Monday, July 29, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of July 29th-August 4th 2019

Monday, early morning see’s the Moon in zero degrees Cancer forming some minor irritating aspects to Mars and Chiron, going on to eventually form a sextile to Uranus and an opposition to Saturn. There could be some curve balls, challenges, inconveniences to navigate, and we may need to improvise some solutions, or accept some temporary discomfort as we attempt to find stability within change, experimentation, and breaking new ground. As Mercury prepares to station direct midweek, and this week also heralds a new Moon in Leo, expect things to still feel a bit “loopy” before the dust settles. The period before and after Mercury stations either direct or retrograde is usually manifests the most “hiccups.” Don’t let the loose ends or the final screams of a dying era dampen your enthusiasm for the new chapter that is about to unfold. Monday evening ends with a lovely lunar trine to Neptune, taking the edge off of the square to Chiron and the opposition to Saturn. This fuels the imagination, longings, dreams, and ideals, and can provide an “anesthetic” to any blockages or frustrations experienced.

The morning of the 30th see’s the Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury, adding in an opposition to Pluto along side Saturn. This suggests a “sweeping up” process as Mercury spends it’s final moments retrograde, clearing the decks for the new, positive, and life affirming direction forward. These are some major transformations everyone is undergoing, so if you find yourself frustrated with others due to their seeming “flakiness” or lack of availability, consider that perhaps they are going through more than they may be letting on, and that perhaps it is merely an issue of poor timing, rather than a static reflection of their character, or worse, their view of you. Try not to take things too personally at this time, as many people are dealing with a lot in their lives, and this sort of major overhaul, clearing out, and total transformation can take time to finalize and set. This is no small feat for any of us. All signs are pointing towards better times ahead, so take heart that whatever frustrations you’ve been experiencing are temporary. 

The morning of the 31st see’s the Moon in zero degrees Leo, lightning up the atmosphere considerably. There could be a lot of excitement, nervous energy, and spontaneity in the air. The Moon and Sun both form squares to Uranus in Taurus, and trines to Chiron in Aries. The Moon conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Venus amidst all this suggests a whole lot of creative improvisation and changes being made that could ultimately be very self affirming and bring healing to the overall sense of self confidence. This energy will certainly keep everyone on their toes and there could be some rather surprising or even pleasantly shocking developments interpersonally and/or creatively. The Sun and Moon trining up to Jupiter adds a “larger than life” feel to proceedings that can significantly boost morale, and magnify the creative, artistic, romantic, or theatrical intensity. The New Moon occurs at 8:12 PM PST, followed by Mercury stationing direct at 8:58 PM PST. Looking forward, towards all that is life affirming, while “wrapping up”, repairing, and releasing all that stands in the way of that is par for the course. The conjunction this new Moon has to Venus, and then Mars, places the emphasis on pleasure, love, enjoyment, beauty, passion, and taking actions and initiatives in the direction of what makes us feel alive. This is a “glow up” for the collective consciousness. We could even receive some kind of good news that opens up our world somehow, or strengthen our sense of identity through new, exciting positive interpersonal connections. Regardless of what transpires, this has “new” and “untried” written all over it.

August 1st see’s a rather action oriented and passionate day, with the Moon in Leo conjunct Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter. Innovation, experimentation, passion, and eccentricity are in the air, along with a hefty dose of creativity, pomp and circumstance. With Mercury going forward once again, we can slowly begin to regain our equilibrium, and excitement builds for future projects, relationships, endeavors, and initiatives. This day can see some impulsiveness, and perhaps a surge of courage overtake us. A quincunx to Pluto can see an obsessiveness that drives us, and it can be important to perhaps slow down, and try to maintain some objectivity. This is certainly a passionate day, that can see everyone bent on expanding their horizons and increasing the potential for joy, passion, fun, expressiveness, romance, and creativity in their lives. 


August 2nd see’s the Moon move into earthy and detail oriented Virgo, shifting the emphasis on getting small tasks, duties, and “fixing” things out of the way. A lunar trine to Uranus in Taurus adds some spontaneity to the daily grind, while the Sun squaring Uranus suggests that we would rather be playing. Even if we are forced to grapple with more mundane practicalities, getting these things out of the way now will free us up later, and prevent any mishaps that could occur down the line. Whatever we are putting into place, wrapping up, and tending to at this time has an important role to play in setting us on the passionate new path we would ideally like to be on. So if you must work this weekend, or repair/replace broken appliances, items, or tend to some other Virgo related issue, such as your health, or pets, duties, routines, - there’s no reason you can’t whistle while doing so, knowing that you’re laying the bricks to your dream castle.

August 3rd see’s the Virgo Moon square Jupiter, oppose Neptune, and trine Saturn and Pluto. It seems that certain tasks have been completed and are done and out of the way, and this could bring a feeling of smug satisfaction and accomplishment. There could be a feeling of quiet confidence about potential challenges around the corner, even if there are some vague uncertainties. Not that all the work is done, but now that certain things are out of the way or resolved, perhaps this is a moment to make assessments of any potential pitfalls in an effort of crisis prevention. Lunar sextile to Mercury, with the emphatic trines to Saturn in Pluto suggests a “thoroughness” about the energy of Saturday, where we may be sorting through the details of things to make concerted efforts that everything functions efficiently, and that our path ahead can be as free from obstacles as possible. 

August 4th see’s the Moon move into Libra, shifting the emphasis on to our relation with others, and bringing harmony between the needs of ourselves and the needs of other people. A lunar opposition to Chiron highlights where we may have put relations with other people on the back burner in order to attend to other things, and may need to pick up some slack in this area and bring more attention to our relationships. Later, a pleasing sextile to Venus and the Sun in Leo, illuminates the benefits of bringing more focus, charm, diplomacy, and TLC to our relations with other people. A little attention here goes a long way. A late night lunar square to Saturn can make us feel more responsible, mature, and emotionally resilient, even if things on the relationship front aren’t exactly how we would ideally want them to be (yet.) This could see next week start off on a dutiful, quietly optimistic, and conscientious note, as we continue to make sweeping changes in our lives that will allow for a more inspiring interpersonal and creative landscape. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Moon, and I hope you all have a most excellent week! See you next Monday.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of July 22-28th 2019

July 22
After the dramatic pause for reflection over the weekend at what is technically considered the dead center of the Mercury retrograde, the creative fire grows as the Sun moves into Leo Monday evening. This strengthens the pull into the solar plexus, and creates a building feeling that everything’s “finna get litty.” With the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron as Monday begins, this could highlight all the ways we want to improve our confidence levels, and we could be inspired by people who are doing, being, and living at the levels that we would like to aspire towards. The Moon trine Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius can really have us wanting to grow our confidence and put ourselves out there, but the conjunction to Chiron can have us keenly aware of some kinks we have to work out in our confidence around asserting our identity. There could be some loose ends to tie up that could somewhat frustrate the building desire we feel to advance, pursue, or initiate something. 

(*Feel free to refer to my “Notes on July” article where I discuss Mars in Leo, if you’re feeling a little extra insecure, competitive, -or envious as opposed to inspired by the successes, progress, and positive attributes of others.) 

July 23
With the Moon in Aries and the Sun now firmly in Leo, the competitive and creative drives, and the impulse towards joy, fun, and expanding our creative expression is strong, with Lunar trines still going on to Mars and Jupiter. The ego impulses are on fire, to a point of feeling stir crazy. A lunar square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn reminds us of our duties, and there could be some temporary roadblocks to executing our desires to express ourselves more confidently, fully, creatively, and joyfully. This creates an energy of “preparation”, fueled by an intense, and even obsessive desire to transform an issue around confidence. Later, the Moon makes a square to Venus in Cancer as well, which could make us feel these pressures all the more keenly. We are aware of all the that we aspire towards, while simultaneously being made aware of what inner blockages are in the way of that. The Moon goes on to square Mercury as well, and the intense desire to transform ourselves and our lives from the inside out to achieve more fulfilling levels of self actualization, confidence, expression, impact, and assertion in the world, continues to taunt us, while our inspiration runs in all kinds of directions, and we are inspired and perhaps a bit vulnerable and insecure all at once.  This could see people really pushing themselves to reach new levels of self embodiment. 

