Sunday, December 29, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Dec 30 2019-Jan 5 2020.

Monday starts out on the heels of the Moon being in detached Aquarius squaring up to Mars in intense, passionate, Scorpio. The Moon is not very comfortable in Aquarius to begin with, so this could have seen people trying to detach from intense desires, compulsions, or unsettling, perhaps rather defeated feelings. Around 8 AM PST, the Moon shifts into sensitive Pisces, to sextile Mercury, now freshly in Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus. The Moon also sextile Uranus. This lunation brings us decidedly more into the feels, but with an enlightened, radical detachment that can even border on stubbornness in certain instances. With so much emphasis on cautious and calculated Capricorn right now, and the North/South node axis at Cancer/Capricorn, there’s been a strong pull/inner push toward greater vulnerability, comfort, nurturing, the emotions (Cancer), -with a simultaneously overpowering emphasis on a need to keep a guard up, remain stoic, unreachable, unfuckwithable, self sufficient, and continuously aware of, and sensitive to boundaries, (our own as well as others.) Striking a balance along this nodal axis is different for everyone, as far as the houses involved are concerned, depending upon your rising sign, but over all, for everyone, working out deep blocks in the heart chakra and transmuting wounds, vulnerability, or an ancient, dusty, and raggedy butthurt into higher levels of self mastery, -and developing a mastery over the emotions- is a generalized theme. With both Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn squaring up to Chiron in Aries right now, wounds, sore spots, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or insecurities can feel placed under a magnifying glass, and for some, pessimism, guilt, or even cynicism can feel grossly exaggerated at times. Lunar sextiles to the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus can assist in shedding light on new perspectives, and new, perhaps more realistic, wise, patient, or measured approaches to the feelings. Hint: *Humor is key.*

Today is highlighted by a dreamy, wistful, and reflective lunar conjunction to Neptune in Pisces. In the evening hours, lunar sextiles to both Saturn and Pluto are thrown in for good measure. With both Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn forming trines to Uranus, we’re all undergoing some major perspective shifts right now. The Pluto/Saturn conjunction (which will be exact on Jan 12th) is a mega download. Terrabytes fam. It’s a huge transformation, at a core level, that’s unfolding here. It’s fair that the universe gives us time to slow down, reflect, process, assimilate, and take it all in. Today would be a good day to do that if you can get away with it. This can be a spacey, dreamy, moody, or confused atmosphere, but it’s otherwise great for stealing some time for private reflection in preparation for major transitions coming down the pike, with a new year and decade around the corner. There may be vague fears, unknowns, and uncertainties, but making peace with whatever you’ve got no control over and doubling down on what you do have control over is probably the most fruitful course of action under these configurations. Thats really the case in general, in all of life. Today has a relaxed atmosphere that can be good for exploring feelings, meditation, reflection, healing, dreaming, receiving intuitive insights, and restoring faith levels.

Whoa. It’s suddenly 2020. Happy New year. Today see’s the emo Moon in Pisces trine Mars in the later degrees of Scorpio, sextile Pluto, and building a conjunction to Chiron in Aries. This could see us building in strength and in courage over the coming days. Perhaps it is the strength to let something go or release something, or perhaps our emotions come into more alignment with the will somehow, but something about these configurations seems “preparatory”, like a drumroll. In either case, this is a passionate, if somewhat mystical energy, and with Mars at the last, most impatient degree of Scorpio, there is a push towards release, to begin new things. The Moon enters Aries around 9 PM PST, squaring Mercury and Jupiter. This can see a lot of passionate energy, big ideas, communication, and mental restlessness. There’s definitely a lot of anticipation and action in this math, and possibly some impatience to get things moving as well. With the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron now, things require a lot of courage, while the stellium in Capricorn emphasizes the need for patience, wisdom, realism, and restraint. I can hear Aries Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus people audibly screaming right now as I type this. I may be the owner of a Cap stellium myself, but my Moon is in Aries, so trust me when I say I feel you. We might also be weighing up our passionate enthusiasm about something/someone against, well, …the facts. Maybe the facts are kind of a wet blanket that are sort of deflating, which means courage, patience, realism, *and* resilience should be liberally applied. Needless to say, this final stretch of Mars in Scorpio could really call upon a lot of inner strength and there could be some eyes twitching. As I’m writing this I’m looking at the maths waiting to see Mars finally enter zero degrees Sagittarius and it’s legit got me climbing up the walls. *Patience*.

Today see’s the Moon in assertive, child like Aries square the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Capricorn. This could see us mustering courage in the face of what feels to be considerable obstacles, challenges, or blockages. It looks like some final hurdles to overcome, whether internally or externally. For some this can see some indecision, or a tendency to overindulge. In some cases, a need for approval can have us feeling emotionally blocked, or as if whatever it is we want isn’t “acceptable” or is a “breach of protocol” or against “the rules” or established boundaries somehow. Regardless, the mind can feel somewhat out of alignment with the feelings somehow, which can result in mental/emotional blocks that will inevitably catalyze…some kind of action. It’s a “something has got to give/something has got to change” type of mathscape.


Mars enters Sagittarius today, and this creates a decided shift in energy. Now that the planet of assertion, conflict, passion, will power, sex, and initiative is no longer hanging out in obsessive Scorpio, things can begin to feel a lot lighter and freer. The Moon in Aries forms a sextile to Venus in detached Aquarius today, helping take the edge off the hard aspects to Saturn and Pluto. Social niceties can be easier in the earlier part of the day, even if there are a lot of intense transformations occurring. Later, the Sun begins to build it’s conjunction to Pluto, which could see a lot come to light in the next few weeks as this potent stellium in Capricorn perfects itself. With Mars in adventurous Sagittarius in trine to Chiron in Aries now, these can be some emboldening influences for people to confront and resolve sensitive or buried issues. A strengthening of courage, and of the spiritual and personal will can begin to pick up momentum, and we can feel more adventurous and open to explore where we had previously been closed off or overly cautious and cagey AF. We may feel less resistant or guarded in the face of (pretty massive) change during this Mars cycle.

Around 9 AM PST, the Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus, to trine Jupiter and conjunct Uranus, which can see the day off to a pretty excited, relatively optimistic, if somewhat impulsive start. Impulse control could be a challenge, especially with Mars fresh into brave, blunt, honest Sagittarius. In the afternoon, the Moon trines Mercury, which could see some positive, reassuring , or just grounding news, perhaps out of the blue, that is highly unexpected. This can see optimism levels modestly increase, or there can just be some nice break away from whatever the norm has  Sun been.The Sun now sextile to Neptune can see people more open to expressing their intuitive, creative, and compassionate sides, which can help to thaw out what has felt to be walls or blockages within ourselves or between others, but theres also an elusiveness present. There can definitely be an emphasis on healing, in general, as well as creativity, and the finer things in life. These maths could see some positive breakthroughs in communications or even cognition, perhaps new levels of understanding are reached that bring stability to the emotions and the psyche, or feelings of closure and release of stuck feelings.

