Today begins with the Moon in Libra, trine Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius. This combination along with harmonious contacts to the North and South nodes can see some fated energetic shifts occurring.  There is emphasis on communications today, and we can be doing our best to emphasize all that is positive. There can be something surprising, unexpected, or refreshing about channels of communication opening up now (Moon/Mercury/Jupiter.)  Or there’s simply a whole lot of communications to manage to the point of being excessive or too much at once. I know it’s redundant to say, but everything really has been a lot to take in, and we are now getting out of Mercury's shadow phase and picking up steam once again. There can be an air of generosity, hopefulness, expansiveness, and adventure today, and an emphasis on the enjoyment of people, good aesthetics, good vibes, and harmonization over division. With a lunar trine to Saturn as well, it appears new foundations can be taking root socially, and/or interpersonally. The Moon also makes a sextile to Juno in Sagittarius, and this can see supportive contacts with others forming in the background or foreground that offer a lot of space, freedom, personal growth, mutual good will, and consciousness expansion.  It could be that there’s some positive, stabilizing news today, or evidence of progress. Because these aspects include Mercury, those of you in the markets or crypto might have reason to be mildly optimistic this week, as Mercury and Jupiter will once again perfect in conjunction midweek at 17 degrees. So if there’s been a dip, there could either be a modest climb or in the very least, a stabilization. Best case scenario, would be both of course. Perhaps Doge will start getting back on it’s feet after some challenges. Venus sextile Uranus is shaking things up socially, interpersonally, financially and/or creatively, and in some ways this can feel like a breath of fresh air, along with a lot of shocks, surprises, spontaneous happenings, changes, and unpredictability. It’s a liberating influence, with the Sun conjunct Neptune, with Venus to eventually follow at the end of the week, there can be a loosening of inhibitions and restrictions that can be somewhat freeing and cathartic. It’s possible today could be a day of information overload, and there could be a need to focus or balance simultaneous happenings at once. Evening time see’s the Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn and this could see some interpersonal intensity culminating, or an intense atmosphere with larger than life feeling implications or just a compulsivity and intensity around certain interactions or happenings. Fortunately, if things are intense in any type of gnarly way, there appears to be a lot of support available through relationships, friendships and community, and it appears that some major transformations are occurring that look to be beneficial.


This morning begins on an intense note with the Moon in Libra squaring Pluto, along with asteroid of health, Hygeia. There may be a need to catch balance amidst a lot of intense happenings all at once, mentally, spiritually, and physically, it’s possible that even amidst positive changes there’s also much that is overwhelming. The Moon enters do or die Scorpio at 12:38 PM PST, to trine Venus in Pisces and oppose Uranus in Taurus. This can see things get pretty wild. Perhaps in a really unexpectedly positive way, but also possibly amidst a lot of other things that are going on as well, which could be pretty destabilizing. The Full Moon in Virgo may have seen a lot of details to manage, improvements to be made, loose ends to clear away, or a crisis to be dealt with, and the dust from all of this may still be settling. The Moon goes on to square Saturn as well, which could see some challenges, delays, blockages, or issues of timing. This can see a need for resilience and patience. The Moon goes on to trine the Sun in etheric Pisces as well this evening, and this can see a subtle spotlight on relationships to others that may serve as sort of a quiet lighthouse or beacon of hope or good vibes in the background during what appears to be some challenging or destabilizing circumstances or changes being navigated. There may be some really positive, unusual dynamics quietly developing or holding space in the back round that have a certain resilience to them. The Moon opposition Uranus can see a lot of restlessness as well, and these configurations can bring out some random or unpredictable streaks in people. With Venus sextile Uranus as well, there’s definitely a desire to shake things up, and these configurations can see people more willing to take positive risks. With Mars in the final and most urgent degree of earthy Taurus, and due to enter talkative, curious and multitasking Gemini tomorrow evening, this can see a push to get areas around communications on a more solid, and rooted footing. Definitely an emphasis in this coming Mars cycle on new social, interpersonal foundations being laid down, a sort of building of bridges. With Mars still trine Pluto and now in the most pressing degree, there’s still a powerful, driven and instinctual drive towards a controlled expansion. The Scorpio lunation can see things being shaken up in a potentially very pleasing way that makes any challenges going on somehow easier to endure and provides the motivation and emotional resilience to endure them. 