July 24
The early part of Wednesday see’s the Moon in Late Aries, and this palpable drive and enthusiasm intensifies. The Moon conjoins shock rocker Uranus, and shifts into practical, “show me the money” Taurus around 2:45 PM PST, squaring the Sun in bombastic and showy Leo.  People could really be “feeling themselves”, or at least, really wanting to be feeling themselves. The need to individuate and find our own sense of “specialness” and expression in the world needs to find tangible expression, and it’s all kind of an experiment in “ego rehabilitation.” We are still undergoing a deep process of peeling back layers of fear, and working through complexes, blockages, obstacles, and whatever is holding us back and that stands in the way of our fullest expression and capacity to experience joy, but that is what this Mercury retrograde is for. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for every small step taken towards living more “out loud and proud.” Putting yourself out there in any regard requires courage, and any baby step taken in courage deserves some recognition, if only from yourself. The Sun now square Uranus can see some creative genius and innovation in the works. New mediums and new levels of expression could be deployed.

July 25
The Moon in earthy Taurus squares Mars in Leo and forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn. In spite of frustration or obstacles, we could feel we are gaining some kind of ground, and could feel a sort of “ZANG” from taking some sort of risk in a new direction that has the potential to be beneficial. It could be something we’ve never tried. Later, a sextile to imaginative and inspired Neptune and a trine to Pluto seal the deal as we entertain a myriad of possibilities about decisive moves. We might not have it all completely figured out, but could feel a powerful drive into this new terrain that could have a competitive edge. As I mentioned in “Notes On July”, gaining inspiration from others, but competing only with your previous selves, and your own previous bests, will produce the most fruitful results. There is inspiration absolutely everywhere, and the success, beauty, and wonderfulness of others is proof of all that is possible within you. You are beautiful. You are greatness. You can do this. 

July 26
The Moon in Taurus sextiles Mercury Rx and Venus in Cancer, with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  If you haven’t already, tell someone who inspires you that they inspire you. A little bit of encouragement can really go a long way right now, and that includes doling it out as much as it does actually receiving it. This day could see us driven towards creature comforts, and exceptionally receptive emotionally.  Like sponges. Keep the phenomena of state transference in mind and expose yourself to that which grounds you and makes you feel secure. Powerful but pleasing undercurrents could underly our interactions at this time. The Moon moves into flighty and communicative Gemini, late in the evening, placing further emphasis on connecting to inspiring and pleasant contacts or exposing ourselves to pleasant stimulation. Something “clicks”, creatively or personally, and we soak up inspiration like a sponge.

July 27
The Moon moves into opposition with Jupiter, and a sextile to Chiron. Something may have made us feel pretty good about the path we’re about to be on, and the internal/external progress we’re making, and the Moon/Jupiter opposition could make us feel pretty indulgent. Hey, it’s the weekend, so treat yoself! This isn’t the best day for self discipline, but with Mercury and Venus both in cozy Cancer, self nurturing is what the fuck is up. We could be making a lot of connections or having a lot of communications, or, in a very matter of fact way, we could just simply have a whole lot to think about. We could be putting someone on a pedestal, and there might be some lingering self doubts about our capabilities, but hey, all the more reason for self compassion and self nurturance eh? Venus moves into creative, and fun loving Leo around 7 PM PST. With Chiron in Aries trine both the Sun and Venus in Leo, the emphasis is on healing our solar plexus. Healing our confidence, healing our childlike enjoyment of life, our sense of play, and our creative expression.  Later on the Gemini Moon squares Neptune, and further stokes our longings, our imagination, and our ability to wonder. It could also obscure facts or see us still a bit bewildered or confused about our feelings around something or someone. Perhaps we are in two minds about the direction we want to take something, or something is still just out of reach. Regardless, this could definitely be an inspiring weekend. 

July 28
The Moon in chatty Gemini forms a mild sextile to Mars in Leo in the early morning hours. If you stayed up all night working on a creative project of some kind, it was probably potentially fruitful. This could definitely see some kind of communication/creative initiative being given a gentle push. It’s at least in the fledgling stages of development. As the day wears on, we could be more prone to amusing ourselves, reflecting, and soaking up and assimilating impressions from the ethers. This is a good time to seek spiritual insight, or simply just doodle with various artistic ideas and/or healing modalities. The Sun and Venus in Leo both square Uranus, and this could see everyone needing a lot of space to explore their own egos, express their wildness and cultivate their uniqueness, in explorative play with their creative selves. There could be a lot of eccentricity around relationships and it could all be highly entertaining. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have an awesome week! See you next Monday. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Long Game: Powerscopes For The 12 Signs

We are going to revisit this recent Full Moon eclipse point in Capricorn several times again in 2020.  Whatever is happening and unfolding for you right now has it's first "pop quiz" in the last 10 days of Jan 2020, when Saturn reaches this eclipse point. This is a "no going back" type of energy. 

Pluto reaches the eclipse point in Feb, and continues the demolition/transformation/restructuring and "major power moves"  throughout 2020, and into 2021. These are deep and permanent changes, major awakenings, personally and collectively. A lot of truths will emerge from the shadows for reckoning. A push towards major overhauls, facing fears and/or less palatable realities, with fortitude, while transforming weakness, -even "victimhood" into strength, "leveling up", and gaining traction and ground, -will continue to be major themes through to 2021. 

Below are horoscopes I've written for all 12 signs, detailing the areas of life that is host to these extremely powerful energies, and the key words associated with the processes that you’re currently undergoing.  You can refer back to these at any time, through to 2021. My gift to you.

  Your 10th house of career, reputation, achievement, mastery, recognition, fame/infamy/downfall, life’s purpose. VIP’s. Your rise to success. Authority. Acclaim. Influence. Your status in the eye’s of the world. This is the house that hosts Saturn and Pluto in your chart.  A very public house, pushing you into the public eye. You will be called to reconcile your public persona with your private self, comfort, security, and “feeling at home” and “safe” with it all. You could feel more driven than ever to succeed and achieve, but this same drive can equally make you feel intimidated, exposed, vulnerable, insecure, concerned with your reputation, or fearful of failure. People are looking up to you, and you have more power, impact, and influence than you realize, and will also come into contact with powerful people of influence, (who might not always be obvious at first,) throughout the duration of these transits. Wield  your rockstar moment, -and the process that unfolds with it- wisely, -and don’t forget that great power can often be found within and derived from the humblest of places, people, actions, words, gestures, and situations. Stay in touch with your roots, and your personal integrity. The Serbian proverb “Be humble, for you are made of Earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars" comes to mind. You could also feel extremely guarded about who you let into your personal, private world, due to all the success you are experiencing.  Success, and being so visible, -tends to magnify everything. From your own experiences, to the way people experience you, along with putting on an unruffled character all the time,- can be emotionally draining. It’s important that whoever you let into your private world likes you for you, -and not just your status in the eyes of the world, or the successes that you are accruing. Being taken seriously in a professional sense is one thing. But it’s always nice to be taken seriously in a private, emotional sense, and have a safe, rooted, and comforting base to come home to in between conquering the world. By the time this transit is over, you will have achieved much respect, clout, street creds, recognition, and success, and you will have a solid gauge on who has your back and truly cares about you. Becoming comfortable with putting yourself “out there” will empower you.

Your 9th house of study, higher learning, travel, truth, philosophy, people and places at a distance and from other cultures. Consciousness expansion. Publishing. Broadening of inner and outer horizons. Books. Theories. Degrees. Academia. Learning institutions. Learning other languages, (literally and figuratively.) Your beliefs. Religion. Spirituality. Dogmas. Open mindedness. You could experience some powerful callings to become more knowledgable and “worldly wise” about a great deal of things during these transits of Saturn and Pluto. You could be completely restructuring your entire belief system, pursuing a degree, learning another language, writing a book, teaching, learning, traveling abroad, or simply undergoing a deeply investigative soul searching process. People and places at a distance, from other cultures, or who have different beliefs than you could have a powerful impact on your consciousness. You will be called to reconcile your approach to all of these things, (including your entire belief system,) with the way in which you communicate your own, and how you translate these beliefs and live and communicate in the everyday world, your local environs, etc. You could feel a desire to make some sort of powerful impact on the local environment, or via communicating your beliefs, knowledge, wisdom, etc, to the world around you, as well as soak up information, differing viewpoints and perspectives,  like a sponge, and discriminate between fact and fiction, to form an inner sense of consensus. You could be completely dismantling and reassembling your entire life philosophy under these transits, and there could be dogmas that you may have clung to in the past that you are realizing no longer apply to your current circumstances, or assumptions and presumptions that you’ve carried that no longer serve you, and it can be incredibly humbling. Through gaining and decimating knowledge and wisdom, you will become empowered and forever transformed.

