Monday, April 26, 2021



The Moon enters intense and emo Scorpio at 9:18 AM PST, to trine Mars in Cancer, oppose the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. Having these aspects riding off of a lunar square to Pluto and trine to Jupiter, it’s possible for the morning to start out with some compelling yet very odd/unconventional emotional pulls and/or interpersonal dynamics. There could be some odd rumination’s or preoccupations, and perhaps memories from the past are a driving force in some way. Simultaneously there can be an impatience around the future that’s driving this, but regardless there can be some insatiable curiosities and a compelling desire to plummet certain psychological and emotional depths and poke and prod around at what is buried or submerged, exploring our most authentic and instinctual desires. There’s an odd detachment and objectivity here with so many planetary aspects to Uranus, and this can also see some surprising or unexpected feelings or even memories come up that can see odd cravings or meanderings into the heart and dark corners of the psyche. The Moon trine Mars is driven, energized, and assertive, and emotions and instincts can take on a momentum all their own. There’s a certain emotional restlessness to these configurations, but the energy can be harnessed into an almost obsessive productivity or desire to make some kind of radical breakthroughs, changes, or new approaches-even if only modest ones. The Moon goes on to oppose Venus as well as square Saturn and it’s possible these aspects can make us a little uncomfortable with the intensity and/or unpredictability of our own feelings, instincts, and drives, perhaps because we know they’re out of step with those of others, or outside of some established norms, rules, or what is considered “normal” or conventional. The Full Moon occurs at 8:32 PM PST. Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Moon all square Saturn now, while conjunct Uranus, and we can feel inhibited, blocked, or curtailed in some way from surrendering to the compelling pulls of various instincts and drives, or doing or saying something that could really shake something up, particularly interpersonally. This is a quirky and bizarre energy that seems to be seeking some emotionally transformative or even cathartic experience that satiate’s the cravings of the soul, body, heart, and psyche, but it could seem one has to go to0 far out on a limb to scratch that itch than is comfortable (or permissible for the time being perhaps.) It could see us seek comfort and connection, or transformative experiences, in unusual or surprising ways. Needless to say, this Full Moon could result in some interesting alchemical processes, radical transformations, and there could be some shocks, downloads, upgrades, and surprises unfolding that can see some new and exciting things becoming more established, even though there’s an element of instability, challenge, experimentation, and a need for discipline to it all. There’s a need to find consistency within unpredictability here. 


Today see’s the Moon in investigative and probing Scorpio opposing Venus and Mercury in Taurus and forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces in the afternoon. The Neptune trine can help disinhibit people a little bit around tense or polarizing issues, charged dynamics, or things, situations or people that are outside our usual comfort zones or established norms. Neptune promotes tolerance, understanding, compassion and receptivity.  This can also make us a bit shy and reflective, as the Moon in Scorpio is a bit introverted and highly sensitive to stimuli and even just the oscillating waves of our own internal landscapes. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio , also stations retrograde today, which can see a prolonged reflection on power, and power dynamics, collectively as well as personally. The Moon goes on to square Jupiter in unorthodox Aquarius in the early evening, and this can see a lot of idealism and some larger than life feelings, some of which are perhaps very surprising. There could be some surprising news or reveals, or in the very least an element of suspense or a build up. It’s possible something is reaching a pinnacle phase and breaking new ground. Late evening see’s a lunar sextile to Pluto, which can see an intense, almost investigative focus and high idealism around something. We can be in completely new territory in some area, and this can really see the imaginative and emotive faculties engaged. The lunar trine to Neptune combined with the link to Pluto can see a very impressionable atmosphere where things can touch us deeply and pique our curiosity and desire to learn, grow, and expand. Tomorrow will see a more outgoing and encouraging atmosphere. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter happy go lucky Sagittarius, to trine Chiron in Aries. This can see a boost in morale and perhaps some feelings of restraint or holding back can begin to feel a bit easier to challenge, whether these inclinations have been internally or externally generated, or both, there can be more courage and optimism. Saturn has loosened it’s grip on Mercury, and this can see certain boundaries around communications begin to dissolve as well. Mercury now makes a sextile to Neptune and a trine to Pluto, and this can encourage more communication in direct and indirect ways. These configurations can provide opportunities to connect mentally and spiritually. The Sun and Venus still square Saturn, so the breaks are still pressed a bit in regards to interpersonal exchanges, but Mercury creates an opening for relating and connecting in friendly and impactful ways that can even be healing and beneficial. There can be some synchronicities under these aspects that make an impact, and also the possibility for some unusual insights, instinctual hunches, good intuition, or simply some “uncommon common sense” that’s perhaps been sorely needed or even previously tuned out. Perhaps it’s been there all along but is only just now being recognized as having merit. Needless to say, Mercury can begin to build connections, and Saturn soon loosens it’s grip on Venus as well, which can see things warm up interpersonally rather nicely in the coming days. Perhaps fear or inhibitions or other challenges or responsibilities have hampered things. Mercury makes a compelling case to follow a hunch, instinct, or compelling curiosity towards something or someone unusual to it’s natural conclusion. The lunar link to Chiron can see more courage and confidence as well, which can bring us into some unusual territory. 


