The Moon is in Taurus today seeing a grounded focus on practicalities, productivity and making improvements. The day picks up steam as it progresses, with the Moon forming trines to both Mercury and Mars, along with a conjunction to Jupiter. There can be slight out of sorts energy underlying things with a lunar sesquisquare to Neptune, but overall there is a positive focus on work, health, healing, organization, efficiency and pragmatism that can see a desire to get on top of things and really valuing and appreciating what and who you have in life.


The wee hours can see optimism and excitement with an exact conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter around midnight. In many ways, a hurdle has been overcome, and certain difficulties are behind you. If that's not the case for you, solutions are at hand and they're about to be. Colloquially, this day is referred to in many circles as the “8/8 Lions Gate Portal”. There can be an excitement to break out of ruts. It can also be that tension, discomfort, or something upsetting or blocking equilibrium can be a driving factor towards making necessary changes, (Moon square Sun and Venus Rx in Leo). The Moon trine Mercury and Mars in Virgo can see criticisms, or a detailed focus on health, healing, making repairs, corrections and improvements. It can be easy to see what’s wrong in situations, but there’s also a lot of drive to resolve things and instigate positive breakthroughs. Much has actually gone very well, and Mercury trine Jupiter has optimism founded on common sense, realistic thinking. Problems have real solutions, with applied effort, care and diligence. Today can see a lot of movement. Mercury will spend a great deal of time in Virgo, placing a lot of focus on health, wellness, healing, crisis management and prevention, organization, work, diet, fitness, nutrition, pets, routines, systems, problem solving and purification… for the next long while. Life’s little things and humble alchemical processes that are often overlooked or taken for granted take on extra importance. 


Mercury perfects a trine to Jupiter at 14 degrees today, seeing more optimism, open mindedness,  and encouragement around recent events, processes, ideas, or discussions. Venus retrograde also perfects a square to Uranus today at 22 degrees. This can see excitement around picking up certain ideas or connections where they left off, or around greater self determination, independence, courage, and a desire to revitalize vital forces and overall lust for life. There can be surprises socially, creatively or interpersonally, or a shift in values and priorities. Perhaps something still has life and merit to it after all, and is worth revisiting. If you have anything big to ask of anyone, warm them up first as opposed to busting in like the koolaid man. The Moon enters curious and chatty Gemini at 6:05 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Pisces while trine Pluto at 29 Capricorn. Certain thoughts can weigh on people. There can be intense news to digest, or boundaries need to be implemented in certain communications or thoughts. The choice between positive and negative mindsets can be more apparent. There is an opportunity to establish more agency over this with some effort. Remember that what you air publicly reflects you and no one else. In some cases it may be that communications feel blocked, inhibited or frustrated, certain topics are forbidden, or emotional or subjective biases or a defensive lens creates cognitive blockages, misunderstandings, or passive aggression. There could be some confusion around certain dynamics or situations. At worst, this can be a subtle, passing, down in the dumps feeling for some, or certain truths that are uncomfortable to integrate or deal with are masticated and distilled. A lunar semisquare to Chiron can also see people easily triggered or more sensitive than usual. It’s probably best to avoid known contentious topics or being overly confrontational, particularly in situations or dynamics that have been fragile, touchy or challenged recently. This energy is good for keeping your head down and doing your work, especially early on, as the Moon trine Pluto is extremely focused, thorough and obsessive. Aim to laugh more. It may be tempting for some to use this energy to build ammunition for an argument or attack. If this is you, ask yourself if it’s truly worth your time, (it’s probably not, unless of course you’re a lawyer and you get paid to launch arguments and character assassinations for a living.) Much better to use this energy to launch something joyous, love driven, pleasurable and constructive. That being said, take care in communications, as they could be a bit of a minefield.


The Moon in Gemini squares Mercury and Mars in Virgo this morning. This can be a rather argumentative, contemptuous and crotchety signature that could easily see words and complaints flail like daggers that absolutely intend to inflict pain, but that's not the only way this energy could unfold. It can just as easily be an amazing day, with a lot of motivation to improve communications and fix problems. Mercury trine Jupiter is the saving grace of this configuration, and can be down right beautiful, humble and pure. Small things can take on extra meaning now. This energy is best utilized by keeping busy, getting a lot done, and slaying the humble dragons of everyday living, but it can also see more forthrightness, honesty, and generosity in communications. Something that requires movement or use of the hands would be well suited to this mathscape. There can actually be a lot that needs attention and TLC. If you’re being productive, constructive, and focusing on improving your own lot and solving your own problems in life, you won’t have time for arguments, text wars, proving a point, saying "I told you so", or making enemies, which would be a tragic waste of this mathscape. Avoid getting provoked or sucked into circular arguments, nitpicking or lackluster rap battles if you encounter anyone riding around on the lower octaves of this vibration. Mercury trine Jupiter is extremely positive, genuine and enlightening. Ensure this energy is put to good use and you can’t go wrong. It has tremendous healing potential, and laughter can be particularly therapeutic. Evening time see’s the Moon sextile the Sun,Venus, and Chiron, seeing a positive boost. There can be a gratitude here for the things that add joy to life, and the people who bring a little warmth, play, support, and light to your world.  


The Moon in late Gemini makes a dreamy square to Neptune, which can see some confusion, tiredness, and wistfulness, so this morning get’s off to a head in the clouds start. Things can stabilize a bit in late afternoon, as the Moon enters Cancer at 3:52 PM PST to trine Saturn in Pisces. A lack of certainty or clarity around certain situations or people can encourage a deeper focus on security and sticking to what and who is familiar. Though it’s equally possible that a strong draw to the unusual can see tentative steps in new directions, as long as it doesn’t compromise current foundations. A lunar sesquisquare to Hygeia in Aquarius places an emphasis on health and healing, and the Sun trine Chiron and opposite Hygeia doubles down on this emphasis and suggests it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. New patterns can be put into place or new techniques or regiments can be adopted that can improve vitality. If you are feeling out of sorts emotionally, physically, or mentally, perhaps you can initiate changes that will bring healing and reinvigorate your inspiration and vital forces.  


The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter and Mercury today, seeing a breath of fresh air, helpful information, feel good conversations or activities. There can be a focus on study, learning, or travel, or anything that broadens perspective, widens horizons, and provides comfort. Equally, it can feel good to clear space and organize things within the home. The Moon is also square Chiron, which can see feelings of vulnerability, weakness or sensitivity be a driving force behind refreshing or widening perspectives or opening the mind to new ideas, possibilities or information. Interchanges are human and genuine. There is a caring and compassionate energy here that can see care towards a loved one or towards those who are vulnerable. Food, creature comforts and nurturing activities can take center stage. 


The wee hours can see a lot of talking, thinking, dreaming and planning, while the day itself can be more action oriented, with the Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo. New insights can motivate inspired action, and there can be a spontaneous, unusual flavor to the day with the Moon sextile Uranus and trine Neptune. For some, this can be creative changes around the home that make things more comfortable. For others, this can be emotional insights that bring renewed motivation, or beneficial changes to diet and lifestyle. Intense feelings, desires, or unavoidable truths can bubble under the surface as the day wears on, as the Moon is conjunct Juno, opposite Pluto while squaring Chiron. This can create a feeling of being challenged and motivated at the same time. Relationships, past and present, can be powerful catalysts for growth, illumination, metamorphosis and change. Relationships can also be a sensitive point of focus for many people. 



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