The time between eclipses is usually a bit strange, and this eclipse season has been no exception. Today begins with the Moon in Virgo making a square to the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, a trine to Uranus in Taurus and an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This can see an organization process happening for some major changes occurring. There’s a sort of “uplevelling” to this. It can also see people in a rather experimental frame, on the one hand wanting to lunge forward and expand into adventurous new territory, and on the other, wanting things to be perfect and just right. These aspects sort of capture the “feel the fear and do it anyway” mentality, but perhaps there’s something happening that’s got to be cleared up first. We could be sort of indecisive this morning, perhaps around how or whether to approach certain communications, or perhaps this is in regards to travel or some other “adventure into the great unknown.” What’s clear is that there are a lot of unknowns, and the Virgo lunation in square to the Sun and Mercury can be prone to overthinking or worry, there’s minor things to resolve or adjustments to make to get things just right. It also highlights that much of what we are doing is a learn as we go sort of deal. Although Virgo can tend towards perfectionism, it can be worth it to go over details, but not to a point of analysis paralysis. There can be something exciting about whatever we’re embarking on now. The Sagittarius placements can provide an adventurous spirit, humor, optimism, and levity. In the afternoon the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto. With Neptune involved, we can be drawn to what and who is unusual, spiritual, artistic, or elusive, and the lunar trine to Pluto can intensify this and take us into a rabbit hole. Something can have our intense focus. Later, the Moon makes a sextile to Venus in Scorpio and a quincunx to Mars in Aries. This can see some passionate, perhaps nervous tensions and the instinctual energies and drive towards pleasure can be strong, and we might have to slow ourselves down just a little bit, -but it’s a motivating mojo. There is a penetrating curiosity and freak weirdness to these aspects, and a minor lunar aspect to Uranus can see some unexpected feelings, happenings, or experiences.  We can be taking a lot of pleasure in adding new things into our routines and preparing to do something new to us. A lunar trine to Jupiter in the evening as well adds even more adventurousness into the mix and this can see some overall good vibes, good will, emotional generosity and expansiveness closing out the evening. 


This morning begins with the Moon in Virgo sextile Juno in Scorpio, trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and opposite Neptune. Some huge transformations, upgrades and changes can be happening in our daily life and routines, and we can be quietly supported and encouraged in these transitions and improvements we’re making, even if it might feel like something or someone is missing or there is a vague sense of longing present, or some highly unusual circumstances, there can still be optimism and idealism. The first half of the day can be be focused on handling some final details, planning, and organizing. Around 4 PM PST, the Moon heads into Libra and shifts the focus on to partnerships, collaborations, and cooperations with others,. This see’s the Moon oppose Chiron in Aries, there could be a need to cultivate courage around new initiatives, and there can also be some sensitivities in relation to others. Maintaining a balance between our own goals and initiatives and our need to maintain connections to others can be challenging, because Mars really has everyone doing their own thing.  With the Sun trine Mars in Sagittarius, and a New Moon eclipse happening next Monday in freedom loving Sagittarius, there is definitely a keen enthusiasm to embark on our own personal adventure and expansive initiatives. With lunar trines to Chiron and Pallas standing out this evening, this can put a spotlight on partnerships or the need to make emotional decisions, and this may highlight a need for reflection, strategy, and retreat in order to formulate a plan before taking any leaps of faith. A sort of emotional integration process before the Moon in Libra sextiles Mercury and opposes Mars tomorrow.


Today begins with the Moon in Libra sextile Mercury in Sagittarius and this can see some pleasant or morale boosting communications. We can be seeking out inspiration, creatively, interpersonally and otherwise. With Mercury now squaring Neptune it’s important to make sure we’re seeing things and people clearly as this can be a rather easily deluded aspect where people hear what they want to hear, deny what they don’t want to hear, or things are simply slippery, unclear, and difficult to pin down. Avoid shady deals and read the fine print. There can be the potential for misunderstandings under these Neptune squares, so slowing down and making the extra effort to remain realistic and grounded is key. Using our powers of discrimination through this Mercury/Solar cycle will be important, but it can be great for the imagination, gathering inspiration, and bolstering optimism, idealism and faith levels. Just remember that we need more than just wishful thinking to make things happen and get results in practical reality. Midmorning see’s the Moon oppose Mars in Aries which can see the potential for slight difficulties in communications as the aspect builds over the day. There can be some clashes evident between our own goals and those of others, or just clashes between what we know needs to get done and our own desires interpersonally. It’s a good aspect to use to let off steam via doing something that requires high concentration or even physical effort. With Mars squaring Pluto and the Moon aspecting Mercury and Mars, we can be simultaneously inspired and/or irritated/catalyzed by others. The Moon goes on to sextile the Sun in Sagittarius as well, bringing more focus to people and matters at a distance, other cultures, or who we could learn from in some way. This highlights a “learning as we go” process, and we can be keen to expand our consciousness, world view, skills, and territory. This process can require a fierce independence, and to some extent we may have to cast aside concern with what others will think of that. With Venus in contact with both Neptune and Pluto, deep dreams, aspirations and longings can be awakened (or reawakened), and the Sun trine Mars urges us to go for it. Just make sure you’re seeing things clearly, and don't be in so much of a hurry that you skip over important steps. The Moon in Libra squares Pluto in the evening hours, suggesting a potential for interpersonal intensity. For some there can be connections, interactions, or attractions that you just can’t shake. Venus/Pluto can see some deep or compelling pulls, and with Neptune there, there can be an otherworldly, or spiritual quality that transcends space, time, circumstances, denial, and normal day to day interactions. The lunar/Mars opposition suggests there might even be something slightly frustrating about this. Perhaps in spite of great differences in outlook or even outright disagreement, or simply great distances, cultural or lifestyle disparities, certain bonds, pulls, or attractions remain strong and unwavering. If you’re experiencing something akin to this, usually there’s some kind of spiritual significance to this, some kind of medicine, teaching, or message certain interactions have to impart that can align you more fully with the next phase of your development, or help you to more fully self actualize. Regardless, the Libra lunation highlights connections to others for better or worse, so it’s kind of a “what are you gonna do about it?” sort of vibe. Mars is in independent Aries for the rest of the year, which can see us all very focused on our own goals, which for some can see our own agendas or ambitions kind of competing with or at odds with the interpersonal/relationship realm. The Libra moon also highlights beauty, harmony, creativity, and aesthetics as well, so there can be emphasis on beautification of surroundings or appearances and other Venus ruled endeavors (art, music, etc) under this lunation. Moon opposite Mars can see some tensions or even veiled hostilities, so take care in your delivery if you have to have words with someone or have been stuffing a lot down.