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune which can see some unusual situations or vague uncertainties, unknowns, confusion and mystery. Venus is released by Saturn from it’s tense square, so perhaps we too are beginning to feel a little less apprehensive, but this brings up unknowns that inhibitions or blockages prevented us from having to think (or feel) about. What kind of rabbit hole is this? We may wrestle with conflicting instincts to restrain and hold back or lunge forward bravely into unknowns. Mars in Cancer trine Jupiter craves security, comfort, and connection as much as Venus in Taurus does, and this can be harder to deny as restraining influences let up. Venus joins Mercury in a sextile to Neptune, so this doubly emphasizes a lowering of guards and a desire to seek understanding, compassion and connectivity. The Mercury/Pluto link emphasizes authenticity as well.  The Moon links up with the asteroid Juno which can see beneficial and supportive connections between others that can be uplifting, even though perhaps unusual, confusing, or bemusing with the lunar square to Neptune.  Regardless, there can be something about whatever is happening that can boost optimism, faith, and a feeling of resolve as we head into the weekend.  



The Moon enters Capricorn at 9:16 AM, getting the end of the week off to an earthy, practical, and very physical start.  There can be a lot of energy today, or at least, a lot demanded of us in some way, with the Moon opposite Mars in Cancer, square Chiron, and trine the Sun and Uranus. There can be a sort of anticipatory electricity and tension in the air that can see some nervous excitement, but also some sensitivity, weakness or vulnerability. Perhaps we feel ill prepared. Maybe there’s something positive to look forward to and prepare for that has caught us by surprise. There can be changes and shifts happening that create tension and excitement, and a need to exert ourselves to get things done or meet the demands of the day. The weekend get’s off to a surprising start and can see some interesting exchanges that can actually be really refreshing, pleasant, energizing but also easy going. There’s a bit of sensitivity or vulnerability present with the Moon square Chiron, but enough resolution and backbone towards positive risk taking to overcome it. 


Today see’s some pleasant and surprising maths, that could see us willing to risk some vulnerability in the name  of connecting in new ways or taking a risk socially or interpersonally. It can be easy going but also somewhat exhilarating to try something new or take a new approach to something (or someone) already established. This can see some pleasant surprises interpersonally, socially, or financially, but it does require lowering the defenses, which self protective Mars in Cancer now squaring up to Chiron may find hard to do, as old wounds could be triggered. But it seems the desire to shake things up in a positive way might be too compelling to resist. The desire for personal connection socially or otherwise can be strong under these configurations. Pleasant times can be had and warm connections can be formed if these impulses are heeded. Something or someone can make quite an impact on us at this time. The Moon in down to earth Capricorn may not be the most demonstrative, but with trines to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in easy going Taurus, and a conjunction to Pluto in Cap, with a sextile to Neptune thrown in later, breaking the ice can feel as natural as dirt. The Sun’s square to Saturn while conjunct Uranus can see some deliberating or slight inhibition, but the link to Uranus combined with all the other configurations can’t resist pushing the envelope just a little bit in order to satisfy curiosity or add a new dimension to exchanges that can make the day more enjoyable. This can see some revealing talks, or surprising interpersonal insights. Something about today can significantly shift certain dynamics going forward in a positive and surprising way. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter unorthodox Aquarius at 12:31 PM PST. Preceding that, we see the Moon in the final and most urgent degree of Capricorn conjunct Pluto, so if we deliberated yesterday about doing or saying something, today we may just cave into the instinct to go ahead and go with the flow of it. This can see some decisive moves socially and interpersonally that change the game significantly. This can result in some surprising conversations, and perhaps even some deals and handshakes. With Pluto involved, and now retrograde, we could even be getting a second shot at something, or a chance to reflect, go within, and do some shadow work. Maybe get honest with ourselves about what we really actually want and why. The Moon in Aquarius creates some emotional detachment after what were perhaps some peak moments, in the very least, internally/psychologically. On the one hand we can feel more settled about something or committed to a particular direction, group, situation, project or person,  (Moon conjunct Saturn), on the other hand, something has shifted significantly in a way that can feel “fated” (Moon square Uranus and trine the North Node).  There could be something kind of wild about whatever’s happening now, whether personally or collectively at large (probably all of the above…as above so below as the saying goes.) What’s been said has been said, what’s been done, and put out there has been done and put out there. The Moon conjunct Saturn binds us and reminds us that now we’re committed to a change in direction, and it can actually be a really healing and exciting direction even if it was really unexpected. 

