Week 3 of 4 consecutive weeks where all the big deal celestial activity happens on a Monday. This Monday kicks off with a bang. Mars enters Virgo at 4:40 AM PST, seeing a cycle of organization, problem solving, stream lining, improvement, healing, and crisis aversion and management ensue for the next while. Mercury in 29 degrees Cancer perfects it’s opposition with Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn, an aspect that won’t happen again in our lifetimes. This can see poignant emotional and psychological downloads that issue significant turning points and reorientations. The Moon is in Aries for the first half of today, trine Venus and also Mars as it shifts into Virgo. It’s also squaring both Pluto and Mercury, as Pluto and Mercury perfect an opposition. Mercury is also trine Neptune, seeing imagination, psychic sensitivity, and fantasy run rampant. The Moon enters practical Taurus at 4:55 PM PST, to trine Mars in zenith degree of Virgo, bringing an emphasis to getting certain things under control. Mars in Virgo represents a cosmic roomba, entering the scene to clean up messes, improve terrain, and optimize efficiency. It’s ultimately a helpful influence that can keep certain thoughts, plans and actions based in reality, but there can be a lot to stay on top of that requires careful attention. Mercury enters Leo at 9:11 PM PST.


The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Jupiter this morning, going on to sextile Saturn and Juno and semisquare Neptune. There can be an out of sorts feeling at points around relationships, money, possessions, and values, and a reorientation and adjustment process is underway. Mercury now in Leo, will bring an increasing attention and focus upon relationships, money, values, dreams and desires, and sorting what is possible, and what is real, from what is not. Today’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction is a feel good influence, but the lunar semisquare to Neptune is loopy, sensitive, day dreamy and distracted. Nothing can be forced right now. Soothing the nervous system with music, meditation, or creative or spiritual activities if energy is low can help fuel the motivation tanks to tackle the untangling of any knotty problems or issues. Being flexible, adaptable and innovative will help smooth the way forward. 


The Moon in Taurus conjoins Uranus this morning, introducing the element of surprise to the day. Thinking on your feet and being adaptable can be helpful for integration of any recent revelations, changes, or happenings. The Moon goes on to square Venus later on, while trine Pluto, seeing interpersonal, love, social, creative or financial issues a little unsettled or preoccupying. Certain truths and realities are being confronted and absorbed. Embracing truths with compassion is entirely up to each individual. There can be subtle clashes under the surface to navigate around. 


The Moon enters Gemini in the wee hours of 12:26 AM, to sextile Mercury and square Mars and Saturn. Thoughts, ideas and communications can flow freely in some areas, but can feel inhibited and limited in others. There may be tension and blockages to manage. Challenging issues can be apparent that require mental dexterity and versatility to navigate. Try not to let the weight of certain realities, obligations, burdens, or responsibilities get you down too much. Break things down into manageable chunks. Take it one day at a time. 


The Moon in Gemini is sextile Chiron and semisquare Mercury. Communications can be sensitive for some reason, certain interactions can require careful handling or taking extra care to think before speaking, or communications are weakened somehow for the moment. The Sun perfects a sextile to Uranus today while sesquisquare Saturn and square Chiron. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Certain reality checks can see a need to do things differently and implement some changes, or upgrades to certain systems or methods require temporary sacrifices. Realities being addressed now can be sobering, humbling, sensitive, or slightly inconvenient, but ultimately helpful in the long run. Mercury in Leo quincunx Saturn suggests delays or frustrations that require taking an alternate route. Avoid being too narrow in your thinking. 


The wee hours of this morning the Moon in late Gemini squares Neptune, seeing a hazy, sensitive, spaced out bemusement and even confusion around certain things. People's routines can feel slightly thrown off initially. The Moon enters security oriented Cancer at 10:13 AM PST, going on to sextile Mars in Virgo and trine Saturn, seeing a desire to get certain matters under control, stabilized, or carefully compartmentalized so that life can continue to function smoothly. The Cancer lunation can see a lot of emotional endurance and fortitude. 


The Moon in Cancer trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter today can see a lot of satisfaction from cultivating stability. There can be a lot of emotional fortitude, compassion and maturity available in these configurations. The Moon going on to square Chiron and semisquare Mars this evening can see hypersensitivity, vulnerability, or irritability with the flaws in certain plans, dynamics, or initiatives. A New Moon in Cancer occurs tomorrow morning, tuning people into the subtle aspects of life, and certain unavoidable truths that have to be faced down and adapted to. In many ways this can see exciting changes, but people should take care to avoid power struggles. 


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