Today the Moon in creature comforts Taurus is trine the Sun,Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, sextile Neptune, and square Venus in Aquarius. Whew. That was a mouthful of math, lunar aspects alone. This is a really grounded, centered, pleasant, and sensual energy. The sextile to Neptune is like icing on a cake, adding a dreaminess to things that can feel soothing and relaxing. The lunar square to Venus in Aquarius can see some odd and/or liberating spontaneity, but a certain detachment could be called for. Interesting times. Communication lines can be open in a generalized sense. Even if little is said or shared, what is shared or learned can be sincere, illuminating,or convey a lot/make impact. There's compassion and empathy available as well, which is good, as it’s possible that the detachment required of people now isn’t easy for everyone. This is a pretty “physical” and very curious mathscape, and people may want to break out of boredoms, ruts, or restrictions

Thanks for reading. Stay curious my friends. See you next Monday. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Astrology for the week of Dec 23-29 2019.

We begin the week with the Sun having just moved into the stoic sign of Capricorn to trine Uranus in Taurus. Combined with Venus in radical, emotionally detached Aquarius squaring up to Uranus, this creates a bit of an unpredictable, changable atmosphere interpersonally, that’s almost comical in a way. It can feel a bit like musical chairs at times, which can be either destabilizing or exciting, (or both.) Early Monday morning begins with the Moon in the later degrees of intense and passionate Scorpio conjunct Mars, which can see some intense desires or urges under the surface or people can be preoccupied with the dark underbelly of things, creating a somewhat broody, secretive, (although impassioned), but somewhat dour atmosphere. This is all hidden away under a veneer of aloof stoicism, thanks to this powerful stellium in unbothered Capricorn. 

Around 8:30 AM PST, the Moon heads into optimistic Sagittarius, to form a smooth sextile to Venus in “think outside the box” Aquarius, along with a trine to Chiron in Aries. Thank Dog…This could lighten the vibe considerably, and see people taking some innovative approaches interpersonally, financially, or in regards to increasing self worth, in order to perhaps sooth old wounds that may have recently been jabbed at while the Moon was in Libra towards the end last week. Stepping outside comfort zones, expanding horizons, maintaining a positive, elevated attitude, expanding perspectives, and reference points, or simply seeking to expand consciousness and challenge preconceived ideals/ideas, -particularly through, around, (or because of) relations with others, can all be a theme. 

With the Sun and Jupiter in austere Capricorn squaring up to Chiron, this lunar link to Venus and Chiron can be a welcome respite from some otherwise high pressure situations that may have had many people feeling vulnerable, under the gun, insecure, or prone to being thrown into some kind of emotional flashback that can potentially make people view life through a lens of one gigantic, largely outdated defense mechanism. 
Ironically, as awkward as some of this math is, it’s also a huge opportunity to level up and achieve some personal/developmental milestones. Personal growth, learning curves, and self mastery is definitely available for the taking. Especially for those who continue seeking within,- as opposed to without,- for validation and comfort. The rest of Monday looks relatively optimistic, pleasant, adventurous, and open to change. It's a thug life fam, gotta keep it movin'.

Early this morning begins with a lunar square to Neptune, which can create a sense of meditative chillness, uncertainty , idealism, hope, faith, dreamy escapism, or vague, undefinable longing/oneness/merging with the Void. “Jeebus, take the wheel.” As the morning progresses ,we see the Moon link up to Mercury in Sagittarius, which could see some things some to light, or some honest disclosures being made. There may be a desire to communicate on the one hand (Moon/mercury), but also a desire to evade communication (Moon/Neptune.) It could be a case of being unsure of just how honest exactly, should we be? What is real? Or we could be unsure of how honest others are being. "Is this real  life? Or is this a fantasy?". Trust and faith are being tested. Sometimes this can see some rose colored glasses, over idealization, confusion, overoptimism, or denial around something. This could also produce some cool mystical or psychic experiences, altered states and the like. Consciousness is cool.  It’s a good day to try and relax, release worries and fears, and just enjoy the moment. Just try not to delude yourself or psych yourself out too much about uncertainties. Remind yourself that you can't actually fuck anything up that is genuinely meant for you by cosmic design, and relax your grip. We can pick up a lot of intuitive insights under these maths, and it can also be really good for imaginative and spiritual pursuits, study, meditation, peacefulness. A lunar semi square to Venus can see relationships feel like kind of a fugazi for some people, and there’s an experimental/changable/cool/aloof quality that can be somewhat destabilizing, particularly as Mars in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn is so focused on zeroing in on it’s passions in a very uhh..physical, tangible way. Definitely not an aspect that’s a fan of wasting time, having it’s time wasted, or fucking around. It's low key kind of obsessive and ultra mysterious and occult really. Like the ring of power.
Regardless, as we all know, this is the time of year where white people everywhere hang out around a ritualistically slaughtered conifer, with loads of commercially purchased items wrapped up in decorative paper underneath it, which they tell elaborate lies to their kids about where it all came from and how it got there. So if you’re into all that, happy holidays to all of you. Enjoy the rest and relaxation and time with loved ones. To the rest of you, Hail Satan, 4:20 blaze it. Carry on.

This morning see’s a jovial but oddly sensitive atmosphere, with the Moon in the later degrees of jolly Sagittarius conjunct Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn, and forming a trine to Uranus and square to Chiron in Aries. Edging up to the new Moon that occurs this evening, there can be some unexpected communications, thoughts, feelings, happenings, or revelations. This new Moon represents a “Zero Point.” It’s as if the etch-a-sketch is being shaken and the old doodles erased, in order to begin a fresh drawing from scratch. 

Around 2 PM PST, the Moon enters game faced Capricorn, and change is the name of said game. With both this New Moon and the Sun squaring up to Chiron, there could definitely be some sensitivity in the air that’s for sure. This “zero point” isn’t necessarily a total breeze for everybody, and can tug on peoples heartstrings or have them feeling... some type of way. Positively, it can lend us courage in the face of vulnerability. There’s actually quite a lot of positivity and growth in the air. On some level, we could be resistant to changes and transformations occurring, or, conversely, we encounter others who are at odds with those transformations. It all depends on how you handle change. There could be excitement or uneasiness in the face of foreign elements or experiences. This new moon is an opportunity to forgive, release guilt, fear, and/or desires to control, -and to embrace authenticity, new situations, directions, and/or people...or simply new aspects of ourselves. This is (and has been) quite a download... Hella Terabytes fam. There can be some “revelations” or surprises of one kind or another today. The New Moon is exact at 9:13 pm PST. This math can be amazing for transmuting any inner wounds or interpersonal butthurt into new levels of self mastery, empowerment, and personal ascension. This is a zero point moment of wiping the slate clean and laying a new foundation for a much sturdier empire. Upgrades.We are literally going to be entering a new decade. Let us all leave individual and collective butthurt behind us where it belongs, and use it as a platform to more greatness, authenticity, and personal fulfillment. Be free of your shackles and embrace your radical new destiny, cosmic human. Stagnation is not an option. This is Zero Point. Big, slow, deep, irrevocable change and soul healing. 

Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn in conjunction with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, while sextile Neptune. This is some pretty boss math for actualizing our ideals around something. This can see some serious perfectionism with such a serious stellium in Saturn ruled Cap in combination with dreamy, inspired Neptune. We could definitely have some high ideals around something that is in it’s foundational stages. This is excellent math for working away at a creative project, as it’s bound to get results, as Cap is relentless and very focused in it’s execution, and Pluto doesn’t stop until it finds what it’s looking for. There can be a bit of a serious vibe, and even though the link to Neptune is positive and inspiring, there can be some sadness, wistfulness, or longing, or sacrifices being made, in order to achieve some very particular ends. Venus makes no major aspects at this time, and in detached Aquarius, there is a sort of “live and let live” /“open ended” vibe to personal interchanges. A kind of detached solidarity amidst massive internal and external changes across the board. Such changes require this kind of detached objectivity, giving others the benefit of the doubt, releasing, letting go. Today can see some breakthroughs, achievements, or accomplishments, or at least the beginning intimations of them. As far as bringing some creative ideas down to the earth plane goes via applied efforts, or physically actualizing/manifesting an ideal into practical form, this math is fire. 


