The Moon enters Libra this morning to conjoin Mercury, trine Mars and oppose Jupiter, bringing focus to the area of your chart ruled by Libra, and highlighting something we’re excited about, as well as a balancing act and negotiation phase that will need to get underway. The Sun’s ingress into Virgo along with the New Moon and the retrograde station of Uranus last week perhaps saw some breakthroughs, last minute illuminations, or surprise revelations, but also some reality checks. Venus in Leo opposite Saturn and square Uranus is between worlds, and the Saturn/Uranus square highlights a balancing act between vital and necessary progressive change, evolutionary leaps forward, -and the preservation of essential structures and traditions. With Venus in the crossfire of these configurations, values, money, pleasure, possessions, and partnerships of all kinds are all highlighted, and Mercury’s entrance into Libra, which will station retrograde on Sep 9th, kicks off a negotiation and reevaluation phase. Today brings our attention to something that motivates us onward and upward, and how we’d like to get on the same page with certain others while also preserving our own autonomous vision. The Sun in Virgo squaring Mars is motivated to make improvements, clear space, and cut out the deadweight in order to streamline and make room for dynamic expansion and new life. Today can see some motivating conversations or news. A lot of busyness and fresh stimulation along with recent insights or revelations can inspire people out of ruts. With the Moon in aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, there’s everything to play for, and the Sun in Virgo squaring Mars is mobilized to action and eager to see improvements. 


The Moon in harmonizing Libra is trine Saturn, opposite Chiron Rx, sextile Venus in Leo, and square Pluto today. There’s an inner self confidence, ambition, and resilience here that motivates people forward, while under the surface, passions can simmer that function as a huge impetus for change and transformation. The Moon sextile Venus and square Pluto is charming, charismatic, convincing, driven and highly magnetic. There’s a subtle intensity, crackle, spark, and magnetism that can be present under the surface of certain interactions today. This submerged spiciness can positively fuel ambition and be very motivating. It can also feel satisfying to be productive or make headway on a goal. There can be a desire to bring more liveliness or openness into certain exchanges, and there’s a sincerity here that’s warm and engaging.


The Moon in Libra squares Pluto and trine’s Pallas, highlighting intense undercurrents or compelling pulls in certain dynamics. There can be a strong desire to open certain discussions or negotiations, but it can’t be forced. Timing is important, and there can be a need to form a game plan or strategize. The Moon goes on to enter Scorpio at 10:11 AM PST, where it will quincunx Mars and Jupiter, which can see some nervous tension, and some need to make adjustments, and perhaps slow down a bit and try not to overstretch. There’s a lot of passion, enthusiasm and sensitivity here, as well as a certain amount of electricity and tension. The Moon sextile the Sun in Leo this evening can see it easier to express certain feelings, take certain risks, or approach taboo topics. 


The Moon in intense Scorpio squares Saturn, Venus, opposes Uranus, and trine’s Neptune and Juno. This is a pretty impassioned energy, and there can be some intensely felt ideals or hopes around certain interactions or endeavors. These configurations highlight the Saturn/Uranus square, and a pronounced desire for change can be felt, but there’s a need to overcome certain inhibitions or stagnant patterns, without sacrificing the the essential structures and longterm goals that sustain you. So a process of integration is underway. People might be a bit scattered or unreliable today. The Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune is sensitive and intuitive, and gently dissolves barriers or intuits the psychological landscape. The Moon opposition to Uranus is restless, inquisitive, and drawn to unusual people and pastimes, and craves for change on a deep level. There can be weird urges or callings, but a need to overcome a sense of inadequacy or inhibition, but also to be wise and cautious about risks. There needs to be a happy medium that is able to ring in healthy, life affirming changes while minimizing any potential disadvantages of doing so. A lunar semisquare to Mercury can see conflicts between head and heart, and a minor lunar aspect to Jupiter while squaring Saturn can see a lot of enthusiasm and optimism felt while at the same time, some intimidation, or other internal or external blockages that can feel like the cat got your tongue. The tension can make for some interesting dynamics, but it might help to count to 10 to avoid reactionary responses.


The Moon in late Scorpio this morning squares Venus in Leo, is trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, and builds in opposition to Mars and trine to Jupiter as it inches closer to Sagittarius. This can see an electric excitement, optimism, momentum, and sense of adventure building. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:39 PM, and this can see a certain giddy excitement kick off the weekend. There’s an optimism and expansiveness here that can be eager to enter new terrain or expand horizons. There’s a lot of physical and mental energy here, so letting off steam with a good outlet can be helpful. Routines may need adjustment or space may need to be cleared or prepared this weekend to accommodate adventurous plans, spontaneous get togethers, or steps outside certain comfort zones. With Venus sextile Pallas, it’s possible that certain plans or desires have been in the works or in the back of peoples minds for some time now. The Moon opposite Mars highlights the need to alchemize disparate but complementary elements. Curiosity leads the way.

SAT/SUN SEP 3rd and 4th

The Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mars and squares the Sun in Virgo, which is squaring Mars, and this can see a lot of action, and an eagerness to clear the way for things that feed the spirit, widen horizons, and satiate a sense of curiosity. The Moon in Sagittarius is trine Jupiter and Chiron, and sextile Mercury in Libra in the early part of the day. This can see positive interactions that boost morale, and there can be a broadminded generosity of spirit and a lot of passionate exchanges that could even have a sort of healing undertone. Conversations can be philosophical, and differences between others can be a source of interest and excitement. The Sun in Virgo begins a trine to Uranus Rx today, seeing a strong drive to implement positive changes to routines and everyday matters in order to make the very best of our respective situations as this aspect plays out. It can also coincide to illuminating certain problem areas so that improvements can be made. Venus enters Virgo at 9:05 PM on Sunday, while the Moon is in Capricorn, seeing the planet of love, pleasure and money embark upon a self improvement kick. Venus is humble and devoted in Virgo, and there can be an inner conflict between keeping things simple or abandoning oneself to pleasure. Traditionally considered to be in her fall in Virgo, Venus here is extremely particular in her tastes and desires, and is skilled at finding flaws, and for this reason, Venus here can often produce a certain loneliness and chastity, as her standards are high. The other side of this coin can see Venus in this face be taken advantage of due to her humble and innocent nature here. Self improvement, elimination, preparation, organization, health, healing, organizing, purifying, cleansing and perfecting things are arguably the best uses of Venus through Virgo. As long as people don't get overly caught up in perfectionism, this transit can be hugely beneficial in making positive changes and making their lives more efficient. Along with self care, animal companions are highlighted under Virgo. Make sure to give them some extra TLC under this transit. The Sun in Virgo is also sesquisquare to Pluto, which emphasizes improving our ability to become more comfortable with being totally authentic and true to ourselves, and revealing certain aspects of ourselves to others without shame or complex. With Venus now in Virgo, this same emphasis will naturally extend into the interpersonal, social and creative sphere. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Saturn, which can see a certain thoughtfulness and a feeling of balance between our own needs v.s our responsibilities to others. 


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