Monday, August 28, 2023



This morning starts out on an intense and determined note with the Moon in the final degree of Capricorn conjunct Pluto and going on to trine Mars now in Libra. This may have seen an intense push for progress last week, that continues onwards this week. There may be a few bumps along the way, or some reality checks that need to be factored in. Innovate. Adapt. Overcome. With Mercury retrograde, there may be some mistakes to correct or account for. The Moon enters detached Aquarius at 7:32 AM PST, seeing the day pick up speed with quite a lot of momentum. There’s an emphasis here on teamwork, collaborative efforts, networking, taking initiatives, innovating, or mixing it up socially.  The Moon goes on to oppose Venus retrograde in Leo, while sesquisquare Mercury retrograde in Virgo. There can be certain things that have had people feeling slightly out of sorts. Avoiding impulsiveness or reactivity and leaning more in the direction of decisive, positive actions can help prevent crossed wires, misunderstandings, or dashed expectations. This is the final week that Venus is retrograde (HOORAY!). Uranus stations retrograde tonight at 7:39 PM PST, and although less personally felt, signals a reevaluation around experimental moves and risk taking. 


The Moon is opposite Venus and sesquisquare Mars, while square Jupiter. There can be a need to pace yourself, as there can be impatience with blockages or slow downs that can see people eager to make up for lost time, and perhaps take things too far or overshoot in an effort to catch up. The emphasis on the element of earth shines light on the importance of realistic expectations. The Moon goes on to square Uranus while sextile Chiron, which can see some surprises. People can act out of character or something unusual can occur that can be highly synchronistic or even therapeutic in some regard. Times can be strange, and many things are shifting and in flux, so the upcoming Pisces lunation and Full Moon tomorrow can require a steady rhythm, vision, focus, endurance and discipline. Tonight can see some interesting and adventurous energies. Leave room for some unusual diversions.


The Moon enters reflective Pisces at 6:56 AM PST, where it will go on to oppose the Sun and conjoin Saturn, culminating in the Full Blue Moon at 6:36 PM PST at 7 degrees Pisces. This face of Pisces is traditionally ruled by Saturn, which is apropos considering this Full Moon’s proximity to the ringed one. This first face of Pisces is also ruled by the 8 of Cups in the tarot, a card known as “Abandoned Success”, symbolized by a man wandering, in search of insight and fulfillment, no longer content with what he was once so invested in, having out grown it. With so many planets now retrograde, much is being reevaluated. This Full Moon could simply see a need to retreat from certain demands in order to recalibrate, or to form a new strategy. The pressure to fulfill certain responsibilities can also be keenly felt, but for some, there can also be a sense of disillusionment, or a sense that their expectations of themselves, others or certain situations, need to shift somehow. Things may simply need more patience, and maybe some temporary sacrifices. This Full Moon can see a commitment to a new path forward, and symbolize a release of things that are no longer appropriate. Contrary to what this decan of Pisces may imply, and it's proximity to Saturn, these configurations are largely positive and constructive. Whatever is being released or phased out will need to be replaced with something more suitable. Mercury Rx in Virgo trine Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus provides a lot of common sense insights, new ideas, and illuminating facts about important details that may have been previously overlooked or underestimated in their significance. These configurations are resourceful, even if there are somber realities that have to be faced or adapted to. This Full Moon emphasizes a mature and reality based approach to certain dreams and ideals. It also emphasizes a long game, and the importance of getting certain details in place. Things may not be absolutely perfect now, but with patience and commitment, and the ability to streamline, there is a lot of potential for growth, abundance and fulfillment. 


Ideals can be strong today, but it can be important to maintain some discernment with the Moon opposite Mercury and sextile Jupiter. The afternoon see’s the Moon sextile Uranus and conjoin Neptune, which can see some inspired ideas, synchronicities, and a feel good atmosphere that can be very stimulating to the imagination, fantasy and creative faculties. This can be a good time to suspend worries or fears and just embrace the moment and appreciate the more subtle realms of reality. Late evening can see some poignant emotional or spiritual experiences with the Moon sextile Pluto. Mars in Libra is eager to take initiatives socially or interpersonally. 


