Friday, January 8, 2021



The Moon enters stoic and disciplined Capricorn at 5:30 AM PST, to trine Mars and Uranus in Taurus while squaring Chiron in Aries. This can see some interesting new initiatives taking off that perhaps have us feeling a little out of our comfort zones or a tad vulnerable in some way. The Moon goes on to conjoin Venus in Capricorn, which is also squaring Chiron. It’s possible that in spite of our vulnerability, new or experimental initiatives are actually going rather well. There can be a creative or aesthetic dimension to whatever we are embarking on now, and for others, this can involve partnerships or finances/money in some way. With Venus now in Capricorn conjoined the Sun, and Mars in earthy Taurus, the emphasis is on slow, stable growth and progress. You will get out of something whatever you put into it. Venus is now holding hands with both Mars and Uranus, which can see some very interesting and innovative ventures. Normally, Venus in Capricorn is rather conservative, but with both Mars and Uranus being in an earth sign as well, this can see some calculated risk taking, and we can be more inclined to take a less conventional route or challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones in some way, whether that be creatively, financially, or interpersonally. Fortunately Venus has ended her square to nebulous Neptune, ,which could have been experienced as rather demoralizing and confusing for some. In sure footed Capricorn, hand in hand with Mars and Uranus, she is more singleminded, -although, perhaps a bit vulnerable with a square to Chiron. Venus in Capricorn has never found it easy to express the affections or passions in showy or obvious ways, this placement has a certain quiet dignity about it that some might mistake for “black hearted ice queen.” But her link to Mars and Uranus can make her more inclined towards taking the odd risk or two, either creatively or romantically, especially if there are encouraging signals. The square to Chiron can create a somewhat “out on a limb” feeling around this however, so there could be a lot of inhibitions or vulnerabilities to work through. A new challenge, embodied by Mars square Uranus, can be that while part of us may want to lunge forward, another part of us may hold us back. This can be somewhat tempered by the Mars square to Jupiter however, which by itself can see impetuosity, hasty judgements, or miscalculations. So this combination of aspects can provide a unique alchemical cocktail of energy, drive, forethought, experimentation, and bold but calculated risk taking. Sure, in some ways, this can see us "out on a limb". No matter though, because if cohesion and congruence with others is an issue, or the affections of Venus and the passions/will of Mars are rebuffed, dismissed, resisted, or simply unappreciated, Venus has no qualms striking out on her own and maintaining cool, detached, and confident independence. These configurations can be enormously productive, and with a lunar trine to Uranus, in some way shape or form, we can be stepping into new and exciting territory. Even with the Moon and Venus in demure but earthy Capricorn today, there is a certain excitement and determined ambition in these configurations, that can see us pushing ourselves to new levels of development or achievement. Tomorrow see’s the New Moon in Capricorn, so this week can see us planting a seed regarding something we have possibly planned, thought about, or set intentions around for a long time. Whatever this is, will be a labor of love, as this New Moon coincides with Venus having entered the first decan of Capricorn. Today can see us pleasantly productive, and motivated towards achievement, mastery, and setting a new precedent. For some, there can also be some unexpected but pleasant interpersonal developments, surprising attractions, or romantic/creative/and/or financial revelations. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Capricorn conjunct the Sun and Pluto, while sextile Neptune. This can see something or someone make quite an impact on us, and in the very least, the psyche is receptive and impressionable, and the imagination is positively stimulated. Personally, this can see us driven to achieve our dreams and ideals and make them into a reality. These are some great configurations for artists, musicians, and craftsman of any field, as the ability to actualize or make manifest what we can imagine is a very strong potential under this particular mathscape. There can be some deeply felt and vivid emotions or experiences under these configurations. We can feel really strongly about…something or someone.  In either case, new precedents are being set into place at this New Moon, and this will be obvious as hell in some aspect of your life, which will depend upon the house ruled by Capricorn in your personal natal chart. The New Moon is exact at 9 PM PST, and by this time, is conjoining both Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Aquarius. It’s clear we are setting out on new terrain, which will completely transform our situation in one way or another. This new terrain is rather unprecedented or experimental for us, and will require commitment, discipline, as well as improvisation. Regardless of what it is, or how it takes form in your life, it’s a clear UP-LEVELING. Moving up a level in whatever you’ve been working on in the previous years. A new level of mastery is being reached, and a new seed is being planted regarding ambitions. This seed will require our nurturing, attention and dedication through the next 2 and a half years of the Saturn in Aquarius cycle.  Something new is being birthed, and our feelings around this can be intense, dedicated and very involved. Capricorn is the sign that rules mastery, and we may be inspired towards achieving new heights at this New Moon, and quality will be very important, ( Capricorn has very high standards.) Mastery is achieved through repetition and ritual,-but also through tending to our wellbeing- and the New Moon’s strong trine to the asteroid Vesta really brings this home. Having a good daily ritual in place to nurture your well being will ensure you get the very best out of yourself, -as opposed to running yourself ragged as if you are merely a machine with an off/on button and a charger. We are dynamic, bio-electrical beings, and it’s important to take good care of ourselves if we are to ensure a high quality output and consistent productivity levels. Whatever you are planting at this New Moon, it will require consistency and dedication. So it pays to be consistent and dedicated in our care of ourselves, and make sure we have a good self care ritual in place that can keep us resilient to stress, and feeling as top notch as possible. A solid and consistent self care ritual is the cornerstone of success in any capacity. 