Your 8th house of merging, deep intimacy, energetic exchange, sex, secrets, power, control, transformation, compulsions, obsessions, fears, taboos, death, trauma programming, “fate”, depth psychology, investigation, sharing secrets, healing through intimacy. Life’s inevitabilities. Joint assets, joint properties, joint bank accounts. Inheritances. Endings. You could be powerfully merging with another in a way that completely changes your life forever, or transforming your approach to intimacy, sexuality, or how you share things with others, in profound ways throughout these transits. You will be called to reconcile your approach to merging with another with your ability to maintain your own sense of self sufficiency, self esteem, and personal values. Perhaps it is through another that you are able to get to the bottom of a lot of outworn fear conditioning, and combine powers with another in a way that makes you feel that together, you are stronger and more secure in the world.  Some of you could even go in on some kind of investment or business venture together. There is a powerful, and even fated feeling draw to go “ALL IN” with someone, and it can be somewhat intimidating to relinquish control around certain things, perhaps because of negative past experiences. But there is something about “this time” that seems to be completely and utterly transforming everything you thought you knew about intimacy. Regardless of how you spin this energy, merging deeply with someone empowers you and transforms your (and their) life. Nonetheless, you are also determined to maintain your own self sufficiency, self esteem, values, and to bring the best of yourself to this situation. Some of you may have experienced a “revolving door” type of situation, where one situation abruptly ended, and another quickly took it’s place, leaving your entire world transformed in the process. Just take care you’re “going all in” for the right reasons, and with the right people, business/investments/or personal, -and don’t lose yourself or completely and totally give away absolutely all of your power. The right people wouldn’t want you to do that anyway. These transits could chip away at defense mechanisms, control issues, and walls that you’ve built up due to fears of releasing that control to the wrong people, so that you can experience a deeper level of merging. Becoming more comfortable with intimacy, sexuality, deep merging, joint investments, and sharing will empower you. 

Your 7th house of partnerships, relationships, significant others, contracts, marriage, harmonious relating, compromise, and dynamic duos is what plays host to these powerful transits. If you aren’t already involved, you’re super serious (perhaps even a bit obsessed) about finding that “forever person”. If you’re already partnered up, you’re doing some deep restructuring around how you approach relationships. You’re being called to reconcile your own identity and sense of self, with those of others. Saturn and Pluto floating around in the 7th house can be rather uncompromising and heavy handed. You could find yourself drawn to people with strong, powerful personalities, and could find yourself being pretty my way or the highway yourself at times. You could also feel forced to compromise your own needs, desires, preferences, or identity-at least, that’s how you might *feel*. Other times, you could just feel vulnerable. Some of you might even go through a phase where you feel like you have to be “forever alone”, because no one can handle your extremes, live up to your standards, -or vice versa. This is an opportunity however, to figure out what you will and will not do, what you will and will not give up, what you will and will not endure, -for a partner.  This also regards “other people” in general, in a broad sense, such as business or creative collaborations, and even people you view as opponents-(like a person who tends to pick fights with you on the internet for instance.) Basically, these transits can make human interactions feel pretty “loaded” at times. A focus on power dynamics within partnerships is highlighted here, and an opportunity exists to purge yourself and your relationships of unhealthy, dysfunctional, or maladaptive responses to vulnerability, insecurity, power and control. Your ability to compromise, while maintaining healthy boundaries, and your overall “relationship skillset” is undergoing an overhaul, -and you are dead serious about your relationships. Becoming more comfortable about compromising, teamwork, collaborating, and knowing when to “pick your battles,” will empower you. 

Your 6th house of work, health, fitness, diet, exercise, routine, service to others, details, improvement, calorie counting, perfectionism, anxiety, crisis, and crisis prevention, healing, busyness, to do lists, organization, humility, the little things, and of course-we can’t forget,… pets..has been the host to these powerful transits. It might sound boring, but you are getting serious about self care, your health, fitness, and healing, and can be making some major overhauls in these areas. Cutting out the crap. Maybe you’re finally deciding to clean up your diet,a taking vitamins, and start going to the gym. Maybe you’re about to sage your entire fucking life and adopt a plant based diet. You will be called to reconcile your incessant and obsessive drive towards self improvement and productivity with your need for rest, recovery, reflection, and spiritual nourishment. You could be really striving for a lifestyle that balances and synergizes these needs perfectly. If you hate your job, and it exhausts you and feels like a soul death, you will be trying to wield more power and control over your schedule, health, diet, nutrition,and well being, and transform things so you can take more time to nourish yourself, body and soul. The 9-5, eat, netflix, sleep, repeat cycle is not going to cut it anymore. You want to be the boss of your routines, and some of you will be maneuvering to work for yourself, if you aren’t already.  You want your daily life to feed your soul, not suck it dry.  It can manifest as a distinct feeling that “Something. Has. Got. To. Change.” Given the obsessive drive behind these transits, it absolutely will, and you can find your daily rhythms, health, diet, fitness, and work routines permanently altered by the end of these transits. Leveling. UP. Major self improvement kick is putting it lightly. Some of you are doing a lot of inner, psychological work, and perhaps there’s also some uncomfortable, or buried, hidden things you could be running from. Some of you might even feel you have “hidden enemies” at times, or are just feeling complete and total burnout, or could be finally confronting nagging health issues. Gaining control over your health, diet, fitness, work/life balance, and routines will empower you.

Your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, parties, fun, joy, love affairs and dating, romance, self expression, playful competition, kids, sports, bliss, hobbies, risk taking, entertainment, amusement, confidence, attention seeking, drama, theatrics, love interests, flirtation, and play, has been the stage these events have been transpiring on. This could see you dead serious about these otherwise lighthearted matters. You are definitely seeking to completely transform your approach to your own creative self expression, and confidence levels, and you are fucking SERIOUS about having a good time and creating more joy in your life. You will be called to reconcile your desires for enjoyment, amusement, creative self expression, romantic escapades (or obsessions), with your social circles, friendships, ex’s, social media, the groups you’re involved in, and your hopes for the future. Some of you might be trying to increase your social media presence. on a serious mission to make a baby, or, if you already have one, you’re serious about nurturing their talents and pushing them out into the world to follow their dreams. Maybe you’re encouraging a love interest to put themselves out there more. One thing’s for sure, you could be getting super serious about a creative project and nurturing your own talents, and hopefully encouraging those of others, (as opposed to competing against them.) Maybe you’re on a serious and determined quest for love, and getting really all or nothing about dating. Love, creative expression, fun, and whatever inspires you can feel like an ongoing “project”, and by the time these transits are through, you will find these areas of life permanently transformed, -and could have a lot to show for it. Much of this revolves around increasing creative and romantic confidence, and feeling genuine warmth and inclusion in your social circles. Some of you may experience periodic “crushes” or “romantic obsessions” with certain friends, people within your social circle, or even ex’s, that you know would just wind up resulting in you feeling bad about yourself if you were to follow through on your whims. Others of you might be dealing with people who are like this. Rather than acting out fruitless affairs that don’t do your self esteem any favors, try digging deep and putting that passionate energy into a creative project. Becoming more comfortable and confident about expressing yourself and your creative gifts will empower you. 

