The Sun flexes at peak Leo (29 degrees) today while the Moon is in Cancer, emphasizing a more humble focus on the little things, the foundations that make life cozy and tick away smoothly.  There’s an awareness of ones own abundance and blessings here, with the Moon in Cancer squaring Jupiter and Chiron Rx in Aries, and although Venus in Leo keeps the party vibes going with a trine to Jupiter and and an exciting square to Uranus, she makes an opposition to Saturn that keeps us tethered to reality. This can be helpful with Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune and trine Pluto, which can see an intense focus on unusual or mysterious things, wistfulness, dreaminess, wishful thinking, intrusive thoughts, or analysis paralysis.  The Sun enters 0 degrees Virgo at 8:16 PM PST, shining attention on how to make the most efficient and humble uses of our various bounties, blessings, the terrain we preside over, and the position we find ourselves in. This is a math equation that will play out over the Mars in Gemini cycle that will revolve around a balancing act between different goals and desires, and making it all gel together somehow into cohesion with dexterity and adaptability. Virgo season highlights the issue of making various systems of life function more smoothly and efficiently, making improvements, perfecting, cleaning, clearing, eliminating, purging, organizing, healing, and being helpful and of service. Given the other configurations in play, there can be a nervous excitement and cautious enthusiasm surrounding certain matters.


Today can see some surprises or interesting downloads or insights, with the Moon in cozy Cancer trine Neptune and sextile Uranus. It also opposes Pluto, which can see an underlying intensity or a certain “research and development” quality to the day, perhaps a sort of investigatory vibe where something or someone has our interest and we want to find out more. Mercury is trine Pluto, so there’s a thoroughness around getting to the bottom of any mysteries, and seeing as Mercury is opposite Neptune, there are definitely interesting mysteries, or in the very least, compelling pulls down certain rabbit holes, or to highly unusual people, situations, or discussions. There may be something revealed, or a certain insight is gleaned, either from within, or via external sources. The Moon trine Juno highlights quiet support from behind the scenes, telepathic links, or wordless bonds. The Moon sextile’s Mercury later on this evening, which can highlight communications or news of significance. Uranus, planet of change, shock, illumination, and all things weird, stations retrograde tomorrow. It makes 2 major aspects of significance, a square to both Venus and Saturn, both of which are currently opposed. It’s sextile to Juno suggests this retrograde cycle will revolve primarily around relationships, and in particular, negotiating the dichotomy surrounding the desire for independence, freedom and individuality, with the desire for companionship and the benefits it also has to offer. Venus opposite Saturn, while they are both squaring Uranus while it stations direct suggests a sort of crunch time and an internal sea change in relationships, finances, creativity, self worth, self esteem, values, morals, authenticity, and personal character.


The Moon enters confident and enthusiastic Leo at 6:09 AM PST, where it conjoins Venus, sextile’s Mars and Jupiter, which can see more courage, passion, and drive. This can see an overall atmosphere that is open to risk taking, pleasure seeking, or braver actions than usual, although Mercury in the final degrees of Virgo can be a bit nervous or prone to analysis paralysis. The overall mood can be positive, and there can even be pleasant surprises. Uranus stations retrograde at 6:54 AM PST, and it’s sextile to Juno, with Venus and Saturn both squaring Uranus as well at this retrograde station definitely highlights relationships. This trend is further reinforced by Mercury’s entry into ‘let’s make a deal’ Libra tomorrow evening, kicking off a Mercury cycle focused on compromise, harmonizing, cooperation, and getting on the same page as others for mutual benefit. Today can see some inching forward in a certain direction. It’s possible to see some people act out of character, and in some cases, this can be due to repression. With Venus opposite Saturn, the Sun squaring Mars, and the Moon opposite Pluto the day Uranus stations retrograde, this can see some weird or wild things come to the surface, now, or over the coming days or weeks. The Sun sesquisqaure Chiron can see some vulnerability around self expression, either due to fears or rejection, lack of confidence, or fears around imposing on others. This aspect requires patience, compassion and understanding for yourself and others. There may be unclear parameters and confusion mixed with suppressed instincts or desires that can cause people to behave strangely or not know what to do with themselves.  Evening can see a pleasant time and morale can feel uplifted. There can be excitement and change in the atmosphere.


The Moon in pleasant conjunction to Venus and trine to Jupiter and Chiron comes in opposition to stern and sticky Saturn, and a square to exciting Uranus. The Moon semisquare Mercury in 29 degrees of Virgo can see an anxiousness surrounding the responses to and from others. The Moon opposite Saturn can see some inhibitions, fears, intimidation, boundaries, or other challenges. Perhaps a feeling of a brick wall. Maybe something has come as a bit of a shock. With Venus opposite Saturn, it's reaching a crunch point where either clear and definite boundaries are permanently erected, or walls of ice or frustrating impediments are slowly melted and patiently chipped away at. Mercury, at the most urgent degree of Virgo, is still trine Mars, Pluto, and opposite Neptune. This may see, or may have seen, a desire to lunge forward into unclear territory out of pure instinct, compulsion, and curiosity, with little to no information to go on, which can see this final degree of Mercury in Virgo a bit anxious and perhaps overly cautious or a bit worry prone. The Moon square Uranus can see excitement, shock, or surprise. Maybe there’s been some provocative behavior on the part of others (or ourselves?) Or some other weird, wild or unusual situations. Mercury enters conciliatory Libra at 6:03 PM PST, strengthening it’s trine to Mars in Gemini. This can see discussions flow more freely, and perhaps there’s certain things revealed that can help negotiate an understanding of certain social, interpersonal, or financial situations, untie sticky situations, clear up misunderstandings, get the lay of the land, or make certain things clear. There might even be a risk of oversharing here, as there’s certain signatures of suppression combined with other signatures of truth serum, shocking reveals, or “phucket” moments. Mercury in Libra will seek to find the right balance. 


