Jupiter In Sagittarius: What To Expect.


So here we are, kicking off Sagittarius season. I figured I would pay some more homage to Sagittarius’ planetary ruler having it’s royal birthday (from November 8th 2018 to Dec 2nd 2019,) by giving a general break down of the potential trends we can anticipate in the coming 13 months, on a more broad scale. I did a similar article, (though didn’t give it it’s own blog post) when Jupiter entered Scorpio in 2017. http://www.numberonesuperinstantsuccessforever.com/2017/09/
For a more personal look at Jupiter in Sagittarius by sun sign, go to my archives and click on the blog titled "Happy Birthday Jupiter!" You will be greeted by captain planet and will see before you Jupiter horoscopes for all of the 12 signs.

Let's move along now, shall we?

Traditionally, Jupiter is (one) of the most important planets astrologers monitor when it comes to predictive astrology. Here are some things we may begin to notice as Jupiter settles into it’s sign of natural rulership.

Ahhhh….it’s like a breath of fresh air for anyone allergic to bullshit, denial, dishonesty, …and anything other than the plain ‘ol truth…. If Sagittarius is known for one thing, it’s honesty. Uncomfortable, and socially awkward amounts of honesty. Jupiter is no different, and being a planet of Truth, wisdom, higher learning, and consciousness expansion, -this will be doubly emphasized. It is nothing short of glorious. We could begin to see an emergence of previously denied facts, and a collective acceptance of long denied realities, however reluctant. (Who knows, among the many things that require honest confrontation and acceptance, perhaps one of the things that could come out of this by the end of Jupiters transit in Sagittarius, could be Columbus Day and Thanksgiving in America finally being abolished for the racist regalia and collective denial/perpetuation of, and collusion with, white colonial genocide that it actually, in fact, is.)

Broadly speaking, we can only hope humanity can shake off as much of it’s denial as possible, and this transit is the perfect opportunity for just this sort of purging. It would be amazing to see humanity finally come to the collective realization that we actually need trees and forests in order to breathe, (while we still have some left), for instance.

In the media, this transit could express itself as a sort of “confessional.” We could see an increasing emphasis on truth, in all it’s facets. Speaking it, getting “at” it, coming to terms with it. The same old bullshit, and “the runaround” simply is not going to cut it anymore. There are certain things that can no longer be denied, skirted around, or ignored, and Jupiter plans on doing it’s damndest to make sure that everything that needs to be said and acknowledged is said and acknowledged. Naturally, there could be some resistance to this emphasis on Truth, particularly from special interest quarters who are threatened by it. Jupiter in Sagittarius doesn’t really care about special interests, and is concerned with the larger picture, justice, human (and animal) welfare, and the good of all. (This could get… interesting… for corporations who’s profits depend solely upon the continuous raping of the environment, as playing that down and maintaining “plausible deniability” is going to be difficult to do while Jupiter is totally “feeling’ itself.” All around, and generally speaking, it’s going to become grossly obvious what can no longer be shoved under the carpet and denied any longer. Elephants in the room everywhere will have a giant spotlight shown on them in ways that can no longer be contested, debated, or simply denied. This is good news.

Sagittarius can also be a bit evangelical, and “preachy”, when passionate about something, Jupiter is also not known for “moderation” (in any regard), so there will most certainly be a “turning up of volume” on any previously “merely simmering” ideological debates. No one will really want to back down from their viewpoint, as Jupiter in Sagittarius adds an almost religious fervor to everything, and this will only intensify convictions. However, there is also a higher likelihood of an unusual amount of open-mindedness with this transit, as Sagittarius and Jupiter are both philosophy buffs. Needless to say, the truth will ultimately win out, but be on the lookout for a certain amount of hubris. Whether or not we will find ourselves dealing with a stubborn, fitful, overzealous hubris of “the sore losers” who refuse to accept reality or admit they are wrong-or *gasp* confronting our own prideful hubris, is yet to be determined, but is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, considering the sheer magnitude of Jupiter’s powers of expansion and amplification. Such ideological fervor essentially being doubled by it’s mere presence in it’s sign of rulership increases the potential for “debate city.”