Your 4th house of roots, security, safety, emotions, family, home,foundations, early emotional upbringing, comfort, nurturing, past conditioning, inherited emotional patterns, the past, nostalgia, clannishness,  endings, self protection, and familiarity, is the area of life undergoing this demolition and restructuring. Your “comfort zone” , and the who, what, where, and how you go about “feeling at home” and secure in the world has been completely and totally transforming. What your life is today versus what it was a few years ago is probably completely unrecognizable, but the transformations continue. You will be called to reconcile your private life, what makes you feel comfortable and secure, with your public persona, status, career, and how you are seen by the world at large. This could feel somewhat vulnerable, as there could be something about family, private life, emotions, etc, that feel like somewhat of a power struggle at times, and you may have to make compromises at home or emotionally that make you feel uneasy or vulnerable somehow in the public eye. This is a huge opportunity however, to do some deep inner work, emotional rehab, and become painstakingly honest with yourself, or even family members, so that these spheres of life can feel congruent. Is grandpa racist? Does your mother in law have a drinking problem?  Have you been biting your tongue about how you really feel about certain emotional dynamics? These transits could bring out some family skeletons, or some skeletons of your own making from the past. You could feel extremely protective of “your turf” and guarded about who knows what about your private life, or who you allow into your confidence. Some of you may be taking a long, deep look at your emotional history, your past, and how certain dynamics growing up shaped who you are today. You could also be working on transforming some deep insecurities. Some things are just nobody’s business, least of all, the general public. But this same guardedness could drive you to want more congruency, in order to not have to hide, or wear a front.  In order to come more out of your shell and be seen and accepted for who you really are. You will derive a great deal of power, and save yourself a lot of grief, through uncompromising emotional honesty with yourself and others. By the time this transit is through, certain things in regards to home, family, security, and emotions, will be permanently altered, and you will find yourself standing on more solid, durable, and authentic foundations, confident about showing the world the real you.  Becoming more comfortable with emotional confrontations will empower you. 

Your 3rd house of communications, written and spoken word, news, errands, transportation, the mind, running to and fro, short distance travel, siblings, neighbors, gossip, your local environs, cell phones, texting, electronics, mechanics, tinkering, thinking, sifting, scrolling, and sorting through information, the fine print, the nervous system, and rote learning, is the centerpiece of all of these powerful transformations. Speaking of the nervous system, yours could feel somewhat overwhelmed at times by the sheer amount of running around, and the sheer amount of transformations taking place in your communications with others, in your local environment, and even people at a distance.  Some things have just been a lot to take in, and communications could feel loaded, intense, even psychologically challenging at times. It’s all been like one ongoing giant download for you, coming in bits and pieces at a time, but you’re determined to get to the bottom of things, and gain more control over things. You will be called to reconcile all this running around, talking, learning, prying, and gathering information like a private eye, via texting, communications, sleuthing, spying, news, siblings, neighbors, etc, with the bigger picture, your belief system, and/or someone at a distance, from another culture, or who even speaks another language. Something about the way you communicate, transport yourself around, extract information from your environment, and process it, and even the very way in which you think, and even your belief systems, will be permanently altered by the time this transit is through. This is an excellent opportunity for self empowerment via freeing yourself from destructive thought patterns and unhealthy, or manipulative patterns of communicating. Secrets could come to light through (or about) siblings, neighbors, the local environment. You could also be playing your cards closer to your vest. Becoming more confident, authentic, and direct in your communications will empower you.

Your 2nd house of self worth, self respect, self esteem, inner and outer security, self sufficiency, your value system, earned income, how you make a living, money, possessions, (including your body), how you value yourself, and what you value, is the centerpiece of all the action. You could feel more determined than ever when it comes to valuing and respecting yourself, standing up for your values, getting and staying out of debt, being completely self sufficient, and leveling up your income earning capacity and self esteem. If anything or anyone detracts from your self esteem, doesn’t see your worth, and isn’t an asset to your life, you are cutting it from you. You have probably felt an intense determination to bring your best self to the table, and a refusal to accept less than your fair share in return. You will be called to reconcile this with your equal desire to merge deeply with others. Be careful to avoid others with a purely transactional or predatory mindset as you increase your inner and outer reserves of wealth, self esteem, and positive attractive powers. Equally, try not to build up the walls to your personal fortress so high that you block out the healing benefits of letting others into your world and into your confidence who would otherwise be nourishing benefactors to you on a soul level. People who *do* see your worth, and want to contribute positively to your life. By the time these transits are over, your self esteem, self worth, earned income, personal assets, yourself as an asset, and your instincts about others motives, your boundaries, and your unwillingness to negotiate with emotional predators, will be permanently transformed. Because of this, you will be calling in some extremely high vibrational, top quality people into your orbit. “Only the best.” Becoming comfortable standing up for your worth and your values will empower you. 

Your first house of self, identity, ego structure, your own will, self definition, new starts, new initiatives, you, you, you….You are the centerpiece of all of the action. A lot this is somewhat submerged from view for now, and you’re keeping a lot of people on a “need to know basis” about your plans. Because you have some pretty big plans, and have been feeling a growing ambition, self focus, and determination  that has felt almost crippling at times. You could feel an intense desire to make something of yourself and finally take yourself, your potential, and all that you are, have done, and *can* do,-extremely fucking seriously. Perhaps years or even decades of “playing small”, and placing your own personal needs and desires on the back burner, compromising your own will and holding yourself back for the sake of others, and for the fear of failure, and fear of success for that matter- has built up an avalanche of momentum and ambition inside you. You will be called to reconcile this obsessive focus on self development, deconstruction, and reconstruction with your relationships with others. You could feel less tolerant of people being overly needy or expecting you to take care of them all the time. Perhaps you have done your fair share of that and it’s time now to take care of and focus on yourself. Your ruthless ambition could intimidate some, but you want to be rolling with people, and are attracted to people, who are on the same track of self development and deep, personal transformation as you are. Those who truly love and respect you will understand if you are less available, and they will encourage you on your journey to self empowerment. Those who secretly don’t want to see you shine, and/or derive some illusory ‘benefit’ from keeping you under their control via attempts at undermining you or manufacturing insecurity within you, will naturally weed themselves out. Due to this intense inner purging, self focus, and transformation process, you aren’t as able to tolerate excessive neediness, or clinginess from others, but you welcome collaborations and partnerships with those who aren’t threatened by your self empowerment and development, because they are reading from the same playbook.  By the time these transits are over, your sense of personal power, your ability to go after what you want, take initiative, act in your own best interests, and assert your personal will (without feeling guilt), and even the people you attract as partners or collaborators, will be permanently altered. Becoming comfortable focusing on, and standing up for your own best interests and personal advancement will empower you. 

Your 12th house of secrets, solitude, confinement, letting go, non attachment, psychological health, healing, rest,  recovery, addictions, rehabilitation, prisons, hospitals, monasteries, hermitage, endings, illness, isolation, mysticism, spirituality, selflessness, grief, bereavement, dreams, loss, longing, prayer, divinity, psychic experiences, the occult, things hidden, out of our ability to control, reflection, and the unconscious, -is the stage where all the transformation is taking place. Some of you could literally be doing a prison sentence right now, in which case, you aren’t reading this horoscope. Others of you are simply feeling a profound drive towards some deep levels of reprogramming, healing, and rehabilitation. Something beyond your control may have you spending more time alone than usual, and making you say things like “JEEBUS, TAKE THE WHEEL.” Others of you are taking a voluntary sabbatical of sorts, and simply checking the fuck out. You could be facing a lot of unknowns, and in some cases, you may have lost someone dear to you, either mortally, to illness, old age, or accident, or simply via the ending of a relationship. Regardless of how this is manifesting for you, you could feel an almost obsessive drive towards the esoteric, the divine, deep reflection, and healing, on deep, profound, psychospiritual and physical levels. You will be called to reconcile this push towards rest, isolation, confinement, and recovery, with your daily grind, your routine, diet, health, fitness, etc…This is some powerful stuff. There could be a serious focus on mental and physical health for you throughout this transit. Some major overhauls happening here that will leave you completely and permanently changed. It could be somewhat challenging to maintain a steady routine when there is so much heaviness to process, and at times you could feel a bit left out. Don’t stay totally isolated, and do try to maintain some regular contact with others so that you don’t completely lose it, or spiral into a major depression. You could be having some profound experiences, and some of you might even be developing your extrasensory perceptions. There can be an obsession with or fear of secrets, and things you can’t see, a secret obsession, or some kind of unconscious compulsion, addiction, or pain you are in the process of transmuting into alchemical gold. By the time these transits are over, you will have much healing, wisdom, and even highly attuned psychic gifts to share with others. Becoming comfortable with your own company and solitude, and connecting with the divine, will empower you. 

