The New Moon is still very much in effect as we enter this week, and Venus is fresh into Aries, so the week begins in a liminal space, with the Moon still in Pisces, and Venus having switched signs. There’s a lot of new energy coming in to adapt to, and as the Moon squares Mars, while sextile Uranus, semisquare Pluto, changes coming down the pike can feel both exciting and a bit intimidating. The Moon square Mars can be a little irritable and can see energy feel lower than current tasks or duties may be demanding, which can see some impatience with impediments or cause some self doubt at times. This is best met with self compassion as loose ends are tidied up during Pisces season. Although New Moons highlight new seeds and new potentials, the day of and right after one aren’t typically the launch dates of these seeds, but attention is drawn to the new potentials unfolding. By now, you already have an idea of what these new potentials are. The Moon sextile Uranus is adaptable and also inspired, while the lunar semisquare to Pluto can tap into deep reserves to make way for changes and keep the beat going. This week suggests to ease into things gently and allow the energy to pick up gradually. March will kick off with a bang, so savor this liminal space, don’t be in too much of a hurry, and allow the enthusiasm and vital forces build.


The Moon see’s a beautiful conjunction to Venus and Neptune today while sextile Hygeia, which can be very healing, compassionate and soothing. These are easy going, even surreal configurations, and intuition can be high, the psychic antenna are sensitive. Inspiration can be easy to come by, and there is an emphasis on beauty, pleasure, compassion, spiritual connections, and the imaginative faculties. A lunar sextile to Pluto can see a lot of powerful things unfolding under the surface, and it highlights the importance of vision. There can be powerful intuitive experiences, and the imagination can be wielded constructively. The Moon also semisquare Mercury and Uranus can see creative brainstorming or putting out the feelers to come up with new ideas. There can be interesting things going on interpersonally or socially, and today can be great for brainstorming. There’s still a lot being taken in from the energy of the New Moon, so savor these moments and tune into your impressions. Something new is emerging and it can feel exciting. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 9:14 PM PST, seeing tomorrow kick off on a motivated and reinvigorated start. There can be a lot to look forward to.


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron, and this can see morale significantly boosted. New people have entered the fold or new initiatives are percolating with promise, and it can feel that our worlds are pleasantly expanding or that we are pioneering into new territory. These configurations are passionate and enthusiastic, and Venus particularly, is excited to move into new territory and leave unwanted baggage at the door. The Moon goes on to semisquare Saturn, which can see a need to slow down just a little bit, but a lunar sextile to Mars and Mercury are eager and endlessly curious, which can see a lot of banter, back and forth, and questions seeking answers. There can be a need to stay focused and keep your feet on the ground to keep the momentum of progress going, which can be showing a lot of promise. New potential is percolating and it can be really motivating and energizing to liven things up with fresh energy and ideas. This can see new alliances emerging. 


The Moon makes a conjunction to Juno, which can emphasize new partnerships, or new phases in established ones. The Moon squares Pluto and forms a sextile to Saturn today, which can see a quiet intensity, and an obsessive focus on goals and creating more stability. This can be all the more motivated by new potentials making themselves known. Venus making her way towards Jupiter is thoroughly excited, and in some ways there can be a sense of emancipation or personal empowerment building up. A sense that hard work or sacrifices have all been worthwhile and that things are opening up. There can be real, tangible rewards on the other end.


The Moon enters Taurus at 12:29 AM PST, where it sextile’s the Sun and conjoins Uranus. Today can see surprises, shocks, or slight deviations from routines. Mercury semisquare to Venus can see some minor tensions or pressures to adapt at lightning speed, but Mercury trine Mars is quick on the draw and very communicative, (and also really busy.) It’s possible today can see some running around for practical reasons, but also a bit of a scramble to adapt to changes or solve problems. The Taurus lunation is easy going, but conjunct Uranus, wants to see a bit of excitement. Evening see’s the Moon also make a semisquare to Neptune, which can see a dreaminess or uncertainty mixed with excitement. This weekend can see a need to think on your feet or be adaptable to last minute changes to plans or routines. 


The Moon is square Mercury while semisquare Venus and sextile Neptune, seeing some indecision around opportunities presented. There can be a pressure to act, and Venus conjunct Jupiter can feel wide eyed with excitement and impulse. The Moon in Taurus is slow to adjust, and square Saturn while trine Pluto as the day progresses, so there may be obstacles or delays, or issues of timing and practicalities in spite of compelling pulls, offers, or opportunities. The Moon sextile Neptune and trine Pluto is sensitive, impressionable, and easily tempted, but the Moon trine Hygeia in Capricorn suggests tuning into the body and looking after well being, and using that as a compass to navigate any complex decisions that might be navigated today. Venus in Aries getting closer to Jupiter can carry a sense of urgency.


The Moon enters curious Gemini at 7:48 AM PST after making an intense trine to Pluto in 29 degrees Capricorn. There can be a sort of nervous, squirrely, sense of stir crazy as the day begins, with the Moon in Gemini square the Sun and Saturn at different points today. This can manifest as a bit of an inner conflict, or a sense of blockages, timing, or obstacles can create uncertainty. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Venus, and then Jupiter, which can smooth things along, and adds some charm and ease to social interactions, and bring some good news, which can ease uncertainty and stoke enthusiasm and optimism. This can get next week off to an excited, extremely motivated but dreamy, slushy start. Even if things are a little slower due to the fact that we’re still in Pisces season, March (which will be here by Wednesday) contains shift after shift, and this upcoming Saturday (March 4) promises to be very exciting. Amidst all this, it’ll continue to be important to keep feet firmly on the ground and not drop the ball on routines and structures that are working well and gaining traction. 


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