Monday, April 19, 2021



Today see’s Mercury and the Sun move into earthy Taurus. Happy birthday Taurus, and happy Taurus season to everyone. The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto and trines Neptune, while squaring up to the Sun and Mercury, and this can see some grace under pressure and a desire to reform or transform. With the Sun and Mercury both joining Venus once again in positive relation to Pluto this can see another opportunity to develop things in a positive way, -this time in a more concrete fashion. This will also show there will be much to adapt to and more changes coming in with the planets in Taurus in relation to Uranus. A lot of improvising and adapting to new rhythms and changes, and a more concerted and concentrated effort. Not everything will be super easy, as the Moon in Cancer gives us a little taste of the challenges Mars will have in store once it moves into Cancer on Friday. This will see a need for more concerted effort, a more dedicated nurturing of something, where Mars in Gemini has been more experimental, varied,  and less concentrated. The evening see’s the Moon/Pluto opposition perfect which can see some emotional pressure or some breakthrough moments. There can be a focus on longterm security, and it can feel like we have our work cut out for us this week in adjusting to changes with a determination to really make something work and get more established for the longterm.  There can be some unexpected shifts to navigate or just a lot of changes unfolding. 


Today see’s the Moon in theatrical and charismatic Leo squaring up to Mercury, Venus and Uranus, and opposing Saturn in Aquarius while trine Chiron. This can represent shifts in relation to livelihood or practical arrangements that are ultimately for the better, although there can be a lot of work to put into things and there may be some challenges along the way to navigate as new circumstances or approaches are navigated. There can be excitement in the air but also a need to put in the work, effort and discipline and exhibit resilience amidst changes of tack. With the Taurus stellium, there is an emphasis on money, self worth, natural born gifts, and how livelihood is earned, and things look set to be on a positive trajectory. But it’s also apparent that things will require sweat and effort to keep momentum going. The lunar square to Uranus can see some surprises, shocks, the unexpected and perhaps some nervous excitement. These are interpersonally and financially unpredictable times, and there can be an emphasis on more independence and a need to think for yourself. This can also see some rebelliousness. There are certainly a lot of changes taking place on the front of commerce, finances, trade, communications, as well as relationships. With Mars in the final degrees of Gemini, there is an effort towards expansion, and the Mars in Cancer cycle will work towards getting something more firmly rooted and established.  Big changes are happening and it’s a matter of establishing an eventual sustainable order out of the chaos. 