Your 11th house of friendships, social networking, groups, hopes, wishes, the future, all things unorthodox, unconventional, the internet, social media, ex’s, the community, the collective, and collective consciousness is the central hub of transformation, purging, and power moves for you. Many of you are mingling among the powerful, and  in the very least, establishing yourselves as a voice of authority amidst the groups and social circles you are a part of. For some of you, this could involve the internet somehow. Regardless, you are obsessed, driven, and determined to go after your dreams. You could be intensely focused on manifesting a cherished goal or dream that you’ve always held close to your heart. You will be called to reconcile your power within the groups you are a part of, and the power that you derive from them, with the desire to compete, steal the limelight,  be the center of attention, or leader of the pack. Hey, maybe you’re just really good at “quality control.”.. Conversely, your intense involvement with groups, friendships, the collective, social media, has to be reconciled with the attention paid to children, amusement, romance, or a love interest. Something within your social landscape is being completely overhauled and permanently transformed. Perhaps you’ve relocated and are building up new social connections from the ground up and you’re having to “vet” people, or you’ve made some personal changes and these changes are extending naturally to your social life.  Because you are among equally talented and powerful people, there could be a subtle (or overt) “competitive” atmosphere within the groups and networks you are a part of. At the heart of this, and what drives you, is the importance of a shared vision. You could be extremely “picky” about who you allow into your social circle, who you follow on social media. Some of you may have even purged your social circle and social media of “frenemies”, troublemakers, drama divas, unsavory characters, “Don (or Debbie) Juans”, or even ex partners. You have particular goals and aspirations, very close to your heart, which you’re very serious about, and you don’t want to waste time entertaining dramatic fuckery, stroking people’s fragile egos, or otherwise being dragged off topic in a group meeting by someone’s over the top and extremely out of place, (literal or figurative) electric guitar solo complete with pyrotechnics. By the time this transit is over, you and the circles or group projects you are a part of will have formed some kind of consensus as to “how things should go down”, and perhaps you will actualize a significant goal (or cult following?)

Monday, July 15, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of July 15th-21st 2019.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the fun, morale boosting, optimistic, inspiring and expansive energy over the weekend, because today is “Monday AF”, (but not just because “it’s Monday.” With the Moon now in more disciplinarian Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, Pluto, and the south node, “you could say things are getting pretty serious.” 

There is definitely a wee bit of a heavier vibe as the week starts out, with the Moon hanging out with stern Saturn and power tripping Pluto, opposite Venus, trine Uranus, and square Chiron. This see’s a pretty loaded build up to a full Moon eclipse tomorrow that could feel like we are embarking upon “the adventure of our lives”, and it could have a very “now or never” feeling to it. Pressure builds, stakes are high, and it’s possible the anxiety is also. 

Certain negative emotional patterns, fear based, knee jerk responses, defense mechanisms, hardness, coldness, and control freakery, can be defeated with love, compassion, softness, appeals to vulnerability, humanity, and understanding. This eclipse and it’s build up is about a complete and total abolition/reprogramming. 

This is *the* pinnacle week as we begin to set the new, rehabilitated patterns and processes into place and devise a creative, innovative way forward. 
With nothing to lose, and everything to play for, it’s easier to work up courage, confidence, and moxie. For those who are clinging more to power and control, -it’s a little less easy to relax.  

We have normalized abuse of power and authority (Pluto/Saturn) to such an extreme, systematic, personal (ahem..Cancer) and political degree (Capricorn), that we’ve become rather a bit numb to it, and are experiencing a collective wake up call (Uranus) with such powerful impact that the actual “reality” of it all can be a bit much to even assimilate and metabolize. 

Be as gentle with your nervous system as you can, and do your best to remain calm, flexible, non judgmental, and diffuse things with humor. 

Comedy itself is a form of alchemy and transmutation. It’s the “Philosophers Stone” of pain, suffering, austerity, and tragedy. 

These configurations certainly highlight the concept of Alchemy, in a very overt, and difficult to ignore way.  Truth be told, and ironic as it is, no planet in the zodiac is funnier than ‘Ye Olde Malefic Saturn’. 

Tuesday see’s the “big event” of this full Moon eclipse happen, with the addition of a mild anesthetic through to about 9:30 AM PST, via a Lunar sextile to dreamy Neptune. Our ideals could be stoked and we could be more open to the idea of thawing out and melting away particular defenses, or certain events and/or people could be inspiring us to question or reassess our boundaries, barriers, or defenses. 

As the Moon grows closer to climax, 3 key oppositions develop in intensity on Tuesday. The Moon in Capricorn opposes the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer. Imbalances, pulls, and divides between the ego and the emotions, the divine masculine/feminine, the head and the heart, the needs of the self, and the needs of others, can sharpen in contrast. 

It is clear that we are being called to release blockages, inhibitions, and restrictions in relation to following our real feelings, in order to embrace courage, vulnerability, and erupt new possibilities, (however uncomfortable or challenging it may be). By relinquishing a false sense of “safety” and security, we can align ourselves more firmly with our integrity and authenticity, and expand our potentials towards growth.  

The Moon reaches peak fullness at 2:38 PM PST. 


Wednesday, July 17th, see’s the Moon enter unconventional Aquarius, where it will oppose Mars and Mercury in Leo. This can generate a lot of passion and creativity. Even though we may still be having some self doubts or insecurities, following our passions, and making decisions based on intuition and improvisation, as opposed to “what we’ve always done”, or what feels “safe” and “familiar”, will serve us best under this energy. This can be a rather combustible energy, although it doesn’t necessarily need to degenerate into conflict. It’s wiser (and more fulfilling) to put this fun, wild, playful, competitive ire to some creative use, and to keep the competition limited to our own “previous bests,” (rather than with others.) 

If somebody tries to become argumentative, you could always do something physical and fun to blow off any impassioned steam. It’s pretty hard to pick a fight with someone who is only willing to speak to you via interpretive dance. Just follow your instincts and bring your best self to the table. ZANG. Wild card.

Thursday, July 18th, could see some impassioned and fortunate meet ups, or social connections, online, or in real life, with the Moon forming a sextile to lucky Jupiter. Some larger than life characters or situations could be in the works, with some interesting, beneficial, growth inducing, creative tension unfolding. Chiron forming trines to both Mercury and Jupiter suggests that something about connections made now can potentially have a deeply healing and inspiring impact, particularly in regards to identity, joy, fun, love, creativity, and self esteem. Colorful times indeed, with impact.


Friday, July 19th, see’s Mercury move back into 29 degrees Cancer, adding ever further to this “impact”, and shifting things into ALL CAPS, and by “ALL CAPS”, I mean Pluto in Capricorn directly opposing the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer. *INTENSITY BUILDS.* Something about this weekend will transform the interpersonal landscape and give us a lot to reflect upon, individually, relationally, as well as socially and collectively. At 2:19 PM Friday, the Moon swims into empathic Pisces, heightening our emotional senses, and lowering boundaries for “maximum absorption.”  Whatever transpires this weekend is meant to really sink in and permeate through all 3 levels of skin to leave a permanent impression on us, down to a deeply, unconscious level, transforming us completely. 

Evening time on Friday see’s the Moon link up with Uranus, leading to some “out of the box” emotions and feelings, perhaps some creatively, emotionally, and even spiritually inspired insights, musings, thoughts, dreams, communications, meditations, fantasies, longings, and reflections. A touch of the fantastical, unusual, or impossible. The feelings, and psychic impressions are highly activated. *Incoming download.*

Saturday, July 20th, further magnifies this serendipitous inner awakening into an ever more fantastical, inspired, poetic, epic, and somewhat delusional energy, as the Moon squares Jupiter and conjoins Neptune. Not to sound like a cliche self help book or after school special,  but… believe in your dreams. Even if all of them don’t come true, having any at all helps you to believe in yourself, and your own talents and abilities. When you believe in yourself, you encourage others to believe in themselves too. 

Things sweeten even more early evening Saturday, as the Pisces Moon makes a trine to Venus in Cancer and a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. This could see a really pleasant and enjoyable occasion unfold that leaves a lasting impression for a long time to come. There could be something “fated”, “destined”, or “inevitable” feeling about the events, meetings, and circumstances of this weekend, and someone or something touches us deeply, and it’s very inspiring. 