This morning begins with an energizing and obsessive lunar sextile to Mars in Scorpio, while the Moon still holds contact with Saturn and Pluto. This is an intense focus. Shit is getting cereal. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of obsessed and just…determined AF. All this intense energy has to be dumped into…something…and it looks like Mars in Scorpio is the release point. There’s a seriousness, sort of “do or die” about this math, that in spite of positive aspects, can generate a lot of internal or external pressure to boss the fuck up and get on your G shit. A new year and a new decade is right around the corner, so I suppose this is apropos. But there is definitely something next level about this. In the afternoon, as the Moon gets into the later degrees of Capricorn, it begins to build a growing square to Uranus in Taurus, which really keeps us on our toes. There can be an unstable, exciting energy building, and interactions with others can positively catalyze and inspire us to step outside the box or our comfort zones somehow. There can be some curveballs. The Moon enters Aquarius in the evening hours to link up nicely with Venus, while forming a sextile to Chiron in Aries. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s wild, it’s weird, it’s unconventional, it’s unpredictable, -but it isn’t boring. These can be some rather freeing, liberating configurations, and it can be good for the soul. Mercury in late Sagittarius building a trine to Uranus in Taurus suggests that our minds are beginning to warm up to the idea of certain changes, and thinking in more open minded, radical, free, and unconventional terms. This can see some..interesting results.. and definitely some innovations around any interpersonal hiccups or moral quandaries caused during Venus’ square to rebellious Uranus. In either case, change is becoming easier to embrace now, because it’s inevitable. 

Today is dominated by the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Venus and square Uranus. The lunar/Venus conjunction is by default, pleasure seeking, and pleasant in nature. Although, in Aquarius, these configurations aren’t necessarily comfortable with too much emotion, and prefers a more detached and objective approach to the realm of the feelings. It’s basically Vulcan in nature. This day also see’s Mercury in the final, and most urgent, impatient degree of Sagittarius, in trine to Uranus, conjunct Jupiter, and square Chiron. This shows a window of time where certain disclosures are made, or certain truths discovered, or a heightened point of honesty is reached, or in some cases, hopes or optimism dispelled-before Mercury heads into methodical, rational Capricorn this evening. Here, Mercury is much more economical with what is shared, and can be painfully realistic. A square between Mercury in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries suggests that communications can be somewhat strained and that people are kept on a need to know basis, as Mercury here is less forthcoming and more stingy with information, and more focused on time and energy conservation. Our mental focus can become increasingly narrow, focused, and thorough through this cycle, but it can produce some very fruitful and innovative results. Mercury in Capricorn is not really into idle chit chat, small talk, gossip, or fruitless banter that wastes time, and is more prone to research, serious thought, introversion, observation, and using time, space, thought, and the written and spoken word efficiently. It says what it means and it means what it says, and if it isn’t certain, it says nothing. The trine to Uranus, and conjunction to Jupiter can see some brilliant innovations, and big ideas. Some people can be reaching some sort of mental breakthroughs or a new levels of mastery regarding an area of expertise or skill they possess. These configurations all suggest that changes or ideas occurring or being put into motion now will have real, practical, physical, tangible ramifications down the road-due to the emphasis on the element of Earth. Nonetheless, the squares to Chiron suggest that there can be some lingering sensitivity in regards to communications with others. A finely tuned balance will need to be struck between our own self actualization, self expression, self mastery, and the way our pursuit of this impacts others, and the way we are perceived or interpreted. Again, this is yet another mathematical layer of the transmutation of butthurt into gold. It’s character building. It looks solid fam. Share and express your unique gifts, skills, and abilities. Don’t be scared. 

Today is highlighted by an irritable square between the Moon in emotionally detached Aquarius and primitive, instinctual Mars in intense Scorpio. With Uranus aspected so heavily, freedom and independence are kind of a big deal right now. This can be somewhat at odds with our more animalistic, primitive urges, and this energy requires an outlet. For some, this could see some kind of drama, inner conflict, or even ethical quandary around getting their own desires met. Some people might be feeling “friend zoned.” Others might be experiencing feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, or feeling “froze out” emotionally or otherwise, while conversely, others might be trying to escape this exact type of dynamic in a desire for more freedom. It’s also possible that our determination to do our own thing and remain totally free from the clutches of anyone else can see us acknowledging or confronting some repressed, powerful urges or some sense of frustration. In either case, the mind/emotions, and the animal instincts could be at odds somehow, but on the positive side, this could be creatively fruitful. It’s also possible that something weird and exciting happens, that isn’t necessarily negative, just…totally new, unexpected, perhaps a bit of a shock, and outside of our norm (Moon/Venus in Aquarius.) These configurations can actually be a catalyst to something unforeseen but potentially pleasing, beneficial, growth inducing, exciting, and liberating. Maybe a shift in perspective occurs, or the way we’ve assimilated certain experiences reaches a sort of breakthrough/turning point. These configurations can really amp up the nervous system, and there can be a pronounced restlessness in the air that can make it hard to get to sleep, but you know what? It’s the end of the year, fly your freak flag. 

Thanks for reading! Stay curious my friends. See you next Monday y’all. 

Monday, December 16, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Dec 16-22 2019

This week starts off with the Moon in enthusiastic Leo, trine the Sun in adventurous Sagittarius, and slowly coming out of a somewhat frustrating but energizing/catalyzing square to Mars. Mercury forms a loopy square to imaginative Neptune, which can have us feeling a bit out of it and make it a bit harder to concentrate, but can be great for creativity. (Not so great for concentration or punctuality.) With Saturn forming positive aspects to both Venus in serious Capricorn and Mars in obsessed Scorpio of late, things call for a lot of patience and restraint on the interpersonal and financial fronts, and in regards to new initiatives, but there’s a lot of stability available in whatever initiatives or plans that we do have, personally or otherwise. There can be an inhibiting theme of restraint to these aspects. There’s a lot of changes unfolding now with Jupiter’s trine to Uranus having perfected over the weekend, and a lot to adjust to. Later, the Moon in late Leo trines Jupiter and Uranus as well, and then heads into anxious Virgo around 11:15 PM PST. This places the focus more on the many practical details around said changes, and can see us thinking about how we can improve, tweak, perfect, or upgrade things, or sort out niggling details or loose ends-possibly around interpersonal dynamics. There can be a nervous excitement or anxiousness to the late evening and wee hours that can feel anticipatory or see us sensitive and attentive to details.

