Happy Birthday Jupiter!

With a new moon yesterday next to the Sun and also Jupiter in the final degrees of Scorpio, we have literally and symbollically reached the end of the tunnel of an intense transformation.
As of today, Nov 8, Jupiter's entry into it's sign of rulership, Sagittarius, next to Mercury, -with the moon bounding along side them, creates a feeling of expansive optimism, as if reaching a light at the end of a long and harrowing tunnel.

A new era dawns, and we are under a rare and unique skyscape at the moment, with 4 planets in their places of rulership, representing all the elements. Saturn in Capricorn (earth), Venus in Libra (air), Jupiter in Sagittarius (fire), and Neptune in Pisces (water). The song "Everthing In It's Right Place" by Radiohead comes to mind. 
The optimism felt is considerable, and the shift, -palpable. The jolly giant celebrates it's "birthday" in Sagittarius until December 2nd 2019, restoring our faith in the universe, in human nature, and in ourselves. Below is a brief synopsis of where each of the Sun signs will  experience the gifts of this Jupiter transit.

You will experience the luck, abundance and blessings of Jupiter's "birthday" transit via your 9th house of higher learning, study, travel, philosophy, consciousness expansion, the law, libraries, nerds, and people, places and matters at a distance and from other cultures. Enjoy times abroad, study, learn another language, take a course in underwater basket weaving, fly a magic carpet, wear fez, burn some nag champa, and indulge in philosophical discourse with people outside of your usual stomping grounds for the next 13 months. This is a freedom loving and expansive energy where your desire to expand your horizons and increase the space that you can move about in will be through the roof. You will not want to be hemmed in and will derive luck via travel, study, and even publishing ebooks about under water basket weaving.

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 8th house of sex, death, freaky naughty deepness, intimacy, investigations, transformations, mystery, the taboo, the macabre, taxes, joint assets, inheritance, and other peoples money. Taurus, you could actually strike it rich this year, so utilize this to the fullest. Shamelessly explore your depths, spill your guts, reveal your freaky skeletons to a close partner, or go into business or embark on a joint venture together that you've always dreamed about but never had the confidence to try. For the next year, taking a calculated risk in this arena or finally pressing "send" on those nudes could work out very positively for you. Merging deeply with others, intimately or financially, or bearing your soul, confessing some intense but deeply felt feelings, broaching taboos, and researching yours and others psychological depths, compulsions, skeletons, connecting deeply with others and the dark underbelly of life could bring a lot of luck and abundance your way. Enjoy working passed previous sexual and psychological hang ups, connecting deeply and intimately with other deep souls, delving into the depths, and letting your freak flag fly (even if under the radar somehow) for the next 13 months.

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 7th house of partnerships (business and/or personal), marriage, and significant others. Your relationships will be an area of joy for you during this transit, and will bring you luck, abundance, and valuable connections. If you've been having a hard time finding worthy prospective partners, the next 13 months will improve this scenario quite a bit. If you're already spoken for, expect to enjoy the fruits of your partnership more thoroughly in the next year. This area of life will make you smile and expand your world and your opportunities for the better. You will grow through your connections and may even enjoy learning and travelling together, or perhaps meet someone from a distance. 

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 6th house of work, health, service, routine, diet, fitness, details, organization, hygeine, self improvement, and the daily machinery of existence. You will derive a lot of joy and perhaps even learn new skills around your daily life, your health, diet, routines, and the services you provide to others. Luck and abundance will flow to you through selfless acts, and by taking a keen interest in details, purity, health, diet, and learning new ways to improve upon things. Go ahead and be a little perfectionistic, it'll work out well for you to pay attention to those tiny details for the next 13 months. Your daily work could be a source of joy and luck for you as well for the next year. Taking more of a keen interest in diet, health, rations, and fitness could also serve you well and improve your quality of life greatly in aome fashion.

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 5th house of fun, flirting, creativity, light heartedness, expression, dating, sex, parties, recreation, playful competition, sports, and children for the next year. Have a blast with this. Take life less seriously, let your hair down, put yourself out there, glam yourself up, as you could enjoy yourself more than you anticipate and feel more confidence than usual under this transit for the next year. Take risks, have fun, and express yourself more, as this could open up your world and bring you luck and abundance Leo. This transit could make you feel more "yourself." This could be a really fun year for dating and exploring your options in love, or simply exploring your creativity and diva like nature with more gusto. Embrace your inner rockstar for the next 13 months. Attend parties, contact your inner child, play dress up, and get creative. It will bring you luck and happiness.

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, foundations, the past, comfort, and.. your mom. You will derive much joy from the simple pleasures of home and hearth for the next year, perhaps expanding upon your home and making it a more jovial atmosphere, adding worldly touches to your abode, or purchasing a new wardrobe and furniture for your pet rocks. Comfort, coziness and safety will make you feel a deep joy for the next year, and feeling rooted will actually expand your world and consciousness. Luck and abundance will flow to you through family, old dusty boxes, and people from your past. This could be a joyfully retiring phase for you, where you really appreciate those quiet, cozy moments in slippers and pajamas, pouring over old photographs and vacation photos with close ones and connecting to your roots. You will enjoy potatoes in new and unusual ways that you never dreamed possible. Anything that enhances your sense of security, comfort and safety will bring you joy, luck, and oppprtunities in the coming 13 months.