The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 6:25 AM PST, kicking off the new month with a driven, can do attitude, almost like a clean slate, brimming with possibilities. With the Moon leaving the sleepy, dreamy fog of Neptune, there’s a growing enthusiasm, and a brighter outlook as it forms a trine to Venus in Leo, which will station direct this Sunday. With the Moon opposite Mars and trine Venus, interpersonally, socially or creatively, things can start to heat up, and things that seemed dreary, stagnant, or devoid of life can begin to sparkle with possibility, a potential that some folks had all but decided to give up on or consign away to never land. There can be some haste and impulsiveness, perhaps even some frustration to see things move along at a faster pace. It’s better not to force anything or rush now. Allow things their sweet time to ripen. Nonetheless, there can be a spark of life that makes itself evident under the Aries lunation. 


There’s a sweetness and sensitivity here, with the Moon in Aries trine spicy Venus in Leo getting ready to station direct. Other lunar aspects (Saturn, Chiron) point to some shyness and reservation. There can be inhibitions or fears of rejection or other weaknesses or vulnerabilities to overcome. For some, this may even take the form of a literal injury or illness that is still in the process of recovery. For others, it can be negative memories or a sort of romantic or social awkwardness being grappled with. Late night see’s the Moon square Pluto, which can see intense feelings and desires bubbling under the surface, and there can be a strong desire to push through weaknesses in order to see something shift. 


The Moon enters earthy and easy going Taurus at 8 AM PST, seeing a grounded and stabilizing energy take hold where things can begin to feel more aligned and comfortable. Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, stations direct this evening at 6:20 PM PST. Today, much pleasure can be derived from getting things organized and preparing for the week ahead, with the Moon in trine to the Sun in Virgo and a sextile to Saturn. Mercury also perfects a trine to Jupiter in Taurus at 15 degrees in the early evening, seeing some relief around issues that have perhaps caused some worry. Things can seem to be stabilizing, and there can be more opportunities to rectify situations that have taken on less priority due to more pressing concerns in recent weeks. Something that was shelved can be revisited and perhaps resuscitated, or things can be recalibrated and improved upon. There can be some interesting things percolating socially, romantically or creatively with the Moon squaring Venus as Venus stations forward this evening. Next week can get off on an optimistic note and things that seemed impossible can begin to feel possible again, or certain opportunities can be back on the table for consideration. It’s also possible that unexpected new opportunities can present themselves. In the very least, complicated quagmires or knotty problems can begin to be sorted out.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023



The Moon in late Libra is sextile the Sun and forming a trine to Saturn, with a square to Pluto, suggesting a point of reaching balance after a period of intense metamorphosis. This is a big download. The Moon enters Scorpio at 4:22 PM PST, emphasizing the trine to Saturn in Pisces, and this see’s things feel more stabilized, even if there are a lot of quagmires or uncertainties. These signatures strongly indicate a collective healing crisis. Purification, alchemy, dieta, healing processes, the details of life, are all highlighted. Cultivating a deep understanding of the animal, vegetable, mineral, and microbial kingdoms all comes into sharp focus and takes on great importance.


Today can feel more positive, even amidst some intensity. The Moon in Scorpio is trine Saturn, opposite Jupiter, and squaring Venus today. Things can still feel a little unsettled, but there is a feeling of command over certain situations. There can be a lot of emotional generosity in the atmosphere. People can be grappling with intense realities privately, and it can be a lot to take in and adjust to. A lunar square to Hygeia further accentuates health and healing topics, as the Sun prepares to ingress into Virgo while Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo tomorrow. 


