Today begins with the Moon in Aries, trine Juno in Sagittarius, conjunct Chiron, and sextile both Saturn (in the morning hours) and Jupiter in Aquarius.  There’s a positive focus on cultivating longterm stability here. The square between Jupiter and Uranus perfects at 6 degrees. This particular square is rife with enthusiasm and excitement around the future on the one hand, but on the other can see a need to cultivate some discernment and temperance around risk taking, impulse control, and make sure “good money isn’t being thrown after bad” so to speak, and that we keep the longterm consequences in mind and view things realistically. There may be many positive trends and things to be excited about, and there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of idealism and enthusiasm, but it’s important not to make gross overestimations or over idealizations, or change for the mere sake of it, without considering ramifications.  The Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and sextile Jupiter can see optimism, drive, courage, and enthusiasm on the one hand, but also sensitivity, empathy and compassion for others that will come in handy. The Moon goes on to square Venus in Capricorn, and it’s possible that there is some subtle opposition to contend with interpersonally, perhaps a certain conflict of drives, boundaries, or values, where perhaps people aren’t on the same page somehow or there are subtle tensions or misunderstandings to contend with, but conversely, there’s also a lot of drive, and a push for some kind of action, and a desire to bring more pleasure into life.  There is compassion, high-mindedness, and emotional generosity available, and the lunar sextile to Jupiter suggests a philosophical attitude and approach to interactions can get around any potential tensions that could arise. Things look supportive for the most part, but some people may be hitting some kind of interpersonal learning curve (Juno in Sagittarius) and there can be an increased requirement for cultivating emotional maturity  (Venus in Capricorn).  With an increased emphasis on Uranus and Aquarius, and the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius tomorrow,  people will need a lot of breathing room, freedom, and independence to explore and experiment, and yes, perhaps fumble, and fall down on their faces a time or two in the process. Venus in Capricorn, having met Uranus in Taurus, has liberated herself, taken more independence, and set herself on a trajectory to passionately, but slowly and steadily achieve her goals and radically improve her situation. Here, Venus knows what she wants, her standards are set high, and she’s rather choosy and particular. Capricorn is about mastery and control, but particularly, mastery and control of the self. If you have any set ideas around the roles other people should be playing or the way that they “should” behave in order to satisfy any preconceived ideas of the way things and people “should” be, or are seeking to control your own internal state via externals, you may run into some frustration under these influences, as people may resist conformity or being put into any boxes and will want to do things their own way-even if their own way results in a faceplant on concrete. So having your own trajectory, goals, and what you have control and power over in your life firmly in mind will function as a solid baseline, and keep you from being super thrown off if others don’t happen to conform to your wishes or your idea of the way things could or should be, and will help keep you focused on whether or not you’re conforming to your *own* wishes- which is the only thing we have any control over anyway at the end of the day. All in all, a positive and self directed day. 


Today see’s the Sun’s annual ingress into the sign of Aquarius. Happy birthday Aquarius! The Moon in Aries sextile’s Mercury in Aquarius, while squaring up to both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. Today is also MLK day. There could be some unexpected or surprising news, communications, revelations, or wild ideas circulating about, or some sort of “flurry” of strange or surprising happenings, thoughts, feelings. Speaking of feelings, there can also be some intense feelings to contend with, either our own or those of others. Perhaps there is a need to cultivate some detachment or create some space here. Perhaps it’s also a case of something buried but beautiful coming to light. Some kind of personal revolution goin on. I don’t know.  Looking at these configurations has me wondering if I’ll be seeing a lot of The Tower, Judgement, The Empress, Emperor, 2 of Pentacles, and The Star in the tarot reads this week. With the Sun in Aquarius squaring up to Mars and Uranus in Taurus, radical, but slow and measured change is the watchword. It’s possible that there could be some unexpected blockages or challenges to progress, but conversely, it’s also possible that challenges spur us onward and induce radical innovations and surprising breakthroughs. Something could surface today that makes an impact, or we could have some sort of realization or epiphany or plug into some kind of “genius” frequency. There can be some surprising or revealing communications and talks. Another potential under these configurations is a breaking away from controlling, inhibiting, restricting, or domineering influences that may have been holding us back somehow. There’s a lot of rebelliousness and freedom in these configurations. It’s a very fresh energy trying to come in. There’s also a lot of radical change, reform, and transformation. Doing things the way they’ve always been done is going to get you what you’ve always got. This is a time to innovate, experiment, grow, and take calculated risks that can enhance rather than compromise whatever stability we’ve established. There could be an attempt here as well to detach or create distance from intense feelings or people/dynamics/situations/circumstances that are counterintuitive to our growth, expansion, individuation, and modus operandi. The Moon goes on to square the Sun in Aquarius as it heads into the later degrees of Aries. The Taurus lunation can see an interesting inner conflict take place where there appears to be an attempt to create distance or objectivity around instincts, feelings, desires, and drives that are pretty difficult or practically impossible to ignore. Some sort of radical acceptance, breakthrough, transmutation, or change may be in order. With the Sun in Aquarius conjunct both Saturn and Jupiter, placing boundaries/cutting back/pruning/closing out in one area, while expanding in another radically new, experimental, unorthodox, but refreshing, inspiring, and life affirming direction is a potential theme for many. 