Today see’s the Moon in Leo opposite Jupiter in Aquarius from the afternoon, and other than that not making any noteworthy aspects. This can see a lot of excitement, and with Mars in 29 degrees of Gemini trine Jupiter there can be a lot to talk about or simply a lot going on. Perhaps last minute adjustments, loose ends or errands to complete, maybe even some short distance travels that somehow finalize a process and bring it into a new phase. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all conjunct Uranus now, things can feel exciting and a whole lot of changes are  ringing in. But there is also a lot of unpredictability and perhaps certain people are changing tack at the last minute much to the surprise of certain others. The Moon will head into Virgo tomorrow and this will see a need for more focus and to become more organized and adapt to all that has been shifting to create a functional routine that can be sustained longterm. Perhaps today is more about excitement, maybe even a bit of a congratulatory atmosphere, and tomorrow, and under the Virgo lunation, we may see more of an active push to bring something to a new phase. The Venus/Saturn link can cause some self doubts here and there, but it also contains the potential for putting in effort, sweat, and patience. It can be easy to allow delays or challenges to make us focus on what can go wrong or to overlook the actual promise of what is there simply because something doesn’t yield instant results right away.  There may be a lot of practical details to handle to reach a sort of new milestone or position, but what is unfolding looks promising.


Today see’s the Moon in pragmatic Virgo, and in the early morning hours it is sextile Mars, suggesting an active morning. The Moon trine’s the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, while opposing Jupiter, and this places emphasis on many big changes unfolding, particularly in the practical, physical, financial, and material realms. But also interpersonally. There’s a certain wildness to these configurations, and a desire to take positive, healthy risks, and liven things up a bit. These earthy alignments really bring us into the body and there can be a need to seek things that make us feel more alive. The lunar trines are easy, so it could be tempting to not take advantage of this stellar energy and to sit back and not make much of it at all. But if a little effort is exerted, and with Venus and Mercury both squaring up to Saturn there certainly is ambition to advance and achieve mastery over our situation,- as long as any tendency towards self doubt or pessimism is overcome, it can go a long way to advancing our position, and letting in a new, revitalizing energy, as long as we are willing to be patient, but also a little adventurous. The Venus/Saturn contact can also assist with a little restraint and remind us to savor a process rather than run roughshod into things and have them fizzle before they’ve even got off the ground. There is a lot of potential within these configurations, and although certain nuts may be tough to crack, this doesn’t negate the potential and nutritious bounty within them. Using positive affirmations to counteract any tendency towards self doubt or pessimism can be helpful. Mars will shift things into a new playing field tomorrow. 


Mars enters Cancer this morning at 4:49 AM PST, bright and early. This morning see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Venus, while opposing Neptune. This can see an odd mixture of desire and perhaps some anxiousness, self doubt, or worry over unknowns in the first part of the day. There may be a bit of longing in these configurations. The Moon goes on to trine obsessive Pluto later in the day and this can see some intensity and resolve to get to the bottom of things thrown into the mix. A stick-to-it-iveness in the face of any sort of demoralizing influences, or a feeling or desire that just remains in spite of certain “impossible” or mysterious elements. In the final hour of the evening the Moon builds a square to Mars in Cancer, suggesting that the Libra lunation this weekend can bring with it a sort of bravery and a more “confrontational” approach. Not necessarily in a bad way, but perhaps there is a shot of courage building that can give people the nerve and resolve to finally say something or approach a situation, topic, opportunity or person that has perhaps been intimidating or for whatever reason seemingly out of reach. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter into partnership oriented Libra at 9:06 AM PST, to square Mars in Cancer while trine Pluto in Capricorn. This can give a shot of courage without sacrificing the need for diplomacy. There may be some intense feelings under the surface driving things, and later a lunar trine to Saturn and opposition to Chiron can see resolve in the face of vulnerability or perhaps a feeling of being out on a limb somehow. With Venus and Mercury both squaring Saturn, there’s been niggling doubts, inhibitions and challenges that have impacted our belief in something or someone, but the lunar trine to Saturn hangs in there, while the trine to Pluto and square to Mars assists in being more assertive. There may be some tests in self confidence and it’s possible someone feels a bit snubbed and has to reconsider their approach. With Saturn involved this always brings up the notion of “karma”, which is simply the results of our cumulative actions and behavior plus time. If we aren’t getting the results or response that we had hoped, or it seems others aren’t on the same page with us anymore, perhaps it’s time to recalibrate and examine how we may have contributed to the dynamic being ….whatever it is. It isn’t too late to take positive actions or to make changes and reform our approach, or change tack entirely. 