Today see’s the Moon in instinctual and heavy breathing Scorpio trine the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces, opposite Uranus, and square Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius. This day looks rather eventful, nd with the Sun also conjunct Pisces, there is a definite, but very low key emphasis on relationships to others in the picture. There can be a lot of intensity in the atmosphere and some big or surprising developments or shocking announcements. Because the Moon is in secretive Scorpio trine the Sun and Venus in low key, behind the scenes Pisces for the first portion of the day, much of this can be occurring below the radar or under the surface somehow, or simply in a quiet or kind of private way, but nonetheless things look relatively exciting. It’s possible that walls are dissolving here in some fashion or other, and there could be something radical, exciting, or invigorating about this somehow. It looks like a very eventful, or at least impactful, exciting day, and there may be some pot stirring communications or a desire to break through walls or dissolve barriers, blockages or inhibitions, or to push something through. Conversely, (or simultaneously) there could be some tensions or challenges around doing that, but the Moon in Scorpio is driven. Mars enters curious and communicative Gemini at 7:30 PM PST, placing an emphasis on plate spinning, multitasking, networking, communications, short distance travel, the written and spoken word, neighbors, siblings, and/or things going on in the local environment , for the duration of this Mars cycle. This evening can see a larger than life, highly idealistic atmosphere that could also be rather privately intense in the sense that we can experience our feelings, instincts or desires very vividly. Communications or what we see/read/say or hear can be playing a part in this. There can be a lot to reflect upon and the Moon in Scorpio trine the Sun and Neptune in Pisces can see a somewhat retiring, reflective, or private energy to the evening, either a focus on solitary pursuits or activities or private conversations with others. Digesting certain changes going on under the surface, internally, and/or between ourselves and others looks to be a primary focus of the Scorpio lunation, as Mars sets off emboldened to initiate new conversations or embark into new territory locally or even commercially, and to set down new longterm foundations and expand territory or delve more deeply into new, exciting, or adventurous areas of conversation or communication initiatives. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto and trine Neptune, while slowly strengthening an opposition to Mars in Gemini. This can see something make impact, with sensitivity and intensity both heightened simultaneously, it’s a sensitive, and powerful energy that flexes a “soft power.” The early morning hours can see walls being penetrated, or in the very least a strong desire to penetrate them. The Mercury/Jupiter conjunction perfects today at 17 degrees, so as I mentioned in Monday’s math, if you’re in stonks or crympto, pay attention to what’s going on in the markets today. In the afternoon, the Moon enters adventurous and outgoing Sagittarius, opposite Mars in inquisitive Gemini. This can see a desire to enter new territory, and to build bridges interpersonally, financially, commercially, creatively or otherwise, -and a desire to dissolve barriers or blockages to doing so, with the Sun conjunct Venus and Neptune.  The Moon also trines Chiron in Aries, and goes on to square Venus in Pisces, which further emphasizes interactions with others, or creative or financial endeavors.  There could be a need to bridge worlds or adapt to new schedules or find some sort of workable compromise between competing schedules, activities, differing styles, paces, cultures, tastes, or temperaments. Moon square Venus can see a highly idealistic and adventurous atmosphere, and the trine to Chiron can see something having us feeling optimistic or boosting our morale or confidence. There’s a healing element to this. A lunar sextile to Saturn in Aquarius later on can see something stabilize or subtly begin to prove itself, and this can feel reassuring, as with the Moon square Venus and an emphasis on Pisces, faith and belief is a large component of whatever we have going on now. Any signs that it’s not misplaced can increase confidence and optimism levels. The coming configurations could place focus on a desire to make sure that pure faith is not being misplaced and that something hoped for has actual substance behind it (and isn’t just a fucking mirage.) It’s possible that over the next few days, reassuring signs can emerge that something actually does hold weight and have substance behind it. Also, it could be that our faith and belief, and desire to focus on all that is good actually potentiates and manifests substance or makes something more concrete and real. Something you can touch and hold in your hand. Conversely, a negative, doubtful, or pessimistic outlook could impede something that actually does have substance and merit behind it, so fortify your faith, believe you deserve what you desire, and place it into all you desire to make manifest. Believe in it, nurture it, align with it energetically, -and try not to get into your own way. 



Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius squaring the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces, and form sextile to Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius. This can see increases in idealism and optimism, although the lunar square to Neptune still leaves a little room for uncertainty or doubt, it’s hard to ignore things that make us feel hopeful, good, positive and optimistic. So don’t then. Although, there could be some wrestling to do with “too good to be true” type feelings, it’s also important to recognize good where it really is actually present and to just acknowledge it and stand in some awe of it. Drink it in, and really acknowledge it. It’s there. This could relate to finances, relationships, creative endeavors, social or community endeavors or movements, or all of the above. Feed into the power of all that is beautiful. There can be a buoyant optimism and a sort of bounce to these configurations, but also a feeling of walking in a dream that is a little bit surreal. A lunar conjunction to Juno can see relationships to others playing a supportive role in this, and there can be some inspiring energies. There can also be confusion, perhaps some longing, but overall, things look promising as long as we emphasize what is good and truly believe in it.  Early evening see’s the Moon sextile Mercury in Aquarius and this can see some exciting communications or something we hear, see, say, or read really stokes our optimism and enthusiasm levels and puts some wind in our sails. This could be positive feedback or a surprise communication, but whatever it is it looks like people are in good spirits. A semi square between Venus and Pluto indicate feeling intensely around something, and there may be subtle obstacles, or frustrations. There may be a need to curb some obsessive tendencies, and funnel them into constructive efforts, patience, and persistence. The day and evening look largely positive, and although much is happening in the ethers, or in fantasies or big sky thinking, once we hit the Capricorn lunation, this could see some changes begin to transpire in the real, and motions to actually put in effort to make something happen or manifest in real life, as opposed to just entertaining mere hopes. 


Today see’s the Moon void of course in Sagittarius. This can see a slight pause, perhaps taking time to reflect, dream, think big, distill any doubts, and plan for our next moves. The Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn at 6:20 PM PST, where it trines Uranus in Taurus, seaisquares to Mercury and Jupiter, and a quincunx to Mars. This can see some nervous tension, but also a desire to see something happen-nay-to make it happen, with our own efforts and initiatives. A lunar square to Chiron in Aries could suggest a feeling of being a bit challenged or perhaps vulnerable, doubtful in our abilities, or under confident in how realistic something actually is that we might be entertaining thoughts about. But a lunar trine to Uranus is prone to modest risk taking-but only if it seems like it will result in real, actualized results. If it’s a little challenging, it could only increase the will. But if it’s just a mirage or a false hope, it’s demoralizing. The planets in Pisces however, emphasize faith, belief, and surrender to something bigger than ourselves, something eternal, something unfuckwithable. This sort of faith can accomplish seemingly impossible feats, if doubt in something is transmuted and distilled into faith in ourselves and in an intelligent and clever universe, some positive transformations can be made, one way or another, and we can make contact with something beautiful, both within and without. 


Today see’s the Moon in keep it real Capricorn sextile Venus in dreamboat Pisces while trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron in Aries. There could still be some lingering doubts or underconfidence, but these configurations can see some interesting, surprising, unusual, and pleasing things happening interpersonally, creatively, socially, or financially. Today looks pretty lit to be honest. This could be good for finances, love, creativity, pleasure, the arts, and general all around pleasantness. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds. I look at these configurations and I can hear Aesop Rock say “So I heard y’all wanna float”, because later on, the lunar square to Chiron relents and the Moon sextiles the Sun in Pisces as well. Perhaps something that we worried was too good to be true turns out to be just plain good, or we decide that doubting something any longer is useless and only killing the vibe. There could be some exciting or freeing changes and shifts happening under this mathscape, and ideals are highly activated here. Today could see some interesting synchronicities or some surprising feelings or exchanges with others. The ambitious Cap lunation could see a desire to make the most of idealistic and fantastical trends to bring some fantasies or creative inspiration down into reality and make the world and our experience of it more god damn beautiful. Late tonight, the Moon goes on to conjunct Pluto. This could see Monday get off to a focused and determined start. There’s something that’s really got our inspiration and motivation levels up here, and there’s a desire to keep the high vibes going to build and sustain momentum, slam some dunks, and get something real happening and established. 


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