This morning can begin on a rather intense, driven, and climactic note, with the Moon in 29 degrees Aries squaring the Sun and Saturn in liberating Aquarius, Pluto in stoic Capricorn, and conjunct both Mars and Uranus in physical and practical Taurus. There can be a sort of wrenching free from something going on here, either energetically or otherwise, a radical departure onward and upward. The Moon enters physical and down to earth Taurus at 10:56 AM PST, conjoining both Mars and Uranus, and squaring the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter in Aquarius. A continued push, expansion and solidification of new foundations we are laying down and new plans and initiatives we have begun can be highlighted here. The Taurus lunation is mellow, earthy, practical, and very physical, but the aspects involved add a particular ZANG to it. There may be a lot of energy, both physically, and in regards to the frequency coursing through the nervous system. It’s an exciting energy that’s also very grounded in the body. There may be a detachment or objectivity we may be trying to maintain around certain drives, feelings, or instincts, but simultaneously, the lunar squares to the Aquarius transits can see us open to exploring the idea of taking calculated risks. Venus now transiting shy, slow, guarded, demure, but enduring Capricorn begins a sextile to Neptune in mystical and gentle Pisces today. A beautiful alignment for artists, musicians, and hopeless romantics. This can suggest a subtle lowering of walls, and an increased receptivity, sensitivity, and perception of subtlety and nuance. Our impressionability to energy, beauty, music, nature, signs and synchronicity can be increased under the duration of this aspect, and there can be a lot of little signals, gestures, kindnesses, and gentle hints from other people or the universe in general, coming through for people, whether in dreams, omens, music, animal appearances, psychic and emotional impressions, creative expressions, or the like. Enduring links and metaphysical pulls between people can be highlighted, as there’s an otherworldly and highly spiritual quality to this aspect that’s very gentle, natural, effortless, subtle, and sweet, -but it’s also very tangible, very real, substantive. It’s important to pay attention to how our body responds to the energy of particular people or situations, and this aspect will increase our sensitivity, reflective capacity, and receptivity in this regard, and also make creative and artistic inspiration easy to come by. An isolated aspect, sure, but magical, kind, gentle, dreamy, inspiring, and pleasant nonetheless. It’s a shy and rather passive Venus placement, and the link to Neptune doubles the potential for less direct, subtle, and reflective approaches to dynamics. The lunar square to the Sun suggests there could even be something about particular links, pulls, dynamics, patterns, reoccurring phenomena, or certain inevitabilities that we’ve been at odds with or trying to detach from ignore, resist, or get perspective on. The Venus/Neptune link will help us get out of our own way and embrace whatever healing our soul needs, which really just translates to embracing/accepting our own authentic desires.  Today is largely practical, and can see a focus on the future, and entering new, exciting, or experimental terrain. Enthusiasm and optimism can be growing.


