We begin the week with the Moon in Virgo trine Mars, Uranus, the North Node, and Pluto, and opposite Neptune, while the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction continues to be exact. There is a motivation here to clear the decks that can feel liberating. This once in a lifetime conjunction is about clearing away the deadwood and whatever is stale or dysfunctional in your life to make way for some next level ascensions. Above all, this math is cleansing, and this conjunction peaking at this moment can bring in some pretty random surprises, epiphanies, or highly unusual occurrences, like a bolt out of the blue. It’s weird and miraculus. It’s a strange and beautiful life. Mars in Taurus will continue to increase in tension with both Saturn and Mercury as the week wears on, so there can be a feeling of “crunch time”, as space is cleared to make way for incoming changes. If you feel like you’re in between worlds right now, it’s par for the course.  There can be some nervous energy, but also excitement. There’s a need here to focus, minimize distractions, and stay on track, and perhaps pair things down to a manageable level to ensure a sustainable rhythm going forward, as there can be considerable momentum to everything right now, with a lot to adapt to very quickly, which can keep people on their toes. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 9:06 PM PST, placing the focus on harmonizing with others and finding some balance amidst considerable change, opportunity, and adaptation. 


The Moon in conciliatory Libra opposes Jupiter and Chiron Rx in Aries while sextile the Sun in Leo. This can see a lot of enthusiasm, perhaps a bit more courage around overcoming obstacles or inhibitions. There is a strong focus here on partnerships, both business and personal, and the atmosphere can be both charmed and charming. Venus and Uranus can see a desire to take calculated risks or ring in some refreshing changes. There can also be some interesting opportunities on offer that can be very beneficial and exciting. The Moon trine Pallas suggests being adaptable or open to new discussions or new ways of doing things is the best strategy for now. Venus is at an exact sextile to Mars today, (19 degrees). This can see a lot of passion and curiosity, a need to be adaptable, and a strong desire to uncover untapped or buried potentials. Whatever is motivating people right now is fiercely protected and coveted, and there can be a desire to gather or exchange knowledge and information. The passions are strong and perhaps even deeply submerged, but there is a power and momentum here that can begin to more comfortably express itself or find it’s feet. Venus will strengthen it’s opposition to Pluto as the week wears on as well, seeing certain transformations coming full circle, and reach more decisive turning points socially, interpersonally, financially, or creatively. With Mars square Saturn, there’s tension that seeks release and distillation, and this may drive a lot of productivity via the areas these planets are transiting through your chart. A lunar semisquare to Mercury can highlight a lot of communications, questions, requests, or negotiations to process.


The Moon in Libra squares Venus and Pluto, is trine Saturn, and opposite Chiron today. Mars and Venus are at an exact sextile of 20 degrees. This can see some subtle but intense undercurrents, and the day can be very productive. Certain bridges can be stabilizing, or on their way to being so. This can see a lot of determination, and there may even be some low key power dynamics or very sensitive feels to step around or navigate. The Sun trine Jupiter Rx is confident, adventurous and magnetic, and there may be plenty of opportunities to explore, some of which have been on the back burner for quite some time. This retrograde period can see a time of consolidation, and come late October, when it reenters Pisces, a healing release of certain burdens can transpire, making way for more definitive forward expansion. For now, this is an explorative, and experimental process of consolidating whatever is at your disposal, and seeing which opportunities are worth the while. Today’s math see’s an internal resilience and commitment. A lunar quincunx to Neptune can see a lot of sensitivity, and with this comes the caution to avoid martyrdom and to honor your own needs and desires. Don’t be motivated by guilt and don’t be afraid to say the word “no” if you need to. Mercury enters detail oriented Virgo at 11:58 PM PST. Late night and into the wee hours of tomorrow, and really, the whole of this Mercury cycle, can see good opportunities for communication, research, information gathering, planning, and clearing things up.


The Moon enters deep and investigative Scorpio at 4:47 AM PST. Mercury, now freshly in Virgo, can strengthen a desire to get certain things sorted, get to the bottom of certain quandaries, or prepare ground. The Moon squares the Sun in brave Leo, while quincunx Jupiter, and sesquisquare Neptune, which can see a great deal of curiosity around certain matters which have felt vexing, ill-defined, unresolved, or left hanging. With the Mars and Venus sextile now perfected at 22 degrees, and Mercury now in Virgo, there’s a certain element of caution and even some anxiety here, in spite of a strong sense of mission and even destiny. There can be a humbling impetus here not to raise expectations too high lest we be disappointed. Late evening and on into the wee hours can see a growing restlessness as the Moon opposes Uranus. With the North Node and Uranus still exact at 18 degrees, fate and destiny are at work. 


The Moon makes a sensitive and intuitive trine to Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, while opposite Uranus and Mars, and square Saturn. This math, although sensitive, is oddly ambitious, driven, and thorough, and there’s a desire here to ascend to new levels. It can also see some surprising situations socially or interpersonally. There can be a lot of spice to these configurations, and the lunar square to Saturn can see a need for resilience as there may be a lot going on, or a need to “show up” somehow. Maybe there are new and dynamic situations unfolding that require a lot of innovation or simply take people out of their comfort zones, but perhaps in a pleasantly surprising way. There can be some interesting interpersonal shifts going on with the Moon trine Juno, and this can see opportunities to explore certain things more deeply or illuminate some mysteries.


The Moon enters adventurous and explorative Sagittarius at 9:39 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Jupiter Rx in Aries, and the Sun in playful Leo, seeing a growing enthusiasm, optimism and open mindedness take hold this weekend. Mars and Saturn are at a perfected square of 22 degrees. There is a steamroller of passionate energy here, and a sense of destiny and mission drives this degree of Taurus. There may be a need for some self control, as the passions can even feel a bit excessive or overwhelming under these configurations. Venus in sensitive trine to  Neptune and opposite Pluto melts into authenticity. The Moon squares Mercury in Virgo, seeing some nervous energy and a sort of anxious, cautious, fidgety and somewhat skeptical vibe in the face of so much enthusiasm, optimism, and expansiveness. This math looks like it’s asking the question “Is this really happening”? Some kind of action or impetus can be in the works that can see some positive trends that can really boost morale.


The Moon in Sagittarius is trine the Sun in Leo, Chiron in Aries, and sextile Saturn in Aquarius, while square Neptune and Juno in Pisces. Mars and Saturn are at a perfected square of 22 degrees, and Mars makes powerful aspects to to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This see’s some potent and perhaps encouraging shifts in the works, but at the same time, things and people can also be very unpredictable. There's an elusive quality to these maths that can see some longing after what or who is intangible. The more comfortable you are with allowing others the freedom to be exactly who they are, the more comfortable these transits will be. Whatever is occurring now is divinely guided, and situations or circumstances can be highly unusual in certain respects, but there can still be encouraging trends. The lunar sextile to Saturn supports the formation of alliances or situations that encourage freedom, personal growth, learning, self development, individuation and wholeness. Todays configurations suggest seeking the sweet spot between boundless expansion and optimism v.s sense and sensibility, in order to cultivate a joy that has substance and meaning behind it, and isn’t just chasing it’s own tail, or throwing money, time or energy into a void. There can be a subtle impetus that something significant is at play that can inspire handling certain situations or dynamics with a certain level of sacredness, consideration, attention to detail, karma, and the laws of cause and effect. Striking a balance between realism, practicality, and excitement or expansiveness is key.


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