Sunday looks intense, dreamy, and heady, with the Moon trine the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and sextile Pluto. For one reason or another, after this weekend, things are forever transformed, but it appears to be pleasantly so. With Mars in Leo still trine Jupiter in Mars, these are definitely inspiring and passionate times, and in spite of the general intensity and 'head explodey' of things, or the fact that “Mercury is in Gatorade”, it could feel that our possibilities and horizons have opened up in some significant and powerful way, that could have our imaginations, longings, passions, creativity, and dreams highly activated. Venus opposition Pluto could see a lot of power and intensity occur under the surface between others. It’s difficult to feel indifferent, detached, neutral, or wholly unaffected under configurations like these. Directing such energies into a demanding creative pursuit is the best option, should such intense, heavy breathing, obsessive energies be inappropriate, non reciprocal, or otherwise unable to find an outlet. If you can’t warp into full blown freak mode and hermetically seal yourself to someones face like a starfish, you can always record a video, or an album, paint, draw, dance, or scream into the void, (if thats’ more your thing.) There could be some internal/external power struggles that come up under Venus/opposition Pluto, or some tension, and "splits" in desires.."I have to do this or that but I would rather be doing this other thing over here". It's definitely an intense vibe that can be felt very personally. In some cases, being pulled hypnotically towards things, situations, actions, or people that have a sort of dangerous or compelling quality. Or, we can feel obsessed about something, or particularly aware of our own power, or desire for power over a situation, or the power a situation or person has over us. Pluto can bring up fears, compulsions, fated feeling encounters, or an intense desire to make sweeping changes and major "power moves." For those of you that are fortunate to have an uncomplicated connection with someone, enjoy the passionate intensity unfolding. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a most triumphant week, and be good to each other. See you next Monday.

Thursday, July 11, 2019



Seeing as how we just kicked off a particularly noteworthy Mercury retrograde in the midst of eclipse season, and July is just so loaded and pregnant with meaning, I decided it was apropos to break some of this down into more detail. Now, whether or not Mercury is *actually* “moving backwards” is  irrelevant, as it’s position in regards to Earth, sign placements, degrees, etc, are what is of importance here, and much can be revealed when we look at the faces Mercury will wear through it’s (*ahem..seemingly) “backward” journey.

To begin with, Mercury stationed retrograde in the first decan of Leo. This is rather interesting and noteworthy, as Mercury in this face of Leo is really about a performance we are putting on. It's also rather competitive. (More on this decan of Leo in the Mars section.)  Look to the house ruled by Leo in your chart, and you will see where you may be wearing a “brave face,” and not necessarily revealing all of what you are feeling, planning, or experiencing internally. Mercury here is somewhat of a “charlatan” in nature, and is careful to craft a particular image for the public, a “disguise” even. A mask.

 Wherever Mercury has stationed retrograde in your chart, you may be carefully cultivating a more courageous, confident veneer than you actually really feel. 

Mercury in this face is very “performance” oriented, and if particular feelings, realities, or traits we consider to be “weaknesses”, don’t align with the character we would like to project out to the world, we would rather conceal that from view, as this face of Mercury concerns itself with a carefully curated “performance” that maintains the basic ego structure. 

 With Mercury here, we want what we consider the “best” of ourselves on display, while what we consider “weak”, undesirable, or fallible in ourselves, to remain hidden from view. A person who wants to be seen as “happy”, “positive”, “self sufficient”, “confident” and “fulfilled”, for instance, will not feel comfortable making any sadness, loneliness, cynicism, vulnerability, struggle, or insecurity available for public consumption-as this would be a break in character, and not consistent with the mask we are committed to portraying. 


However, as Mercury slowly re-enters the more emotionally oriented sign of Cancer once again, which it will do by the 20th, next week, it will be more challenging and less fulfilling to merely uphold a facade for the mere sake of it, and we could begin to question it, due to a cognitive dissonance that makes itself more apparent. 

We will be confronted with whatever has been stuffed down, and will be called to process and assimilate certain emotional realities, and “refashion” them to fit more neatly into this “new character” we are in the process of constructing. At 29 degrees Cancer, (“the most impatient degree”) there could definitely be a lot of feelings “coming to a head” here.

 This will coincide with the Full Moon eclipse in realistic Capricorn, conjunct Saturn and Pluto. This hints at a pretty heavy “abolition” energy, where anything not truly in alignment with our authentic self is faced down and cut out. It could feel as if we are losing a part of ourselves in the process. As the saying goes, sometimes we have to “lose ourselves to find ourselves.” 

 In the third face of Cancer, we may be prone to seeing certain emotions through a very distorted lens, and a wide variety of “moods” may overtake us. The past, and certain emotional patterns exert a pull in some way, but it is a past that no longer fits in the present, -as something has been irrevocably and permanently transformed, -and we must rebuild.

 If anything, this decan is well suited to reflection, processing emotions through catharsis, such as artistically, musically, creatively, as well as an overall “reevaluation” of emotional processes, patterns, and attachments/attachment styles, in general. 

With the Sun currently conjunct the North node in Cancer, we are moving through some intensive processes and being called to go towards what “feels right.” For the first time in a long time, we can feel “safe” to be “all of ourself.” This is a huge opportunity to work out some serious blockages to our fullest expression, growth, and potential. 

 The decan of Cancer that Mercury revisits is ruled by the 4 of Cups in the tarot. A card of apathy, boredom, longing, rejection of offers, fantasy, daydreaming, and a feeling that “something is missing”, and nothing quite “fits the bill”, satisfies, or fulfills. 

 It’s a rather ambivalent card, that is well suited for this face of Cancer, as this is the “moodiest” decan of this lunar ruled sign.  

This card can indicate a vague depression of sorts, as it represents a longing for some unattainable or unrealistic circumstance, “the perfect person”, ideal relationship, etc. In the card, the man appears to not even notice the cup being offered him, and the cups laid out before him stir little interest in him, and he seems too preoccupied with his own internal thoughts, and wistful longings to experience any desire towards what lays before him. Some decks associate this card with greed, and it makes sense, as it is rather self absorbed in nature, and this MF “just can’t get no satisfaction”, as he turns his nose up to what is actually available, and has potential to create fulfillment in the here and now. 

If we look to the tarot momentarily, and the cards that both proceed and follow the 4 of Cups, we can gain some insight perhaps, into the processes behind this trajectory of Mercury. 

Looking to both the 3 and the 5 of cups, …we can see a bit of a predicament here….

 The 3 of cups is a card of celebration, friendship, reconciliation, fun social occasions, parties, getting to know people- and,  perhaps less favorably, emotional triangles, and 3rd party situations, where people may stray outside of any sort of previously committed arrangements in order to entertain the potential of other options, and in so doing, “stringing people along” in the process of not really wanting to come to any sort of decisions. So it can also be a card of casually dating, and superficial dalliances, but overall, is simply about having a good time, and not taking life, or love, very seriously. Nothing is really “nailed down” here, as we are just exploring possibilities and potentialities in a fun and lighthearted way, and would rather not have to define anything yet. We want to have options and the freedom to make choices between them.

The 5 of Cups, conversely, is a card of having made those choices. It is a card that speaks of regrets, loss, disappointment, guilt, and sadness. A card of emotional consequences. In this card, we regret something we have done, a choice made has come with an unanticipated feeling of loss, guilt, and disappointment, and it didn’t turn out the way we had wanted it to. This disappointment can be with ourselves, our own behavior, what “could have been” what “used to be”, before we somehow screwed it up for ourselves and/or other people. This card comes with a lot of guilt, shame, loss, disappointment, and well, just a whole lot of really shitty feelings. 

So, as you can see, the man in the 4 of Cups certainly has a lot to think about, and it’s no wonder he is reluctant, wistful, lost in his own thoughts, -rather avoidant, (and possibly, very hung over from the excesses he has already imbibed himself in.)

Here, we take a time out, and reevaluate our emotions, and figure out “where to go from here.” Mercury revisiting this decan can see us feeling more sensitive, vulnerable, seeking creature comforts, and prone to distractions. Our moods may dictate much of what we do and do not do during this phase, and again, we may be viewing our emotions through a very distorted lens. If anything, a necessary catharsis of sorts will occur, and the emotional pallet can clear itself. Figuring out what feels “right” to us, what feels like the “right thing to do”, how to meet particular needs, may be a vulnerable, but valuable process. An opportunity is here to be true to ourselves and find our way back to our heart center. 