The Sun enters Virgo at 2:01 AM PST, and Mercury stations retrograde at 21 degrees Virgo 12:59 PM PST. This massive emphasis in Virgo hugely highlights the importance of all the small things. Mercury stationing retrograde in this face of Virgo shines light on the processes of pathogenesis and decay. Illuminating and fully understanding these processes unlocks the elixir of life. Mercury backtracking here while the Sun shines brightly in the first face of Virgo is a reset button. It is a good time to cleanse, purify, heal, and rectify situations. Dieta, hygiene, health, healing processes, nutrients, microbes, pets, details, organization, regiments, lists, technical details. Small things all come into sharp focus and are undergoing a massive recalibration, cleansing, perfecting, purification, and dramatic upgrades. Repeat after me: “I will emerge from this in the whole and perfected form intended for me by alchemical grace and divine light.” Deeply believe these words as you say them outlaid to yourself. This is a metamorphosis. The Moon in Scorpio sextile’s Mars in Virgo while opposing Uranus and trine Neptune. This is a lightning bolt of life force, and instincts and intuition merge with action. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:07 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. There can be some frustrations with delays or blockages, or some vague worries to manage, and a lunar sesquisquare to Chiron suggests some vulnerability, as some people may be feeling a bit frayed around the edges or vulnerable. There is a lot of love and compassion in the air. As the day wears on, the Moon forms a trine to Venus in Leo and Chiron in Aries, seeing something very special to smile about. This can feel like a warm hug from Spirit, and may be a pleasant serendipity amidst grittier realities. Hope and faith levels can be restored, even as they are tested. There can be pleasant and deeply healing exchanges or experiences. 


 Today can see a feel good atmosphere, and there can be a candidness in the air that can border on foot in mouth syndrome at times. Maybe it’s hard to put into words the feelings being experienced, as things can feel deeply healing. There is love, care, and concern for our fellow earthlings. As the day progresses, spiritual, mystical or existential topics can be highlighted. There can be a draw to unusual people or experiences. Equally, there is also the potential for worry, or fretting over the well being of others. Discussions and actions can center around healing, cleansing or perfecting things, or being helpful and of service to those in need. The Moon squares Mars in 29 degrees of Virgo in the evening, seeing a burst of energy to get something done. This can see the culmination of an exhaustive process, or the beginning of one. A summit has been reached, or is about to be reached. This aspect can also see slight irritation. Take care in communications, as people can really be going through more than is readily discernible, and wires can easily be crossed as Mercury just stationed backwards. 


The Moon enters stoic Capricorn at 6:05 AM PST, to trine the Sun in Virgo and sextile Saturn in Pisces. There can be a feeling of well earned accomplishment, success and stability, after much grinding effort. It can feel surprisingly rewarding to exercise self discipline and self control. The fruits of these labors are obvious now. The Moon goes on to trine Jupiter in Taurus in the evening, emphasizing the sweet rewards of discipline, discernment, and steadfastness. A refining process is now under way, and there are encouraging signs of growth, abundance, stability, and fecundity. 


Mars enters Libra at 6:20 AM PST, placing a focus on relating with others, partnership, balance, and harmony for the next long while. Today can see surprising but excellent news, helpful insights, new brain waves, aha moments, and an overall earthly “zang”. The Moon in Capricorn is trine Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus. This can see the right information reach the right people at the right time, or some shocking lucky breaks or illuminating discussions. The Moon squares Chiron, seeing some vulnerability, and discussions can center around care for others, healing processes, or dramatically improving situations. Major overhauls. Patience, consistency, and determination will be required. The Moon goes on to trine Mars and conjoin Pluto in the evening, seeing next week begin on an ambitious note of inspired action or renewed vigor. 

Monday, August 14, 2023



The Moon enters Leo at 3:36 AM PST, but not before opposing Pluto exactly at 29 degrees, seeing an intense flavor to the start of the week. This can see major preoccupations and situations building up. The air can be thick with suspense, silence, and tension, awkward lunar aspects to Mars and Saturn suggest there can be some challenges to overcome. The Sun and Venus are close together, and both are in tension to Uranus. There can be some shocks or reveals in the works, and this energy can be both exciting and unnerving. The Sun trine Chiron place an emphasis on health and healing. As the day progresses, the Moon squares Jupiter while trine Chiron, sesquisquare Neptune, and opposite Hygeia, seeing a larger than life energy. There can be hopefulness, but there can also be a flailing between optimism and uncertainty. This can center around healing topics for many. 


