We begin this week with the Moon in talkative and curious Gemini in opposition to Venus in horizon expanding Sagittarius and squaring up to elusive and confusing Neptune. This can see the morning hours get off to an inquisitive, (if rather perplexed) start. Perhaps a bit emotional, scattered, or overwhelmed. Anytime Neptune is involved it calls for compassion and understanding, -for ourselves as well as for others.  A growing enthusiasm takes hold as the Moon forms a sextile to action oriented Mars around 11 AM PST. This can see communication initiatives take on more importance, and there may be a creative element to this. This can also see us more curious in general about things going on in our local environment, neighborhood, or social medias, etc, and there can be a busy, multitasking kind of energy, with a lot of comings and goings. With the lunar square to Neptune until early evening, in some ways there can just be more people watching than actual engagement as the Neptune square is more prone to privacy and reclusiveness, but this relents in late afternoon.  This leaves the Moon and Mars nicely synced up and confidence, passion, and enthusiasm about new initiatives and the changes unfolding, can be growing. The Sun in Capricorn moving in to perfect a trine to Uranus in Taurus harkens changes that have been a long time coming, and new foundations are being laid down while Mars spends it’s final week in Aries. A radically different landscape will be the result. Thoughts, ideas, and communications today can stoke our enthusiasm and add to our motivation. With Mercury in serious and disciplined Capricorn, and Mars in the late degrees of Aries squaring Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, and the Moon in Gemini forming a sextile to it, this can see certain things being gone over and over again, or we are going from the planning and thinking phase of something to the doing, -a sort of mastery and graduation process is underway. Some people are learning new equipment, technology, skills, some people are cramming for tests, pumping out a creative project, some people are studying other people, (like... literally lurking the fuck out of them, I'm just saying), -but whatever the case is for you personally, Mars is bringing everyone a milestone of some sorts. We are leveling up. A boulder we have pushed up a hill for a long time is about to be rolled to the top of that hill. A new skill is being mastered, and new foundations are being laid. Though it’s clear that we will need courage, and this is brought home by the Moon’s square to Chiron in Aries as it heads towards emotionally sensitive, and security oriented Cancer for the Full Moon tomorrow in the wee hours.  This mathscape clearly illustrates that we are going to be doing things a little bit (ok, a lot) differently going forward.  In some ways, this can make us feel pretty vulnerable, but the innovative currents are strong, and will only become stronger as time goes on. This is the final week of Mars in Aries, so this is a pinnacle week for more reasons than one. An emotional and foundational renewal is occurring. 


Today see’s the Full Moon in Cancer at 7:28 PM PST. This Full Moon opposes the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, sextile Uranus, and squares Chiron. This signifies renewal on a lot of levels, and perhaps even for some, a wrenching away from the constraints of the past. There’s something very liberating to this energy, though for some, it can be a sensitive time as well, as old, outworn attachments are released. Emotionally, this can be an exciting time, that can see us drawn towards connections that help to bolster our sense of individuality, future plans, and the new foundations we are laying down for ourselves. It’s very future oriented, which is curious, as Cancer is so often associated with the past, our emotional foundations, histories, habits, comfort zones, and patterns. Something here is being totally revamped. Old, ugly paneling is being gutted out and replaced with fresh and beautiful paint, and the color schemes are wild. Don’t cling to the paneling. It really is ugly, it has to go. There may be some trepidation as we set off on a path that may leave our foundations forever changed, but may open up a whole world of possibilities. This full Moon brings with it a lot of emotional excitement, but also the vulnerability that comes with taking risks. Emotional independence may be desirable for many as they prepare to lay down completely new foundations going forward. Venus squaring Neptune now can see certain dynamics dissolving, mutating, changing form, and there can be a sense of longing or uncertainty in the face of this, as people are left only with their relationships to themselves, the Creator, the divine, -or their visions of what they think love is “supposed” to be. This aspect can facilitate forgiveness, compassion, agape, big heartedness, and release, but can make fulfilling anything in the more physical, tangible sense that Venus longs for a little more out of reach, uncertain, or over a distant horizon. Venus in Sagittarius loves a challenge, shooting arrows at some target in the distance to go and chase after. There can be some revelations or surprises in store at this full Moon. It’s very much a “life begins outside of your comfort zone” type of energy, and it can be emotionally revitalizing. Evening time see’s the Moon form a lovely trine to Neptune, which can see some peaceful lounging, reflecting, and releasing. 