The Moon conjuncts Mercury in Aquarius early this AM, suggesting the possibility for some (perhaps unexpected) communications, or strokes of insight in the wee hours of the morning. We may see or hear something surprising out of the blue, but it can have a positive and stabilizing impact that is reassuring that we’re on the right path. The Moon goes on to enter emotionally detached and unorthodox Aquarius at 8:44 AM PST this morning, where it squares Mars in Taurus, while conjoining Saturn and Jupiter, and even Pluto in the later degrees of Capricorn. This can be a busy and communicative day, that can see a lot of surprising thoughts, talks, or out of the blue communications, or a whole lot of running around and general busyness or restlessness. Emotions can be erratic, with a whole lot of nervous energy, and there can be an impetus to "git 'er done". A lunar sextile to Chiron in Aries suggests that whatever we are hearing or thinking about is giving us courage to continue whatever it is we’re doing, even if it’s put us out on a limb in some ways or made us feel a bit vulnerable, there seem to be encouraging signals that stepping out of our comfort zone in some way is actually leading to good things. Today can contain a lot of surprises, and we may feel more communicative, or experimental regarding our communications. The lunar square to Mars can see some haste, frustration, or impatience, perhaps some irritability in some cases. A Mars/Saturn square can be causing some unexpected delays or blockages which can give rise to frustrations.  It’s possible that we simply need to detach a bit and go off into our own weird science lab in order to tinker with our craft, fix or resolve something that's jamming up the works, or make some adjustments, as ideas can be bubbling to the surface at great speed, and we can feel an eagerness to share them. We can feel more courage to share our thoughts, ideas, or personal brand of weirdness with the wider community in some way under these configurations, and there can be a great deal of interaction or excitement around new and experimental initiatives. We can even be making new friends or connections, or immersing ourselves in a new community of people who are “the good kind of weird.” Regardless, there are encouraging trends, and the lunar sextile to Chiron suggests that embracing our own unique weirdness more whole heartedly and even capitalizing on it a bit, can open up new horizons. Something else that embracing who you are and being unabashedly yourself also does, rather inadvertently, but potently, all the same,- is it gives other people the permission and the courage to do the same. Not everyone is going to like you or accept you, but when you like and accept you, even your haters have to sort of secretly respect you. Todays configurations have “individualism” written all over it, and with the Moon conjunct Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius, while squaring Mars and Uranus, there’s no telling what cracking open a can of “BE YOURSELF” can unleash. It’s certainly a case of “your vibe attracts your tribe”, with the Moon in sextile to both Chiron in Aries and Juno in Sagittarius. We can be drawn to or inspired by others who are unique or one of a kind in some way, or simply exude confidence in spite of being kind of an outlier, underdog, or garden variety weirdo. Others might be repelled (Moon square Mars), but haters gonna hate, it’s what they do. Simply being yourself does the weed work for you so you don’t have to. Todays math can also see a focus on wider community outreach, friendships, groups, and causes for the greater good. There can be rabble rousing or some kind of SJW protest or other going on. Regardless of what manifests, Aquarius is future minded as well as unabashedly weird, and we may be aligning ourselves with people/communities/thoughts/ideas that encourage us to embrace and express our own unique individuality and liberate ourselves from restrictive self concepts or insecurities. Someone might encourage us to drop an insecurity in some way, or we can simply feel supported in the face of challenges that may feel entirely new to us.