Today see’s the Moon in Virgo still in trine to both Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, throwing in an opposition to Neptune in Pisces and  a square to Mercury in Sagittarius. This can see us prone to worry, overexcitement, and overthinking every little thing, particularly in regards to communications, and general. But it can also see us trying to change some dynamics and get more out of our comfort zones around certain things that have maybe felt “stuck”. So much is changing and altering in large and subtle ways that there is a lot of adaptation and adjustments required, in the real, practical realms as well as interpersonally, and just energetically, in general. It can take a bit for everything and everyone to catch up to this “new download”. It’s massive. With so much emphasis on earth right now, this is a slow, plodding, determined energy, and the changes being instigated can take some time to set in, but they are surprisingly stable. The lunar/Mercury/Neptune aspects can see our nervous systems a bit jangled as we try to check the validity of some of our optimism. Some things can feel too good to be true and have us rubbing our eyes in disbelief. Venus in late Capricorn begins a square to Uranus today that can add significantly to our restlessness, and also see people breaking away from anyone or anything we feel is stifling our freedom in anyway, particularly interpersonally. There may be some awkward dynamics to navigate as the rest of the world catches up to whatever our personal truth is. Whatever it is, we’re pretty determined around it, and won’t take kindly to interference. Overall, we are restless to actualize the changes that have thus far taken place mostly internally. But as the Sun and Venus gear up to change sign, there will be breaks for freedom, and these changes will manifest in the practical realm that can be touched and felt. It’s clear in the math that not everyone is going to be 100 percent stoked about it, and there could be some tension or hurt feelings to mitigate. A grounding lunar trine to Saturn this eve can see us determined to stay our course, stand our ground, and manage any discrepancies that come up with a singleminded determination, (even if it’s hard to focus.)

Today see’s the Moon in Virgo still opposed Neptune, but trine Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and sextile Mars in Scorpio. This is some dank energy my dudes, certain goals could be so close we can taste them. This math could see some positive developments interpersonally, as low key, beneficial alliances that have a highly unusual, spiritual, creative, artistic, or “otherworldly” component to them begin to come more into alignment. This is some really dope looking math, I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I’m writing this on Monday from the past so I’ll have to see what Wed is like when I get there, but it looks siiiick. There’s still a lunar square to the Sun so we could still be feeling slightly out of step and have a hard time trusting our feelings or experiences, but this looks real AF whatever it is. It could be surprising, or some sort of major stride is made around something that’s requiring a lot of patience, or some sort of sign our patience, restraint, hard work, discipline, diligence, or efforts around something is not completely in vain. We could be laying the groundwork and perfecting some details in effecting some major transformations, and there could even be a sort of “investigative” quality to these maths, or some surprising feelings or happenings could surface. It’s not all perfect or easy however, as the moon heads into the later degrees of Virgo and begins an opposition to Chiron in Aries, there are signs that some feelings could get hurt, and some people could be feeling pretty sensitive around something, but with Pluto involved, we somehow know this is inevitable and unavoidable. As they say, ya gotta feel it to heal it. A late night lunar square to Jupiter can have us assimilating a lot.

Today see’s the Moon in partnership oriented Libra, coming out of a trine to Venus in the final, most impatient/urgent degree of Capricorn, and building another one when Venus enters Aquarius- which could see a decisive, interpersonal/energetic tipping point towards more independence.  A breaking away from something to go on to something else could be occurring. A lunar square to Jupiter could see us take the path of least resistance and go with what truly makes us feel good and leads to personal growth and expansion, but an opposition to Chiron suggests whatever this is may not necessarily be “orthodox” or live up to the expectations of certain others in some way. It’s perhaps the case that other people are sensitive to our every decision and movement. It’s seemingly inevitable that some people might have some hurt feelings, insecurity, sensitivity, or disappointment under these aspects, but overall, these are some otherwise positive configurations that confer long term stability and growth. Venus enters unconventional Aquarius at 10:42 PM PST this evening, auguring a Venus cycle that emphasizes more independence, experimentation, mental stimulation, friendship, and freedom from constraints. Aquarius is the sapiosexual and free radical of the zodiac, so Venus here is less rooted in the sensual and purely physical, and wants to be engaged intellectually through shared interests or common causes. Friendship is very important to Venus in Aquarius, (and in general, is the foundation of any healthy interaction.) This can signify a time of solidarity through radical change.


The weekend begins on an…interesting note. With the Moon in Libra forming a sextile to Mercury in Sagittarius, we could receive some positive news, or there’s an opportunity for more honest, open communication. Head and heart are in alignment, and it’s easier to express our thoughts and feelings. However, lunar squares to Saturn in Pluto suggest we are still holding back  quite a lot. Perhaps it’s a case of being diplomatic, perhaps it’s a matter of timing. But in either case, there’s a dipping of the toe into a stream of more dialogue. The lunar links to Saturn and Pluto suggest an underlying intensity beneath an otherwise pleasant, light, congenial, and diplomatic atmosphere. There’s also something “low key” about it all. A lot of stuffed down, intense feelings or urges concealed by a detached, diplomatic veneer. Saturn lends resilience and restraint. In either case, much is being held back, but it appears the waters are being tested.
It could be we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves or someone else by being too fucking weird. “Don’t make this weird don’t make this weird.” idk. Maybe just go ahead and make it weird. 

Happy Winter Solstice. This morning begins with the Moon in deep, probing, heavy breathing Scorpio, forming an opposition to Uranus in Taurus, a sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn, and a square to Venus in Aquarius. With Venus and Uranus also squaring up, this could see some freak moves, breaks for freedom, and moulds being broken, in the name of personal growth. With the Sun at the final, most urgent degree of adventurous Sagittarius, heading into conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, we now prepare to climb the mountain to retrieve the arrow we shot some time back and bring our visions down to earth in the real, practical realm. With the Moon opposition Uranus, there can be a whole lot of changeable emotions going on within us today, and they can oscillate from one extreme to another. But lunar trine to the North node suggests that there is something “fated” going on here, and following our heart is putting us in alignment with our destiny somehow. We are being “called home”, (whatever that means for you. So, whatever makes you feel safe, rooted, nurtured, secure, accepted, understood at a soul level, know...comfy AF.) This nodal axis is all about soul family/soul nourishment/roots/foundations (Cancer/Moon/4th house)and higher calling/mastery/achievement/maturity/wisdom/leveling up/Tegrity(TM) (Capricorn/Saturn/10th house.) There could be some inner conflict around certain things, but if anything, the Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus is certainly… adaptable. There could be some conflicts between heart and mind to wrestle out. The Sun enters practical Capricorn a little after 8 PM PST to trine Jupiter and lift the spirits, creating a feeling of resolve. A lunar trine to Neptune this evening suggests feelings of relief, or emotional release, as if we get some sense of “permission” from the universe to feel ok about our own positive feelings or whatever we feel some resolve around.  

This morning begins with a passionate, energizing lunar conjunction to Mars with a trine to Neptune. We could be feeling an inner excitement growing and there’s a lot of idealism packed in. Simultaneously, there is an opportunity to release any negative emotions or self judgements we have around whatever we’re feeling about the paths we are embarking upon now. This is an oddly reflective, stabilizing, energizing, dreamy, impassioned end to the weekend. These particular maths speak to me of reaching a state of inner resolve and inner peace about things. Lunar sextiles to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn add a feeling of resolution, some kind of inner confirmation that yes, we are in fact, doing the correct thing and we are on our path. It’s ok. Everything is ok. It’s ok to feel ok. With Venus in square to Uranus and in sextile to Chiron in Aries, whatever acts of liberation we’re taking for ourselves have a healing component. Not only is it good for us, it’s good for others as well. Even if there’s some internal or external resistance to these changes, this is clearly an extremely positive thing for everyone involved. Today can assist in releasing any self condemnation, judgment, or self criticism we may feel around following our own dreams, passions, and paths to growth and personal fulfillment. Release negativity. Release shame or self judgement. Embrace what connects you to joy. Follow your own inner shadow processes, resolve inner conflict, and make peace with yourself so that you can create the reality you want to experience.