You will experience Jupiter's birthday in your 3rd house of communications, short distance travels, siblings, neighbors, locals, text messaging, emails, phone calls, transportation, errands, rote learning, crossword puzzels, comic books, and the written and spoken word. For the next year, you will really enjoy intellectual stimulation, witty banter, communication, and running around to and fro. Your mental state in general could be more optimistic overall. You will derive luck and abundance through all these avenues as well, so keep your head high, your gift of gab handy, your cell phone charged at all times, and make sure you have a spare tire in your trunk, as you could be doing a lot of running around. You could hear a lot of good news or your world could open up through communications for the next 13 months. Everyone will be blowing up your phone. Your everyday world certainly won't be boring, and there will be plenty to talk about and learn about during this transit. Being communicative in general could bring you joy, luck, and opportunities.

Just because Jupiter has left your sign does not necessarily mean the party is over, it's just shifting gears. You'll experience Jupiters birthday in your 2nd house of earned income, money, values, possesions, self worth and self esteem for the next year. You'll derive joy, luck, and abundance through making yourself feel secure, worthy, and improving your self esteem. You could be expanding upon new ways to make money. Flexing in the mirror and feeling good about yourself will bring you luck and abundance, so know your worth Scorpio. Focusing on your values and what you stand for and perhaps getting really philosophical about this could bring you a feeling of joy in the coming year. Expanding upon what you own or appreciating it in new ways could really make you feel optimistic, like your world is expanding, and you could get lucky trying new ways of earning income in the next 13 months. 

You'll be crowned Jupiter's "teachers pet" for the next 13 months. You'll be in your element with Jupiter in your 1st house of self, ego, and identity. Enjoy the boundless optimism, (just try not to get too carried away, and don't get too cocky about it.) After a long period of seclusion, you'll be coming out of your swampy hermit shell and will really be "feeling yourself." A feeling of restriction melts away in the coming year and the possibilities seem more infinite than before. It's kind of like that scene at the very end of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka takes Charlie up in to the glass elevator. You're Charlie, and Jupiter is Willy Wonka. It's like that...It's kind of a big deal, because this is your ruling planet. Make the most of it, but don't become unrealistic. Do your best to remain grounded and humble, and keep moderation in mind, and you'll derive the most luck from this transit without sowing any unsavory karma for yourself later by acting like any of the other shitty kids in that movie. You don't want any Oompa Loompa's singing songs about you at the end of your Jupiter transit, -but you DO want to enjoy this for everything that it's worth. Take your golden ticket and be like Charlie for the next 13 months-

-(not those other gluttonous little twerps).

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 12th house of seclusion, solitude, psychological health, privacy, secrets, healing, endings, escapism, spirituality, letting go, altered states, and self undoing. For the next 13 months, tou could really enjoy personal down time alone in quiet and peaceful surroundings or in nature. Study and spiritual practices or quiet contemplation or simply just having time to explore your inner workings could appeal to you and bring you much joy in the coming year. You will relish any time you get to just forget that time exists at all and just meander wherever your mind and soul take you. Quiet soul searching, healing, recovery, and recuperation, or anything done behind the scenes could be very rewarding for you and expand your world somehow and bring you luck and abundance. You could be feeling much psychological resillience and people will sense your inner bliss and connection to source energy. Alone will not necessarily mean "lonely" for you in the next year, as you'll experience much joy in your own company or in quiet company. Behind the scenes matters or things done in secret or simply in a quiet, unassuming fashion will bring you great joy. Not everyone will know whats making you so happy, at least, not until you let the cat out of the bag.

You'll experience Jupiter's birthday in your 11th house of friendships, community, hopes, wishes, goals, dreams, and the future. Luck, joy and abundance will flow to you via involvement in groups, social networking, likeminded people, and even the internet. This is where you shine. Inspiring and being inspired by others. You could create a youtube channel and get involved in a global online community, or you could become more socially active in general in your local environment via a more "in the flesh" sort of fashion. In either case, friends and likeminded groups who share your ideals and vision will expand your world and bring you luck in the next 13 months. Fighting the good fight and spreading the good word, perhaps about a social justice cause you are passionate about, or just something you feel will be beneficial to humanity and the planet and create a sense of community and belonging will be an arena you derive much joy from.


You'll enjoy Jupiter's birthday in your 10th house of achievement, reputation, mastery, career, public image, fame, and recognition. You'll derive much joy, luck and abundance through your public life, and a sense of accomplishment. You could enjoy being recognized for what it is you do. You'll derive luck via putting yourself into the public eye more and displaying your work, being recognized for your areas of mastery and expertise. Your dealings with authority figures, VIP'S, higher ups, father figures or other influential men (or matrons) in your life could open up your world and bring you luck and opportunities. You cpuld be recognized as an authority in your line of work, and people could be looking up to you for the next 13 months. Use your influence with care, but by all means, - get known, and enjoy the recognition. 


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