The Moon is conjunct Venus and square Jupiter this morning, and the Sun is exact in it’s square to Uranus at 22 degrees. This can be exciting but can also feel like it’s a bit too much at times. There can be some shocks or changes, but there is also ease and support. There may be some surprises in relationships or interpersonally. A lunar trine to Chiron can see a lot of sensitivity, with a caring and nurturing emphasis towards those who are vulnerable or in need. In some instances, this can be a case of “right place, right time.” Mercury conjunct Mars and trine Uranus just now can require people to think on their feet and act quickly. Unexpected events or situations can take people by surprise that require them to act immediately. This can see changes to normal routines or ways of doing things, but it can also see impulsive communications. Juno, the asteroid of marriage and relationships enters Leo at 12:29 PM PST, placing further emphasis on the part of your chart ruled by Leo. With so many planets retrograde, and more still to come, matters close to the heart, and the areas of your natal chart ruled by Venus, may feel on hold temporarily, or other more pressing matters can be slowing things down or seeming to get in the way. Things can require patience and there’s a need to recalibrate. Keep in mind today that you might not have the full picture, so try to avoid making assumptions, particularly about others. Although this can be a good time to open dialogue, ask questions, or seek more information.


The wee hours see’s the New Moon in Leo at 2:38 AM PST at 23 degrees. This decan of Leo is associated with Mars, and suggests a need for courage, tenacity, and fortitude under stress or significant challenges to the body, mind, or spirit. There are obstacles that need to be overcome, from both without and within. This New Moon is fortunately close to Venus, and in trine to Chiron, suggesting support, but the strongest signature is a square to Uranus. There can be some shocks. Something comes to the surface that is completely unexpected, though some information may be pleasantly surprising, there may also be things simultaneously emerging that are a bit unsettling to grapple with. Although good things are percolating, that serve as a sort of lighthouse through any challenges we may face, there may still be a struggle bus to close out. These are some passionate signatures. It can feel good to be breaking free of things that may have been holding you back, but it may take a lot of strength and determination. New information can come to light either around relationships, money, or even health matters. People can be surprising, but equally, we can also surprise and even amaze ourselves over the coming days. This can be a revealing and illuminating time. It’s as if the reboot button is being pressed. The Moon enters Virgo at 4:14 PM PST, where it will go on to oppose Saturn in Pisces, highlighting the collective healing crisis that’s been underway.  There may be a mountain of duties, necessities, or responsibilities, or a crisis to address that can create delays or put a damper on things for the time being. Keep the faith, keep plugging away, and have patience.


Hard work, patience, and diligence can pay off, and although the morning can be somewhat bogged down by toil and worry (Moon/Saturn), as the day wears on, there can be more optimism as the Moon trine’s Jupiter in Taurus. There can be a feeling here of finally getting on top of things that have posed challenges or difficulties.   In the very least, things can feel a bit more solid and it can feel good to see changes made produce beneficial results. There might even be some good news or helpful information. The Virgo lunation highlights problem solving, crisis prevention, health, healing, purification, cleansing, details, work, and organizational processes.


Today can see a lot of motivation to tackle issues and maintain relentless dominance over anything that could potentially undermine the progress that’s already been made. The Moon is conjunct Mercury and Mars in Virgo while trine Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. This is a deep reset button. A lunar quincunx to Chiron suggests an opportunity to build bridges or mend things that have been fragile. A good day to tidy up, disinfect, organize, attend to details, and also good for gathering and exchanging helpful information. There can be a lot of insights available. These signatures really look like the launch of an attack on problems. In the very least, there’s a lot of motivation here to get quite a bit accomplished. There can be a desire for clarity around a situation. There could also be a preparation happening.


The Moon enters Libra at 4:53 AM PST. There can be some shifts happening that require intense focus, balance and compromise. Venus Rx is tightly square Jupiter, which can see a strong desire for people to enjoy themselves, and even the potential to go overboard, but there can also be other things that require a lot of focus, so striking a balance is key. There may be a need to tune out distractions, or balance several things simultaneously. With Mercury and Mars in Virgo, gritty details of life can seem to get  in the way of uncomplicated enjoyment. Slow, steady progress is key.