Today see’s the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer in trine to boundary dissolving Neptune, and making oppositions to Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. The emotions, mind, and imagination are powerfully engaged. There could be something we are fixating on here, or maybe something or someone is driving us to distraction. With the Moon in positive aspect to Neptune this could be a pleasant distraction. Conversely, we could be trying to release distractions in order to more fully immerse ourselves in a process or project. With the Moon linking up to the planet of communication as well as the planet of intensity, power, and compulsive pulls, along with Neptune, there could also be some boundaries or walls coming down in communications somehow as well today. Certainly, there is a lot of compassion available with the Moon in comfy Cancer linking up to unconditionally loving Neptune. For some, this could be a case of compassionately asserted boundaries. If someone crosses a line, sometimes turning the other cheek or simply saying nothing is all that’s required. Later, the Moon squares Mars, which adds a bit more bite to dynamics, and can see more assertiveness and action. This can see plenty of energy to channel into activities, which is probably the best use of this energy, because there’s some pretty intense configurations here, but Neptune keeps a lid on it and works to dissolve and release whatever isn’t working. There may be some sensitivities to watch for in communications. The Moon goes on to oppose Saturn, which can see a seriousness and emotional detachment take hold. People need a lot of room to grow, self actualize, and push a large boulder up a hill under these configurations, so if you’re looking to others to emotionally fulfill or “complete” you, you’re bound to be disappointed.  However, with Juno, the relationship asteroid in freedom loving Sagittarius in sextile to Saturn and Jupiter in unorthodox weirdo Aquarius, there can be interpersonal harmony found with likeminded weirdos who share the same focus, work ethic, values, and vision, without cramping your style, or you theirs. We can be very drawn towards interactions that make us feel free to be who we are, and don’t try to limit us, dampen our enthusiasm, optimism, childlike curiosity and spirit, or put us into a box. Love people simply for who they are and you should have an easier go of things. There can definitely be a push or pressure to communicate or perhaps some stuffed down emotions under these maths, but simultaneously, a lot of inhibitions around doing so, although Neptune might allow for some leakages or gentle hints. There may be a craving for closeness or connection in some way that competes with the need to push a large boulder up a hill and other more independent initiatives. But there is definitely a rich emotional landscape from which to draw energy, motivation and inspiration from. Tomorrow can see yet another “push” of the boulder up the hill. 


This morning begins with the Moon in the final degrees of emo Cancer, squaring up to Mars, opposing Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, and by 10 AM PST, is at 29 degrees, forming a trine to Chiron in Aries and Juno in Sagittarius. As I type this, the album “Wonderful Rainbow” by Lightning Bolt is playing. It’s yet to be seen what significance this may have, if any, because I’m writing this on Friday Dec 25th of 2020. Math wise, this speaks to interpersonal turning points, and yes, perhaps a rainbow after a storm for some. The Moon heads into playful Leo around 11 AM PST. As it enters Leo, it holds it’s square to Mars, it’s oppositions to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and throws in a square to Uranus in Taurus. So this looks exciting and things are set to get pretty interesting this weekend for sure. I mean, it’s New Year, so people are bound to get pretty wild. Some people can feel a pronounced “aloneness” with the lunar/Saturn opposition, an “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” type of vibe, and they can seek to shake things up somehow and do something about it, maybe doing something unusual, random, getting a wild hair up their ass at the New year. Others can be happy about their independence and seek to enjoy it even more, perhaps making a break for freedom to find something interesting to get into. In either case, with the lunar trines to both Chiron and Juno, the relationship asteroid, it’s possible others play a role in bolstering our feelings of fun, courage, faith, adventurousness, self belief, and there can be some healing interpersonal meetings that positively shake things up in a refreshing way. A lunar square to Uranus means expect the unexpected. There can definitely be some shocks or some “outside of the box” happenings. Venus square to Neptune now can mean relationships have a certain longing, uncertainty or confusion to them, but positively, this can assist people into a more spiritual type of love, where forgiveness and acceptance of the way things and people are can come into focus. I don’t know about anybody else, but the type of love that Osho ( a Sun sign Sagittarius) always spoke about is the only kind I know or practice. Reading some of his many words on the matter might be helpful to people who might be struggling with the Venus/Neptune square. Positively, where some people might be experiencing a sort of dissolution, impossibility, or letting go in certain dynamics, equally, there are other dynamics that can be sprouting up and keeping our eyes on the horizon and looking forward. Have faith that anything and anyone meant for you will come to you, and have the self love to seek and enjoy the happiness of what is possible in the here and now. 


