We enter the week with the Moon in late Leo opposite Saturn. There’s a need to focus in order to keep momentum going and stay on course. The Moon enters Virgo at 1:14 PM, shifting the focus firmly on duties and the little details of life that need to be handled. The Sun trine Mars and inching towards Saturn see’s a strong motivation to solidify progress and lock in for a new sustained rhythm. There’s a lot to manage and a lot going on, and still much that needs to be tidied up. Tomorrow see’s the Moon in Virgo opposite Venus and square Mars, which can see a frenzy of activity or push for productivity, progress, and keeping to a schedule, while Venus may feel a bit fatigued by it all. 


The early part of the day can see a need to improvise in order to “cram it all in”. The Moon opposite Venus and square Mars is while sesquisquare Mercury early on is a bit harried and pressed to meet deadlines, make appointments on time, as there can be little “extras” today that may subtly interfere with the usual routines. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus while sesquisquare Pluto, and making an awkward quincunx to Chiron. This suggests that sheer determination and willpower along with a flexible mindset can pull people through, but it can leave people feeling a bit frazzled. Venus and Uranus in sextile see some really great creative inspiration that could result in some interesting rabbit holes. A lunar trine to Hygeia this evening prompts a focus on health, healing, and self care. Get your bearings so that you don't burn yourself out.


The Moon in Virgo is trine Mercury and Pluto, which are approaching a perfected conjunction to one another on the 9 th and 10th. The Moon is also opposite Venus and Neptune. This suggests a desire to get to the bottom of something, sort through muddles and mysteries, tune out distractions, and “secure the bag.” There can be an obsessed focus here that is thorough, intense, and unwavering. I liken Mercury conjunct Pluto to the Golem and the Ring Of Power in the Lord Of The Rings. Whatever “the precious” means for you, it is a motivating force. For some, this is an intense ambition around a dream or a goal amidst a need to wade through demoralizing factors, doubts, uncertainty, troubles, woes -or actual, legitimate fuckery that’s been undermining progress. For others, this can take the shape of an undeniable attraction or obsession that gets them into tricky or taboo territory. Whatever is the case, the ring of power must be secured, -but you must not look directly into the ring, lest it overpower you, or worse still, corrupt your very soul. This can actually be a productive day for brainstorming, research, and investigating. It’s also possible that certain hidden things can be coming to light this week. A determined, and focused, but dreamy and creative day.


The Moon enters cooperative Libra at 12:47 AM PST, where it opposes Chiron, Jupiter, and Juno, while trine Mars. Although weaknesses and vulnerabilities may be apparent, there’s also a lot of courage, motivation and drive. Today can be busy and communicative, and there can be some interesting negotiations or discussions on the table, as well as team efforts. The focus on the ring of power is obsessive and all consuming, and Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto is excellent for research and mental discipline. Jupiter, Juno and Chiron in Aries stress independence and autonomy, while the Moon in Libra is conciliatory, cooperative and eager to please. There can be new and interesting bridges being built interpersonally and socially, but just as easily, this math can see a negotiation and dissolution process around needing to go it alone in pursuit of the precious ring of power. There is a middle ground that also highlights a concerted team effort. Mercury perfects it’s conjunction to Pluto this evening and on into tomorrow morning, which can see research or investigative processes yield results, or a concerted, unrelenting ambitious focus, research or negotiation process reach an apex point. For a select few, this can entail make or break situations, confessions, weird, backdoor deals, “unspoken rizz”, or understandings. Feelings and expectations around relationships and agreements, social, business or personal, can be heightened. 


The Moon in Libra is trine the Sun and Mars while opposite Chiron. This can see people coming together around joint projects, goals or dreams, or in support of an underdog of some kind. The focus on the ring of power is at a peak this morning, making securing the bag of the utmost importance. In many ways, progress made is palpable and reassuring, but there can still be some lingering vulnerability around the security of said bag. It just requires sustained effort and vision. Venus conjunct Neptune longs for he impossible dream, and has vision in spades. A lunar trine to Mars and quincunx to Venus is horny for progress, just take care to avoid excessive sycophancy, thirst, martyrdom, or people pleasing by overly catering to others at the expense of your own needs or self interests, in your enthusiasm to get them on board with you. Otherwise, this looks like a smooth and constructive day that ends on a highly accomplished note, with the Moon trine Saturn. The game has changed. New level unlocked.


Mercury enters Aquarius at 3:22 AM PST, emphasizing visible progress and hurdles that have been overcome. Of course, there are still more levels to unlock, but progress is happening, and it’s rather exciting.The Moon enters obsessive and passionate Scorpio at 10:34 AM PST, squaring Mercury initially, seeing a keen observation and assessment of progress made so far, and a weighing of pros and cons around certain approaches. Next, a lunar sesquisquare to Venus returns to the vision board to dream, muse, and concoct ideas. Venus conjunct Neptune from the 10th-20th can see dreams and ideals highly stimulated, which can be excellent for love, creativity, and aesthetic matters. The combined configurations of today can see a lot of day dreaming and fantasizing, with the imagination so activated.


Today can get off to a bit of an irritated note with a bit of nervous tension as the Moon in Scorpio is quincunx Mars. There can be a desire to push yourself for some reason, or there’s other factors under the surface irritating the collective grundle. The later half of the day is much more pleasant, with the Moon trine Venus and Neptune and opposite Uranus, while Venus and Neptune hold hands. There can be some pleasant surprises in store, or a lot of creative juices flowing. Emotions can be rich, changeable and all over the place, but this math can be excellent for creative, artistic, musical, or spiritual pursuits that can be very therapeutic and cathartic. Catch the wave and ride it. The Sun conjunct Saturn on into next week see's a solid new foundation taking root, laying the groundwork for increasingly progressive trends. Next week starts off on an inspired, imaginative, resilient, -but obsessively determined note. 



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