The Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius this morning opposite Mercury in Gemini, squaring the asteroid Juno in Pisces and trine Chiron. It’s possible there’s been a lot to think about and digest, but horizons can feel wider and more expanded somehow, and there can be some things to feel optimistic about. This morning can see people on various tangents and quests, both intellectual and action oriented. With the Moon opposite Mercury there may be some indecision or self doubt, and a need to catch balance after the eclipse. The Moon goes on to trine Venus in Aries in the evening, placing a focus on harmonizing socially, interpersonally, and financially. There may be some things to look forward to that boost optimism and morale. 


The Moon trine’s Venus and Chiron and squares Mars and Neptune. This can see compassion and optimism but also confusion and uncertainty. Actions can be confused but well intentioned, and the Moon squaring Mars and Neptune can see a bit of a loopy feeling permeating the day. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn and square Jupiter, seeing more stability amidst high ideals and big hopes. There is a resiliency here that remains focused on it’s goal. Even if we are unsure about something, it seems we’re going through with it, or in the very least, focusing our energies on what we can feel certain about. The Moon square Mars can see some impatience or and impulsivity, perhaps a bit of a scattered feeling, and the lunar square to Neptune can see sensitivity and moods can swing all over the place, but the Moon’s aspect to Saturn can bring more internal balance and stability. These aspects together are thoughtful, compassionate and caring, and in spite of confusing influences, there’s an obstinacy present that stays committed to it’s vision. Take care to avoid burnout. 


The Moon enters stoic Capricorn at 5:02 AM PST, going on to trine Uranus, while squaring Chiron. This brings us back to reality, and highlights the practical changes that need to be considered. The Moon square Chiron can highlight a weakness, vulnerability or sensitivity, and there may be some unique situations unfolding that require adaptability. There could be a need to pair down to basics or innovate somehow to maintain the basic structure of our life. With the Sun sextile both Mars and Jupiter while squaring Saturn, there is a desire to expand or lunge forward, but there may be blockages or certain realities that need to be confronted or considered, and perhaps innovated around. The Sun and Mercury trine Pluto suggests “where there is a will, there’s a way,” and there may be certain deals or conversations that have been going on under the surface or behind the scenes to strategize new ways forward. Mercury Rx will re-enter Taurus on Sunday, indicating that certain talks, ideas, discussions, or agreements can be revisited. 


The Moon in Capricorn trine’s the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, conjoins Pluto, sextile’s Neptune, and squares Venus in Aries. It also goes on to sextile Mars later in the day, seeing energy and momentum build. There can be a low-key excitement to the day, and there may be a few surprises, although it’s highly likely they’ve been planned for. The Moon sextile Venus suggests a bit of shyness, or there may be a slight difficulty around expressing the feelings, perhaps a certain reserve or inhibition is present socially or interpersonally. The Sun’s sextile to Mars is further enhanced by the Moon, and this can see some sweet, perhaps even somewhat romantic gestures. In the very least, there’s a keen desire to make dreams into a reality or make life a bit more beautiful. There can be some pleasant surprises or diversions from the everyday. There can also be some surprisingly intense feelings under the surface with the Moon conjunct Pluto, while the Sun and Mercury both trine the planet of power. This can also see some interesting, perhaps unexpected agreements or alliances being formed. 


The Moon enters unconventional Aquarius at 5:53 AM PST, and we prepare to usher in Gemini season at 6:23 PM PST. Happy birthday Gemini! The Moon in Aquarius is trine both the Sun and Mercury, while sextile Jupiter in the early part of the day, and this can see communications and talks highlighted. With the Moon still in close contact to Pluto, there can be some intensity around whatever is being discussed, or in the very least, what is being discussed is consequential. This can see agreements being made or deals being struck. There can be a nervous energy in the atmosphere with the emphasis on air. There’s also a need to bring rationality and objectivity to certain issues. There can be some surprises around the corner that may indicate some reality checks or a need to be crisp and clear around getting on the same page or harmonizing with others. 


The Moon in Aquarius conjoins Saturn, and is square Uranus while forming a sextile to Venus. This can see some unusual arrangements, possibly even spontaneous get togethers or unexpected impulses. Saturn applies the brakes or lays down rules or boundaries. Maybe in some cases whatever is pleasant and unexpected competes with what was planned or structures that are already in place. In either case, it helps to be flexible. The aspects Mercury Rx makes suggests a lot of enthusiasm and desire to expand, the imagination can be lit, but there are also aspects of based reality that need to be considered. Mercury revisits the last decan of Taurus tomorrow, indicating a need to revisit certain plans, discussions or ideas, or to have a back up plan or safety net in place. Things are in flux, facts have yet to emerge or things that have been ignored or bypassed mentally or otherwise can't be shaken off so easily. We are called to slow down and assess. Humility, simplicity and patience is called for. Tuning into body wisdom and what is sensible is helpful here. What has been neglected?


The Moon enters Pisces at 8:49 AM PST, squaring the Sun and Mercury while conjunct Saturn. High ideals can greet reality, or there can be a need to assess the feasibility or realism of certain visions or fantasies. This can be a somewhat private and reflective day, and the early part of the day’s lingering lunar contact with Saturn suggests a somewhat serious tone to whatever is being contemplated. Communications or busyness can still be a major part of the day’s configurations, and Mercury re-enters the final face of Taurus. Here, Mercury is able to see potential difficulties, and to plan ahead in order to avert them. Mercury in this face has a strong awareness of karma, of the consequences of certain actions. In some cases, Mercury’s revisit to this face can see the opportunities to correct certain missteps or revisit certain conversations or dialogues. In a practical sense, it can be about addressing certain neglected issues. In either case, it’s an opportunity for a realistic assessment of various potentialities, and to make preparations should things go south, or more aptly, -so that they don't.


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