The Moon enters chatty and busy Gemini in the wee hours of the AM PST, and Venus enters passionate Aries at 9:10 AM PST. Jupiter is still conjunct Neptune, and forming an exact sextile to Pluto at 28 degrees. This can see an odd combination of a lack of clarity, fantasy, bewilderment, empathy and compassion in tandem with odd feelings of intimidation, awe, power, secrecy, compulsion, or subversion. Themes of power/submission, or change, death, and transformation can be in play, but Venus in Aries to be followed by Jupiter next Tuesday can see a growing feistiness, confidence, renewal, passion and self belief. This can see a period of rebirth kicking off. The Moon in Gemini is endlessly curious and conjoins communicative and multitasking Mercury, going on to square Mars in Pisces in the early evening. This can see subtle tensions, buried disagreements or conflicts of will, but Venus conjunct Jupiter/ Neptune, while sextile Pluto and semi square Uranus can see equal parts attraction and repulsion, or create strong pulls that are as seductive and persuasive as they are unsettling or exciting. Needless to say, Venus now in Aries can certainly remind everyone of their libidinous instincts. The planets in Pisces can see people floating on a sea of love and empathy, -and/or vacillating between hope, faith, fantasy, beauty and high ideals, -v.s longing, melancholy, saudade, sadness or self pity. Venus in Aries is determined, passionate and willful. The Sun in Taurus reminds us not to drop the beat and the importance of keeping our feet on the ground. 


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini square Mars in Pisces, and this influence can see people full of questions and chatty Cathy vibes. A lunar sextile to Chiron shows compassion for other peoples pain, while a semi square to the asteroid Pallas, which has recently entered patient and plodding Taurus, see’s an element of strategy in play. As the day progresses, the Moon also squares Neptune and forms a trine to Saturn. There may be more questions than answers, but someone or something can be a port of stability in a maze of confusion, befuddlement or bemusement. There may be too much talking, confusion, even the potential for disinformation. With the Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus, common sensical, down to earth thinking is basically the outlier position du jour. To put it bluntly, it’s more socially acceptable to assert that 2+2=5 than it is to suggest that plants actually prefer water to popular sports drinks. This is just the nature of the times, so if you have anything to say that it should be self evident,... it’s probably a better idea to take a hint from the asteroid Pallas and consider the Art Of War. That is, it’s probably wise to choose your battles with discernment, and take a more strategic approach, rather than stirring a hornets nest with too many unwelcome, earthy, and time tested truisms. Mercury sextile Venus can be incredibly charming, convincing and charismatic, putting people at ease, and making it possible to compromise, even amidst vast differences, distances, or conflicts of interest, -but the Moon square Mars and Neptune can also be cunning, seductive, clever, (perhaps a bit insincere at times), but very good at gaining sympathies. This can see some compromises or agreements being more feigned than genuine. In other possibilities, there very well may be a need for compassion, emotional generosity, careful handling, and giving others the benefit of the doubt, as the Moon squaring Mars and Neptune can see some minor troubles, troubled people or circumstances, or vague uncertainties to circumnavigate. It may be important to pair back to essentials or “get a grip” in some way in order to minimize too many complications or unconstructive tangents.


The Moon in late Gemini squares Jupiter and Neptune, while Jupiter is exactly sextile Pluto, seeing a powerful pull towards indulgence, fantasy, escapism, unsolved mysteries, or rabbit holes. There can be a compelling draw, lure, curiosity, longing, or even powerful spiritual experiences. There can be a lot of sensitivity, and people can be very impressionable. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 4:05 PM PST, squaring Venus and Jupiter. This can see a bit of a retreat from too much challenge or controversy socially or interpersonally, with a desire for self nourishment, replenishment, and cultivation of inner security and stability, -perhaps in preparation for a more active push tomorrow.


The Moon in Cancer forms a trine to Mars in Pisces today, while squaring both Venus and Chiron in Aries. This can see internal emotional resilience amidst what could feel like slightly challenging circumstances or vulnerabilities. This can see a desire to stand up for those who are disadvantaged or in need, even if ones own position isn’t that strong, there is a touching courage and “empathic warrior” vibe to this mathscape. The Moon trine Juno in Pisces can see behind the scenes support from spiritual companions that can transcend boundaries or distance. The Moon goes on to sextile the Sun and Uranus which can see some surprising insights, telepathic experiences, psychic downloads, or some surprising declarations of intent or actions in the works that are quietly compelling. This can also see the beginning stages of a release from difficult circumstances or some unusual, perhaps inevitable cathartic experiences. 


The Moon in sensitive Cancer is trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces this morning while opposite Pluto. This can see some quietly intense experiences. This can magnify further as the Moon forms a trine to Jupiter. Big Feels. Mercury sextile Venus suggests that conversations can flow, and people can express what is weighing on their hearts and minds with perhaps greater ease than usual, and suppressed things can come to the surface for cathartic release. The Moon opposite Pluto suggests there could be intense subject matter under the surface or in the atmosphere somehow, but the lunar connection to Jupiter can see a lot of emotional generosity, good will, and a desire to see things through. There is a spiritual and emotional tenacity to these configurations, and the weekend see’s the Moon enter Leo, which suggests that lighter times are around the corner, so if you’re navigating some choppy emotional waters or sensitive moods, hang in there. The Moon in Leo will bring the party vibes, ready or not. You have been warned. 


The Moon enters Leo at 4:50 AM PST to sextile Mercury, trine Venus, while still trine Jupiter, getting the day off to a more lighthearted, morale boosting, perhaps indulgent start. There can be pleasant, even clever conversations, creativity, and even flirtation, winks, smiles, and playfulness in the air. These configurations have big and charming intentions. The Moon trine Venus encourages people to let their hair down, seek joy, and take playful, creative risks. There can be a desire to shake off an underlying intensity or darkness and embrace a less encumbered and carefree mode. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron in Aries, and this energy is like a breath of fresh air. There can be some surprising communications, last minute plans, or some cavalier moves in the works. The Moon goes on to square Uranus, indicating that some of this can be quite out of the blue or throw a spanner into the works, not necessarily in a negative way. It just might be a lot to adapt to very quickly. Events, people, or dynamics can catch us off guard or by surprise, but perhaps timing is a bit of an issue. 


Happy Mothers Day to all the mama jamas out there! The Moon in playful and gregarious Leo is trine Chiron, square the Sun and Uranus in practical Taurus, while opposing Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a desire for fun and breaks in monotony clash with routines or the more practical aspects of life. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of poor timing or feeling ill prepared for even a pleasant and welcome disruption to some established (but sensible) ruts. It can be a bit of a mixed blessing. A lunar quincunx to Mars can see some nervous tension. Nerves can feel a bit raw for some reason and there’s a need to slow down to avoid burnout, hypersensitivity or irritability. The lunar opposition to Saturn can be a bit of a wet blanket on this otherwise well meaning energy. This aspect can see an undercurrent of challenge or adversity, whether through too much responsibility or other constraints, ill timed but fleeting opportunities for fun and enjoyment, or some other emotional circumstance that indicates feelings of loss, fear of missing out, or a feeling of being cut off or blocked from warmth, comfort, joy, fun and frivolity. The Sun sextile Mars see’s opportunities for adventure, but there may be hurdles, challenges or inhibitions to be overcome or details or a mini crisis of some kind to attend to first before this can be fully surrendered to. A major expansion of some kind can be in the cards, and it's time to prepare. 


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