Today see’s the Moon in Libra trine Saturn and opposite Chiron in Aries. Perhaps something has given us pause for thought. There can be a bit of vulnerability here, and there can be a focus on taking stock of something, and perhaps also the delicate balance between ourselves and others. Maybe we are taking a cold hard look at something. There can be a desire to get a grip on certain things, perhaps certain dynamics, patterns or habits have gone to the wayside or off the rails somehow. The lunar trine to Saturn indicates a thoughtful analysis of things that have maybe been going on autopilot. For some there can be a need for forming cooperative solutions, and making sure others know you’re on the same side as them. What is clear is that Sunday’s math can offer a rare moment of clarity that can provide us the opportunity to see what’s gone wrong and why, and how we can take the wheel to get things back on track and headed in a direction that’s more to our liking. We can’t control anyone but ourselves, and the lunar Saturn trine can help us be more skillful and focused on the longterm results of our actions and behaviors in the here and now. This can be helpful in setting limits for ourselves, such as a budget, or being more focused and resolute around the results we’re actually trying to manifest. Being personally accountable for the nature of our own reality can be empowering, help us feel more in control of our life, and realign with our mission and our own authentic desires. 

Monday, April 12, 2021



This morning begins with the Moon in late Aries, conjunct the Sun and Venus, trine Juno with the Sun and Moon both squaring up to Pluto. This can see an inner spark of intensity, but with a drive and determination to push through the residual funk of the Mars/Neptune square that perfected last week that may have seen our motivation or confidence a bit weakened or energy and will power sapped.  Although the energy of the New Moon has prompted new starts, it may have been accompanied by a bit of a slog in motivation or a few slip ups that may have meandered us slightly off track, but nonetheless, there is a decisive push forward, onward, and upward. This week will see Venus change signs into the steady, earthy and sensual Taurus, which will bring some practicality and focus to all Venus ruled matters. The Moon enters Taurus at 10:44 AM this morning, to conjoin Uranus while still holding a conjunction to Venus in the later degrees of Aries which suggests a push forward and a desire to shake things up in the name of progress. With The focus on Pluto via the solar, lunar and Venus squares there is an intense drive for reform and transformation, and to overcome weakening influences and get a foothold on to breaking new ground and making headway. The Pluto squares have a curious chemistry of anxiousness and great power behind them, and the Sun highlights drive and willpower to really get things going and get on with things. Later a lunar semi square to Neptune can highlight some unknowns that can perhaps cause a feeling of slight uneasiness combined with the erratic nature of Uranus, but there is also a penchant here for great innovation and resourcefulness and the ability to dig deep to access reserves. Tomorrow might see some unexpected challenges but also the discipline to see them through and improvise solutions. 


Today see’s the Moon in slow and tactile Taurus conjunct Uranus while squaring up to Saturn. This can bring forth the need of resilience and to put in the work and discipline into something. With Venus in the final and most urgent degree of Aries there can be a certain feistiness and a need for patience and determination around something, as there can be a strong desire to “get to the point already,” or take action to see tangible progress and evidence of change. The lunar square to Saturn necessitates patience and perseverance. Venus square Pluto can see an intense desire around something and around getting results YESTERDAY. The further away Mars get’s in degree from Neptune, the easier it will become to direct the will, harness energy, and feel more confidence again around initiatives or actions we may want to take. It’s been a somewhat draining and demoralizing influence that may have made staying on track in certain areas more difficult.  Thankfully Mars will move out of this constellation next Friday, but this will bring with it it’s own set of issues. For now it’s a matter of keeping the motivation and focus going to continue making leaps in progress, without losing faith or hope along the way. Late evening see’s the Moon sextile Neptune which can see the evening end on a note of visualizing the results we’d like to see make happen, and giving ourselves some time to dream without dropping the ball on our chosen trajectory. 


Today begins with the Moon in Taurus squaring up to Jupiter, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto. Combined with the Sun’s aspects to Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, this can see some pushes forward on some big dreams. There can be a decent combination here of practicality and imagination/vision, and the planets in Aries want to get things going and take action. Venus enters money bags Taurus at 11:22 AM PST, and this increases the desire to see real results. It also increases the practicality and steadiness with which to achieve them. This can see a more steady rhythm established that was previously operating in fevered bursts, and because of this, big results and transformations can begin to unfold. There can be a lot of energy to make things manifest today with the practical lunation, but there may also be a need to fight a tendency towards laziness or indulgence in order to get the most out of these configurations. If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you can get the best of both worlds and get a lot of pleasure out of an otherwise pragmatic process. The Moon shifts the emphasis on to communication and enters Gemini at 11:35 PM PST, which can see the wee hours take on a curious but serious vibe.