 Moderation could in general, could also be more of a challenge than usual during this transit. Neither Jupiter nor Sagittarius are classically known for their ability to sense when “enough is enough.” Saturn, another planet of wisdom, specializes in the worldly wisdom of restraint, of discipline, karma, of cause and effect, and the maturity of being able to set limits. Jupiter however, is known for all kinds of worldly wisdom, but it is primarily a wisdom of expansion, as well as the perhaps lesser appreciated “wisdom through excess.” You know, the type of wisdom you gain from eating your body weight in pie, or hitting rock bottom as an alcoholic or something. That type of retroactive wisdom that comes with exceeding your limits. Both Sagittarius and Jupiter have a penchant for excessiveness. As William Blake aptly said, The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom...You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.” …

Hopefully though, Saturn, who is also in it’s sign of natural rulership, Capricorn, and (conveniently) next to Pluto in Capricorn, will keep a healthy check on this excessive streak in order to keep humanity from drunk driving into the worlds oldest tree and killing the Lorax, thereby unleashing a league of demons and all the plagues of hell or something. With Saturn still next to Pluto, we have a strong chaperone that imposes strict rules, and punishes harshly, so if things get out of hand, the consequences could be pretty severe, in order to induce fast learning. Hopefully this system of checks and balances the cosmos are deploying like an ingenious chess move, will facilitate a long needed wake up call and breakthrough within humanity that can prevent any further catastrophes from worsening. (The Lorax is very weary, and is quite traumatized and upset enough as it is).

Regardless and in spite of the dark times we have been in, Jupiter in Sagittarius has a persistent optimism, and optimism-as-a-matter-of-survival mechanism about it. Sagittarius is known as the zodiacs “class clown”, and will find (or make) humor out of even the most dire of circumstances. This is extremely useful, as the current global circumstances are looking pretty grim. We are going to need to keep our humor about us, and Jupiter in Sagittarius will help to pull some balloon animals out of Satan’s unforgivable asshole for the next 13 months. Amidst whatever apocalyptic scenarios transpiring on Earth, anticipate messages of hope, faith, reasons to be optimistic, and perhaps even a few “last minute saves.”

Yup. Everything. It’s all going to be a little bit on the “extra” side for a while. People. News. Politics. Weather. Circumstances. World events. It’s all going to be magnified and blown up to billboard proportions. Jupiter and Sagittarius are essentially “go big or go home” types. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It doesn’t do anything on a small or moderate scale. It goes all out and get's extra fancy, extra everything. It’s not really the drama, fanfare and theatrics of say, Leo, ...but it still has the fiery nature, wild enthusiasm, excessiveness, and infinite, child like curiosity of Sagittarius. Everything is going to be blown up as “kind of a big deal,” -and perhaps for good reason, -because it probably actually is a big deal and maybe recognizing it and dealing with it all has been a long time coming…Who knows, maybe this will be fun?

Ok, maybe this one is a stretch, and maybe it’s the fact that I’m a Sun sign Sagittarius who is clinging to a hope and a prayer because I happen to also live in California, (which has essentially been the front lines of the apocalypse, if you were unaware of the significance of my location.)

 Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, and good faith. In Roman mythology, (Zeus in Greek mythology), Jupiter was the King of Heaven and Earth. He was also known as the God of Justice, (hence the Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house association with law.) Justice is pretty sweet. Divine justice though? Please, and thank you, I’ll take 12 of them. 

If there was a time where divine intervention is needed on planet Earth, IT IS NOW.  

Perhaps, just when we think “the bad guys are going to win and do us all in, and ruin the cool party we are trying to have on Earth, and all hope is lost and we’re all doomed,”-a giant bearded dude wielding lightning bolts of Divine Justice will burst into “The Situation”, riding a massive, legendary centaur, who is also wielding a bow and arrow of Divine Justice to compliment the lightning bolts of Divine Justice, and they will simultaneously hurl their instruments of Divine Justice directly into all of “The Problems”, -killing them instantly. All to an epic, metal guitar solo. (Metaphorically speaking of course.) Although literally would be epic AF, it is sadly, scientifically much less likely.) 
Jupiter is a planet of optimism, solutions, breakthroughs, growth, justice, truth, abundance, consciousness expansion, learning, wisdom, philosophy, expansion, wide open horizons, freedom, silver linings, and lucky breaks-that is having it’s birthday in a sign that is also about all of these things. Something good has to come out of this.



  1. I super enjoyed reading this Amylia! Made me chuckle a few times! Pure Gold Edutainment !! 💛Alison Joy


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