Astrology For The Week Of July 29th-August 4th 2019

Monday, early morning see’s the Moon in zero degrees Cancer forming some minor irritating aspects to Mars and Chiron, going on to eventually form a sextile to Uranus and an opposition to Saturn. There could be some curve balls, challenges, inconveniences to navigate, and we may need to improvise some solutions, or accept some temporary discomfort as we attempt to find stability within change, experimentation, and breaking new ground. As Mercury prepares to station direct midweek, and this week also heralds a new Moon in Leo, expect things to still feel a bit “loopy” before the dust settles. The period before and after Mercury stations either direct or retrograde is usually manifests the most “hiccups.” Don’t let the loose ends or the final screams of a dying era dampen your enthusiasm for the new chapter that is about to unfold. Monday evening ends with a lovely lunar trine to Neptune, taking the edge off of the square to Chiron and the opposition to Saturn. This fuels the imagination, longings, dreams, and ideals, and can provide an “anesthetic” to any blockages or frustrations experienced.

The morning of the 30th see’s the Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury, adding in an opposition to Pluto along side Saturn. This suggests a “sweeping up” process as Mercury spends it’s final moments retrograde, clearing the decks for the new, positive, and life affirming direction forward. These are some major transformations everyone is undergoing, so if you find yourself frustrated with others due to their seeming “flakiness” or lack of availability, consider that perhaps they are going through more than they may be letting on, and that perhaps it is merely an issue of poor timing, rather than a static reflection of their character, or worse, their view of you. Try not to take things too personally at this time, as many people are dealing with a lot in their lives, and this sort of major overhaul, clearing out, and total transformation can take time to finalize and set. This is no small feat for any of us. All signs are pointing towards better times ahead, so take heart that whatever frustrations you’ve been experiencing are temporary. 

The morning of the 31st see’s the Moon in zero degrees Leo, lightning up the atmosphere considerably. There could be a lot of excitement, nervous energy, and spontaneity in the air. The Moon and Sun both form squares to Uranus in Taurus, and trines to Chiron in Aries. The Moon conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Venus amidst all this suggests a whole lot of creative improvisation and changes being made that could ultimately be very self affirming and bring healing to the overall sense of self confidence. This energy will certainly keep everyone on their toes and there could be some rather surprising or even pleasantly shocking developments interpersonally and/or creatively. The Sun and Moon trining up to Jupiter adds a “larger than life” feel to proceedings that can significantly boost morale, and magnify the creative, artistic, romantic, or theatrical intensity. The New Moon occurs at 8:12 PM PST, followed by Mercury stationing direct at 8:58 PM PST. Looking forward, towards all that is life affirming, while “wrapping up”, repairing, and releasing all that stands in the way of that is par for the course. The conjunction this new Moon has to Venus, and then Mars, places the emphasis on pleasure, love, enjoyment, beauty, passion, and taking actions and initiatives in the direction of what makes us feel alive. This is a “glow up” for the collective consciousness. We could even receive some kind of good news that opens up our world somehow, or strengthen our sense of identity through new, exciting positive interpersonal connections. Regardless of what transpires, this has “new” and “untried” written all over it.

August 1st see’s a rather action oriented and passionate day, with the Moon in Leo conjunct Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter. Innovation, experimentation, passion, and eccentricity are in the air, along with a hefty dose of creativity, pomp and circumstance. With Mercury going forward once again, we can slowly begin to regain our equilibrium, and excitement builds for future projects, relationships, endeavors, and initiatives. This day can see some impulsiveness, and perhaps a surge of courage overtake us. A quincunx to Pluto can see an obsessiveness that drives us, and it can be important to perhaps slow down, and try to maintain some objectivity. This is certainly a passionate day, that can see everyone bent on expanding their horizons and increasing the potential for joy, passion, fun, expressiveness, romance, and creativity in their lives. 


August 2nd see’s the Moon move into earthy and detail oriented Virgo, shifting the emphasis on getting small tasks, duties, and “fixing” things out of the way. A lunar trine to Uranus in Taurus adds some spontaneity to the daily grind, while the Sun squaring Uranus suggests that we would rather be playing. Even if we are forced to grapple with more mundane practicalities, getting these things out of the way now will free us up later, and prevent any mishaps that could occur down the line. Whatever we are putting into place, wrapping up, and tending to at this time has an important role to play in setting us on the passionate new path we would ideally like to be on. So if you must work this weekend, or repair/replace broken appliances, items, or tend to some other Virgo related issue, such as your health, or pets, duties, routines, - there’s no reason you can’t whistle while doing so, knowing that you’re laying the bricks to your dream castle.

August 3rd see’s the Virgo Moon square Jupiter, oppose Neptune, and trine Saturn and Pluto. It seems that certain tasks have been completed and are done and out of the way, and this could bring a feeling of smug satisfaction and accomplishment. There could be a feeling of quiet confidence about potential challenges around the corner, even if there are some vague uncertainties. Not that all the work is done, but now that certain things are out of the way or resolved, perhaps this is a moment to make assessments of any potential pitfalls in an effort of crisis prevention. Lunar sextile to Mercury, with the emphatic trines to Saturn in Pluto suggests a “thoroughness” about the energy of Saturday, where we may be sorting through the details of things to make concerted efforts that everything functions efficiently, and that our path ahead can be as free from obstacles as possible. 

August 4th see’s the Moon move into Libra, shifting the emphasis on to our relation with others, and bringing harmony between the needs of ourselves and the needs of other people. A lunar opposition to Chiron highlights where we may have put relations with other people on the back burner in order to attend to other things, and may need to pick up some slack in this area and bring more attention to our relationships. Later, a pleasing sextile to Venus and the Sun in Leo, illuminates the benefits of bringing more focus, charm, diplomacy, and TLC to our relations with other people. A little attention here goes a long way. A late night lunar square to Saturn can make us feel more responsible, mature, and emotionally resilient, even if things on the relationship front aren’t exactly how we would ideally want them to be (yet.) This could see next week start off on a dutiful, quietly optimistic, and conscientious note, as we continue to make sweeping changes in our lives that will allow for a more inspiring interpersonal and creative landscape. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Moon, and I hope you all have a most excellent week! See you next Monday.


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