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini trine Saturn and sextile Chiron. Mercury in Aries also conjoins Venus in early Taurus and sextiles Mars and Jupiter, which can see a curious (but serious) enthusiasm in the air, and there can be a drive towards communication, gathering intelligence, and taking action to make things happen either in the local environment or in regards to networking or even social media endeavors. A lunar semi square to Mercury can see a bit of squirreliness, and there may be a need to temper the responses or get grounded first before taking off in particular directions or going off on a tangent, but the lunar/Saturn trine helps keep things sensible and realistic, and minimize distractions. There can actually be some encouraging signs of stability or that our efforts in regards to something have promise and long term potential. The possibility for fortunate contacts isn’t entirely out of the question, but staying realistic in our assessment of situations and other people will be extra important under the Gemini lunation. 



Today can see a lot of communications and a lot of busyness with the Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars, trine Saturn and square Neptune. There may be a lot to do or to get done, or a lot of conversations to have or loose ends to ties up. But the lunar square to Neptune can make for a loopy, somewhat draining and perhaps easily distracted atmosphere in spite of all the drive and energy available. The Moon goes on to trine Jupiter as well, and there can be a lot happening at once or a lot to consider, and there’s also a lot of optimism and idealism to balance out with practicality. Venus conjunct Uranus now can see a lot of changes going on interpersonally or financially, and it can be a somewhat unpredictable and experimental atmosphere in relation to Venus ruled themes. The amount of inspiration and enthusiasm available can be refreshing, but we should take care we’re seeing things clearly or reading all the fine print around something, or make sure we have all the facts or are seeing things clearly as opposed to running impetuously with the first thing we’re told, or worse, being manipulated or deceived. Later the Moon sextiles Mercury and this can bring certain things to light or place an emphasis on talks, written and spoken word, news, conversations, etc,… some of which can be very surprising or motivating. With the Mars/Neptune square no longer holding such a grip, we can be really motivated around communications or exchanging or gathering information, or having spirited but playful exchanges, kicking the weekend off on a curious, spirited, and inquisitive note. 


This morning see’s the Gemini Moon carrying out it’s sextile to the Sun, conjunction to Mars, and trine to Jupiter,  throwing in a sextile to Venus when the Moon enters Cancer in the afternoon. This can see the morning begin with the playful curiosity and a desire to seek out enjoyment, stimulation, simple pleasures, as well as a sense of adventure to liven up routines that yesterday left off on. The afternoon see’s a comfy, sort of homey and cuddly vibe, and by evening there can be a bit of sensitivity in the air with a lunar square to Chiron while sextile Venus. This can see some interpersonal sensitivity or perhaps just a feeling of vulnerability or protectiveness, even though the emphasis is clearly on pleasure and creature comforts. Perhaps there’s some need for some self nurturing or for some sympathetic company or something that makes us feel more secure. 

SUN APR 18. 

Today see’s the Moon in emotive and comfort seeking Cancer make a sextile to Uranus while squaring Chiron, and later going on to form a reflective and compassionate trine to Neptune. This can see some surprising emotional experiences or perhaps something jarring that get’s us focused on our security somehow. Is there a slight disturbance in the force? Or does something have us somewhat on edge and needing to seek peace, reprieve, relief, release, or sanctuary in the early part of the day? Nonetheless, the lunar/Neptune trine places emphasis on cultivating inner peace. This can see the weekend wind down on a reflective, perhaps somewhat sensitive, dreamy, emo note. Rest while you can, as tomorrow and Tuesday/wed can see the potential for some intensity to navigate, and perhaps much that is unexpected. Hopefully it’s nothing whack and is just a lot of positive changes or breakthroughs. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021



