Today see’s Mercury and the Sun move into earthy Taurus. Happy birthday Taurus, and happy Taurus season to everyone. The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto and trines Neptune, while squaring up to the Sun and Mercury, and this can see some grace under pressure and a desire to reform or transform. With the Sun and Mercury both joining Venus once again in positive relation to Pluto this can see another opportunity to develop things in a positive way, -this time in a more concrete fashion. This will also show there will be much to adapt to and more changes coming in with the planets in Taurus in relation to Uranus. A lot of improvising and adapting to new rhythms and changes, and a more concerted and concentrated effort. Not everything will be super easy, as the Moon in Cancer gives us a little taste of the challenges Mars will have in store once it moves into Cancer on Friday. This will see a need for more concerted effort, a more dedicated nurturing of something, where Mars in Gemini has been more experimental, varied,  and less concentrated. The evening see’s the Moon/Pluto opposition perfect which can see some emotional pressure or some breakthrough moments. There can be a focus on longterm security, and it can feel like we have our work cut out for us this week in adjusting to changes with a determination to really make something work and get more established for the longterm.  There can be some unexpected shifts to navigate or just a lot of changes unfolding. 


Today see’s the Moon in theatrical and charismatic Leo squaring up to Mercury, Venus and Uranus, and opposing Saturn in Aquarius while trine Chiron. This can represent shifts in relation to livelihood or practical arrangements that are ultimately for the better, although there can be a lot of work to put into things and there may be some challenges along the way to navigate as new circumstances or approaches are navigated. There can be excitement in the air but also a need to put in the work, effort and discipline and exhibit resilience amidst changes of tack. With the Taurus stellium, there is an emphasis on money, self worth, natural born gifts, and how livelihood is earned, and things look set to be on a positive trajectory. But it’s also apparent that things will require sweat and effort to keep momentum going. The lunar square to Uranus can see some surprises, shocks, the unexpected and perhaps some nervous excitement. These are interpersonally and financially unpredictable times, and there can be an emphasis on more independence and a need to think for yourself. This can also see some rebelliousness. There are certainly a lot of changes taking place on the front of commerce, finances, trade, communications, as well as relationships. With Mars in the final degrees of Gemini, there is an effort towards expansion, and the Mars in Cancer cycle will work towards getting something more firmly rooted and established.  Big changes are happening and it’s a matter of establishing an eventual sustainable order out of the chaos. 


Today see’s the Moon in Leo opposite Jupiter in Aquarius from the afternoon, and other than that not making any noteworthy aspects. This can see a lot of excitement, and with Mars in 29 degrees of Gemini trine Jupiter there can be a lot to talk about or simply a lot going on. Perhaps last minute adjustments, loose ends or errands to complete, maybe even some short distance travels that somehow finalize a process and bring it into a new phase. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all conjunct Uranus now, things can feel exciting and a whole lot of changes are  ringing in. But there is also a lot of unpredictability and perhaps certain people are changing tack at the last minute much to the surprise of certain others. The Moon will head into Virgo tomorrow and this will see a need for more focus and to become more organized and adapt to all that has been shifting to create a functional routine that can be sustained longterm. Perhaps today is more about excitement, maybe even a bit of a congratulatory atmosphere, and tomorrow, and under the Virgo lunation, we may see more of an active push to bring something to a new phase. The Venus/Saturn link can cause some self doubts here and there, but it also contains the potential for putting in effort, sweat, and patience. It can be easy to allow delays or challenges to make us focus on what can go wrong or to overlook the actual promise of what is there simply because something doesn’t yield instant results right away.  There may be a lot of practical details to handle to reach a sort of new milestone or position, but what is unfolding looks promising.


