Astrology For The Week Of Oct 14th-20th 2019.

We begin the week still reeling but “coming down” from the full Moon in Aries. With Mars in Libra in stark opposition to Chiron, there is a lot of vulnerability at stake and things must be weighed carefully. The Moon moves into earthy Taurus at 9:24 AM PST, to oppose Venus in Scorpio and conjunct Uranus. This can bring some surprises or revelations, or buried feelings or information can come to light. There can be some profound and surprising exchanges, or an unexpected detour from previous plans. There can be a desire for more creature comforts under this lunation, and energy levels can be more erratic. Finding a balance between our needs and those of others is a real life video game today. Much transpired between ourselves and others at the full Moon, and it can take some time for everything to “settle”and find a groove. Mars isn’t as comfortable taking action in Libra, and prefers to prevaricate and weigh things up before making decisive or irrevocable moves. There may be some vulnerability or insecurity with the opposition to Chiron that impedes a more decisive confidence or causes us to second guess ourselves. But with Mercury and Venus both in deep and probing Scorpio, it’s an excellent time for gathering intel, sussing out the ‘lay of the land’, having honest, private exchanges, reflecting, and forming a strategy.

Today see’s the Taurus Moon in opposition to both Mercury and Venus, trine Saturn and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. Balancing our needs with those of others, and between head and heart, is still a primary focus, but today brings a bit more stability, -and we can relish the challenge. With a lunar sextile to Neptune, we can also literally be “feeling things out”, and our sensitivity to aesthetics, beauty, and our environment, as well as cues from others, can be increased. There can be some empathic or compassionate exchanges. In spite of some latent self doubts, or potentially lingering sensitivities, it’s a cozy, down to earth vibe with a focus on making life more pleasant through simple things and humble gestures. Food, music, dancing, hugs, and pleasure through the 5 senses, all make life a little sweeter, and work feel a little less like “work”. The positive lunar connections to Saturn and Pluto stabilizes and enhances things.

Wednesday can see some “fated” feeling occurrences, due to a lunar/Vertex conjunction. Situations involving others can alter the course of things, and there can be much to consider. With both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio trining up to Neptune, there is a dreamy quality that can be rather intoxicating to the senses. Drug like even. Maybe everyone gets blasted today. I don’t know. I’m an astrologer. Not a pharmacist. But if you do imbibe, take care not to have a case of foot in mouth disease, as a Mercury sesqisquare to Chiron can see some people forgetting to think before they speak, -but maybe this is a good thing that is simply meant to happen. Mercury forming a sextile to Pluto suggests some privileged information coming to light, or some deals being struck. Discussions can tread into deeper waters with talks of merging assets or energy in some beneficial way. In either case, this day injects some interesting and pleasant diversions from the norm, and cuts right to the chase. The imagination can be pleasantly stirred and there can be some healing experiences. At 7:30 PM PST, the Moon shifts into curious and talkative Gemini, to sextile Chiron in Aries. Conversations had now can be compassionate, healing and edifying. There can even be discussions of physical and emotional healing modalities that transpire, with fortunate results. A lunar trine to Mars in Libra can see us driven to communicate with others. 

With the Moon still in talkative, multitasking Gemini today, trine Mars in Libra, we can be chatty Cathys with others, and our confidence and motivation is increased when it comes to wanting to open up and talk with others. This is a rather busy energy, that can easily see people spread rather thinly with a need to be here, there, everywhere.  Mercury and Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune also suggests some sort of disinhibition occurring that loosens peoples tongues and gets them wanting to talk, talk, talk, and break through limitations. It can be healing to do so. Make sure to remember to tend to yourself and your well being, as this energy can sweep us up in fervent interaction or communication with others, so remember to pause in order to do things like breathe, drink water, practice self care, etc. It can be a busy time, but there is definitely some optimism, passion and enthusiasm. With a lunar opposition to Jupiter later on, there can be some indulgence in the air, but a lunar quincunx to Saturn can also make us cautious about trying new things or taking things too far, or there can be certain factors that simply don't allow for the levels of indulgence we actually desire, (nervous exhaustion, or an under the weather feeling), which creates some temperance, moderation, and reigns us in a bit. A Venus sextile to Saturn can see some positive, stabilizing energy with good long term trends in regards to partnerships, money, self worth, and the pleasures of life. It’s a cooperative, “building” and powerful merging type energy that is mutually beneficial.


Friday can see some fated discussions, news, or communication, with yet another lunar/Vertex conjunction, this time in Gemini. A quincunx to Pluto can see some obsessive focus, perhaps to the point of losing objectivity. So if you find yourself fixating or ruminating on something excessively to the point where it’s depriving you of peace, or leaving you frayed around the edges, try to take a step back from it, slow down your thinking and speaking, expand your reference points, soothe the nervous system, and broaden your horizons. But most importantly, just ...slow down... and make sure you’re present to the moment that is right now. With the Moon trine the Sun, there is a laid back, easy going energy available. A lunar square to Chiron that forms Friday evening can see people working things out in themselves privately within their own minds, or via discreet communications with others. Perhaps there's just a lot going on all at once and the nervous system is a bit overwrought. Try not to overthink things.

Saturday morning begins with the Moon entering sensitive, and comfort seeking Cancer. This creates an… interesting set of aspects, with a square to Chiron in Aries, and Mars in Libra, a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a trine to Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. There is definitely something intense and catalyzing about this lunation. Perhaps it’s best not to judge or deny whatever it is we are experiencing today. There can be some epiphanies or instant revelations, or an opportunity to express our individuality in some way. Maybe some emotional experience functions as some kind of catalyst and touches us deeply. With lunar/Saturn opposition, and Saturn trine to Venus, and the Moon trine Venus as well, it’s possible someone or something has lowered our defenses and sparked some sort of change and a positive transformation is underway, but there's still some less glamorous, practical reality checks to deal with. There could be some irritability, perhaps some grumpiness, some people could be feeling a bit quick tempered, cut off, under the weather, lonely, mildly bummed, disappointed  or frustrated with limiting circumstances, with the Moon square Mars and opposition Saturn. There is a lot going on under the surface. Fortunately, a trine to Venus and Neptune provides enough sensitivity, intuition, empathy, diplomacy and compassion to help to balance out the typically rougher edges of the Cancer lunation. 

Sunday we see the Cancer Moon trine Mercury, Venus, and Neptune, and oppose both Pluto and Saturn, and square the Sun in Libra, while the irritable square to Mars fades out. A good day to apply unconditional love, nurturing, care and compassion, liberally, to the self and to others. Perhaps also a good day to examine the ways in which you limit yourself, or limit life. This can present an opportunity to let go of ingrained habits or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential, or at least make us aware of what it is we need to take care of in order to more fully expand our joy. The lunar trine to Mercury can see emotions communicated with more ease than usual, and the mind and heart can be more in sync. But the opposition to Pluto can see a potential for some drama, conflict, or intensity, so again, if you encounter others who are feeling threatened by change, apply compassion and empathy liberally. If you yourself are feeling intense or threatened by change, or  and find tryyourself dwelling on more intense matters or "taboo" topics that provoke fear or uncertainty, maybe channel the intensity into a creative project to calm and steady the emotions and work on feelings of acceptance around things you can’t control. The potential to talk intense feelings out or discuss otherwise rather uncomfortable issues is high as well, and can create opportunities for soothing and reassurance, so don’t be afraid to reach out to others. 

Thanks for stopping by! May you have a number one super instant success forever situation my friend. See you next Monday.


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