This morning begins with the Moon in Aquarius still conjunct Mercury and Jupiter, and this can see a huge emphasis on communications, community, and ideas that are perhaps ahead of their time. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius and planet of change, shock, liberation and awakening, also stations direct today, adding emphasis to a forward push towards new, exciting, and experimental terrain. Our ideals may have been hugely stoked, and the possibilities regarding certain friendships, communities, groups, the future, and even social media/the internet can feel endless this morning. The lunar conjunction to Mercury carries most of the day, and it can see surprising or enlightening talks, and people can bond over a shared past time, or nerdy niche interest. With Mercury conjunct Jupiter and square Uranus, our minds can be drawn towards whatever or whoever is “outside of the box”, and new ideas can be flowing, we can even receive some strokes of genius or out of the blue news or revelations. It’s possible a particular person may serve as an inspiration and help us generate ideas, with Mercury in sextile to Juno in Sagittarius. Someone or something can really be expanding our horizons right now, and getting us to think outside our comfort zones or in new, experimental or futuristic ways. With Venus in Capricorn in trine to Mars and Uranus, but squaring Chiron, the creative and/or romantic passions may be lit, but there’s a bit of uncertainty or inhibition around fully expressing them or surrendering to them entirely, particularly in the absence of any sort of encouragement or certainty that it will be received well or mutually reciprocated. Fortunately, Venus in Capricorn is no stranger to going it alone in her climb up the mountain, and certainly no stranger to restraint of the passions or a certain amount of decorum and propriety, and the connection to Mars in Taurus adds even more patience, confidence and dignity, even in the face of a certain level of vulnerability. Her connection to Uranus means she can detach and go on an entirely different tack at any time, lending a level of unpredictability, lightness, and independence to interpersonal connections, the affections and creativity, while still being steadfast and reliable. These configurations can also see some unusual or unconventional attractions, something outside our “norm”, or not our “usual type” can appeal to us, or there can be odd dynamics going on that defy norms somehow. In creativity, a new art medium, instrument, or style. In relationship, cultural, religious, or age differences aren’t unusual under Venus/Uranus contacts. These configurations also highlight the importance of actually liking a person and sharing the same ideals, values, proclivities, and vision of the future. Are you the same breed of nerd? Or in the very least, are your respective nerd breeds complimentary to one another? There are thousands of varieties of nerds, and none are precisely the same, but being on completely different nerd spectrums entirely can make relating to one another challenging. Other times, it can be invigorating, and an opportunity for growth or learning. Interpersonally, Venus in Capricorn trine both Mars and Uranus in Taurus places an emphasis on shared values, likes/dislikes/ habits/shared drive/motivation/passion/weirdness/ambition, and most importantly, friendship. These configurations also auger a certain level of independence and freedom to pursue ones respective goals and ambitions, and can certainly make us feel driven. In absence of the above mentioned mutual ingredients, Venus in Capricorn happily throws herself into her upward climb. The square to Chiron indicates it can be lonely at the top of the tower at times, but equally, can make actually acting on the passions in any interpersonal way feel way too vulnerable. Venus here isn’t typically prone to obvious displays as it is, and with a square to Chiron, this can be doubly so, she can be too reminded about “what happened last time”. Mars and Uranus in Taurus lend a quiet passion and courage to take modest (or even bold) risks -with the right amount of encouragement. This can be excellent for creative ventures across the board.


FRI JAN 15-SUN JAN 17 2021.