Thanks for reading. Stay curious my friends! See you all next Monday.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Dec 9-15 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in Taurus, forming an intense, catalyzing opposition to Mars in Scorpio, and super pleasant trines to Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in  Capricorn, with a sextile to Neptune thrown in for good measure. All while Mercury moves out of secretive Scorpio and into open, curious, and adventurous Sagittarius. This week can see an emphasis on communications and expansion. As we build up to a full moon on Thursday the 12th in talkative Gemini, this can see a less cagey atmosphere beginning to emerge. Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto can see some rather intensely focused energies, but there is a coy shyness and reserve about this stellium that can come across as much more cool or aloof than is actually the case. There is a lot of self restraint going on with such an emphasis on this Saturn ruled sign. Cap is pretty god damned shy, and Venus in Cap can be a master at poker face. With Pluto involved, there’s a lot of intense shit going on behind many of the veneers of stoicism you may observe in people, and for some, much of it actually involves trying to contain, stuff down, and reign in some unusually pleasant, excited, inspired, or elated feelings. Saturn/Cap can have an automatic suspicion of joy and anything that feels good, -and actually prefers to err on the side of caution-expecting the absolute worst, making peace with the potential of entropy, decay,  disappointment, while still being open to the potentiality of being pleasantly surprised, (as opposed to expecting a fairy tale dream come true, only to be sorely disillusioned). Other people may be processing some heavy changes that have them feeling overwhelmed or even a bit sad, but with so many positive aspects in play here, support is bound to be available to anyone struggling, it’s all just a matter of asking the right people. Mercury in Sagittarius is going to try to just break the ice for everybody, because Jupiter now in Cap in opposition to Chiron in Aries on top of it all has some people feeling secretly, well,.. pretty fucking vulnerable actually, possibly  intimidated about facing some pretty major transformations/endings/and/or beginnings in their lives. This Mercury transit will help to fortify courage to explore new territory, open lines of communication, expand reference points, increase optimism, and fuel a desire to learn, grow, expand, and step out of our comfort zones mentally or otherwise. A positive link to Chiron suggests this transit will see some really healing and beneficial communications and learning experiences transpire. This can see a lot of truths emerge as well. This is all some extremely potent stuff. As John Henry Newman put it, “Growth is the only evidence of life.”

The Moon shifts into busy and talkative Gemini this morning, opposing Mercury in Sagittarius. This can see people wanting to speak their minds, reach out, exchange thoughts, ideas, information, or kickstart any stalemated or shelved communications. These things won't happen instantly, there's a lot of inhibition, blockages, and delicacy as of yet, and fears or anxieties to work through. Mercury’s long and sordid journey through Scorpio combined with finishing that ride alongside a stoic, buttoned down, but (secretly) super intense stellium in a cardinal earth sign, saw a lot of people experiencing and examining some powerfully persistent carnal drives, desires, urges, pulls, and compulsions, and making peace with and befriending their personal demons. This has been an extremely private, highly personal process that has brought everyone to a deeper place of authenticity and integrity within themselves, and has required a fierce, no bullshit determination to eliminate whatever or whoever isn’t serving that bottom line. Kind of ruthless and matter of fact energy this was, but the path to 'Tegrity(TM) hasn't been an easy or uncomplicated one for many people. The bottom line is anything and/or anyone that fuels our passion to more fully self actualize. These recent configurations saw some tough decisions for a lot of people, and it's created a weird, cagey, strategic, atmosphere that could take a bit to thaw out completely as people gain strength, confidence, mitigate  damages, and absolve themselves of guilt, shame, low self regard, insecurity, or a need to be a martyr in order to feel deserving of even just existing inside a body. It's simply time to begin to release all the shitty, stagnant feelings that restrict joy, life, growth, passion, personal empowerment,and the flow of abundance that is due to flow to and through you once all these fears and vibrational blockages are removed.  Mercury has moved on into a more lighthearted sign, we can focus more on coming into energetic alignment with the light at the end of the tunnel, and the possibilities now open to us. Opening up lines of communication, diffusing things with humor, breaking ice, making wise cracks, or simply just “telling it like it is”, or getting some shit off of our leadened, weighted, and (seemingly) bullet proof fucking chests can make this transit a welcome relief. Sure, things are still up in the air, but it’s easier to see how this could actually be really fun, and even a valuable opportunity for growth, learning, and personal empowerment.  Personal empowerment is, in fact, the only antidote to any of the unknowns that may have us feeling uneasy, uncertain, anxious, or under  confident about our new reality. We can’t backtrack now or go back to the way things were, but we can build a cool pirate ship and hoist a flag about it and float on top of it, taking in the new view. Today can see banter or back and forth, and some revelatory, healing, and illuminating communications can go down, or we can learn something that shifts our perception around something or shakes things up in a potentially positive way. It can also be an extremely busy time, with a lot of multitasking, and much self restraint. This lunation will surely be felt directly in the nervous system, kind of like mushrooms. Consider it a download. 

Today’s major aspects are the Moon in Gemini opposing the Sun in Sagittarius and squaring up to Neptune. We could be in a bit of a dreamy tailspin with everything we’re taking in right now, and this could have everyone feeling a bit loopy. This is kind of math that has you holding your car keys in your hands while simultaneously searching for wherever the fuck you actually put your car keys. It’s a bit dazed and confused and there’s a lot of communications and errands and a busy vibe, and just overall a whole lot of changes to take in, assimilate, digest, and prepare for, and it can feel like a lot is happening all at once, which can make it harder to focus. But there’s definitely a lot of inspiration and it certainly isn’t boring. Venus linked up to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can still see people working through some peevishness, inhibition, shyness, caution, and reserve, in spite of the strengthened emphasis on open, honest communication, inquisitiveness, and the increase in courage and bravery. Mars link up to Neptune can make us very aware of the power driving us, and extremely compassionate and even delicate with how we weild it. It's like a predator with a conscience. We may not want to do any wrong, and combined with a Gemini lunation this can see some fence sitting, and an increased awareness of subtly, and the need for non attachment, sacrifice, release of control to the divine. However, curiosity  is certainly piquing, which can see people setting some reservations aside in order to engage more with others, out of sheer wonderment, awe, mystery, confusion, or bemusement. Like a couple of Hobbits not being able to help but look directly into the ring in order to attempt to simply understand it better. Sagittarius is just curious like that. Enjoy and embrace this most bogus learning journey my dudes. Don’t be scared of the ring of power. Understand it. Befriend it. Wear it around the house.It is The Precious for a reason.

