It’s the Grand Finale Manic Monday, the final Monday in a streak where all of the major planetary activity occurred on Monday. Today see’s a New Moon at 11:32 AM PST in 24 degrees Cancer, trine Neptune, and opposite Pluto, while also weakly sextile Uranus and square Chiron. This can highlight the dynamics between those who are in vulnerable positions and those who are in powerful positions. The haves and the have nots. Dependency dynamics. Certain realities are confronted here. There can be some penetrating insights into our own or other peoples emotions or habituated patterns. This face of Cancer is ruled by the 4 of cups in the tarot, and speaks of an overwhelming, even miraculous surplus in one sense, but also a sense of scarcity in another. It’s a card of simultaneously having more than what you need, while also feeling that something is missing, absent or scarce. It can also symbolize having the wisdom to refuse to take more than what is needed. Things may not be entirely perfect just now, which Mars in Virgo is all too aware of, while Mercury in Leo can still be too proud to admit any weakness, vulnerability or problem. Regardless of conditions, there is still a surplus, abundance, and even small miracles that would be unwise to ignore the value of. In many ways, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do with such overflow, gifts, and potential, and giving what is readily available it’s proper due. After the New Moon, the lunar North Node retrogrades back into Aries, bringing emphasis back to this axis of your chart for the next long while, where Jupiter was until May. Collectively, the emphasis is on increased self sufficiency, autonomy, independence, (and interdependence). Coming together for the right reasons, relating out of want, not out of necessity, dependency, or obligation. The Moon enters Leo at 9:39 PM.


Today begins with the Moon in Leo square Jupiter and quincunx Saturn. Striking a balance between being overly optimistic and grandiose or overly pessimistic and self effacing (or condescending) can be tricky at points. Realistic assessments, and not being too hard on yourself or others if you or they have made some missteps in the past is the key. As the day wears on, confidence and optimism can be easier to come by, and there may be some good news, positive feedback or something to look forward to with the Moon conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter. A little can go a long way, so avoid going too over the top with something, particularly in communications or driving home a point. Increased sensitivity and imagination can be highlighted this evening. 


Early morning can highlight news, ideas, or written or spoken communications that can be exciting, unexpected, morale boosting, or even healing, with the Moon in Leo conjunct Mercury, trine Chiron, while going on to square Uranus and conjoin Venus. This can see shifts in social and interpersonal dynamics or creative or commercial affairs. It can feel a bit nerve wracking to relax into getting too excited or optimistic just yet about certain things, as people or situations can still feel a bit unpredictable. Financially, creatively, or interpersonally, things can be a bit tense just now with Venus quincunx both Neptune and Pluto. There are things that need sorting out, and in some ways, people can lack insight into their own or others motives. There can be subtle power struggles under the surface in certain interactions where time, and taking a step back to let things settle before attempting to confront or handle them is the only answer. 


Mars in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces exactly today at 6 degrees. Horns can be locking over intractable problems that require endurance and discipline to deal with. If you do encounter any awkwardness in certain dynamics or situations, stay calm, dignified, and politely stand your ground. The Moon enters problem solving Virgo at 10:13 AM PST, heading towards Mars, to oppose Saturn as well as form a trine to Jupiter in Taurus as the day wears on into evening. Although there can be some frustrations or feelings of weakness or vulnerability in the face of obstacles, challenges, delays, blockages, or the sheer amount of all there is yet to improve upon, fix, or rise above, there can also be a lot of energy and motivation available. Ok, in some cases, this energy and motivation can feel a bit forced, or be the result of tension or necessity, but it’s a healthy kick in the pants and dose of pragmatism that can result in much needed positive breakthroughs. It can actually feel good to get your hands dirty, make improvements, or make things more efficient and streamlined.


The organizational push for productivity, organization, pragmatic problem solving, and improvement continues today, and the Moon slowly breaks away from it’s opposition to Saturn. It can feel good to be getting more on top of things, and to actually be seeing progress and improvement. The Moon sextile Juno can also see partnerships under the microscope, not necessarily in a negative way, but in a helpful way. Improving dynamics can be a feature. It’s also possible that improved environments can contribute positively to relationship dynamics. The Sun in home and family oriented Cancer goes on to perfect an opposition to Pluto, seeing certain breakthroughs, or bringing certain things to light that are undeniable and impossible to ignore. It can be evident that certain shifts need to occur or simply are occurring, that are ultimately for the betterment of all concerned. Daily rhythms, systems, and increased efficiency can be implicated here, and it’s possible for some dramatic improvements to be made. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus this evening, opening up new possibilities.


Venus stations retrograde this evening at 6:33 PM PST, and the Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Leo at 6:50 PM, joining both Venus and Mercury. Until evening, the focus is still very much on sorting out muddles, making improvements across the board, with the Moon in Virgo trine Uranus, opposite Neptune, and going on to trine Pluto, while the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are still at an exact opposition at critical degrees. For some this can see major changes within the home or family, or power dynamics in career settings. For some, it’s both. Regardless of where it transpires in your personal chart, there can be upgrades, but there will still be much to reevaluate, revisit or reflect upon. The Moon enters Libra at 10:54 PM PST, emphasizing the shift towards relationships, values, desires, self esteem and confidence that the Venus retrograde station and Sun’s entry into Leo highlights. Restoring balance and harmony come into focus.


Early on, vulnerabilities, minor aches and pains, interpersonal tensions or differences, or emotional issues can have physical manifestations with the Moon in Libra opposite Chiron. Chiron stations retrograde this morning at 5:42 AM PST, at 19 degrees Aries. This degree of Aries is associated with the creation of worlds that are of your own making, mining and uncovering hidden treasures, and is considered the exaltation point of the Sun. Chiron taking a pause to hang out here for a bit longer and retrace it’s steps suggests it’s worth revisiting the source code of the world you have built for yourself, and the vices and virtues which maintain it. Is there anything missing? Do you like how it’s going? Deeper focus on the area of your chart ruled by Aries can yield buried gems with profound healing potential that can ultimately enhance a sense of sovereignty and personal leadership over your own “world making” abilities. The Moon in Libra connects to Mercury this evening while semisquare Mars. There can be impulsive or passionate communications, venting sessions, or creative brainstorming. Interpersonally, vibes can be thick, and this upcoming week kicks off with the Moon in Libra square Pluto while sextile Mercury and Venus. This can definitely see people extremely preoccupied with something, interpersonally, socially, creatively, or in regards to business or commercial affairs, personal projects, or self expression.


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