities straight. There can be some pleasant, helpful, or enlightening exchanges. 


Saturn stations direct at 12:03 AM PST, and the Moon enters Leo at 12:21 AM PST. This see’s the Moon square Jupiter, which can see temptation for certain people to go too far, exhibit grandiosity, excessiveness or throw their power around or have tantrums to get their way. Saturn now direct can bring some order in the court, but this can take some time. The Moon in hard aspect with the Sun, Mars, and eventually Uranus, can see some tensions that force changes. A lunar trine to Chiron is sensitive and tuned in to the atmosphere. There can be some magnanimous displays that are from the heart, but there can also be a lot of pressure to perform, or tensions around what is expected. Saturn now direct can be about to say “enough is enough” or place curtails on anything that’s been taken too far. There may be power dynamics that need to be renegotiated or messes that need to be cleaned up this upcoming week.

Monday, October 23, 2023



The Sun enters Scorpio at 9:21 AM PST, where it will join Mercury and Mars and oppose Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, along with the Full Moon eclipse this Saturday. We kick off this week with the Moon in humanitarian Aquarius in square to rebellious Uranus. Thoughts and feelings can be on wider, collective concerns, and the building emphasis in Scorpio can see a focus on weighty, consequential, private, or intimate topics. Mars builds an opposition to Jupiter this week, which can see a feisty, honey badger spirit, but there can also be conflicts, games of power, projection, intrigue, subversion, mystery or other somewhat loaded machinations that can swell or reach points of climax or confrontation this week. The Moon gets closer to Saturn as the day wears on, seeing a serious and mature tone. Venus in Virgo still trine Jupiter is level headed, humble and helpful, and there can be a quiet gratitude for things that are going smoothly, along with some modest, select earthly indulgences. Venus here is down to earth, grounded, and kind to those in need. There can be a focus on extricating from difficulty, healing, improvement, or helping others to emancipate from or adapt through a crisis.


The Moon enters sensitive and compassionate Pisces at 1:33 AM to conjoin Saturn, which can see a lot of empathy for others, or a lot of feelings can surface that can feel like they need to be reigned in, controlled, or repressed somehow. The Moon in trine to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars can place a focus on privacy, behind the scenes communications, or mysterious correspondences that involve esoteric or fringe topics. There can also be an emphasis on spirituality, and people can be passionate about their faith, or private battles they are waging. There can be a focused determination. The Moon goes on to oppose Venus in Virgo and sextile Jupiter which can see a lot of helpfulness, generosity, and a desire to improve situations, help, heal, transcend, or do better. The need for compassion, understanding, largesse of spirit, and rising above baseness while also being true and authentic to the stirrings in your soul can be at the forefront of things. Mercury conjunct Mars can be passionate and direct and cut to the heart of things, but the atmosphere is sensitive and highly absorbent. Communications can be powerful, or news circulating can be unusual, loaded, or intense. 


The Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus, seeing an imaginative and creative buzz in the atmosphere. The Moon is also opposite Venus, while Venus is quincunx Chiron and preparing to trine Uranus. This can see a focus on healing modalities and making adjustments and improvements. Better self care, care for others, and staying organized can be a bit loopy or unsettled at the moment, but there are some positive developments in spite of some tensions. Feelings can build up as the day wears on, with the Moon in minor tension to Jupiter and Mars and going on to sextile Pluto this evening. Powerful moods, instincts or insights can emerge. The Sun places a strong focus on communications, research, and psychic fortitude. Tomorrow the Moon enters martial Aries, seeing a more direct and confrontational frame.


The Moon enters Aries at 3:02 AM PST, and it’s first contact is tensions with Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury is opposite Jupiter and conjunct Mars, seeing people pushing the limits mentally or in regards to communications. Topics, discussions, news, or trains of thought can be edge lording or somewhat extreme or taboo. Take care to avoid getting sucked into unproductive arguments or going too far out on a limb due to overconfidence, but also, if you feel a need to get something off your chest or out of your system, find a good outlet and don’t overly suppress yourself. Conversations and expression can be spirited or delve into surprising territory. New information can emerge. Evening time see’s the Moon in tension with Mars, which can be a bit high rev, intense, or irritated. A brisk walk or something physical can help if you have trouble sleeping. Avoid over reacting to disagreements. If anger or irritation or a “mood” arises, it can just as quickly blow over if you let it (Moon in Aries.) However the Scorpio energy can tend to brood, fester, ferment, or fixate. There could simply be a bit of stir crazy energy, but it can also be healing or cathartic (Moon/Chiron)  late evening. 


