We begin the week with the Moon in Leo opposite Saturn, which can see a desire for fun, love, creativity, and pleasure seeking feeling a bit hampered by duty, responsibility, or challenges. This week see’s quite a lot of action celestially, as tomorrow Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini, Jupiter will enter Aries, and we see a full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio at the end of the week. The dragons head and tail are in tension with taskmaster Saturn, bringing some necessary, and even fated reality checks. New structures need to be put into place, and this can require a lot of adaptability. The upcoming eclipse at the end of this week is in many ways the main feature. It falls in a decan of Scorpio associated with the 7 of cups in the tarot. This see’s a necessary release (and eclipsing) of anything delusional and out of touch with reality, to bring people back into the body and back in touch with their (internal) locus of control. The Moon enters Virgo at 3:53 PM PST, to square Mercury, which stations retrograde tomorrow. This can see a scramble to get caught up on various details and not lose footing. There can be a nervous energy here, and perhaps a lot to keep up with in regards to communications and other details.


Mercury stations retrograde at 4:47 AM PST at 4 degrees of Gemini. Mercury in this face of Gemini is extremely strong and endlessly curious. Very adept at learning, and handling rapid fire communications. The main weakness to watch out for is to take care to be thorough in ones endeavor to learn, and to make sure to pursue a grasp of ones desired subjects of curiosity beyond mere superficiality. This journey of Mercury will reenter the 3rd face of Taurus, a decan of Taurus said to be ruled by Saturn. Plans made or seeds planted will confront challenge or destructive forces here. This decan of Taurus is associated with the 7 of pentacles, a card of awaiting a harvest, -or awaiting failure. This decan of Taurus brings to mind the adage “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” It can be associated with unforeseen disaster, folly, hubris, and a need for back up plans or insurance policies. Mercury revisiting this decan of Taurus can also bring people into contact with helpful allies, and bring attention to the need to have a plan and support network in case of challenge or crisis. In the case of hubris, ostentation, or gross overplaying of ones hand, this journey of Mercury brings an opportunity of confession and repentance. Karma and causation, and a need for common sense are very apparent here. While still in Gemini, certain ideas or lines of dialogue can be revisited and certain things can prove unfeasible or simply revealed to be bullshit, and hence, discarded,- leaving space for more sensible and rational lines of thought, ideas, and communications. This cycle can actually lighten ones load and dramatically simplify things, bringing focus to gratitude for the little things.

Jupiter moves into Aries at 4:22 PM PST, to join Venus, strengthening a desire for fresh starts and the implementation of fresh, self empowering cycles with an emphasis on personal sovereignty and independence. Jupiter in this decan of Aries contains a lot of raw power, and if necessary, can aid in the ability to sever relationships or contracts that have outworn their purposes or have proven to be based on false pretenses. Severing can be smooth and transpire in an advantageous and beneficial way, as Jupiter tempers the severity and adds generosity and largesse of spirit to this face of Aries. The Moon in Virgo is trine the Sun and Uranus and opposite Mars today, indicating a lot of change, and many details to handle, with the possibility of subtle tensions or grievances lurking under the surface. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo trine the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto, while opposite Neptune, Mars and Jupiter. It’s possible that big changes are afoot and certain things are dissolving. There are high hopes that can mingle occasionally with uncertainty or a feeling of being at sea or somewhat lost in the mire. Powerful turning points can be happening, and there can be a lot of sensitivity in the air. Subtle power dynamics can be in play in certain regards, as certain tensions tend to be navigated in an almost passive aggressive way or swept under the rug with Mars in Pisces. With a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on it’s way, a crunch point is being approached, and that which is not workable, sustainable, congruent, or based in reality or integrity is slowly and inevitably dissolving or being exposed as untenable. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra in the late hours at 11:34 PM PST, to trine Mercury in Gemini, emphasizing communications and agreements, perhaps around shared gripes, values, and vulnerabilities.


The Moon in Libra is trine Mercury Rx in Gemini and opposite Venus and Chiron in Aries. A minor tense aspect to Saturn further emphasizes some source of challenge or tension. It’s possible that the needs of ourselves and those of certain others are a bit out of synchrony, and this can highlight certain discomfort in social, interpersonal, or commercial situations that call for cooperation and harmony. The lunar opposition to Chiron can see a great deal of empathy and sensitivity, and strong psychic links can be established through otherwise awkward or challenging circumstances. There may be a need to take an unusual or unorthodox approach to certain situations, or simply go your own way. Some people will understand completely, others may not. You can’t please everyone all the time, and it’s unhealthy to endeavor this as it only leads to resentment. Better to remain true to yourself. The lunar opposition to both Chiron and Venus are the driving configurations of the day, indicating there are social or interpersonal situations or dynamics that may be sensitive and require striking a balance between authenticity and consideration. Stable alliances or new structures can be forming out of the rubble of dissolving dreams or ideals. 