Today begins with the Moon in Libra opposite Mars, and square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This can feel like an intense build up to something, and the energy between others can be thick and barely veiled under the Libra Moon’s diplomatic front. Some people can be preparing to throw a curve ball or a spanner into the works, shaking things up. Afternoon see’s the Moon/Mars opposition relent, leaving the main players Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto running the show. There can be an indulgent atmosphere that’s also curiously focused, controlled, and determined, and we can be driven and intense now. Moon/Pluto suggests there’s a certain fixated quality to the emotions, but the Moon/Saturn contact wants to funnel that into something constructive, and therein lies the challenge. There can also be a “stuck” energy that’s trying to become “unstuck.” In the afternoon, as the the Moon enters the final degrees of Libra, it opposes Uranus, and this can see a growing restlessness, or a desire for change or more freedom, particularly interpersonally, and it can be that people wrestle with various conflicting feelings. Conflicts between heart and mind and the like can see a tipping point. This doesn't need to only play out on the romantic front but can be any relationship, friendship, collaboration, -business or personal. Dealings with others in general. The Moon enters intuitive and instinctual Scorpio around 6 PM PST, and this can see an interesting dive into the emotions, compulsions, and passions, and moods and feelings can be highly changeable and erratic, and we might even have difficulty fully giving into them completely, or conversely there can be some impulsiveness or a compulsivity that drives us to behave out of character. In either case, what we resist persists, and this weekend can demonstrate that resistance is futile, but surrendering to our own authentic needs, feelings and desires that can turn out to be an unexpectedly pleasant experience. With the Sun trine Mars there’s definitely a lot of courage, adventurousness, and energy, and this weekend can get off to a bit of a stir crazy start. 


DEC 11-13 2020.

Friday see’s the Moon in intense and emo Scorpio opposing Uranus which can see some emotional restlessness that can put people into a highly experimental frame. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune and this can see some boundaries dissolving or certain walls coming down, even just privately as regards to certain needs/desires or feelings we've shelved or kept at bay. Equally, there can also be some interesting mystical experiences or synchronicities. With Venus now also sextile to Jupiter as well as Pluto, it’s possible that certain feelings have only grown in proportion over the week, and the Moon/Neptune connection can create a highly attuned, sensitive, receptive, and non judgmental atmosphere. Friday evening see’s the Moon conjoin Venus, and this can see some really pleasurable and beautiful vibes. This is lovely math, and carries over and expands into Saturday. Saturday see’s the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Venus and Juno, and sextile Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see some really pleasant and beneficial connections, or even just private experiences, and we can feel spiritually, emotionally and materially supported or nourished, even if we keep much to ourselves under the secretive Scorpio Moon. With Mercury and the Sun trine Mars, there can be an emphasis on opening up communications. In the afternoon, the Moon heads into Sagittarius to trine Chiron and there can be more courage to take initiatives in communications and other expansive endeavors that require an adventurous attitude. Saturday looks over all really pleasing. Sunday Dec 13 see’s the Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius trine Chiron, conjoin Mercury, trine Mars, and square Neptune. There can be an emphasis on travel, study, learning, or people at a distance or from different backgrounds for some. Idealism can be high, and we can overlook obstacles and feel the sky is the limit. There can be more courage available to communicate, and we can feel more driven to do so. However, it’s important to use discernment and make sure you’re not misunderstanding something, or overlooking real problems that require a practical and realistic, solution oriented attitude, as opposed to just "ignoring things away," or being stunned like a deer in headlights, as the Neptune squares are particularly active. There can be a lot to take in, and it can be dizzying, serendipitous, and surreal, but with the combination of drive, enthusiasm, courage, optimism, determination, and faith, a lot of really beautiful things can be accomplished when we're able to release and dissolve certain fears and doubts. 


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