The Moon doesn’t make a lot of notable aspects besides a conjunction to healing Chiron until this evening when it squares Pluto. So the build up to the Full Moon eclipse can be powerful and “werewolfy.” Tend to your own needs and avoid situations that try your patience. Venus is trine Uranus, and seeks a little excitement or doing something a bit different. This could be something as simple as eating a new dish, having a refreshing break from routine, trying a new healing modality, or connecting with new and interesting people. With Venus also quincunx Uranus, initially, changes could feel a bit uncomfortable, or perhaps changes or adjustments are made in order to create more personal comfort and well being. There could also be a health or healing component. Evening time can see some powerful instincts, truths, feelings, or desires emerge, a desire to transform a situation or embrace certain needs, emotions, drives, or proclivities. The Moon is werewolfing, and building up to a potent lunar eclipse in down to earth, sensual Taurus. Do what you can to feel at home in your body and enjoy yourself.


The Moon enters Taurus at 4:44 AM. (Interesting sidetone, computer caps lock 444 is $$$.) This full Moon has a certain zing, gusto and earthy sensuality to it. It culminates at 1:24 PM PST at 5 degrees Taurus. Interestingly, this degree is associated with the 5 of pentacles. A card of material troubles. However, the close proximity to Jupiter in the 2nd degree of Taurus, along with the opposition the Moon makes to the Sun, Mercury, and eventually Mars in instinctual Scorpio, highlights a deep instinct towards abundance. These signatures highlight the themes of valuing all that you have to work with, and being resourceful and wise with your gifts so that they multiply and enrich you. Jupiter in the 2nd face of Taurus highlights a prepared expansion, anticipating potential future trends in order to avoid pitfalls. All of this aside, this Full Moon could actually be highly enjoyable. There is also a lunar trine to Juno in Virgo, emphasizing helpful partnerships, or partnerships or marriages where there is a healing component, a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” sort of dynamic. This could also be work related for some. As the day wears on into evening, there can be a lot of physical energy, passion, chemistry, joy joy feelings, or irritation with the Moon opposite Mars and conjunct Jupiter. For some, conflicts, passions, or tensions are best sorted out in the bedroom. For others, this could be a strong creative chemistry, vigorous enthusiasm and pleasure, or magnetic charisma that can add a little something something to the weekend. 


The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, Uranus, opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio and trine Venus in Virgo while square Hygeia. Wow. What’s happening? This could be really pleasant. There is definitely a lot of chemistry or charisma in this math. There is also a deep resourcefulness and ingenuity here. There could even be something healing about certain situations. There could also be some tension, but this could simply take the form of taking creative and constructive actions. Overall, this looks like an enjoyable and beneficial Sunday, even if there is a lot of submerged intensity or magnetic energy.  It could feel nice also to whip certain things into shape or prepare or plan for something fun or enjoyable.

Monday, October 16, 2023



The Moon is in Scorpio opposite Jupiter and Uranus today, going on to trine Neptune. Venus shakes free of her opposition to Saturn and there can be a feeling of things improving, quite frankly, because they have to. This can bring levity and stability to situations.  Glaring flaws in certain situations and power dynamics have become obvious, but with Mars in Scorpio trine Saturn, integrity and sincerity rise to the top. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra making tense aspect to Venus in Virgo and a square to Pluto highlights tensions socially or interpersonally, and collectively, politically. Power overreaches or being overtly controlling are not a good look right now, and only serve to highlight the illegitimacy and insecurity behind a cause. Truth sells itself and doesn’t require a brutal enforcement, silencing, or campaigns of fear or attrition for widespread adoption and agreement. Such insecure maneuverings only make a naked emperor all the more obvious. This is as true on a micro scale as it is on the macro scale. Venus in Virgo highlights the importance of not forcing or attempting to control things or people and allowing what is truly organic, pure and good to emerge and flourish. The same can be said of love. It was St. Augustine, a Sun sign Virgo who said “He that is jealous is not in love.” For love itself, in it’s purest form, casts no shadow. Although there can be some heavier realities being grappled with by many, silver linings can shine through this week.


Juno, the relationship asteroid, enters Virgo today, emphasizing healing, perfecting and improvement in relationship dynamics, as well as relationships that center around healing, and the idea of healing, perfecting, and purifying the self so that one can better relate and be of service to the other. Virgo is also a sensual sign, placing further focus on the physical and earthy aspects of relationships. But improvement and refinement of the sensory experience is key, as is a shared desire to improve conditions and be helpful in practical ways. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:36 PM PST, where it will square Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Virgo, seeing a brief period of subtle interpersonal or social tensions, vague worries, frustrations, or doubts that can give way to more ease and broader perspectives. Focus on making constructive changes and being open to growth and advancement. Venus trine Jupiter can be generous and supportive, and encourages you to count your blessings and enjoy the little things that contribute to well being and quality of life. The beauty of the natural world can shine through the complex vicissitudes of life like a medicinal herb that grows through concrete. Give thanks and praises for what is good.