The Moon in Libra is sextile Venus and quincunx Jupiter while opposite Chiron today. This can see a strong desire for enjoyment and there can also be an emphasis here on physical balance. Just as easily there could be a need to have a little self control and patience. The Moon goes on to sesquisquare Saturn, which highlights a need to avoid self pity or succumbing to feelings of sadness or frustration. Even though it’s possible that certain things may be blocking particular desires right now, or delays may be causing doubts or uncertainty, aim to use this time as an opportunity for healing. Next Wednesday, the Sun enters Virgo and Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo until Sep 15. This can see an opportunity to fix mistakes and improve foundations.

Sunday, August 6, 2023



The Moon is in Taurus today seeing a grounded focus on practicalities, productivity and making improvements. The day picks up steam as it progresses, with the Moon forming trines to both Mercury and Mars, along with a conjunction to Jupiter. There can be slight out of sorts energy underlying things with a lunar sesquisquare to Neptune, but overall there is a positive focus on work, health, healing, organization, efficiency and pragmatism that can see a desire to get on top of things and really valuing and appreciating what and who you have in life.


The wee hours can see optimism and excitement with an exact conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter around midnight. In many ways, a hurdle has been overcome, and certain difficulties are behind you. If that's not the case for you, solutions are at hand and they're about to be. Colloquially, this day is referred to in many circles as the “8/8 Lions Gate Portal”. There can be an excitement to break out of ruts. It can also be that tension, discomfort, or something upsetting or blocking equilibrium can be a driving factor towards making necessary changes, (Moon square Sun and Venus Rx in Leo). The Moon trine Mercury and Mars in Virgo can see criticisms, or a detailed focus on health, healing, making repairs, corrections and improvements. It can be easy to see what’s wrong in situations, but there’s also a lot of drive to resolve things and instigate positive breakthroughs. Much has actually gone very well, and Mercury trine Jupiter has optimism founded on common sense, realistic thinking. Problems have real solutions, with applied effort, care and diligence. Today can see a lot of movement. Mercury will spend a great deal of time in Virgo, placing a lot of focus on health, wellness, healing, crisis management and prevention, organization, work, diet, fitness, nutrition, pets, routines, systems, problem solving and purification… for the next long while. Life’s little things and humble alchemical processes that are often overlooked or taken for granted take on extra importance. 


Mercury perfects a trine to Jupiter at 14 degrees today, seeing more optimism, open mindedness,  and encouragement around recent events, processes, ideas, or discussions. Venus retrograde also perfects a square to Uranus today at 22 degrees. This can see excitement around picking up certain ideas or connections where they left off, or around greater self determination, independence, courage, and a desire to revitalize vital forces and overall lust for life. There can be surprises socially, creatively or interpersonally, or a shift in values and priorities. Perhaps something still has life and merit to it after all, and is worth revisiting. If you have anything big to ask of anyone, warm them up first as opposed to busting in like the koolaid man. The Moon enters curious and chatty Gemini at 6:05 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Pisces while trine Pluto at 29 Capricorn. Certain thoughts can weigh on people. There can be intense news to digest, or boundaries need to be implemented in certain communications or thoughts. The choice between positive and negative mindsets can be more apparent. There is an opportunity to establish more agency over this with some effort. Remember that what you air publicly reflects you and no one else. In some cases it may be that communications feel blocked, inhibited or frustrated, certain topics are forbidden, or emotional or subjective biases or a defensive lens creates cognitive blockages, misunderstandings, or passive aggression. There could be some confusion around certain dynamics or situations. At worst, this can be a subtle, passing, down in the dumps feeling for some, or certain truths that are uncomfortable to integrate or deal with are masticated and distilled. A lunar semisquare to Chiron can also see people easily triggered or more sensitive than usual. It’s probably best to avoid known contentious topics or being overly confrontational, particularly in situations or dynamics that have been fragile, touchy or challenged recently. This energy is good for keeping your head down and doing your work, especially early on, as the Moon trine Pluto is extremely focused, thorough and obsessive. Aim to laugh more. It may be tempting for some to use this energy to build ammunition for an argument or attack. If this is you, ask yourself if it’s truly worth your time, (it’s probably not, unless of course you’re a lawyer and you get paid to launch arguments and character assassinations for a living.) Much better to use this energy to launch something joyous, love driven, pleasurable and constructive. That being said, take care in communications, as they could be a bit of a minefield.