FRI JAN 1 -JAN 3 2021.

Happy New Year! It certainly begins on a note of celebration with the Moon in gregarious Leo, although there may be some constraints (Moon/Saturn opposition), there is still much to be enjoyed. The lunar trines to Chiron and Juno stand out to me and could see some highly unusual connections forming that can be healing as well as consciousness or horizon expanding. The Sun in Capricorn trine to Uranus now can see a broad focus on our goals and ambitions, across the board, and revitalizing them, as well as connecting with likeminded others who share them or can assist in achieving them. The Moon in showy Leo squaring Uranus now can make going after our goals into a party. We might be single minded and determined about what we want to actualize and whatever our personal “boulder up the hill” is, but it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, we can feel really passionate, enthusiastic and excited about whatever our goals are right now. Noon PST see’s the Moon trine nicely with Venus in Sagittarius, and this can see some really pleasing interactions or exchanges. People can be a joy to be around, warm and generous. There can be some unexpected but happy moments this Friday. Enjoy them, because Saturday looks even better. Saturday Jan 2 see’s the Moon in Leo trine Venus and Mars. Hell yes. I don’t what this is going to be but it looks sweeeeeet! With Venus also trine to Mars in Aries, (who has been pushing a boulder up a hill forever now), it looks like this Saturday, Mars gets a little (unexpected) reward. Mars also conjoins Uranus in Taurus today, getting ready to move in to this Venus ruled sign next week. This has been the planet of passion’s final full week in the sign of Aries, so perhaps it’s due time for a cookie. The boulder is heavy, and pushing is hard, and for Mars in Aries, so is patience. Something pretty significant can shift today that gives us an intimation of the radical (and delicious) Mars in Taurus cycle. Mars is breaking free from something today, once and for all, and taking something for himself, some long desired cookie or something, to mark this passage. This can see some really unexpected but awesome interpersonal exchanges that can be really uplifting, pleasant, passionate, motivating, and positive. The Moon, overseeing Venus and Mars in a warm embrace, and blessing their union. Beautiful. This is love, my dudes. There’s nothing not to love about these aspects. Early evening see’s the Moon head into detail and improvement oriented Virgo and throws in a trine to Uranus, to add even more surprises. It looks like something (or someone) has given us fuel. Fuel to not only finish pushing the boulder up the hill, -but to chisel a statue out of it when we finally get it there. There can be a lot of nervous excitement here, as the Moon in the Mercury ruled Virgo trines Uranus, the nervous system is very impacted. With so many surprising changes unfolding, staying grounded will be important. Sunday Jan 3 see’s the Moon trine the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, while opposing Neptune. It’s clear that we’ve broken some sort of new ground here, and the lunar opposition to hazy Neptune could have us a bit anxious about it even if we feel over the moon about it. Nonetheless, the mind, will and feelings-and later, when Pluto joins in, the instincts- are all aligned. Mercury also makes a square to Mars in 28 degrees Aries, marking major turning points in communications from now and in the days ahead. Huge shifts. Positive ones, possibly worth calling your mom about. The boulder is almost to the top of that MF hill.


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