The Moon is still square Venus, while also trine Chiron, semisquare Pluto, and quincunx Jupiter, which can see strong feelings and a sensitive atmosphere, although it can be an emotionally healing time. With a little self control, it’s possible for deep truths and insights to be reflected upon and integrated, which can improve interpersonal dynamics, overall well being, or personal satisfaction. The Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron can see empathy, compassion, and synchronicity play a role in the events of the day. As the day wears on, things can feel more upbeat, and energy and vital forces can increase, which can aid in productivity, and getting the blood moving and endorphins flowing.


The Moon is sextile the Sun and Mercury as the Sun and Mercury perfect a conjunction at 25 degrees Libra today. Things can strangely be in flow today, even if there have been dynamics or situations that feel weighed down, slow to respond or less supportive than usual. Certain people or situations may simply need more time (Sun in Libra semisquare Venus in Virgo.) Regardless of this, there can still be good news or promising developments, ideas and discussions. The Moon in aspect to the Sun and Mercury while they perfect a conjunction can see helpful, well timed advice, sound council or supportiveness if you are navigating troubles (Moon square Neptune and trine Chiron.) Evening time see’s the Moon enter Capricorn at 6:55 PM PST, where it sextile’s Saturn, which can see a serious focus that emphasizes emotional maturity, wisdom and insight that can see a way forward through the fog. Tomorrow can see renewed energy, determination and purpose. 


Today can feel surprisingly encouraging given the Moon is in such a sober and realistic sign. It’s trine Venus and Jupiter while sextile Mars, which can see a hardworking and goal oriented energy that can feel rewarding or meaningful. There can be a somber and matter of fact energy to the day that is stoic, but also supportive. Mercury doubles down on this focused sense of purpose by perfecting a potent square to Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn while building an out of sign trine to Saturn. This math has clear vision and insight, with a machine like precision and efficiency? It can also see tunnel vision, with perhaps heavier or more serious topics being very preoccupying for some. There is a purpose and meaning behind this focused energy. It’s possible for buried facts to come to light, or for penetrating insights or powerful connections to be made. Certain dynamics can either be renegotiated to better terms or are changed as breakthroughs organically and necessarily arise. Changes can work out favorably. There can also be opportunities for enjoyment if you take the time to come up for air. Avoid too much brooding or negativity or being too hard on yourself later on (Moon square Chiron and semisquare Saturn.) Allow yourself to be human. 


The Moon is conjunct Pluto while trine Uranus, square Chiron, and sextile Neptune, which can highlight inevitable or necessary changes, or breakthrough processes. For some, this can be an emotional time, there can also be opportunities for honest, matter of fact disclosures, defining moments, or real talk, with Mercury in anaretic degree of Libra today. People can be getting something off their chests, or about to be doing so, as communications will be getting a whole lot more direct and to the point, or something recently integrated will be quietly but heavily implied or understood. The Moon enters humanitarian Aquarius at 11:06 PM PST, before Mercury enters Scorpio at 11:49 PM PST. This Mercury transit kicks off a cycle of intrigue, mystery, investigation, research, or clandestine agreements or developments. This cycle can also portend deeply felt shifts within power dynamics, and/or barely veiled conflicts of interests or power struggles. Good principles will win out in the end. Today can see some surprises in communications, or new, inspiring ideas or insights can emerge. Communications can be impactful and sincere, and there can be a focus on deeper topics. Venus trine Jupiter is generous, kindhearted, and down to earth.


The Moon in Aquarius squares Mars, which can ideally see an opportunity to transcend or rise above petty power struggles. It can also see an energy akin to Persephone escaping Hades, or an energy of liberation from dark forces or controlling, negative, or insecure influences. Venus perfects her trine to Jupiter today at 12 degrees, seeing an overall sense of goodness prevail, even if certain interactions with others or money or pleasure issues are slightly intense, tricky, or heavy right now (Venus sesquisquare Pluto). The Sun is at 29 degrees Libra today, preparing to make an exact trine to Saturn tomorrow. This can see defining new agreements, alliances, or decisive moments interpersonally or within leadership. The Moon square Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus can see potential tensions to navigate, but even if so, there can be something to smile about, or the silver linings of situations or things to be grateful for are very apparent. The early part sunday can be good for funneling energy into things that require physical movement.