Astrology For The Week Of Oct 7th-13th 2019.

The majority of Monday see’s us absorbing some shocks to the system, (not necessarily negative,) just a series of intense downloads to the nervous system that introduced some new, exciting elements into our situations. Upgraded and optimized via the pressure of the Moon rolling in Capricorn next to Saturn and Pluto all weekend that continues to push us to new levels. This may have made it hard to squeeze in time for fun and pleasure, but didn’t stop the push towards new alliances forming. With the Moon in Aquarius forming a trine to the Sun and Mars in “other oriented” Libra, we kick off the week with our nervous systems pleasantly keyed up, and the focus is very much on new alliances and/or simply new situations involving others, and adapting and acclimatizing accordingly, but it seems a pleasure and beneficial to do so. The Moons square to Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus suggest that some major transformations are under way, that have potentially deeper implications than we may be aware of on the surface, but that we may sense, and there can be a desire to dig deeper and learn as much as possible. Monday evening can see communication, reading, writing, investigating, or learning under the spotlight, and our curiosity can be piqued. 

This morning begins on a pleasant note, with the Moon trine the Sun in Libra and sextile to Jupiter. Venus moves into deep and probing Scorpio around 10 am PST, shifting the focus on to deepening new or existing alliances.  Some new elements introduced by others, or new alliances formed can be having us feeling that our worlds are pleasantly expanding, and there is a general optimism and excitement in the air, and a desire to merge forces. Later in the afternoon, this jubilant energy doubles, as the Sun in Libra also forms a sextile to Jupiter. There is definitely some kind of pleasant expansiveness being emphasized that involves deepening our connections and alliances with others. With the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Libra, “new alliances” is a phrase I’m peppering into this a lot, because Libra rules partnerships and Aquarius rules all things new, untried, untested, unorthodox, futuristic. So a lot of what is happening now involves people and situations that represent “new territory.” A lunar trine to Venus Tuesday evening puts a cherry on top of the already generous, expansive, and optimistic vibe, seeing Tuesday close out with an emphasis on pleasant exchanges and connections with others.

The Moon moves from detached Aquarius into sensitive Pisces at 9:06 AM PST, trining both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. This could see some bonding moments between ourselves and others, mutual dependence, or simply a lot of empathy and implicit understanding. People helping people. An afternoon lunar sextile to Uranus could show some pleasant surprises, clever innovations, or refreshing, revealing, or enlightening personal exchanges, outings, or occurrences that could have a serendipity about them. Pluto squaring the Sun in Libra show some deep transformations occurring that revolve around our interactions with others, or others being a catalyst in our lives for transformation. This can also be a challenging energy that requires cooperation with powerful forces, and our worlds could be totally transformed by what is unfolding. A lot of what has been transpiring has been totally and completely unexpected, -but in a positive way, that has perhaps thrown us for a loop and required us to spontaneously adapt. It could be challenging, but is ultimately for the good.

Thursday we see the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, trine Mercury, sextile Saturn, and square Jupiter, and later goes on to sextile Pluto. Perhaps we can’t believe our own luck, but the stability implicated by the lunar trine to Saturn has us rubbing our eyes and doing a double take at the fact that yes, this is really your life, this is really actually happening. This can see our ideals piqued, and our imaginations can be reeling with hopes, fears, fantasies, and the infinite possibilities that are placed before us. The lunar square to Jupiter can be rather indulgent, and boundaries can certainly blur as the Pisces Moon and Mercury and Venus in Scorpio melt and penetrate walls and defenses as we lead up to the Aries Full Moon on Sunday.


Friday see’s the Moon in Pisces until the PM hours. This can see an indulgent, spaced out, imaginative, idealistic and sensitive day for the most part, and the feelings are very much engaged and involved. There can be a hint of romanticism under these configurations, as well as a keen sense of aesthetics, so excellent for artists and creative folk, and for wistful daydreaming in general, but the day itself has a rather passive vibe. In the PM hours of Friday, at 9:46 PM PST, the Moon shifts into Aries, seeing a much more assertive energy take hold. This see’s the Moon conjoin Chiron and oppose Mars in Libra, creating a sort of “ready or not here I come” vibe. It can feel challenging to feel vulnerable, but someone’s confidence or assertiveness can be disarming, and the pressure to come out of our shells, or to go along with the wishes of others can feel too great to withstand or resist. Finding a balance between our own needs or pace and those of others can be the challenge at this lunation, and the emphasis is very much on adapting ourselves to others.

Saturday can be rather energetic, and see some mild irritation and/or vulnerability. In the afternoon, the Aries Moon squares up to Saturn, perhaps putting the brakes on initiatives or assertiveness somehow, and there could be some impatience or a conflict of pace or style, or simply some inhibitions, but it doesn’t seem significant, as the Mercury/Neptune trine, and the Mercury/Saturn sextile creates room for a lot of empathy, patience, and understanding. In an unspoken, silent way, defenses are being penetrated, and certain things may all be a simple matter of timing.
The Mars/Chiron opposition however, can see us taking certain differences of pace/style/timing rather personally. Fortunately, we see the Moon form a trine to Jupiter which positively energizes and enthuses, even as old vulnerabilities are triggered. It’s happening in a way that is beneficial that suggests that perhaps we want to give into others, and there could be some adventurous plans in the making. As the Moon is waxing to culmination here, feelings can be over exaggerated, so it’s important to maintain perspective, and repeat often to yourself and others “The moon is full.” Perhaps even howl if you can get away with it without being evicted or fired.

Sunday see’s the Full Moon in Aries culminate at 2:08 PM PST. Pluto is very much involved in the proceedings, so this signals some powerful, intense and transformative stuff.  With a lunar opposition to the Sun, trine to Jupiter, and Saturn and Pluto holding squares to the Sun and Moon, major stuff is going down between ourselves and others, and in spite of the apparent tension present, it looks to ultimately be verythe machinations of positive breakthroughs, as Jupiter places a stamp of approval on whatever or whoever we’re dealing with, so if you’re a bit nervous, or even if things feel a tad "major", it’s understandable, but it looks set to be the foundations for something positive with longterm implications that include stable growth, even if there are certain heavier undercurrents going on in the background or under the surface. 


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