Today see’s the Full Moon culminate in Gemini, opposing the Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter in early Capricorn, and squaring up to Chiron. This could be a very busy time, with a lot of running around, errands, and communications to attend to.  It could see a lot of nervous energy, and perhaps something has us feeling a tad vulnerable, exposed, out on a limb, or simply just overwhelmed and a bit under confident around our ability to adapt to the changes coming down the pike. Mars trine to Neptune see’s us deeply idealistic about whatever is driving us right now, and we’re definitely far from indifferent. Mars in Scorpio is extremely passionate and even obsessive about achieving it’s desire, and it’s contact to Neptune has our ideals around whatever this is highly activated and involved, in spite of what all the stoic stack up of planets in Capricorn would care to reveal. That’s just a poker face. Game face. Cap is extremely economical with it’s energy, and this stellium isn’t fucking around or down to waste time, energy, words, resources, -or faith- on fruitless pursuits or interactions that lead nowhere. Nonetheless, these maths call us to reconcile our own uncompromising wills with a lack of any guarantees that certain desires or ideals will even be realized. This Cap stellium is so fierce, determined, and obsessively single minded though, that I actually don’t think it’s even going to give one single fuck about potentially taking an L -in the name of ’Tegrity(TM). This is a one track mind, slow moving, high powered freight train of a stellium. It’s powerful AF, so be mindful of wherever you’re pointing this thing. Neptune's contact to Mars softens the Scorpionic severity and has added a great deal of mindfulness and compassion. It's kind of like Edward Scissorhands. He knows one wrong move could permanently maim someone, so he's very careful and gentle in his movements to avoid unnecessary casualties. Around 4 PM PST, the Moon shifts into comfort seeking Cancer, where it forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a square to Chiron. We could definitely feel like we have taken some steps out of our comfort zones, and it’s weird, exciting, liberating, but also a bit…vulnerable. Has Pandoras box been opened? What’s been said, seen, heard, and done can’t be unsaid, unseen, unheard, or undone. And here we are. Is it awkward? Possibly. Are we bored? Fuck no. If anything, we could be a weird mixture of overexcited, overstimulated, shook, maybe a bit freaked out, nervous, anxious, potentially confronting some insecurities, -but nothing that can’t be handled. Saturn forms a sextile to Mars, which suggests some kind of bossing up and doubling down on fulfilling our desires and making the shit we want to see happen, happen. So, resilience and determination is increased in direct proportion to any weakness or vulnerability we may feel. This is some fierce determination to see something through, and a push for major transformations is definitely picking up momentum. The driving force in all of this? Instinct. Root and sacral chakra energies. Pure, undeniable, extremely compelling animal instincts. “The Precious”. Whatever that means to you. Let’s just drop it like it’s awkward and be honest about the fact that absolutely everyone is fucking obsessed about something right now. Mercury in Sagittarius may have lightened things up and is airing things out, but we're still being motivated by a curious mixture of animal instinct and what's felt like..some kind of paranormal activity/divine interception.


Hey’s Friday the 13th. Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be? If this mathscape wasn’t occult, esoteric and arcane enough for you, …well, here you go, freaks. Today see’s the Moon in Cancer trine both Mars and Neptune, while opposing Saturn, Venus, and intense, heavy breathing Pluto all in Capricorn. The first lunar opposition in the early hours is to Jupiter in Cap. This simultaneously magnifies the feelings, along with the desire (or necessity?) to put up a stoic front and act like we don’t even have them. “Play it cool man. Game face. Game face.” If I could have translated Alpha Male Strategies rubbing his big ass hands together in all his intros into type format, *right here*, I would do that for you guys. Anyways, these maths could see some intense, inspiring, difficult, confusing,highly idealistic feelings, ESP experiences, and tenacious drives, in the face of considerable obstacles, challenges, blockages, or things just requiring a whole lot of patience, diligence,  work, sacrifice, another extra helping of patience, with some unwavering faith and masterfully applied *non attachment* thrown in.( It's worth noting that boners lasting longer than 4 hrs require medical attention.)  This whole non attachment thing might be pretty hard for some folk, Mars in Scorpio is very all or nothing and it wants what it fucking wants. It’s army of Golems. Looking at this math though, I mean, this shit is dedicated to getting what it wants, no matter what resistance it’s up against, but also faces the potential of simultaneously confronting significant feelings of loss. Doors closing and opening simultaneously.  With the Moon in Cancer, this heightens the feels, and increases the instinctual drives quite a bit. Any resistance or challenge is only likely to strengthen and intensify feelings. This includes anything we are denying within ourselves. This day could also see us somewhat more emotionally inhibited, even if we’re very much “in our feels”. The Saturn contacts with the Moon, Venus, and Pluto suggests we could be holding quite a lot back, and keeping much of our feelings, plans, happenings, etc to ourselves, or only letting certain select confidants in on the true magnitude of whatever we’re feeling, hoping for, fearing, desiring, or experiencing. It’s all very discreet math, even with Mercury in oversharing Sagittarius. The Cancer lunation could also see people preoccupied with security. “Is it safe? Are they safe? Is this safe?” The Cap stellium responds with “Idk man, but it’s time to boss up boo, because we’re going onward, regardless, so you’re just gonna have to ride or die, because I’m not backing up the train or turning around. You can’t turn around a fucking train.” There’s a low key confidence and assertiveness to this math that lends courage, willpower, fierceness, and emotional resilience, even if we face some challenges via circumstances or other people. There’s also a healthy dose of sensitivity, compassion and empathy present, and neither of these tendencies show signs of flailing wildly in the direction of either sociopathy/antipathy, or auto accommodation/self erasure/echosim. I do not fail to appreciate this apparent mathematical elegance. That doesn't mean it's easy. But Mercury in Sagittarius points to the horizons ahead, and encourages emphasizing silver linings, optimism, freedom, and inspiration. Positivity as a survival mechanism. So it pays to try to find the humor in events, because in many ways this is necessary for growth. People may need more time to themselves in order to sort through feelings and adjust to this tsunami of transformation. 

This morning begins on a somewhat comfort seeking, tension avoiding vibe, with the lingering aspects of the Cancer lunation no longer so supported by Mars and Neptune, but nonetheless, optimism and confidence is building, even though we sense there are more shake ups, surprises, or acts of liberation, unorthodoxy, or rebellion on the way. Saturday evening, things liven up considerably as the Moon shifts into gregarious, fun seeking, and showy Leo around 8 PM PST. Here, the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus, and trines Mercury in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries, suggesting that perhaps we are caught off guard or by surprise, -but not in an unpleasant way. We could receive an out of the blue communication or invite that shakes things up a bit, and increases our courage and confidence somehow. Maybe it’s an unexpected but pleasant surprise. With Mercury in Sagittarius, it could be a long distance communication or a friend from out of town blows through. Could be anything. Except boring. If you’re around the wrong type of people a Leo lunation with hard aspects can potentiate over dramatics, jealousy, competition, or over the top (negative) theatrics, but this math looks fun, lighthearted, and rather difficult to fuck up. Whatever is going on this eve can have people in optimistic and playful spirits, perhaps riding on waves of good news or positive feedback. There’s a whole lot of creativity, unconventionality, innovation, spontaneity, and joyful noise in this math. Healing even.  New alliances are being formed that have long term implications written all over them. Praise the LAWD. It’s fresh AF.