Fri morning begins with the Moon in the late degrees of Aquarius with no major aspects (void of course). This suggests it might be good to take a step back from taking any major initiatives or lunges forward and maybe wait things out and observe for a bit. The Moon heads into reflective and dreamy Pisces at 2:17 PM PST, where it sextiles Mars and in the evening, Uranus in Taurus, all while squaring Juno in Sagittarius. This can see a drive towards something or someone a bit unusual building up this weekend. We want to taste something or someone weird. The Moon is in passive Pisces though, so maybe we’re just fantasizing about it, I don’t know. The Mars/Uranus conjunction perfects next Tuesday, on Martin Luther King Day, the same day the Sun ingresses into unconventional Aquarius. Perhaps this weekend see’s a prelude to something. These aspects can see us venture into interesting creative territory. It can also simply see a desire to escape, and have a good time, but doing something new, unusual, or outside what’s been our norm. With the Moon in Pisces, this can see some enjoyable or invigorating solitary pursuits, and at the most, some low key hang outs with others. There’s almost something “under the radar”, “secretive” or “speakeasy” about these configurations. 

I say this because the Moon in Pisces is quiet, reflective, solitary, meditative, ethereal, or secret/hidden, while Mars and Uranus are totally fucking exhilarating and very real/tactile/physical. In either case, there’s definitely something unusual about the weekend. Either we are literally slinking/sneaking off to have a good time or simply just dreaming about doing something unusual, perhaps with someone unusual. But the passions and creative drives are definitely quietly stoked. Saturday the 16th see’s the Moon in Pisces sextile Venus in Capricorn and conjoin Neptune, so there’s some creative or romantic fantasizing going on for sure. Perhaps some longing going on here as well. There’s a lot of compassion here for the vulnerabilities of others, and there can be a certain selflessness, but also perhaps some over idealization. The feels can be very sensitive, perhaps a bit overwhelming, and there can be a potential for some slight disillusionment, so putting feelings into a creative or artistic outlet can be very helpful here. A lunar semi square to the Sun in the final degrees of pragmatic and realistic Capricorn today can see some frustrations or clashes between head and heart. In the evening, this same semi square happens between the Moon and Saturn, so it’s possible that certain boundaries need to be asserted that are difficult to do, due to empathy and compassion we may feel, or the sheer amount of emotional sensitivity and the smell of porous boundaries in the atmosphere. Regardless, the maths look quietly pleasant this Saturday, and can see some lovely and soulful experiences. Sunday, the 17th, see’s the Moon in Pisces sextile the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, while still conjunct Neptune for most of the day. This can make it a bit easier to express ourselves, although a lunar semi square to Mercury that builds in strength in the later hours can produce that same head/heart type of struggle when it comes to navigating emotionally complex communique. A lunar sextile to Saturn and conjunction to Chiron can help stabilize any situation that may have become a bit muddled with confused boundaries or the like. Over all, the day is restful and quiet but rich with feeling, and there can be much to reflect and meditate upon. Next week begins on a more assertive note, with the Moon in Aries, and we will bid farewell to the season of the Goat on Tuesday.

Friday, January 1, 2021



We begin Monday morning with the Moon in Virgo trine Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, square Venus in Sagittarius, and opposite Neptune in Pisces.  There can be a lot to do as of yet, and we can be very focused on where improvements need to be made and work needs to be put in, and with the Moon square Venus in Sagittarius, the fact that we are outside of a comfort zone and on a learning journey can be emphasized. This can feel somewhat intimidating or can take some getting used to. The afternoon see’s the Moon build trines to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius as it heads closer to Libra, and this can give us a sort of second wind, or at least add optimism and determination to knuckle down and settle into this weird new world we may have entered. There may be a lot about whatever we are doing or whatever we have going on that may be completely new to us, or at least, is outside of our norm. In some ways, this can see us feeling somewhat vulnerable, as the lunar opposition that is building to Chiron would indicate.  But with the Sun in pragmatic Capricorn in sextile to Neptune, there is something about it all that speaks of realizing dreams and ideals, things we may have imagined for a long time. The remainder of the Virgo lunation focuses in on making improvements, and organizational efforts. Pairing things down into manageable chunks and making alterations to routines that will be sustainable over the longterm.  The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 9:42 PM, and with the Moon in trine to Jupiter and Saturn in experimental and unorthodox Aquarius, this can see new interpersonal/collaborative terrain entered or explored, or in the very least we can be interacting with others or the world at large in new ways. New foundations are being laid down, and we may be more open to new things or people, or unconventional scenarios or dynamics. Even if we feel a little out on a limb in certain ways, there can be much about what is transpiring that is a breath of fresh air, and opens up a new window on the world. 