The Moon is opposite Venus and Chiron and trine Saturn today, showing a stable port in unpredictable situations. This port can be a friendship, group, hobby, goal, or alliance, or simply an inward emotional resilience. Regardless of what it is, it functions as a lighthouse of realism and stability. Certain truths may not be easy to swallow, but they provide a necessary anchor and sail to navigate out of choppy seas. The Moon quincunx the Sun shows a challenge to integrate the ego with the emotions, and to make adjustments to the way the feelings are viewed and reacted to, and the way they are expressed outwardly to others, in order to feel more at peace and in control of ones life and destiny internally. The lunar quincunx to Mars can indicate tension and nervous irritability, and there is a need to try to deliberately slow down reaction times,-making a point to respond rather than react. As the day goes on, certain power dynamics can become more apparent, and there may be a need to steer clear of any potential social or interpersonal dramas and to channel any intensity constructively. There’s also a need to avoid saying “yes” to things when internally you are not really in alignment with doing so. Avoid being a martyr, or being motivated purely by guilt, pity, or feelings of obligation. Take care to tend to your own wellbeing. 


The Moon enters powerful and desirous Scorpio at 3:34 AM PST, where it opposes Uranus, the great Illuminator and Liberator. A great hunger and desire can be awakened. The first face of Scorpio is associated by the five of cups in the tarot. A card of incomplete union, unfulfilled desires, and disappointment. This decan of Scorpio illustrates a fierce hunger, and the violence necessary to obtain ones desires, which can create contention and malaise both within and without. By understanding cycles of desire and disappointment, we are less enslaved to it. This decan also highlights the need to confront desires head on and decide whether or not we are willing to pay the price in order to see it fulfilled. The Moon opposite Uranus here indicates a certain freedom from chains that bind would be necessary in order to authentically live out these instinctual and powerful pulls. For some, this can represent a release from deep unconscious processes, trauma programming, compulsions, addictions, obsessions, and desire itself. For others, this release is more contractual in nature, a release from ties that bind, and inhibit ones own authentic expression of power in the world. In either case, these configurations represent the necessity of some sort of initiation process into the mysteries, and this eclipse will take us from the 5 of cups, to the 6 of cups, and will climax with the 7 of cups, where we will confront, sort out and dissolve various delusions which hamper our own development. 


The Full Moon eclipse occurs at 9:14 PM PST, and 12:14 AM on the 16th *eastern time*. The day begins with the Moon in the second face of Scorpio, opposite the Sun, Uranus, and trine both Mars and Neptune. There is a tendency towards both tenderness and enmity here, and things can go either of which ways, all depending upon how the will is directed. There is great vulnerability and sensitivity here, just as there is a certain guardedness or wariness. In some cases, there is a desire to gently lunge forward in certain dynamics, while creating boundaries or severing other dynamics. There can be a certain wariness permeating particular involvements, possibly due to the bad taste that previous unfortunate situations or entanglements have left in their wake. With the 2nd face of Scorpio representing the 6 of cups, there can be a feeling of longing, a desire for mutually fulfilling union, and also a certain emotional support, kindness, and empathy here. The desire nature of this lunar decan of Scorpio is particularly strong, and can tend towards being vampiric in nature if not consciously directed. This isn't due to malevolence per say, but simply due to the fact that such hungers can overwhelm certain people. So it’s important to ensure all parties have informed consent of what is actually intended to transpire. The Moon enters the 3rd face of Scorpio in the later evening hours, where the eclipse is perfected, where we are forced to wrestle with our own desire nature. Powerful transmutation and alchemical operations are required here. Mere debauchery, self deceit, delusion and escape fail to satisfy, and only feeds into the destructive nature of this decan. Desires that are deluded and forced putrefy in this face, and when these energies are utilized positively, great psychic channels can be accessed. Wise choices are called for here, and with the dragons head and tail activated, we are called back to reality, back into our bodies, into the here and now and common sense of Taurus, and away from paranoia, fantasy, and drains on the basic integrity of our psyche and sense of reality. *Release anything or anyone that is not congruent with your values, desires, and your sense of based reality.* If there is a cognitive dissonance, stop explaining it away or making justifications for it. Simply let it go, and get it far away from you.


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