Today begins on the heels of yesterday evening’s surprise “zang platter”. Only today throws in a lunar square to Mars that grows stronger as this evening wears on. It’s nothing too serious, could actually feel exciting, but could see some subtle undercurrents of irritability, agitation, frustration, restlessness, or worst case scenario, envy, drama, jealousy, ego battles, or negative attention seeking. It’s got a somewhat feisty flavor to it that would best be thrown into a battle of the bands, sports.. or like a dance off or something like that.  Positively, it creates a lot of energy to burn, and could see people really focused on adding more fun and excitement into their lives. It's possible something or someone could have our passion and enthusiasm levels aroused and it could produce some interesting creative results or breakthroughs, or just some good times, fresh energy and enthusiasm.  This could produce a subtly competitive or "pent up" atmosphere, but creativity (or some kinda sport/exercise) is a super positive channel to funnel any frustrated or restless drives into. It could be hard to focus on work, as we could really want to enjoy ourselves right now.  On the less positive side, do try to avoid petty ego conflicts or taking out frustrations on others. Regardless, this math could see people wanting to enhance themselves or their skillsets, to either achieve some personal best, some goal, or pick up a new (or old, shelved) hobby, or enjoy sports, fun, entertainment, or creative outlets. Maybe there's a desire to impress ourselves, or someone in particular. It’s kind of adorable math really. Maybe today would be a good day to just all around be less stingy with praise, encouragement, and (sincere) compliments, as it’s possible that some people are feeling pretty sensitive to rejection, ignored, overlooked, not good enough, or simply unacknowledged. Of course, everyone (ideally) *should* be self validating and *internally* fortifying their own egos and self worth, but we're all human man, it never hurts to encourage others or show some love, as long as we stop short of insincerity or deliberately misleading others with flowery bullshit. Either way, these maths, and the maths to follow, can see everyone wanting to level up, grow, and improve upon themselves, their skills, assets, and positive attributes, -driven by some intense, primitive instincts and desires, and some major inner and outer transformations. People are eager and excited to learn, sensitive to feedback (or the lack thereof), and are yearning to graduate to new levels of self actualization, joy, awesomeness, and fulfillment. Let’s all try to encourage each other in a mutual admiration society, and as Rufus says, “Be excellent to each other.” Alrighty. Deuces! I’m clocking out.

Thanks for reading! Stay curious my friends, I’ll see y’all next Monday. 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Dec 2-8 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in the later degrees of Aquarius, still squaring up to Mercury in Scorpio, creating a detachment from otherwise intense preoccupations or emotions. The big news this week occurs today. Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, enters earthy and methodical Capricorn at 10:20  AM for a year. This see’s Venus and Jupiter both trine Uranus in Taurus. With Venus also in sextile to Mars in Scorpio, this could have seen many people driven to contemplate taking some calculated risks in a completely new direction. Change can be difficult and scary, and although Venus is no longer in tension with Chiron, Jupiter picks up where she left off. I spoke last week about ‘Tegrity(TM), as these maths have certainly highlighted the importance of embracing our own authenticity and allowing our choices to reflect that…which means also embracing the fact that not everybody is going to be in complete agreement with whatever you decide. With all of these planets in Saturn ruled Capricorn however, this could see some wrestling with ethical or moral quandaries. I;e: Guilt. Something Saturn (and Capricorn) are very familiar with. With Mars and Mercury both in instinctual, uncompromising Scorpio, it’s important to really connect with whatever “rings our bell, and makes us feel most alive.” If you find yourself motivated by guilt to go in a certain direction, as noble as this is-it's the fucking wrong direction. Mars in Scorpio needs more than mere guilt to rouse it to action. Mars in Scorpio is concerned with the primordial seat of power in the human being. The mojo. The passions. Scorpio doesn’t rule over Sex and Death for nothing. This is the power within the human being that creates life. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn want congruency and Tegrity(TM). With so much Cap emphasized here, there is the knowledge that whatever decisions made are going to stick. There are longterm implications.  So, under these configurations, things are narrowing down and coming to a more decisive and congruent turning point. You have the right to change your mind, no matter who may be disappointed or upset, what ultimately matters is that you step on to a fertile platform for personal growth and do what is most in alignment with your deeper passions, higher callings, and personal empowerment. This can be a difficult process for some people, as certain sacrifices need to be made on the altar of Tegrity(TM). But if you catch yourself motivated by guilt as opposed to “FUCK YES”,-stop yourself. Ask yourself if you would rather be stuck with a decision you made out of guilt, or if if you would rather be stuck with a decision you made out of a place of self empowerment and “Fuck yes”. (As a person with a Cap stellium myself, I have to check my tendency to be guilted into things all the time, and let me tell you, it’s been empowering AF to say NO to this reflex.)   This is also a powerful time for individuation, as the Aquarian lunation squares up against Mercury in instinctual Scorpio and perhaps see’s us questioning ourselves, as it can feel that the stakes are rather high. With Mercury and Mars in Scorpio combined with this growing, powerful stellium in Capricorn, there is a feeling that once we step into certain territory there is simply no going back to the way things were, so it’s a rather do or die moment astrologically, as something needs to be released in order to enter into a new vibration. Powerful stuff. Later, as the Moon edges towards the last degrees of Aquarius, it forms a sextile to Jupiter freshly in Capricorn. The Moon enters Pisces around 11 PM PST, suggesting a feeling of release, a letting go, that somehow benefits us. Perhaps a sigh of relief, and a decision to embark upon a new direction.

Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Pisces, squaring the Sun in Sagittarius, and forming a trine to Mars in Scorpio and a sextile to Uranus as well as Venus. This can see us commit to a new direction interpersonally or otherwise, and it looks to be extremely beneficial. With Jupiter square Chiron however, perhaps it takes courage, and being true to ourselves, and perhaps it hasn’t been an easy decision to make, as again, maybe not everyone is happy with it. There’s also a lot of unknowns involved, and whatever is going on now is certainly out of our comfort zones somehow, but exciting all the same. These are curious maths, because there is a lot of liberation in the mix, the theme of breaking away from something (old ways of life? Outmoded situations? Limiting beliefs? Confining circumstances, controlling individuals, inner negativity or doubt?) in order to achieve greater harmony, pleasure, and personal fulfillment. These maths will definitely see a lot of action transpiring in regards to relationships and alliances, as well as finances, over all security, -and self worth. With the Pisces lunation, there is a release of something, an ending of something, a sacrifice. But there is very clearly a new cycle beginning in it’s place. Around noon PST, the Moon conjoins Neptune, and with the Sun squaring up to Neptune, and the Moon squaring the Sun, there could be some longing, perhaps some unknowns. Some people might even be processing the end of one relationship and the beginning of a new one, or perhaps a revival of one that was on the rocks, or some other kind of “relationship revolution”. If this is the case, the planets in Cap emphasize slow growth. Take your time, and most importantly, get to know *yourself*, first and foremost. You’re the only one that you *have* to spend the rest of your life with. Make sure you’re in good company in your own solitude, -because nothing and no one can supplicate that, and it’s also what you’re going to be bringing to your interactions. Either way, Tuesdays lunar sextile to Venus and trine to Mars can see some inner and outer alignment of wills, and offer some valuable reflections that can see us making more sense of certain feelings, drives, and impressions, and coming into more congruence with it all. Neptune emphasized can certainly see some sacrifices being made, and this can maybe come with some vague uncertainty, perhaps even a tinge of sadness or guilt. The Mars/Uranus opposition lets up today however, so there are certain blockages around aligning more authentically with our will being removed, and the controversy of doing so will slowly but surely recede more into the background to be released. This is replaced with new, fertile ground that beckons to be explored and bristles with potential. Some are experiencing radical departures from what has been known, and entering new, foreign terrain literally or figuratively, and it can be exciting and scary at the same time, due to so many unknowns. “Jeebus, take the wheel.” Oddly, even amidst uncertainty and radical change, there’s an ironic notion of stability to these configurations. Today is rather dreamy, reflective, imaginative, and there can be some pleasant interactions, impressions, and exchanges peppered in. A lot of compassion as well, even if it’s unspoken. Even in the face of saying goodbye to certain chapters or releasing certain things to the fates, there is an odd feeling of serendipity, and that somehow, some way, it’s all going to work itself out. A sort of trust  in, and surrender to the divine order of things is called for. With Jupiter trine to Uranus, we are surely being called out of the safety of certain comfort zones and into new possibilities. This Pisces lunation is an opportunity to work through and release fears, doubts, restricted self concepts. In the Mayan calendar the shadow side of this day is “choosing to remain safe at the expense of growth.” Fortunately, embracing it looks to be a surprisingly pleasant and beneficial experience, so it would just be kind of setting ourselves up to have a really bad time to resist the flow of our own growth and be afraid of our own positive feelings. It harkens a time of release and of moving forward into new possibilities that actually look fertile AF.