Today begins with the Moon in Libra trine Jupiter and Saturn, opposite Chiron, which places emphasis on expansive and new interpersonal terrain that represents the beginnings of new foundations. Joe Cockers “I get by with a little help from my friends” aptly captures the spirit of these configurations. We may feel out on a limb in certain ways, but the generous lunar trine to Jupiter in friendly Aquarius can highlight the importance of our connections to others when it comes to boosting our morale or helping us out of a tight jam. The Moon goes on to square the Sun in Capricorn, which can see some pressure or deadlines to achieve, so we may need to pick and choose carefully how our time is delineated. But we may be inspired to be of service to the greater good in some way under these configurations. With Juno, the relationship asteroid in trine to Chiron now, it can be easier to come into contact with others who may inadvertently be good for us and help us feel more courage in ourselves, or otherwise be a healing and expansive influence, helping us to feel more faith and optimism. There may be an odd split to navigate between our desire to relate to and connect with others and the equal need to focus on ambitions, goals, practical considerations, and achievement today and throughout the Libra lunation. The desire to fraternize, socialize and otherwise connect with others can feel at odds with whatever goals we may have set for ourselves for the time being, and this can prove somewhat distracting, especially with Mars in the most urgent degree of Aries, due to move into Taurus tomorrow afternoon. Nonetheless, we can use whatever energy is available here with Mars about to ingress into a new sign and chart area to really make some headway on our goals, as the energy will only grow stronger tomorrow, along with the feeling of urgency.


Today see’s the Moon in Libra square the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, while opposing Mars in 29 degrees Aries. This can see some breakthrough points in regards to our goals and ambitions in some way. We may be motivated inadvertently or directly by others, but it’s also possible that our personal life may have to take somewhat of a backseat temporarily in order to roll a boulder to the top of a hill. For some, these configurations can produce a sort of “now or never” feeling in regards to partnerships or social life, but it’s important to remember that anyone or anything meant to be in your life will be there, even if you have to work, and anything worth discussing will still be worth discussing in 24 hours.  In the afternoon, the Moon goes on to sextile Mercury in Sagittarius, taking some of the edge of of the lunar links to Mars and Pluto, which are certainly intense and serve as a deep reserve of energy to tap into. We may be feeling more optimism about our interpersonal/creative/ and/or financial situation, and possibilities can feel more open and expansive. With Mars in 29 degrees in trine to Venus in Sagittarius, an arrow has been shot, and we are thinking in terms of the future and of distant horizons. There may be a particular goal (or person) we have in mind, and with Mars in the final degrees of Aries, we are laying down foundations and completing one phase of this journey, -the journey of retrieving our arrow. Mars enters realistic and tactile Taurus at 2:27 PM PST, conjoining Uranus, and squaring both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Here, we have entered ground level of alien territory, and can begin navigating this new terrain with a more hands on approach. Everything about this is experimental, requiring much improvisation. The lunar link to Venus, while Mars and Venus hold hands, as this transition occurs can see some interesting alliances and connections being formed that are outside of the box or outside of our norm in one way or another. There can be something exciting and simultaneously challenging about this. In either case, the people, dynamics, and/or situations we come across during this transit can be very unique, unprecedented, and one of a kind. There’s also a great deal that is unpredictable about these configurations, and the theme of “liberation” is heavily emphasized, so people can be less inclined to be put into any kind of “box” or subscribe to any conventional “norms” under this math scape, as individualism is heavily emphasized. Late evening adds to this even more as the Moon builds an opposition to Uranus as it heads towards instinctual Scorpio. In either case, this can see some surprising interpersonal situations arise, and others can be a source of amusement, surprise, shock or bewilderment with the Moon at 29 degrees Libra late this evening. 


