We begin this week with a New Moon in Gemini. It reaches climax at 4:30 AM PST, exactly conjunct the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini. This is a good time to slow down and simplify. This face of Gemini speaks of a myriad of options, or a paralyzing amount of stimulation. It holds great a curiosity, but there is also a nervous energy here that can feel daunting, as there can be a great complexity within what appears simple. A good time to ground, center, and attend to whatever has been neglected and ignored, even if what has been ignored or put off has seemed unpleasant to deal with. It’s in dealing with such things that brings rise to our own liberation. Take care not to double or triple book yourself.  The New Moon squaring Juno suggests that something interpersonal can be catalyzing a certain momentum, and points to a desire for more interaction, communication and connection. Mercury Rx squaring Saturn for the time being can see some people quieter than usual, or communications can be more inhibited in certain ways. It can feel like there’s a limited bandwidth as to what can be processed at the moment, or there’s simply a need to focus on basic essentials due to a specific goal or point of manifestation. Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries is enthusiastic and and growing more confident and courageous by the day, and with Venus now in Taurus, there’s a “settling in” feeling to a certain mission or quest. The evening ends with the Moon trine Saturn and sextile Chiron, seeing the day end on an accomplished feeling note that can leave morale feeling boosted at the possibilities ahead.


Today begins with the Moon in the final degrees of Gemini squaring Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, while trine Saturn. This can see some impulsive drives, curiosity, and desires with very little information to go off of. Mercury doesn’t station direct until Friday, and we still have a shadow phase to get through, so there’s no harm in exploring curiosity and gathering intel, but take your time around major decisions or signing contracts. This can be a curious day, and there can be a desire to sort out the feasibility of certain things or get some clarity around elusive or confusing matters. Mercury Rx’s aspects to Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the North Node suggests a bit of a dreamy, quiet, somewhat distracting, even stubborn fixation on something, and a desire to get to the bottom of things or go through them with a fine tooth comb in order to assess them properly and ensure good understanding or quality control. Probably certain things will become more clear at the weekend. It’s possible that some people might have something they’d like to share but can’t seem to choke the words out. The Moon enters emo Cancer at 10:49 PM PST, where it will square Mars and Jupiter and sextile Venus. Tomorrow can see a lot of emotional momentum. People can be more sensitive than they may appear or portray on the surface, so it doesn’t hurt to be kind.


Today the Moon in her domicile of Cancer sextile’s Venus in her domicile of Taurus, while squaring Mars in his domicile of Aries (along with Jupiter in Aries). This can see quite a lot of drive and emotional momentum behind things. The drive towards pleasure, comfort, and security are major motivating factors here. The Moon sextile to Venus can be charming, but the Moon square Mars can have a hard time controlling itself, reigning itself in, or having patience. There’s a desire here to integrate more pleasure, comfort and enjoyment into the everyday experience or environment, and Mars in Aries conjunct Jupiter is excitable. The Moon goes on to square Chiron later on, suggesting some vulnerability, weakness or being caught off guard by something or someone. This can see some sensitivity or butt hurt in the atmosphere, so tread carefully around volatile situations or temperamental personalities. Someone may be carrying a burden or inner conflict on their heart, mind or shoulders so stoically that others don’t even suspect they’re in need of a boost or inspiration. The Moon is also trine Juno in Pisces, and this suggests some quiet support from behind the scenes. It’s possible to anticipate more kindness, empathy, or understanding from certain others than previously anticipated, which may lighten a load or ease the pressure of conflicting but equally important needs.


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus and trine Neptune, while squaring Chiron, eventually going on to oppose Pluto. There could be some sensitivity in the air, but also a lot of empathy and compassion, perhaps even some surprising opportunities could arise through being more open and vulnerable with others. The Sun’s sextile to Chiron suggests some opportunities to connect to others, and the lunar trine to Neptune can see intuitive hunches or insights and an almost telepathic ability to read other people. There could be empathy and understanding in surprising or unusual places today. In the later hours, the Moon forms a sextile to Mercury, right before it stations direct, suggesting some opportunities presented via communications that were maybe missed or overlooked before. 


Mercury stations direct at 1 AM PST at 26 degrees Taurus. The Moon in late Cancer is sextile the talkative planet and presents a unique opportunity to express thoughts or feelings. Something shared or expressed can have more of an impact than we realize, and in some cases, this can see a confessional atmosphere or in the very least, some shared vulnerability. There can be some intense undercurrents with the Moon opposite powerful Pluto, but more than likely this can see buried or submerged things come to the surface or make it easier to confront otherwise intimidating situations, as there is a lot of sensitivity and compassion present that can melt defenses, although Mercury and Saturn are at a tight square, so there may still be quite a lot of reserve or inhibition present. The Moon enters demonstrative and showy Leo at 11:38 AM PST, where it will square Venus in Taurus, and trine Mars and Jupiter in Aries. It’s possible certain things revealed can give us something to smile about. This can see some action on the interpersonal and creative fronts, and there can be some joyful dynamics unfolding. Saturn stations retrograde tomorrow, suggesting a time of karmic rebalancing.  Saturn retrograde can provide an opportunity to reflect upon past behaviors and patterns in order to avoid repeating missteps or accumulating negative karma (cause and effect) in the future. A good period to slow down and reflect on your goals and priorities and savor the opportunities being presented to you. 


The Moon in Leo is ready to get the party started and is eager for more fun and enjoyment. It forms a square to Venus in Taurus, suggesting the drive towards pleasure and enjoyment is a primary motivation for the day. The lunar trines to Mars, Jupiter and Chiron indicate a lot of enthusiasm, drive and energy, and there can be something going on that considerably uplifts the mood and boosts morale. Perhaps there’s something to feel excited about. Saturn stations retrograde at 2:47 PM PST, and this suggests that opportunities presented now have more significance than we realize, and that certain processes and learning experiences should be savored and given their due. This also suggests that bridges built now have karmic significance and play an important role in our own self mastery and development. Today can be surprising, as the Moon in Leo goes on to square Uranus midmorning, this can see some out of the blue developments or see some people act in surprising ways. This can see excitement, enthusiasm and a lot of passionate, creative, and electric energy. It doesn’t look boring. Things can actually feel hopeful. 


The Moon in Leo squares Mercury in Taurus, which is now direct, and also opposes Saturn. There can be some indecision or pros and cons to weigh, and it’s possible that someone could feel lonely or “left out”, or shy, inhibited, or simply bogged down in duties or preparations. The Moon squaring Mercury can see a pressure or a desire to communicate, or there may be things going on in our local environment that encourage more openness to change. The hopefulness experienced over Friday and Saturday now greet the need to make adjustments in order to actualize certain realities. With Mercury now finally direct, things can start to find their footing and get back on track, possibly in an improved state compared to where they were at prior to the retrograde. The Moon will enter Virgo late this evening, getting next week off to an earthy start that is focused on getting organized and prepared, and it’s possible something pleasant could be a motivating factor, driving us to make room in our lives for positive changes and fresh developments. This can see a need to adjust our routines to make room for something or someone. There can also be an emphasis here on self improvements and making the everyday existence more beautiful, pleasing, and livable. 


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