The week begins with the Moon in ambitious Capricorn, trine the Sun in Virgo, square Mercury in Libra and Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, and eventually going on to trine Uranus in Taurus. Along with Venus in Virgo, these configurations are dedicated to making improvements, and the Sun and Venus in Virgo place a focus on health, healing, organization, elimination, self care, self improvement, and all of the little, humble things that amount to glory and fruitful harvest when properly attended to.  Pallas, asteroid of strategy, moves into sensitive and emotional Cancer today as well, emphasizing issues of security. The Moon squaring Chiron is very aware of weakness, while the Moon trine the Sun and Uranus is eager to make improvements, strengthen ones position and constitution, and change situations for the better. Venus in Virgo has a talent for seeing flaws and excesses, and this cycle is helpful for making systems of all kinds run more efficiently. 


The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto and sextile’s Neptune. This can see people very motivated by a dream. This is very goal oriented, ambitious energy. The Sun in Virgo trine Uranus Rx is eager to level up, clear out, streamline, and get into inner alignment with goals we’d like to achieve or changes we’d like to see happen. The Moon conjunct Pluto today can see a certain tunnel vision around this. The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:41 PM PST to trine Mercury in Libra, emphasizing communications, social networks, and happiness goals. There may be some good news on it’s way, but also a lot of distractions and a lot going on. With Mercury stationing retrograde on Friday, make sure to leave wiggle room for last minute changes or little things that can come up that require an adaptable approach. 


The Moon in Aquarius is trine Mercury in Libra, Mars in Gemini, and is sextile Jupiter Rx in Aries in the early morning hours, which can see the day kick off on an enthusiastic, motivated and perhaps busy note. Our goals can excite us, and there can be a lot of back and forth between ourselves and others that can include good news, positive feedback, honest discussions, or surprising reveals.  There's a lot of authenticity in the air, and it can be easier to just tell it like it is or drop any kind of front. As the day wears on, the Moon makes an awkward quincunx to the Sun in Virgo, conjoins Saturn and squares Uranus, seeing a certain serious tone or a need to be realistic around unexpected, wild card elements. There may be a need to attend to certain matters that might disrupt routines, or escalate out of control if not dealt with. It’s possible certain matters are tugging at our consciousness lest we forget about them. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Better to deal with small problems while they’re still small than to wait until they’ve escalated to less manageable levels. 


The Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus today, and with the Sun in Virgo trine Uranus and opposite Neptune, this can see some confusion around how to (and perhaps even whether to) address certain problems that may have cropped up. Getting a clear picture around the severity of certain issues, or whether or not certain issues require acting immediately, or if they can be corrected with time, patience, and making simple adjustments and changes may be up for examination. Mercury will station retrograde tomorrow at 8 degrees Libra, backing it’s way into health and efficiency oriented Virgo. Partnerships, working together with others in cohesion, and the balancing of various systems of our lives can be up for a review and a fine tuning. The Moon enters dreamy and sensitive Pisces at 9:42 PM PST, to oppose Venus in Virgo, which can see a spotlight on relationships and all Venus ruled matters (money, possessions, values, beauty, self worth, etc),- of course, all with a Virgo undertone. So this includes matters of health, wellness, healing, routines, efficiency, self care, self improvement, crisis and crisis prevention. Getting clear on how to handle certain issues may be a theme here, and right now, there may be a certain lack of clarity. Maybe solutions are actually surprisingly simple.


The Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun and Venus in Virgo and squares Mars in Gemini, while in the early morning hours, trine Pallas in Cancer. There’s a bit of a worry prone tendency here, and certain things going on in the environment or in everyday routines, and for some, even within the physical body, can keep people on their toes. Maybe it's just a busy and distracting atmosphere. With the Moon trine Pallas, there’s a desire here to escape into sanctuary or form strategies that will generate the most security down the line. The Moon in Pisces intuitively gauges things as they unfold. Problems (or potential problems) can be highlighted here, but it’s possible that there’s a lack of clarity around the ideal approach to solutions. Mercury stations retrograde at 8:38 PM PST at 8 degrees Libra, while trine Mars in Gemini, highlighting various communications, negotiations, collaborations, and juggling acts going on that will need to find a balance. With so many planets retrograde, and with this being Virgo season, it’s best to simplify routines and situations as much as possible, and avoid adding unnecessary complexity, too many distractions, or biting off more than you can chew. You’ll thank yourself later for keeping things simple. The Moon opposite the Sun and squaring Mars can feel a bit jangled and potentially irritable so creating space for yourself to think and just breathe in between tasks and zooming around can be helpful, especially considering the Full Moon in Pisces occurs in the wee hours of Saturday, and the Mercury station can often be the most hectic and mischievous.


The Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces occurs at 2:59 AM PST. This degree of Pisces is associated with the 9 of Cups in the tarot, a card of inner contentment, wish fulfillment and happiness that is achieved on ones own. This is a card of inner riches, the vibration one wants to be on in order to achieve the 10 of cups. This degree also speaks of a delicate balance around ensuring one is not overly dependent on externals or particular people for satisfaction and happiness, so there is an element of emotional self sufficiency highlighted by this degree of Pisces. The Full Moon opposite the Sun in Virgo, conjunct Neptune and Juno, while sextile Uranus highlights unique spiritual bonds that are quietly supportive, although they are not suffocating, smothering, or binding in nature, they are deeply felt and contribute a great deal of inspiration to our lives. These configurations are interesting, and can see new insights and represent certain turning points. The Full Moon sextile to Uranus can see a quiet excitement, ESP experiences, telepathic links, psychic downloads, or other epiphanies . This aspect, along with the lunar conjunction to Neptune also emphasizes emotional independence, creativity, and detachment from outcomes, along with highly unusual, perhaps supernatural experiences and bonds (Juno.) Creating space for quiet reflection, meditation, and spiritual or creative pastimes can yield surprising insights. This Full Moon also being on the wellness axis highlights the need to strike a balance between body and mind, work and rest, and it’s possible that some people are preparing for an exciting venture this weekend. The Moon enters assertive Aries at 11:47 PM PST, seeing a conjunction to Jupiter Rx. This can see something to feel enthusiastic and optimistic about. 


The Moon in Aries is opposite Mercury Rx in Libra, conjunct Jupiter and Chiron. There can be a bit of a scramble, but this day can highlight teamwork or working together with certain others to make something awesome happen. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars in Gemini, suggesting movement, busyness and communication. The Sun in Virgo forms a trine to Pluto today, suggesting a growing focus on making lasting improvements. Although the Moon in Aries is strongly autonomous, self directed and independent, the lunar conjunction to Chiron is sensitive and caring, and adept at looking after others, sometimes at the expense of it’s own needs. The Moon opposite Mercury Rx in Libra in the early part of the day can feel a bit conflicted. Even though certain initiatives promise fun and adventure, it’s possible to feel a bit at odds with it all initially, as there may be a part of peoples psyche that craves having time to just chill and nurture foundations (Moon square Pallas in Cancer). The Lunar sextile to Mars however is ambitious and motivated, and sets internal conflicts aside to make something happen. 



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