The Moon enters unconventional and detached Aquarius this morning at 6:04 AM PST, to sextile Mercury, now freshly in Aries, and square unpredictable Uranus while conjunct Saturn. There can be some surprising communications or news, and with Mercury now in Aries things are clearly set to head in fresh, new directions for the long term. There can be a lot of nervous excitement to today’s mathscape, but the lunar conjunction to Saturn that grows in strength as the day advances has a steadying influence. The New Moon in Aries at the very end of the week marks the planting of a new seed and a new era, and this week see’s an advancing in this direction, completing a process that we saw the glimpses of at the Libra Full Moon. Things are set to go in a very healing direction, and the Aries stellium provides courage to pioneer into new territory and take decisive actions. News or communications received today can increase courage and confidence or simply affirm that we are on the right track. There’s a compassion here for the underdog as well, and Saturn’s square to Uranus suggests authoritarian pushback is here to stay.  The Sun and Venus both sextile to Mars see’s a lot of passion, drive and enthusiasm, while the Mars square to Neptune is a test of faith (and wits). Lunar contacts to the nodes indicate things are steering in a fated direction, and this can involve new people coming into the fray or already established partnerships taking a new tack. Today’s configurations have a very independent energy about them and there can be excitement building around new initiatives, new conversations, new arrangements, and new interactions getting off the ground. Tomorrow can see a lot of action and enthusiasm, and perhaps some surprises as well. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius sextile the Sun and Venus in Aries, trine Mars in Gemini, and conjunct Saturn and Jupiter. This can see a lot of passion and enthusiasm around communication initiatives and in regards to things going on in the local environment, neighborhood, social networking and the like. Today looks surprisingly pleasant and exciting, and although there is a lot of independence, there is also a lot of inspiration around partnerships, friendships, and social networks, and the lunar contact to Juno can bring us into contact with others who encourage our self empowerment and inspire us to learn and grow.  Today is rife with passion and motivation, although things can feel undermined by the Mars/Neptune square causing lags, glitches, confusion, or disappointments. In spite of this it can be easy to find things to be optimistic and excited about. The Aquarius lunation remains a bit detached, which can be helpful in the face of so much giddiness and enthusiasm. There’s a focus today on enjoyment, pleasure, relationships, perhaps even spontaneous get togethers or engagement in sports or other things that get the body moving. Over all, today looks packed with energy and enthusiasm and a desire to seek out pleasant experiences that get the endorphins and positive vibes flowing. There’s a lot of curiosity, courage, and a sense of adventure in today’s configurations. A good day for an outing.


Today begins with the Moon void of course in Aquarius, to enter reflective Pisces at 1:30 PM PST. Perhaps yesterdays dynamic romps and excited, action oriented energy prompts a more dreamy and reflective frame today. There’s definitely been much that’s has optimism levels up, and the Pisces lunation can see the imagination and capacity for fantasy fully engaged and having visions of all the future possibilities. Today can see a lot of dreaming and fantasizing, perhaps around creative projects, love, relationships, beauty/aesthetics. With Venus sextile both Mars and Jupiter, while squaring Pluto, there is a very driven, passionate and enthusiastic energy around all of these things, and the Pisces lunation can bring out our idealism and capacity for creative visualization. It’s a more private, reflective, sensitive and retiring energy than the previous day, but the Aries stellium doesn’t let the beat drop. This lunation can just see us taking things in and perhaps there’s a bit of a preparatory feeling around it, seeing as how there is a New Moon in Aries on Sunday. All the other configurations involved here show that there is definitely an emphasis on passion, enthusiasm, partnerships, creative projects, and things that get our motivation going and make us feel more alive and excited. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Pisces sextile innovative Uranus, and this can see creativity and the imagination highly stimulated. Visions of the future, and other various fantasies can be all over the map. There can be some interesting psychic downloads, curious synchronicities, intuitive hunches, ESP experiences, or inspiration and strokes of creative genius from out of the blue. Also possible are some emotional revelations or realizations. Noon see’s the Moon go on to conjunct Neptune which adds even more serendipity and fantasy to this dreamy mathscape. Later on, the Moon squares Mars, and this can sap energy a bit, or see some confusion, disappointment, or irritability with wishy washiness, deception, or a lack of clarity, resolve, or clear direction around something or someone. Perhaps it’s just impatience around a dream or something we’ve got high ideals around, but this influence could also be excellent for creative activities or projects. Today also sees the perfection of the Mars/Neptune square, an influence which has created confusion, lack of clarity, or undermined confidence. This now peaks, and working through any weakening, disappointing, or undermining influences that may be sapping resolve or creating self doubts will be key to getting through the muck. We might worry we're being too hopeful or idealistic about something or if it's too good to be true. The evening hours can be wistful, and there can be a slight edginess around a desire to make something happen, but there can also be a need to gather more energy, clarity or confidence in execution. There can be something we feel really driven around, but simultaneously we may not be 100 percent confident around some rainbow we're chasing, and may even wonder if we're going crazy, being mislead, or overly idealistic. This weekend can see a culmination of sorts. The Aries stellium wants to bravely trudge ahead where angels fear to tread. Just be careful not to be mislead. 