Pay attention if you are noticing any tendency towards a “victim” mindset here. You are not powerless over your reality. If you feel that you are, -work on your confidence. Connect to your solar plexus. (Cue Mars in Leo.) 


Meanwhile, with Mars strong and confident in competitive Leo, we are pulled towards whatever is life and identity affirming. As this internal emotional processing transpires, we wrangle with reconciling our authentic selves, our real needs, vulnerabilities, and feelings, with this “new, empowered identity” we are attempting to construct and maintain. It would be preferable for the inner, private world to match the strong, confident, enthusiastic, charming, gregarious, happy, and “totally together,” character we long to portray. As with most things in life however, such savvy skill requires effort, alchemy, and work.  

This can be an interesting opportunity to develop or work up the confidence and courage to be vulnerable in some way. (It takes strength to do that.) Conversely, this can also see pride become a major obstacle to revealing any real vulnerabilities, needs, or feelings. Choosing instead to deny them and suffer in prideful silence. 

Mars currently occupies the first decan of Leo. The tarot card for this face of Leo is the 5 of Wands. A card of competition, conflict, tension, diversity, and change. It can also indicate pettiness, ego squabbles, envy, jealousy. A card where everyone is fighting to be heard, but no one is listening. Oftentimes this card can indicate a “culture clash” of sorts as well, and there are great opportunities to learn from that which is different from us, or alien to us. Mars in this face of Leo calls us to “level up” in some way, but it generates tension.

It is much more fruitful, useful, and constructive to compete against our “former selves”, than it is to place ourselves in competition against others external to ourselves. The former allows us to maintain valuable and helpful alliances, and the cooperation of, and our connections to, others, who help us to grow. The latter methodology pits us against the world, restricts our reference points, and results in an empty victory, -and a dangerously fragile ego, that cannot stomach, handle, or render any positive inspiration, awe, or appreciation for the successes, skill sets, victories, efforts, struggles, or positive attributes of others. 

As Mars ventures through Leo, amidst all of these retrogrades, (including Chiron in Aries-“the identity wound”- we will have an opportunity to form a more integrated, authentic sense of self, through the application of a healthy philosophy of competition, combined with getting in touch with our real, authentic feelings and needs. 
If we are only in competition with our former selves, this can potentiate huge strides in personal growth, success, and fulfillment, as we expand our world, our reference points, and our skill sets. 


Our ability to access infinite capacity to improve upon ourselves, and our skillsets is limited only by the fragility or sturdiness of the ego. If it is fragile and weak, we restrict our reference points because we can’t bear to entertain the perspectives, successes, talents, knowledge, or skill sets of others, and feel threatened by the mere existence of them. 

This can see such a person react in a hostile, alienating or indifferent manner, for as to simply acknowledge the mere existence of the positive attributes, talents, knowledge, skillsets, struggles, or contributions of others, forces them to reflect upon their own insecurities, perceived deficiencies, -and self hatred. 

In other words, -it incites feelings such as envy, rage, and contempt, and a desire to destroy, devalue, and invalidate the source of such feelings,(-as opposed to inciting inspiration at what is possible, along with a healthy desire to learn and to grow. ) 

Such are the potential expressions of Mars in Leo.

If you are already in a competition with only your former selves, and no one else, good for you. You will enjoy the creative and self edifying fruits that this vibration has to offer. 

If, on the other hand, you find yourself feeling contempt, envy, jealousy, and competitiveness towards others, hey…that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it, because I can imagine that sucks enough, in and of itself. It isn’t your fault that somewhere along the way, somebody taught you that in order for you to “win” someone else has to “lose.”

You have a wonderful opportunity here before you however, for a course correction, and an “ego rehabilitation”-and can be well on your way to building a much more sturdy, hearty, and healthy ego, built on solid foundations. An ego so sturdy in fact, that it can withstand existing and maintaining itself without the incessant “need” to devalue, belittle, erase, invalidate, ignore, or destroy anyone who, just by simply existing, and being whoever they are, or maybe they even just politely point out a fact, “Airplanes or airports didn’t exist yet at that time sir,” -makes you reflect on your own real or perceived deficiencies. 

The good news is, there are healthy ways out of such a vicious, miserable, self defeating, and alienating cycle. The bad news is that there are no “short cuts.” There is no substitute for actually doing the work behind the formation of a solid, integrated sense of identity, and genuine, authentic, self love, self esteem, and self acceptance. The sooner a more authentic and substantial relationship to the self is embarked upon, the sooner the fruits and successes of a healthy, intact, sturdy, and fully integrated ego can be harvested. Some obstacles to this include a chronic, unhealthy avoidance of facing and dealing with shame in a constructive, and functional way. If we don’t face it, and allow ourselves to feel it, we don’t ever address the true source of it, and instead, project it on to others by attempting to make them feel these things instead, so that we don’t have to. 

(This actually translates to emotional and psychological abuse, -but I digress.) 

For example, in Trumps case, his unaddressed deficiency (well, one of them),- a terrible grasp of historical events. Sure, he can avoid looking at that and just continue to attack, belittle and estrange anyone that dares to make him aware of where he needs to grow, anyone that doesn’t validate his false sense of superiority and inscrutability can just be belittled or “fired”. 

But such tactics will only dig him into deeper holes of insecurity, shame, and self hatred, that will become increasingly difficult, embarrassing, and painful to evade.

 If you happen to experience resentment, contempt, envy, anger, hatred, or other destructive emotions in the face of the skillsets, knowledge, successes, happiness, peace, benign contentment, etc of others, -and you identify with this condition- perhaps use these feelings as a guide towards self improvement, growth, and development. If someone’s expertise in a particular area, subject, or a particular trait or skill they possess for instance, fills you with any of the above emotions, -try replacing such destructive feelings with healthy curiosity and inspiration instead. Thank them, (if at least, just in your head), for helping you become cognizant of where your ego is built upon a faulty, weak, and shoddy foundation. 

The more free you are of these destructive emotions, the more you can actualize your true potentials, and gain access to your own unbridled creative life force and capacity for joy and fulfillment in all that you do. Because you are more open to learning, due to the fact that your ego is strong enough to accept that there are things that you do not yet know and there is always room for growth and improvement. I;e; You are human and fallible and the fact that there is a lot to learn from and about life should incite curiosity and enthusiasm-not fear, insult, or injury. 
We don’t actualize any of our own potential by invalidating, devaluing, ignoring, belittling, discounting, and discarding everyone and anyone that forces us (unbeknownst to them), to reflect upon our own weaknesses and deficiencies by merely existing, while stubbornly remaining at the same level of operation, and psychological, emotional, intellectual, and interpersonal development that we’ve been at since adolescence. 

Growth does not occur in an echo chamber.


Through the combination of the many configurations and celestial events we are under, it is essentially a choice between choosing to grow, or being dragged. There is no “going back into the box” after this. This is a BIG “letting go energy.” Simultaneously, a challenge to rise to, when it comes to positively asserting ourselves in the world in ways that we have previously held ourselves back from doing, due to fear, due to insecurity, due to perceived self limitations. We are working out some longstanding kinks in our chakras and making way from some serious upgrades. This is a MAJOR rewiring.  There will be  pressure felt to “get it together man.” Don’t be hard on yourself. Be encouraging. This is *A LOT*.  At a collective and individual level of consciousness, -this is some extremely potent and highly pivotal stuff. August, and particularly mid August, has some significant turning points. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found this helpful. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of July 8th-14th 2019

(and really, a whole pile up of planets and asteroids in retrograde.)

We begin this week with Mercury fresh into it’s backspin. Dizzy yet? Monday begins with the Moon in harmonizing Libra, in an opposition to Chiron, (who stations retrograde today), along with an oddly stimulating square to Venus in Cancer, and sextile’s to Mercury and Mars. This see’s the early hours strangely reflective, busy, stimulating, and holding a great deal of creative potential. In the very least, we can seek to enjoy ourselves, perhaps driven by vague, inexplicable emotions, and a rather ambivalent feeling interpersonal landscape. 