The Moon in late Leo conjoins the Sun in preparation for the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow. Along with the Sun, the Moon goes on to square Mars in Gemini, which can see passions, emotions, and impulses gain a lot of impetus and momentum, and in some cases, this can cause some tension if our own desires are out of step with others, so it’s helpful to have a good physical outlet. These aspects are very passionate, curious, creative, fun seeking, and driven towards risk taking and even being a bit risqué, or just more open and brave than usual. Mercury in opposition to Jupiter while trine Mars can desire to be an open book and shoot from the hip, seeking an outlet for the passionate and impulsive energies. Things can feel optimistic. The Moon enters grounded and efficient Virgo at 5:25 PM PST, intensifying the squares to Mars. There can be a lot of physical energy here that seeks an outlet. This could be frustrating, or it can be tremendously productive, energizing, life affirming. It could be a bit of all of the above, as one can beget the other. These aspects might see some impatience, anxiousness, busyness, or irritability, and a lunar sesquisquare to Chiron can see some sensitivity or frustration around understanding or expressing the feelings. The New Moon is exact in the wee hours. 


The New Moon occurs at 1:17 AM PST at 4 degrees Virgo. This is a humble yet fruitful decan. This face of Virgo is ruled by the 8 of pentacles in the tarot, which speaks of a great care and attention paid to small matters, hard work, repetition, and consistency, for an eventual fruitful bounty. In “The 36 Airs Of The Zodiac”, an anonymous text from the Hellenistic era, this decan of Virgo was named “prudence”. It’s an interesting decan, with associations with the goddess Themis, the Oracle Of Delphi, virgins, chastity, as well as very literal associations with farming, harvest, and the fruits of the land. Careful cultivation, prudence, preparation, delayed gratification, and a deep understanding of the laws of nature and the prima materia preside over this face of Virgo. As Austin Coppock writes in “36 Faces: The History, Astrology, and Magic of the Decans”, “The succulence and beauty of fruit and flower are the contradictory result of abstention and fastidiousness.” It speaks of the difference in quality between the touched and the untouched, the benefits of hard work, and the inevitable glory that follows humble and consistent efforts, the virtues of postponing pleasures, not rushing organic processes, and the importance of allowing fruit to ripen before it's picked. There can be a tension experienced at this decan between abstention and indulgence, and the Moon here can be prone to abandoning itself to (well deserved) whims. In “Degrees Of The Zodiac”, Esther V. Leinbach say’s of this degree of Virgo, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and given that this New Moon along with the Sun,- is squaring up to Mars, the planet of passion, in Gemini, it’s possible that this tension could be acutely felt. Having a good outlet will help. Venus perfects it’s opposition to Saturn today and tomorrow, which can accentuate blocks, inhibitions, fears, and a certain peevishness, so if in doubt, err on the side of minimalism, and a less is more approach. This degree of Virgo is ultimately one of harvest, cultivation, and all organic processes and phenomena, literally and figuratively, -which can't be forced. Fruit picked too soon is bitter with the taste of force and haste, but fruit that is allowed to ripen and fall, but not eaten at all, is a wasteful application of virtue. The art of tming is important. This New Moon can produce interesting harvests and plant weird, wild seeds. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus in the evening, suggesting new insights, or surprises, but an opposition to Juno and an awkward quincunx to Jupiter and Chiron can bring out an anxiousness around expansion and wanting more, which can see some vulnerable spots. The key is being content and thankful for the beauty and simplicity of what's already naturally occurring and how far you have come. There can also be a desire to get on the same page as certain others, whatever that page is.


The Moon in Virgo trines both Uranus and Pluto, while opposing Neptune. This can see strange or surprising dynamics, compelling pulls to unusual subjects or people, or a desire to clear up misunderstandings or get to the bottom of something. Venus opposite Saturn perfecting at 20 degrees can see a certain coldness or modesty. Perhaps it's shyness, but it can also manifest as an enduring attraction and a sense of loyalty and devotion. It’s a bit of an inhibiting, reserved influence that contains within it a great deal of creativity, persistence and resourcefulness in the face of what might not feel like very promising odds. There may even be some milestones being reached. The lunar trine to Pluto can almost relish the challenge that any weirdness, intrigue, mystery, or resistance represents. Mercury trine Mars can be quick to grasp new ideas, and unafraid to say what it thinks. There’s a need to strike a balance between being afraid to express the true authentic self, and going a tad overboard. A little could go a long way. There can be a high sensitivity to subtlety, innuendo, serendipity and synchronicity as well, with the Moon trine Pluto and opposite Neptune. Evening see’s communication more highlighted, as the Moon in late Virgo conjoins Mercury. Monday may see some passionate discussions, or some floodgates of communication open, perhaps certain things are made more clear. Venus will join the Sun and Mercury in Virgo next Sunday, and the awkward, strained, somewhat frigid influence of Venus opposite Saturn lets up by next Friday, giving way to a more enlightened perspective on certain issues.


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