Today see’s the Moon in late Pisces conjunct Neptune, squaring up to Mars, and building a sextile to Pluto. There’s something confusing and compelling about these configurations, and the stellium in Aries see’s a passionate and compelling drive around something, while the Mars/Neptune conjunction makes us wonder if it's all just a beautiful mirage, a trick, fantasy or a delusion, making us doubt or question whatever we're doing or feeling. The Sun is now conjunct both Mercury and Venus, highlighting partnerships and communications, and the desire to get certain conversations started. This can see a more assertive, courageous and confrontational atmosphere building, but for now, under the Pisces lunation, much is still being thought about, dreamed about or prepared for energetically. The lunar square to Mars along with the Mars/Neptune perfection suggests confused drives or perhaps there’s something undermining a more direct or confident approach to something for the time being. It can create a lack of certainty or sure footedness, as these aspects are a bit drunk at the wheel, and we may wonder if we're being over optimistic or overly idealistic about something, but the lunar sextile to Pluto has an undeniable power, resilience, compulsion, and strong will to mould things in the manner of our choosing. It may just be a matter of faith in the face of doubt, uncertainty, or vulnerability in the face of compelling pulls. Nonetheless, there’s a potent drive to manifest ideals into reality. The Moon enters Aries at 11:11 PM PST, conjunct Chiron, suggesting courage in the face of fear, confusion, weakness, or lingering doubts. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and Mercury, going on to sextile Saturn in Aquarius in the early evening. This places a focus on communications and conversations, and the courage and/or radicality required to initiate them. There can be some healing talks as well, and news or ideas exchanged can boost confidence or morale, and set a new precedent or establish a new foundation socially, interpersonally, or commercially. The Sun in Aries also sextiles Jupiter today, joining Mars. With the Sun aspecting Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto now, there can be a lot transforming and also a lot to smile about, a lot of motivation, optimism, drive, intensity, and determination to change things for the better and open a whole new chapter that is more authentic, gratifying, -and self empowering. It’s possible that talks had or agreements made today can get something more firmly established or taken more seriously. Whatever it is that transpires, it looks set to leave us feeling optimistic, enthusiastic, and excited. Perhaps even a little obsessed. Look to the house in your whole house natal chart ruled by Aries to see where this fresh, revitalizing, intense, empowering and healing energy will be touching your life. 


This evening we see the much awaited New Moon in Aries culminate at 7:31 PM PST. Today the Moon conjuncts the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries, sextile Mars and Jupiter, trine Juno, and square Pluto. Wow. There is most certainly something coming to a head here, coming to a culmination. In spite of the fact that Aries is about independence, this new Moon can see pre-existing partnerships (business or personal) entering into a new, healing and promising phase that is mutually empowering. It can also see the arrival of positive new relationships that increase our sense of self empowerment. Regardless of whether you’re alone or not, this New Moon is totally feelin’ itself, and there can be a push for a major positive transformation. It’s like some kind of glow up or intense clearing away of negative forces or a tapping in to deep reserves of energy. There’s a lot to feel excited and positive about here, and there’s a sort of jubilance and vitality to these configurations, but also a lot of power behind it, as if a sort of compelling force is at work that is bringing about some sort of life affirming changes that were just inevitable and bound to happen. People coming into your life now will help push you further into your own self actualization, and it can feel good to bask in the warmth of mutual self empowerment, and to invite people in who’s energy can be motivating and good for us. Or this can be all going down solo. Regardless, the Pluto involvement here can also see a reflective intensity and a purging quality to this New Moon.