Later, around 5:30 PM PST, the Moon forms a square to both the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn. Many are putting on a much braver face than they really feel. With Uranus in the mix, squaring Mercury and Mars in Leo, while forming a sextile to Venus in Cancer, we are certainly being called to exercise our emotions in new and surprising ways. This could see many contemplating taking some risks, creatively or otherwise. Dealing with old emotional demons in new and creative ways is a theme. Lining this up with our own integrity and authenticity, in emotionally fulfilling, inspiring, and life affirming ways is a triple win. There is certainly much creative, innovative potential available to those who possess the capacity to reflect. An opportunity to heal deep identity wounds exists amidst the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. 

As we are between eclipses, the energy is building slowly to a climax, and for many, letting go and setting forth into an unknown future is unbelievably exciting and inspiring. For others, it’s a bit more complicated. For most of us, it’s a bizarre mixture of excitement, pressure, and inspiration, -paired with thumb sucking vulnerability. Resulting in a peculiar brand of curious ambivalence. 

Tuesday, July 9th, see’s the Moon in Libra add in a square to intense power broker Pluto, (on top of squares to the Sun, Saturn, and the Moon’s nodes.) Venus and the Sun close in on each other and begin to perfect conjunction. In may ways, this could see us in two minds about something from our past, our emotions, endings, or simply trying to become comfortable with the present tense, in spite of some lingering emotional processes, attachments, or endings that have transpired. Powerful negotiations could be attempting to happen, but not everyone is exactly reading from the same page.
 We can’t change the past, or rewind the clock, but we can learn from it, and do whatever is in our power to feel more secure within ourselves in the here and now, and not repeat the same mistakes. There is much that is to be looked forward to, so regardless, it’s important to stay inspired, and on a path towards growth, maturity, development, self love, self acceptance, transformation, and improvement. Not to mention, good times, good vibes. What is life without laughter, joy, and inspiration? 

With Pluto in the mix here, there is certainly a growing intensity, and a sense of inevitability to things. This intensity grows as the Moon heads towards brooding, do or die Scorpio. 


Wednesday, July 10th, see’s the Moon in heavy breathing, obsessive Scorpio, opposing Uranus, and in Square to both Mercury and Mars in Leo. This could see people experiencing a wide variety of conflicting urges and feelings, but could also see people standing in opposing camps. One camp being all for taking wild gambles and risks for a good time, another camp being more security oriented and conservative. Perhaps we are facing down these two paths within ourselves, and no matter what direction we go, there are no guarantees. The only true control we have is over ourselves. There is certainly a rebellious energy that is potentiated here. A Lunar trine to Venus in Cancer suggests digging into the past somehow, for transformation, peace, closure. Some could be cloying for security, and it can be difficult to come by due to the relative detachment the other configurations are bringing to the table. Perhaps extremes in behavior in times prior have created irrevocable rifts. 
(If this day were a tarot spread it would no doubt contain the Death card, the Moon, the Tower, the Devil, the Star, the Strength card, the Fool, and probably the seven of cups, and both the seven and eight of pentacles. Just. Saying. The Universe is not fucking around right now.)

Communications could certainly be passionate, heated, potentially dramatic- although a lot could be going on just under the surface. Mars in Leo is confident, cocky, and competitive. There could certainly be some kind of unspoken competitive dynamics at play for some. For others, this is focused on simply trying to move onward an upward, by going steadily inward and doing some deep alchemical shiznizzle, and wanting desperately to avoid any sort of enmeshment with anyone.  Although, regardless, this week could see some people make some pretty wild or out of character moves.  Perhaps a certain amount of risk will pay off?  

Getting the heart aligned with the passions, and the two aligned with our integrity/authenticity seems to be the gist of this Mercury retrograde. For many, this is resulting in some kind of personal vision quest of sorts that requires a lot of breathing room, and space for eccentricity to hang out.  A bit of “coloring outside the lines”.  Outmoded rules or restrictions can be thrown out the window when they no longer serve any constructive purpose other than to constrain and inhibit.

Thursday, July 11th, 2019, see’s the Moon in Scorpio form lovely trines to the Sun in cozy Cancer and Neptune in empathic Pisces, while simultaneously forming a pleasing sextile to Saturn and Pluto. Wow. This is powerful. With Mercury squaring Uranus and trine Chiron, and Venus in Cancer also squaring up to Chiron, (who again, is also now retrograde) we are being called to perform some deep and heavy magic. Coming up with new and innovative ways to tackle some pretty ancient wounds. To interrupt a pattern that has gone on in our lives for way too long, in order to access buried potentials, and deeper levels of emotional fulfillment and authenticity.  The real work will begin when Mercury reaches Cancer again. The past may be drudged up in some way, internally, interpersonally, or both.

Currently, Mercury is trying to bring some inspiration and creativity to the mix, so that when and if we face particular feelings once again, we can see things or people through fresh eyes, and allow our past to help us grow, as opposed to prevent us from doing exactly that. Shutting certain doors permanently is what will be required for many, whether that pertains to a relationship, or an emotional pattern or response. Something needs to be relinquished, released, and cut out.

This day looks rather emotive, reflective, serene, sensitive, dreamy, if rather intense. Saturn opposes the Sun and Venus, so there are interpersonal blockages for sure, and that’s all part of the strange ambivalence of this weeks configurations. It’s as if we are trying to find our integrity between the “old” and the “new”, and testing the waters for surety, longevity, and sturdiness. Weighing the pros and cons of certain alliances, approaches, or directions. We could still feel very suspicious and overwhelmed. But regardless, the call to the heart, and to a solid sense of self, is undeniable. 


Friday see’s the Moon enter optimistic, expansive Sagittarius. This looks set to really boost morale, inspiration, good times, and positivity.  Just throw confetti and glitter on everything and enjoy this however you can. 
Here, the Moon trines Mercury and Mars in Leo, and Chiron in Aries, going on to form a conjunction too Jupiter later on. The weekend looks rather interesting. Right off the bat, Friday looks like a total mood changer. Chiron forms trines to the Moon, Mercury, and Mars. This suggests some rather healing exchanges that perhaps provide some much needed perspective, and expands our reference points quite a bit in a way that helps us continue to work out those “Ye oldey time raggedy wounds from the past” that we are all still secretly dragging around while putting on a brave and invulnerable (though very theatrical) mime/clown front. 

Whatever transpires at the weekend it could potentially boost our confidence in a healthy and positive way. 

We could receive some kind of heart warming communication, or recognition, encouragement, or accolades for something we’ve said or done/are doing. Whatever the case, our passions are stoked, and we could be seeing some positive signs that the inner growth we have been undergoing and the courage we’ve been slowly building is showing signs of paying off.  

When we are happy with ourselves, and feel good inside about ourselves and who we are, we naturally get on well with others, and our inner warmth radiates outwards.

New perspectives abound. It’s never too late to learn new ways of doing things, or expressing ourselves in the world or with others.

Saturday morning, July 13th, see’s the Moon conjunct Jupiter, trine Mars, and square Neptune. It certainly feels like many things are improving. Hopefully we aren’t looking at things solely through rose colored glasses however. If we are, the upcoming Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th will reveal where we have overestimated (or underestimated) something or someone, and where we need to take more personal accountability to  actively shape our lives the way we would like them to be.

Regardless, this looks set to be a creatively inspired weekend, and our imaginations could be positively soaring. This is definitely rich, emotive, expansive, and nutritive soil for artists, musicians, and creative types. Some could be traveling this weekend to visit loved ones, reunite with past connections, or forge new connections. 

Sunday begins the day with the Moon in the late degrees of Sagittarius. The Moon doesn’t form any major aspects until around late afternoon, when there is a sudden shift of energy for the serious as the Moon enters stoic Capricorn. This see’s the Moon square Chiron, and trine Uranus in Taurus. A growing seriousness and sensitivity is felt, along with a need to “be ready for anything”. Perhaps new levels of maturity, the work we still have yet ahead of us, and the responsibility on our shoulders begins to loom as we approach the Full Moon? 

Or the seriousness of certain decisions can weigh on our hearts. 

This ends the weekend on an oddly resilient note, as if we are getting ready to step into some kind of “ring,” put our money where our mouth is, or otherwise embark on some kind of endeavor or other where we mean business, but feel a great deal of vulnerability around doing. Or whatever it is is just very close to our hearts.

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most triumphant week! Be good to each other. See you next Monday.