This morning see’s the Moon in intense Scorpio, opposite Mars and Uranus in Taurus, and square Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The ground is certainly shifting, along with the playing field. There can definitely be a lot of passionate energy in the atmosphere today. This could be anger, this could simply be a lot of libidinous vibes, but regardless, letting off steam, perhaps through physical endeavors, wouldn’t be a bad idea. There can be some restlessness here, and emotions can be changeable. People can definitely be flying their freak flags, even in quiet or modest ways. With the Moon squaring Jupiter and opposing Uranus, and going on to trine Neptune in the evening hours, there can be an indulgent atmosphere, and things can somewhat quiet down and lead to more reflective or solitary pursuits towards evening, or people simply being weird in private. A lot of surprising emotions can be available under these configurations, and the lunar connection to Neptune in the evening hours can perhaps see us taking a step back to sort of bask in them. There can be private revelations, and intuition and sensitivity can be heightened. We can be very impressionable to our environment, or prone to idealize people, but equally, we can be open to unusual “esp” type experiences, or waves of inspiration with plenty of creative fodder for the imagination. The lunar/Neptune/Uranus contacts in the evening can be excellent for artists and musicians. There’s also a lunar semisquare to Venus in Sagittarius that adds a dimension of love, beauty, and creativity to the mix, and we may be hungry for fresh inspiration and eager to seek it out. This ends the evening on a mellow, introverted, but pleasantly restless vibe, with some unique and impactful experiences due this weekend, perhaps mostly in private, but could involve others to a degree as well.


FRI JAN 8-SUN JAN 10 2021.

Friday see’s Mercury enter unorthodox Aquarius at 4 AM PST, placing the planet of communication and commerce in strong relation to both Jupiter and Saturn, which can see expansive and experimental communication initiatives spotlighted. This can involve a wider community outreach or even the internet in some way. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, money, and possessions, also changes signs today, moving into serious and reserved Capricorn at 7:41 AM PST. Venus shot an arrow in Sagittarius, and in Capricorn, she will climb the mountainous cliffs in order to retrieve it. In Capricorn, Venus is more risk averse, more single minded, committed, and more reserved, prudent and cautious until she knows something or someone is worth her while. Here, she is goal oriented, she knows what or who she wants, and refuses to settle for anything less, and will happily go without until something or someone ticks all her boxes. On top of these ingresses, today see’s the Moon in Scorpio sextile the Sun and Pluto in Cap, and a trine to Neptune in Pisces, and this could see some dreams brought down to reality, particularly in relation to certain goals or ambitions we may have been nurturing. There may be a focus here on bringing things down to earth from the imaginal realms and making them manifest somehow, especially with Pluto involved. There can be a tendency to really get lost in fantasy here over something or someone, but the combination of imagination and concentration can be really creatively productive, as Pluto lends an ability to really stick with something to a point of fixation, while Neptune lends the gift of imagination and creative visualization. There can be some unique “psychic experiences” or dream experiences available today. The evening see’s a lunar link to Mercury in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries, which suggests that over this weekend we can communicate a little more freely, perhaps some outside of the box notions, or things we felt were too weird to say. This also spotlights community endeavors, and the wider social network in some way, and we can be giving and receiving support from likeminded weirdos, friendships, and the community at large. Saturday the 9th see’s the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius sextile Mercury in Aquarius, trine Chiron, and sextile Jupiter and Saturn in the early part of the day. Something or someone can bolster our optimism and courage somehow, and with the Moon linking to Juno the relationship asteroid, it can be that certain others are inspiring to us in some way, and adding to our optimism and faith in the future. Sunday the 10th, see’s a mixed bag of aspects, and begins with an elusive lunar square to Neptune. It’s possible that certain things or people seem sort of out of reach for now, as there is a certain longing and dreaminess to these aspects. Later the Moon goes on to conjoin Venus in Capricorn, and trine Mars, and something regarding the passions, or relations to others can begin to feel more concrete. This closes out Sunday on a pretty sweet note, and can see next week get off to a rather interesting and passionately motivated start.