The Moon in Gemini squares Mercury and Mars in Virgo this morning. This can be a rather argumentative, contemptuous and crotchety signature that could easily see words and complaints flail like daggers that absolutely intend to inflict pain, but that's not the only way this energy could unfold. It can just as easily be an amazing day, with a lot of motivation to improve communications and fix problems. Mercury trine Jupiter is the saving grace of this configuration, and can be down right beautiful, humble and pure. Small things can take on extra meaning now. This energy is best utilized by keeping busy, getting a lot done, and slaying the humble dragons of everyday living, but it can also see more forthrightness, honesty, and generosity in communications. Something that requires movement or use of the hands would be well suited to this mathscape. There can actually be a lot that needs attention and TLC. If you’re being productive, constructive, and focusing on improving your own lot and solving your own problems in life, you won’t have time for arguments, text wars, proving a point, saying "I told you so", or making enemies, which would be a tragic waste of this mathscape. Avoid getting provoked or sucked into circular arguments, nitpicking or lackluster rap battles if you encounter anyone riding around on the lower octaves of this vibration. Mercury trine Jupiter is extremely positive, genuine and enlightening. Ensure this energy is put to good use and you can’t go wrong. It has tremendous healing potential, and laughter can be particularly therapeutic. Evening time see’s the Moon sextile the Sun,Venus, and Chiron, seeing a positive boost. There can be a gratitude here for the things that add joy to life, and the people who bring a little warmth, play, support, and light to your world.  


The Moon in late Gemini makes a dreamy square to Neptune, which can see some confusion, tiredness, and wistfulness, so this morning get’s off to a head in the clouds start. Things can stabilize a bit in late afternoon, as the Moon enters Cancer at 3:52 PM PST to trine Saturn in Pisces. A lack of certainty or clarity around certain situations or people can encourage a deeper focus on security and sticking to what and who is familiar. Though it’s equally possible that a strong draw to the unusual can see tentative steps in new directions, as long as it doesn’t compromise current foundations. A lunar sesquisquare to Hygeia in Aquarius places an emphasis on health and healing, and the Sun trine Chiron and opposite Hygeia doubles down on this emphasis and suggests it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. New patterns can be put into place or new techniques or regiments can be adopted that can improve vitality. If you are feeling out of sorts emotionally, physically, or mentally, perhaps you can initiate changes that will bring healing and reinvigorate your inspiration and vital forces.  


The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter and Mercury today, seeing a breath of fresh air, helpful information, feel good conversations or activities. There can be a focus on study, learning, or travel, or anything that broadens perspective, widens horizons, and provides comfort. Equally, it can feel good to clear space and organize things within the home. The Moon is also square Chiron, which can see feelings of vulnerability, weakness or sensitivity be a driving force behind refreshing or widening perspectives or opening the mind to new ideas, possibilities or information. Interchanges are human and genuine. There is a caring and compassionate energy here that can see care towards a loved one or towards those who are vulnerable. Food, creature comforts and nurturing activities can take center stage. 


The wee hours can see a lot of talking, thinking, dreaming and planning, while the day itself can be more action oriented, with the Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo. New insights can motivate inspired action, and there can be a spontaneous, unusual flavor to the day with the Moon sextile Uranus and trine Neptune. For some, this can be creative changes around the home that make things more comfortable. For others, this can be emotional insights that bring renewed motivation, or beneficial changes to diet and lifestyle. Intense feelings, desires, or unavoidable truths can bubble under the surface as the day wears on, as the Moon is conjunct Juno, opposite Pluto while squaring Chiron. This can create a feeling of being challenged and motivated at the same time. Relationships, past and present, can be powerful catalysts for growth, illumination, metamorphosis and change. Relationships can also be a sensitive point of focus for many people.