Today see’s the Moon in pragmatic Virgo, and in the early morning hours it is sextile Mars, suggesting an active morning. The Moon trine’s the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, while opposing Jupiter, and this places emphasis on many big changes unfolding, particularly in the practical, physical, financial, and material realms. But also interpersonally. There’s a certain wildness to these configurations, and a desire to take positive, healthy risks, and liven things up a bit. These earthy alignments really bring us into the body and there can be a need to seek things that make us feel more alive. The lunar trines are easy, so it could be tempting to not take advantage of this stellar energy and to sit back and not make much of it at all. But if a little effort is exerted, and with Venus and Mercury both squaring up to Saturn there certainly is ambition to advance and achieve mastery over our situation,- as long as any tendency towards self doubt or pessimism is overcome, it can go a long way to advancing our position, and letting in a new, revitalizing energy, as long as we are willing to be patient, but also a little adventurous. The Venus/Saturn contact can also assist with a little restraint and remind us to savor a process rather than run roughshod into things and have them fizzle before they’ve even got off the ground. There is a lot of potential within these configurations, and although certain nuts may be tough to crack, this doesn’t negate the potential and nutritious bounty within them. Using positive affirmations to counteract any tendency towards self doubt or pessimism can be helpful. Mars will shift things into a new playing field tomorrow. 


Mars enters Cancer this morning at 4:49 AM PST, bright and early. This morning see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Venus, while opposing Neptune. This can see an odd mixture of desire and perhaps some anxiousness, self doubt, or worry over unknowns in the first part of the day. There may be a bit of longing in these configurations. The Moon goes on to trine obsessive Pluto later in the day and this can see some intensity and resolve to get to the bottom of things thrown into the mix. A stick-to-it-iveness in the face of any sort of demoralizing influences, or a feeling or desire that just remains in spite of certain “impossible” or mysterious elements. In the final hour of the evening the Moon builds a square to Mars in Cancer, suggesting that the Libra lunation this weekend can bring with it a sort of bravery and a more “confrontational” approach. Not necessarily in a bad way, but perhaps there is a shot of courage building that can give people the nerve and resolve to finally say something or approach a situation, topic, opportunity or person that has perhaps been intimidating or for whatever reason seemingly out of reach. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter into partnership oriented Libra at 9:06 AM PST, to square Mars in Cancer while trine Pluto in Capricorn. This can give a shot of courage without sacrificing the need for diplomacy. There may be some intense feelings under the surface driving things, and later a lunar trine to Saturn and opposition to Chiron can see resolve in the face of vulnerability or perhaps a feeling of being out on a limb somehow. With Venus and Mercury both squaring Saturn, there’s been niggling doubts, inhibitions and challenges that have impacted our belief in something or someone, but the lunar trine to Saturn hangs in there, while the trine to Pluto and square to Mars assists in being more assertive. There may be some tests in self confidence and it’s possible someone feels a bit snubbed and has to reconsider their approach. With Saturn involved this always brings up the notion of “karma”, which is simply the results of our cumulative actions and behavior plus time. If we aren’t getting the results or response that we had hoped, or it seems others aren’t on the same page with us anymore, perhaps it’s time to recalibrate and examine how we may have contributed to the dynamic being ….whatever it is. It isn’t too late to take positive actions or to make changes and reform our approach, or change tack entirely. 


Today see’s the Moon in Libra trine Saturn and opposite Chiron in Aries. Perhaps something has given us pause for thought. There can be a bit of vulnerability here, and there can be a focus on taking stock of something, and perhaps also the delicate balance between ourselves and others. Maybe we are taking a cold hard look at something. There can be a desire to get a grip on certain things, perhaps certain dynamics, patterns or habits have gone to the wayside or off the rails somehow. The lunar trine to Saturn indicates a thoughtful analysis of things that have maybe been going on autopilot. For some there can be a need for forming cooperative solutions, and making sure others know you’re on the same side as them. What is clear is that Sunday’s math can offer a rare moment of clarity that can provide us the opportunity to see what’s gone wrong and why, and how we can take the wheel to get things back on track and headed in a direction that’s more to our liking. We can’t control anyone but ourselves, and the lunar Saturn trine can help us be more skillful and focused on the longterm results of our actions and behaviors in the here and now. This can be helpful in setting limits for ourselves, such as a budget, or being more focused and resolute around the results we’re actually trying to manifest. Being personally accountable for the nature of our own reality can be empowering, help us feel more in control of our life, and realign with our mission and our own authentic desires. 


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