Today see’s the Pisces Moon trine Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, and sextile Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see some extremely positive power moves and communications or thoughts going down, and perhaps it’s all very “behind the scenes,” and occurring in a super low key, understated, or even secretive way. This is a rather passive lunation, so many people are simply thinking about what they might like to say or ruminating over feelings, endings, or their sense of direction. Whatever is going down is setting some longterm foundations that will completely change things going forward. It almost seems divinely orchestrated, fated, or what have you. (These maths have been really unprecedented, it's some pretty powerful stuff.) We could receive support, guidance, or encouragement from behind the scenes, or even just “signs” from the universe that help us feel more certainty and stability about whatever path we’re deciding to embark upon. There is something stable, supportive, reassuring or quietly affirming about today’s configurations. There could even be some sort of epiphanies reached that help us feel more solid within ourselves. Lunar trine to Mercury in Scorpio all day really emphasizes communication and thoughts, and with both in water signs, this involves the feelings and instincts, and coming to a place of inner congruence and acceptance about them. There can be some healing exchanges possible, and deep levels of communication, -even wordlessly, silent understandings. A lot of creative inspiration is available as well. A growing lunar link to Chiron begins later on towards evening. Very healing stuff going down here, even if it accompanies some challenges and a need to release, or get more time alone to digest and distill things. A lunar square to Jupiter in the evening hours can see some indulgent or somewhat excessive tendencies, but oddly, -with Jupiter now in Capricorn, such escapism can actually take the form of running from (or simply handling/managing) rather “large” feelings, via throwing oneself into work, practical tasks, -or some other form of self mastery, self discipline, goal, or personal achievement/advancement. It's a pretty mellow, reflective, but focused vibe that can be good for creativity. Inspired, low key enthusiasm.

We begin this morning pulling our shit together from the Pisces lunation, to gear up for a more active, less passive lunar phase. Around noon, the Moon enters fiery and assertive Aries, where we will simultaneously feel more vulnerable and more emboldened. Initially, the Aries Moon still holds a trine to Mercury (although out of sign and weaker), while simultaneously conjunct Chiron and square Jupiter. This could see some “big feelings.” There may be an urge to communicate something, or there could be a bit more assertiveness in communications but it’s a rather brief window. With Chiron involved, everything takes courage now, but today, as Mercury enters the later degrees of Scorpio, it forms a trine to Chiron, which can give us the balls and more courage around revealing certain things we’ve maybe kept stuffed down. In the very least, we begin playing with the idea of opening up some kind of pandoras box or revealing more of ourselves somehow. We could have some doubts, vulnerabilities, or feel challenged somehow, particularly by the sheer amount of changes transpiring. The lunar square to Jupiter can definitely magnify the emotions, and this can see people throwing themselves into some kind of self mastery or practical tasks in order to manage them, if there isn’t any appropriate outlet for such assertive drives or “big feelings”. After death, comes new beginnings, and releasing the old can be a vulnerable process that can have us feeling “out on a limb.” But this is a time to embrace the new, to have courage in the face of vulnerability, embracing our own authentic selves, even if it’s humbling or scary.  It is ultimately what will bring growth and transformation. The Aries lunation represents a fresh start, the beginning of a new cycle. It just so happens that this one carries particular magnitude and significance, given the other configurations. 


Friday morning see’s the Moon in Aries trine the Sun in expansive Sagittarius, which can be energizing and otherwise optimistic feeling. In some ways, it could feel our worlds have opened up a bit and we have more space and freedom, emotionally or otherwise. We could actually need this space to process certain things. Minor tension between the Moon and Mercury, along with squares to Venus, Saturn, and eventually Pluto, are the only other aspects of significance throughout this day. This could see some interpersonal tension, or perhaps just some awkwardness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entirely negative tension, but it could just be that so many intense changes are unfolding that people may need some personal space and independence to implement certain things. Squares indicate action and breakthroughs. So there could be a lot happening at this time. Expressing ourselves can feel a bit awkward due to some of these configurations, so it’s better to just not put pressure on ourselves or others socially or interpersonally. There’s definitely some major moves going on, and a lot of intensity in the air. Give yourself and others a wide birth if it’s too hot in the kitchen. Do you boo. Allow the dust to settle. There could be some pleasant shocks or surprises right around the corner that really change things up in a significant, beneficial way.

Today starts on the heels of yesterdays intensity, but we can feel things starting to shift into a more pleasant direction as the Moon edges into the later degrees of Aries. A trine to Jupiter and a conjunction to Uranus begin to build and this could bring a feeling of considerable excitement, optimism, and a liberating feeling, -even if there is lingering intensity from some corner of our lives. These could be changes on a practical, physical level, being that there is such an emphasis on earth here. These are major transformations. There could even be a sort of understated, low key, “giddiness” to these configurations, as if we’re preparing for something exciting to happen. The Moon shifts into Taurus in the wee hours, and there could be a milestone to celebrate by the time the weekend is over, though it won’t be one that has been arrived at easily.

Today see’s the Moon in sensual, practical Taurus, seeing a rather mixed bag of a day, though is largely positive. This weekend has certainly produced some breakthroughs. Todays configurations include a lunar conjunction to Uranus, an opposition to Mars in Scorpio, trines to Venus and Saturn, and a sextile to Neptune. Wow. What a download this shit is about to be. So.. let’s break this down.The lunar/Mars opposition could certainly see the potential for conflict or irritability. It could be someones not happy with something we’re doing or have decided on. It could also be that the sheer force of will and push forward required of us has left us in need of grounding, centering, and creature comforts in order to more fully remove our grumpy glasses, take in the new view, or take advantage of our new reality. Regardless, there’s a potential for some irritability, grumpiness, or conflict with a Moon/Mars opposition, so take care to *deliberately* seek out others who support your growth, happiness, and fullest expression, -and try to avoid anyone who wants to stifle or inhibit that. Today might be very telling in regards to who celebrates you coming into deeper alignment with your most authentic self and fullest expression, -and who bemoans and resents it, or wants to control, stifle, inhibit it, or throw a wet blanket on it. Because, CONVERSELY-we have some very pleasing, stabilizing, inspiring, and even idyllic configurations here that show some promising, long term potential for major growth, blossoming, joy, and transformation. To top it off, it looks stable AF, and even creatively and spiritually inspiring. There may be a lot of unknowns emphasized by the Sun/Neptune square, but there's also a lot of potential herr for creativity or spirituality, and it can feel good to put faith in something.  Mercury in 29 degrees of secretive, and intense Scorpio today, due to enter open, honest Sagittarius on Monday, the floodgates of communication will open, and our courage will grow regarding sharing some of these intense experiences, private processes, or repressed truths. In either case, things will lighten up considerably, and thinking more positively will come more easily, as will being more forthright, honest (maybe even blunt) with others about what we’re really thinking. We’ll also be more openly inquisitive and less cagey/closed off. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay curious my friends! See you next Monday.