The Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, trine Uranus and square Chiron. There can be a major push for progress and breakthroughs, but a feeling of sensitivity, weakness or vulnerability can also be present. Two weeks ago, we endured Mars opposite Saturn, which saw some frustrations, and this week, Mercury follows the footsteps of Mars, opposing Saturn, so progress may not happen as quickly as people may fancy. Mars trine Jupiter see’s a strong “Ganesha like” energy, primed to remove obstacles and blockages to progress and abundance, and although things are moving into a positive direction, it’s an Augean and laborious endeavor. People can have a lot on their plates, so take care not to get overwhelmed. Breakthroughs are happening, but it takes grit. The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:58 PM PST tonight, where it will build up to a Full Moon tomorrow mid morning. Rest up tonight, as there will be a push to get caught up and get on top of things, but there are also things to look forward to.


The Full Moon in collaborative Aquarius is exact at 11:32 AM PST  9 degrees, square Jupiter in Taurus. This decan of Aquarius is associated with exile and heresy, a breaking away from the herd, whether forced or intentional. The associated tarot card is the 5 of swords. A card of defeat, of taking a loss, and of looking after one’s own interests. However, beyond the herd or the trappings of orthodoxy, tradition, conformity, or the way you have always done things, there lies a richness of possibility, and this is particularly emphasized by this Full Moon’s connection to Jupiter. This full moon is actually overwhelmingly positive. Pay attention to what unfolds over the next few weeks. By embracing your own unique path, authentic callings, gifts, and idiosyncrasies, and cutting from you that which is no longer appropriate for your further development and personal fulfillment, you in turn open up new worlds to yourself that were otherwise unavailable to you had you stayed within the fish bowl that provided comfort and predictability, but at the sacrifice of something implicit and necessary to your soul. Sometimes this decan is associated with relationships being sacrificed, though others may come to replace them that are better fitting and truly meet the standards and needs of the participants. Relationship dynamics can also be unusual or exciting now. Mercury also perfects it’s opposition to Saturn today at 5 degrees, seeing some frustrations within communications or routines that needs to be overcome in order to push through positive changes. It’s an excellent configuration for things requiring concentrated attention. That all being said, take care not to throw the baby out with the bathwater or to sabotage that which sustains you. This Full Moon signature emphasizes a quest to meet needs and desires that may require stepping outside of a known comfort zone. It has a liberating and expansive effect. There is a process underway that requires patience and courage.  


The Moon in Aquarius is opposite Venus and square Uranus, and this can see a rebellious, exciting energy, interpersonally, creatively, or socially. Relationship dynamics, business, personal, or commercial, can be changing, and it can be equal parts exciting and unsettling. The Moon is sextile Chiron, seeing a morale boost, and signifying that changes occurring now are deeply healing. There can be care and compassion for the suffering of those who are vulnerable. Mars perfects it’s trine to Jupiter today at 13 degrees, which outlines progress that has been made and encourages it to continue. Actions taken in good faith will yield positive results over time. There can be an element of synchronicity to the day. Mercury opposite Saturn can slow things down a bit and challenge positive thinking at times. There may have been some sorry sights or sad stories, and people can feel a bit held back or unable to make progress as quickly as they would like. Keep your intentions and vision firmly in mind, and exercise careful control over the thinking, actions, and words. Blockages will be overcome. In many ways, people aren’t even fully ready yet for the situations they would like to see materialize. The Moon conjoins Saturn as the day progresses, seeing a great time for anything that requires focus and endurance, and is good for establishing new rituals and routines. This combined with Mercury opposite Saturn can see a lot of focus and concentration Healing breakthroughs can be a part of things, whether physically, emotionally, psycho-spiritually, or even financially. Or there may be some crises or challenges to address. New realities are being absorbed and integrated. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces at 8:05 PM PST and goes on to oppose Mercury this evening. Take care to avoid misunderstandings and negative thinking. Prayer, meditation, affirmations can be helpful.


The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Saturn, opposite Mercury and Mars, going on to sextile Jupiter today. There can be some impatience to start new dialogues or activities that feel good and fuel inspiration. A lot of concentrated effort can go on behind the scenes to make things happen, and there may be some challenges to address. These signatures are excited to “get to the good parts already”. A lunar semisquare to Pluto can see intense feelings or instincts coming to the surface. Insights can occur into ourselves or others that can be very helpful or even inspiring. There can be a preparation going on to allow new, fresh energy in. The Moon opposite Mars today can be irritated with blockages or easily overwhelmed by everything there is to do. Everything that needs to be fixed or improved can feel urgent. Everything is happening in divine timing. Try not to be overwhelmed or demand more of yourself or others than is reasonable. Going with the flow can yield surprising results or renewed inspiration. It’s going to be alright.


The Moon in Pisces sesquisquare the Sun can feel a bit blocked as far as forging ahead externally goes, but the lunar conjunction to Neptune and trine to Juno suggests that much is going on internally. Relationships can be preoccupying to some degree, and have a deeply spiritual component. Tuning into subtle, metaphysical realities is worthwhile. As the day wears on, a lunar sextile to Pluto and semisquare to Jupiter can require people to lean on their faith in the face of strong emotions or potential triggers. There can be some powerful emotional or spiritual undercurrents, or the need to transmute fears and doubts into prayers (or, to become more conscious of the fact that their fears are a form of affirmation and prayer.) Mercury will eventually trine Jupiter just as Mars did, suggesting new perspectives, ways of thinking, speaking, and perceiving will become easier over time, and the rewards of concentrated efforts, hard work, love and faith will be generously rewarded. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 8:19 PM PST, seeing tomorrow exhibit a more outgoing, courageous energy.


The Moon in Aries is trine the Sun in Leo today, which is warming and encouraging. There can be a certain tension or chemistry in certain dynamics or initiatives, with a desire to communicate and overcome a certain awkwardness. The Moon goes on to conjoin Chiron as the day progresses, seeing an emphasis on healing, and a lunar quincunx to Mars can see a lot of pent up desires and frustrations and a strong drive to overcome anxieties, perfectionism, inhibitions. There can be an anxiousness here to make some kind of move, initiative, or take some kind of small risk. The wee hours of Saturday on into Sunday can see a focus on love, pleasure, relationships, creativity, and enjoyment as the Moon syncs up to Venus. Once inhibitions, doubts, or negative thinking are challenged, confronted and overcome, things can really crackle with possibility.


The Moon in Aries is trine Venus this morning while making a semisquare to Saturn, seeing a shy but spicy mathscape. The Sun also perfects a square to Jupiter, which can see a tendency for excess or going over the top. The Moon goes on to square Pluto and conjunct Chiron. Interpersonally, something can really be heating up, or something or someone can really be getting under our skin. Not necessarily in a bad way, though it's possible. It can be really healing to take small, modest risks that subtly challenge previous negative preconceptions, doubts, fears, inhibitions, or insecurities. In some cases, this math can see a lot of chemistry under the surface. The Moon goes on to square Mercury, suggesting the cat may get peoples tongues, and although prospects are promising, anxiety, worries, fears, and doubts will need to be overcome in order to tackle certain situations. There can be a need for more clarity. As the day wears on into evening there can be a compelling, exciting quality to certain relationships or endeavors. Undeniable truths, insights or feelings can bubble up to the surface that have possibly been suppressed for some time. Next week, Mercury is out of the clutches of Saturn, and is conjunct Mars and trine Jupiter. There can be more courage around communications and confronting certain people or situations. New, beneficial foundations can be laid, so that wishes can be granted.   



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