Today see’s the Moon in pleasure seeking and practical Taurus form a trine to Venus in shy and steady Capricorn, while conjunct impulsive Mars and Uranus, and square Jupiter in Aquarius. Something’s being shaken up here, perhaps in some rather unexpected ways. There can be an earthy and indulgent atmosphere, with a chance for pleasant exchanges with others or some kind of inspiring or uplifting experiences that can be really motivating. These maths are rather odd looking. It’s like there is a desire to just chill, but there’s some sort of need to kind of fight for our freedom and right to just do that. The Sun in Aquarius sextile to Chiron now can increase our courage around taking modest risks, trying something new, or mingling with/lowering our guard/letting in new people. There can also be some weird circumstances that sort of force/push us into doing that, taking a new tack, or reaching out to new people/friends/neighbors/etc for comfort/safety/protection/security/or just a port of chillitude. (Moon square Mercury.) There’s an impulsiveness to the Moon/Mars/Uranus aspects that can see some odd, erratic, out of character, or contrary behavior from others, and/or ourselves. The Moon goes on to square Mercury in Aquarius, and sextile Neptune. We can feel a little jangled out of our comfort zone, there’s definitely something completely new or unconventional, perhaps shocking or surprising about whatever is going on, what we’re doing, how we’re handling it, whoever we’re talking to, disclosing, or hanging out with here, but it looks to be ultimately beneficial, inspiring, and pleasant in spite of being sort of alien, awkward, or out of the norm as far as circumstances go. It’s potentially really refreshing, but there can definitely be something bizarre or strange about the circumstances that is just sort of awkward, tense, or just weird AF. Venus in Capricorn also conjoins Pluto as well, so certain situations are coming to a head here. There’s a need here for authenticity, disclosure, compassion, and there can be a desire to escape, transform, heal, or seek relief, healing, or protection from intense emotions, powerful pulls, or controlling, dysfunctional dynamics, situations or people. Very weird math. Very divinely guided shit. Something definitely reaching a kind of breakthrough point here. I must say. Holy shit. Evening see’s the Moon in Taurus form a trine to Pluto while sextile to Neptune, trine Venus, and still squaring Mercury in Aquarius. This can see some highly unusual, tense, and weird circumstances, some of which may have been ongoing and slowly escalating over time and just kind of being “endured”,- prompt a sort of radical opening up. These configurations can see a sort of confessional atmosphere, and it can be healing to feel safe to confide in someone or seek relief, liberation, healing, sanctuary, and transformation. There can be some powerful, healing, liberating and even cathartic experiences or discussions under these configurations, but the conditions or circumstances which impel or facilitate them can be really fucking weird.  In either case, something can be radically shifted for the better.


JAN 22-24 2021

Friday see’s a continuation of yesterdays theme with the Moon in down to earth, common sense Taurus squaring Mercury in unconventional Aquarius, and trine Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. So the weekend begins on a note of radically addressing shit that doesn’t make any god damn sense anymore, or simply just radically stepping deeper into our personal truth and individuation, bringing things more into alignment with our values, authenticity, desires, deeper instincts, common sense, and practical reality. Some kind of crazy situation, bizarre, unexpected happening, epiphany, subtle or overt tip off from the universe, breakthrough, radical notion, vision, or disturbance in the force has forced or compelled us to take some sort of action that we perhaps would not have taken otherwise, -and it’s putting things more into alignment with our higher callings, and shifting things into a more positive, healing, and authentic direction, -even if it’s a little out of our normal routine, or what we’ve become super accustomed to. Radical authenticity, breakthroughs, or leaps in personal growth. The Moon spends Friday in Taurus until 11:43 PM PST. In the early eve/late afternoon, we see the Moon trine the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, signifying the change in dynamics, landscape and atmosphere, -and our growing inner alignment with it. The Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are all sextile Chiron, highlighting the healing nature to whatever is afoot and shifting here. This can have something to do with a sense of community (Aquarius). This looks beneficial to everyone, all around. Saturday the 23 see’s the Moon in busy and talkative Gemini, in trine to the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius, and sextile Chiron in Aries, and opposition to Juno in Sagittarius. Overall, this looks really friendly, expansive, and beautiful, and can see a lot going on with siblings or neighbors, groups, goals, new foundations being laid within the local environment, neighborhood, community, or even social media. New alliances, groups, collaborations, or friendships can be forged that look lit AF. There can be a lot going on, and there can be a feeling of optimism, expansiveness, solidarity, or hope about the future, as if our window on the world or the possibilities within it just got a little bit bigger, brighter, better, or just different. Our connections to others can boost our courage and faith in ourselves and future possibilities, goals, and hopes for the future. There can be some good news, a feeling of finding or falling in with soultribe, a whole lot of mental stimulation, discussions, and/ or just an overall vibe that our world is opening up a lot in a way that is stable and compatible with our goals, ambitions, and needs. Good soul medicine. This looks like a fun, curious, expansive, encouraging and positively stimulating time, but also perhaps busy, maybe a lot going on, a lot of comings and goings or communications/things to digest. But overall, some very positive changes that could feel refreshing, while also somewhat new or strange to us. A strange new world, a new community, new people, new possibilities, new perspectives, or... something. Sunday see’s the Moon in talkative and curious Gemini trine Mercury in Aquarius and square Neptune in Pisces. This can see curiosity piqued, and could see some interesting discussions, inspired meanderings, or things to reflect about. There is a certain elusiveness, confusion, heightened feelings/sensitivity to these aspects that can be sort of day dreamy. It’s a loopy, curious, creative, and spacey vibe, with a lot of unknowns, perhaps a lost at sea feeling. Understandable. There’s probably been a lot to take in or adapt to this week. A whole lot of changes and downloads are being integrated, and some of them look pretty exciting. The incoming Mercury retrograde will create an opportunity to reflect on goals, alliances, groups, friendships, and who and what brings out the best in us or aligns us with our souls desire to grow, expand, and evolve.


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